Oh My Ghost (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Hey, Na Bong! Hey!
What are you doing, Na Bong-sun?
After that nonsense,
you just disappeared?
Is this
some kind of hidden camera prank?
If so, this isn't funny at all.
Are you looking to die?
What exactly are you doing?
So you're saying
you see ghosts, is that it?
So when I thought you were manic,
you were possessed by a ghost, right?
So what you're saying is
I was
with the ghost inside you,
or as people say,
I've spent time with
the ghost that possessed you.
Doing lessons together,
and getting physical
Is that what you're saying?
You have no memories of it, right?
Oh, that's quite plausible.
Why don't you write a movie script?
You expect me to believe that?
Why don't you just say
you were a ghost too?
That'd be quite a twist.
It'd be like The Sixth Sense.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
Have your feelings changed?
Is it an excuse
to break up with me?
If that's the case,
just say so!
Stop this ghost nonsense.
It's driving me crazy.
That's not it, Chef.
Then what is it?
What I said is all true.
The ghost who possessed me.
She's the daughter of that diner owner.
I'm seriously going crazy.
It was Shin Soon-ae for sure.
Is something wrong?
If there's something I can do,
I'll help.
In fact
No, it's nothing.
What an unusual way
of tying shoelaces.
Oh, this?
You know Bong-sun from the restaurant?
She tied it for me.
She's been in Na Bong-sun's body.
Look who's back!
Officer Kang!
-You're back to work from today?
Are you feeling better?
Yes, I'm much better now.
You must've had a hard time
picking up my slack.
Come on. It wasn't a big deal.
We couldn't take days off.
We worked late every day,
his nose bled.
Some of us were tired to death.
I'm so sorry.
I'll buy you guys a meal sometime.
I know an officer doesn't
have a deep pocket.
Buy us meat, okay? Beef.
I'm kidding.
She got prettier, right?
Oh, you're right.
Take it easy.
Don't burn yourself out.
You got pretty.
Rest and don't do anything.
Don't even breathe.
No, you should breathe.
Gosh, it's like a sauna.
What a boiling hot summer.
I know. Hey.
On a hot day like this,
even Chef and Bong couple
can't stick together
-like this, right?
-They would.
By the way,
why's Chef's woman Bong
not here yet?
She thinks she can be late
as she's dating Chef?
Hey, what if Bong says,
"Hey, you lowly commoners,
crude lowlifes!"
What do we do then?
Sorry I'm late.
What are you doing coming in now?
You're only 30 minutes late.
A person can be more late,
it's being human.
Those perfectionist who are
always on time,
I can't breathe next to 'em.
Bong, you shouldn't be like that.
What? Okay.
Why do you have that look
on your face?
-You're amazing.
What's with all the morning chatters?
We have many reservations.
Get to work.
Yes, Chef.
Today's special pumpkin pasta
is with chicken breast.
Marinate with pepper.
Cut tenderloin a bit thicker.
-Don't chop it all up.
-Yes, Chef.
We'll serve salmon raw.
Put it in the fridge
with no seasoning.
-Yes, Chef.
-Min-soo, prep
-these scallops.
-Yes, Chef.
Yes! This is Heo Min-soo
reporting from the kitchen.
Sun Restaurant has
its first official couple.
It is truly romantic and sweet,
I taste sweetness in my mouth.
Now, question for Bong!
Now, how do you address Chef?
Or babe?
Or hubby? Hubby Kang?
Honey Bong Boro Bong!
Yes, Bong is too shy to answer.
Let's take the mic to Chef.
When did you first see
kitchen assistant Bong-sun
as a woman?
Number one.
You saw Bong doze off all the time
-and found her sexy.
Number two.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
Bong was always apologetic and timid.
You wanted to protect her.
And number three!
Is this your playground?
Do I pay you to play around?
Go check on the dough
for the noodles.
Get to work, everyone.
Like I said, we have
many reservations today.
Yes, Chef.
Chef and Bong,
something is off.
I feel tension. Don't you?
I think they had a big fight.
They were cold to each other.
I bet they had a fight.
They didn't even make eye contact.
The kitchen felt as cold as Siberia.
Why are you curious?
It's their personal life.
If you're not curious,
then get lost!
Gosh, seriously
Hey, maybe
they were wrestling all night and
are just embarrassed in front of us?
Right? That was totally acting.
Send them to Cannes.
Are you saying we're fooled?
I don't think so.
I'm telling you, they had a fight.
No, I'm right.
Bong is This girl is
very politically savvy, okay?
She'd stayed low
and suddenly became sassy.
That's when Chef had her back.
That's why
we have to be pro-Bong.
-Yes, got it?
What are you looking at, you punk?
You said you're not curious!
Officer Choi
Why would he do that?
To hurt Bong-sun? Why?
Think carefully.
Does anything come to your mind?
When Bong-sun or something
was possessed by you,
did anything happen with him?
When I possessed her?
Now that you mention it,
I went to see Officer Choi
and asked him
if Shin Soon-ae really committed suicide.
After that, he tried to kill Bong-sun?
That means
it has something to do with your death.
Come to think of it,
there was something off
about Officer Choi from the start.
His fortune was different from
his current life.
His old picture and current one
look oddly different.
When I met him, I sensed
something uncanny in his eyes.
I'm not certain, but perhaps
Officer Choi may be
possessed by an evil spirit.
Evil spirit?
Once an evil spirit
is attached to a person,
it clings onto them like a parasite.
If it's an evil spirit
or the person it possesses,
it's impossible to tell later on.
I got a hunch.
For now, warn Bong-sun or whatever
to be careful.
Keep an eye on Officer Choi.
If he is an evil spirit,
he may be able to see you.
So be careful.
Hey. I'm right.
-No, it's not.
-How much do you wanna bet?
-Miss Bong?
Listen Tell us honestly.
You didn't have a fight with Chef,
did you?
Right? You two just
made so much progress last night,
so you're embarrassed?
No, that's not it.
It's not?
So you had a fight?
Is Chef a pervert by any chance?
So last night, he went, "roar"
and you went, "nah"
-"Roar" and "Naah"?
Is that what it is?
You should open up about it with us.
We won't tell Chef.
Tell us what happened.
Go ahead.
Na Bong-sun.
Come out.
Come on.
We're going somewhere.
Wait, Chef.
Bong is in charge of
the dinner special salad.
Cancel dinner.
You guys can wrap it up.
Wait, Chef
Chef is saying
that he's ditching his business, right?
I think so.
Gosh, seriously, what's going on?
Wow, this is huge.
It doesn't seem like a trivial matter
based on Chef's mood.
I've thought about it.
I think you're seriously ill.
You seem to have hallucinations.
You need to see the doctor.
If it's severe,
you get treatment.
If needed,
get admitted.
I'll get you better.
I'm not manic depressive.
How do you know?
Are you a doctor?
Mentally-ill people
never admit their illness.
Let's go in.
-Get a diagnosis.
I'm telling you, that's not it, Chef.
I know it's hard to believe.
But you have to believe me, Chef.
I lived like that for 28 years.
My grandmother is a shaman,
and it runs in the family.
So I can see ghosts.
This is my reality.
You know, I
I've thought about
killing myself many times,
but I managed to survive.
Chef, I'm so sorry.
Na Bong-sun.
What is it about?
Bong-sun, listen to me carefully.
When you almost had an accident.
Na Bong-sun.
Fine, let's say what you said is true.
You you're a little unique
and you can
see ghosts.
That's possible. Why?
There are so many mysteries
in the world.
even so!
I can't believe who I've seen till now
isn't you.
That ghost or whatever.
I can't believe
till I see it myself.
No, I refuse to believe! Never!
I told him everything.
I didn't like it.
I don't like Chef getting confused
between me and you.
What are you saying?
She's here.
The ghost I told you about.
She's here now.
You really are
Don't talk to me.
My head is
about to explode right now.
You didn't know, right?
You didn't know
since the ghost possessed you on her own.
At first, I didn't know.
When I woke up,
I'd been possessed.
after that, I gave her permission.
Permission to possess me.
Why would you do that?
I seriously want to
understand you like crazy.
But I can't right now.
There's something strange
about this place.
There's a strange mix of
yin and yang energies here.
I can't hear you.
Don't touch me.
Come on, no.
I can't hear you.
That's too left.
Right! Left!
-I think I'm going straight.
-Left, right.
-Hold on.
-Right. Hey!
You couldn't ride a bike.
What do you mean?
-I'm really good at it.
-Hey, slow down.
Off we go! Let's go!
-Hey, slowly.
-We're going.
Come on, why are you drinking
with no food?
You're going to get drunk, Chef.
When you get drunk and become sexy,
I'd get horny again.
You should eat something too.
Or you'll end up feeling sick.
Gosh. I'm going crazy.
Hey, Sung-jae.
I thought I saw someone who
Are you drinking alone?
You should stop now.
You've had enough.
I did? Did I drink a lot?
But why am I not getting drunk?
I really want to get drunk today.
I can't even get drunk. Damn it.
Are things bad with Bong-sun?
Na Bong-sun?
Yes, Bong-sun.
Do you
believe in ghosts?
Do you believe
ghosts exist in the world?
I never really thought about it.
Most people would not
think about it.
What kind of nonsense is this?
Na Bong-sun is Na Bong-sun.
But she's not Na Bong-sun.
So Na Bong-sun is Shin Soon-ae?
I was such a fool, Chef.
I thought if I could make you mine,
I thought that'd be okay.
Hey, Na Bong-sun.
Na Bong-sun!
Why did you tell me?
Why would you
If you were going to fool me,
why did you tell me the truth now?
It would've been better
if I didn't know.
You know?
It would've been better
if I thought
you were just manic depressive.
I couldn't
lie to you anymore, Chef.
Why not?
You fooled me fine all along.
Was that fun?
Seeing how I couldn't tell if it was
you or a ghost, did you have fun?
No, Chef.
It wasn't like that at all.
I'm going crazy, Na Bong-sun.
What do you mean, ghost?
This is not a horror story on TV,
Who was it that I liked?
Did I like you?
Did I like the ghost?
Why did you do it? Why?
Because I like you.
Because I like you so much.
From the moment I first saw you,
I've liked you so much.
I wanted to keep you by my side
even if I had to do that.
I think I need some time.
Get some rest.
What are you doing here?
I just came to sleep.
What's going on?
Is something wrong with Bong-suk?
-Did you break up?
-It's not like that.
I'm going to sleep.
What's going on?
He's so charismatic.
He's my son, but he looks cool
when he's like that.
Oh, no, no, no.
Now is not the time.
You can do it, Shin Soon-ae.
First, look into Officer Choi
and tell Bong-sun about it.
Let's do it!
Where did she go again?
I have to tell her about Officer Choi.
Her bags are gone.
No way
did she leave?
No way.
Gosh, I'm going crazy.
-Hey, Joon!
Where's the shredded crab meat?
Bong put it in the fridge yesterday.
Not there?
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Call Bong, would you?
This is going too far.
She can't be late
for two days in a row.
Her phone is off.
Maybe she's not coming in
after a big fight with Chef?
I doubt it.
She's not that irresponsible.
-You're here.
Why are you coming from there?
I came from home.
-I'll go get changed.
-Look, Chef.
I'm not sure if you know this,
but Bong-sun isn't at work.
Na Bong-sun?
I was worried so I called her,
but her phone is off.
She wouldn't do this.
Okay. Get to work.
Today's special is abalone pasta?
Prep the abalone well.
Yes, Chef.
What do you mean?
You think Bong-sun is gone?
It looks that way.
We thought she was late
or missing a day.
But we checked her locker,
and it's emptied out.
Actually, she and Chef
seemed to have a fight yesterday.
I think that might be it.
No way. Even so
That's why
workplace relationships are bad.
When there's a problem,
one of them has to go. Why?
Because it's super uncomfortable.
Still, I don't think this is right.
It never gets boring here.
It's one shocking thing
after another.
So, Na Bong-sun is gone?
Then she didn't go back
into that body.
Shin Soon-ae, where are you, ghost?
She opened her eyes.
Dad, she's awake.
Are you okay, Bong-sun?
Are you awake now?
How did I get here?
I found you passed out
when I was out for my morning workout.
I was going to call an ambulance,
but you didn't seem
completely unconscious.
I was so surprised
when Dad called me.
My legs were shaking
carrying you here.
You're anemic, right?
You're so pale.
I can tell you're anemic.
I'm sorry. I caused so much trouble.
-Oh my.
-Where do you think you're going?
Seeing your bag,
you must've quit your job.
Am I wrong?
Get better first
before you leave.
It's okay with us.
No, it's okay.
I can go stay with my grandma.
You think she'd be happy to see you
like this?
I mean
Even if you go,
you should go after getting better.
You really won't listen to me.
What if you pass out again?
Right. Just do as we say.
We owe you a lot.
This is my daughter's old room.
It's empty, so you can stay here.
Hey, Kyung-mo.
Let's let her rest.
Why? I want to stay here longer.
Let's go, kid.
-Get some rest.
-Thank you.
Come on.
Why are you so busy this morning, Dad?
Have you been well?
I'm a little upset, Dad.
I'm upset because of Officer Choi.
I'm upset because of Bong-sun.
I didn't mean to let this happen.
What's with the porridge?
Is Kyung-mo sick?
He must've gotten drunk
and sick again.
Gosh, that little punk.
You shouldn't give him allowances
so he can clean up his act.
Huh? What is it?
He's in my room?
Come in.
Why are you so surprised?
As if you've seen a ghost.
What? It's nothing.
What are you doing here?
I made you some egg porridge.
Even if you don't want to,
you should eat to get better.
-Eat some.
-Thank you.
Thanks for the food, Mr. Shin.
Okay, enjoy.
Thank you.
My dad is quite compassionate.
What happened?
I was so worried since you weren't
in the storage room.
It turned out that way.
I passed out and your father found me.
Oh, what a relief.
Is it because of me?
That you left Sun Restaurant?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know things would go this far.
To be honest,
I did resent you a bit.
But it's actually half my fault.
At least, I have memories with Chef.
That's something.
He's someone I couldn't even look at.
You're making me feel more sorry.
You're too nice.
But this is not the time
to feel sorry or whatnot.
We got an urgent situation.
What is it?
You almost got hit by a car.
Officer Choi did it.
Officer Choi?
Why would he do that?
I don't know. I have to find out.
You better not be seen by him.
You better stay inside, if you can.
I'll look into it and come back.
Na Bong-sun.
Maybe my grudge
is not dying as a virgin.
Why would Officer Choi do that?
These are the last orders.
Power through, guys.
Yes, Chef!
One salmon salad, two Shreks
for table four.
One steak, one Shrek
for table six.
One veggie noodles, two bean pastas
for table seven.
I'm on veggies and bean.
Min-soo, you're on Shrek.
-You're on steak.
-Yes, Chef.
-Dong-chul's on salad.
-Ji-woong, help Min-soo.
-Yes, Chef.
-We're on it, Chef.
-Hey, Cordon.
Forget the steak,
get everything in place.
-Where are the lentils?
We're out of lentils?
Yes, should I go get more?
No, I'll get it.
-Yes, Chef.
-Table seven.
Give them some more bread.
They finished it and have been waiting.
Chef seems
perfectly fine
after Bong left like that.
He seems
more charismatic and more chipper.
I've grown fond of Bong Bong,
so I'm feeling betrayed.
I'm really disappointed by Chef.
The way I see it,
Chef is not okay at all.
That's what I think.
What do you mean?
I've known Chef a long time.
The bigger the hardship,
the more he acts like he's okay.
He has a habit of doing that.
He had that look in his eyes.
He seemed sad.
Give me that.
Oh, what?
Why, you'd get sick and take time off
for this?
Gosh, now it hits me
that I'm back
since you pick on me,
Officer Han.
Give it. I can do it.
I was gonna help.
Look at you.
She's so weak.
How can she be an officer?
You worry me, how can we
send you anywhere?
She's been weak her whole life
but she always wanted to
be an officer.
She's become much healthier.
She was pale all the time
because of anemia.
She can barely walk.
Keep an eye on Officer Choi
If he is an evil spirit,
he may be able to see you.
So be careful.
Thank you.
Oh my legs.
She's weak.
That makes me want to possess you.
Officer Choi.
Do you have a digital camera?
-Give me that.
One second.
Oh, my diary.
Your diary was in that cop's drawer?
Yes, and that drawer is locked
with a key.
Now that I think about it,
it was odd.
I said I'd take it,
but he insisted on keeping it.
That means there's something
he wants to hide in there.
You're right.
I wonder what it is.
-It's your diary.
Think about it.
Don't you remember anything at all?
I don't know.
Just struggling underwater
and some weird music.
I keep seeing this image
in my head.
Okay, don't try too hard.
For now, get that diary.
I think that's urgent.
How do I get that thing?
Dang it.
There's barely one sip of juice.
I'm so hot.
Are you hot?
Should I help you cool down?
You wench!
Would you like it?
Oh, come on.
Good work, guys.
See you tomorrow.
The hottest days of summer are over.
Why don't we have ginseng chicken soup
and some ginseng alcohol?
Then our stamina which was so low
will rise up like this.
I think we'll be productive workers, Chef.
The hottest days of summer are over?
I'm not really hungry.
You guys go eat something.
We always go together.
It's no fun.
Okay, Chef. If you don't want
ginseng chicken soup,
how about some beer?
What do I do?
I want to drink with Chef.
It's been so long.
What's with you?
Let's go, Chef.
I'll join too today.
Come on, Sun-woo.
Let's go together.
Kang Sun-woo!
-All right.
-Kang Sun-woo!
-Let's drink!
-So loud.
What more is there to life?
We work till we sweat,
drink beer, enjoy good food,
and be with a good family, right?
Yeah, how amazing is it
to be with just guys?
Women are just a pain.
There is an Italian saying.
This is what they say in Italy, guys.
When dealing with bulls,
watch your front,
-With horses, watch your back.
-And when dealing with women,
watch everywhere.
There's a saying like this.
Isn't that from your hometown?
The important thing is,
we don't need women.
All women are wicked.
I don't need any of them.
At all.
You startled me.
It's been confirmed.
Whoever betrays us and dates a girl,
I'll take away your manhood.
Go on in.
About Bong-sun.
You won't give up on her, right?
She's a good person.
She has a kind nature.
The Bong I know,
from the first day she joined us,
she's always been looking at you.
While she was washing dishes
serving customers,
and even during a break.
His eyes were always following you.
I admire you, Chef.
But if you just let Bong go,
I'd be disappointed in you.
I know it's not my place
to say this.
I just want two people I like
to be happy.
Officer Kang,
you didn't go home yet?
Don't work too hard,
you just got back.
Yes, I'll go soon.
I guess I had dinner too early.
I'm a little hungry.
You just eat and crap
over and over again.
Do some work.
Should we order some pork?
It may be a bit heavy, but
only a few places are open.
don't bother doing that.
I'll be here, you guys can go out and eat.
No, we should stay together.
No, I have stuff to organize anyway.
You should go out and eat.
-You sure?
Shall we?
Let's go then.
Will you be okay?
You were scared to be alone.
I gotta get over it.
I'm a police officer after all.
Go on then.
-Thank you.
You're so clueless.
Where should we go?
Blood sausage.
What are you doing?
Officer Han.
Officer Kang
Are you suspicious of Officer Choi?
I heard a tip came in
regarding Officer Choi.
Things like bribery and everything.
Though I can't give you the specifics,
the higher-ups wanted me
to look into it.
Is that so?
Many things seem off
about Officer Choi.
What do you mean?
I've been keeping my eye on him too.
There's something suspicious.
Suspicious, like what?
I'm not sure if you heard.
I got mugged recently.
I was on my way back after having
the CCTV of Officer Choi's
wife's accident restored.
As I passed out,
I think I saw Officer Choi.
Oh, on the scene?
I think
he's trying to cover up
for the driver
who ran over his wife.
I'm assuming there's some backdoor deal.
How could he
Tell me about it.
For now, I can't prove it.
But it'll be clear
once I get the results.
I've secured hard evidence.
Once I get the results,
Officer Choi won't find a way out.
Here's your meal.
Sorry for the trouble.
You can't close because of us.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I'm just selling what I have.
Eat up.
I heard you have to work all night.
-I'll be outside cleaning.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Officer Han said he'd be right back.
Why isn't he back?
Why do you keep looking around?
-Looking for someone?
No, let's eat.
You better not be seen by him.
You better stay inside, if you can.
That kid
She did study hard.
I saw this on Sunshine's blog.
On a hot summer night.
Having buckwheat pancake with him
was a privilege.
He said those who cook
were the conductors
of an orchestra in the kitchen.
As I thought of his wise words,
I'm sharing this buckwheat pancake recipe.
What kind of oil was used,
what's in the dough,
what goes in here.
Think about that all
while you eat.
So we're like
orchestra conductors in the kitchen.
With a good understanding
of the ingredients,
no matter where you go,
you can make a perfect dish.
Try and taste various seasonings.
And cleanse your palate
with ginger tea.
Your recipes always
have joy felt through food.
I'm a fan. Good luck!
Thank you.
Your comments always give me strength.
It just so happens that right now
I'm eating cabbage porridge again.
Feels like we have
a real emotional connection.
I like you, Sunshine.
Resume, resume.
Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do.
Thank you all those
who've been reading
'You are my sunshine' blog.
What is this?
Can't you see?
It's ice cream.
Eat it.
Dad says you haven't eaten all day long.
You should eat something
to get better.
It's okay. I don't feel like it.
Why not?
Just eat something.
Why do you keep
using honorifics to me?
Are you drawing a line?
It's because of Kang Sun-woo, right?
You quit your job because of him, right?
You dummy.
You chose him over me,
then you have to be happy.
But you got dumped.
You quit your job and can't even eat.
You're such an idiot.
Why did you like someone like him?
A guest is coming.
Who could it be?
Hello, anyone home?
Hello, is this
Na Bong-sun's grandmother's house?
Yes, it is.
You're from Seoul.
You're someone who uses a knife.
Oh, yes.
Well, I'm
Bong-sun's coworker.
My name is Kang Sun-woo.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, you chose a good career.
You have only yang energy,
so an artist or a soldier
wielding a weapon is right for you.
Not a bad choice.
You're very compatible with Bong-sun
who is all yin energy.
Oh, I see.
By the way, what brings you here?
Is something wrong with Bong-sun?
No, that's not it.
I had some business nearby.
Bong-sun said
her grandma lived around here.
So I came to say hello.
Oh, is that so?
you have good manners.
Have a seat.
No, it's okay.
Come on, have a seat.
Unless you think it's dirty,
please have a seat.
Bong-sun's doing very well.
She's very hard-working
and considerate.
I know.
I don't worry about her.
She's always been mature
ever since she was little.
She lost her parents
at a young age.
She had a rough childhood,
growing up under a shaman grandma.
But she would never complain.
She would prepare my meals
and wait for me
every morning and evening.
Goodness, she has
such a good heart.
I see.
It would've been so good
if she didn't have those genes.
Since she was little,
she'd see those ghosts
and grew up so lonely
without a single friend.
Oh my.
What am I saying
in front of a guest?
sit here for a minute.
I'll go buy something to drink.
No, it's okay, ma'am.
Stay here.
It's because I want a drink. Okay?
I'm thirsty.
You must've been as lonely as I was,
Kang Sun-woo.
You jerk.
Oh, you
Yes, it's me, you jerk.
Wow, you look quite alright.
You kicked an innocent girl out
after toying with her.
I guess you're relieved.
What are you talking about?
You want to know?
You don't know what I'm talking about?
Why did you do that to Bong-sun?
Why did you hurt that weak dummy?
I've never seen
anyone so bright and positive like her
besides my sister.
How did she become
so down overnight
and won't eat anything at all?
How can you call yourself
a human?
How do you know that
she's not eating?
Because she's at our place, jerk!
Be happy.
Yes, Grandma.
No, nothing's going on.
I'm doing well.
Who dropped by?
-Na Bong-sun!
So you've been alive?
You only got this far?
You stayed here
so I'd come get you, right?
-That's not it.
-It is
Don't be mistaken, Na Bong.
I came here, not because
I've forgiven you.
I was just so worried
I'm holding you
because my heart says so.
Just let me hold you for a little bit.
Let me calm down.
I missed you.
Stop whispering.
I can't hear you at all.
I missed you so much, Chef.
I thought about it.
I'm sure of one thing.
The thing is
Even before
Long before you were possessed by a ghost,
I watched over you,
cared about you,
and worried about you.
So don't disappear ever again.
I'd go crazy with worry.
You got that?
I didn't do anything wrong,
but I feel like a bad guy.
It's not like I cheated.
I'm worried, so I want to go with you.
I'll never let go of your hand.
Based on circumstantial evidence,
it's Officer Choi's doing.
Shouldn't we tell Chef now?
You know
I rely on you a lot, right?
Officer Choi might be involved
in Eun-hee's hit-and-run accident.
What do you mean?
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