Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Don't ever abandon me.
Oh, I-I'm sorry.
What do I do?
It's so hot.
What do I do?
I'm going crazy.
Why today?
What is it?
Didn't you come out on purpose?
To talk to me?
No, suddenly it got heated up
Oh, actually
I did come out on purpose
to talk to you.
I see
It's pretty cool out here
during the night.
Shall we go on swings?
So nothing else happened?
No, not yet.
I'm okay with it,
since Chef and I
have become closer already.
But what about you?
You said you don't have
much time left.
Are you worried about me?
Oh? I know, right?
I should mind my own business, right?
In the past,
I hated and felt scared of seeing ghosts.
I guess I've changed a lot.
To be honest
Talking to someone heart-to-heart
like this
was rare for me.
I was scared of people finding out
what I was going through.
So I would hide by myself
and feel small all my life.
Like a fool.
You are not alone anymore.
Even when I'm gone,
Chef will be by your side.
I'm not sure.
Even if things turn out
as we hoped,
I wonder if Chef will stay with me.
Right now, I feel happy,
but I'm anxious as well.
I'm sorry, Bong-sun.
Still, now is much better than before.
I seem to get along with people better.
And I don't see other ghosts.
Just a little longer
Just for a few more days,
I'll stay by Chef.
Sorry I'm lying to you.
This is nice.
Riding a swing in a while.
I'm so mortified.
That was so embarrassing.
She was the one
who couldn't wait to get laid
Was I too hasty?
Did I scare her?
Hey, Bong-sun!
I mean
No pressure, just talk to me.
-I was just curious.
-I was about to throw up.
What Throw up?
I made you throw up?
Oh, no, no.
That's not what I meant.
I must've eaten too fast earlier.
Something didn't sit well.
My stomach felt a bit upset.
Was that it?
Of course.
What else could it be?
I wouldn't have refused.
Gosh, I was really taken aback.
I had millions of thoughts
racing through my mind.
Maybe I did something wrong,
maybe I stink or something,
or maybe your illness came back.
No, not at all.
It was none of that.
It was just
my stomach that felt funny.
Then it's all good.
Let's go back up.
-Go back up?
We should sleep.
It's quite late.
Goodness, that scared me.
Let's go on a proper trip next time.
Today was just a preview of it.
All right, Chef.
Are you sure you're okay?
You don't seem so bad though.
No, no.
I do feel a little sick.
But I feel much better
after getting some fresh air.
I feel bad somehow.
Since you got sick
after eating my food.
No, that's not it.
It's not because of your food.
It's just because I wolfed it down.
Your food was amazing.
I mean it.
-Well, that's a given.
Let's clean this up
and get some rest.
Okay, Chef.
That was so awkward.
Just at that moment
Today is not the only day.
I'm gonna
give her a surprise.
Bong-sun, you're in big trouble.
Two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight,
-Nine, ten.
-I know, Chef.
-Twelve, thirteen, fourteen.
-I want too much.
-Fifteen, sixteen,
Seventeen, eighteen
I'll stay with you just a bit longer.
Just a little longer.
No more. Enough.
Oh my!
You're here, Sung-jae!
Are you still awake?
How can I sleep
when you aren't home yet?
That'd be mean.
You must have a lot of work
these days.
Yes, we're still short-staffed
so there's a lot of work.
Yes, I figured.
Your eyes have sunken
and you look so tired.
Want a glass of wine?
It's great for
a good night's sleep.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll be your drinking buddy next time.
Go wash up.
You have work early tomorrow too.
-Good night.
Good night to you too.
When he smiles like that,
he looks like a kid.
So innocent.
But it's not so good
that' he's too mellow.
It's a problem. He's too nice.
Why is that a problem?
I married him because I liked that.
Good thing
we have different taste in men.
I find bad guys attractive.
Of course you do.
Who exactly are you, Na Bong-sun?
Come on. Hurry up.
Sous Chef is starving. Hurry up.
-Just be patient.
Though it's just for us,
it's a monumental moment
for Bong holding a pan
for the first time.
If you keep whining,
it'll become dog food.
How can this become dog food?
It's looking great.
Bong Bong, it looks tasty.
All done.
-Get me a bowl, please.
-Bowl, bowl.
I can't wait.
-Wait, wait
-Let's see here.
-It's all ready.
Let me plate it for you.
Sous Chef. Hold on.
Oh, Bong Boro Bong!
You nailed it!
-Hey, it's so good.
-How good could it be
-when an assistant made it.
-Hot, hot, hot.
-It's hot. Be careful.
You've been a kitchen assistant
for quite some time.
You should be able to do this.
It's not bad.
It's really good.
Seasoned perfectly.
You nailed it, Bong-sun.
-Oh, Chef.
Bong Bong made this
with some leftover meat
and shishito peppers.
It's bulgogi pasta.
Try some.
-It's really good.
-Oh yeah?
It's good.
The noodles are cooked al dente.
I'll be out today
for a magazine interview.
Min-soo, you're in charge of dinner.
I'm sorry.
I try not to be away
for things like this.
But I know the editor personally.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
During the interview,
if you mention me just a little bit,
I'd really appreciate it, Chef.
No, I really don't want to.
-Na Bong-sun.
You come with me.
They want the assistant
from Chef Versus Chef
Thanks, guys.
-Yes, Chef.
I'll be back.
-Bye, Bong.
-Oh, come on.
-Oh, seriously?
-Give it.
-You said "not bad".
Chef, what should I do there?
-I lied.
It'd be boring
if I go by myself.
You can be my makeup assistant.
Gosh, I got totally fooled.
I freaked out inside,
thinking they'd interview me.
Why would they interview you?
You have a long way to go.
Still, the pasta you made
was quite decent.
You've improved.
I give you that.
I was so surprised
because it tasted so good.
From tomorrow,
try making appetizers
I'll give you a chance.
Oh, appetizer? Deal!
Appetizers are easy-peasy for me.
Here we go again. Too hyped up again.
Nothing is easy in cooking.
Even when cutting a piece of bread,
it tastes different depending on
how you cut it.
Of course.
Be modest day in, day out.
Hey, don't you have
anything else to wear?
Try something else.
This is your uniform.
Why are we here?
To buy me clothes?
Not to window shop, of course.
It's embarrassing to take you anywhere.
Oh, I'm so happy.
-Not good?
Don't I look elegant? No?
How is this?
I like it.
Are you happy?
Yes, so very happy!
-Enjoy wearing them.
Hurry up.
-Oh my.
What should I try on first?
Oh my goodness.
-So many pretty clothes.
-This one.
Give me all of these, please.
What size would you like?
Size Size?
Where are you?
-Yes, for her.
What's your size?
It looked pretty good on the mannequin.
It's not long or short on you.
Not sure about this.
Why would you buy it
without even trying it on?
Forget it. We have no time.
Why bother?
I hate shopping. It's better than
your Sun Restaurant t-shirt.
-Let's go, Bong.
Yes, okay.
Yes, that's good.
Oh, Chef looks so handsome.
Can you touch up
-your makeup?
You look handsome.
-You look pretty.
Maybe a different pose?
Okay, this is the last question.
You're a popular chef
with many female fans.
What's your ideal type?
Oh, my ideal type?
Let's see
First, I'd like someone
I can cook with.
someone who is respectful of elders.
someone who is cute and petite.
And someone with puppy-like features.
And it'd be nice
if she's a bit provocative.
As people say these days
shy in daytime, but active in night.
That kind of style.
Someone with doe-like eyes.
I see.
For example,
like the assistant you came with today?
I don't know. She
Her eyes are more beady
like a ferret, aren't they?
And she's more of a sexy type.
I sense something strange here.
What? You got rejected?
Yes, pretty much.
He says I'm not more than a friend.
Oh my, he must be crazy.
How could he say that?
If I were him, it'd be harder
to see you as just a friend.
Maybe he has some issue, doesn't he?
He really has bad taste in women.
So, no room for change?
I'm grateful
that you think so highly of me.
But I don't want things
to get awkward with him.
I just want to remain as a good friend.
How's going to find
a cool woman like you?
Didn't Sun-woo mention
anything else to you?
Like another woman
Never mind. Just nonsense.
Chef, you really kept me on my toes.
What if the reporter
picks up on the hint?
Why mention doe-like eyes?
Obviously I have doe-like eyes.
I don't care.
If she picks up on it,
so be it.
Well, I'm not surprised.
-Go on.
Thanks for being my makeup assistant.
Sure, good work, Chef.
Thanks for the outfit.
-Go on in.
Let go of my hand
so I can go.
Oh This hand.
I was holding it.
I was supposed to let it go.
So you can go in. Right.
Well I'll let it go. Go on in.
Good night, Chef.
-You too.
-Sleep tight.
The dress looks pretty.
Oh, that's cold!
What is it? What's wrong?
What? Why?
Is this
Is it the rain?
I think the ceiling is leaking.
What the heck.
Oh, my. It's totally flooded.
The bedding is all wet.
What should I do?
What do I do?
I'll call someone to fix it.
I should've had it fixed earlier.
It's all wet.
There's no choice.
You need to sleep
in my room tonight.
What? In your room?
Otherwise, will you
swim and sleep here?
You have any other clothes to wear?
a little too big for you,
but it's not so bad.
Think of it as your pajamas.
By the way, Chef.
Maybe I should sleep
in the hall.
I think I'll snore today.
Forget it. If you sleep
on that hard bench,
how can I sleep?
-Sleep here.
I'll sleep on the floor.
I can sleep on the floor.
If you're expecting anything tonight,
forget it. I'm tired today.
Who says I expected anything, Chef?
Well, this is getting awkward.
Sharing a room out of the blue?
I can't ascend yet.
I want to stay with him longer.
-Shall we go to bed?
-We have work tomorrow.
Why don't we turn this off?
Turn that thing off Yes.
I better wash up.
I'll pretend to sleep.
Aren't you gonna wash up?
No, Chef, I don't usually wash up.
Good night.
Okay, good night.
Are you Are you okay, Chef?
Hold on. Oh dear.
Are you okay? Oh my.
Do I look okay to you?
Chef, it was dark and
something touched me,
so I was so startled.
Are you okay? Sorry.
Oh no
What's with you?
You were all over me ridiculously,
and now
I don't get it.
I know, it's hard to get it, right?
Yes, I do understand how you feel,
I really do.
But I've changed my mind.
Remember what you told me?
Take things slowly.
I thought about it,
and you were totally right.
Relationships are not all about
taking things to the next level.
It's about the gradual development.
-You know
-Oh, that
Yeah, that's what I told you before.
That's what I told you.
-Yeah, I know.
-You get that now?
It's just that
things turned out this way.
I was just trying to meet the expectation
you might have.
I'm not in a rush at all.
I'm so sorry.
I was just startled.
Gosh, that's what it was about?
You've grown up, Bong-sun.
Oh my, that's what it was.
All right, go to bed.
I wondered what it was.
Thank you, Chef.
Go to bed.
-Okay, goodnight, Chef.
-You too.
I mean, she was
so persistent in trying to
hook up with me.
Now she wants to take it slow.
Is she toying with me or what?
What, is she playing hard-to-get?
This is so annoying. Seriously
Oh, hi.
Hey, handsome young man.
What was your name again?
-No, it's Joon. Seo Joon.
Right. Joon.
You got the hot look
people are into these days.
You look like Cocker Spaniel.
I'm not saying you look like a dog.
It's just a shame.
If only I were a few years younger.
Mom, what brings you here
at this hour?
I was in the neighborhood.
Is that Bong-suk girl here?
Mom, I told you her name is
Bong-sun, not Bong-suk.
Whatever the case.
It's been a while.
If you have time,
can we talk for a moment?
Sorry? Me?
How can I help you?
Oh, what is this, ma'am?
You're calling me ma'am?
That's a bit uncomfortable to hear.
-Just accept it.
-Excuse me?
I put in a lot of effort.
It won't let you down.
Oh, Chef's mother, I'm afraid
you're mistaken about something.
I'm not that kind of person.
I can't take this.
-Just open it.
Well, if you insist
You shouldn't have. Oh my.
What is this?
What's this
He's a teaching assistant.
He's 32.
He's good-looking, smart, and nice.
Both his parents have passed away.
If there's a tiny flaw,
he has four sisters.
But what's the big deal?
They're not parents.
What do you say?
You want to meet him?
He's really smart and a great catch.
-I can guarantee that.
Four sisters-in-law are better than
one mother-in-law like me.
I'm still young and in great shape.
I won't be dying easily.
And I'm immature as well.
Can you handle an immature
mother-in-law who'll live long?
-Mom, what are you doing?
I mean
It's well
Oh my.
Just get inside.
-Oh, my
-Go inside.
Come here, Mom.
Call me if you're interested.
I'll set you up right away.
Hurry up.
Hey, it hurts!
It's so uncalled for.
Don't come if you'll do this.
Listen to you talk.
Why do you think I'm doing this?
Bong-suk's horoscope is
that of a dead person.
She dies young, okay?
It's Bong-sun, not Bong-suk.
Suk or Sun, I don't care!
I'll take care of it.
Goodbye, Professor.
-Oh, my
-Gosh, seriously.
Oh my!
Oh my That
That rude punk
Should I find a younger guy for her?
Where do I find someone
better than my son?
Let's get your eyes checked.
Gosh, stop it, seriously.
Dong-chul, I'll do that.
Bake the potatoes
for dinner side dish.
Yes, Chef.
I should eat Ji-woong.
Yum. How yummy.
Ji-woong is yummy.
Chef, garlic!
-It's burning!
-Damn it.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
Gosh, you forgot to turn the heat off.
Oh my, you got burned?
Yes, you did. Let me take a look.
Gosh, you do have a burn.
From that bump with Chef, right?
Oh dear, what should we do?
I'm fine.
It'll be okay once I cool it down.
That should sting.
You should've said something.
You should see the doctor.
It doesn't matter.
It's no big deal.
It's okay.
Give it to me.
That looks like it hurts.
-Dong-chul, remove the foam.
-Yes, Chef.
-Add more salt in it.
-Yes, Chef.
Of course it hurts.
Are you patient or just dumb?
None of those.
I'm smart.
Yeah, right.
Make sure you see the doctor tomorrow.
Don't suffer during summer.
I'll take care of it.
Don't you tell Chef.
He'll feel bad.
You're such a big fan of Chef.
What do you like about him so much?
He's got grit.
Unlike the snobby chefs
who studied abroad.
You didn't know, huh?
went backpacking around the world,
to get real-life experience
even eating food
from out of garbage.
He paid for CIA tuition
yet he didn't attend.
Isn't that cool?
Is it?
Is that cool?
Of course.
By the way,
is your friend doing well
with her boyfriend?
Friend? What friend?
The one you told me about
at the chicken place.
Yeah, pretty well.
But she says it's tricky
since the guy is more turned on.
Yeah? Interesting.
Let me put some more on this side.
You'll get a scar if you don't.
That's enough.
Just this spot.
You used half of it.
My my.
Just a little bit here.
-Does it sting?
Do it gently.
I didn't know, but you're
such a cry baby.
Such a cry baby.
I'm being really gentle.
Hey, enough. Stop now.
Wait, just here.
What are you two doing?
Na Bong and I had
something to talk about.
About what?
About a personal concern.
-Personal concern?
-Yes. I'll head out first.
Hold on.
Since when were you two close?
Sharing personal stuff.
Was it from last week?
Or from two weeks ago?
I'll get to work.
Hey, I'm not done talking.
I really can't believe this.
She pushed me away
using ridiculous excuses.
What's with her?
Who shares personal concerns
screaming like that?
"Ahh," like that?
Guys, get a popsicle in the freezer.
It's been so hot all day.
We need one of these.
I can't stand this heat.
Popsicle! Move, seriously.
-Looks good.
-There's only one.
-What are you saying?
Hey, I bought
the right amount for everyone.
All gone.
Sous Chef,
is that your second one?
I don't remember.
Come on, it's your second.
You were eating watermelon,
now it's cookie and cream.
A Sous Chef should be
allowed to have two.
I didn't have three or four.
You licked the whole thing.
I'll pass. You eat it.
No, I'm really okay.
It's okay.
I don't like cold things.
-Oh, look at these two.
Thank you.
What's going on?
There's something romantic going on.
-What is it?
-Seo Joon.
You punk, you decided to become romantic?
Were you always like that,
or is it only for Bong-sun?
Now that you mention it,
you two look quite nice together.
-Do we really?
Are you here to play?
Are you here to play?
Get the grease off
the counter.
Did you do an inventory of noodles?
Should I to cuss you out
to get you to work?
Get moving.
-Yes, Chef.
They didn't even offer me one.
Because he didn't get a popsicle?
I think so.
Table three,
one escargot, two specials.
Table seven,
two salmon salads and two Shreks.
Table nine, one steak,
two seafood noodle soups.
Got it.
Dong-chul, help Min-soo
after finishing salad.
I'll be on escargot.
Ji-woong, noodles after serving.
Yes, Chef.
Hey, Joon!
Is this all the oil we got here?
Yes, I'll go get some more.
No, I'll get it.
Do what you were doing.
What is it?
Come on. Why don't you
look at me while talking to me?
-Are you mad at me about something?
I think you are.
What is it?
Is it because of yesterday?
Yes, I'm mad. So?
I am mad.
What's with you?
Speaking of which,
what is this?
Playing hard-to-get?
So I'm the fish
you already caught?
You said you wanted to
take things slow.
You seemed to have
a great time with Joon.
-What, are you two-timing?
Yeah, Joon is all right.
He's handsome and talented.
Wait, Chef.
You're being jealous, aren't you?
As if.
I'm Kang Sun-woo.
You're Na Bong-sun,
and I'm Kang Sun-woo.
You repay my kindness
with betrayal?
Oh, Chef, I think you have
a misunderstanding,
What misunderstanding? Tell me.
Oh, but
I can't say because I made a promise.
A promise?
Wow, you're unbelievable.
Forget it. I'm so annoyed.
I don't want to argue.
It's a waste of time.
I'm out.
You're worked up over nothing.
-Get to work, Assistant Na.
Wait, Chef. Oh my.
What the heck? Really?
This is new.
Why would he be jealous?
I can't say anything because
I promised Joon.
I'm in a tight spot.
She just walked away.
Just walked away.
Sous Chef.
Have some water.
Huh? Okay.
You scared me.
Who cleaned
these clams?
-I did.
-Did you wash with your feet?
-Don't you see the sand?
You can't see the sand
in between the shells here?
No, I really can't.
Isn't this good enough?
Good enough?
You get to make that call? Huh?
What if a customer loses a tooth
while eating this,
you'll pay for their implant?
Do you think I'm nitpicking
for no reason? No.
This is why you're just an assistant.
In summer, the top priority is
hygiene of ingredients.
Have you learned nothing so far?
Hey, we can't use these clams.
Switch our special to shrimp pasta.
Tell Na Bong to
buy 5 kg of shrimp.
Chef says you should buy
5 kg of shrimp at the market.
Yes, I'm going.
I heard that.
She says she heard it.
They're super clean.
Gosh, if he's mad, just be mad.
Why would he be mean?
Anyway, regardless of
their social status and personality,
men are just childish.
He's kind of cute, though.
Mr. Shin!
The person you're
Oh, hi.
Come on in.
No, you can stay on the call.
I'm just stopping by.
It's okay.
This call won't go through anyway.
My daughter who passed away.
I sometimes try calling her.
I know it sounds crazy,
but I feel like
she'd come out of nowhere
and tell me,
"Hey, Dad. It's me."
You haven't canceled her phone plan yet?
I couldn't do it.
the phone is missing.
Her phone is missing?
Was it an accident?
I wonder what was so hard for her to die.
She just took her own life.
Are you saying it was suicide?
Oh dear.
What's wrong with me?
I should get you some juice.
Right, we're out of juice.
I'll go buy some now.
Wait here.
No, it's okay.
I want to get some for myself too.
I'll be right back.
killed myself?
Did I?
But why would I?
Dad, what should we do next Sunday?
It's your birthday.
It's just a birthday.
Who doesn't have a birthday?
Still, it's your 60th birthday.
We should do something special.
Won't you be disappointed?
Oh, don't worry about it.
Don't go waste money.
Well, going out to eat
would cost money.
throwing a party with your friends
would cost more money.
Everything costs money.
I guess we'll just get a cake.
I don't need that either.
We'll just have birthday soup
in the morning.
Hi, is this Starlight Tour Company?
I'm calling to confirm
the Guam package I booked.
Yes, three people. Shin Myung-ho,
Shin Soon-ae, Shin Kyung-mo.
I booked a trip to Guam
as a surprise for Dad's 60th birthday.
But the week before
I killed myself?
Hey, Bong-sun.
-I have to go now.
I got some juice for you.
Something urgent came up.
I'll come by again.
Okay. See you.
What, why is she leaving
as soon as I show up?
I don't think you have a chance.
Right? You think so too?
Oh, she was so into me.
It's because of that snobby chef.
He intercepted.
Who? The restaurant owner?
Isn't it obvious?
When he was installing the hose,
didn't you see the way
he looked at her?
It is him.
I'm sure he won her over with money.
That jerk.
Hi, this is Bong-sun.
Where are you?
I have some questions for you.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
You said you wanted to talk.
Yes. Well
What's this?
You know who Shin Soon-ae is?
Yes, from that diner.
Yes, the daughter who passed away.
It's her diary.
I see
But why do you have this?
I knew her a long time ago.
We took the same cooking classes.
We were pretty close.
But I didn't know she killed herself.
or we lived in the same neighborhood.
I recently found out
she was the owner's daughter
and stumbled upon this.
Would you take a look at this?
These are the tickets to Guam
dated in September.
In her diary,
her father's birthday
is in September.
She planned a family vacation
then killed herself?
Doesn't it seem off?
Was it confirmed it was suicide?
Any possibilities of
an accident or a homicide?
As far as I remember,
she texted last words to her father
before suicide.
All the circumstances and the story
clearly pointed to suicide.
Oh, I see
Why would she have done it?
I know she had no reason to do it.
I don't know.
You know, depression
isn't so obvious to other people.
I'll look into the files again.
To see if there's anything suspicious.
Okay, thank you.
-I'll hold onto this.
To see if there's anything
I can refer to.
Oh Okay, then. You do that.
Just in case, can you look into this?
When did you get this burn?
It looks new.
Is it from the bumping with Chef today?
Oh, it is.
It must've hurt a lot.
I'm okay. I put on ointment.
What do you mean, you punk.
It looks pretty bad.
Chef always goes on about
kitchen being like gunpowder storage,
and we should be careful
with knives and fire.
Then he gave you a burn,
instead of a bonus?
Hey, Joon.
Yes, Chef.
-Is your back okay?
Is your back okay?
Oh yes.
Not bad. No big deal.
Let me see.
Hey, it's pretty bad.
You should've told me.
Shouldn't you see the doctor?
No, ointment should be enough.
I'm sorry anyway.
Do you have something else to say?
in the storage room
when you were with Bong-sun,
was she putting on ointment for you?
Oh, that's right.
I told her not to tell you
so you wouldn't be worried.
Well, then
What's he smiling about?
Why was I so petty?
Chef, here's shrimp.
What took you so long?
Did you go fishing or what?
Yes, kind of.
She's upset. She's really upset.
Why did I go all crazy?
How do I make her feel better?
I'm going nuts.
Gosh, I just don't understand.
Why would I?
This won't do.
I need to go somewhere.
I need to find out something.
I did the dishes
and put them away.
-I'll be back.
-Wait, wait.
Organize the storage
when you have the time!
Yes, Chef.
It's so messy.
Dong-chul, put veggies in water.
Yes, Chef.
Cut the pointy part of shrimp.
-We're going to make some soup.
It's humid,
check on the dough once more.
-Get some rosemary.
And Min-soo
When you have time,
get them to organize the fridge.
It's a total mess.
If it were yours,
you'd leave it as is?
No, Chef.
Was it confirmed it was suicide?
Any possibilities of
an accident or a homicide?
Let's see.
The husband is suspicious.
Does he have another woman,
maybe a third?
Do you see something?
I was right, huh?
-He has another woman.
Darn it.
Out of nowhere.
She hasn't left? This wench.
What is it? Which wench?
-Gosh, you startled me!
What happened to you?
What are you doing here?
I'm not talking to you, ladies.
I need to speak to you.
I have questions.
Ask me later.
I haven't had customers for so long.
It's urgent.
Excuse me.
We will come back another time.
-I got your fortune!
Leave that. Ladies!
Gosh, that's perfect timing.
What on earth are you still doing here?
What about the overnight trip?
That's not important right now.
I took my own life.
What? You did? Really?
But no matter how I much I think,
I had no reason to do it.
Do people who killed themselves
wander in this other realm?
I've never seen that.
There are some.
There just aren't many.
Even if they took their own lives,
they may have deep grudge or regrets.
Don't you remember
your own death?
But it's so weird.
Why would I?
Why would I do such a thing?
I'm sure you had your reasons.
Just think about the ways
to ascend to heaven already.
If you keep hanging around and
pass your three-year point,
you'll become an evil spirit that
latches on psycho criminals.
Okay, okay.
Who said I wouldn't go?
What do you know?
I'm more confused now.
There's no lesson today.
Clean up and go upstairs.
Why not?
I was looking forward to Chef's lesson
after a long time.
I'm disappointed.
-I forgive you, Bong-sun.
-Goodness, Chef!
-I forgive you.
I mean, I did get angry
because of you.
But through
our bickering,
we've developed bond.
And you can't live without me.
I'll be the big person
and forgive you.
I really hate flowers.
It's not like you can eat them.
But, I'm doing this
because of you.
Here you go.
Since you accepted it,
I'll assume we're good now. Next.
-What's this
don't do these things either.
I really don't like wearing
something matching.
But this is mine.
For you, they might be shocked
if they see a ring.
So I got you a necklace.
Here you go.
It looks pretty.
I have a good eye.
This is
You're a girl after all.
Look at you smiling.
Oh, Chef. Why
Oh, how did I end up like this?
You're driving me crazy. Bong-sun.
I'm so confused.
Because I can't remember.
I should go see Chef's face
and cheer up.
Yes, Chef.
I will never misunderstand you again.
Gosh I think
I like you
a lot more than I thought.
Me, too, Chef.
Hey, Bong-sun!
Are you okay?
What's the matter?
What is it?
Hey, are you okay?
It's just
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes, my legs gave out.
You gave me a scare.
Get up.
You fell out of nowhere.
You scared me. Let's see.
I must've gone crazy.
What did I do?
No, no.
But evil spirits are different.
They're on a different level
than ghosts like you
who possess human bodies.
They never go away.
They latch onto shady people
and urge them to do evil things.
Na Bong-sun.
Thank you for everything.
Sorry I'm leaving
without saying goodbye to you.
But I can't stay
in your body anymore.
I'm afraid my feelings will keep growing
and I'd want to stay with him.
I'm afraid I can't keep my promise to you.
Even without me,
things will work out with him.
I sincerely want you to be happy.
One last thing I want to say to you is
while you're alive,
you should do your best to love
not just others,
but yourself too.
You started liking
Gosh, that was one weird dream.
So scary.
Why are you barking at, Stalker?
Na Bong
What? Where is she
in the middle of the night?
What am I supposed to do now?
Hey, Chef.
Hey, where are you?
Leaving your door open,
where'd you go at night?
Well I had something to do nearby.
You must be insane.
Do you know what time it is?
You're reckless.
Walking with your head down,
what if you fall in the dark?
What? Can you see me?
Right, I can't take a step back now.
Chef is calling for me.
He's waiting for me
because he's concerned.
I've liked him so much.
It was hard to earn his heart.
I'll only think about myself.
Just this once.
I'll do whatever it takes to keep
Chef's heart.
-Where were you
What's gotten into you?
You woke me up
Oh my, you're in trouble.
You're so in love with me. Oh my
Oh well,
I know it's hard to resist me
once you fall for me.
I get it. You can let go.
I don't want to.
I don't want to be away from you.
What's this
in the middle of the road?
Are you manic again?
I mean
You wouldn't even let me touch you.
You keep going back and forth.
You're mine now.
Care about yourself.
Yes, Chef! I'll keep that in mind.
See you later.
I'll do
a ritual for the dead.
I'm not ready yet.
You have talent.
Can you do it, Bong-sun?
-Clean it up.
-Yes, Sous Chef.
Bring the battery box.
-Chef, I'm fine.
-Sit down!
Yes, we're dating.
The mood is strange today.
I said I'm okay.
Why make a fuss?
He's not the man I knew.
He's trying to kill Bong-sun.
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