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1 The difference between us and them is that we don't do those things! We don't do that! I invited Mr.
Teichmann here today because the Union is concerned - - that you might want to renegotiate the terms of the peace treaty.
Now you have your agreement.
Therefore, Jesper Berg and I stand together.
- How did he die? - He was killed by another inmate.
- Did the suspect say anything? - That he hated dark-skinned people.
- Do you believe that? - Not before I've questioned him.
Have the investigators asked about questioning him? The investigators are working with the old Free Norway sympathizers.
They aren't asking questions about anything.
When Anita Rygh's killer is killed, it's time we take charge - - before they can bury the truth about who's behind it.
The attorney general says no.
He needs evidence.
How are we supposed to find evidence when Oslo PD is working against us? By laying a trap.
Come on, Andrea.
Come on! - Hi! Who scored? - It isn't just about scoring.
Andrea was the goalie.
She was like a brick wall.
Thanks for taking her.
It wasn't your turn.
- I was wondering - Yeah? Do you ever think about moving back? I think about it all the time.
But I think about how difficult everything became, too.
It was all my fault.
I was really on edge because Because you think the world will end if you don't keep up every second? - I'm not that way now.
- What do you mean by that? - The job situation is totally different.
- But it isn't about the job situation.
It's about you.
That job is making you sick.
You killed someone, Hans Martin.
Did you forget that? I won't bother you anymore.
OCCUPIED APRIL The defense minister has arrived.
- You need to come with us.
- Harald! Fellow citizens! It's a great honor to stand before you - - as defense minister in a free Norway! What's in the text message that Kleven just got? "PST took my secretary of state.
Clean up!" Not all Norwegians resisted.
But many of you here today have felt in your bones what Why did you arrest State Secretary Abelsnes? There are holes in his explanation about the meeting with Anita Rygh's killer.
Then PST needs to ask Oslo PD to interrogate him again.
Not if we have classified information that we can't share with the police.
And what kind of information is that? We'll use that text message to ask for a wiretap on the defense minister.
We know that you and Faisal spoke minutes before the killing of Anita Rygh.
What did you talk about? That my brother served in the Coast Guard.
- Did you notice a military vehicle? - No.
I just remember leaving Faisal before I met a buddy.
We have documentation that you led Faisal into a military vehicle.
- I have no memory of that.
- Who was in that car? I'm not saying anything more without a lawyer.
How's the peacekeeping going? Nothing to report, General, aside from us freezing.
Don't complain.
The Russians are here until next year.
Contact! Don't shoot! There is a sniper! Drop your weapons! Come out slowly.
Don't shoot! Secure.
Your border patrol's deliberate provocation brought us this close - - to a military confrontation with Russia.
Our defense minister has promised this will never happen again.
No, it won't.
Your border patrols must be disarmed immediately.
That is non-negotiable.
To make that happen, I would really need a fixed date - - for the withdrawal of the EU peacekeeping forces.
Such a date is contingent to your oil and gas installation becoming operational.
We're working extremely hard, Rudi, to replace the Russian software.
All the original software was compromised by the virus and this is a big job.
Your project manager indicated it will be ready within a year.
They think it will be ready in six months.
I would like us to evaluate the project to identify the ways of accelerating Listen.
Our team, they are the best offshore engineers in the world.
We understand.
But the member states will not allow our forces to withdraw - - before they get the energy you signed for in the agreement.
It's in our common interest to avoid dependence on Russian gas.
It is.
We'll push hard - - to achieve an even earlier date for the upstart of our petroleum supply.
Our energy commissioner will take part in the process.
I still need a fixed date for the withdrawal of the EU forces.
You'll get a date when the energy commissioner is happy.
We'll have to make you happy, then, Miss Portmann.
The border soldiers will get their weapons back when the EU forces withdraw.
- And when will that be? - 31 August at the latest.
- The soldiers listen to you, Harald.
- Is that why I'm defense minister? You're the man who can get them to understand what's at stake - - in the worst case is an armed conflict.
With the EU this time.
You'd make my job a bit easier if you showed more willingness - - to punish the offenders.
Which offenders are you talking about? The PST director, for example.
How can you let a man like that keep his job? There are no formal grounds for firing Djupvik.
Is treason not a valid reason? The government doesn't have the trust of the resistance or the soldiers - - so long as there's a PST director who worked with the occupation.
It's an insult to those who fought for our country.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Make the arrest.
What does Analysis say? They suspect it has to do with the killing of Anita Rygh.
Now we can prove that the police get directives from Vold Then we can ask the AG about turning the investigation over to us.
- Let's do that now.
- Yes.
Police! You're under arrest! PASVIK BORDER STATION Because of the unrest at the border - - we need to take measures to stabilize the situation.
To comply with the peace treaty, we need to ask you - - to hand over your weapons.
- Proceed! - Yes! I can't give back my weapon, Mr.
I was a member of Free Norway.
My big brother was, too.
Norway thanks you for your service.
Is your brother here too? He was killed when we were attacked by Russian special forces.
My condolences.
I survived because I had my weapon.
Minister, what are we really fighting for? - What did Kasper die for? - You fought for Norway's sovereignty.
If we let foreign forces go armed into Norway again - - we haven't regained our sovereignty.
You just have to be patient.
EU forces will be out on 31 August.
The Prime Minister promised me personally.
If it wasn't for you, we would have rebelled a long time ago.
I can't promise to have the software ready for August.
It has to be.
That's what we'll tell the EU now.
Drilling into an underground reservoir is like sticking a pin in a balloon.
The pressure pushes oil or gas through the pipeline.
We all know how petroleum is extracted.
We're here to inspect the progress of your software development.
Our latest development is designed to inject glycol - - an antifreeze, into the pipelines.
As you can see, the system is very intuitive.
I need a little help here.
What did you do? A more appropriate question might be - - why your program isn't working.
- This has never happened before.
Prime Minister, so far your team has shown only how to clog up pipeline.
We are taking over the project.
No, that's totally out of the question.
Your team here, they will be escorted off these premises if necessary.
I'm sorry.
That's not how it works.
I need to talk to Teichmann right away.
Teichmann was very disappointed with your latest campaign video.
Excuse me? Why do you promise your voters to stop fossil fuel production again? Have we put out a new campaign video? So no one at party headquarters saw that someone put out a fake video of me? No.
But I booked a meeting with Ivar Salvesen.
- The guy from Silicon Valley? - Yes.
He moved back to Norway.
The day I was born - - the carbon in the atmosphere was at 330 parts per million.
Today, the number is 422.
In five years - - the number will be 430 PPM.
That's the point the scientists say it will be too late - - to reverse global warming.
The time of fossil fuels is over! That video was posted by the environmental group Njord.
They have big ambitions for climate-friendly energy solutions - - and they have some big investors backing them.
Their latest project is also their most controversial.
They want to dam up the Lysefjord and create a power plant there.
They stitched together some old clips.
People will realize that.
Do you want to win the election on Norway's autonomy or the climate? I represent Norway's autonomy for most of the country.
- That's how I'll win the election.
- The video is being shared by Europeans.
They're worried about you delivering energy.
That concern could be a threat to Norway's sovereignty.
NJORD RESEARCH STATION And Kine Slettemo is a civil engineer.
Then there's Alf Helge Heraldstveit, who's an economist.
We're grateful that you wanted to come for a tour here.
I worked in climate research for years.
Sure, but we at Njord work only with renewable energy.
- Not thorium and those things.
- No.
I saw your video.
- You had fun at my expense.
- It wasn't meant to be a joke.
No, I realized that.
- It's really beautiful here.
- Yeah.
I spent summers up in Elgseter.
At my grandma and grandpa's.
- Look at this.
- Here are our researchers.
They're calculating the energy efficiency of all of our various projects - - and what effects they'll have on nature.
And since you chose to start up the oil and gas plants, we can To the left, in the back row there.
I saw him in the control room at Softoil during the virus attack.
that are going to happen as a consequence of that.
- Hi there.
I'm Jesper.
- Hi.
We met at Softoil when we discovered the virus.
Can I help here? The punishment for planting a virus is 15 years in prison, Karstein.
What are you talking about? My guards can arrest him here and now.
Karstein has never done anything criminal in his life.
I hoped that you could help us stop that virus.
It's not possible to remove it.
It's a worm that copies itself and spreads into the whole structure.
It's him.
We just have to bring in NCIS.
NCIS will see you as terrorists.
We know what we've done.
And we did it on purpose.
To help you keep your own promises about saving the climate.
That Lysefjord project of yours will take many years to develop.
How long do we have, then? We have five months before the EU takes over Norwegian oil production.
That just means we'll have to use already existing dams.
Andrea! He's not answering, Ingrid.
His phone is dead.
It probably means that he's out on a top secret assignment - - that no one, not even us, has access to.
Could it mean something else? I understand why you're upset, but we're just speculating now, no? - I'll call you when I know more.
- Do that.
Right away.
Andrea! Come on! Hi.
Anette Kleven.
Special unit investigator.
- I want to see a warrant.
- Of course.
- Where is Hans Martin now? - He's in custody.
No visitors.
But you didn't inform me or his daughter? It's not our duty to do that in cases like this.
- What is he charged with? - He's charged with treason.
Djupvik collaborated with the Russians and gave them top secret information.
Hans Martin has a letter from the prime minister - - that confirms that he works for Norway.
- Do you know where that letter is? - No.
Do you have the combination to the safe in there? No, there's no letter in here.
Hello? Yes? What? What's your brief? To illustrate the harmonious relationship after the disarmament.
And your readers will believe that? OK, we're leaving.
- Sir, I need one more shot.
- You've taken hundreds of photos.
Cancel my vacation.
We're going to be stuck here forever.
- Find out what's going on here.
- OK.
THE CABINET BUILDING As you know, Germany produces surplus energy from solar panels most sunny days.
The sun shines only 25% of the time, though.
We have found a way of saving solar energy for cloudy days.
Europeans need energy to heat their houses by autumn.
I've been presented with the pump storage projects before.
- It takes years to build them.
- Yeah, but listen.
Not if we use our existing dams.
We want to take your surplus energy to use it and pump up ocean water here - - and then return hydro energy back to you.
But you still need to build the pumps.
Our solution is to convert already existing turbines and add boosters.
We have nearly 400 hydroelectric power stations in Norway.
The first plant will be done in five months.
It's a nice idea.
But I cannot gamble with the energy supply of 500 million people.
Most of them will love you for this.
You'll be popular with German voters.
- I'm not up for election.
- No.
But what if you want to be chancellor one day? It's a visionary project you'd want to be part of.
And this is just the beginning.
We're already planning a dam across one of our biggest fjords, Lysefjord.
It will be the largest battery in the world by far.
Instead of investing in new oil and gas software - - the EU should be in on this.
I can't see why we cannot do both.
But I need to talk with the EU president first.
Andrea? Do you remember the papers Dad used to keep in the safe? No, I have no clue.
Oh my god! To those saying my husband is a traitor.
#NRK #VG #DAG Are they releasing me? On what grounds? I found your letter.
DJUPVIK'S WIFE POSTS PRIME MINISTER'S LETTER - Where's Andrea? - She's at my place.
- Alone? - No.
Mamma's there.
Call me if you need anything.
- OK.
Sleep well.
- Hilde Can you stay here? The night, you mean? Yeah.
In the letter, the Prime Minister writes that Djupvik's collaboration - - with the Russians must not be mistaken as treason This is Einar Sørlie from FLO.
He's one of ours.
Thanks for your work, Sørlie.
It won't be forgotten.
Thank you, Mr.
The EU forces' logistics assistant sent a large supply order today.
For the next year.
That means the EU forces will probably be here at least a year.
Thank you.
Can you wait outside? - Am I disturbing? - No.
- What's your name again? - Vennesland.
You were absolutely right, Vennesland.
We can't allow Norway to be occupied again.
I'm putting Norway's fate in your hands now.
I don't think I have any breakfast food.
Aside from a dry cucumber.
I'll pass.
- Hi.
I have to go to work.
- Are you coming back? I'll pick up Andrea on Thursday as agreed.
We need you.
The investigation is falling apart without you.
It's unlikely I'll keep my position.
The government is divided.
Have you seen the news? At least one EU soldier was critically wounded and several injured - - after a Norwegian border guard attacked - - the European peacekeeping forces near Pasvik border station.
The border guards have barricaded themselves in the armory - - in what seems to be a very well planned action.
The alleged leader of the action, Lt.
Vennesland, posted this video - - just minutes before the attack started.
So long as EU forces are in the country, Norway isn't free.
We have a mandate from Defense Minister Vold - - to fight for Norway's sovereignty.
It's both our right and our duty, and we ask all the country's soldiers - - to fight for Norway's freedom.
Vold visited the border station and spoke with Vennesland - - just hours before the attack.
We haven't been able to contact Vold, and no one in the Department of Defense - - can give us an answer as to where he might be.
Our generals want to raid that weapons depot.
Then we're going to see casualties on both sides, Rudi.
We've got no option.
You've lost control, Jesper! I was very clear.
To stay in control, I needed a fixed date for the withdrawal.
Instead, you threw gasoline on the fire by postponing it indefinitely.
Some member states wish to secure our gas and oil from Norway by force.
That we will regard as another occupation.
And make no mistake.
This time, we will act accordingly.
The PST director is here.
They know where Vold is.
OK, Jesper.
It's up to you and me to find a peaceful solution.
I agree.
I'll have the border guards surrender within two days - - if you manage to keep the EU forces from interfering.
But don't disappoint me again.
Djupvik, I'm sorry for all you through.
- Thank you, Prime Minister.
- So you know where Vold is? Yes.
We've been listening to the minister's communications for a while.
- Why is that? - We suspect that Free Norway sympathizers in the police have shielded Vold - - from the investigation of the killing of Anita Rygh.
I need to talk to Vold immediately.
Get me there as soon as possible.
PST's investigation hinges on us talking to him, too.
I understand.
Of course.
- Just wait here.
- OK.
- We'll have this conversation alone.
- Yeah, I think we should.
Is it true you initiated the uprising, Harald? You got me to lie to my own soldiers.
The EU is going to accept my date.
You're not abusing my trust with the soldiers again.
- Then you have to stop abusing mine.
- What do you mean? That you had very personal reasons to ask for the firing of the PST director.
A prime minister doesn't need to know everything.
I don't need to know what PST wants to talk to you about.
But I'm not going to hinder PS from doing their jobs.
You can and you will.
We need to have one focus here, and that's to stop the uprising.
And that's what you're going to do.
You're about to implicate yourself in the assassination of Anita Rygh.
What are you talking about? Your order was to get rid of her.
No, no.
I said we should get rid of Anita politically.
The court will decide that if you want to drag Anita Rygh into this.
Harald, you have to pull yourself together.
I'm resigning as defense minister.
- Will he come in for questioning? - You'll have to wait a bit.
How long? Until I've stopped the uprising in Pasvik.
The worst that could happen now is Vold becoming a martyr for the soldiers.
- Understand? - Of course, Prime Minister.
- How did it go? - He's resigning as defense minister.
Can you talk to the soldiers on your own? I have to.
What have you decided to do? Wait until they arrest you again? What do you want me to do? Ask the attorney general for permission to interrogate Vold.
And go straight to war with the prime minister? Why not? We can't trust him anyway.
Find concrete things we can use.
Can you turn right at the next intersection? - Where are we going? - I want to be a dad for a bit.
It will work out, Ingrid.
We'll win in the end.
Have fun.
- Hi! - Are we winning? Yeah.
It's 2-1.
I thought you had to work late today.
Hey! You're so good! Are you coming home with us after? - We haven't talked about that yet.
- I may have to work anyway Why can't you ever decide? Andrea! I'll get it.
Hey Do you want to come home with us and have dinner? Yeah, I'd really like that.
Tom PS HM - check the news.
- What is it? A dramatic scene is unfolding - - at the exit to E6 south of Østensjø in Oslo.
A car is in flames after what could have been a bomb, according to witnesses.
Several passers-by were thrown to the ground from the blast.
VG has confirmed that the car belongs to the police's security service.
We don't yet know how many were in the car.
Major General, I'm going to go in there.
I'm advising against that.
These soldiers are desperate.
They shot several of my men.
If we're going to solve this situation, you have to trust me.
I'm going in.
It's Jesper Berg with two guards.
I want to come in! - Just Jesper Berg! - That's fine! It has to be like this.
- We have the prime minister! - Easy, easy.
- The EU won't touch us when we have you.
- No, no.
Of course not.
And they've guaranteed they'll leave within five months.
We've heard that before.
Why should we trust you now? We have a signed agreement now.
But that agreement is dependent on you turning in your weapons today.
Get back.
If you want to see that day, you need medical attention right away.
- Where is Vold? - He resigned as defense minister.
You're all alone here.
It's just you.
If you surrender and turn in your weapons - - I can guarantee a reduced sentence.
Shut up.
He's lying! No.
Shall we leave calmly together? What do you say? Each and every one of you has to decide for yourself.
When you came to see Andrea's soccer game - was it a spontaneous decision? - What do you mean? That bomb was for you.
I'm going to quit.
- For how long? - A long time.
You're right.
The job makes me sick.

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