Okkupert (2015) s03e03 Episode Script


1 I came here to build a future for Maja and me.
Forget it, Bente.
No foreigner has ever made it here.
You should go back to Norway.
They'll take advantage of you.
Parliament collaborated with Sidorova during the occupation.
I did, too.
I can't live with a parliament like that.
The resolution applies until the next parliamentary elections in September.
I'm resigning as defense minister.
Everyone needs to know that Jesper Berg is going to empty the country of Russians.
I have a child with a Russian woman.
Can we put our cards on the table? - You need to go to Germany.
- What if they send you to Moscow? Sidorova's partner is on the plane.
I can't throw Sidorova out, but I can give her a reason to leave.
Mischa! Come here! So good to see you.
I'm so happy to be able to welcome back Russian immigrants to Norway.
It's a victory for the rule of law that the deportations were ruled unlawful.
I'm incredibly happy to have my family home again.
Not even Prime Minister Jesper Berg is above the law.
Do you know if Sidorova's partner was held at the airport? I'm so sorry, Miss Sidorova.
It seems your partner was detained at the airport in Moscow.
- But she would've called.
- Yes A girl was detained at Sheremetyevo.
I think it was your girlfriend.
They took her passport, I think.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
OCCUPIED MAY Tell your boss I want to negotiate - - to get Ljuba back to Norway.
I'm sorry, Sidorova, but I personally want nothing to do with this.
I protected you for many years.
So I obviously know a few things about you.
What can you offer them? I have information about Norwegian officials.
- Excuse me, Mr.
Igor Sobol? - Yes? I believe you're the owner of this beautiful restaurant.
My name is Bente Norum.
I'm Norwegian.
I owned a restaurant and hotel in Oslo - - that were favorite places of Russian business people.
I would be very interested in buying a share of this beautiful restaurant.
Why would I be interested in selling a share to you? Well, the quality of the food is great.
The menu combines tradition with adventurous.
But your interior designer should've known better than to use plates - - that compete with the food.
I could make this wonderful place magnificent.
What do you think, my friends? Maja is waiting for you.
Bente, please.
Is she yours, Nikolaj? Bente Norum.
An acquaintance from Norway.
- Is Nikolaj going to say hi, at least? - He's probably busy.
Hello? If you want to see Ljuba again, you need to speak with Ihorskij in Oslo.
Thank you.
I will never forget this.
- Excuse me, we didn't order any.
- It's from Mr.
Norum? - And this young, charming lady? - It's my daughter, Maja.
I appreciate your taking an interest in my restaurant.
Why don't we meet and talk it over? You mean you're interested in selling a share? I'm always interested in doing business with the right people.
Can you come to my office at 3:00 tomorrow? Sure, I can.
Here's my business card.
So, enjoy it.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Guess whose birthday it is? - Oh, really? - Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Guess what I'm buying her.
I'm buying her this restaurant.
Isn't that a great gift? After I gave Jesper Berg information about parliament - - they trusted me.
Our sources have reported something else, Miss Sidorova.
People in Moscow don't trust you.
If you want to see your girlfriend again - - you need to come back to Moscow.
I want to go back to Moscow.
But let Ljuba come back to Norway.
This isn't her fault.
Not her fault? Your mistress is the reason for your unhappiness.
You've lost the ability to think clearly.
I'm leaving in five days.
I strongly advise you not to.
You might never be able to leave Russia again.
I've already decided.
Otherwise, I won't be able to see Ljuba again.
[Are you bugged?.]
I'm sure.
I need to meet Jakub Targalski.
He's a master's student of law in the University of Oslo.
He won't be able to tell us anything new.
Hilde, please.
I need you to set up a meeting immediately.
Unfortunately, I must mention the prime minister.
Jesper Berg likes to talk about himself as Norway's liberator.
But he never talks about his wife, Astrid Berg.
She received large sums of money from the Russian oil industry.
Money that Russian oligarchs stole from the Norwegian people! Just as we should never forget those - - who gave their lives for a free Norway - - so should we never forget those who sold our inheritance to get rich! He's using the independence day to start an election campaign.
STORMNES HYDROELECTRIC PLAN This is a pitiful attempt to attack me through my ex-wife.
Why aren't you answering the question? I'm going to answer the question.
I have never - - and will never do business with profiteers.
Are you saying you've never done business with profiteers? I have never done business, period.
I have used all my time on things such as this hydroelectric plant.
This is really good for the climate and stabilizes our relationship with Europe.
Isn't the consultant firm Stellux responsible for the staff here? Two years ago, they received 73 million krone from Russia - - to train Russian laborers in Norwegian gas and oil production.
I have no knowledge of that whatsoever.
There seems to be a lot you don't know about profiteers.
THE CABINET BUILDING have never and will never do business with profiteers.
- They canceled the contract with Stellux.
- Great.
It's not enough.
You need to punish people who got rich under the occupation.
It's an ongoing process.
Can we turn that off? Most people think otherwise.
Look at this.
They're angry.
[Jesper Berg should be impeached!.]
It must be possible to put out that the prime minister - - isn't directly involved with subcontractors.
I don't think we should respond now.
What am I paying you for? If you want to be better liked, we need to give them someone to dislike.
Take Bente Norum, for example.
The hotelier who moved to Moscow.
She made a little over 33 million from the sale of the hotel.
- That's the new face of our profiteer.
- Great.
We'll tell Økokrim this is important Jesper, I need to go to London.
- When? - Tonight, preferably.
My oldest granddaughter was brought into the hospital tonight.
She had her appendix removed.
There were complications after.
- But I could wait - No, you should go.
Just call Økokrim.
We'll manage fine here.
MOSCOW So since I'll also be in charge of the restaurant - - I want 25% for my investment.
I'm sure that it would be an adventure to be your business partner.
But 25% is too much.
14, Mrs.
If you pay for the renovation, then yes, that's a deal.
- Am I talking to Bente Norum? - Who is this? This is Vegard Myklebust from NRK.
Did you know that Norwegian authorities are freezing your assets in Norway? - Where did you get this? - A source at the government office.
You're being investigated as a profiteer.
What do you think about that? You know what? If you write about this, I'm going to sue you.
Yeah, thanks.
Hi, girls.
Hi, Annabelle.
Have you been to the Voyevoda Palace? It's a restaurant.
It's so good.
The desserts are so good.
I usually get two appetizers instead of a main course.
Mom, can we take Annabelle to the restaurant today? We'll take her some other day.
She can have as many appetizers as she wants.
My mom likes the restaurant so much she wants to buy it.
It's so cool.
Is this Vegard Myklebust? This is Bente Norum calling back.
Yeah, I'd like to chat about this.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Hi, Mama.
- Hi, son.
- Hi! Grete.
- Hi - What a lovely surprise.
- I missed you, you know.
You know that we miss you too.
And you can stay whenever you want.
- Did I scare you? - Yes, you did! Can Grandma get a hug? So good to see you.
Why is Økokrim freezing your assets in particular? Because the PM is under pressure.
So I have a question for him: Jesper Berg, when are you going to give me back the money you stole from me? Bente Norum got rich from the Russian occupiers.
We think that money should go to honest Norwegians.
What about Stellux? They earned money from Russians during the occupation.
The owners of Stellux are also going to be investigated.
Honey, I think it's time to put her to bed.
- I can do it.
- No, no.
Don't worry.
I'll do it.
- You sure? - Of course.
- Sleep well.
- Nighty night.
Didn't you invest in Stellux? Yeah, but I sold everything.
But you earned a lot on the sale.
Every krone goes to create a good life for your granddaughter.
- I hoped you'd give back the assets.
- Why would I do that? The first to come forward willingly will be met with sympathy.
The ones uncovered by the media will be seen as profiteers.
Mama, listen.
Stellux kept Norwegian families alive while the Russians were there.
They created jobs for Norwegians.
You need to tell the press that before they find out.
They won't find out.
The shares weren't in my name.
They were owned by a holding company in Guernsey.
Do you remember when I asked if you stole money? I'm not a little boy! Stellux is going to be thoroughly investigated by journalists.
It is naive, Fritjof, to believe that you won't be revealed.
I'm not naive.
You're not here to see your grandchild.
You're here for the campaign! Fritjof Mr.
Miss Sidorova.
- Pleased to meet you, Miss Sidorova.
- And you, Mr.
Thank you for coming here.
Can you leave us, Hilde? I'd like a word in private with Mr.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
I know that you work for AW.
Polish secret service.
You must be mistaken.
I'm a master's student at the university.
I don't have time, Mr.
I know who you are.
I can provide information about EU officials who collaborate with Russia.
- Such as? - Pia Rasmussen.
Senior official with the Danish Ministry of Commerce.
- My agency will have to evaluate this.
- They have to hurry.
They have to help me get my girlfriend out of Russia within three days.
- That's not enough time.
- They will have to do it if they want Russian intelligence from me.
I'm Ljuba Sorokina.
I was called in by Dr.
Versjinina for a checkup.
Is there anything about why I was called in? You'll have to talk to the doctor about that.
The doctor will be in shortly.
I'm Dr.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
Why was I called in for an urgent checkup? You need to travel to Tbilisi.
They can keep a better eye on your pregnancy there.
I'm sorry, but why Tbilisi? Is it better there than in Moscow? Are you a doctor? My love, trust me.
She knows what she's doing.
I hope you'll be back here soon.
Be well.
Get dressed.
I'll wait outside.
Thank you.
From now on, I'm your sister Olga.
And this is your husband Danik.
You were married in Tbilisi - - which was arranged by your husband's relatives in Moscow.
We'll take you out of the country.
OUT THEM This GIF was shared more than 300,000 times since it was posted.
It inspired an internet campaign for people to out other profiteers.
This campaign has now revealed the names of several profiteers.
Do we know who's behind the campaign? It might be best for you not to ask that question.
Can you give this to the PM, please? As soon as possible.
Information will come out that's of interest to Økokrim.
We need to talk about that.
- Did Grete just come by? - Yes.
She asked me to give you this.
Grete! I can't work here anymore.
- Did the operation go wrong? - No.
It's my son.
He had shares in Stellux.
- He never owned it under his name.
- But the press will find out.
Why did you really go to London? To get him to come forward and give back the money.
- What did he say? - He won't.
Call him.
- Hi, Mama.
- No, Fritjof.
It's PM Jesper Berg.
Your mother wants to quit as secretary of state because of you.
That's her choice.
The way I see it, I haven't done anything wrong.
That's an opinion I share, Fritjof.
Did she tell you - Did Grete tell you she's sick? - What? She doesn't want to talk about it, but - Yeah, she - What do you mean? She's really sick.
No, my mother knew nothing.
And I have nothing else to say, except - - that I'm coming back to Norway and I'm ready to turn myself in.
We go now to the PM's press conference.
Everyone knows I'm ruthless against those who profited from the occupation.
But when people come of their own initiative to pay back what they earned - - and they apologize, they'll get another chance.
Have you seen this headline? BORDER SOLDIERS IN PASVIK GET 20 YEARS IN PRISON Oh really? Yeah, I saw it on the news.
- Room service.
- Hi, we haven't ordered any.
It's for me.
I wanted an omelette.
You can't order room service every single day.
You need to shop for food at the grocery store.
I'll pay for it, Maja.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
I won't do it anymore.
- Hi, Jorunn.
- Hi there.
I'm sorry.
I'm a little stressed with the new restaurant.
But it's really nice of you to keep Maja company.
I'll leave you to enjoy yourself.
Have a good one.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I look forward to closing our deal.
I'm afraid I don't have the money.
So I've heard.
It's all over the Norwegian media.
It may take another month.
Yeah, but that was an exclusive offer.
Sidorova's girlfriend disappeared from Moscow.
Do you know anything? No.
How about 12% of the restaurant for the original amount? Listen, my beautiful Valkyrie.
I have a proposal for you.
I need a lady companion for informal business meetings.
Do you mean like an escort girl? Not exactly.
Many of my friends are looking for opportunities in the Norwegian market.
Your insight into the Norwegian business mentality - - is what attracts me.
Have you heard about Viking Salmon? Of course.
They're the biggest salmon corporation in Norway.
I'm having their CEO and sales director over for dinner tonight.
- I need your help.
- Of course.
To get their trust.
And how about our business? Part of your salary will be a down payment.
You'll get 3% from the restaurant in six months.
Plus, I'll find you a nice apartment.
Deal? Did you know Viking Salmon started a trend in Japan with raw salmon on sushi? Yeah, that's a great story.
You should tell it.
The Japanese chefs couldn't use their own salmon - - because Pacific Ocean salmon has parasites when served raw.
In 1995, we flew in samples of Viking Salmon.
After a rough start, Japan was sold on the idea.
Now Viking Salmon is used on sushi all over the world.
I mean, that's fantastic.
- That's great.
- Congratulations.
What does he think of our tariffs? You know, of course, that the tariffs on salmon are sky-high in Russia.
Ask if we can avoid them.
They don't want to pay any tariffs.
We propose to form a corporation I suggest that we create that we form a joint venture - - where the Russian side owns the most shares.
They want to create a joint company, but with a Russian majority stake.
A joint company might be an option, but only with a Russian minority stake.
They agree on a joint venture, but they want a majority stake.
Tell your countrymen how good I am with knives.
Don't scare the Norwegians.
They'll run away.
Bente, what do you think about this? I would give them the majority stake and reduce the price of the shares.
Then they get scared, sell everything, and you can take over the whole business.
If they don't trust Soboleva Good.
What's my uncle's name? Nikolaj Kolesov.
What is his address in Moscow? - What's wrong with you? - I need to THE RUSSIAN-GEORGIAN BORDER Passports.
- Out of the car.
- Sorry, is there a problem? My wife is pregnant and isn't feeling so well.
Come with me.
Do you want a glass of water? Thank you.
You can go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- What did they ask you? - Nothing.
Nothing? They asked me if I wanted a glass of water.
What's wrong? Drive to the hospital! There's something wrong.
They know.
Let's go, Senka! - Where are you, Ljuba? - In a hospital in Georgia.
I'm bleeding! You can't come in.
She needs medical attention.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Nothing happened.
Think, Ljuba.
Did you eat or drink anything? Did anyone give you anything? I got a little water at the border.
Don't let anyone touch you.
Do you hear me? No one! Not before I call you again.
Do you hear me, Ljuba? - Good evening.
- Ms.
What information have you given EU intelligence? Nothing important.
I never wanted to betray the fatherland.
Nevertheless, the Poles trust you.
I didn't tell them anything they didn't know already.
Pia Rasmussen.
She works in the Danish Ministry of Commerce.
Stop, Irina.
Before your girl can come back - - you have to give them several names.
You don't win anything if I lose the child.
I can go back to Moscow immediately.
We don't want you to go back anymore.
Our wish is that you stay here.
Please contact the Norwegian politician Peter Bjørnstad.
You both have Russian wives who were deported from Norway.
It would be nice if you'd share this with him.
What should I say to EU intelligence? We'll make a list for the Europeans.
Mom? Mom? How did it go? - What? - Can I talk about it at school? - What? - That you bought the restaurant.
Don't you think it's a bit gauche to brag that we own Voyevoda? But do we have enough money? Don't worry about what they say about me in Norway.
We're going to buy it, so just say that.
- You have red wine breath.
- Rude.
- Please have a seat here.
- Thank you, Mr.
I'm sorry that your girlfriend hasn't come back to Norway.
Thank you, but I hope that she'll be here soon.
But I've come to ask a question - - about your campaign video.
I've competed with people from all over the world.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's you must show respect to get respect.
Only then will we succeed.
- Was it your idea? - No.
I just wanted to talk politics.
No, I like it.
Norwegians want to feel proud again.
- Is it the Olympics in Krasnojarsk? - Yes.
This document reveals the results of your drug test.
No, these are false.
My results, they were clean.
But improved methods of dope detection revealed that you have used EPO.
Blood doping.
You have nothing to fear - - as long as you keep an open dialog about your political plans with me.
Danik! - She's being discharged.
- And the baby? The baby is fine.
It wasn't anything serious.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Ljuba is already sitting on a flight to Geneva.
In a few hours, your beloved Ljuba will be back in your arms.
Thank you.
But they put a vial of poison in her body.
It will burst if we find out you've been disloyal again.
Fritjof, why are you doing this now? How much did you earn? No further comments.
- Who told the press we arrived? - I don't know.
What does the secretary of state think about having her son home in Norway? It's good to have the family close.
Did you know he'd earned money from profiteering? I am proud that he's taking responsibility for what he did.
- My mother didn't know anything.
- Hey, Fritjof! Someone help us! Oh my god.
My father gave his life for Norway during the occupation! That's something to be proud of! Not war profiteers who want to kiss up to the public! The suspect's name is Oddbjørn Haugen.
He has no criminal record - - but he's been active in a hate campaign called #outthem Anonymous users post photos here of Norwegian profiteers.
Are all of them at risk of being attacked the same way? Yes.
PST thinks there's a high risk of copycats.

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