Old School (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Yesterday's Heroes

No names, alright? Hey, fellas.
How much he tell ya? You need someone to open a door.
That's right.
Two minutes.
Maybe less.
I told ya, he's the best around.
Your share's 300.
Gonna be happy with that? It's a peach, mate.
What are you gonna do if I say no? We'll pack up and go home.
That's it, eh? No hard feelings? Just gonna let me walk out of here? I know that voice.
It's Lennie Cahill.
You sure, boss? Yeah, that's him.
He'd be doing the door.
Well, you in or you out? Is it happening? I don't know.
OK, you're on.
We got 'em yet? Nothing.
Hold it.
Oi, where are we? What street is this? Why do you want to know? I thought the take-down was on Weston Street.
There's been a change of plans.
This is Wiley Street.
Heard from undercover, they've changed location.
It's not Weston anymore, it's Wiley Street.
Why have they done that? Bloody hell.
Wiley's miles away.
Rick, come in! There's a change of plan.
It's not Weston, it's Wiley Street.
Roger, Ted.
Take 517 and 520 with you.
Up City Road to Wiley Street, let's move! Here it is! It's coming! Would you shut up? Shut up! Alright, they're coming to you.
Let's go.
Car 32.
Come on! 519, come in.
Yes, Ted? How far away are you, Rick? We're not far off, mate.
Come on.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Get your hands where I can see them! Let's go! Move it.
Go, go, go! Oh, shit! What happened? Get back in the truck.
Get at it! Get back in! Jesus.
Drop your weapons! Police, drop your weapons.
Police! Drop your weapons! Go! Get outta here.
What are you doing? Open the door.
Open the door! Police.
Stop or I'll shoot! On the ground! Get down! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Get down! Down! Get down! Don't move! Urgent, officer down.
Shot in the chest.
Wiley Street.
Conscious and breathing.
That it? Yep.
See you next time, Lennie.
Won't see me again, boss.
I'm retired.
We'll see about that.
Hey, Shannon.
Um, I thought you weren't getting out till next week.
No, today.
Right, OK.
What should I call you? Pop? No, Lennie.
Grandad? Lennie's fine.
Do you want to have a coffee or something? Yeah, righto.
White, four sugars.
Grab a seat and I'll bring it out.
Over there.
Who's the old man? My grandad.
The crim? Yes.
Someone's calling for you on my phone.
Sorry, only number I had.
Hello? It's me.
What are you doing, ringing me? You're out of practice, mate.
You've got a tail.
Who? Ted McCabe, over the road.
Blue Commodore.
The dickhead.
What's he looking for? See you tomorrow.
Mum's place.
Um .
so, um, there's the kitchen, there's only pasta and stuff, I'll do a proper shop tomorrow.
No worries.
And this is your room.
I wanted to fix it up properly but corrective services gave me crap money, so it's a bit, uh, it's a bit It's fine.
I've actually got a lot of work to do, so What kind of work? Uni.
I've got exams.
Oh, you're going to uni? That's good.
Yeah, um, so look, I, I know you were a full on criminal before but just so we're clear, I really can't have any problems.
I have to pass these exams.
Yeah, won't get any problems from me, promise you that.
OK, good.
What are you doing at uni? You know, what course? Law.
Criminal law.
Interesting choice.
Thanks, mate.
Hello, again.
Oh, shit.
Rick, mate.
How are ya? Ted, I was meant to call you about the golf.
I don't think I can do this weekend - Listen, mate, could you, could you put a GPS trace on a taxi for me, please? I can't do it.
Dwyer is all over unauthorised stuff at the moment.
Rick, it's me, please.
I left something in a cab, could you put a trace on it, please? OK.
This has to be the last time.
G'day, Ken.
It's good to be back after all these years.
Bali's overrated.
Sunshine, rain, rice, more sunshine.
All gets a bit boring.
Sounds tough.
I appreciate what you went through, Lennie.
You did some hard time, kept your mouth shut.
I don't need a speech, Ken.
Just want my 300K.
Money's gone.
What? I didn't get paid either.
What are you talkin' about? When the shooting started, we separated.
I jacked a car and I went to the divvy up.
Someone had killed the florist.
Shotgun blast in the face.
It was a bloody mess.
And the cash was gone.
We must've pulled five million in cash and gold out of that van.
Police never recovered a cent.
Where is it? I don't know.
Nobody was returning my calls, if you know what I mean.
I want my bloody money.
Shit! Hey, Len.
Want to get a root, later? Brenda's is still open.
If we go before 5:00, there's a pensioner's discount.
Ken, you alright? Oh, Jesus.
What happened? He's dead.
You killed him.
No, don't be stupid, I was following you.
I didn't kill him.
I know that.
What am I charged with? I'm not in the police anymore.
I retired six months ago.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what are you doing? It's a crime scene.
If you're not a cop anymore, I'm getting outta here.
No, you're not.
Look out.
What do you want? Why are you following me? I want to know about Sterling Nickle.
Bugger off.
I'm not a dog.
If I'm not a cop, you're not dogging, you stupid bastard.
Yeah, well, once a cop, always a cop.
Listen, your best mate's just been murdered and someone tried to kill you.
Do you want to know who did it or not? Marg, why are you home so early? Oh, six-one, six-love.
I swear Ros is getting worse.
Did you see Cheryl's email? Ah, no.
She's asking if we want to do a side cruise up the Danube.
Means we'd have to cut Paris short by a few days but the Blue Danube sounds romantic, don't you think? I don't know.
You don't know or you don't care? Of course I care.
Why don't you want to talk about it then? This trip is all we've been talking about for the last two years.
Yeah, now we're finally going! Well, let's do the Danube.
What have you done to your hand? Oh, nothing.
I just whacked it.
What's going on? You must be Margaret.
Lennie Cahill.
She seems too good for you.
He's helping me with a case.
The one where you were nearly killed by one of his mates? Oh, he wasn't a mate.
More like an associate.
We'll be in the garage.
Going to Europe? Shut up.
Where Paris is, right? You sure you're not still a cop? What does that mean? Bit over the top.
Listen, I was shot.
I was hospitalised for five months, my career was wrecked.
Why wouldn't I want to find out who did this to me? Fair enough.
Ken Mortimer.
Ken Mortimer.
Poor Ken.
He arrives back in Australia a day before you get out of jail.
It's a big coincidence.
How'd you know that? So, you meet him for the payout, so where's the money? There is no money.
If I had money, do you think I'd be standing here talking to you? Sterling Nickle.
Who else was involved? Now, keep in mind two things - first of all, I just saved your life.
And second of all, I can turn you in to the cops at any time.
We just left a crime scene together, remember? You're an accomplice.
You're on parole.
You're broke.
You won't find shit on your own.
I don't need your help.
Listen, you just served 12 years and you don't have a cent.
Your only chance to get your money is right here.
If I get my dough, you'll let me keep it? How can I stop you? I'm not a cop, anymore.
Ken was the lollipop man.
OK, that's a start.
Now, whoever shot the florist knew what he was doing.
There's no dental records, nothing.
We could never ID him.
Who was he? Don't know.
Hey, I came on board at the last minute.
I didn't know any of them before that.
You're joking.
57 suspects.
See if you remember some faces.
You got elbowed from the force.
Hey? On the take, were you? You want a smack? Foreman, that's him.
You sure? It's Keith Barnsby.
Murdered six months after the robbery.
Execution style.
This bloke.
Noddy Wozniak.
He's also dead.
Drug overdose.
I think he was one of them.
Mark Evans.
Dead? Drowned in his bath.
'Leon Farmer.
Missing, presumed dead.
' So, who's left? There was someone else, not on your board.
Bloke in a suit.
Wasn't part of the original crew but he was at the robbery.
Had a scarf around his face and he was carrying a rifle.
Behind me? Mm.
That's the bastard that shot me.
And he's the only one left alive.
Except me.
I don't understand.
Are you trying to say I can't stay in my own flat? I need you at a mate's place.
Who? What are you talking about? We'll talk about it in the car.
No, no.
This is exactly what I was saying before.
I can't have it, Lennie, I'm studying to be a lawyer.
I can't be involved in anything illegal or I'm scr- Whoa, whoa.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Is that the murder weapon from Ken's flat? Yeah.
Lucky I swiped it, eh.
Could you be any more stupid? Lennie.
Good to see you, mate.
What are you doing here? When did you get out? Yesterday.
Snowy around? No, he, um, he died.
When? About three months ago.
Can't believe it.
How'd he go? Heart attack.
I'm sorry.
He was a good bloke.
Ah, who's this? Oh, this is Shannon.
She's my granddaughter.
Ah, is she OK? Yeah, no, she just had a bit of a shock earlier.
I was gonna ask Snowy a favour.
She needs somewhere to stay tonight.
Are you out of your mind? Jason's a good kid.
He's the son of my old cellmate.
Is that meant to make me feel better? I'm just gonna go see - No.
Hey, hey.
There's a bad man after me.
He knows where you live, where your friends live.
He can't find you here.
I can't believe this.
Mum used to talk about this shit.
On the run, shifting houses.
Maybe it wasn't just drugs that killed her.
Just tonight, alright? Ah, look, Lennie, I know you and Dad were friends but I'm trying to stay outta all this Yeah, yeah.
I understand that, mate.
I'll pick her up in the morning, alright? You just look after her.
Snowy would've been proud of you.
Hey, what are you doing? Give me that.
We can use that to trace Ken's killer.
How long you had this car? A few years.
Why? Cop's car, isn't it? It's a Commodore.
Yeah, but cops use 'em, right? What are you getting at? You're not a cop anymore but you drive a cop's car.
Just think it's funny, that's all.
Where am I dropping you? I don't know.
Have you got someone else to stay with? Nup.
I'll drop you at a hotel, then.
Haven't got any money.
Been inside for 12 years, thanks to you.
Thanks to me? You were caught robbing an armoured car.
Doesn't solve the problem, though, does it? Ah, this is the bedroom.
And I'll sleep on the couch.
Ah, and change the sheets.
If you want to watch TV, uh .
uh, this button here and this one's for PlayStation and this one's for cable.
Ah, mm.
Don't know why you're even doing this.
I'm a complete stranger.
Well, Lennie and my dad shared a cell, so I'm sorry but that criminal code shit just makes me want to puke.
My grandad's been a selfish arsehole his whole life and I refuse to let him drag me into his underworld crap.
I'm not staying here.
You know, he used to talk about you.
What? Whenever I used to visit Dad, Lennie was always around and he used to talk about his granddaughter.
Look, you can go if you want but, uh, he wouldn't have left you here if it wasn't important.
That's my bed? Righto.
Well, I'll see you in the morning then.
Hang on a sec.
I haven't eaten anything.
Not my problem.
Even in prison, they give you dinner.
Alright then, I'll make you some toast.
Toast? Can't have toast.
Toast will repeat on me.
That's all there is.
Do you want it or not? Yeah, rightio.
Go! Pass it! Oh, no! Johnson's bloody hopeless.
He drops the ball every time.
Well, he runs fast.
Who cares if he runs fast? He can't catch the ball.
What did he say about me? Who? Lennie, in prison.
Um, I don't know.
He was, he was always saying how you were doing well at school and getting good marks and stuff.
How did he know about my marks? Ah, I don't know.
Didn't you go and visit him? No.
Um, think I might go to bed.
Thanks, Jason.
You're a real nice guy.
I tried to pay for the flights today but the card was declined.
Have you paid the bill? Pay it by the direct debit thing.
Well, we need to get the tickets now to lock in the rate.
I'll see to it tomorrow.
So, are we going to discuss the convicted criminal in our garage? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for it to come home like this.
It's been coming home for years.
Marg, I can't drop this now.
I don't want to be remembered as the one who buggered up the investigation into the state's biggest heist.
This is my chance.
Well, when this is over, I want my husband back.
Marg, when this is over, we'll be, we'll be in France, we'll be eating chocolate eclairs and croissants on the Costa del Sol.
No, it's the French Riviera, you dill.
Ted, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
There's someone in the house.
What? Someone.
Serial number hasn't been ground off.
Never had one.
It's a build, I reckon.
Any idea where this might have come from? Nope.
You can't help it, can ya? What? Lying.
You know this is a fake but you've no idea where it came from.
You can't help yourself, either.
What? Being a cop.
So we're even.
Do you know who would've made this or not? Hello! Ted, you out there, mate? Oh, shit.
Hey, Rick.
Hey, mate.
We probably should've called first.
Everything OK? Ken Mortimer was shot dead in Tamarama, yesterday.
Mm, he was killed with a 9mm.
And Lennie Cahill got out of prison a couple of days ago, and yesterday his place was shot up with 9mm slugs.
Lennie Cahill.
Any connection? You asked me to flag Ken Mortimer's passport the other day.
Had any contact with him or Lennie Cahill, lately? No, I was gonna follow it up but just haven't had any time, actually.
Where do you think Cahill would go? What about his friends? No, Lennie Cahill doesn't have friends.
He's a pathetic loser.
Ted, we know you made up your own file on Mortimer.
So, do you mind if we have a look? Look, I was just going out, as a matter of fact.
Could we do this later? Only take a second.
Ted, if there's anything you can remember here that can help us.
Maybe he doesn't want to remember.
G'day, Margaret.
Maybe he finds it insulting after nearly being killed in the line of duty.
Marg, we're just - Do you mind? I was having a conversation with MY friends about a case.
Nothing to do with you.
It's got everything to do with me.
I had to put up with bellyaching when they shoved you behind a desk.
Not your so-called friends here.
Hang on a second, Margaret, he did assault a superior.
Mal Dwyer closed his case.
I would have punched him too.
I didn't realise it was such a terrible thing to support your husband when he was going through hell.
Maybe this isn't a good time.
You think I didn't go through hell too? I had to put my entire life on hold for you and I was trying to keep my own job at the same time.
Here we go again.
Everything's my fault, as usual.
Same old bloody argument.
Yep, yep.
We'll go, mate.
Same old argument every time.
Nothing ever changes, does it? No! You might want to wait out here.
Why is that? It's a rough joint.
Peg you for a cop, you'll end up with a pool cue back of the head.
I'll take my chances.
What the bloody hell is this? This really is a rough place, Lennie.
I just don't feel safe.
Totally different.
Can we go home now? I'm scared.
Heard you got out.
What happened to this place? Yeah, did it up a few years ago.
Whole area got gentrified.
Had to tart the place up, get the young ones in.
Where's the old crew gone? Yeah, some of 'em still drink here.
Des is over there.
G'day, Des.
How's it going? Can't complain, mate.
Back from holidays, are ya? Know anything about homemade semi-automatics? Don't know what you're talking about, lad.
Working Beretta replicas? Backyard jobs? Need to know who's knocking 'em out.
I might know something but I can't quite remember.
And what's that? Lobster.
I know what it is.
It don't buy much these days.
It's all I got.
Always were a tight-ass bastard.
There's an Italian bloke in Botany.
Hey, Joe.
Des sent us.
I don't know him.
What do you want? I need some information.
Oh, piss off.
I don't know anything.
What are you doing? I want to know about this gun.
Who'd you sell it to? I said piss off.
You deaf? I don't know anything.
In the old days, we'd shove his head in the vice.
Who did you sell the gun to? Big bloke, blonde, tanned.
Who was he? What are you doing? Why you have his head in the vice? I'm calling the police.
Ah, we are the police, madam.
Detective Inspector John Simpson.
Your husband is helping us with our enquiries.
Was that a senior's card? Both of you, you can piss off! Stop.
That bloody hurts.
Gonna hurt a lot more unless you start talking.
Might want to look at this.
You crims, you never cease to amaze me.
This bloke manufactures illegal weapons in his shed and keeps video evidence of it.
If you were a real cop, he'd be in a whole lot of trouble.
You're not going to find anything.
What's this? Look at 'em go.
Bloody hopeless.
Wait a minute.
Look at this.
That's him.
Go back.
Holy shit.
That's the guard from the robbery.
The one who got shot.
He was shot so he wouldn't be a suspect.
But that's him, alright.
The shooting was a smokescreen.
Who is he? It's Robert Nutley.
He worked at Sterling Nickle for three years.
He took sick leave, never went back.
How do we find him? We Google him.
We do what to him? This.
Robert Nutley, proprietor.
Beach Bods Fitness Centre.
That'll be him.
It'll be him.
Holy shit.
We should take this to Rick and Cath.
Why would we do that? We've got the murder weapon, video evidence of him buying a gun, we've got DNA from a chunk of hair I ripped out of his head.
And what about our deal? What deal? We take this to the cops, I don't get my money.
Rick and Cath can crack this in a day.
Oh, Jesus, open your eyes, will ya? Who do you think cleared Nutley in the first place? He was cleared after due process.
Who interviewed him? Rick Duncan and Cath Khoury.
What are you getting at? Nutley knew Ken was back from Bali.
How? Same as you, a tip off.
The cops.
Nutley knew where to find me.
How? Cops.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm telling ya! One or both of them is bent.
These are straight shooters.
I would trust either of them with my life.
Oh, Jesus, think about this.
What happened on the Sterling Nickle? The location of the robbery was changed.
Why? I don't bloody know.
Because there was a tip off.
I'm telling ya, there's a bent cop in here somewhere.
OK, well, say there is a, say there is a rat in here, and I'm not saying definitely there is, what do you suggest we do about it? Well, to catch a rat, you need to set a trap.
Hey, Rob.
Love the new tat.
It's Tibetan, means power and spirit of the individual.
I didn't know you spoke Tibetan.
I don't but that's what it means, alright? Very cool.
Sandy, come on, what's that? Put on a bit of chub? Really.
Get it together, OK? Remember me? I don't understand.
The bills are paid automatically.
There's, there's over $200,000 in the account.
Look, I'll come into the bank tomorrow, OK? Screw up with the bank.
Don't get me started on the banks, Ted.
So, how are ya? Good.
I'm good.
Sorry about this morning.
Yeah, we were just trying to pick your brain, mate.
It's not your fault.
So what do you want to talk about? I wasn't completely straightforward with you two before.
I do have information about Ken Mortimer and Sterling Nickle.
You're not a killer, Lennie.
What do you want to get out of this? Satisfaction.
And my money.
Come on, mate.
This thing's all messed up.
We can work something out to keep you and your cop mate McCabe happy.
He's not a cop.
And he's not my mate.
Lennie Cahill still has an active involvement with some of the players.
What kind of involvement? The kind that could put the bastard back inside for a long time.
OK, get out.
Get out! This isn't gonna help, Lennie.
It'll make me feel better, though.
We can work this out.
Nothing to work out.
I can get your money.
Yeah, you would say that.
I'm serious! I can get your money.
There's a sailing club down by Yarra Bay.
You get the cash, you bring it there at midnight.
You don't show, I will find you and put you in the ground.
Understand? McCabe's your problem.
I'll get him to the club.
But you'll have to kill the bastard yourself.
You got that? Oh, that's bloody terrible.
That's better.
You going out? Yeah, I've got some things to sort out.
You be careful, please.
Lovely night.
Where's McCabe? He'll be here.
Bring the money? Give it here.
And why would I do that? 'Cause I got the gun that killed Ken Mortimer and a video of you buying it.
And then, there's the DNA from the crime scene.
What are you talking about? McCabe took a chunk of your hair, you dumb bastard, now the cops have it.
He's right, Rob.
You are a dumb bastard.
Fancy seeing you here.
Where's the gun? What gun? From Ken Mortimer's.
Where is it? Here it is.
What are you doing here, Rick? Just following up on a few things, Ted.
What sort of things would they be, Rick? Since when have you and Rob here been on a first name basis? Shit.
Is that it? Yep.
Let me see.
Holy shit.
Ted, you OK? Oh, Jesus.
Like being kicked by a bloody mule.
Oh, man.
You bastard.
Keep it to yourself.
Why are you late? I'm 20 minutes early.
What happened? He fired at us.
It was self defence.
Ted, you OK? You need a doctor? No, I'm fine.
Thanks, Cath.
What do you expect? You dog.
So, is someone still trying to kill me, or what? The bloke who did this, he's gone.
That's so not comforting.
I'm sorry, Shannon.
I didn't want to get you involved but OK.
So here are the rules.
One - no more stupid criminal shit, two - rent money is due every second Thursday, and three - if you bring any more crap into my life, I will kick you out into the street in two seconds flat.
Is that clear? Righto.
And you can see that the first transfer was three days ago for $23,521.
And then there's another one and there's another one.
No, no, no.
I didn't authorise any of those.
OK, so that is .
And you say you have no knowledge of this? None whatsoever.
The password and PIN have been used to activate the account.
Have you shared your password with anyone? No, of course, I didn't.
So what happens now? Security will start an investigation and if they thing the bank's security measures were breached, they'll accept full responsibility.
Look, my wife and I are meant to be going on a trip to Europe.
So when am I going to be able to access my funds? That's a good question 'cause at the moment you don't have any funds.
Could I speak with someone in identity fraud, please? If you drink that beer, that'd be a parole violation.
Turn me in, then.
You'll be buggering off to Europe, I suppose.
No, the trip's been postponed.
Why? Never mind.
You want to explain to me why you're protecting Rick? I'm not protecting him, you fool.
I'm keeping him on ice.
So what are you saying? Lennie, look, the plan worked.
We flushed the rat out.
But if we turn him in now, we'll get nothing.
What we need to do now is to watch him like a hawk and he could be our lead to cracking this case wide open.
Saying 'we' a lot.
So? Like we're partners or something.
No, not partners.
Partners but If we want to solve this case, we're gonna have to learn how to work together.
So we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, is that what you're getting at? I don't like this any more than you do.
OK? Fair enough? Fair enough.
I know what you are, you scumbag.
No, that's all in your head.
Oh, shit.
That's my boss.
I want it sorted.
Stay low and wait for my signal.
Up yours, sir.
You're aware of the conditions of parole.
You must seek gainful employment.
You must not commit any offence.
Do you understand all of that? I do, Rhonda.
I will come down very hard.
Do you understand me? What is going on? I don't know.