Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

-We're here.
Wait. Hold on.
Can't we just stay like this
for just a little bit?
We can sit over here.
You like this?
Yes, I do like it.
See? Just holding hands is nice enough.
I want to
take things slowly with you.
No matter how fancy the food is,
you get indigestion, if you eat too fast.
Indigestion of the heart
is scarier than indigestion of the body.
But the thing is
What if I don't have much time?
Why wouldn't you have time?
You're not going to die tomorrow.
You're saying that because
you have nothing else to say.
What, you want to scold me again, huh?
I do want to scold you.
This won't do. Let's go inside.
Wait, just five more minutes.
-Not even five minutes.
-One more minute, then.
Just one more minute.
Let's stay for one more minute.
I told you, I didn't drink at all.
I'm just getting your brother
some cream buns.
It's always been his favorite.
I don't know.
Maybe he'll get annoyed that I came.
I'll be there after I drop these off.
All right.
Now I'm nervous.
He's like my boss,
not my son.
Look at you smiling
just from holding hands.
Do you like me that much?
Yes, I like you.
Your hands are so warm.
No, mine isn't that warm.
Yours is just cold.
Yeah, why are your hands so cold?
Is it poor blood circulation?
You need some ginseng tea?
Oh my!
Why is it so dark here?
-Hand, hand!
Oh, you were out here.
What are you doing here at this hour?
I went to the bakery and
thought I'd get you cream buns you liked.
Why is Bong-suk here so late?
Oh, I'm Bong-sun, not Bong-suk.
Is that right? Whatever.
What were you doing at this late hour?
I sent you on an errand, huh?
You're good to go now.
-You can go home now.
Oh, yes. I'll get going then.
I asked her to do an errand,
and she'd been looking for it all along.
She's not that sharp.
What? What is it?
Are you desperate these days?
-Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense.
She's out of your league
and so short.
Don't try to
lie your way out of this.
I may miss when students
fake their attendance,
but I can always tell
when they are dating in no time.
It's like my superpower, okay?
Right? You two have
something going on, right?
What something?
What are you talking about
I haven't had these buns
in a long time.
Look at you changing the subject.
Why is a dog here?
-You're using protection, right?
Son, you have to use protection.
You're not?
Gosh, seriously
Oh my
Oh my goodness.
I didn't do anything wrong,
but why is my heart pounding?
Is it because of that lady or
Kids these days are really scary.
If dating your employee doesn't work out
and she holds grudge against you?
You'll be in a total mess.
It's not like that, Mom.
Okay, if you say so.
Not if I say so.
It really isn't like that.
Oh, okay.
Work is hard enough,
so a young man needs
a way to let off steam.
I'd be worried if you don't.
But your fortune isn't good this year.
-So make sure to use protection
-Come on, Mom.
You really want to talk about it
with me?
I don't see why we can't.
It's much better than an accident.
Just go, Mom.
You're giving me a headache.
Fine, I'll go even if you stop me.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
You always
I said, fine.
Both you and Eun-hee
keep nagging me.
When little, you were too quiet.
Goodnight, you punk.
I'm going. I am going now.
Mom has left.
I'll be there as fast as a bullet.
When did she get so cute?
-Gosh, you scared me.
How's your mom? She finds it odd?
Of course she finds it very odd.
You're always so odd.
Everyone can see it.
I talked to her,
so don't worry about it.
That's a relief.
Let's go in and rest.
I'm sure you're tired from partying
with those guys.
I slept well at the motel,
so I'm really okay.
I'm getting mad again.
Don't you even say
"mo" in front of me from now on.
Okay. Motel.
Get up. I'll take you home.
Where do you live?
-Over there.
Are you walking me home?
-We're here!
I'll take you home now.
No, guys are supposed to
take girls home.
Still, I want to.
-Come on. Wanna stay up all night?
Go back down.
Then let's do this.
On the count to three, OK?
-This is silly.
Okay, one, two, three.
Look at you
Okay, one, two, three!
Good night.
You too.
So cute, that one.
Good night, Bong-sun.
-I'm home.
-You're back early.
Did he give you the cold shoulder again?
Of course.
I wouldn't expect a warm welcome.
He likes you, Mom.
He's just not used to
showing his feelings.
I know that. He's my son after all.
Right, Eun-hee.
You know
that kitchen assistant girl
who works at Sun-woo's restaurant.
Bong-suk or something.
Whatever it is.
What's she like?
Does she date around much?
No, she's not like that at all.
She's prude, unlike girls these days.
Prude, my foot.
She'd have all the men.
You need to get better
at reading people.
Don't see just the good in people.
I'll go wash up.
Why is everyone curious about
Bong-sun these days?
I'm just a ghost.
I shouldn't really like him.
I must be crazy.
Oh, well
Just getting the feelings
of dating.
It won't hurt, right?
-What are you doing over there?
I was just bored.
Just looking around.
I see
Why? You can't sleep again?
No, I was just thirsty.
I don't see ghosts these days.
So I've been getting some sleep
these days.
-Oh yeah?
I owe it to you, sis.
That makes me feel weird.
Hearing you call me sis.
Right? I think so too.
I never thought I'd call a ghost "sis."
Are you talking to yourself
in the middle of the night?
Oh, it's nothing.
You can't sleep?
-'Cause it's too hot?
Huh? Yes.
This won't do.
Hang on.
Come over here.
-Come in.
Good thing I didn't throw this away.
Now there's a use for it.
Sleep with this on, it'll be better.
And make sure to leave the door open
when you sleep.
Or you might suffocate, okay?
Yes, Chef.
Okay, done.
-Shall we turn it on?
The air doesn't feel cool.
What's wrong?
What is it? What is wrong?
What is wrong?
I think you put
the fan blade on backwards.
I put
the blade on backward.
Did you know?
And you said nothing?
No, I just noticed it. Sorry.
I'm usually not one
to be bad with machines.
But I was out of sorts
since I just woke up.
-I see.
-It was backwards.
There. Let's turn it on.
That feels cool.
You're sweating, here
All done.
Come here, it's cool.
Why is it so hot already?
It's driving me crazy.
Still, it's better to be in the hall.
Working in the kitchen later
will be hell.
Gosh, I really hate summer.
Wrestle with the heat,
wrestle with the fire.
We're going to be almost dead today.
It's over 30 degrees Celsius.
Hey. Still,
there are pros to summer.
While working in the kitchen,
when we look toward the hall,
we see girls in short skirts
revealing beautiful legs.
Those ladies are worthy of admiration.
Of course! That's therapeutic to us.
Be careful. You might be sued
for sexual harassment.
They chose to wear short skirts.
We didn't.
Are you just chatting, not cleaning?
From the morning
-Hurry up.
-Yes, Chef.
Oh my.
Eat this.
Isn't this fresh ginseng?
You're lacking in stamina.
Today is hot, with so many reservations.
It'll be hell.
Before you get exhausted,
eat. Think of it as vitamins.
I'm not the only one
who'll be tired.
You should eat too.
I have a lot of heat.
You eat.
But actually, more than ginseng,
this is medicine to me.
You're so cheesy.
I really like this.
-How many bottles
You got a call.
Someone's asking for you.
Me? Who?
Who could it be?
We're not missing two, right?
I guess it is right.
Oh, that's bitter.
This is Cho Hye-young.
Don't ask me anything.
Just answer my question.
Tell me your birthday
and time of birth.
Who is this again?
I told you not to ask questions.
Answer me.
I was born in April 14, 1984
at 2 a.m.
But who are you?
What the
Oh boy.
I told her my birthday.
This person is dead.
What are you talking about?
She's alive and well.
I'm telling you she's not.
She died at a young age.
Who is she anyway?
That's weird.
It's that Bong-suk or something.
The girl who works at
my son's restaurant.
Gosh, this pen hasn't been
working all day.
Where's the other pen?
Why are you asking about her?
Well, actually
I bought some cream buns
my son likes and
went to visit him yesterday.
It was really late at night,
and he was with that girl!
What were they doing?
-What do you think?
-Were they
-They were on the bench.
-On the bench?
-Stuck together!
Oh, they were talking?
But the minute he saw me,
he started panicking saying gibberish.
So that's suspicious, isn't it?
My hunch has never failed me
when it comes to that stuff.
It's suspicious,
no matter how much I think.
Isn't she
the dead flowers in my dream?
Is she?
Look at one more for me.
How's this one?
I got this information.
Look into this.
How is she?
She's no longer with her first husband.
But she's loyal and hard-working.
With no dark clouds,
her life is rainbows.
Oh yeah?
Yes, after a misfortune,
she will meet a perfect match
and live a good life.
But who is she?
It's just someone
my son claims is just a friend.
You must be busy.
You're in the prime of your youth,
but you always work.
How do you date?
You should get married.
Will you live alone forever?
You're right.
My life is pathetic, right?
You're not dating anyone?
No, not yet.
All the guys at the station
must be blind.
Maybe you're a tiny bit stuck-up,
so the guys feel insecure around you?
To be honest,
men find women who are a bit
simple and dumb attractive.
I'm quite an expert at dating
like that.
I'll have to learn from you,
Ms. Cho.
Maybe you should.
By the way,
what kind of guy do you like?
For example
is Sun-woo not your type?
He's a little crabby,
but he's a good person.
I know that.
But he doesn't see me as a woman.
What about you?
Do you see him as a man?
Of course. He's attractive.
Women have a soft spot
on guys like that.
My point exactly.
So you're saying that
you do have some interest in Sun-woo.
It's just that Sun-woo is not
asking you out like a man, right?
Okay, so that's how it is.
-Oh, hello.
-Sorry we're late.
-Oh, how're you doing?
Get going, honey.
You're gonna be late.
Okay, but where's Sun-woo?
I should say hi to him.
You're here?
Oh, Officer Choi.
Oh, hey.
-You want something to drink?
I'm good. I gotta run.
Why don't you have a drink?
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
What an unusual way
of tying shoelaces.
Oh, this?
It's by Bong-sun from the restaurant.
She tied it for me.
When I give love without holding back.
Hey, Cordon.
Aren't you hungry?
You want this seafood stir-fry?
I made some with leftover ingredients,
It's not bad.
Bring your chopsticks here.
I got you. I got you, right?
You thought it was seafood stir-fry?
Oh, I'm dizzy.
That dumb punk.
Don't they teach you that in Cordon?
Want me to make some stew
with leftovers?
I'm asking this really seriously.
Isn't he a little retarded?
He's not even a grade school level.
Maybe kindergarten.
Look how innocent he is.
Gosh, he's so innocent.
Look how happy he is.
Who wants to go
to the market with me?
-Me, Chef.
We can have shaved ice.
Check the ingredients.
Sous Chef should be here.
Then I'll go.
How about seasoning beef?
Today's special is seasoned steak.
It's been long since
You have to
check on the reservations and
prepare the stock.
There's no choice.
Joon has to prepare the noodles.
I'll have to bring the useless Bong-sun.
Come on, Bong-sun.
Oh, that's right.
I'm the most useless person here.
So I should go.
You told me not to make it obvious.
What did I do?
We're just going to the market.
It's for business.
Sure, okay.
Can't you drive with one hand?
It's really cool when guys do that.
What's cool about that?
Oh, to do this?
You're on the ball
for this stuff.
Good thing you're obsessed
with my hand.
If you pestered me to do it
I can't handle it.
What are you doing?
Pull yourself together.
I just like it.
I like it too.
Just pull yourself together.
As for mango,
when you press the top gently
if it's soft, it's ripe.
And if it gives off
sweet fragrance, that's good.
Oh, soft and
sweet like you, Chef?
Stop flirting anywhere like that.
Your wife is so cute and charming.
And the husband is so good-looking.
Right? My husband is so good-looking, huh?
You bet.
I'm well-versed in physiognomy
working in the market for so long.
I can tell right away.
It's a daughter.
-You'll have a cute daughter.
-Oh my, it's a girl.
-You're good in bed too, right?
-My goodness!
We've never tried yet.
Look at this lady crossing the line.
Oh, Mr. Shin!
Came to get groceries?
-You too, Bong-sun?
This is the owner of the diner
I told you about.
This is our chef.
I see.
So good to meet a famous celebrity.
-Nice to meet you.
-Same here.
I heard a lot about you from Bong
I mean, Bong-sun.
I see.
Oh, give me this.
-No, no, I'm fine.
-Just give it to me.
-You're still on the mend.
You should've brought Kyung-mo.
No, he'd be more of a nuisance for me.
He'd complain that it's heavy.
Wait a minute. It's too heavy.
We'll give you a ride.
No, it's okay. I can take the bus.
No, this is too heavy.
It's okay.
We're in the same area anyway.
Come with us.
Okay, right?
Oh, wait
-Yeah, well, it's not her car.
It's mine.
I was going to offer you
a ride anyway.
It's on the way. I'll drive you.
Oh dear
I feel so bad.
It's OK. Let's go.
Oh, give it to me.
-I'll take it.
-No, I can.
-No, no.
-Oh, leave it.
I'll carry them.
-Give it to me.
-It's heavy.
Oh dear
You drove me all the way here.
But I don't have anything to offer you.
Hang on.
Oh my.
Here, have this.
Oh, thank you.
Go on, have it.
Oh, yes.
I know this place looks
dingy and shabby.
It doesn't even come close to yours.
No, not at all.
It's nice and cozy.
Many good restaurants in Seoul are
this kind of
old and small ones.
It used to be packed with customers.
But after my daughter left,
it ended up like this.
It's very slow.
Oh, your daughter
She left before us,
three years ago.
Mr. Shin!
-I put everything inside.
-Oh my!
-Oh, be careful.
Oh my
I meant to put this away.
-Is that a water hose?
it's hard to get water with a bucket
to clean the floor.
So I was going to connect a hose.
But it's not easy.
The faucet is
all the way inside.
You're right.
It'd be so easier to clean
with a hose connected.
You don't have to.
It's too much work.
I could have someone do it later.
It should be simple.
Are you sure it's simple?
Sure. I can do this
with my eyes closed.
We can just call someone.
You're putting in so much work.
Why waste money on something like that?
It'll be soon. Just wait.
I think it's the other way.
This driver isn't good.
Wow, it's working so well!
Why did I tell you?
I told you it's simple.
I put you through so much trouble.
Look at all the sweat.
I feel so bad.
I'm not sweating
because it was hard to do.
It's because it's so hot outside.
You see,
I don't have much to offer you.
But, have a meal.
-It won't take long.
-No, it's okay.
-I need to go now.
-No, I insist.
I'm just so grateful and sorry.
No, it's okay.
And Chef doesn't eat rice
If you don't mind,
I'll eat it.
-Okay, then. Wait a bit.
Thank you.
Chef, you don't eat rice.
I just don't.
It's not like I can't.
What is it? Is it not to your taste?
No, that's not it at all.
I was really savoring it slowly.
It's so delicious.
Okay, help yourself.
There's lots of rice.
-You too, Bong-sun.
Oh, Na Bong-sun.
Hey, did you play games again?
Say hi.
This is my son.
-We've met before.
What are you doing here?
A star chef like yourself.
Hey, don't get me started.
He gave me a ride from the market
and connected the water hose too.
This famous guy is
really good at everything.
I would've done it anyways.
-You punk.
By the way
why are you two together?
You wouldn't seem to hang out
with a kitchen assistant.
Well, I'm not the type
who's picky about a person
to go grocery shopping with.
So you're all about equality?
How very cool of you.
You little punk.
You can sit here.
Why are you so late?
-Car broke
-There was an accident.
-Right in front.
-There was.
There was an accident.
And then, there was a traffic.
-The traffic
and my car broke down.
So I got it fixed.
-That's why. I'll go.
I'll go too.
OK, four Shreks, two squid inks,
and then two escargots.
-Got it?
Why are you so late?
We've been swamped
as soon as we opened.
-Read the orders.
-Yes, Chef.
Noodles passing by.
Chef, are you okay?
I just have an upset stomach.
Did you have indigestion?
You look so pale.
No, I can manage.
Bring more Shrek pesto.
Min-soo, do we have many orders left?
After Shrek and escargot for table eight,
almost done.
-You still feel sick?
-A little.
-Can you finish up?
-Yes, Chef.
Why don't you try eating something?
-No, my mother told me
when food sits heavy on your stomach,
you should
keep eating to push it down.
You're so ignorant.
Push what down?
Try a hand stand. Would you?
For indigestion, it really works.
You ignorant punk. Go do that.
This will let it go down.
-Ouch, you punk!
Darn it.
That hurts.
I'll take care of it.
Finish up here.
Now it hurts front and back.
Get some rest, Chef.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm okay.
No, I'm not okay.
Why would you
have two bowls of rice?
Give me your hand.
You need to press here.
Here. Like this.
Hey, can't you do it properly?
I'm sorry, Chef.
-You should be.
-I'm sorry.
Hold on.
Gosh, you scared me.
I didn't even prick your finger.
Are you sure you can do this?
You won't prick anywhere?
Gosh, why can't you believe me?
Of course!
Since high school,
when my friends had indigestion,
they'd line up during recess
-to be pricked by me.
Now I have to squeeze blood
all over again.
I've never seen you do this properly.
Oh, let me see.
Oh, blood
You did have indigestion.
Your blood is so dark
Press here.
How about now? Do you feel better?
I think so.
Why would you eat so much rice
when you don't even like it?
Two bowls at that.
He gave me another bowl,
so I had no choice.
Because you acted like
it was good.
Were you being polite
or just dumb?
I was being polite.
When someone older offers,
how could I say no?
And his story
was sad.
He let go his daughter first,
and sadness filled his eyes.
And he looked happy
that I was enjoying his food.
How can I say no?
What's with that look?
That intense gaze.
You fell for me again, right?
No way.
Wait here.
I'll go buy some medicine.
What? Now?
No. I'm coming.
You're a patient.
Stay here. I'll go.
I'll be fine.
Totally fine.
It's not dangerous at all.
I'm coming with you.
What if a ghost appears.
A ghost
A ghost.
Wait for me.
How do you feel?
You feel better now?
Yes, not sure if it's the medicine
or the pricking,
but I feel a lot better.
What a relief.
If that's the case
-What, this?
You just couldn't wait.
Oh, Chef.
Let's go play in the playground.
So you can fully digest.
What playground
Are you kids?
Come on.
-It'll help you digest.
-Catch me.
-No, I won't.
Play tag? That's childish.
Come over here.
-Oh, come on.
-You can't reach me.
Hey, come here.
Catch me if you can.
You're dead.
-Oh my!
Stop right there.
Oh no, you're too fast!
Be careful!
Hey, hey, are you okay?
That hurts.
You okay?
-Oh, I'm okay.
-I told you.
Try standing up.
Come over here.
Sit here.
I told you we shouldn't.
-Like a child
-Oh, I'm okay.
You scared me.
Because I like it.
I like you so much, Chef.
A lot.
You know what, Chef?
I've been doing
a lot of things that
I hadn't been able to do before.
Like what?
Like walking hand-in-hand with
someone I like.
Riding bikes together.
Hanging out
in the playground like this.
The things I never got to do.
I couldn't even dream of it before.
I was too busy
and the situations didn't help.
What else have you not done?
There are so many.
I've never been to a theme park.
I've never been to Namsan either.
And, oh, I've never been on a cruise.
And as for trips
I think our retreat was
my first trip
as a grown-up.
Hey, what
What did you do your whole life?
I was busy making ends meet.
Thank you, Chef.
For letting me experience
the things I never got to do.
Let's go on a trip.
Let's go on a trip.
An overnight trip.
-You wanted to go.
We can go after closing up the restaurant
and come back the next morning.
Wow, I'd like that.
An overnight trip.
But what made you change your mind
all of a sudden?
You were against
an overnight sleep,
being afraid I'd pounce on you.
-It's okay now.
I want to go with you.
An overnight trip.
I won't hold it in.
You better be ready.
Don't get too excited.
Then you can't even sleep.
That's tacky.
Should I make a reservation in advance?
should we just act natural and walk in?
If I make a reservation,
is it obvious?
Oh, calm down.
This place looks nice.
Really nice.
This one looks good.
The bed looks nice. The bed.
The bed looks nice.
Oh my!
It's me, sis.
I startled you?
What's wrong with you
I know you're a ghost,
but you had to sit there
in the middle of the night,
scaring the hell out of me.
I came here because
I wanted to talk with you.
But you were asleep.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Chef wants to go on
an overnight trip with me.
An overnight trip?
Then it's a perfect chance.
If a man and a woman
go on an overnight trip,
it's obvious what will happen.
That's why
"That's why"?
What are you talking about?
Explain so I can understand you.
I don't know why I'm feeling this way.
By tomorrow, I may finally resolve
this grudge I've had for a long time.
But I'm not happy.
I think
I like Chef a lot.
The way he talks to me,
the way he looks at me,
and how it feels
when he holds my hand
I've never felt this way
when I was alive.
It's so warm,
and it feels like my heart is all tender.
-Don't tell me you're
-I know that.
I'm not Na Bong-sun.
I've just borrowed her body, but
I'm just so upset.
Why didn't I get to experience
all these emotions when I was alive?
Why, after I died
And with the yang energy guy.
Pull yourself together.
You know the most dangerous thing
for ghosts like you?
You'd lie to yourself
that you're human,
feeling pain, sadness, and happiness.
And then you'd want more.
Even if you become an evil spirit,
you'd want to remain among people.
But evil spirits are different.
They're on a different level
than ghosts like you
who possess human bodies.
They never go away.
They latch onto shady people
and urge them to do evil things.
So pull yourself together.
Let go of your grudge
and go to a better place.
If it's too late,
you'll be the one who gets hurt.
Oh my
-We got 16 reservations tomorrow.
-Yes, Chef.
-Check on it.
Hey, Na Bong.
we'll finish up early,
just so you know.
Why no answer?
So happy that you're speechless?
I know, right?
I'm so happy
that I'm speechless.
I'll go down the street for a bit.
The diner.
I'll be right back.
What? But
Does she have a sweet spot for that place?
She has such a big heart.
How about some drinks after work?
I did use your credit card.
If you pay for round one,
I'll cover round two.
I can't, I have plans.
You'd just meet other chefs, right?
Okay, I'll pay for round one too.
I don't want to go.
You guys can go.
Okay, okay.
I'll buy you beef tripe.
I said I don't want to go!
Are you a deaf or what?
I said, I don't want to go!
Over my dead body.
Go without me.
Stop gibberish. Go clean that up.
He goes insane even when
I offer to buy drinks.
You really buying beef tripe?
He says he doesn't want to go!
Over his dead body!
he doesn't want to go!
I won't eat!
Is beef tripe for round two or three?
He says he doesn't want to go!
You're here.
Yes, I am.
Is it easier to clean now?
Yes, it is.
If you do this,
it's so much easier
when orders come in.
You're right.
I didn't know and
just kept running around.
Thank you.
And you know these dishes?
Most customers ask for these.
You might want to put these
on all of the tables.
Well, you are acting strange today.
Like you won't see me
for a long time.
Are you going somewhere, Bong-sun?
What? No, that's not it.
I might get busy and
can't come for a while.
Take good care of yourself.
Stop drinking.
And exercise regularly.
You're acting so strange today.
Okay, I will.
I will do everything you tell me. Okay?
I may never see you again.
Now stop thinking about me.
And live happily with Kyung-mo, Dad.
-Enjoy your meal.
Got some unexpected money?
You said you don't make much money
these days.
What's the occasion?
Buying me beef.
Don't ask. Just eat.
It's because I'm sorry to you.
About what?
I said, don't ask me.
If you know, we'll both be unhappy.
All right, I'll eat
You're not going to close your business
and move away somewhere, are you?
You can't!
You're the only female friend I got.
I'll cry if you leave me.
You like me?
Of course I do.
I told you before.
I'm sick and tired of men.
All right!
I like you too, jeez
Oh, well.
It's not like it'll erode
after just one time.
Though it's disturbing to do it
with a ghost.
It's once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Think of it as an offering.
An offering?
What do you mean?
Just something.
Let's eat.
All the orders have gone out?
Let's close orders.
It's only past 8 p.m.
It's been a hot day.
Standing in front of the heat
really wears you out.
You need a day like this
so that you get energy and motivation.
Wrap it up.
-Yes, Chef.
-Yes, Chef.
I'll be upstairs getting ready.
Finish up and come.
-Call me when ready.
Are we really going on a trip today?
Of course we are.
So excited that
you're going crazy?
Yes, I'm so excited.
I can't believe it's really happening.
Yes, I have to go.
What else can I do?
Live here forever?
As an evil spirit?
No need to think twice,
Shin Soon-ae.
Let's go.
No matter what.
Go and resolve your 3-year-old grudge.
What a historic day it is.
I'm so excited.
What do I do?
No, no.
Come on. Pull it together.
Shin Soon-ae.
There's no other choice.
This is why I was here.
I have to go.
Let's go.
Right, I have to go.
Why did you drink so much
so early in the evening?
Gosh, of all days
Okay. Just stay there.
It's my mom. She's wasted.
She's driving me nuts.
You have to go, Chef?
Yeah, maybe I should go
pick her up.
Oh Okay.
Let's do this.
I'll take her home real quick.
Meet me at Yongsan Station
at 9:00 p.m.
There's an ITX till 10:00 p.m.
We have plenty of time, okay?
Let's start like this.
And go slowly,
For a very long time, Bong-sun.
-Sun-woo. Over here.
I thought you were drunk.
Who said I was drunk?
I said I was drinking.
It's only my third glass.
You were slurring your speech
-and sounded wasted.
Oh, So-hyung! Over here.
-Hi, Ms. Cho.
-Hey, you made it.
I didn't know Sun-woo was here.
Did you call her, Mom?
It's been long since I saw her.
Have a seat.
Oh, okay.
I just remembered I have to meet
professors about a seminar.
I gotta go.
You two should drink together.
Oh, and this.
This is a coupon for a couple spa
at Hill Hotel.
You two go together.
Together, okay?
I'll get going. Excuse me,
-two new glasses, please.
-I gotta go. Bye.
-Ms. Cho.
-Have fun.
I'll pick up the tab.
Sorry about that.
She's so cute.
That was such an obvious scheme.
I wanted to talk to you anyway.
Let's get out.
Okay, well
I wanted to come back
to the campus with you.
In fact,
before I met Chang-gyu,
I saw you first.
I kept noticing you,
but you didn't seem to
notice me at all.
These days, I think
Things were too familiar and comfortable,
so I didn't know about my feelings.
-Listen, So-hyung.
-Let me go first.
I feel like if you go first,
I won't have a chance to say.
No, let me speak first.
have someone I like.
You beat me to it.
You jerk.
I think I know who.
I just got rejected by you, right?
Seems like so.
Gosh, this is embarrassing.
So embarrassing.
How am I supposed to
ever see you now?
I'm sorry, Chef.
today is not the day.
I can't
leave like this.
I know I want too much.
But a little longer, okay?
Just a little longer, Chef.
Are you back, Chef?
Isn't he waiting at Yongsan Station?
Are you in there?
Na Bong!
Did you wait for long?
-Look, I'm sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
I'm really terribly sorry.
-You waited long, right?
You forgot your phone, right?
I called you,
but you didn't pick up.
I couldn't tell you.
I was so frustrated.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Are you mad? Really mad?
Well, it's not that I'm mad
What exactly happened?
Why didn't you come?
That's a long story.
Did you eat?
A VVIP meal for you.
-Special dish.
Snowing steak.
It looks like snow.
-So pretty.
-Right? Next.
-Never seen this, right?
It's my own recipe. I'll let you know.
Yes, Chef.
Now, shake it.
This is called Romantic Cocktail.
-For a couple.
Like green grapes melt
cotton candy instantly,
I'll melt your heart instantly.
That's what it means.
Quite sexy for a cocktail.
Just know that this is quite an honor.
It's not common for me
to cook for one person.
Yes. I'm honored.
It's really good.
It melts in my mouth.
Of course. I cooked it.
If you want to eat anything,
just tell me. I'll make it.
But what I want to eat
isn't your specialty.
What is it?
Blood sausage stir-fry.
That's my favorite.
What you want to eat is so you.
You've never made it, right?
-You can't, right?
-You think?
There's nothing I can't cook.
I'll do it, if you want.
If I promise you that,
am I forgiven for what I did today?
I suppose so.
I'm really sorry.
I know you looked forward to it.
I'll make you feel like
you're on a trip.
-For real.
All right.
Here's your Americano.
Should be better than
most baristas.
Oh, it's so good.
Chef, do you have
some barista certification?
No, I just followed the instructions.
How is it?
It's like a real trip, right?
A trip is no big deal.
Just build a tent and set the mood,
then you're on a trip.
Right, it does feel like
we're on a trip.
Oh, this is nice.
I saw So-hyung earlier.
My mom called her out.
And I told her that
I have someone I like now.
I held onto the feelings
for such a long time.
Now that I ended it,
I feel so much better.
What I'm trying to say is
you have to be responsible for me.
I'll kill you if you abandon me.
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