Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

What the
Na Bong-sun?
Where were you?
I was looking all over for you.
Looking for me?
You I've been looking for you.
But why?
You're the one who threw me out
shooting fire at me.
Why did you look for me?
Na Bong-sun,
who's all buttoned-up and prim?
I'll allow you to enter my body.
You can possess me.
Make Chef mine.
Wait, so
are you saying
I can possess your body
and you give me permission?
Is that what you're saying?
You sissy!
Good call!
You made the right call, Bong-sun.
Good girl!
Such a good girl!
Let's just be friends, okay?
Call me "sis" from now on.
That's my family's diner.
It's really close to our restaurant.
Yes, it is.
That's my dad over there.
He's good-hearted and kind,
so he always take losses,
like a dummy.
It may not look it now,
but it used to be quite popular.
At lunch time, cabs were waiting in line
to have our food.
I got up early at dawn
to prepare,
sell meals, and make deliveries.
I lived a very busy life.
If I'd known I'd die so soon,
I'd have tried to have more fun
and date someone
like everyone did.
How did you die anyways?
Is it okay if I ask?
I don't know.
I have no memory of my death.
Maybe because I died
too suddenly or something.
By the way, what changed your mind?
I used to be happy
just to look at him from afar.
But I want him now.
Good. Good thinking.
You deserve to want more,
raise your voice,
and enjoy your life, Bong-sun.
-Let's do this.
-Let's do this.
Now, we're already one body.
Until I resolve my grudge
and you win over your crush,
Hermaphrodite! Two become one!
I don't think "hermaphrodite" is right.
Then not that one!
Anyway, let's do this!
You need to transform your personality.
Keep your chin up!
-We can do it!
-We can do it!
Louder! We can do it!
-We can do it!
-We can do it!
That felt good.
Good morning, Chef.
Oh my.
Oh my.
You must not have slept well.
It's like you aged ten years overnight.
What ten years?
I just didn't wash my face.
-Oh dear. Yes?
Are you manic now?
Man, this is so confusing.
I really can't
figure out the cycle.
Why bother to figure that out?
Just let it be.
Ah, Chef!
There's something I'm curious about.
I read about this in a magazine.
I read that men are most aroused
between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m.
Is that true?
Gosh, here we go again.
Oh my. I guess it's true.
-Take your meds now.
Oh, he just gets cuter
every time I see him.
Oh, Chef, Chef, Chef!
Wait up!
Chef, Chef!
He locked it again.
What were you thinking, So-hyung?
So hot!
It's so hot. Too hot.
Hot enough to grill
pork on my back.
What's with the weather?
It'll murder someone.
You need to stick it out for today.
Our vacation starts tomorrow.
Right, it starts tomorrow, huh?
Suddenly, I'm feeling so happy.
Cordon, you look so handsome today.
-Come on.
-Did it touch you?
What are your plans on your time off?
Any plans?
I'll go sea fishing with my friends.
What's that?
-No, it's not fishing.
Ji-woong, what's your plans?
Yeah, well, I think I'll have to
head home first
since it's been a long time.
I'm going to this water festival
in Jangheung with my friends.
I'll go have some rice wine
with my friends
for the first time in years.
I haven't seen my parents for so long.
-Let's go together, then.
Just kidding!
I'm sick and tired of seeing your faces
in this small kitchen.
Why would I go on a vacation with you?
Of course not.
Hey, Cordon.
What are your plans?
I'll go wakeboarding somewhere nearby.
"I'll go wakeboarding somewhere nearby."
Even the way he plays is so annoying.
How typical of Cordon.
Not my style.
What vacation?
We're getting a vacation,
Sous Chef?
Why are you acting like
you're kept in the dark about it?
Chef said the other day
we get two days off from tomorrow.
Oh, right.
Two days starting tomorrow.
Can you move?
Why are you blocking the path?
I'm sorry.
She's become weird again, right?
Slow down, friend.
You can get indigestion with porridge too.
Maybe because it's special,
there's a lot of abalone in it.
Why'd you bother coming to
check up on me?
I'm not that sick.
how could I do nothing
when my friend is sick?
You said you aren't feeling well,
but you seem to have an appetite.
That's a relief.
I'm only eating
since you brought it for me.
No, there's no need.
-Don't force yourself to eat.
It's okay, I'll just eat.
It's fine.
Are you sure? You okay?
Of course.
Then go ahead.
You have to eat and get better soon.
I'm bored out of my mind.
It's school vacation,
so I have no lectures.
I have no one to eat or drink with.
You have no one to eat or drink with?
When you're a professor?
I haven't had a lot of chances
to make female friends,
since I've been a pro at love
from a young age.
Women don't seem to like me.
They say I'm too flirty
around men or something.
But it's all in the past.
I'm sick and tired of men.
When you get older,
friends are better than men.
By the way,
why not look me in the eye today?
Are you mad at me or something?
Why wouldn't I look at you
in the eye?
By the way
About your son. How's he doing?
Didn't he like pass out
from hypothermia or something
Why? You see something like that?
Oh, no. I was
just curious, so I thought I'd ask.
I thought
My heart.
There's nothing much going on.
He's on vacation from tomorrow.
I'll tell him to be careful of water.
-Time off?
Table three, saffron cream shrimp
and Shrek pasta, ready?
Yes, it went out, Chef.
Okay, no more orders.
-Let's finish up in ten minutes.
-Yes, Chef!
I'll clean the hall.
How did the vacation request go?
Oh, no, no.
Don't tell me you can't.
Don't, don't
You said you'd persuade your boss.
Is it your fault
that the business isn't going well?
What, no. That can't be.
No, wait
Hey, Hyung-jin.
Get lost.
Damn it.
He made me think he could.
Having a bad feeling, huh?
Let's get through today.
Don't even look at him, okay?
The plan is completely falling apart.
Hey, you guys.
Hey, Joon!
Where's the pickled tomatoes?
Oh, what's wrong with my stomach?
Gosh, it hurts.
Is wakeboarding fun?
Oh, I told you it's in the backyard!
Hey, Chef? Chef.
Do you have any plans for your days off?
No, not really. Why?
as a team-building event,
I was thinking of going on
a trip together.
I reserved this amazing B&B for us.
-A retreat?
I hear Chef Marco's team
went to Jeju Island
as a team-building event
not so long ago.
And after they came back,
they say their teamwork is no joke.
The team doesn't need any lecturing.
Is that so?
What do you guys think?
Sure, let's go.
Yeah, if Chef says so, we should go.
All right, since Chef is giving us
some time off
for our team building.
Hey, Cordon.
-What do you think?
-I'm going to wakeboard
but that plan can be cancelled.
Since everyone is supposed to go.
Of course!
I'm in. I'm totally in!
Let's go. Okay?
Okay, let's go then.
Min-soo, you take care of
packing food.
Yes, Chef.
It's been so long since I went
on a retreat.
We're gonna have fun.
We're gonna have fun.
Me too.
Hey, So-hyung.
Are you busy?
Are you almost finished?
We're closing up now.
Then let's meet up for a bit.
I'll come to you.
Oh all right.
-Did you notice?
-Go, when I say nicely.
Where are you going?
To see Producer Lee?
None of your business.
Why do you care?
-Go now.
I'm not following you.
I'm just going my way.
To where?
To meet the mister I'm friends with,
to his diner.
Then go.
You can go before me.
Gosh, you're so snippy.
So mean.
That little
That bipolar, for God's sake.
Oh, hi.
I figured you'd come soon,
so I ordered two.
-Grapefruit juice is okay?
-Yes, good.
The AC is on really high.
They should keep
the indoor temperature at 25°C.
-About yesterday
-I know, dude.
You blacked out yesterday, huh?
You were so wasted.
You remember me taking you home?
Oh, well.
You seemed to sober up a little
when we got your house.
How much did you drink anyways?
I did drink a lot yesterday.
Stop doing that when you're drunk.
When you black out,
you'd make mistakes.
It's okay since I'm your friend,
but otherwise, you could get slapped.
Be careful.
Yeah. You're right.
I keep making mistakes these days.
Gosh, your work ruined you.
Your skin used to be great,
but all the booze
made your skin so dry.
I should get some facials.
Thanks for telling me.
Be careful.
Let's leave
after this drink.
I'm going on a retreat
with my team tomorrow.
I need to go pack and stuff.
Oh, yeah?
I have location scouting
for a Chuseok special.
Okay, let's go after finishing this.
All right.
Mr. Shin.
Oh, hello.
So good to see you.
Hey, why are you here?
You acted like a stranger before.
Why? You realized
you can't play hard-to-get with me?
So you give in?
What the heck are you talking about?
Mr. Shin. This is for you.
It's your favorite, red bean popsicle.
Wow, thank you.
Here, have this.
-Have a seat.
By the way,
how'd you know I like this?
Oh, you don't remember?
You told me before.
Oh, did I?
Anyways, have you been working out?
Of course.
I went hiking this morning too.
I go in the evenings too.
That's great.
I'm really sorry.
Things got mixed up,
so I broke my promise.
And tomorrow, I have to
go on a team-building trip.
You'd have to work out by yourself
for a while.
What? A trip?
You'll be around a bunch of guys.
You won't sleep in the same room, right?
Don't wear anything revealing.
No tank tops either.
What the Who are you to tell me
what to wear? Ridiculous.
Don't go all out and
put on a lipstick.
Always put on sunscreen.
Your skin is so pale,
so you might get sunburns.
What's with the lectures?
So ridiculous.
Call me before you go to bed.
I'll be worried.
Oh my.
He is absurd.
What's wrong with him?
He always gets in
other people's business.
-Oh, hi.
Can we get another glass?
-Here you go
-Thank you.
Did I drag you out
when you need to go to bed?
No, not at all.
A drink will help me
fall asleep faster.
It's been a while
since we drank together.
You're right.
By the way,
is everything okay?
You don't look too good.
Nothing much.
Sometimes you just feel like drinking.
Tomorrow is day off too.
I heard you're going on a retreat.
-Eun-hee told me.
For team-building and all.
I wish I could bring Eun-hee too,
but she feels uncomfortable
so I couldn't keep asking.
Don't worry.
She'll meet her school friends.
I'm coming too.
Oh, really? That's good.
I'm so upset.
She used to love going on trips.
There's no chance
of catching the hit-and-run driver?
Probably, since
it's been a long time.
How could there be no witnesses?
The CCTV camera was broken.
If it was repaired,
we might've had some evidence.
Forget about the incident.
Eun-hee has me, you know.
Yes, that's why I like you so much
and buy you drinks.
A retreat?
For one night and two days?
That's right.
This is a chance that heaven gave us.
Why? When people are on a trip,
they get excited
and let their guards down.
What do you mean, so?
We should make a move on Chef.
Woo him!
Make a move?
Are you saying we shouldn't?
To pluck a star,
look up at the sky.
I mean, still That's
Come on, this is not the time
to be embarrassed.
Producer Lee called
and he's with her now.
He isn't back yet.
I'm quite worried.
But I don't think Chef will make a move.
We gotta step up
and make it happen.
Got any good ideas?
Then first off,
shouldn't we make sure
Chef gets his own room?
If there are other people around,
it'd be tricky
to seduce him.
I think
we can't let him drink too much.
He has to be sober enough,
or else it's not real.
You're surprisingly smart, huh?
You've got the basics right.
Not really.
Oh, then,
should I get new pajamas?
Like a slip.
You naughty girl
We're here!
-Oh, nice.
-Wow, it's cool here.
You should be tired from driving.
There must've been lots of traffic.
Not really. There was not much traffic,
so it wasn't bad.
Wow, the view is amazing.
It's better than the website.
Thank you.
This is half-dried persimmon.
It's environment-friendly snack
produced in our neighborhood.
It's slightly frozen,
so try it when it's thawed.
-Wow, thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Are you going to use the barbecue grill?
Should I get some charcoal?
We're chefs,
so you don't have to worry.
-Oh, I see.
Well, then.
By the way,
There's a woman
inside that woman.
W-what does that mean?
I have no idea what you're saying.
Chae-hee, why are you out here?
-Let's go.
Your rooms are this way.
I got you the largest one we have.
Oh, thank you.
-Let's get our stuff first.
-Yes, Chef!
-Yes, Chef!
I'll get it.
Oh, wait.
-There's more.
-Oh, wait.
-Wait, there's more.
-So heavy.
-There's more. Wait.
Hold on. Oh my.
Oh my.
Why don't you carry the rest?
Not making a woman carry?
What, Bong?
She's not a woman.
Then is she a man?
She's not a man.
Cordon, you keep talking back to me.
Are you her boyfriend or what?
Why worked up?
Only her boyfriend gets a say?
Then I'll be her boyfriend!
Oh my. Such a tough guy.
Wait for me, boyfriend!
That son of a gun.
Since when they were so close?
That punk
Babe, let me help you with this.
Hold on, babe.
Today is our first day.
Chef, we're running out of meat.
-Not much left.
-All gone.
Give me that.
-I'll do it.
It's my job on a trip.
-Just eat up.
I can't wait to eat. So good.
If you're bored,
make some appetizers
-with that beef.
-How about a competition?
-What competition?
First place gets their dish
on the menu, and a day off.
An extra day off!
Wow! I'm feeling competitive today!
-Okay, let's do this.
Chef, why come out here
and do a competition?
Starting now!
Out of the way!
Hey, move.
Wow, Bong-sun, have you been
practicing your knife skills?
You're knife skills are amazing.
I've been learning from the best.
Now, the two finalists are
Drum roll.
Min-soo's beef papillote.
-Joon's torch beef.
What a shame.
Both dishes show creativity
and taste good. Amazing.
No, you can't end like this.
We have with us Mr. Choi Ji-woong
who has spent 30 years tasting food.
-Taste it.
Well, then.
I do like beef bulgogi quite a bit.
I'll give them a taste.
-Yes, sir.
Joon's dish.
Wow, the meat is so juicy.
With the sweetness from wine
and fragrance of rosemary,
it's to-die-for.
Chef, I think
this will be a hit
if it's on our menu.
Hey, Cordon.
-So good.
Sir, next dish.
Wait, what's this now?
-The meat is very juicy,
-very light, and ordinary.
A taste that I've tried before.
-This tastes
exactly like the smoked pork belly
from our menu!
That's pork belly, but this is beef.
Completely different.
Chef, announce the winner.
-I'm restless.
-I've decided.
Chef will announce the winner.
Who'll get their dish
on the special menu and extra days off?
Sun Restaurant, hot summer retreat.
The winner is?
Drum roll.
Go, Seo Joon!
Seo Joon!
Seo Joon!
Seo Joon!
Seo Joon!
Heo Min-soo's beef papillote.
How dare you act up?
Joon's torch beef
was very original and great too.
But Min-soo's was more
faithful to the
fundamentals and simple.
You guys may not understand,
but based on my own experience, I think
It was good.
What are we doing? Let's eat.
-Let's eat!
-Yes, Chef!
Let's eat!
You should try it again.
Bring more alcohol.
This tastes better.
-Love can't talk.
-Shut up!
Ugh, seriously
How about a toast?
-Please say a few words.
-That's tacky.
I know your free time
is valuable to you.
Yet you've gathered here today
for the teamwork
of Sun Restaurant.
I'd like to sincerely thank you.
Let's stick together!
Let's go!
Wow, the drinks are going down
so smoothly.
It should be the fresh air.
Hey, I thought we bought a lot,
but we're already out. Look.
-Go buy more.
Hey, will Dong-Woong want to go
or Cordon?
Let's just drink what we have.
Sous Chef should go.
I'll go buy more.
Wait, Chef.
Why not let your employees go?
A boss should do these
on this kind of occasion.
And you know I want to be
an owner who is
unassuming and friendly.
Be right back.
Thank you.
Have a safe trip.
He's making a fuss over some alcohol.
If he gets cheap stuff, I'll kill him.
Okay, music!
Loser, empty
Only left with wounds
Trash, stupid
You in the mirror
You're not talking about me?
-It's a song.
Listen carefully.
-Ji-woong can play guitar!
-Loser, empty
Something else, punk.
Something else, okay.
Loser, empty
-I love this!
-Only left with wounds
Chef, let's go together!
Let's go together.
Why did you come?
The sun will go down soon.
It's dangerous,
in this kind of place.
There are ghosts everywhere.
Especially virgin ghosts.
I'll protect you, Chef.
Hey, who protects whom?
You're the most dangerous.
Don't worry.
I won't lay a finger on you.
Wait, there's a bike.
Let's ride this.
Forget it. Let's just go.
I'd rather run there
than take you on it.
Why not? We have to carry alcohol anyways.
We can put it here.
It'll be heavy.
-Let's go.
You didn't even get a permission
she really is stubborn.
Chef, can't you go faster?
Hey, how much do you weigh?
You're so heavy for such a small thing.
It's not that I'm heavy.
Your lower body is in poor shape,
you know?
Hey, my lower body
It's no joke. You'd be surprised.
Yeah, you're all talk.
Gosh, you're so slow,
it's driving me crazy.
Just get off. My turn.
-Just stop!
-How'd you get off?
Go to the back. I'll drive.
I thought you couldn't ride a bike.
-Off we go.
-Trust me.
-Hey, slow down.
-This is more like it.
-Slowly. Good.
-Let's go!
Slow down! Stop that.
So fun.
I told you to slow down!
Yay, firecrackers!
Why did you get it? So childish.
Why not? It's really fun.
It goes popping up and all.
-You wanna see one?
-Be quiet.
Do it by yourself later.
Don't come to me begging for one later.
the air is so sweet.
It really is nice.
The air is really nice.
Ever since I was little,
I had this dream
of returning to a countryside like this
have a little garden of my own,
and run a small restaurant
once I turn 40.
That was my dream.
You can do it, then.
Rural land isn't expensive.
What matters is your cooking skills.
I want to, but it's too late.
It's not too late.
It's not like opening
a restaurant in Paris.
It is possible.
No, it isn't. Too late for me.
What you know isn't everything.
Don't try to know any more than you do.
More would freak you out.
Gosh, as you wish.
it's your dream, not mine.
Oh, Chef.
Your shoelace is untied.
Hold on.
No, I'll
Just stay still.
I got some amazing tricks
to keep them from getting untied.
I don't usually reveal
this secret to anyone.
It's only because it's today.
I was even going to
get a patent filed,
but I lost out on my timing,
so I didn't get to do it.
How's it?
Doesn't seem like it'll come loose, right?
What do you think?
Yes, it sure won't come loose.
Ta-da! We're a couple now.
What do you mean, couple?
Let go of me.
Come on.
I know you have to hold the bike.
Why would I listen to you?
I'm not crazy.
Are you going to act up again?
I'll get mad.
Act up?
How? Like this?
What are you doing?
-Should I go up?
-Let go.
-Climbing up
Hey, So-hyung.
Hey. Get down.
What are you doing here?
The location was nearby.
I was about to leave,
but I remembered your trip.
I brought some drinks.
You didn't have to
-You came out to buy something?
-Hi, Bong-sun.
-Well, hi to you.
I'm surprised to see you.
These days, companies must just pay
their employees a salary for nothing, huh?
People are so not busy.
They have so much free time.
There's no more alcohol!
Bring more.
Joon wants to drink.
Who gave him so much drink?
there's a hidden side to him.
He drank like he'd lost his country.
Leave him alone.
He looks finally like one of us.
He's just full of surprises.
Is Chef brewing alcohol or what?
Why's it taking so long?
-I'm sober already.
-Oh my.
-Gosh, what do I do?
My goddess is over there.
Is it Producer Lee?
What's this bullshit?
-What's up, Producer Lee!
Oh, here.
Guys, here.
Guys, here.
Guys, help me.
I was in the area for work,
so I dropped by.
Hope I'm not unwelcome.
No way.
It was gloomy since it was all men.
Now it's shining.
You're dazzling.
All men? What about me?
-What about me?
-You're family.
That's right.
Whatever. She brought two bottles of wine.
Producer Lee!
Shining bright, Producer Lee!
Shut up!
I told you to shut up!
So noisy.
-Put him away.
-Put him away.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Joon, go away.
Get his legs.
-All right.
I want to go home.
He's too drunk.
Have fun, Eun-hee.
I'm so excited for you.
It's been so long
since you met them.
Will you be okay alone?
You have any plans?
Of course, I do.
My friend is coming over.
Don't worry.
Take good care of her.
Don't worry.
Oh, she's here.
Oh, you're here. Come on in.
Why not just eat outside?
Why insist on inviting me over?
Gosh, let me put these on.
-Oh, hi.
You've met my daughter.
You've never met my son-in-law.
Say hi.
This is my friend Seobinggo.
I've heard a lot about you.
You should go. You'll be late.
-Go on.
-Oh, yes.
Have fun.
-Bye, Mom.
-Yeah, bye.
Have fun.
See you later.
Enjoy lots of yummy food, Eun-hee.
-Okay, Mom.
-He's strangely strong.
I don't usually feel weaker
than anyone.
Is it because I'm spiritually weak lately?
That really hurts my pride.
Oh, hey.
-Long time no see.
-Why so late?
-It's been so long.
You should keep in touch.
I almost forgot your face.
I know. Sorry I haven't been in touch.
Hye-ju, I heard you will be Giselle.
That's so amazing.
But I'm already worried.
-It'll be really intense.
Eun-hee was always the best at Giselle
among all of us.
That's true.
Even the professor said that
Eun-hee would join a major ballet company.
Right, she said so.
If only there wasn't a hit-and-run
That driver hasn't been caught yet, right?
Whoever it is,
they'll pay the price.
-Of course.
How could they hit someone and leave?
Those vicious people have to be
torn apart
limb by limb
and laid out to dry.
Oh, hey.
You're scary.
That's scary.
I'll wait outside.
-Call me.
-You didn't finish yours.
No, I'll wait outside.
-I'm sorry.
-You should stay.
Have fun.
-I see.
-I'll call you.
Did he feel left out?
No, no. It's okay.
How's he? Is he good to you?
Oh, Eun-hee.
Drinks are going down.
Chug it.
Chug it.
How long will you make me
do the shoulder dance?
Look at my shoulders.
They're dislocated.
There's no time for rest.
This way I look, I don't know.
That way, no.
-What's that? Two!
You're both caught.
Both of you, down in one.
A black knight to your rescue!
Wow, Chef.
Chef got requests for both.
-We have to pick one.
I'll just drink both.
Come on.
That's no fun.
OK, drink it and make a wish.
Make a wish.
No, hold on.
I don't have a wish.
It's 2:00 a.m.
Let's wrap it up and go to bed.
Let's sleep.
Let's wrap it up.
Let's go in and drink more.
Producer Lee and Bong
can share a room.
That smashed drunkard and Chef
can share a room.
-Three of us in a room.
Chef should get his own room.
-I don't mind sharing a room.
You're the boss.
So that's not right.
Chef gets his own room.
End of story.
Gosh, all right.
-As you wish.
-Suit yourself.
Let's clean up.
Hey, clean up.
Let's go.
Hey, Sun-woo.
You wanna take a walk
to sober up a little?
Chef! Didn't you say
you were tired?
Look at these dark circles.
-Come here.
-Come on.
-Hold on!
Watch your step.
Okay. I will. I'll go.
-What's with you?
-It's cold.
It's cold. Let's get inside.
Gosh, tonight is crucial.
Why is she here? Darn it.
I have to finish my talk with Sun-woo.
I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable.
I'm sorry.
I wonder why someone who's so sorry
had to join our team's trip.
I don't understand
why you insist on
staying in that tiny storage room.
I don't get it.
You really have nowhere else to stay?
Chef told me to stay there.
I didn't ask him for it.
Even if he offered,
you should've turned it down.
He might get in a bind
if they find out, you know?
-Don't you have friends?
-No, I don't.
You can come to my place, then.
Why on earth are you so interested
in where I sleep?
And why does it bother you
that I'm here, Bong-sun?
-Where you going?
-Oh, lights.
To turn off the lights.
Oh, it's over there.
I can't sleep with the lights on.
-Where you going?
-The bathroom.
Why bother to go out?
There's one in the room.
Right over there.
Oh, that's a bathroom.
No need to go anymore.
I won.
If things work out this way,
I get an arm pillow naturally.
Oh, Chef.
What is it?
Shh. You'll wake people up.
It's me, Bong-sun.
Why are you here?
It's just that Producer Lee keeps snoring.
I'm so tired.
I just can't fall asleep.
Imagine how bad it was
that I came into your room?
Why are you looking at me like that?
Making me excited.
Have you taken your medicine?
Stop asking me about my medicine,
would you?
How can I stop?
What's wrong with you?
I'm going nuts.
This is so nice.
Get out before they wake up.
-Come on.
-I'm telling you, she's snoring.
I don't want to.
-Hang on.
-Come out.
What am I going to do with you
Aww, Chef.
Are you that against
sleeping with someone?
If I did this far,
you should just go with it
What's wrong with you today?
Maybe you need to see the doctor again.
It's getting worse.
Have a seat.
Yoon Chae-hee!
-What's going on?
Well, my daughter is missing.
Your daughter?
You mean the girl in the uniform?
My daughter isn't mentally stable.
She'll cause trouble if she's by herself.
Where could she be?
She's always liked to hide.
She's probably hiding somewhere.
It's so late.
Then, we'll also
-look for her.
-Thank you.
-Her name is Chae-hee?
-Yoon Chae-hee?
Yoon Chae-hee?
Your mom and dad are worried.
-If you're hiding, come out.
-Yoon Chae-hee!
I don't think she's over here.
Oh, Chef.
Go over that way.
I'll go this way.
You go that way.
Okay Be careful.
-If not, you'll trip
Yoon Chae-hee!
Look for the kids.
They were playing hide-and-seek with me.
But they suddenly disappeared.
You didn't see where they went?
Are you Chae-hee?
Oh, you were over here.
You're the two ladies I saw earlier.
Hi there.
I see.
I was wondering how you saw me.
So you're unwell.
Let's go.
Your parents are worried.
No, I have to find the kids.
Hey, kids!
Wait up, Chae-hee!
Wait, Chae-hee!
Wait up, where are you going?
Chae-hee, stop for a moment.
Chae-hee, listen to me.
Chae-hee, wait, Chae-hee
That little thing is awfully fast.
What is this place?
Darn it.
What, was it a freezer warehouse?
The temperature is
just about right for me.
Where are you, Chae-hee?
Stop hiding and come out.
Let's go back to your mom, Chae-hee.
Where are you?
Oh, hey! Chae-hee!
Hey, Chae-hee!
Oh my, how do you open it?
Open the door, Chae-hee!
-She's a ghost.
-I'll be mad.
-I have to lock her up.
I'm really scary when I'm mad.
Chae-hee, you might have noticed by now.
I'm a ghost, okay?
If you don't open it up,
I'll come after you.
You're a good girl, Chae-hee?
Hey! Yoon Chae-hee!
Open the door right now!
I'm really scary when I'm mad.
Hey, Yoon Chae-hee!
Yoon Chae-hee!
Gosh, Chae-hee!
-Yoon Chae-hee.
-Oh my goodness.
Where were you?
You know how worried we were?
I told you not to go out at night.
You're so reckless!
Where were you?
I was just playing outside.
Oh, you found her.
I'm so sorry.
You couldn't sleep because of us.
No, don't say that.
I'm glad you found her.
-Thank you.
-Go on.
Take her inside.
I appreciate it.
-Good night.
-You too.
I feel bad for that pretty girl.
How far did Bong-sun go?
We found one, and another disappears.
I'm going nuts.
You're not gone, are you?
You didn't leave me here, did you?
What is this?
Did she really leave me here?
That little thing.
How did she lose her mind?
How far has she gone?
She doesn't pick up her phone.
Hey, Na Bong-sun.
No, it's me, So-hyung.
Is that you, Sun-woo?
Yeah, hold on.
Did she leave her phone there?
This is not the time to be here.
I have to do something.
There's no choice.
-What's this place?
Freezer warehouse.
We're locked in.
Locked in?
It's a long story.
Wait. I'll go find a way.
Bounce up and down while you're here.
So cold.
Let's see.
I have to lift this thing up.
I feel like I can.
Maybe it's too heavy?
I'm going crazy.
Did I drop this when I tripped earlier?
Let's see.
I think I can handle this.
That's step one.
-Oh, Chef.
-How did it go?
I looked everywhere,
but couldn't find her.
Not this way either.
Gosh, Bong.
Where could she be?
She's got a knack for causing trouble
wherever she goes.
She just had to find trouble,
keeping us awake.
Can you sleep
when someone is missing?
When one of our family is missing?
I was just worried.
She's been missing for two hours.
It's not even a familiar place.
Should we call the police?
That scared me.
Some lunatic set those off
at night
Chef! Where are you going?
Wait, Chef!
Oh, Chef.
Right over here.
What a relief. You found us.
Here. The freezer warehouse.
She's over here.
-Oh, where
Is she here?
The firecrackers are here,
but not her.
Chef, I'm right here.
Open the door, Chef.
Chef, I'm right here.
Let me out, Chef.
-Chef huh?
-Hey, Na Bong!
Are you all right?
Yeah I'm okay so far.
Hey, Bong, are you crazy?
Hey! Seriously
Are you insane?
What were you thinking?
Why did you come in here?
I told you to be careful!
Why didn't you listen to me
and scared the hell out of me?
Well, I'm sorry for making you worry, but
I didn't get locked up
because I wanted to
Be quiet.
You think you're okay right now?
You were in the freezer for two hours.
Stay put.
Let's get out, Chef.
-I'll carry her.
-It's okay.
Your body is so cold.
You aren't okay.
Oh, right.
Who lit the firecrackers?
-Bong was locked in alone.
-Well, it probably
went off by coincidence.
Why is Chef getting so angry anyways?
I think he's overreacting.
Hey, isn't it obvious?
If she had to be admitted
to the hospital, who would pay?
Would I pay or you?
Hey, you pay. Okay?
You pay with your labor.
What are you all doing? Wake up.
What, you drunkard?
-Bye, we'll come later.
-Thank you.
-We had a lot of fun.
-Yes, thanks.
Sorry about my daughter yesterday.
It's okay.
Please come again.
I will.
-Okay, bye.
You got out fine.
I hope that girl inside you comes out too.
See you, both of you.
Okay, bye.
Take care.
Don't be a troublemaker.
Can you drop me off at my work?
Oh, okay.
Officer Choi, Officer Choi!
When's your birthday?
-My birthday?
It's in the winter, why?
I just have a present for you.
I'll let you know once it's confirmed.
Oh, hold on.
Yes, it's me.
Okay, got it.
I'll come by after work.
Thank you.
Good news, Officer Choi.
As a matter of fact,
you know the CCTV footage
of Eun-hee's hit-and-run?
I'd requested for recovery
to a convict who just got out.
He's good.
He says it's almost done.
I'll go get it after work.
What do you think?
Surprise. Impressed?
-Oh, really?
That's so great.
I bet there's some evidence in it.
How many years has it been?
Where there's a will, there's a way.
That bastard is dead when we catch him.
I'll kick his
Hold on. Let's call Chef Kang.
I'll tell him.
Would you?
Okay, then I will go check first.
Gosh, I'm nervous.
Thank you.
For caring so much
about the car accident.
Not because your wife was involved.
It was my first case
when I got here.
How could I not care?
Let's take it once step at a time.
Bye, then.
Aren't you curious?
Why I went to your retreat?
-I know.
It's not that you're not curious.
You're afraid to ask.
Because you already know
what I'll say.
Let me ask you one more thing.
You're drawing the line between us,
is that
maybe because of Bong-sun?
Actually no.
Forget that I asked this question.
It's so pathetic of me
that I feel bad.
You left with the proof behind?
This little CCTV
You're so done for, bastard.
All right. Let's go.
Are you kidding me?
I should get a new car or something.
It always acts up like this.
Let's see.
Is the battery dead?
I don't know how to fix it anyway.
Gosh What do I do?
Why isn't he coming back?
I'm so anxious.
Isn't she making a move or something?
I should've made it happen
during the trip.
What a shame.
Oh my.
Chef, you're back?
Give it to me.
-Are you all right?
-Of course.
As I told you yesterday,
I'm quite tough against the cold.
If so, put on your apron.
We skipped yesterday.
Let's practice with a wok.
Today too?
Ugh, my wrist.
Don't move it up.
Pull it towards you rhythmically.
I don't want to do it anymore.
It hurts so much, I think I'll get sick.
This is too hard.
All right. Stop.
-Yes, no more.
Just clean the floor.
Yes, Chef.
By the way, Chef.
I'm curious about something.
What is it?
Yesterday at the freezer warehouse.
why did you get so angry?
I mean, you were so mad
that I was kind of speechless.
Should I praise you
when you caused trouble there?
Stop talking nonsense
and clean up.
Yes, Chef.
Move along.
I need to spray water.
-Oh my!
So cold. Oh no.
-Oh my!
So cold.
Why would you turn on the water
out of the blue?
So cold.
Gosh. So cold.
Is this your first time
holding a hose?
I didn't know water would
come out like that.
What do I do?
It's all wet.
Too cold.
What do I do?
Come over here.
So cold.
I'm soaking wet. Oh no
Oh my!
Oh my, you're soaking wet.
I feel so bad. What do I do?
I'm such a klutz.
I think it's all dried
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