Okkupert (2015) s03e04 Episode Script


1 They put a vial of poison in her body.
This isn't her fault.
Your girlfriend is to blame for your predicament.
Money that Russian oligarchs stole from the Norwegian people! - Who's behind this campaign? - It's better you don't ask that.
Grete is really sick.
I hoped you would give the wealth back to the community.
The first to come forward will be met with sympathy.
The suspect's name is Oddbjørn Haugen.
He's been active in the hate campaign called #MarkThem Harald Vold describes the anger many are feeling - - and his message is that the Russians are to blame for this.
As such, he's surging in the polls and leads the country's largest party.
But the group MarkThem is saying that the Russians are also to blame.
But they're a terrorist organization, not a political party.
More than 50 Russians have been marked with acid.
Isn't Vold helping to legitimize inhumane actions like this? You could say that.
He certainly hasn't distanced himself Jesper, Marie Elvestad is here.
- Should I send her in? - Yeah, fine.
- How are you? - You fired our staffing agency.
They were profiteers, so we had to do it.
- Isn't the hydro plant more important? - Absolutely We don't have time for this.
You fired Stellux three weeks ago and we have no staffing agency.
It's not the PM's office that directed I thought we had an agreement.
That we were agreed - - that the climate was more important than this stupid political game.
I'll personally speak with the Ministry of Industry.
- Are you laughing at me? - No.
It's just rare that people talk to me that way.
It's really liberating.
Mona, tell the minister of industry that I want to talk to him in 10 minutes.
We'll arrange a new staffing agency for you.
Is there anything more I can do for you? You can start the process of dismantling all the oil and gas plants in Norway.
Now, while you have the chance.
And now you'll say: "Yeah, we'll look into that.
" - Yeah, we'll look into that.
- Thanks.
OCCUPIED JUNE Artjom! Look over here, Artjom! Speak Norwegian, for fuck's sake! Next time we'll mark you.
Do you know what that means? - We have films of you.
- Show me to all your Russian friends! - Have you shown this to the police? - They dropped the case.
They don't enough resources to pursue cases like this.
I'm a foreman for a trade union that organizes the other Russians.
They dropped the case because I help Russians in Norway.
- I can go talk to the police.
- Don't do it.
Don't do it.
If you do that, they'll put us on the MarkThem list.
The people doing the acid marking are extremists.
It has nothing to do with the police.
A buddy of mine went to the police and complained about the dismissal.
He was acid marked.
The police are working with the terrorists.
Artjom! Not when we have guests.
Come here, Artjom.
Come here, my boy.
Can you use that video to seek asylum in another European country? Yes, I can.
But if you move, as foreman - - the other Russians will lose hope.
Have you thought about that? I'm thinking of my family.
We don't dare leave the house anymore.
We're just scared.
Understand? Yeah.
I'll help you seek asylum.
It will take some time - - so in the meantime, you'll need police protection.
Why did the police dismiss a case where the suspect is easy to identify? The police blame a lack of resources.
What you think? The last Russian citizen who complained about a dismissal was acid marked.
It's made many Russians afraid.
Are you afraid? Your husband, Hans Martin Djupvik, is also on the MarkThem list.
We can't just give in to those who want to scare us.
- She looks like you.
- She looks more like you.
- Like me? - Hi.
- Do you see who she looks like? - No.
- It's your second cousin.
- Mine? Faben lives in Washington, D.
She runs an accounting firm.
Are you doing genealogy research? - Are you having withdrawals from the job? - My family is boring.
- Have you done your homework? - Mm-hmm.
No, you haven't.
Go on.
There's something I have to show you.
Did you know about this? They just forgot to take me off the list after I quit my job.
I'm Grete Sundby.
I'm the mother of the man your son attacked with acid.
I saw Oddbjørn say on TV that his father was a freedom fighter.
- And that he was killed by the Russians.
- Did you come to ask about his father? I'm just trying to understand why he did it.
Only Oddbjørn knows that.
He refuses to talk to me, so I hoped you could persuade him.
You think I owe you that? No.
I didn't mean that you're to blame for what he did.
Fritjof was hurt first and foremost because of me.
I was the one who persuaded him to come home.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come here.
My husband died of COPD.
- Oddbjørn said the Russians killed him.
- He was no hero.
It was Oddbjørn who fought for Free Norway.
- But why did he lie? - He just did what he was asked.
Never stop fighting, Oddbjørn! Harald Vold.
The oil workers were promised they'd get their jobs back.
They'll never get that with Jesper Berg as prime minister.
That's just not true.
Many of them now work at the hydroelectric plant in Stormnes I know and understand very well that you're really angry.
It's you who made us into the world's richest country.
Now you've been forgotten by Jesper Berg.
Harald, you're the one who makes people angry.
You make them angry and very dangerous.
This is Oddbjørn Haugen.
The first man who acid marked a defenseless MarkThem has nothing to do with this debate.
Unfortunately, it does.
"Never stop fighting, Oddbjørn.
" Best, Harald Vold.
It's beneath me to comment on that.
It's beneath you, too.
VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - Sure you're up for this? - I wouldn't miss it for anything.
We established Love Without Limits to fight prejudice and injustice - - against gay people all over Europe.
In Russia, many gay parents are afraid to send their children to public schools - - because teachers ask a lot of questions about family.
Yes, and the families live in constant fear to be exposed.
That's why we chose to stay in Norway - - where we can bring our family openly without fear - - or without being forced to lie.
And without being forced to hide our love.
Because love is never a crime.
I'm so glad you accepted my invitation, Mr.
It's my pleasure, Miss Sidorova.
Do you mind if we speak Russian, please? - My English is not so good.
- Of course.
I am very excited by how you're challenging the Russian regime.
Just like your party, Mr.
That's precisely why we like you so much here in Lithuania.
And not just the LGBT community.
I have a proposal for you, Miss Sidorova.
Let's take a picture of both of you.
Come here with us.
Let's take a walk.
I'm here to ask for your support - - in the coming election, Miss Sidorova.
Are you sure? You have to think about how the community here sees you.
Dear Miss Sidorova.
Please don't think negatively about what just happened.
Don't take it the wrong way.
I personally have no such prejudice.
I understand.
This is a very conservative country.
Most of our voters aren't prejudiced against gay people.
But if I supported them openly my party would never have won.
I understand well, Mr.
Please, Miss Sidorova.
Call me Tavas.
A beautiful name.
I checked.
It means peacock, doesn't it? Yes.
I understand why you hide your sexual orientation.
Me? No, no, no I'm totally normal.
I'm married with a wife.
I have a photo here of you - - leaving the apartment of a very young man.
And here is a photo of you in the young man's apartment.
You don't appear to be a normal family man.
Why are you showing me all this? Do you want money? No.
I just want you to answer the phone the next time I call you.
Yes, of course.
But I would be very grateful - - if you would delete those photos.
It won't help.
I got them from a friend of mine in the FSB.
But I'm happy to support your party in the election.
Fritjof is going to do the TV show.
- That's really great.
- He spoke with other victims, too.
We really appreciate you doing this, Jesper.
- That's nice.
- I just have to say once more: You shouldn't bring up MarkThem in the campaign.
It creates confusion about your views on profiteers.
There's no doubt the PM needs to distance himself from those actions.
Yes, but it could be a catalyst for the activists.
Then you'll give Vold more media coverage.
But the acid marking won't disappear even if we ignore it.
Do you have a strategy for this? We get Njord to plant a virus on MarkThem's website - - that will attack the users and publicly expose who they are.
Excuse me.
You're in the prime minister's office.
- Will you drive with me? - Yes, thanks.
Thanks for the meeting.
See you tomorrow.
- All set? - Yes.
Marie Elvestad [Njord.]
Is this your childhood cottage? - Are you still there? - Yeah.
It's incredible here.
Just go in.
It's never locked.
- Isn't it a little odd without you here? - On the contrary.
It's really nice.
I actually called to hear how the assessment was going.
The dismantling of the oil and gas installations? It's going really well.
We talked about getting your input.
Maybe I can come for another visit? Yeah, of course you can.
- Know what? I'll do that, then.
- Great.
Every day of her life, 6-year-old Ella looked up at her father's face.
There, she found security and she found warmth.
Every day of her life - - until that day when someone decided to acid mark her father.
The decision to destroy Fritjof's face - - was made the same day he repaid what he owed.
The money he'd earned under the occupation.
Why did you say that Mama was sick? A very good question, Fritjof.
Why was this generous act so dangerous for Harald Vold? It's because he depends on hate between us Norwegians.
He depends on it to win the election.
To win the election.
Rune, Sara, Fritjof, Andreas.
As your prime minister, I can guarantee - - that Vold will be held responsible for what happened to you.
I understood that it was Tanning who was investigating the case? No, that's not good enough.
I need to talk to him tomorrow.
I've seen evidence of a threat.
If anything happens to that family, we'll hold the police accountable.
Help! You should have seen his eyes.
He hated me.
He didn't hate you personally.
He's just afraid of losing the Norway he knows.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I thought you came with lots of bags.
I didn't go to the shops.
- Look.
- What is it? They had a new machine at the local hospital.
Is it a boy? It's hard to determine the sex so early on.
I think it's a boy.
Then he'll resemble Jesper Berg.
No, he's pretty.
Look! He's so gorgeous! But they found something strange.
See that? They don't know what it is.
The doctor said he would consult some other doctors tomorrow.
How's it going? Surprisingly well.
Are you going somewhere? I'm going to a meeting.
I'm a little late, though.
It can wait.
Come on.
You're staying home.
Bye! Do you have everything? The police are reopening the investigation of the threat to your client.
Great! On what grounds? The official explanation is that new evidence has shown up.
And your explanation? Leadership saw your little TV stunt.
I hope you're satisfied.
Not until Spartak's family gets police protection.
You can't demand that as a lawyer.
I can demand that the threat to his family be taken seriously - - when I get acid marked defending him.
I'll look into police protection.
- You're sure you don't know what it is? - Of course not.
What is it? A vial, either of glass or silicon.
- I don't know what it contains.
- But where did it come from? There's a small incision on your left hip.
Show me.
- They must have inserted it there.
- Can you take it out? Can you take it out without danger to Ljuba and the baby? What are you talking about? We can probably remove the vial.
But it looks like - - a microelectric device is attached to it.
In addition, it has a thin coating.
Coating? What kind of coating? What is this? Easy.
We need time to think.
I don't need time to think.
I want it removed! - Ljuba.
- This could hurt our child.
- We'll talk about this at home.
- Don't you understand? What do you know about this? Did they put it inside me in Georgia when I was unconscious? - I don't know.
- You're lying.
- Why didn't you let the doctor remove it? - I didn't want to take the risk.
- So you know it's dangerous? - I don't know anything.
If you don't know anything, I might as well - Stop! - I'll just make a hole and Stop.
It's a poison vial.
It could burst.
It's controlled from a cell phone.
But why? Why? I can't tell you that.
But it's really dangerous for you and your child.
Listen to me, Spartak.
The police are coming to protect you.
- Where have you been? - I had to help a client.
We have a surprise for you.
- A surprise? - Yeah.
- What is this? - A trip to Washington, D.
To visit your relatives.
When? - Next Friday.
- I found out where they live.
How exciting! How long have you planned this trip? Maybe I should have told you a bit earlier.
But how long? Since Ingrid died.
I see.
So it's not just a trip.
I don't think it's safe for us to be in Norway right now.
So you're just pretending to be laid back? Listen, it's not safe in this country so long as Jesper is prime minister.
And it won't be any safer if Vold wins the election.
You must have noticed yourself.
We're responsible for Andrea, too.
NJORD RESEARCH STATION The oldest structures are planted firmly in the seabed.
They're the size of nine soccer fields at the bottom of the shelf.
They need to be capped - - and then we put on a deck with wind turbines.
They're strong enough to withstand the pressure.
The new constructions - - need to be prepped to take in CO2, which will be pumped into the seabed.
When do you think we can get started? The way things are going now, at the beginning of November.
It's not often that I get the chance to go on such a nice walk.
Why do you want to wait until after the election? Politics.
The EU has to leave Norway.
Then we can start dismantling.
But the EU is never going to be satisfied.
Neither are you, obviously.
I'm not sure that you're going to win the election.
It will be yet another attempt to save the planet down the drain.
We're going to win the election.
And when we do that, you'll get a call - - with an offer to be climate minister.
- That sounds like a bribe.
- It isn't.
You're really smart.
You talk plainly.
People trust you.
Maybe that's just what we need to win the election.
It sounds like a bribe, anyway.
It's not.
I mean it.
It sounds like it.
That's not right.
You can't offer me the world's coolest job and then try to kiss me.
That's wrong.
It's like making out with your father.
That's not right.
Did you ask Oddbjørn Haugen to start MarkThem? No, I didn't ask Oddbjørn Haugen to start MarkThem.
But I fought with him and know that he's concerned about justice.
That the profiteers should be punished.
But not like that.
A new shocking poll shows that most people - - prefer Harald Vold as prime minister over Jesper Berg.
Vold's alleged ties to the group MarkThem - - seems not to have negatively affected his popularity.
To the contrary.
MarkThem is a desperate expression of the rage that people feel - - about the injustice.
Therefore, it's Jesper Berg - - and no one but Jesper Berg, who is responsible for MarkThem.
He has no shame.
You should distance yourself from Fritjof in this case.
Not Vold.
People don't identify with these acid victims.
70% of swing voters agree more with Vold than you - - when it comes to profiteers.
This is a typical reaction: "They deserve to have their faces burned off.
" You've made Vold more popular.
No, no.
You've made Vold more popular.
- Now you're shooting the messenger.
- Yeah.
Because that messenger started a campaign called MarkThem.
With your help.
We couldn't have known some crazies would You have this job because you say you understand what people think and do.
It's not our fault that Vold I'm really sick of you not taking responsibility.
You started it.
You fix it.
Are you one of those people who goes in and says stop? Few dare to say stop because they're scared.
We in the Coalition Party want to be the ones who say stop.
We want justice for all who live in Norway.
No one should feel excluded.
Are you convinced? It's not necessary.
I'm already convinced.
Have a seat.
- Is Elena here? - No, she's in Bodø with our son.
- Okay.
- They're visiting my parents.
What were you thinking about? I'm going away for a while.
I just wanted to tell her in person.
You're going for a long time? Long enough that I think she needs to get another lawyer.
That's a shame.
We were very impressed with the way you handled Sokolov's case.
Yeah, it's our job to protect the vulnerable in society.
Hilde We could really use you here.
In the party.
- As an advisor or? - No, as a politician.
You'd get a bigger platform for fighting for justice.
As our legal spokesperson.
I'd really like to do that, but I can't.
It's for the sake of my family.
I just need to go.
Hold that.
Then you need to aim.
- I'll wait.
- You know what you're doing? Good! - You can't fit that.
- I promised to train for the Norway Cup.
We'll buy a new one when we get there.
We need to tell her that we're not coming home for the Norway Cup.
- We'll wait until we get there.
- No, we can't wait any longer.
- Andrea, come here a minute.
- What is it? - Do you know what MarkThem is? - Yeah.
The people who get acid marked.
- But first they get warned.
- How? Look.
No! Spartak Do you know that man? At 10:30 this evening, a heavy fire was reported - - at the home of a Russian union leader.
A child is in hospital with serious burns.
The police are not ruling out that the fire could be Spartak, is your son OK? He has burns all over his body.
How could this have happened? - That's what we want to find out.
- Didn't you have police protection? The police promised me protection! What is this? Dereliction of duty? I'll check.
In the meantime, I want to hear what Sokolov has to say.
- Is he suspected of something? - Not at this point.
Because my client is not answering any more questions - - before you question the people who threatened his family earlier.
- You shouldn't have provoked them.
- I had to.
Or they'd focus on you instead of the absence of police protection.
- I need the insurance money.
- You'll get it.
What are you so afraid of? It's my fault that the fire alarm wasn't working.
I took out the battery for Artjom's game.
I really need the insurance money to pay all the bills.
Right now, you need to be here to take care of your family.
- I'll take care of the police, OK? - OK.
Can an investigation reveal if a fire alarm worked or not? No.
In the best case, they'll find pieces of the alarm in the ashes.
Can they find the batteries? They'll probably find the batteries, but that doesn't help.
It can't be proved that they were empty.
- What do you want, Irina? - The kompromat was delivered.
But let's use the email address that we talked about.
I asked Kalnietis to move the EU military exercise - - that was scheduled for the summer in the Balkans.
- Why are you calling? - I have a question.
Question meaning objection.
That vial you put in Ljuba.
- Don't think about it.
- How can I not? It's just a guarantee.
You need to take it out before she goes into labor.
No, we can't.
How could I trust you then? You can put it in me instead.
I can't send people to Norway before we've won the election.
- We can come to Russia.
- Don't say such stupid things.
Do you want all of Europe to start doubting Love Without Limits? Just make us happy with the election results in Norway.
Then we can remove the vial.
Maybe you'll explain it to me now? I have the right to know why they touched me and our baby.
They want me to do something for them.
- What? - It's better that you didn't know.
It's my life.
I have a right to know.
It's our baby.
I'm negotiating with the EU politicians.
Are you blackmailing them? Ljuba, please.
Are you doing it in our name? Are you using Love Without Limits? Why are you going to Brussels next week? On Monday.
I have a meeting there.
- The human rights conference? - That, too.
Don't you understand that they've poisoned our lives? They're destroying our family.
They're killing our baby.
I'm doing this for us.
- For you.
For the baby.
- I don't believe you.
You're lying.
No, it's true.
It's true.
You have no idea what I did to get you back from Moscow.
You can't even imagine.
You don't understand.
I'm sorry.
I have no one but you and the baby.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I love you.
The Russians have never acknowledged their military presence in Norway.
They even got the EU leaders to deny it.
But you who took part in the freedom fights know what I'm talking about.
You know what it means to fight against elite Russian soldiers.
In this area here, we had skirmishes with Spetsnaz every night.
Here's a question from a Trond H: "Have you ever killed a Russian soldier?" You know, once we found a Russian soldier on the shore there.
[Harald Vold attacked with acid.]
Have you known him for a long time? Yeah.
Two, three years.
Were you friends? Yeah, we took a lot of walks together.
Yeah, we sort of became friends.
A large group has assembled in front of the hospital.
Yeah, we have it under control.
There's some agitation here.
Can you bring backup? It's ugly to think - - but is he going to keep his followers with the way he looks now? No, that's what we're thinking.
But it depends on what you do now.
What are you thinking? You'll see.
You asked me to clean up, so you're welcome.
You have to do the rest yourself.
Harald Vold is my friend.
That's why I'm here now.
Harald and I stood side by side in the freedom fight for Norway.
Norway would never have been a free country without Harald Vold.
I understand your anger, but we can't turn against each other.
Harald says things plainly.
That's earned him many friends.
It's also earned him many enemies.
But the people in the MarkThem campaign are not his enemies.
We can therefore assume that what happened to Harald - - was done by the Russians.
- Mama, we're leaving tonight.
- I know that, buddy.
- Aren't you going to pack? - Yeah.
Is there room in your suitcase? Mine's too heavy.
It was my fault.
- What? - Spartak's son.
You tried to help him.
I don't want to be the kind of person - - that escapes and leaves others in the lurch.
It won't help Spartak if the same happens to us.
But what about the people who can't escape? What happens to them if we don't fight for what we believe? We tried, Hilde.
We tried to stop the symptoms.
I want to change the whole premise.
I want to do something political.
I want to help Bjørnstad.
Politics changes the politicians more than it changes society.
You don't trust me.
Hilde, you're the only person I trust.
I don't want to leave.
I can't.

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