Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

-Come on!
I'm gonna catch you.
-Come on!
-For God's sake,
I can't do this today!
Shit, I'll get caught!
Come on, taxi!
You want to die?
-What time is it?
You dare keep me waiting?
I'm sorry, Chef.
What's wrong with you?
Down again?
Always saying sorry.
Huh? No
Yeah, I guess so.
Is that yes or no?
Forget it.
Get in.
Manic or depressed, we still gotta eat.
Hey, Chef
Last time at the shoot
The flour problemwas fixed, right?
Of course.
Want me to thank you for
covering your mistake?
No, not at all.
The bean powder idea
was not bad in the moment.
But if you put too much
bean powder in the dough, it crumbles.
Hence the saying, "spill the beans."
I let it slide, you know.
Yes, I'm sorry, Chef.
I understand.
-Okay, do that.
-Yes, Chef.
Now set the map.
Hongje Pancakes.
Yes, Chef.
Uh, um
Is she here?
The bingo lady's good at her job.
How did she
know I'm in Na Bong-sun?
Almost got caught.
-Oh, my God.
-I got you!
Don't do this, Sis.
Sis my ass.
I hate this, Sis.
You completely You make me mad.
-I'm sorry.
-I know you hate it.
-Come on.
Ow, ow, ow!
You know how much I spent on the taxi?
It hurts!
Oh, come on now.
A dish is not just for eating
-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.
Not just for eating,
it's a ritual as important
as music or art.
Who said this?
Ah, Chef?
You might think so.
I'll do it
But no,
Leonardo da Vinci.
So savor that like you savor
music or art.
What oil was used, what's in the dough,
what goes in here. Think about that all
think about that while you eat.
Yes, Chef.
We conduct
an orchestra in the kitchen, got it?
And that's from me.
Amazing? Right?
Very cool, Chef.
Have I ever not been cool? Eat it.
Do you feel anything?
It's very crispy.
-Why do you think it is?
Starch would make the dough chewier.
It's the onion.
If you grind onion, it absorbs moisture,
becoming crispier.
Onion acts as the flour powder.
I see.
See, even without additives,
you can still make
different textures.
If you want chewy, potato. If you want
something soft,
add milk to flour.
You let her do the sauce?
If you want flavor, add sesame oil.
-Zoning out?
You can't even pay for a lesson like this.
Yes, Chef.
Thank you.
If you want flavor what?
-Sesesame oil?
-Eat more.
It's so hot.
Good food but bad parking.
You can't even walk properly?
I'm sorry, Chef.
You need more exercise.
That's why they look down on you.
And call you Bong.
Speak up.
-"I am not Bong, I'm Na Bong-sun."
Say it.
Yes, Chef, I'll do that.
Come on, Bong.
-I'll call you Bong.
Yes, Chef.
That's cool.
-What's so cool?
You don't watch TV?
He's not even that good.
Hurry up, I'm tired.
-Come on!
-Come in.
-Sis, Sis.
You're killing me.
Please, untie me.
I'm close to fulfilling my wish!
Sure you are.
You think it's that easy
to fulfill your wish?
No, just listen to me.
I've set the scene
up like this.
Just a little more work, and game over.
Sure it is.
How did you set the scene?
You found
a yang energy man?
I did.
No wonder I went into Bong-sun's body.
Yang energy man was there all along.
That means
It'sthe Chef there?
You noticed?
He was it.
Oh, no!
No, you bitch.
His mom is my customer.
I'm friends with her now too.
Who cares about that?
My wish as a ghost matters more!
I'd do it even if he was your son.
Oh, come on!
I'm not married.
And you can't do him!
No, no, no!
Why not?
Why are you protecting him?
You're not that nice.
She paid you a lot, huh?
How much?
-How much?
-How much what?
No is no!
I'm just gonna let you go.
You want to fulfill your wish.
But what can I do?
I'll set a ritual for you to send
you to the afterlife.
No, I'm scared.
I heard it's painful.
Excruciatingly painful.
It's real quick.
Quick pain and you're done.
No! I'm not gonna do it.
I said no.
-No is no.
-I'm not changing my mind.
I should just tear you apart.
I don't even eat at night.
I did it for a student like you.
I'm sorry, Chef.
'Sorry' again.
Good night, Chef.
We'll see if I can
have a good night.
I'm scared you might come pounce on me.
G'night, then.
Yes, Chef.
Hold on.
I've played guitar.
I've played it before.
Played it a hundred times.
So, so many times.
This is just
Ah, ah, um
Na Bong-sun.
Get up!
-Yes, yes.
-Hurry up, wake up!
Oh, yeah, one sec.
-Yes, Chef.
-What time is it?
-You sleep too much
-Sorry, Chef.
Chefs can't sleep that much.
Markets open at dawn.
-Let's exercise.
What? Exercise?
I told you, you need more exercise.
You need more stamina
to work in my kitchen.
Look at me, I always work out.
Bicep, tricep.
-You look great.
Exercise might solve your mental issues.
So hurry out.
Oh, I don't have workout clothes.
Oh, wait, wait.
Can't ride a bike?
No, I can't.
You never learned?
Doesn't everyone learn?
I did try to learn.
I never quite got it.
You should've told me.
Why did I rent this?
You should have told me.
Not like it needs a test
or like a license.
So why can't you ride it?
Why not?
-So cool.
-Why can't you?
You got this, right?
-Yeah, I got it.
-Oh, my God.
Left if it goes right
Right if it leans left.
Did you get it?
No, no,
It's leaning left, so go right.
-This way.
-Yes, sir.
Sorry, Chef.
Try again.
I'm trying my best,
but I can't do it.
-Keep going?
-Go left.
It's too left.
Middle, like this. Then right.
Right! Left!
-I'm doing fine, right?
-Oh, oh!
Wait, wait.
Aah! Hey!
-Ah! Aah
-Are you okay?
My arm, sheesh.
Teaching you
is harder than the triathlon.
-I'm sorry, Chef
-You should be.
Short on 200 won.
You're giving up?
-Shall we go?
-No, there's a way.
Wisdom of life.
-Life tips.
Teaching you so much.
Still short on 100.
-100 won?
Let's just split one.
Here, 100 won.
-Tried it before?
-First time?
-For real?
-Yeah, first time.
You learned from the best.
Fast learner.
-Oh, thank you.
This looks good.
Where's my saddle?
-Oh, well, uh
Oh, Chef, Chef!
-Ah, Chef!
Stop right there!
So fucking fast.
-Get off of me!
No, no, no.
Get off of me!
-I'm sorry.
-Let go of me!
If you're sorry, let me go!
Sir, I'm so sorry.
What is this?
What'd you do?
-I, I bit him.
-Good job.
Come here, you
-Stop it!
Come here.
You son of a bitch.
Stole so many saddles,
now you're finally caught.
You surprised me.
You've hurt enough butts.
Get in.
-Thank you.
-All good.
How did you catch him?
He was hard to catch.
Not me, Na Bong-sun.
She bit his thighs.
It was scary.
No, no.
Just a slight bite.
But you did catch him, Bong-sun.
I guess so
Thank you.
We were after him for a while.
I owe you a meal.
No, really, all good.
You did it thanks to me.
Gained all that muscle.
The two of you
exercise together?
Oh, well
No, it's just
Her stamina was so bad,
couldn't even lift a pan.
So it was for job training.
You can head in now.
-I'm out.
-Good bye.
Good bye.
-Bye, Bong-sun.
They left?
Exercising with his employee.
I know.
I get that he's shooting with her.
Butthat's unexpected.
Iced Americano, please.
Yes, 4,300 won.
Hey, Bong.
Yes, Chef.
Try this.
Yes? No, I'm fine.
You didn't eat breakfast.
Try a bite.
It's my favorite cake.
I usually don't share it
with anyone.
Good, right?
Yes, it does.
Lots of laughs today?
-It's nice, man.
So nice.
Not dramatic.
Not apologizing.
Right in the middle.
You're great today, Na Bong-sun.
Catching thieves.
You look happy.
What's up?
I came to see you.
-You had Americano?
So Bong-sun's staying
in that warehouse of a room?
Just until she finds a place.
She's so skinny and weak.
And got kicked out of her old room.
What's up with you?
You're not this considerate.
She works for me.
And it's not even a room.
Just a blanket in the garage.
Why are you making excuses?
Not excuses
What brings you here?
I was just getting coffee,
saw your favorite.
I'll just take it back.
-You were eating it.
-No, no.
Leave it.
I can eat more.
We'll be outside for 10 minutes, Chef.
Enjoy your coffee.
Why? What
Don't overstep, kid.
Oh, we can stretch outside,
play tag.
Looking nice.
-Can't disturb.
-Start working.
-Should we?
Have fun, you two.
I gotta go back to work.
Yeah? Thanks
for the cake.
You're a great friend. Thanks.
Oh, coffee
Okay, bye.
She's, the, the PD, right?
First time seeing her?
Guess it has been a while.
She's so chic and pretty.
Like a real Seoul woman.
Imagine her on set,
saying 'action.'
I'd die of happiness.
Happiness my ass.
Women have to be more like,
'pwease, honey.'
-Come on.
-Talk to men like that.
-I hate women like that.
-Me too.
Women have to be more like that.
Career-focused. That's sexier.
Lead a man in bed.
Oh, stop it!
I'm imagining it now.
Imagining is good.
-Imagination, y'know?
Essential for men
who are single and lonely.
Absolutely essential.
Right, right.
Wanna know my fantasy?
-What? What?
-Stay over there.
What are you doing?
-Hey, stay here.
-Come on,
Stay here.
Stay, stay.
-Come on!
-Come on!
What are you doing?
Pervert! You're a pervert!
Oh, come here.
I'm scared!
I don't want to!
God, I'm doing it for your own good!
-No need!
-Just come here!
Just let me do it my way, please!
Oh my!
Oh, really!
I've been doing that, bitch.
But you're still here.
Causing a mess.
Sure, you found the yang energy man.
And he's just gonna do you?
You only have
a few months.
What are you gonna do?
Become an evil spirit?
I will succeed!
I will!
I was doing fine!
Sure you were.
It's not that simple.
Even if the world's a mess today,
there are still many more
righteous people.
O, gods!
All that is born
should perish and die,
but this poor spirit
is still wandering.
Sis, I'm scared.
Don't want it.
Take this foolish spirit!
-Forsake her!
Send her to the afterlife.
-I pray to you.
-Sis, no!
-I pray to you.
-No, no!
You look happy.
PD Lee.
You look sexy today.
What's wrong?
Sexually frustrated?
No, it's a habit.
I can't help but compliment hot girls.
-It's my talent.
-Be careful.
Or I'll sue you.
You're not in a good mood.
Turns me on more.
Get a man while you're hot.
There's a cool guy in radio.
He's into you.
And he's a bachelor.
No thank you.
Date while you're young.
Is it because of Kang Sun-woo?
Into him?
Of course not.
The crew told me
you had something with him.
He's got a way of looking at you.
The romantic look.
We're just friends.
Then meet the radio guy.
He's cool.
Want to?
Do it?
We'll see.
We'll see my ass.
Hey, hey, hey.
How about soju and crab soup tonight?
I know a place.
Oh, I'm allergic to crabs.
Ah, it itches.
Then fuck off. You?
My mom's visiting today.
Mom my ass. Stop it.
Wasn't she here two days ago too?
She's visiting everyday?
Or you have many moms?
Did you say crab?
-Oh, crabs?
Can't miss out on crabs.
My mom's still on her way.
Wait a minute.
Hey, are you gonna keep doing this?
You guys really
You ruined my knife!
Isn't it Chef's?
No, it's mine.
Shit, I'm screwed.
He's gonna be so mad.
Why'd you take
Chef's knife?
He's gonna be so mad.
I didn't know!
Just grabbed it.
What are you gonna do?
Damn it.
Hey, hey, Bong, Bong.
Be on the lookout for Chef.
Oh, shit.
He's not coming yet.
Keep looking.
He's coming.
How're the crabs?
-Good, Chef.
-Make sure to
-clean it.
Is this my knife?
-Who used it?
-Oh, I sharpened it
when I sharpened mine, Chef.
Why the fuck would you sharpen my knife?
-It's shorter.
-That can't be.
2 mm short.
Min-soo, get your knife.
-Yes, Chef.
-Give me mine.
Yes, yes.
Why the fuck would you do this?
Hey, So-hyung.
It's a new one.
He's got such good fucking eyes.
What's up?
We just edited the episode.
We made sure to hide that
we cut because of Bong-sun.
So, don't worry.
I wasn't worried.
Is that all?
I told the CP about Bong-sun.
He's fine.
So don't worry.
Sounds good.
Someone at the broadcast station told me
someone's interested in me.
Should I
see him?
Like a date?
Sounds like a good idea.
-Do it.
That was fast.
Do it, huh?
Okay, fine, I'll do it.
Can't die single, right?
Okay, bye.
You okay?
It stings?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I don't know what happened to me.
I was so worked up.
Evil spirit.
You almost turned into an evil spirit.
Evil spirit?
Been almost 3 years since you died, right?
You'll soon turn into an evil spirit.
That's why
you freaked out, you bitch.
I don't know anymore.
What do I do about you?
Damn, seriously.
You want me to try all this?
Taste them all.
You only used them to cook.
You don't know what they each
tastes like.
-Like salt.
Salt, look at it.
Different regions, brands have
different tastes.
You have to know
to make your perfect dish.
-Try it
It's salty.
Think beyond that.
Roll your tongue slowly
and feel the taste.
Sweet, bitter,
Salt, salt is sweet?
Of course!
This is why you need this class.
-Go on, eat it.
Memorize this taste.
You can decide which salt to use
when you cook.
Same with olive oil.
Differentiate by production date.
If you understand the ingredients
no matter where you are
you can make
your perfect dish.
Hey, hey.
What is this, Chef?
Ginger tea.
Taste them all,
and finish it with tea.
It'll soothe your mouth, okay?
-Yes, Chef.
I'm heading out now.
Test them all.
-I'll quiz you tomorrow.
Goodbye, Chef.
Heading home?
-It's late.
Are you on patrol?
I'm almost done.
I have to go home soon too.
I see.
You had dinner?
No, not yet.
Ah, you must be hungry.
I'll treat you.
It's on me.
No, it's fine.
Come on.
Better than eating at home alone.
Let me just get my stuff.
I'll see you at the bar by the crossroad.
-Oh, I
-See you!
Why isn't she checking her phone?
Not like she's busy.
She could be busy.
She's on TV.
Not like it's her show.
Exercising with you.
She should keep her promise.
She lied to you.
Damn it.
What are you doing?
You just want to see her.
What did you just say?
That's not true.
Pick up!
I called you!
You got the wrong person.
What is she doing?
Did she just ignore us?
What's up with her?
That's crazy, Dad.
-Oh well
-Is she crazy?
How could she?
How could she ignore us?
Fine, ignore me.
But ignoring Dad?
Turn it off.
We need to save up.
Damn it.
She must have her reasons.
Reasons my ass.
Playing with me like that.
And playing with Dad.
Smooth-talking liar.
She was so good at acting.
Like she actually didn't know us.
She should be an actress.
Damn, I'm so pissed off.
Dad, 1 bottle of soju today?
Put it back.
Put it back?
You should order more.
It's a small reward.
No, this is enough for me.
You're strange.
I mean
It seems like you're
always a different person.
You seem introverted at times,
then you're so overdramatic.
Is it
on purpose?
No, no, not like that.
I have mood swings, I guess.
And memory loss?
-You didn't remember coming to
the station.
Oh, that's well
I'm forgetful.
So sorry.
I'm sorry.
Didn't have to explain that to me.
I guess it sounded like an interrogation.
I'm just
worried about you.
When I saw you,
you looked like
you were on a cliff.
I know how it feels.
Experienced times
like that in my life.
The truth is
never mind.
Yeah, it's nothing.
If you say it's nothing.
Go ahead, eat up.
Why is she so quiet?
Is she asleep?
Your mom calls
and that's what you say?
Just been a while.
I was surprised.
Why? What's up?
Something's up.
I'm sick.
Sick how?
Mom, are you okay?
Oh, you came.
Oh, come in, come in.
Just in time.
Weren't you sick.
I took some medicine last night
and now I'm much better.
My body takes medicine well.
You know me and my absorbant body.
You lied, right?
You got skinnier. Are you on a diet?
Yeah, tricked by Mom.
How does she succeed every time?
Shut up and eat.
I've been cooking
for you since the call.
Come on.
Been cooking all day.
Well, let's see it then.
Did you burn it again?
It's hard to get toast burnt.
That's amazing.
This isn't even that burnt.
You cook for a living,
so you don't understand.
Cooking is harder for me
than a doctoral degree.
I mean, well, hmm
Well, better than last time.
-Better than last time.
-Don't even bring that up.
Sun-woo, when are you going on vacation?
Probably next week. Why?
You have to watch out for water this year.
Oh, right.
The lucky underwear's I got you
You've been wearing them?
-You have to.
What are you doing?
I'm your mom! It's fine!
-Feel free to
look at mine too.
-No, no.
Not looking.
-Sit down.
-Look at mine.
No looking.
-You're being weird.
-Drop the talk.
Not in the underwear?
It was expensive!
No, it's
It was 20 million won!
-Don't look!
-I'm suspicious.
Nothing to eat around the house,
but there's still waste.
Don't talk to me.
Too lazy to answer.
I'll really turn into
an evil spirit, right?
Fate of the dead.
I'm scared.
I hated the ritual, but I hate
turning into an evil spirit more.
I didn't think 3 years would come so soon.
If you took my advice back then,
it wouldn't have gone so wrong
That's why you always
listen to your elders.
Ow, ow.
I should sanitize it.
It hurts?
Any leftover soju?
Good for sanitization.
I know too.
Stop being a smart-ass.
Dang it.
It was here before.
Where is it?
Where'd I put it?
I left it here for sure.
I'm so forgetful.
I'm messing everything up
by being too kind.
I don't know.
Forget it all.
Please just
fulfill your wish, you poor bitch.
What's happening?
Just yesterday,
weren't they basically on a date?
I know.
Guess we were wrong.
Why else would she bring
a man here?
Never know.
Could be a jealousy tactic.
Anyway, it's awkward. Huh?
Chef looks nervous too.
Why is PD Lee with a schmuck?
He looks tacky.
She doesn't deserve him.
Who has bangs like that these days.
Damn it
What level?
She's just average.
Girls in Kyunglidan are cuter.
Kyungli what?
Like a cool neighborhood in Seoul?
-Get working.
I'm sorry, Chef.
Less talking.
Watch over this for a sec.
He's in a bad mood.
The bathroom?
-No, I waited for you.
How does he seem?
Well, I guess he looks nice.
He looks kind.
That's all?
He must have a good job too.
You should see him.
I should see him?
If you like him.
Go on more dates.
You are absolutely fine, huh?
I'm annoyed.
Caring by myself.
Forget it.
I don't get it.
Let's stop it.
Should we get coffee?
-I know a nice spot.
-Excuse me,
I'm sorry but
I think I'll go home.
I still have work left to do.
Thanks for dinner.
You are absolutely fine, huh?
I'm annoyed.
Caring by myself.
Ritual sucks,
but turning into an evil spirit sucks too.
I'm gonna fulfill my wish
and do it my way.
I will.
Na Bong-sun!
Don't look surprised.
Should be used to me by now.
I have something important.
-Too little time to
ask for your consent.
-I'm coming in.
-You crazy?
I might turn into an evil spirit!
What's that got to do with me?
Oh, Granny!
Come on.
This is your responsibility.
What? Why?
It's not my business.
You can't say that.
Be a moral person.
You want to put Seoul in danger?
-Can't let that happen.
I'm not even from here.
We're all Koreans!
-For national safety.
Come on.
I'm going in!
Oh, no!
Stop right there!
Stop right there.
Come on out.
You wanna fight with me?
I'm good at sports.
Oh, Granny!
-Chef Kang?
-Don't look.
Why is he here?
It's nothing.
Do you
No to what?
To everything.
You mean
No, I'm not!
Since when?
You've liked him?
Unrequited love?
You're a character.
That's why you've been
working here.
So, I kind of get it.
Unrequited love is my specialty.
Na Bong-sun.
This is good.
I'll help you out.
Kang Sun-woo,
that narcissistic man,
I'll make him yours.
What do you mean?
You don't have the guts to make a move.
He's not gonna make a move.
I'll make a move for you.
-Because I'm a virgin ghost,
I need a yang energy man
to fulfill my wish.
Chef has yang energy.
So I fulfill my wish
and go to the afterlife.
You can have him.
It's a win-win.
No, but that's
What are you trying to say?
Chef Kang's had a crush
on PD Lee.
PD Lee's single.
It's only a matter of time
before he dates her.
Can't let that happen!
And let me remind you
that I drew him closer to you.
You know me, always making a move.
I always get the man I want.
Chef's really into you these days.
It's not right.
This is not the right way.
What's so wrong?
You can't be picky.
You have to make him yours!
It's not the right thing to do.
Hey, Na Bong-sun,
Hey, listen to me.
Don't get it.
I would have said yes right away.
She's pretty conservative.
Oh, come on.
So hungry I can't even pray.
Oh, three.
This is all I have this week.
Let's eat half.
why the phone call?
I can't talk to her when I
sent that ghost to her son.
What are you doing?
Uh, I I'm justI'm just here.
I'm craving pork chop
but I can't eat alone
Oh, pork chops?
That's too bad.
I have a cold today.
I need to take a break today.
Oh, yeah?
I missed you,
but I understand.
Call you back soon, okay?
I'm so hungry.
Of all men,
Kang Sun-woo had to be the one.
Damn it.
That bitch.
Is she doing her job or no?
Not a single star
in the sky.
Yeah, it's super dark.
Like my heart.
When I become an evil spirit,
what if I can't
recognize Dad?
It's so hot.
Is it almost fall yet?
I'm afraid of fall, Dad.
Why did I end up like this?
Just for dying a virgin.
Okay, try cutting
the tomato now.
Yeah, Chef.
Stop! Stop!
Tomatoes are soft.
If you hold it like that,
it might slice your hand.
It's dangerous.
Hold the knife
-not like this.
You hold it like this, a shorter grip.
-Like this.
Grab my hand
like it's the knife.
Try it.
Good job.
And like this.
Turn it like this.
Cutting properly is half the work.
Okay, that's it for today.
Tidy that up.
Yes, Chef, bye.
Kang Sun-woo!
You've been
With that man?
No, I drank alone.
I was pissed off.
I drank alone.
I'm kind of in a mood, you know.
-Hey, hey.
You're drunk.
I'll take you home.
No, no, wait.
I didn't come here for that.
Let me just ask you this.
Are you really okay?
With me dating someone else?
When I see you
care for the assistant
and worry about her,
I get super jealous.
You don't?
No, not at all?
Why are you asking this?
I do.
I get upset.
Why are you doing this?
But forget me.
Am I just a friend to you?
Am I?
I don't know why life is so hard.
It's hard to live,
it's hard to die,
it's so unfair.
What's so hard?
You found the yang energy man.
No progress after the kiss?
Just dive right into it.
Men go crazy when you
take it slow, then jump.
Turns them on.
It's no use.
I can't go into the girl Sun-woo's in to.
And the girl who's into Sun-woo
won't let me in.
giving up?
I don't know.
I really wanted to try it once.
Everyone else does it.
Why can't I?
Even after death.
Nothing in life goes your way.
Just ask Seobingo for the ritual.
It's better
than becoming an evil spirit.
Must hurt, right?
It's liketaking out a kidney?
Or like having a baby?
Hi, I'm Na Bong-sun.
Chef Kang's had
a crush on PD Lee.
It's only a matter of time.
No, no.
Hey, ghost!
Let's talk.
Where are you?
I need to talk to you!
Where is she?
Forget it. Guess I'll become
an evil spirit or something.
Damn it!
Na Bong-sun?
I was looking for you.
Looking for me?
I looked for you
You're the one who threw me out.
Why are you suddenly looking for me?
You can enter my body.
Enter my body.
Make Chef mine.
I want Chef.
Good luck!
I thought, why not
take a vacation together?
I'll prance on him.
We can't let him drink too much.
Or else it's not real.
It's too late to catch the criminal?
Forget about it.
Eun-hee has me.
There's a woman
inside that woman.
What do you mean?
Are you not coming for me
because of Bong-sun?
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