Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Right, I can't take a step back now.
Chef is calling for me.
He's waiting for me
because he's concerned.
I've liked him so much.
It was hard to earn his heart.
I'll only think about myself.
Just this once.
I'll do whatever it takes to keep
Chef's heart.
-Where were you
What's gotten into you?
You woke me up
Oh my, you're in trouble.
You're so in love with me. Oh my
Oh well,
I know it's hard to resist me
once you fall for me.
I get it. You can let go.
No, I don't want to.
I don't want to be away from you.
What's this in the middle of the road?
Are you manic again?
I mean
You wouldn't even let me touch you.
You keep going back and forth.
What do we do?
Stay here?
-Officer Han!
-Officer Choi.
What's with the tofu?
It's not like I was in prison.
It's what cops eat
when coming out of the hospital.
It's organic, especially for you.
I'll take your bag.
It's so embarrassing.
How could they mug a cop?
I was caught off guard.
Anyways, if I catch this jerk,
I'll crush them.
They've embarrassed my career
as a cop.
I'm going to kill them.
Aren't you hungry?
I'm sure you're sick of
hospital food.
-Hangover soup?
-I'm in.
Let's go eat that.
Let's eat it!
The hospital wasn't my vibe.
Here's your blood sausage soup.
-Thank you.
-Be careful.
-We'll enjoy it.
I was worried when I heard you were
in the hospital.
It's so nice to see you again,
Officer Han.
It's good to see you, too.
-Thank you.
-Sure. Enjoy.
Eat slowly.
You just got out.
How's your appetite this good?
Have you tried hospital food?
It's terrible.
This is so good.
I'm so impressed.
Have some of mine.
You should give me meat.
I'm giving you meat.
The more I think,
I feel so sorry to Eun-hee.
You know the CCTV footage.
It was the last clue we had,
since there are no witnesses.
But I got robbed of it.
Does that make sense?
You did the best you could.
So I didn't tell Eun-hee or Sun-woo
about this.
Don't worry about it.
How could I not?
-Eat, eat.
-Yes, eat up.
Oh, my, hey, hey.
Why are you carrying this?
Let them do it.
You can hurt your back.
I'm okay.
You're mine now.
You should care about yourself.
Yes, Chef! I'll keep that in mind.
Oh, let's go to the market
-together later.
We kept going groceries together,
they might get suspicious.
I'll give you a signal.
Say you're sick and come out.
In that case,
where should I say I'm sick?
Should I say I sprained my ankle?
Or vomit and diarrhea
since it's summer?
Whatever you pick.
Okay, whatever I pick.
You have a different vibe today.
-It's not manic.
You're kind of bubbly.
You're the prettiest just being yourself.
See you later.
Yes, Chef.
-What the.
-What is it?
Are you all here?
They're doing what?
What were they doing?
Just be quiet.
I think Chef and Bong
are dating.
I'm going to just
You're talking nonsense from the morning.
That doesn't make any sense.
Is Chef on drugs?
Why would he date Bong?
Hey, Ji-woong.
I really like you,
but that's too far-fetched.
Come on, guys.
I saw it with my own eyes.
I came out of the bathroom.
In front of the storage room,
Chef said, "Bong."
"You're bubbly."
-"See you later."
-Move your head.
-Move your head.
-All right.
Hey, maybe they just
bumped their heads together.
Who shows affection like this?
Is it some Andre Kim fashion show?
Come on, you don't get it.
The air between them is
romantic, you know?
You shut your mouth!
Why don't you go write some fiction?
Even for a fiction,
that's not plausible.
Hey, come here.
Do you really not know
whom Chef's having a thing with
these days?
Who is it?
It's always right under your nose.
-What are you gonna do, Ji-woong?
You have to let go of your goddess.
Producer Lee?
You got it right!
Hey, I got a hunch.
My antennae detected something
between them.
When we went to a retreat,
they finally clicked with each other.
That's why I brought Bong
back in our car.
Isn't that your guess?
It's not certain.
I'm certain.
I've never been wrong.
But what?
Chef and Bong
Hey, dude.
If Chef and Bong are a thing,
Then I'll
I'll live the rest of my life
as Eunuch Heo.
No way
I'll go prepare the royal clothing.
You're so annoying!
Hey, get up!
Let's eat.
Hey, I snuck some food
from a funeral for you.
Come on, stop being so foolish!
Even if you pine for him,
that yang energy guy wouldn't know.
You should've known your place.
Why'd you stick your nose
in their business and get hurt?
You're just a ghost.
Resolving your virgin grudge
is off the table.
Hey, let's just do the ritual
for the dead.
I'll make sure to let you move on
as painlessly and easily as possible.
Hey, why are you silent?
You couldn't keep your mouth shut
for a single second.
Say something
when someone's talking to you.
I don't know.
Do whatever you want.
Just lie there
and become a fossil.
Darn it.
Don't eat too much.
What is it?
-Who is it?
You're a grown-up
Why would you hide things like this?
Something good going on?
I said it's nothing.
It's written all over your face.
It says, "I have a girlfriend" here.
Are you that happy?
I told you, it's nothing.
Why won't you
believe me?
I'm done eating.
I'll go to the market.
-You guys prepare.
-Yes, Chef.
What is it?
I sprained my ankle earlier.
It hurts so much.
I'm gonna have to see the doctor.
That's not good.
-We have so much work to do.
You darn Bong!
Run there and come back quickly.
-Yes, Sous Chef.
-I'm sorry Ouch!
-Oh, my gosh.
It hurts so much.
What do I do?
it hurts so much!
She's giving me a headache.
Wow! I got goosebumps!
-You saw her acting?
Her terrible acting.
When she was here,
she was grabbing her left ankle.
But when she was leaving,
she grabbed her right ankle.
Sous Chef.
She's doing that to follow Chef.
No, you're wrong.
You persistent punk.
You got it wrong!
How're you gonna survive
when you're so slow?
I'm telling you,
It saw them!
You're wrong! You old boy!
Is it too much?
Oh, that's better.
Chef, I'll take that.
It's fine. I got it.
Hey, look at my muscles.
Feel it.
-Uh, where?
-It's no joke
Where? Right here
They're hidden today.
But it's no joke.
Now that I feel it again,
I can feel it.
So muscular.
You should let your hair down outside.
-It's prettier.
Oh, really?
-There you go.
So pretty.
Hey, Sun-woo!
-Oh, hey!
-Buying ingredients?
-You don't come by.
You don't care about me, huh?
I've been busy.
Let's get together soon.
Why are you carrying all this stuff?
Isn't it heavy?
Let your minion do the work.
Chef, give it to me.
I got a cramp in my arm.
But I'm okay now.
Why don't we let her go
and get some shaved ice?
Don't you have a restaurant to run?
Don't you?
You've just opened your place.
You should be thinking about
how to sell one more plate.
Just go!
I'm just so happy to see you.
Next time. Go.
Being all crabby again.
Crabby? You little
-Chef, I'm really okay.
-Let's go.
Chef, let go of my hand.
There are a lot of people.
Many seem to recognize you.
Who cares?
-We did nothing wrong.
And you like to hold hands.
Chef, where are we going?
Somewhere you'll be very impressed with.
Wait, what are we doing here?
To eat blood sausage and tripe, obviously.
I can't eat blood sausage and tripe.
What are you talking about?
You said it's your favorite.
-I did?
There it is.
-Enjoy your meal.
-Should we eat now?
Yes, you can eat now.
-Yes, Chef.
Smells so good.
Yum It's spot-on.
Tastes great.
Wow, that's good.
-Eat up.
You said you love it,
why not eat?
I will.
Oh, I see. You
Can't you see my hand is blushing?
Go on and eat.
Yes, Chef.
Amazing, huh?
Yeah, it's so good.
The aroma of chives and
bean paste is the key.
You should eat more, Chef.
No, no.
I had a lot of noodles.
You eat.
-Eat a lot.
Yes, Chef.
Looks tasty.
Chef, can I use the bathroom
real quick?
It's okay. I can handle this.
If I can overcome blood sausage,
it's good for me.
It's just that I have a weak stomach.
It's okay, Na Bong-sun.
You're doing fine.
You got this.
What took you so long?
Eat up.
Oh, you ate a lot, Chef.
We might need more,
so I ordered more.
-Good job, right?
Hey, So-hyung.
Hey, Friend.
You never call me anymore
unless I call you.
Are you going to be like this?
Oh, no, I'm sorry. I've been busy.
I'm just joking. Don't fret.
The thing is, we have extra footage
we need to shoot.
We were thinking of going to
your restaurant to shoot.
-What do you say?
-I see
-Will it work?
We should, if it's needed.
-Get the scissors here.
For me, tomorrow evening
should work.
Okay, then.
Okay. Let me know.
-Thank you.
Good work
on a hot day like this.
Oh, tomorrow,
the Chef Vs. Chef crew
will be here to shoot,
just so you know.
Are we gonna be on TV, Chef?
Of course.
Come on.
Look at you overreacting.
So cheap.
Being on TV is no big deal.
You shouldn't love being on TV too much.
You'll end up like Marco.
Obsession with TV.
Even the doctor can't treat that.
Yes, Chef.
Tomorrow's appetizer is
eggplant in tomato sauce.
-Na Bong.
You give it a try.
-Why are you surprised?
How long will you
hold on to the dishes?
But, still me?
Wait, Chef.
I don't think Bong is ready for it, Chef.
That's why you're giving it a try.
I didn't say it's permanent.
You need more field experience
to improve your skills.
It's her first day as a chef,
Joon, help her out.
-Yes, Chef.
-Okay, dismissed.
-Oh, Bong.
-Oh, Bong Boro Bong.
Hey, Bong.
-It's okay. You can do it.
-I'm watching you.
-I'm watching you.
-Enough, seriously.
What do you mean you can't?
I'm not ready yet.
If I mess up, it could
tarnish the restaurant's image.
You said you can do a good job.
-Didn't you say
it's easy peasy?
Where's your confidence
that touches the sky?
Are you going back and forth again?
Oh, well, you know
That's not it, Chef.
Na Bong-sun.
You have talent.
You can easily handle
the eggplant dish.
Pollock soup, buckwheat pancakes.
You've made all those.
That That's
You think I'd give you a chance
that's unfair to others
based on my personal feelings?
No, I wouldn't.
It's because you deserve a chance.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Can you do it, Bong-sun?
I'll do my best.
You're more than capable.
Is it going well?
Oh, Chef.
I'm working hard.
Working hard isn't enough.
It has to taste good.
First, bake eggplant without oil,
-or it'll absorb all the oil.
-I see.
-Is it hard?
You need to find it hard,
then it'll be good.
-What about the sauce?
-I'm cooking it here.
No need to dice tomatoes like this.
Chunky texture is better.
I see.
Seasoned pretty good.
Add pepper a bit.
To make it spicy.
Yes, Chef.
Do a little more,
and you're all set.
Thank you.
That's so good.
How did they cook pork so well
without any bad smell?
would you like a piece?
You love steamed pork.
If you don't eat now,
I'll eat them all.
You're really not gonna eat?
Aren't you hungry?
I guess you are deeply hurt.
You usually go crazy for food.
But you're not even interested.
Who is it?
I'm not expecting anyone
at this hour.
Who is it?
-Hey, it's me.
-Oh my.
What brings you here?
I was on my way home,
and I thought of you.
I brought beer and soju.
I did good, right?
Oh my gosh!
Were you drinking alone?
Look at the food.
You had a ritual today?
You didn't give me any heads-up.
What's up?
-I have privacy.
-Come on.
I know you have no boyfriend.
What privacy?
Be my drinking buddy today.
I'm just concerned about Sun-woo.
Let's try not to
talk about your son.
I'm sure
he has something going on
with Bong-suk or whatever.
But the thing you mentioned.
The dead person.
it keeps on bugging me.
Something bad could happen to him.
Hey, let's go out and eat.
-That'd be better.
It's comfy and we have
a lot to munch on here.
The owner of the street vendor
across the street is handsome
like an actor.
An actor? Really?
-Yes, let's go.
-Let's go.
-Leave this behind?
-Let's go.
How old is he?
I miss you, Chef.
This isn't good.
Oh, I'm busy!
I really don't have time!
Gosh, so hot!
Ah hot.
Ah so cold.
I'm going crazy.
No, no, you have to be stronger.
This is nothing. Darn it.
Darn it?
Darn it!
Yeah, why do call me Darn Bong?
It's Na Bong-sun, okay?
Oh, that felt good.
Yeah, let's try harder,
Na Bong-sun.
You're doing fine.
Just be strong.
Be yummy.
I think it's all right.
Oh, you're here?
You're late.
There were many public complaints.
You're still up?
How can I sleep
when you aren't home yet?
What happened to your hand?
You got hurt?
Just a bit.
While trying to stop a fight.
Oh no, you should've been careful.
Let me see.
I'm okay. It's nothing.
Let me see.
Maybe you need to see the doctor.
It's okay.
I said I'm okay.
Why make a fuss?
Oh, Sung-jae.
I'm sorry.
I'm too sensitive these days.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry. Go on and sleep.
I'll go wash up.
You can be frustrated
every now and then.
How can a person
always be an angel?
But don't get hurt.
I don't want you to get hurt.
I get it.
Go to sleep.
It's gonna be so good.
One special, one eggplant.
Right here.
One eggplant in tomato sauce,
one special.
-One Shrek, one eggplant.
-Dong-chul, hold it.
One Shrek pasta.
Eggplant in tomato sauce
for you.
Looks like the eggplant is a hit.
I know. The response is good.
Many orders.
I tasted it a little, it was good.
Bong-sun, you've come a long way.
Thank you.
Hey, this is all thanks to
what you've learned from us.
Without the great chef
and sous chef,
it wouldn't have been possible.
Hey, Bong.
That thing on the pan,
it isn't food.
It's your face.
Yes, Chef.
Enough with chatting.
Is Shrek for table 10 out?
-Yes, Chef.
-Check it off.
It's still lunch time.
Stay focused.
Yes, Chef.
Let me carry it.
I told you it would work.
Yes, I did it, Chef.
After only cleaning dirty dishes,
how do you feel
to serve your food on a plate?
-Isn't it thrilling?
I can't forget the first time.
You're off to a good start.
I'm proud of you, Bong-sun.
Keep your confidence.
Let's have a party
after the shoot.
Yes, Chef.
Why do you need the ENG
for a restaurant shoot?
-It's waste.
-Let's go.
-Let's do this.
-6mm should be enough.
Why do you make things harder
The shot is better when you shoot it.
Who cares about the shot?
It's just a restaurant.
What shot?
I'll buy you soy bean noodles afterwards.
No. I don't like it.
Then, buckwheat?
-No thanks.
-Then, cold noodles?
I'll think about it.
Cold noodles it is.
Hoon. Let's hurry up.
Yes, come on in.
-Come on in.
-So heavy.
Yes, come on in.
-So hot.
-Oh my!
-Hey, Chef Kang.
Thanks for coming today.
Oh, there's nothing I can do.
Move the boxes first.
It's hot in here.
How are you, Eun-hee?
So-hyung, you're so cool.
You do seem like a producer.
Did I seem like fake all this time?
Oh, come on.
I should've invited you to a shoot.
You've gotten prettier
over a few days.
If you wear a wedding dress,
it'd be game over.
Thank you,
even if it's just lip service.
-Thank you for having us.
-Sure thing.
Let me know if you need anything at all.
I'll do my best to help you.
Excuse me, hang on.
You got beauty stuck here.
Your jewelry is so pretty.
Thank you.
Thanks for having us today.
How are you, Bong-sun?
Oh, hello.
Thank you for having us today.
What are you doing? Get ready.
-Yes, Chef!
-Yes, Chef!
That little punk
As for the hall,
we can just follow naturally.
As for the kitchen,
can you get a full shot later?
And we can use the 6mm
for the tight food shots.
I got it. Let's just get it over with.
I'm not supposed to be here
for a shoot like this.
Why am I even here
Why are you being like this?
You need to be here
so we can get nice shots.
Goodness, Producer Lee,
you sure like nice shots.
Hey, she wants nice shots.
Hoon! Have you finished setting up?
Almost done, sir.
What are you doing there?
It's not almost done.
Move all those things there.
Organize the lines.
Let's hurry up.
It's hot enough already.
Don't annoy me.
-Have some of this.
-Thank you.
-Have this.
-Hey, Bong!
What are you doing?
You should give it to the directors first.
There's a hierarchy.
-You've got to be on the ball.
-Here, I'll do it.
And look at this.
-It's getting in the way. Move it.
I'll move it.
-I'm okay.
-Take care of the crew.
Too sour. I don't want it.
You're not gonna
check the white balance?
I did. Sort of.
You think I wouldn't have done it?
You're so demanding.
Gosh, young producers these days
act like they know everything.
Hey, Hoon!
Where the heck is he now?
He's somewhere on his phone again, right?
You better not get caught.
Gosh, so hot.
Hey, you.
Get the battery box over there.
-Me? Battery?
The battery box.
-In the corner.
-This one?
No, the one in the corner.
Oh, this one?
No, in the corner.
Don't you know a corner?
Is it the corner?
You mean this one?
Yes, that one.
-Why are you
making Bong-sun do it?
Thank you very much.
Oh dear.
-Thank you so much.
Give it to me!
So annoying.
How can you not know
what a corner is?
Gosh, my nose is runny.
Bring me one of those.
Excuse me? Which one?
You know that thing.
Can't you see my nose is runny?
I'll bring it right away.
-So dumb.
-Give it to me.
Do you have any more tasks?
No, I don't.
-Come here.
Don't do anything.
Sit here.
-Do only what I say.
-I'm okay.
-I said sit down.
We can't take a break
during a break time.
I wouldn't have agreed to shoot,
if I knew.
Heo Min-soo!
Can't you take care of
your own family?
You look down on Bong-sun,
now other people look down on her too!
I'm sorry, Chef.
I didn't look down on her
You're making me embarrassed.
I was just asking some help
from your employee.
Chef Kang.
Why are you so sensitive?
Are you two dating or something?
We are dating.
So don't be disrespectful of her.
Wow! This is huge.
Wow I can't believe what I just saw.
See, what did I tell you?
I told you there was something going on
between those two, I told you.
Why wouldn't you believe me,
Eunuch Heo?
It's a good thing.
We should be happy for them.
Did you know?
I kind of figured.
You didn't tell me on purpose, did you?
You French jerk!
You let me keep picking on Bong
and didn't tell me
to screw me over later.
They were keeping it quiet,
so why would I say anything?
Quiet? You Cordon
Why take it out on him?
What do I do now?
Should I quit or what?
Why would you quit?
Grab him.
Joon, get a knife and cutting board.
Okay, Eunuch Heo.
-You promised.
-Take out your manhood.
That tickles.
Oh, what is it?
Want some food?
Tell me. Tell me anything.
I'll get you anything you want.
I'll do it.
Do what?
I'll do the ritual for the dead.
Have you
made up your mind?
I want you to do it
so it won't hurt too much.
All right.
I promise you.
I'll gather all of my power
to let your spirit
to move on quickly,
so you won't have to suffer much.
Don't worry.
Okay, let's do it tomorrow.
No need to drag on.
You sure about this?
I'll go say bye to my dad later.
Chef Kang, sorry about before.
Good work.
Oh, well done, Chef Kang.
You were pretty cool today.
When was I ever not?
You were a bit cooler than usual.
Romantic as well.
Love really changes people.
Chang-gyu told me long ago.
When he liked a girl, he'd make
a ring out of flowers,
while you tend to be jerk.
Why bringing up the past?
-You're done with work?
Let's go.
I'll buy you a drink.
With Bong-sun.
Both of us?
-What's she doing?
Hey, Bong, Bong, wait!
I'm going to do it!
I'm doing it!
Hey, you guys
It's my specialty.
Do it. Don't let Bong-sun
do heavy work.
No, chef.
Sous Chef, I can do it.
Come on.
Come on.
-Come over here.
-Oh, I shouldn't do this.
Sous Chef.
Wait. Sit over here.
Stay put.
You know I care about you.
-That's why I had to
nag you to train you
and make you work
for more experience.
-That's what I did.
-Same here.
-Be quiet.
You know how I feel, right?
-Of course I know, Sous Chef.
-Oh my!
When you smile,
your eyes look like this
like a dog
-I mean, puppy
-Cute like a puppy.
Dogs or puppies
I mean, you're as cute as a puppy.
By the way
What is this?
I'll be good. I'll do my best.
No, Sous Chef. I should do better.
No, I'll do better.
-Come here.
Thank you.
Oh, Chef.
You were startled.
I didn't mean to say it out in the open.
Are you okay, Chef?
Of course I'm okay.
I just feel bad that
I spat it out
without even talking to you.
Please understand.
I can be reckless.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay,
as long as you're okay with it.
You're so sweet.
So-hyung wants to have drinks.
-With you.
With me too?
She says she's sorry to you
and wants to make up.
Is that all right?
-What's this?
-You want it, Chef?
Who gave it to you?
Sous Chef.
Thank you so much
for everything today.
Since it's the first drink,
down in one.
You want a beer or soda?
No, I'll just drink this soju.
Gosh, you're so protective.
I'd be losing if I feel envious.
But I envy you, Bong-sun.
No way.
You have no idea how cool you are.
I've always been envious of you.
You're always so bright,
confident, and charming.
Yes, really.
For real!
I'd be annoyed
if she didn't sound sincere.
But she's so sincere, right?
I can't hate you.
Fine, I lose, Bong-sun.
-Here, pour me a drink.
What's with you two?
Am I a ghost?
You're treating me like a ghost.
-Hey, Sung-jae.
-Sun-woo. It's me.
Where are you?
I'm having drinks after work.
Eun-hee is in rehab treatment.
but I have an emergency now.
I was wondering
if you could take her home.
Oh, really?
Okay, then.
I'll go pick her up.
Okay, bye.
-What is it?
Something came up for
my brother-in-law.
I'll have to pick up Eun-hee.
What do I do?
-You should go.
-Yeah, go.
Are you trying to get rid of me?
-Because you have to go.
-I almost feel sad.
-Don't drink too much.
If she hits you, call me.
-Then I'll hit her too.
-Oh my!
not one to be get hit.
Stop hanging around and go.
Can't you see I have my drink
and I'm waiting?
Okay, bye.
-Bye, Chef.
-Good job.
You too.
-Here, have a drink.
Okay, careful.
Sorry you rushed over here
because of me.
No, don't even mention it.
You're my number one priority.
Aren't you touched?
You have the very top priority, right?
Sorry, you were surprised, right?
I don't know how it happened.
I feel like I was bewitched by a ghost.
You look happy.
Love makes even Kang Sun-woo dance.
What love? That's a bit too much.
It is love.
Your eyes were filled with love.
I've always liked Bong-sun.
I'll cheer for you two.
I've got all the support I need.
I've got all the support I need.
Oh, right.
Don't tell Mom about it.
I don't know how she'll react.
But I think Mom has figured it out.
-She asked me about Bong-sun.
-Don't say anything.
Tell her you don't know anything.
-All right.
Don't put things on the stove
and forget about it.
At the end of the day,
make sure to turn off the gas.
Look at that. Again.
Turn that off already.
Oh, right. The gas.
You listen to me, Dad.
Don't lift heavy things.
You shouldn't hurt your back.
Get Kyung-mo to do it, if you can.
Yay, I got the item.
Hey, you punk.
You're all Dad's got.
You need to grow up.
I know you have a good heart.
Take good care of Dad.
Yes, sir!
Stop playing games, kid.
You made me die!
When will you ever grow up?
Just one last time.
I want to see him one last time.
That's weird.
It's our second bottle.
I should be getting tipsy by now.
Why am I not getting drunk today?
Let's drink.
Bottoms up!
You drink so well.
Bong-sun, you should be my drinking buddy.
This is good.
You're very
You have this side and that side.
Then I find another side of you.
That's how Sun-woo
has fallen for it, right?
I'm a little charming, right?
Bong-sun, are you drunk?
No, no.
I'm just in a good mood.
I'm not drunk at all.
I'm really okay.
You're really cute when you're drunk.
Anyways, the trouble
I caused during the retreat.
-Please forget that. Clean slate.
Make Sun-woo happy from now on.
Yes, of course.
You're so cute.
I just can't hate you.
-Same here.
I'll take you home, Bong-sun.
No, I'm really okay.
I'm really not drunk.
You want to see?
See this
Oh my.
A drunk person can't do it for long,
but I can.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm really fine.
Producer Lee.
People are
selfish in nature, right?
When you have
enough problems of your own,
and when you are in a tight spot,
you wouldn't have time
to think of others.
Because we're human.
That's true.
Why? Because you feel sorry to me?
I'm sorry to you.
I'm sorry to the ghost.
I'm sorry to Chef.
I'll turn a blind eye
just this time.
I'll be on my way.
Good night.
Be careful on your way home.
I could get in trouble with Sun-woo.
Bong-sun can be quite odd
when she's drunk.
I can see why Sun-woo fell for her.
It's okay
It's gonna be fine
You have a bright future ahead of you
It's okay
It's gonna be fine
That's right.
It's gonna be fine.
Have I ever been happier than this?
What are you doing?
Let's play together.
No! I won't play with you.
Why's Bong-sun always alone?
-Is she mute?
She sometimes answer,
which is barely audible.
Don't pay attention to her.
There's something gloomy about her.
-I get a bad feeling.
-I know.
Let's go.
It can't be better than this.
Yes, that's right.
It's okay.
It's gonna be fine.
Na Bong-sun.
Oh, wait!
Wait up.
Didn't you come to see Chef?
I went to say my last goodbye
to my dad.
Then I ran into you.
Are you okay?
Hey, you're lucky.
You almost became a ghost like me.
I saved you, Bong-sun.
Watch out for cars.
It's your loss if you die.
The thing is
I'm sorry.
And thank you.
You're talking nonsense.
Why would you be sorry?
I'm the one who possessed your body
without permission.
You make me feel shameful.
Na Bong-sun.
Be happy.
I'm really going now.
Live well.
Isn't that the car?
Officer Choi?
Shin Soon-ae.
Damn it.
You bastard!
Are you insane? Come out!
You're not coming out? Come out.
Come out, you punk.
Come out!
Oh my goodness!
It's about time I get used to this.
Gosh, I get scared all the time.
Hey, did you see your dad?
Did you say your farewell?
Why are you so out of it?
Are you sad after seeing your dad?
Gosh, why would you
go say bye to him?
It hurts more.
Yeah, what?
I think the ritual for the dead
We have to push it back.
Why? What now?
You can't go because of your dad?
That's not it.
Something's a little weird.
What's weird?
You are the weirdest one.
He's not the person I knew.
I get
strangely bad vibes from him.
I don't think I should just leave now.
What are you talking about?
Hey, aren't you
making excuses to avoid the ritual?
Or did you see
that man of yang energy?
You got swayed, right?
That's not it.
That person
He's trying to kill Bong-sun.
The man of yang energy?
Officer Choi.
Officer Choi
The man of yang energy's
Hey, Bong-sun.
Yes, Chef.
You drank a lot?
Why not answer your phone?
You don't look too happy.
Did something happen with So-hyung?
No, not at all.
No, I'm in a good mood.
I worried for no reason.
Then go inside and make something.
I'm starving.
You haven't eaten yet.
What should I make, Chef?
That fried rice you made before.
Fried rice?
I thought you don't eat rice.
Yes, I don't.
It's not that I can't.
-I decided to start eating rice.
Since I don't eat rice for so long,
I get indigestion.
And you said you like rice.
I should practice
to eat with you.
-Hurry up.
-I'm starving.
-Yes, it's done.
Smells pretty good.
Stalker really chowed it down.
Here you go.
It's pretty good.
Wow, nice.
Who's your teacher?
Make rice every now and then for me.
I'll try to be more Korean now.
What's wrong?
You've been acting weird.
No, I'm okay.
You don't seem okay.
Really, nothing happened?
I'm just a little tired today.
Yeah, today was full of surprises.
No wonder you're exhausted.
Let me finish this and go.
Go where?
To get some fresh air.
Where are we?
Can't you see? Namsan.
You said you wanted to come.
Country bumpkins like to go to
Namsan or 63 Building.
You said so
in the playground.
That there are many things
you haven't done.
You've never been to Namsan.
You've never been on a cruise ship.
So I'll let you do all those. Why?
Because it's your wish.
I'm so thoughtful, right?
I actually don't pay attention to
what others say.
But I made sure to
remember what you said.
Are you impressed?
Why? You're not?
No. I like it.
Okay, shall we go?
It's a bit tacky,
but there must be a reason
why couples come here.
I'm not exactly the type
who enjoys watching the night view.
I'm doing all kinds of stuff
because of you.
we're supposed to take photos
at places like this.
-Come here.
With the night view.
So refreshing.
It really is nice.
It's because you're with me.
What matters is
who you come with.
I'm saying I like it too.
Because I'm with you.
Do you know when I was
really grateful to you?
When my old classmates
showed up at the restaurant,
I went a little crazy.
When I came to my senses,
throughout all of my 33 years,
it was the most embarrassing,
and lonely moment.
That day, your buckwheat pancake
and how you bothered to talk to me,
It gave me comfort.
it wasn't me.
I've always been alone
since I was a kid.
Even when I was lonely and sad,
it became a habit to
hold it all in by myself.
But having someone next to me
That alone was
enough to comfort me.
That's what I realized.
It wasn't me.
The reason why Chef wants to eat rice
The one who comforted him
None of it was me.
Thank you, Na Bong-sun.
For making me do things
I don't normally do. And,
for being by my side.
It's not me.
It wasn't me.
Off we go.
The view is different
on the way down.
We came to Namsan today.
We'll do the cruise next time.
It's tacky, but oh well.
It's not.
Oh, all right.
It's not tacky.
I was just joking.
No need to get upset.
I'm not the one you like, Chef.
What are you saying?
You're not the one I like?
What are you talking about?
It's a ghost.
The one you like is a ghost.
I actually can see ghosts.
And my body was possessed
by a ghost.
Do you know about possession
people talk about?
the one you like
is me possessed by that ghost.
Not me, as I am now.
I'm sorry.
Gosh, Na Bong
I'm sorry, Chef.
I can't understand what you're saying,
Stop crying.
I'm sorry, Chef.
Na Bong.
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