Old School (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Smash Repairs

1 Rick, come in.
Change of plan.
It's not Weston, it's Wiley Street.
Wiley Street.
Let's move! Drop your weapons! Get on the ground! Get down! Won't see me again, boss.
I'm retired.
What should I call you? Pop? Lennie.
Lennie's fine.
I just want my 300K.
The money's gone.
Why you following me? Tell me about Sterling Nickel.
Bugger off.
You won't find shit on your own.
It was someone not on your board.
That's the bastard that shot me.
If I get my dough, you'll let me keep it.
Lennie? Shannon needs somewhere to stay tonight.
I'm tellin' ya, one or both of them is bent.
The plan worked.
We flushed the rat out.
What are you doing here, Rick? What we need to do now is watch him like a hawk.
He could be our lead to cracking this case wide open.
What is the matter with you? Nothing.
Why do you eat like that? It's how I eat.
Like a chipmunk on speed.
That can't be how you drink water.
What do you mean? The noise! It's how I drink.
No, you're doing that on purpose to annoy me.
Is this what you put your wife through? What does that mean? Nit-picking every little thing.
Eh? You must drive her mad.
You leave her out of this.
Huh? Or what? Or I'll smack ya! That why you got kicked out of the cops, hey? Couldn't control your temper? Shut up.
That why your old cop mate Rick turned on you, eh? Tried to tell him how to eat a chip? I'm warning you.
I don't blame him for stabbing you in the back.
Bastard! Ooh! Get in, get in! Come on! What? It's Rick.
Get in! Shit.
Go! OK, you're too close.
You're too close.
Drop back.
He's gonna know we're tailing him! I can see him.
I know how to bloody drive.
When did you renew your license? OK, pull over.
Pull over! If I pull over, I lose him.
OK, stay in your lane.
Stay in your lane.
He's gonna see you.
What did I just say? Would you shut up?! I cannot concentrate! # Theme music # And whatever happened to # That game we used to play # Made for two # And whatever happened to # That old dance we used to do # When there was something in the air that night # It was you, alright # You in disguise # I could have danced # Danced All night.
Jesus! Genius! I need a tow truck at the corner of Manson and Ruston Street ASAP.
OK, thank you.
Well, this is awkward.
You know, I always knew we were close, mate.
This may just be crossing the line.
What were you guys doing? Following me? That's an expensive-looking car there, Rick.
How do you afford that? What are you gettin' at, Ted? Trying to make some point? We'd better swap details, get this mess sorted out.
You were driving.
Where's your license? It's in my other wallet.
Driving unlicensed.
You know letting him drive voids your insurance, Ted.
It'll be expensive for you, mate.
A bumper bar on one of these cars is $6,000.
Jeez, you blokes are like greased lightning.
G'day, fellas.
Who needs a tow? I do.
That SUV's mine.
I need you to take it to Silver Service Smash Repairs.
Just ask for Manning.
No worries.
Thanks, mate.
I know what you are, you scumbag.
No, that's all in your head.
I trusted you.
You came to my grandson's christening.
Leave you guys to it.
My insurance will be in touch about the car.
Nice work, moron.
What are we gonna do about this? You're the one with no insurance.
Because of you! Nothing I can do about it now.
You know what? Driving without a license - that's a parole violation.
How much is left on your sentence? Three years? It's simple - we just fix the the car.
No, no, no.
WE don't fix the car.
You're the one who crashed the car.
YOU fix the car.
I've only got $100 to my name.
I'll see you in three years.
Hey, mate? Um, where you taking the SUV? Silver Service, just down the road there.
I know a better place, just down the road.
Why not take it there? The bloke that owns this SUV, he's a good mate of ours - Rick Duncan.
He doesn't care where we take it.
He just wants it fixed.
You got some money? You must be joking.
How's $50? It's an easy fix, Jase.
Only take a few hours.
Bit more than that.
I'll just get the jobs book.
Hey, now, wait a sec.
Thought we might make this a favour, as an old mate of your dad's.
Want me to fix it for nothing? I won't forget this, Jase.
I can't do that.
What about during your lunch break? I just can't.
Three more years, Lennie.
What about a trade? Do this for me, I'll do something for you.
Like what? Need some work done at your place? I mean, some painting? I'm pretty good with a drill.
Jase, if I don't get this fixed, I'm up shit creek.
I'm beggin' ya.
I can't.
I'm really sorry.
Can't say I'll miss you.
Say hi to Shannon for me.
She'll like that.
She's been talking about you.
She has? Yeah, you must've made quite an impression.
What did she say? She said you're a top bloke.
Something about generosity of spirit.
She said she'd like to catch up.
I'll say I saw you, if you like.
Anyway, don't wanna hold you up.
We gotta get.
Well maybe I can do it after work and on my breaks.
Could take a couple of days.
Don't wanna put you out.
Just park it here and leave the keys in it.
Hey, Jase.
You're a legend.
You got the morals of a sewer rat.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Want me to put that new bumper on the hatchback next? Yeah, mate.
Put it on.
- Hey, Vince.
- OK, listen.
One of the boys just ripped off a silver SUV.
Coming to you in five minutes.
Get it straight out to the warehouse.
Got it? Yeah, no worries.
Next one in's a silver SUV.
Be here in five.
Oh, shit! McCabe.
Frank Nielsen, Capital Bank, manager of security.
Just want to talk to you about your account enquiry.
Is this about the refund? Because I checked the account this morning.
There's nothing in it.
What's going on? There are processes we have to go through.
That's why I'm calling.
Look, I don't see I don't see why we should have to wait.
Mr McCabe, we'll need you to come into the bank.
All you have to do is put the money back into the account.
I don't need to come in for that.
It'd be better to talk in person.
OK, look, I-I'll come in.
I'll come in.
Why are you trying to fix this yourself? I thought the insurance would cover it.
Didn't want to lose the no-claims on something so small.
Doesn't look that small.
The whole front's crunched in.
What's that? Salsa lessons in Barcelona.
You start with a salsa lesson, and then you go to a tapas restaurant and then to a salsa club where you can practise what you've learnt.
60 euros, and you get wine with dinner.
Dancing? Yeah I don't want to just look at monuments all day.
I want to have fun.
Kay and Orb Henderson used to do salsa dances.
Kay said it was very sexy.
They loved it.
I'll think about it.
OK, you do that.
Come inside and say goodbye to Ollie.
It's our money, not yours! Mum and Dad are fighting again.
You're spending it on her! Yap, yap, yap.
I know that's what you're doing! Go and get your things, Ollie.
Don't forget your toothbrush.
You're being a child! I'm trying to keep a civil tongue in my head.
What you're doing I have this conversation Remember when she first brought him home? So in love.
Bit hard to believe now.
You're not taking responsibility.
OK?! Just listen to yourself! You sound like a a mad bitch! I'm gonna smack him.
No, it is Rebecca's fight.
You heard what he said to her.
He won't pay for Ollie's excursion.
All the other kids get to go to Australia Zoo but Ollie gets to stay at school and do extra maths work.
He's spending all the money and we haven't even spoken to the lawyers! He's spending money on her.
We will pay for him to go on the excursion, Bec.
We don't want him to miss out.
Really? Of course! Be nice to use the money for someone to enjoy themselves.
You said a silver SUV.
I didn't know there was another one.
What's happened to it? Can we get it back? I dunno.
Probably started already.
Ah, shit! Who was the job for? There was nothing on the books about a Beemer.
It's not on the books.
Um, it's a favour for a friend.
I was gonna do it on my lunch breaks.
So, it's not on the books, there's no record of this being here at all? Where is it? Where's what? The silver SUV! I don't know nothin' about a silver SUV.
You know anything about it? Nup, nothin'.
Jason, next time you want to park an expensive car like that in the street, and leave the keys in the ignition, put a big sign on it saying, 'Free to good home.
' So, Mr Nicholson Cahill.
Lennie Cahill.
What? Leonard Cahill.
Sorry about that.
No worries.
So, you're aware of the conditions of your parole.
You must reside at the agreed address - that's your Granddaughter's.
Oh, good.
It's nice to be with family.
Yeah, no, it's great.
And you must seek gainful employment.
You must not associate with You must not associate with Ah.
specified persons.
Quite a few of them.
You must abstain from drugs, alcohol and gambling.
And this is probably the most important part - you must not commit any of fence.
Do you understand all of that? I do, Rhonda.
Do you mind if I call you Rhonda? When I was away, Rhonda, I made a promise to myself that I'd never go back inside.
I mean, I got a chance now and there's no way I'm gonna stuff this up.
Blah, blah.
Sorry? Heard that speech.
I think I know what you need.
What? Getting Back to Basics class.
What's that? It's a workshop to help long-term prisoners reintegrate into society.
They help with CVs, practise job interviews, that sort of thing.
There's a lot of fun role-playing.
I think you'll like it.
Sounds great.
See you next week, Lonnie.
Lennie's not back yet.
No worries.
How's it going? Good.
Studying, as usual.
Do you wanna come in and wait for him? Yeah, cool.
So, how's the study going? Oh, it's OK.
Full-on, you know.
Yeah, would be full-on.
Need any help? Do you know anything about law? Dad was in and out of court a lot.
What's it about? Um well, it's about the application of natural justice in administrative decision-making.
Sounds full-on.
When you're not studying, uh what kind of stuff do you like to do? The usual, I suppose.
Have a few drinks, have a laugh.
Me too.
I was thinking, uh maybe sometime What are you doing here? I can't believe I listened to you.
Lennie 'The Brain' Cahill.
Last time I do you a favour.
I don't wanna get in trouble for this.
Ted, you need to sign these travel insurance documents.
Who's this? Er, this is Jason.
We're in the middle of something.
Oh, right, the case.
Do you want me to do a coffee round? White, four sugars, please.
Would you just sign these travel insurance documents, please? So, the panel beater's is obviously a front.
Car's probably been rebirthed.
I just got this job.
Now I'm screwed.
Leave it to us, eh? It'll get sorted.
Nothing shady, alright? No worries.
So they're probably dismantling it for parts.
Or swapping the VIN and chassis numbers.
We'd better find out where that's happening.
Get it back.
We're supposed to be trailing Rick, not his car.
Show some gratitude! I'm fixing your problem.
Oh, what problem would that be? The one that you caused? Pick us up at 8:00.
In what, exactly? Thanks to you, my radiator's stuffed.
So now I have to get wheels, do I? I have to fix everything? Dickhead.
You going out? Yep.
Hey, we're gonna meet at the Inferno first for drinks.
I don't know, like Yeah, quarter-past is good.
No, I'll probably just get the bus.
OK, yep.
See you soon.
Hey, Shan.
You want a lift tonight? Jase is swinging by.
He can take us into town.
Better than the bus, eh? Thanks.
Thanks a lot for this, Jason.
Uh, no worries.
Yeah, thanks a lot, Jase.
Really appreciate this, mate.
If you could just take a quick left here, that'd be great.
What's going on? Won't be long.
Sit tight.
What are we doing here? Just a bit of car business.
Nothing to worry about.
Be back in two seconds.
What car business? Uh It's nothing.
I'm a mechanic and that's where I work.
Oh, yeah? Your kind, you're unbelievable.
My kind? What do you mean by that? There you go.
Where would you be without my kind? In a much better place than I am now.
Something wrong? Uh, no.
Everything's cool.
Look for anything that'll tell us where they're taking the cars.
What do you think I'm looking for? Recipes? Oh, come on! Where are they? Shouldn't be much longer.
Might go see what they're doing.
Uh, tell me about Inferno.
Do they have good music? Pretty good.
Do you like dancing? Yeah, after a couple of drinks I'm bloody Beyonce.
I did hip-hop in Year 10.
Here, touch my hand.
What? Come on, touch it! Oh, shit! What? That's my boss.
Aren't you gonna say hello? Shh! What about the next delivery? It's being sorted at the warehouse.
Here's the take.
Not happy about the mix-up with the SUV.
As far as anyone's aware, couple of kids stole it.
We got an extra 40K out of it.
I don't want to get heat over it.
It's cool.
We won't, I promise ya.
Let's go.
You should lock that.
Did you just break into that place?! Bills and shit.
Did you know about this? He said he'd sort it.
I didn't know he'd break in You didn't say Vince Pelagati was involved! Who's he when he's at home? He's Enzo's son! Enzo owns half of Leichhardt.
He's supposedly a 'developer'.
I'm a law student! If I get caught breaking the law, I'll never get a job! Hello! Did you hear what I said?! I'm listening.
Wait, look at this.
This electricity bill - it's a large electricity bill, which means a large building, but the address is different.
This must be the warehouse.
I told him, no criminal shit.
I told you that! Alright! Calm down, you two, OK? We had to take some unusual action but it's for a good cause.
Jason lost a car and we're trying to get it back for him.
Now, one more stop, round the corner.
Only take a minute.
And then boom, we're off into town.
OK? We'll be a minute.
Stay right here.
Something's going on in there.
Something to do with automobiles? OK, give us a hand with this.
What? Come on.
You want to get that car back or not? Up OK.
Hold me back.
One two three Go! Oof! Sheesh! OK.
Come on! Don't pull me over, you bastard! Go.
I'm so needing a drink after this.
Me too.
Where are you going? What? In town - where are you going? To Inferno.
Are you meeting friends there? I'm going with you.
I don't understand what Ah you asked me.
What are you talking about? I didn't send this.
Then who did? Lennie.
He set this up! Why would you think I'd ask you for drinks? Didn't you think it was weird? Well, yeah.
When you think about it, it's weird.
Why would you? I'm gonna kill him! There's a security guard and a camera around the corner, but if we stick to the shadows here we should be OK.
What are you doing? It's a hand signal.
It means 'move on'.
Listen This means 'stop'.
That's 'freeze'.
That means 'come to me'.
And this is look at what I'm looking at.
You're jokin'.
You look like a demented scoutmaster.
We don't know what it's gonna be like in there.
We might not be able to talk, but we have to be able to communicate.
Why don't we just phone each other? Hi, Cath.
Hey, trying to track down Lennie Cahill.
You two seem to be keeping company these days.
Not by choice, Cath.
What's up? Oh, there's a warrant out.
Rick Duncan reckons he stole his car.
That's interesting.
Has he seen him? Ah, Mal want to talk to Cahill.
Why? What's his interest? Oh, anything that smells of Sterling Nickle.
We're all jumpy.
If Lennie contacts you, you'll let me know? Yeah, will do.
It's good news.
Rick has got a warrant out for your arrest.
Reckons you nicked his car.
Turn that bloody thing off! Come on! Hey! Careful, Bill.
Bill, come on.
There it is.
Let's go down the back.
Get over there, stay low and wait for my signal.
Yes, sir.
When you're in the vehicle, I will open the gate.
Clear? Up yours, sir.
No, the bigger one.
Look, have a look at that first one.
What were you thinking? I told you to wait.
I nearly had it.
Bullshit! You fellas clean up that rubbish.
What do we do with it? Chuck it in the big bin there.
What about the sump oil? Want me to put the barrels in too? No, no.
Keep the barrels.
Just pour the oil in.
You're out late, Rick? Is Ted here? No, he's out somewhere.
Have you tried his phone? Well, he's not answering.
There's a problem with my car.
Well, what's wrong with it? Well, Ted crashed into it and now it's missing.
Where is he, Marg? Well, I don't know but he's not here.
Are you aware he's been hanging out with Lennie Cahill, the crim from Sterling Nickle? Did you know about that? Yes, I did know about that.
Is everything OK, Rick? What's he said to you? Few things.
Like what? You tell me.
You listen to me.
You tell Ted to get my car back or I'll come down hard.
I'm not playing games here, Margaret.
I will come down very hard.
Do you understand me? I'll be back.
You tell him that.
He's buggered off! Can't say I blame him.
Who you phonin'? Hey, Rick.
Did I disturb you? Good.
If you want your car back, you prick, call Vince Pelagati.
Yeah, that's the one.
Oh, thanks.
Thanks very much.
Now they'll think I gave the car to Vince and he'll come after me even harder.
If I look like I give a shit you let me know.
OK, well, thanks, Jason.
No worries.
Did you want to come in for a drink, since you're here? I'm fine.
I got other stuff to do.
I'm pretty busy.
OK, then.
Um, see you later.
Hi! Sorry I'm late.
Oh, you look so good.
Rabbitohs won.
I made a roast.
Sorry, love.
Rick came by.
What did he want? Well, he wants to talk to you.
About his car.
Now, you never told me it was his car you smashed into.
He was angry.
He was quite threatening.
What did he say? Well, he said he was going to come down hard on you.
Now, what is going on with you two? It's just What? He's crooked.
What? He's a bent cop.
What are you talking about? He's the one who tipped off the crooks before the Sterling Nickle heist.
That's why they changed the location.
The whole thing went south from that point on.
This is Rick.
You sure about that? He's been white-anting me for years, the maggot bastard.
Oh, for heaven's sake, how's this possible? He's our friend.
What is going on? I don't know.
Oh, that's great.
That's bloody great.
Hey, Jase.
Wondering if you could do me a favour, mate? Another one.
I need a place to lie low for a bit, you know, just for a few days.
I don't need much, just a couch and a blanket.
I'll be as quiet as a mouse.
You won't even notice I'm here.
You got me caught up in shit at work.
Made me an accessory to a B&E and you lied to me about Shannon.
So, that's a yes, is it? We had a visit this morning from a police officer asking about a missing car.
A car you had something to do with, I hear.
It's not missing.
It's in 1,000 parts - probably spread all over the country.
But you'd know that 'cause you organized it.
I'm not very happy about a cop sniffing around my business.
He won't go away until he gets his car back.
Not my problem.
Ah, no.
It is your problem.
You see, Lennie, you've gotta find a replacement for that car.
And if I don't? Let's just say I won't be very happy.
What if I don't give a stuff about your mood, Vince? In fact, I'm feeling pretty cheer Sorry? Can't hear you, mate.
Bit unsophisticated, don't you think? You need to get me a replacement for that car.
Alright, alright, alright! I want it sorted.
Right? Can we talk about that favour now? Your policy, Mr Neilsen, is to guarantee the refund of any money stolen through internet fraud.
So, why is it taking so long? Providing you comply with the online banking terms and conditions.
We guarantee the refund if you comply.
Of course we complied.
And I am very sorry to say this, but that's not what my team's investigation has revealed.
Ah, it seems there was a security breach at your end.
What? Your codes were used to make those withdrawals.
Um, we're not responsible if you don't take reasonable steps to protect your codes.
What are you talking about? You have to understand, with the codes, for all we know, you could have withdrawn the money yourself, placed it in an off-shore account.
Look, if I'd withdrawn the money I wouldn't be bloody well sitting here.
What bastard's done this to me? Who's done this? We really don't know, sir.
So, some random prick takes my money from your bank, and because it's taken with a computer instead of a shotgun somehow, it's my fault? Is that what you're seriously trying to tell me? Marg, we need to talk.
I've just been to the bank.
OK, and? Trouble with the credit card - it's been blocked because our account's been hacked.
Hacked? You know, it's identity fraud.
It's a modern crime.
Some gutless pricks who sit behind a computer all day, probably don't even work up a sweat.
Well, how much have they taken? It's all gone.
All of it? What? It's alright, we'll have enough to live on.
The pension's still coming.
But everything? Everything we've saved for - for the trip? Bank's saying it's our fault for not protecting the passwords.
They're refusing to refund it.
But that's bullshit.
We'll sue them.
We'll force them to repay.
How are we going to sue them? We couldn't afford a lawyer now.
I've already been on to the fraud squad.
We'll We'll find out who's behind this.
Do you know who's behind this? No, I don't.
Not yet.
Has Rick got something to do with this? I don't know.
Don't know.
Oh, you just couldn't leave it alone, could you? Marg You just had to keep on digging at this case.
Picking at it like an old scab.
No, listen to me.
No! You bloody well listen to me.
I have lived with this for 12 years.
And the only way I could was by believing that one day we would walk away from all this crap.
We were going to literally fly away from the curse that Sterling Nickle has put on our lives.
And now because of your pig-headed stupidity, that has gone too.
You know what we have now? Nothing.
We have nothing.
OK, well, uh No, ripper car, no, yeah.
No, but it's definitely silver, yeah? OK, well, um No, no, that's great.
Give me your address and I'll drop round tomorrow morning.
That's great, thanks.
See ya.
Kettle on? I'm parched.
What are you doing here? How'd you get in? Left the door open.
I never leave the door open.
Where am I supposed to go, eh? I got the cops beating my door down with a bloody warrant.
And then I got this Vince Pelagati threatenin' me.
Now, I don't believe this.
You're gonna rip someone else off to replace Rick's car so you don't get arrested.
You don't see the irony in that? I was shithouse at school! Except for metalwork.
What do you want? I need a copy of Ollie's birth certificate.
Rebecca's refusing to give me one but I remembered you've got back-ups of everything.
What do you need it for? Uh, it's part of the legal stuff.
My lawyer wants it.
You going for custody? Half and half.
It's only fair.
You talk about fair.
You won't even pay for Ollie's excursion.
How is that fair? It's not for me, it's for work.
That was purchased through the company.
And that makes it alright? I don't want to have an argument with you, Ed.
I need that certificate.
Can you help me or not? No, I can't help you, Rodge.
If you were on fire, I wouldn't piss on you to put it out.
Thanks for this, Jase.
Yeah, well, I don't wanna get in the shit with Vince Pelagati.
What's this? GPS tracker.
We fit it to the car.
Give the car to Rick.
Wherever he goes we know all about it.
So, you won't need me to follow him again? That's right, Lennie.
Here he is.
Well, do you want it back or not? Did you cancel that warrant? I'll get to that when I can.
Don't hurry on my account.
Just one more thing.
I told you.
All that stuff is in your head.
I'll dance on your grave, ya rat-maggot bastard.
Nice punch, Ted.
Who are you? Vince Pelagati.
Who are you? Shannon Cahill.
This is my house.
Are you related to Lennie? Yeah, I'm his granddaughter.
Why? Someone on the other side of your family must've been very beautiful.
Someone in your family must have had better pick-up lines, or you wouldn't be here.
Are you crazy? It's totally fair.
But how do you look at the question of fairness if the law on which the decision is based is not fair in the first place? You could argue that law is law, unfair or not.
Yeah, you could, you could.
Look - You could.
One of the judges on this one, Justice Pattison Yeah.
he's a mate of my father's.
Pattison? You know him? Yeah.
Known him since I was a kid.
He was at our place all the time.
Do you want to meet him? Yes.
That would be amazing.
Really? Mmm.
Yeah, I'll introduce you.
What are you doin' here? Are you alright? I'm fine.
I just came to talk about that matter we discussed earlier.
Good to hear.
Alright, I enjoyed talking to you.
Let's swap numbers and I'll see what I can do about Pattison.
I'll just go and get my phone.
Friendly warning, Lennie.
You say anything about the warehouse to anyone, you'll end up in a very deep hole.
OK? You too, Jase.
I'm not being a prick.
Doing you guys a favour.
See you soon.
Nice to see you guys.
Vince is bad news.
He's an asshole.
You should listen to Lennie.
Oh, yeah? What's so wrong with him? Does he lie to people? Manipulate them so he gets his own way? Use them? Alright, I know.
I'm sorry.
I did the wrong thing.
I brought Jase here so that - 'Cause I wanted to tell you both how I feel bad about everything.
And I thought maybe we could have a beer together.
I have to study.
Beer? I'd better go.
I should have told you about the money before.
And Rick.
And every other bloody thing you don't talk to me about.
I thought I could sort it out.
Well, you are retired.
This is ridiculous.
You don't have to be the big hero and go and fix everything.
I'm sorry.
Look, we don't have to go to bloody Barcelona to dance.
Come here.
What are you doing? Come here.
Oh, Ted.
I gotta say, I am lovin' life on the outside.
Such a welcome change.
I mean in prison, you know, it's just so complicated.
I mean, the politics, the hierarchy.
But, you know, out there, out in the real world, with the real people, everyone's just so pleasant, you know? So civilised.
Yeah, I'm really enjoying that.
Oh, it's nice to hear you had such a good week.
That you've made such progress.
I think I'm movin' forward.
I'm gonna be fine.
And the arrest warrant for the stolen vehicle? Ah misunderstanding.
But that's been withdrawn.
I see.
And the Back to Basics classes? You never turned up.
Why? Well, I was I was focusing on enjoying life.
You'd understand what I'm saying.
I do.
What's that? Community service.
Sewage pipe exploded at the Aged Care Centre and I volunteered you for the clean-up crew.
I suggest you turn up or you will be in direct violation of your parole.
You will be returned to prison to serve out the remaining three years of your sentence.
See you next week, Lennie.
You know, if I didn't run up the back of Rick's car we wouldn't be able to do this - you should be thanking me.
You must be joking.
You're unbelievable.
We've been through all that shit just to get back here exactly where we started.
There he is.
Shit! You know, he was my partner, you bastard.
Duncan got what he deserved.
I don't know why Rick was killed but it had nothing to do with him owning the back half of a dog.
There's your boy.
You gotta keep him safe.
Very good! Technically speaking, it's not actually theft.
It's more like borrowing.
You put nearly two grand on a dog that should have come last! Well, Marg, when you said, he's not allowed in the house, I thought you meant the house.
Oh, God! What do you think you're getting out of this, you pricks? It's not theft.
Do you know who you're talking to? Whatever I got you can have! You, maggot.
Shame, 'cause he's still gonna kill us.
Yeah, wasn't exactly how I pictured it.