Okkupert (2015) s03e06 Episode Script

September Part 2

1 The time for fossil fuels is over! - I've seen their video.
- It was no joke.
- I spent the summers at Elgseter.
- It's fantastic here.
I planted a battery on the fire pit.
It is a remotely controlled poison vial.
Jesper Berg is responsible for the murder of Rygh.
Can we crush that magic factory? I've talked to a witness who knows everything.
The Supreme Court must get rid of Jesper.
- Should we sue him? -Yes.
You go to Norway and testify against Jesper Berg.
-A new witness has signed up.
-Prime minister! All away from the bed.
Shock is provided.
Pulse Check.
Jesper, can you hear me? Continue compression.
Jesper? Jesper? Do you hear me? -He's awake.
- Hi, Jesper.
Now it was good to see you.
-Do you remember me? -How long have I been here? Not so long.
You had a seizure at the TV debate yesterday.
How do you feel? Like most Norwegians does not want the prime minister- to spend time on such baseless allegations.
Jesper is looking forward to meeting the press at the polling station tomorrow.
Do you still believe voters stand behind Jesper Berg? I don't think voters decide before they hear what Berg says.
Primarily about how it goes the collapse during the party leadership debate.
But also about the serious charges aimed at him.
His own secretary of state more than suggests- - that he is involved in the attack on Anita Rygh.
You asked us to attack the Russian troll factories.
We hired a number external hackers via Njord.
Did they find anything about me, then? No.
Surprisingly enough the troll factories most busy- of security holes in Russian computer systems.
But now we doThe hackers have that fee we promised them to shut up.
Look here.
Russian domain.
It is quite common.
But not that another user logs on himself on the same account, in Moscow.
I think they communicate via stored email drafts that are never sent.
Can you see what they're talking about? - Not without an encryption key.
-How long do you need? - At least a week.
Watch the news.
It looks like if we can win the election! They believe that Berg has used illegal funds against political rivals.
Bente Norum's testimony today should have been decisive.
Is Jesper Berg involved in the attack against Rygh? I'll tell the Supreme Court that.
I know Berg is lying.
I found information you should know about.
Sidorova paid the medical bills to Spartak's son.
And he had to trick you into saying that you tampered with the fire evidence.
Why would she do that? They filmed you.
Surely too to take advantage if you win the election.
Don't stay like that again, Hans Martin.
You promised.
The only ones who take Norum's words seriously, well is the Supreme Court.
She's going back to Moscow tonight.
She has been issued a Russian passport by the Russian president.
What was the domain name the link to the emails, did you say? Voyevoda Palace.
But I never said it.
Find out when Bente Norum is leaving Oslo.
I take a phone call to my daughter.
Can I just Bente Norum, just look straight ahead.
Don't turn around.
Hans Martin Djupvik.
Formerly PST.
I know you're in dialogue with Ambassador Sidorova.
You communicate through an email account which belongs to Voyevoda.
Sidorova dictates everything you say to the Supreme Court.
It will have serious consequences for you if you manipulate the choice -You are wrong.
- Think carefully.
You can end up in prison for land fraud.
Unless you give me encryption the key to communicationtheir ion.
I have no idea where you got this from.
You just have to arrest me, then.
Think carefully.
Do you hate me? I love you.
You should stay in Norway.
But you're here.
It's just like this Sobol wants you to think.
Do you know if he has have had contact with Sidorova? Probably.
I put her in contact with him- the same night you met.
-Why? -He had a hold of her.
He had her boyfriend hostage in Moscow.
Just like the two of us now.
He will never leave us alone.
You know that.
-Did you read the points? -No.
I'm going to improvise.
What are you going to talk about? -About the charges against me.
-It is good.
People need to hear how outrageous it is- to be accused for something you haven't done.
You can try to attack Bente Norum's motives.
She's a war prof, and you froze her fortune.
Of course, she wants revenge.
Don't get caught up in any polemics about the content of the claims.
- Just refuse for them.
-I tried it.
It didn't help.
So now I'll tell the truth.
What are you going to say, then? I need to know what to say.
That I That I took the life of Anita.
After all, I realized it was going to happen.
This is just bad conscience.
Maybe that yes.
But there were several.
Many more.
Can we stop here? You haven't killed anyone.
Now you feel a little unwell.
We can drop the press statement.
We don't need it.
We need you to vote.
That's the most important thing.
All right? I think I'll take a walk on the toilet here.
Oscar 3, movement! What is going on?111 Absolutely.
Then we'll see you tonight.
-Gee! Welcome back! -Thanks for that.
The Supreme Court says they want to sue Berg for national law.
-Good work! -Great.
What's happening here? I've invited some friends at dinner.
The Deputy Prime Minister is right confirmed that he is coming.
- Let's give them a nice evening.
-Yes, let's face it.
-What is it? -We have a security problem.
Not all sectors are covered.
- But you have to solve that.
- We don't have enough people.
encryption Why waste my time with such details? I don't know how this is solved.
Just fix it! We have to take it somewhere else.
Give me feedback in one hour.
Where's my cellphone? It was just here.
Where is it? -Where's my phone? -It's this one, right? Do you sleep or are you blind? We will immediately get a freshly made Election day measurement - and it will give us the answer who is to govern the country.
Now it's 33 seconds left until the polling stations close And now, Ane, there are 26 seconds left.
Now most of us have done our duty.
We have in our room and unseen folded ballot -Tom, it refuses to be copied.
-Let me look at it.
Now comes the numbers.
Now comes TV2's forecast.
Be it Berg or Petter Bjørnstad who will rule the next four years? That of the candidates who first enters the studio - has the majority behind it in the Storting.
There are two, there is one second left, - -and that's Petter Bjørnstad who wins! Mom won! We have triggered a copy alert.
Congratulations so much, Hilde! You have no idea how much this means to us! For me and Irina.
Now our baby will be safe! What do you mean? That Love Without Borders has many supporters in the Collecting Party.
Of course.
Shit! We are discovered! You must get out! Andrea, go and pack your suitcase.
Clothing and your most important things.
We're going out.
Cheers for the win! Fill the jars.
Fill the jars.
Miss Norum played an important role in this election.
I heard that.
Russia is grateful for your contribution, Miss Norum.
Call it patriotism.
I am a Russian citizen.
- I have a Russian passport.
- Let's toast the Russian passport! Cheers to the Russian passport, my gentlemen! Yes, I promised her a great reward.
-Oh well? -40% of the restaurant.
She is a medium good businesswoman.
- Do you think so? -I give you 49%.
Ready to sign the deal? -Now? While I'm full? Yes, because it is then one gets the best deals.
I can't destroy Bentes specially imported napkins.
I'll be back.
Sobol is proud of you.
Sorry, Mr.
Deputy Prime Minister, but you can't trust Sobol.
Strong words, mrs.
Sobol sold your authorities correspondence with Irina Sidorova- -to the boss in Norwegian intelligence.
Djupvik has received encrypted files from Sobol's mobile.
-How do you know this? -Djupvik asked me to confirm it.
Just examine his finances.
He has received millions lately the months from Norwegian companies.
He is a traitor.
-And -And? "Igor Bogdanovich Sobolev.
" Stalin said to Gorky: "Comrade Gorky.
You've written a novel "- - "as you have called the Mother".
“Why don’t you write a novel called the Father? " Then Stalin said, "Try it?" "Trying is not a trial.
" Toast.
Cheers to try it.
Can I have a word with you? Of course, Mr Minister.
Taste it.
Congratulations! Sidorova is recording you and Spartak.
You can hear it yourself.
She has compromised on Petter as well.
Russia is coming to blackmail you.
They manipulate politicians throughout Europe.
- Let's go home.
Our lives are in danger.
You have to get Andrea to safety.
The car and she stand in Langes gate.
- Is she here? -Yes.
I'm coming after you.
Congratulations on your wife's victory! Who knows how far she can go? I'll get some champagne.
Do you want? She constantly surprises us.
Can I get some words on a two-handed basis with you? Hi! Please, Hilde.
Just chair on me this one time.
In the glove room are the passports and an SSD you need to keep.
Don't show it to anyone before we meet again.
I've left the address to your relatives in Washington.
Make sure you can't be tracked.
The Russians will do everything they can to find you.
See you at Faben in Washington.
Take care of you and Andrea while.
We can't find her.
She must have left the building.
-Where are we going? Just join me.
He is dead.
It was the heart.
What shall we do? Call the hospital and tell.
Here in Norway we live in a well-functioning democracy, as we make the government change in a proper way.
Jesper Berg, who still is the country's prime minister, - - been missing for over a week.
The police are working on several theories.
After what NRK experiences, - - we cannot rule out that he is been exposed to something criminal.
Leading a country is not that easy.
Sporting spirit is required and endurance, - - I know you as a Northern country has galore.
Congratulations on the day and good luck! This is a great day, - - for me and not least for those who voted for us.
I promise to do my utmost to show me the trust worthy.
What are you doing, Jesper? Thinking.
Do we have time for that? It's not that easy I have become a man who just saying things I don't believe in myself.
It's not really that important what you believe in anymore.
Climate change will not wait while taking out your little life crisis.
You came all the way here just to tell me? Yes.
-I congratulate the election winner.
- Thank you, Mrs.
Your contribution was significant.
Moscow sets it very high.
Sit down.
Would you like to become an ambassador again? I was very happy in Norway, but now I prefer a job at UNESCO.
Are you typing a good word for me? With pleasure.
Besides, I need some which can remove the vial in Ljuba.
I need to make sure that the doctor who put it in comes here.
- He specializes in such things.
But the ampoule is not taken out before you find Hilde Djupvik- and make her keep quiet.
I'm sure you understand that, Mrs.
Maybe you should talk to her husband.
Have you gone completely crazy? We need him for the negotiations! We were ordered to make him talk.
Get a nurse! I'm really sorry for this, Hans Martin.
Don't be afraid, please.
I am not afraid.
You're always scared.
That's why you see things before others ability it.
What do you want with me, ms.
Sidorova? We want you to contact Hilde, - - so she can give us the information.
And the Russians will let me leave the country if i do this? Hans Martin, we've saved many people's lives in the past.
Only you can prevent this international conflict.
You must have agreed another way to communicate on.
I can not help you.
Show me those apps and social the media he used most often.
And his wife? Send some messages.
-Have you traveled all the way from Norway? -Yes.
My husband is already here because of.
jobs in Washington.
Hans Martin Djupvik.
Didn't he call? -No.
-What was your name again? -Hildu.
My grandmother was from Asmara.
Her family had a coffee mug there.
Her sister's name is Zehna, I think.
Was it your grandmother? Yes, it's my grandmother! God better! Hi! Semere, come here! Greet our relatives from Norway.
Nice to meet you.
- What is he doing here? -He'll take out your ampoule.
Good day.
How are you? -Thank you for coming, Dr.
-You're welcome.
Sit down.
All I can do now - is to give Ljuba something which will make the reeds easier to carry.
I really hope that will stop the birth.
No, you have to remove that ampoule now.
Sorry, but I've done everything I could.
Ljuba must stay here at the clinic.
Hello? The wife of Hans Martin replied to your message - via the Offside app.
It is used by the daughter's soccer team.
She's sure that you are Hans Martin.
Ask him to call her, and put her over to me.
-His Martin? -Hilde.
I'm very glad you called.
This is Irina.
Where is Hans Martin? The IP address is blocked.
We need time to track it.
Listen carefully.
Hans Martin is being held captive.
Why? Which is legal Do you have a basis for that? Irina, I know everything about you.
That Russia affects elections in Europe.
I'll release him if you give us the information.
I want to see him first.
See that he is in good condition.
I'll arrange a Skype call.
Call me in 30 minutes.
I don't want you to go.
I want to give birth in a regular hospital.
Ljuba, everything is going to go well.
Believe me.
This is the best opportunity.
Believe me.
Now Hilde is calling.
Get her to hold the line for at least a minute and a half.
Here's Hilde.
-Hilde! - What did they do to you? Hans Martin! Are you OK? You have to sign out, Hilde.
Immediately! She wants to negotiate! - Go to the police with the information.
- Not until you are safe.
Don't think you can save me.
That's what they're trying to exploit.
They should release you.
Do you give them the information, they kill you both! No, Irina wouldn't have allowed that.
They keep me alive just because they want to find you.
They will track you down.
They know where you are! Don't shoot, Hans Martin! Don't shoot! No! I love you both.
Hello? Hans Martin? Hello? Andrea, we must go now! Does your mom have a car? Is this here? Go get the keys and get down! Which car is that? Get down! Where are you going? You're not going anywhere before removing the vial.
You don't need me anymore.
Nature has passed.
It became a boy.
Where is Ljuba? My boyfriend? Ljuba is on the Intensive.
The ampoule burst.
-You understand what this means? -What does that mean, mrs.
Djupvik? These European politicians will be pressed by Russian authorities.
-You too? -Yes, they tried! -So the information about you is correct? -Yes, but that's not the point.
The Russians want to increase their influence in Europe.
And you're in for a ride! Thanks for your analysis.
We have to look at this, of course.
What does that mean? What are you going to do? Unfortunately, I can't enlighten you about.
I must know that my husband did not take his life to no avail.
I can assure you that I should take this to the highest level.
Both you and your husband has shown incredible bravery.
Excuse me.
Wait! - We thought you were gone.
- Ivar said you hacked the Russians.
Did he say they haven't been paid? Yes, as well as you hacked troll factory, - -you found security holes all around around Russian infrastructure.
What institutions were they? Hospital.
Tv stations.
-What about the mains? -Yes.
Anything that can be used to pressure their own authorities.
- Inspiring idea.
-A very inspiring idea.
-You first have to pay what we owe.
- We can't worry about money now.
Listen to what Jesper has to say.
The car of the Deputy Prime Minister is here.
Surely I shouldn't be with you? To greet the President? No.
Surely thatyou should not join? Sander can camouflage the broadcast from the car.
The point is that I should be taken.
So we get that attention.
How are you? -Good.
When are you coming home? I'm coming home very soon.
You know what? I bought the entire restaurant.
Like I promised.
Do you have it? So cool.
Wow! Yes, then you must leave.
You must come and visit me in prison, then.
- Do you think I'm fat in the hat, right? -No.
I understand lest you go to jail.
This is just the first battle, Marie.
Now you have to win the war.
The Moscow blackout will continue all the way to the Russian authorities -pay what they owe to the planet after many decades of pollution.
We encourage everyone that will save the planet to attack other countries that pollute.
Make them lose money.
Attack the energy supply.
Not just Moscow, but every major city.
Don't wait that climate agreements must save the planet.
Don't wait for democracy or Someone else will save the planet.
Only you can do it!
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