Okkupert (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

September Part 1

1 Did you know that Norwegian authorities have frozen your assets in Norway? Maja, you can't order room service every single day! You need to cook.
I'll pay for it, Maja.
I have a proposal.
Your insight into the Norwegian business mentality - - is what attracts me.
Deal? At 12:30, a large fire was reported at the home of a Russian union leader.
I took the battery out and put it in Artjom's game.
- Can they find the batteries? - Probably.
But they can't tell if they were empty.
You're implicating yourself in the assassination of Anita Rygh.
Harald says things plainly.
That's earned him many friends - - but also many enemies.
3 MONTHS LATER Harald Vold I know I know you helped the Russians acid mark me.
- Is he talking at all? - He won't ever speak again.
I'll go in alone.
I'm here as a friend, Harald.
This attack didn't come from me.
You don't seriously think that I'm working with the Russians? Otherwise I'd have won the election.
Obviously the Russians want to get rid of us both.
You realize that, don't you? Now they're manipulating you so that you'll attack me.
Burn in hell! Quisling! I don't accept death threats.
Not even from you.
OCCUPIED SEPTEMBER, PART 1 MOSCOW We have prepared a contract according to our verbal agreement.
We will sign it if the Unified Party wins the election.
- Petter Bjørnstad will win.
- Berg is still way ahead in the polls.
You know that after the election, many manufacturers here - - will be fighting to undercut one another.
Russia is the second largest weapons exporter in the world.
You'll never get this opportunity again.
Why don't we sign a letter of intent now and the agreement after the election? - Can you help select a wine for dessert? - Of course.
Maja: When are you coming home, Mom? Can we have lunch together? Get them to sign this contract, in case Jesper Berg wins.
But how do I convince them that he won't win? Tell them I have a perfect track record for swaying elections.
Your hackers need to smarten up.
Nobody in Norway believes that Jesper Berg is a pedophile.
- What will they believe in? - Ask Harald Vold.
- Vold hates us.
- Yeah, but he also wants Jesper to lose.
Do you know how to get in touch with him? We should be incredibly proud because together we freed our country! But my dear friends, that fight isn't over yet.
The Russians are still in Norway, and some of them are disguised - - as Norwegian politicians.
They say that we need to cooperate because we don't have a choice.
Do we have no choice? We'll soon have a choice - - when every one of us votes.
And then we can choose - - that Norway should again be a free and independent nation! Have a good election! And we can't remove it? OK, talk to you later.
Jesper Berg is bursting with confidence.
It's no wonder.
He has a big lead The elections are flying by.
- Something's come up.
- Oh? Jesper Berg is personally responsible for the murder of Anita Rygh.
Unless he withdraws from the election, we'll release a recording that proves it.
You have until Friday, 2 PM.
It's been seen by 80% of Norwegian users on social media.
- Can we trace where it came from? - What do you think, Sander? Russia? It's likely.
The IP address is from Bangladesh, but it's just an exit node.
It's a Russian troll.
Fake news.
- Norwegian Intelligence can show that.
- I'll make a call.
We can't let the Russians bombard our voters with lies like this.
- Can we hit back at them? - You won't win anything that way.
Answer the question.
This is a personal attack on me.
Can we crush that troll factory? You're asking us to start a large, coordinated cyberattack.
A nuclear war online.
Hackers won't attack for free.
We'll pay.
Norwegian Intelligence confirms that it's Russia.
I found out that Bente Norum retaliated with Russian trolls.
What does Norwegian Intelligence say? The restaurateur she works for is financing this troll factory.
I think we should call Bente Norum again.
- You.
- OK.
Hello? Hi.
This is Grete Sundby from the prime minister's office.
Where did you say you were calling from? The prime minister's office? Yeah.
Your lawyers says you have good Russian contacts.
People in the tech industry I assume this has something to do - - with the online campaign against the prime minister.
I may be able to give you some names, but only if you unfreeze my assets first.
Your assets are a matter for the courts.
You know that.
According to my friends in the tech industry, the courts - - are more concerned about Jesper Berg and less with people like me.
The prime minister is willing to hear your side of things.
Can you come here? If Jesper Berg wants to meet me, he can come to Moscow.
Then he'll find out what I have.
Bye! - Why didn't you accept the meeting? - They have a warrant for me in Norway.
- Then Meet him in Spitsbergen.
- What's the difference? It's still Norwegian jurisdiction.
We control the entry of our own citizens there.
So you'll make me Russian just like that? The president will grant you a Russian passport, yeah.
What exactly do you want me to do? Vold will never come forward as a witness.
He won't implicate himself.
Get Jesper Berg to admit what he did to Anita Rygh.
Then we can publicize the recording.
Oh, come on.
I'm not the police.
You're much better than them.
If I succeed - - I want 20% of Voyevoda without paying.
You'll get the whole restaurant, unless you fail.
I've promised the president Petter Bjørnstad will win the election.
Please, don't disappoint me.
UNIFIED PARTY - Can we go soon? - We need to wait for Mom.
It's not over.
I'm sorry, but - Who were you talking to? - The guy who lost his house.
- In the fire? - Spartak.
He's losing money from the skin transplants for his son.
Jesper Berg has denied the Russians health insurance.
I thought you said he was insured.
Yeah, but the police think that he lit the fire himself - - because he tried to hide that the fire alarm was off.
- How can they prove that? - Because I I planted a battery at the scene.
- That's not like you.
- No, but I was desperate.
They wanted to leave Norway.
I insisted they should stay here.
- Does Spartak think it's your fault? - No.
He just needs money for the operations.
His son has scar tissue all over his face.
Are you upset, Mom? No, I'm fine.
I'm just a little tired, Andrea.
- I'll talk to Spartak.
- No, I need to fix this myself.
I'll fix things with Spartak.
You need to focus on the election.
There's only a week left.
That's why we stayed in Oslo.
- Hello? - Hans Martin Djupvik.
Hilde's husband.
What do you want? Hilde told me about your situation.
- Is that why you're here? - No.
I saw a person who was filming your conversation with Hilde yesterday.
Filmed the conversation? Who? Maybe a private investigator.
When it comes to your case - - there isn't sufficient evidence.
I don't understand what you mean.
Did you come to help? I promised Hilde I would help you.
You know what? Your help Just keep away from us.
Far away.
Hi, Tom.
It's me.
I need you to check something for me.
Find out where Artjom Sokolov had his skin transplants done.
He's about eight years old.
But her brother's babies just became more successful.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Maja, if you need money, ask me.
- I didn't know she was here.
- Hi, girls.
I'm traveling to Svalbard in two days.
Isn't that great? So I talked with your mother, Annabelle.
Maja will be staying with you for the next two nights.
- Cool! - Yeah.
OK? - Take it.
- Thanks.
Have fun.
- OK, have fun.
- Thank you.
They've had two follow-ups since the surgery two weeks ago.
Did you go into the clinic's database? Yeah.
I found the man who paid for the operation.
- KÃ¥re Helleland.
- Who is that? Oh my god.
Look at this one.
"Championship in darts and keep my body in good shape.
" "I would like it if you stopped showering.
I love the smell of my juices on you.
" My mom's the pill addict.
One of these with alcohol and you're high all night.
I promise.
Here's another good one.
"You look like a schoolgirl.
Please never grow up.
" "Please let me dress you before you go to school.
" - Who would want to be with those pervs? - Don't ask me.
I don't know.
- He's disgusting.
- His beard is so long.
Look at his arms.
The plane leaves in an hour and a half.
We have to leave in 10 minutes.
I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying here.
I can't access his phone.
Present from my boss.
He wants to talk to you.
- Hi, Bente.
- Hi.
- I'm so glad to see Maja looks well.
- Well, she's awake.
I've organized a private plane for you.
- No, I can't go anywhere.
- You'll take Maja with you.
She's in hospital.
She's not going anywhere.
The doctor is going with you as well.
Why is the PM prioritizing Svalbard right before the election? It's important for us to show that all of Norway was freed.
Svalbard, too.
But Russia has more rights now than before the occupation.
It's all the more important that the prime minister visits Svalbard.
Look at this.
The glass vibrates when he talks.
You need to always be facing us.
Understand? Get him to talk! Why did you do it? Maja I feel like I ruined everything for you.
It was a big mistake moving to Russia.
Hey - Can you talk to me, please? - You're never going to change.
I will change, but you have to tell me what I'm doing wrong.
We're never together.
Even if we're talking together or sitting right next to each other.
I'm all alone, Mom.
You don't realize that.
You know what? You have to give me a chance to fix things.
I don't have to do anything.
Bente Norum? Stand still.
Give me your phone.
- Hi.
- Bente Norum.
Are you in direct contact with the troll factory? - Do you feel threatened? - Sobol is putting out false rumors.
If it was just rumors, you wouldn't be here.
I'm just curious.
- Can you take off my sunglasses? - What did you say? You heard what I said.
- He threw the glasses.
- Point the laser at her clothes.
What are you playing at? Now look that way.
What do the Russians want to stop the release of that recording? They don't have any recordings.
That's what we're doing here now.
Oh yeah? Do they have any evidence, then? Yeah.
I talked to a witness who knows everything.
One name and we unfreeze your assets.
Forget the money.
Take my daughter to Norway with you.
You have to make it look like a kidnapping or something.
Yeah, we can arrange that.
If you give me a name first.
Maja will give you the name if you take her with you.
If you're lying to me now, you'll never be let into Norway again.
You'll never see your daughter again.
We're leaving Barentsburg by helicopter tomorrow morning.
- Tell me you recorded it! - You told him about the glasses! I didn't tell him anything! It was a bad plan.
He saw right through it.
What are you going to tell Sobol? Hi.
I decided we're going to move back to Norway.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Do you want that? - But do you want that, though? - Yeah, I do.
- You'll travel first.
I'll come after.
- I don't want to go without you.
I'll come after.
And Grandma will wait for you.
It will be fine.
But you? When they stop us, pretend like you don't want to go.
OK? - Why? - Just do it.
What are you doing? Don't read this and don't show it to anyone but Jesper Berg.
My beautiful girl.
You can do this.
- Police! Are you Bente Norum? - Yes.
- CPS is picking up Maja Norum! - This must be a mistake! - It's Child Protective Services! - Show me the papers! We don't need a court order in cases of gross neglect.
We can't travel without Maja! Don't! Your plane will not be permitted to leave with this girl either way! We can travel without her, but not you.
Sobol will kill us.
If you stay here with them, I'll kill Maja! It will be fine, Maja! It will be fine! I'll fix this, Maja! I'll fix it.
See if we can overturn it.
So we're intervening? OK.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
Maja, is it? Do you know who I am? - Could we get Maja a hot cocoa? - Yes, of course.
Do you have a message to me from your mother? It's on my back.
Look at that.
Here you are.
Oh, I'm sorry! I'll get something to dry it.
Where's the bathroom here? You can't show that to anyone else.
Just wash it off.
Just a moment.
We have a problem.
Maja wants to go to her grandmother's in Oslo.
We just need to back out and let her go.
- I took responsibility for her.
- Fix it.
Irina Sidorova, founder of Love Without Limits.
Many people in Norway remember you as the Russian ambassador to Norway.
Have you cut ties with your government? Right now, I'm focused on my work for Love Without Limits.
It's an independent organization promoting the rights of gay people - - who are experiencing backlash in many places of the world.
- Including in your home country, Russia.
- Yes, Russia has passed laws making OK, go.
Two minutes have elapsed in the interview.
You have about 13 minutes.
Are you getting this? The unit is called Ljuba.
The contents are encrypted.
- Just simple emails.
- She must have a hard drive somewhere.
Is that really how most Russian people view Norwegian media, as an enemy? I have experienced that most Russians - - have a very favorable opinion of Norwegians.
Many companies here have developed a close network of connections - - with Russian colleagues over the past few years.
HM, they're on their way in.
You said it was a live broadcast.
I was obviously wrong.
You have 15-20 seconds.
I'm going to buy milk.
You'd think you'd done this before.
MOSCOW - Sobol is waiting for you.
- He's waiting for all of you.
Thank you.
So what did Jesper Berg tell you? Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? Your plan failed.
We didn't record anything.
Bente is right.
- We disappointed her, didn't we? - Yes.
- Why? - Because someone snitched.
All I know is that Jesper Berg knew about the laser recording.
And somebody must have told the Child Protection Agency about Maja - - because they don't just show up out of the blue.
Let's call Maja.
It's Mom.
Do you want to talk to her? - Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Maja.
How are you? Good.
We're on the way to Grandma's.
Maja, I'm so sorry about this whole situation.
I'm here with Sobol.
He says he wants to help us.
Could you speak to him? Hello, Maja.
I apologize for suggesting you go to Svalbard.
You didn't know this was going to happen.
We were told the Child Protection Service must have known about you.
I know.
That's why they found me.
Did they say who? - No.
- Come on, Maja.
I'm not allowed to tell.
- By whom? - People from the agency.
I have to go.
Wait, Maja.
Whoever is listening should know - - I'll support the best lawyer in Norway to help you get home, Maja.
Thank you.
It must have been him who snitched, Bente.
My men are very loyal to me.
Go and see who it is.
It's not long now before you see your grandma, Maja.
- I think Mom is in trouble.
- Why? Her boss doesn't like that she sent me here.
But your mother threatened to shoot CPS when they took you.
She was just pretending.
She had a deal with the PM to get me home.
What deal is this? She would give him a message.
- When did you give Jesper a message? - At the police station in Svalbard.
- What was the message? - I showed him this.
VOLD The first group of European peacekeeping forces to Norway returned home today.
The troops have accomplished their mission at the border between Norway and Russia.
The timing of the EU's withdrawal was criticized by Norwegian opposition - - claiming the move may influence the upcoming election.
Hello? Harald? The message from Brussels is we're all behind you, Jesper.
Norway couldn't have done this without you, so we're really grateful.
I assume it's good for your campaign that we have withdrawn our forces.
- It's good for the country.
- Excuse me, Prime Minister.
- I think you need to take this call.
- Excuse me.
It's Grete.
Harald Vold was found dead.
Grete? I just heard.
This is absolutely terrible.
Was it suicide? You knew him better than me.
I haven't seen Harald for several months.
- How did he seem when you talked? - It was the famous debate.
When he was in good shape.
Hey, I have Portmann here.
We'll talk more about this later.
Really good of you to call.
- OK, bye.
- Bye.
- Good morning.
- How was your night? Not too good.
How was yours? Jesper Berg would never have come to Spitsbergen - - unless he knew that compromising material actually existed.
But I told you, Vold doesn't want to implicate himself.
But you can implicate him.
Put out a rumor.
That's a good idea.
But Vold is dead.
Our best source murdered after you met Jesper Berg.
Explain that.
THE SUPREME COUR I assume that you've been to the police with these? No, the evidence wouldn't hold up in a police investigation.
But what do you want us to do with them? I believe that the Supreme Court has a responsibility to get rid of Jesper.
Should we impeach him? Yes.
We can't decide that.
The next parliament will have to.
What do you think parliament will do if Jesper's party has the majority? What do you think? You've helped create a situation - - where we have no parliament.
It's your responsibility to clean this up.
I'd like to include something about equality before the law.
You're one of strongest cards that we have.
I have resigned as state secretary and broken all contact with the PM.
- Why is that? - I've lost all trust in Jesper Berg.
Why are you saying this now, right before the election? I can no longer be silent about the methods Jesper Berg uses to win.
What do you say to the rumors about Jesper Berg on social media? I'm not going to anticipate the Supreme Court's judgment.
But if Jesper Berg were innocent, he'd have behaved differently with me.
They have a witness.
- Who? - Bente Norum's daughter.
- Say again.
- I asked Jesper Berg to take Maja.
Say again! I asked Jesper Berg to take Maja with him to Norway.
And what did you give Jesper Berg in return? I I told him that Vold is cooperating with us.
That's good for now.
Call the Supreme Court in Norway.
- Confirm what you've just said.
- What? Your daughter is smarter than you are.
Maja has already alerted them.
But she's just a child.
Why did you do this to Nikolaj? Because you had to show me how much you care for him.
You're going to Norway to witness against Jesper Berg.
And you'll let Nikolaj go? He will be free when Jesper Berg loses the election.
Berg attacks Norwegians who think differently from him - - under the pretext of waging war against the Russians.
Bjørnstad boasts of his close ties to Russia - - and continues to make false, Russian-fabricated accusations against me.
I'm not the only one accusing you of being behind Anita Rygh's killing.
- It's your own state secretary.
- Yeah, and as Bjørnstad well knows she was forced on me as state secretary by the traitorous parliament 6 months ago.
That tells us that this conspiracy was planned all along.
Jesper Berg invents new enemies when he can't answer for himself.
You have something to answer for, don't you, Bjørnstad? How can you produce false testimony - - from a little 13-year-old girl? Several online sources are reporting that a new witness has come forward.
- What do you say to that? - I have total trust in the Supreme Court.
They're going to uncover this game.
But those who will judge my credibility - - are the Norwegian people, who in two days will vote - - that Norway should be a strong and free country - Continue, Prime Minister.
- Strong - Prime Minister? - Strong Prime Minister! Jesper! Can we get a doctor? Oscar 30 is down! Requesting immediate assistance!
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