Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

So cold.
I'm so wet.
What do I do?
You're so wet.
I'm so sorry, what do I do?
You're so messy.
I think you're all good.
Oh, I-I-I'm sorry.
Na Bong-sun!
Na Bong!
Hey, Na Bong!
It's not a mistake.
This time, it isn't.
Wait a second
I also
understand why I'm like this.
But I mean it.
Don't you get it?
Me, Kang Sun-woo,
I like you.
I don't know since when
maybe from the start
or since you changed
or yesterday or today, but I do know
for sure
that I always miss you
and I want you by my side.
It's weird. You're basically family.
Let's go out.
It's how I feel.
-Come on.
Say something.
Don't stand there.
A great guy like me
confessed to you.
You should say something.
Oh, well, uh
Thank you, Chef.
Oh, no, that's
That's not it
I-I mean, like, okay.
You said okay?
So you
like me too?
Yes, Chef.
This isn't my relationship.
Get it together, me.
You're a ghost, not Na Bong-sun.
Get it together.
Get it.
I'll do it.
Stay right here.
I'll be fast.
Pretty much done.
Your hair's still wet.
Even in summer, you might catch a cold.
turn around this way.
-You good?
I must've been haunted by a ghost.
Did I
You're tiny.
Like a puppy.
You look happy.
I am.
Yes, Officer.
Officer Han?
I'll be there.
What's wrong with Han?
He's in the hospital.
An accident.
Can I have the keys?
Oh, over there.
Oh my gosh.
Wasn't Officer Han in charge
of Eun-hee's accident?
Your partner?
Yes, I'm going out now.
-Go to bed first.
Oh, wow.
Car accident or what?
I don't know.
My heart is racing.
Probably trauma, huh?
Let me get you some water.
No, I'm good.
I saw him just the other day.
Hope it's nothing serious.
What happened?
Where's Han?
He went into ICU after surgery,
He's still unconscious.
-Not so good?
-I don't know.
He lost a lot of blood.
We're still not sure.
What happened?
I don't know.
Someone found him bleeding
in the parking lot.
Maybe a thief.
Took his phone, wallet.
He knew what he
was doing. No CCTV footage.
You good?
My heart is still racing.
Did you call his mom?
No, just his sister.
She'll be here.
Good job.
Are you asleep?
What? Oh, no.
Good night.
Good night, Chef. Sleep well.
I'm not sure I'll sleep well.
Sleep. It'll be a long day.
Get a blanket or else
you might catch a cold.
Dream of me.
Not an order though.
I will, Chef.
-What's up?
-Oh my!
Oh, nothing.
Curious what Chef's doing
after confessing?
You saw it?
Of course I did.
I planned for it to happen.
He came at me so fast, I left for a sec.
How is it?
To date a man you had a crush on?
Feels good?
But I can't believe it.
I feel like it's a dream.
What if it is?
If it is a dream,
I might be sad when I wake up.
Don't overthink it.
We're almost there, Na Bong-sun.
Almost there.
I move on,
and you date Chef Kang. Win-win!
Just keep working hard toward our goals,
Trust me.
We can do it.
Oh, the long-awaited morning.
Chef's already into me.
And we're just getting started.
How should I start this big task?
Are you awake?
Yes, Chef, good morning.
Uh, well, well.
Good morning.
I didn't not sleep coz'
I got too excited.
Because I've dated before, you know.
But your eyes are bloodshot.
-They're not.
-Did you sleep well?
I did!
You don't trust me?
Why're you laughing?
Because I'm happy.
Don't get too excited.
I might hurt you.
Oh, and
don't tell the boys about this.
Pretend we're nothing.
Of course.
I'll try my best.
See you.
Hey, hey, hey!
What's wrong with Bong?
Chasing after Chef like
a dog who wants to poop.
What does she want from him?
Oh, that's awful. Chef isn't a bank
It looks obvious.
What do you mean?
Don't you know everyone's watching?
Oh, really?
I was trying my best.
They're so sensitive.
-Not sensitive
-Poppyyote Salmon.
How much?
Well, how much today?
-Let's do ten.
What is it?
Oh, the potatoes and clam.
-Are they here?
-Yes, I've cleaned
them all.
Then today's special
is oven-grilled potato with sour cream
15 teams.
One cancellation.
Okay, Joon, prep the pasta.
-Yes, Chef.
-Get ready, everyone.
Oh, Chef, I'm here!
What secret talk are we having?
Are you doing
this on purpose?
To make me suffer?
We started dating now.
So I'm wondering what we're doing tonight.
Oh, well,
we can grab dinner together.
That's it?
What do you mean?
Dinner with a renowned chef
like me.
It's basically free schooling.
No, that's not it!
It's our first day.
We have to celebrate it somehow.
By doing
Like, for example,
a trip somewhere?
Somewhere romantic for a night?
Get on a train, see the ocean,
get some good food.
And this and that.
And after everything,
stop by a hotel for sleep of course.
Sure I'll be sleeping.
I know what you want.
Dang it
A trip? Ridiculous.
What's wrong with a trip?
Na Bong-sun.
Listen to me.
Don't know about you
but I'm very careful in these matters.
Let's say
and rational?
Who's rational in a relationship?
-Throw it out.
-Oh, whatever.
If you want to date
you have to follow my tempo.
-What is this?
-Come down after
5 minutes. Don't make it obvious.
He has yang energy, so it can't be
erectile dysfunction.
Oh, I really don't have time.
What is it? What the hell is wrong?
Damn it.
What's the problem?
He has yang energy!
Come on!
Hey, hey!
Oh, don't go. I'm not hunting you.
-I came to see
how you're doing, bitch.
You swear?
-You don't have it?
-Slow down, Sis.
-Look at her.
-Come on!
Damn it.
That's why you shouldn't attack it
like a hungry elephant.
Triangle gimbap
requires precision.
You're too fast.
It's all the same when it
goes in the stomach.
Oh, no.
You must have been hungry.
No rice at home?
Shut up.
It's all your fault.
are you making progress?
With yang energy.
What happened?
Oh my goodness.
It tickles!
What are you doing? Come on, Sis!
Hey, stop whispering and talk to me there.
I'm dating the yang-energy Chef.
We kissed too.
Oh, really?
-Oh, she's
she's good at her job.
Since you guys kissed, that's basically
Pretty much.
Just counting the days until I'm done.
Come on.
When you escaped
I actually
let you do it.
I figured you did.
So get that wish fulfilled,
and get moving.
If my god finds out, she might
never talk to me again.
Don't worry!
I'll make sure to move on
to the afterlife.
Please do.
Damn this woman.
Calling me all the time.
Yes, hello?
The truth is
I had a dream last night.
What dream?
Poor Sun-woo,
he was walking across a field of flowers
but the flowers were dead.
He wouldn't even answer me.
-Dead flowers?
What kind of a dream is it?
Can you interpret it?
It's not bad.
Lively flowers could mean
a wicked person.
Like a scamming woman.
But dead flowers means
he's avoided them.
Oh, really?
Thank God
I was worried.
Glad I asked you.
-Want more food?
-No, no.
Should we order pork?
Excuse me, more pork chops.
Officer Choi is here.
I had to go to the bathroom.
Must be hard for you.
Not at all
The surgery went well,
but he's still unconscious.
It's driving me insane.
I can't even tell our mother
Are you awake?
I'll go get the doctor.
Officer Han!
Officer Choi!
Are you okay?
You were hurt.
Do you
I remember heading out
But nothing else
not at all.
At least you're okay.
Your sister's gone to call a doctor.
-Oh no
The sweat
You did well, guys.
Hey, guys.
Oh, right.
I forgot. I'm meeting old friends.
AhI suddenly feel sick.
-Oh no
My stomach is
Is it pancreatitis?
Oh, no.
Then you should go home.
Let's go and rest up for tomorrow.
Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?
Nothing. Just saying we should go home.
Go, go, go.
-Dress to impress.
-See you.
Bye, sir.
What's up?
What's tomorrow?
I don't know.
I'm scared for tomorrow.
Let's not worry about it.
We should go.
-See you.
Sheesh, the heart
She's such a dramatic.
We don't have to go on a trip
to sleep together.
At the right time, I'll just go for it.
Let's dress up.
Mascara's important.
Add some volume.
And finally
He didn't know it was room spray!
This will work again.
What's taking so long?
Almost done?
How do I look?
I dressed up for our first date.
No need to dress up. It's not a big deal.
It isn't?
You thought so?
-Come on, I'm hungry.
What are we eating? Is it good?
Of course, it's good.
Isn't your dress a little too short?
No, it's not short.
It is.
Never mind.
Not you critiquing my dress.
Wow! This is so cool.
It's actually nice!
Of course I'll bring you somewhere nice.
This place is super hot.
So, you're like
spying on a rival?
Don't rat me out like that.
-Here's the food.
-This is steak
with ginseng sauce.
No artificial flavorings are used.
-It's good.
-I know.
-Thank you.
-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.
Here, try it.
There're trends in food too.
You have to keep up to be a chef.
How is it?
It's good.
-Is it good?
it's really good. Try it.
Better than mine?
Come on.
I didn't say that.
Stop kicking.
But my legs are too long.
It keeps touching you.
Too long.
Come on, focus on the food. Nothing else.
I wasn't thinking of anything else.
You think I spend
all day just thinking about that?
I know you do.
-I don't.
-Go back.
Hey, hey, hey.
Just putting your seatbelt on.
Gotta be safe.
I can do it myself.
Let's go!
All right.
Oh, wait.
-A stain.
-A stain here.
-Here, here.
Dang it
-Stop it.
Where are you going?
I didn't do anything.
Was just brushing something off.
You keep touching me while I'm driving.
If you do this,
You'll scold me?
Yes, please scold me.
You'd be surprised at what I could do.
Then, show it to me!
Where are you going?
-We work tomorrow.
-No, no.
This is our first day!
Want some shaved ice?
I know a good place.
You like shaved ice.
Shaved ice?
Where are we going?
Oh, we're almost there.
There's a shaved ice place here?
-Are you sure?
This way.
Just keep following me.
-Around here.
A shaved ice place here.
I was sure it was here.
Na Bong-sun, you
What? Why?
They sell shaved ice at motels?
Oh, this is a motel?
What a surprise!
That worked out well because
my legs were starting to hurt.
Let's take a little break here, huh?
-A break?
Just for an hour.
-You're too much.
Oh! Don't worry.
I won't lay a hand on you.
Huh, Chef?
-My legs hurt.
Let's talk.
Can we do it there?
-Let's talk there.
My legs hurt.
-I can't walk.
Oh, wait, wait!
-Sit here.
Oh, come on.
Let's just rest for a bit.
What are you doing? Sit over here!
Why do you like me?
Why are you asking?
You like me for my body?
-I mean
Can't believe
I just said what I said.
Women usually say this.
I guess so,
but I'm not like other women.
-Come on.
Too many questions!
I like you and your body.
So I wanna do it with you.
We're young. Is that so wrong?
Tell me, is it?
Not what I meant.
What is it?
-I mean, I
-At least in terms of sex,
I'm very conservative.
I have my beliefs.
What are you
There has to be
an emotional connection in a relationship.
You can't just dive right in like this.
It's not right.
You're open-minded
Not open-minded.
I just like you a lot.
If you do,
you should put more thought into this.
I mean
-Control your urges.
-Let's not do this.
-Damn it.
You're a girl.
What about it?
A woman can't have urges?
You're so old-fashioned.
And if a woman asked for it
you should just let it slide.
I have my reasons!
What reasons?
I quit!
You're the one who got all horny
and kissed me.
You need steps?
You want steps?
Then, is this, like this okay?
Is this good?
You happy?
-It's not
Are you mad?
No, I'm being obedient.
I thought you wanted that.
Go or stay?
What do you want from me?
Is it time you need? 1 minute good?
Or, or 10? Just tell me.
One step at a time?
Every 10 minutes?
Are you listening? Am I noisy?
Mother-in-law's late.
She's seeing someone.
Officer Han is fine now?
Is he safe?
He started eating now.
He'll recover soon.
That's good.
And the culprit? Still no evidence?
Too many suspects.
It's a scary world.
Guess they're not
scared of karma.
Bad people are punished.
-Are you okay?
Just got a bit annoyed.
Does it hurt? You need medicine?
No, I'm good.
Let's drink some wine and take a walk.
Weather's nice.
It was nice to catch up. Reminded me of
college days.
-It did?
Didn't know it back then
but it was a good time.
No worries in life.
Why don't you
talk about yourself?
College days or your childhood
How was the foster home?
Kids get adopted from there, right?
Not me.
Not once.
I'm home.
I need a signature on my report card.
You do it yourself.
Honey, he's smiling!
He must recognize us.
Of course, he does.
We're his parents.
Where have you been?
You worried us sick.
What are you doing?
You devil of a child. Get out!
Get out,
you bastard!
Go out!
3 years ago
if I hadn't met you,
and never thought
of wanting to live again, then where
would I be/
Not here, huh?
Leave me.
Let me die!
You told me back then
that people don't
get to decide whether they live or die.
What did you mean?
Was that to provoke me?
Did I say that?
It stayed with me.
Left me thinking about you.
I see.
Is this
far enough for you/
-I knew it.
I'll go home now,
conservative, considerate Chef Kang.
Conserve your dear body
and sleep tight.
Good night.
-Bye, bye
-Good night.
God, she has no idea
how I feel.
You can do it.
Kang Sun-woo,
don't fall for your sexual urges.
What's wrong with him?
We're short on time.
Who knew he'd be
so conservative?
This isn't the middle ages.
But he's not wrong.
I get it.
You're on his side?
Come on!
That's why I like him.
He may not seem that way,
but he's very careful
and responsible.
Forget it.
You're too into this guy.
Isn't he cool?
Sure, but
he's resisting too much.
What I mean is
he likes you
we're almost there.
So, why can't we progress?
Is it good, stalker?
Guess he does feel bad.
Talking like that.
-Don't go.
-You need
to play hard to get.
Let's take some time.
Don't talk to him.
Let me just take a
-quick peek.
You like this.
Is it good?
Oh my God!
It's Min-Soo's birthday!
The sous-chef. Look!
Happy birthday, Min-soo.
-There's a message.
-Oh my God.
-Oh my God!
-No wonder
he asked us to dress up.
Damn it
What do we do?
Host a party?
He'll want more than that.
A birthday gift, probably.
Something expensive too.
-Just ignore it.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, pretend we don't know.
We have to.
We can't handle him.
Hello, Chef.
-Is sous-chef here?
Good morning!
It's so hot today.
Pregnant women must have a hard time
giving birth on a day like this, huh?
Do you have any seaweed? Let's make
some seaweed soup.
I'm strangely craving it today.
Enough hints given.
They must be preparing for something.
Is it going to be a surprise?
What's happening?
Come on, I already know what's happening.
Turn the light on, okay?
Turn it on.
-Oh, it's on.
Why is the electricity out?
We should fix it.
Probably the weather.
It breaks easily
in the summer.
This is a problem.
What about the ingredients?
-Oh right.
-The fridge.
That was a power outage?
Get working, you guys!
You here to hang out?
The day hasn't started.
It has!
Come here, all of you.
your hands!
What's wrong?
You cant'?
take care of your nails.
You a farmer or something?
All this dirt.
It's not dirt, it's pomegranate.
Shut up.
Will you shut up?
Cut your hair.
You in Old Boy or something?
You rat.
Are you a hedgehog?
Damn it.
And you.
You, huh?
You asshole.
You're a chef, not a model.
Why're you so tall?
Get an ugly hairdo
or make your face uglier or something.
Got it?
You're just annoying.
This is too much.
For real.
He's crazy.
-Crazy dog.
Just give him anything and
call it a present.
I ordered jeans today,
and it came with a belt.
Let's give that away.
Blow it out!
-Blow it out!
You guys
Bread, bread, bread, bread!
More bread!
Bread, bread!
On your face!
Birthday surprise!
It's just a birthday.
Come on, we owe you one.
I usually don't like attention,
but since you put in so much time,
I'll see the gift.
Looks cool!
Is that leather?
-So cool.
Looks pricey.
Is this fake?
Just joking!
-Come on.
It looks super expensive!
-Let's see it.
Is this buffalo or what?
This look expensive.
-I feel bad.
you don't have to!
You're always so
-kind to us.
Of course you deserve this.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for before.
Okay, then,
dinner's on me.
-What's this?
Someone's birthday? Min-soo's?
Yes, it is, Chef.
Your mother must have had a hard time.
Hey, then,
take this as my gift.
No, Chef, but
what's the limit?
Just do whatever.
Eat all you want.
Can we buy more groceries?
I hate going on too many runs.
It's fresher this way.
You're still young, you can handle it.
No, I mean,
what about my reputation?
If I carry onions like this,
what would the women think?
This is why Na Bong-sun's ignores me.
Shut up.
Your sister, even in this heat,
shopped for groceries and worked.
But she was a workaholic.
Come on, Dad.
You like apples.
Eat a lot.
How is she gonna eat
if she's dead?
Bad daughter.
Why did you die?
Why did you?
Hi, Officer Choi!
What's up?
Just went out for groceries.
I'll drive you home.
No, we can walk.
It's no trouble.
These look heavy.
Kyung-mo, there.
-Come on, Dad.
Let's go.
Thank you.
I feel bad.
Let me take this.
-Thank you.
-No worries.
-Get in.
Oh, why?
Unusual shoelaces.
I like it like this.
That way it says on.
An unusual way of tying shoelaces.
Oh, this?
It's by Bong-sun.
She tied it for me.
-She did?
She made sure to tie it tight.
A wise young lady.
Oh, yes, yes.
-A party tonight?
Wish you could come.
We need a beautiful woman like you.
Not like her
You're not my type either.
Have fun, you guys.
-Heading out?
-Yes, Chef.
Not coming?
Join us!
he's not gonna come.
He's a very conservative man.
Let's leave him out. Hm?
Go without me, so
you can talk about me.
-Come on
What talk
Bye, Chef.
Have fun.
-See you.
-See you!
Now, then,
let's celebrate our magnificent
sous-chef's birthday!
I'm gonna have so much chicken.
Hey, rip it up!
We have Kang Sun-woo's card!
When else would we get to use it?
I'm gonna use so much money.
Spend some no me too.
One more chicken?
-That's not enough.
1 for every man.
10 for every man.
10, let's do it!
10 chickens, yes!
Auntie, one more chicken!
And beer!
I mean,
standing at the foot of a river
One more beer!
Are you listening?
And there was fog
You should listen to him.
Not listening?
I am
There was this mystical mist
and a crane
was holding its leg up.
That was the dream my mom had
when she had me.
I'm the crane in that dream.
Crane, crane.
A crane!
There's a crane here!
Come on, crane,
try this.
Have this too.
That's why he has bird brain.
That's not what he meant.
he's like this when he drinks.
-Where'd Bong-sun go?
Not here.
Crane, Bong-sun's gone.
Can't you hear me?
Turn the light on.
Why're you here?
Hi, Joon.
You drunk?
What's with the helmet?
Oh, this?
I have a headache,
and this tightens my head.
Now I feel much better.
I like this.
That's so you.
Sit here.
Huh? Oh, there's a chair.
Joon, you're a man, so you know
how men feel, right?
I think so. Why?
Listen to me.
This is about my friend.
She has a boyfriend.
And she's open-minded,
so she made a move on the man.
But the boyfriend was like
I don't wanna do it! That bastard.
What I wanna know is
are men usually turned off
when the woman comes on them?
Are they?
Is she cute?
She's cute.
But not like super cute, I think.
My guess is
it was because she was ugly
he likes her so much that
he wants to protect her
until she's safe.
UmIf it's
the former,
he's a very normal guy. If it's
the latter,
he's a great guy.
I don't know
This is confusing.
Is it the former or latter?
I don't know for sure, but
I think it's the latter.
You're cute.
Come on
It's not about me.
It's about my friend.
My close friend.
Tell her to keep him safe.
She'll regret it later.
We haven't held hands lately.
-Guess you're all good now.
No, it's like
not really.
It's so confusing.
Are they busy?
No new updates.
This is the only good blog.
Anyway, these guys
should go home now!
They had a lot to drink.
All loose, huh?
Loser, loner
A coward pretending to be strong
Terrible jerk
You in the mirror
Handsome Dong-chul!
What are you two doing, man?
Stop, stop.
She's still out?
What is she doing with men?
88 Karaoke
Even going to karaoke, huh?
But seriously,
she wants to hang out with other men
without me?
That makes no sense.
Is she crazy?
It's almost two.
What is she doing?
Is it on purpose?
To get back at me?
If it is
she's very childish.
Mo, motel?
Na Bong-sun, you crazy?
She's really crazy.
Hey, Na Bong.
What are you doing?
Not available?
Pick up, you idiot!
-Hello? Who is this?
Where are you?
I think I'm
at the motel.
Everyone's drunk.
Is Na Bong-sun there?
Na Bong-sun?
She's in the shower.
What? The shower?
What room is that?
Damn it!
Ahdamn it.
Even left the door open.
Na Bong.
Get up.
-Who is this?
-Get up.
Oh, Chef.
Where have you been?
Shh! Shh.
So sexy.
Be quiet.
Damn it.
Where you going?
Be quiet.
Oh, come on.
Oh, that's filthy.
Take off your pants.
Kang Sun-woo.
Oh, shit!
Come on, Chef.
Not today.
Let's go home.
One shot!
Get yourself together!
My cute little chef.
Chef, shall we get another drink?
-One shot!
She's crazy.
Walk up straight.
-Yes, straight!
-Never mind.
The sky is spinning.
Drink more.
More, more!
-I'm so full.
I can't drink anymore.
This is to sober you up.
-Look at me.
You good?
I guess so.
Are you out of your mind?
You're at a motel with other men?
Oh, yeah.
I'm a whore, not like you,
conservative Chef.
I'm always at the motel.
Oh, come on, really?
What's wrong with motels?
It's a place to rest.
And if you were so worried,
you should've come.
You told me not to.
Called me conservative.
You men.
I didn't actually mean that.
You can't read between the lines?
And besides,
none of them think of me as a woman.
Why not?
You're too much of a woman.
You don't understand men.
Men change in an instant.
So you should be careful.
I wish they'd come on me.
You're despicable.
Stay with me from now.
Don't leave.
Stick right next to my side.
After you told me to go away.
Have some consistency.
I take it back. Stay by my side.
Like this?
All the time?
I love it.
You allowed me to do this.
Stick closer.
Yeah, Chef.
-I have a question for you.
You don't wanna do it with me
or you're holding back?
No comment.
Why no comment?
I'm really curious, huh?
I am, well
Not a man?
Why, hm?
Let's start here for now.
And slowly move
forward over a long time.
I like Chef
so much.
All thanks to you.
I feel strange.
Y'know what ghosts like you
should avoid?
I like it.
That's how you get greedy.
Get it together.
Sorry, Chef.
This is like super easy.
Just call someone. You can't do it.
Why're you curious about so many people?
Let's go.
I wanna go on a trip with you.
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