Old School (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Easy Money

1 Why are you following me? I want to know about Sterling Nickle.
Bugger off.
Listen, I was shot.
I was hospitalised for five months, my career was wrecked.
Why wouldn't I want to find out who did this to me? Open the door! You just served 12 years and you don't have a cent.
Your only chance to get your money is right here.
If I get my dough, you'll let me keep it? What should I call you? Pop? No, Lennie.
Lennie's fine.
We flushed the rat out.
What we need to do now is to watch him like a hawk and he could be our lead to cracking this case.
I'm not very happy about a cop sniffing around my business.
Vince is bad news.
He's an arsehole.
You should listen to Lennie.
I will come down very hard.
Do you understand me? So some random prick takes my money and, because it's taken with a computer instead of a shotgun, somehow it's my fault? There he is.
Shit! Jesus.
Ted, I'm going to ask you again, what were you doing with Lennie Cahill outside Rick Duncan's apartment? Not blowing him to kingdom come.
Rick Duncan got what he deserved.
I didn't stand in the way of that.
You know he was my partner, you bastard.
Rick was crooked.
He was in on Sterling Nickle.
You and Rick Duncan crossed paths an awful lot.
What's the connection? Same ballet class.
Rick Duncan's financials were, uh better than they should have been.
Where'd he keep his money? String of investments.
Property, mostly.
Some businesses.
Gerard Parkins.
Even had a share in a racing greyhound.
Gerard Parkins.
He's a cop, innit he? Wasn't he on the Sterling Nickle squad? Yeah, but he left the force a long time ago.
Why? Why would they want to talk to him about Rick? Because now he trains greyhounds.
And Rick had a greyhound.
And whatever happened to That game we used to play Made for two And whatever happened to That old dance we used to do When there was something in the air that night It was you, alright You in disguise I could have danced Danced All night.
Friday night at Wentworth Park.
Now getting away very quickly, Bonza Belle as expected has gone through on the inside to take over the lead Coming up, race six, and the favourite is High Class, trained by John Stoyanov.
There he is.
There's Gerard.
Gerard Parkins.
Looking a bit rough.
That'd be Rick's dog, then - Jazzy Boy.
And I dare say that the punters are hoping that High Class can continue the form.
We haven't seen much of Jazzy Boy figure at all in finishes.
In fact, we haven't seen Jazzy Boy getting near the lead at any stage Don't think much of the company you're keeping these days, Ted.
Shame about Rick, wasn't it? Shitty way to go.
How long you been training his dog? Couple of years.
I don't know your mates.
Dwyer already put me through the ringer about this today.
I don't know why Rick was killed, but it sure as hell had nothing to do with him owning the back half of a dog.
Who owned the other half? It's a silent partner.
Never saw him, never spoke to him.
Shame more owners aren't the same.
What, do you mean silent as in anonymous? Yeah.
About to go.
The bunny's on its way.
High Class the favourite, but getting away well Bonza Boy and the rank outsider Jazzy Boy has flown.
The Lid's In The Picket is making a big break of it early on.
Trixie Belle goes through on the inside to take the lead.
Riding second, Jazzy Boy, High Class is third, as they come up towards the bend.
And around the outside, Jazzy Boy quickly goes past Trixie Belle.
High Class starting to motor home down the outside behind, deep.
And then Arakawa Star For a shithouse dog, he's found a bit of dash.
continuing this fabulous run and has opened up a big lead halfway down the straight, and Jazzy Boy has won the race Holy crap! and all the favourites were outraced and outpaced.
Jazzy Boy, what a win! Well done.
Oh, mate, I'm gonna have to Your friend's dog had a lucky run.
Yeah, he certainly did.
John Stoyanov, Ted McCabe, I know who you are.
Your dog was the favourite.
Interested to see what that swab says tomorrow.
You don't know where I could find the owner, do you? Rick Duncan.
Didn't you hear? Oh, it's very sad, but he was co-owner in the dog with a silent partner.
Do you know anything about that? Must have been very silent.
That's the first I heard of it.
I'll tell you this for free, though.
If he or anyone else is giving that dog a hurry up, he's gonna be dealing directly with me, as well as the authorities.
Where's Gerard? Given us the slip.
Shifty these ex-coppers.
Come on.
Who do you reckon this silent partner is? I don't know, but he's obviously got something to hide.
No-one home.
Well, his car's there.
Hey Hey.
Gerard? Oh, shit.
Been bashed.
Oh, mate.
Listen, uh, get a cushion.
Who did this to you? Did you get a look? Jazzy Boy You gotta keep him safe.
Hey? Ambulance.
Who is the silent partner? 42 Blainey Street, Leichhardt.
The car Why hide the dog in a car? Well, clearly, whoever bashed him was coming after the dog.
Silent partner.
What? All these dogs are microchipped with their owner's details.
You take him to your place and we'll have him scanned in the morning.
I can't do that.
Shannon'll hit the roof.
You're the one with a backyard.
Well, Margaret doesn't like dogs.
Margaret doesn't like anybody.
She likes lost of people, just not you.
You've been banned from the house, by the way.
Me? What about the garage? Oh, well, didn't talk specifics.
Jeez, you can see who wears the pants in your joint.
It's not like that.
She's worried about security.
She had a bit of a scare.
So much for being an ex-cop - can't even look after your own place.
It's not that kind of a break-in.
I can give you a few tips if you like.
Listen, it was a computer, OK? Somebody hacked into our bank accounts.
There's nothing I could do about it.
Probably some pimply-faced little prick on the other side of the country wearing his pyjamas while he drained our accounts.
Oh, forget about it.
You owe me big-time for this.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go, Jazzy Boy.
Food isn't free, Lennie.
And you can't just leave the lights on all night and take 20-minute showers.
It all costs.
What about the money in the jar in the kitchen? Can't you use that? That's my tips, which I have to spend on rent now that I've spent a fortune at the supermarket.
Have a good night.
Don't worry, I'll sort it out.
Better than being cooped up in a car or a kennel, isn't it? Still it's not all beer and skittles on the outside.
A lot of responsibility.
Checking up on me? You might find it a bit of a surprise, but I do have a life outside the parole office.
Not much of a one.
I didn't know you had a dog.
All that dog food there looks like shit, so I thought he might like this.
Well, you can't give 'em that.
You can't give 'em human food.
All comes out the same.
But our metabolisms are different.
The way the body breaks down food and changes it.
It happens at different rates.
Different chemical changes occur in dogs and humans.
You a dog lover? I had a husky.
Had? What happened? Send it back to the pound, bad behaviour? It got run over by a car.
I've still got his blanket and all his stuff.
It seems a bit hard to get rid of it.
Anyway, I'll, uh, see you in a bit.
Don't be late.
Eh? You're my 9:45 this morning.
But you know that, right? Yeah, course.
See you then.
You didn't tell me the job was driving you around.
Hey, you're out in the sunshine, seeing the sights - it's a good gig.
He's not gonna piss on my seats, is he? Good as gold.
How much you gonna pay me? We'll talk details later.
Right now, it's the parole office.
Hey, Ferret.
You don't have any, um work going on? I got a few obligations.
Nothing in sales.
Not my bag.
I'm not good dealing with people.
Jimmy Marsden's boys are cooking up a B&E No, a real job, you donkey.
We're in a parole office.
Sorry, I thought you meant like a you know Think you can give me a sample? It's test day.
I just handed mine in.
I'm empty.
When's the last time you went to the toilet? Sorry, what? Ones or twos? I took a leak about ten minutes ago.
Bugger! Lennie.
Armed rob, 12 years.
You? Zac.
Got into Westpac, 18 months.
I hacked into their computer system.
Hacked? Like got into the accounts? I was just pointing out weaknesses in the system.
Would you be able to work out how someone else did it? Like if someone's accounts had been hacked at, could you find out who did it? Hey? You got a phone number? Cahill.
Hey? What about a business card? I think I could put you onto something big, something really important.
This isn't probably the best place to Look after the mutt, will ya? Hey, Rhonda.
We gotta stop meeting like this.
Come on, boy.
Here, look, have some water.
Have some water.
Drink up.
Drink up.
That's it.
Good boy.
It's definitely some kind of malware.
Once it's installed, the hackers can access anything on your computer, and anything you do.
You look up a recipe and they know what you're having for dinner that night.
They can even use the computer's camera to spy on you.
Really? I'll see you later.
Hang on.
You going out? What could possibly be more important than finding out what's happened to our life savings? Well, this is standard investigative procedure.
You don't need me here.
Not much can be done till we analyse the hard drive.
Aren't you interested in any of this? You gonna be happy spending our retirement eating Vegemite sandwiches and playing bingo? Because that is all that the pension is gonna give us.
Well, no, I don't find that image particularly attractive, but I've got an appointment and it's important.
Who with? A vet.
A vet? Yes, with a vet.
Oh You gonna be able to find out who did it? Oh, these guys are slippery little bastards.
As fast as we work out how to track them, they work out how to dodge us.
It's gonna take a while.
How long's a while? Average time on this type of case is six months.
That long? Very good! Good dog, eh? Yeah.
Eh? Who's a good dog? Eh? Who's a good dog? There you go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Going good.
I think I'm a natural.
Thanks very much for your time.
We appreciate it.
As co-executors of Rick Duncan's will, we need to document all his assets.
Ha, including his dog.
Here we go - owner, Rick Duncan.
Anyone else come up, then? He's the only one here.
But the rest is all screwed up.
See, it says the dog's name's Jumbo.
And the address is all wrong.
I mean, there's Zetland, the suburb, but the rest is just a bunch of numbers.
Can I get a printout anyway? Yeah.
For probate.
There you go.
Thank you.
Must be stressful your job with all that responsibility.
It can be, but I love it.
Yeah? What is this? Come on.
That's the, uh, swab results from last night's test.
Guess you want to cut loose sometimes, though, eh? Have a bit of fun? Have a drink? It says the swab is negative.
What do you mean by fun? Depends.
You know, I wouldn't want to limit your imagination.
So the swab was negative, nothing came up.
That's right.
Can you tell me this, how does a crap dog win by a length and not be doped? Might have just been a lucky run.
It happens.
Or the sample was swapped.
Who else handles it before they go to the lab? At this end, just me.
But the whole process is overseen by Greyhound Racing NSW.
Plus there are cameras all over the track, so Well, a swap could occur, you just have to be smart about it.
I'm sorry, are you accusing me of something? No.
He's not doing that.
You're not doing that, are you? You do the swabs, you handle the swabs Mm.
so if a swap occurred, it would have to be you.
I think it's time for you to leave.
Thanks for cramping my style in there.
Style? Mate, you just looked desperate.
And you were flirting with a suspect.
I don't think she's got anything to do with it.
Anyway I got what I wanted.
Lucky you.
Three digits, a dash and then twelve more digits.
It's too many for a phone number.
But Zetland could be useful.
Yeah, or it just could be rubbish.
What'd they call him? Jumbo.
Hey, Jumbo.
And what do I get? It's dried calf's liver.
I don't think you'd be up for it.
Let's make it 20 bucks an hour.
What? You're driving a car, not a 747.
Hold on.
Plus petrol money.
But I expect a few burnouts for that, alright? Great.
Now, I want you to take Jazzy Boy back to my place and put him in my room and, for goodness sake, you do not let Shannon see him, OK? Here's the keys.
Come on.
Who's a good little fella there, hey? Come on, Jazzy Boy.
That doggie was off his chops.
You used the dog's urine for your drug test? I couldn't use my own, could I? Listen, whatever it is, they reckon it kicks harder than cocaine.
Top-shelf firecracker stuff.
If you've got any more, I can find you a buyer.
I can find you a truckload of buyers.
Nah, mate.
Here, let me get you a beer for that.
Um will that cover it, mate? I'll put it down as spillage.
Thanks, mate.
You don't have to worry about Gaz.
He's heard everything.
Haven't you, mate? Eh? Enough to make your hair curl.
Yeah, I learned to be very, very forgetful.
Enjoy that, mate.
Schooner of New, Gaz.
So if your vet back there really is innocent and the swab is clear, what does that mean when Ferret uses the same dog's piss for his drugs test and it goes off the Richter scale? Thing you're not taking into account is that dogs metabolise things different to humans.
Go on.
There are things that will show up in a human straightaway, but in a dog, will take a lot longer.
And that's due to the rate the metabolism metabolises.
You're not as stupid as you look.
Maybe that's why Gerard was in such a hurry to get Jazzy Boy off the track.
Think he'd dope the dog? Or knew who did it.
See, I told you - that vet was innocent.
Gerard, you must know who did this to you.
Why are you protecting them? Well, obviously I haven't got eyes in the back of my head 'cause that's where they hit me.
Where's Jazzy Boy? Good of you to be so concerned about a dog you doped.
What doping? Swabs were clear.
Oh, come on.
We know the drug shows up long after the race is finished.
And anything that big and powerful would be worth big bickies to Rick and his silent partner.
Gerard, this goes way beyond dogs.
Rick was into all kinds of shit, even after the Sterling Nickle heist.
Sterling Nickle? About time you let that go, isn't it, mate? Not after 12 years in the slammer.
Yeah, or try getting shot in the line of duty.
Come off it, Ted.
I saved you that day.
Alright? You can't lump all that on me.
What I'm trying to do here is to warn you.
Rick can't shield you anymore if you stuff up - he's dead.
So tell us how to get to this silent partner of his.
I told you - I've never seen him, he's never seen me.
All I care about is the dog.
Can I have Jazzy Boy back, please? Yeah, if you dredge up a name or a place.
Does Zetland mean anything to you? No.
Your memory seems to be affected by that thump.
Why don't we give it another thump and see if it comes back, eh? Hey, hey! No, don't, don't.
No, no, no, no.
Listen, give us a call if you get a blinding flash.
And call soon.
Listen, mate, doping's only half the story.
The money's in betting.
You follow the money.
What we need to know is who was in the betting ring last night.
How we gonna find out that? Technically speaking, it's not actually theft.
It's more like it's more like borrowing, you know, like borrowing something for a couple of days and then you give it back.
You know, like at the library, when you go to the library, you borrow a book for a couple of days and Except maybe this is more of a library where you don't actually give it back, so But it's not theft.
Seriously, do you know who you're talking to? How's your pal Parkins? He said much? Gerard? No, no.
No, he's not too talkative, as a matter of fact.
Hey, will you tell him John Stoyanov sends his best wishes? It's a sorry business all that.
It brings the whole sport into disrepute.
Too late for that, isn't it? So they say.
Yeah, they do.
This is not a public area.
Sorry, I was just having you know, waiting waiting for, um Yeah, he's alright, Rod.
I'll vouch for him.
He's a friend of Gerard's.
It might be better to find somewhere else to chat.
Yeah, I'm off anyway.
Hooroo, Ted.
Yeah, OK, John.
Yeah, sorry, mate.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Who are you? Who let you in? Checking the computers.
No-one told me about that.
Well, they should have.
You've been pretty badly hacked at.
That's not possible.
Certainly is.
Especially when you've got, you know, weaknesses in the system.
Can I see some ID? Course.
Um Zac 'Bagnall', Computer Solutions.
I'll have to check.
Me too.
I'm at the track.
There's no record of an appointment.
What are you on about? I gotta be in Parramatta in an hour.
I mean, if they want this hacking sorted out, then they've gotta get stuff to me asap.
Listen, Lennie, just get out of there now.
We'll think of some other angle.
Yeah, sure.
It's my boss.
He wants to talk to you.
Rod Pellow.
Are you holding up my employee? This is the first I've heard about hacking.
It's some kind of malware.
It's potentially very, very serious.
Well, I can't just let anyone into our We're gonna need everything from the last two days on a hard drive.
If he can't do that in the next five minutes, I'm gonna have to reschedule an appointment.
Dunno how long that could take.
Yeah, but I'm Could be up to a week.
In the meantime, your whole system could collapse.
OK? Well Oh! You're gonna have to give me five minutes.
I think it's gotta be this bloke.
Look - in a ten-minute period, he places a bet with every bookmaker on the course.
Can you get closer? Oh, that's hopeless.
You can't bloody see what he looks like.
There's another angle.
Oh I thought that we spoke about this.
Marg, when you said he wasn't allowed in the house, I thought you meant the house.
Margaret, um I've got something for you.
This is a friend of mine.
Ted told me about how your accounts have been hacked.
You told him? Well, this guy's a hacker himself, so he could be a hacker tracker.
We have got Cybercrime looking after the case.
No, no, you don't want to have the cops involved with this - it's far too important.
You need an expert, and this fella, he's an expert.
Where did you meet someone who knows about computers? Parole office.
I don't really think that's a good idea.
No, you keep it, you know, just in case you change your mind.
He's a member of Souths Juniors.
See the logo? That could be useful.
Look, mate, I'd love to help you out, but I can't just give out names of members, I'm sorry.
But you know who it is? He runs the Bunnies, the fans group.
But I can't tell you any more than that, sorry.
He'll be bloody disappointed, then, won't he? Sorry? You don't recognise him, do you? Should I? Only one of the greatest lock forwards to ever lace a boot for this famous club or for Australia.
I'm sorry.
I didn't I didn't recognise There he is there, in that photo.
Number 8.
Ronnie Coote.
I'm really I'm very sorry, Ronnie.
You want to sit down, Ronnie? Eh? You got a wheelchair, mate? Yeah, I could Blew both cartilages when he scored that winning try in the '75 finals, didn't ya? Let me just I'll have to ask my manager, OK? Yeah, yeah, you do that.
He'll be mightily impressed at how little you know about this famous club you work for.
Um I'll, um I'll get you guys the details from this computer.
He'll be thrilled, meeting a hero like Ronnie.
Ronnie Coote.
Ronnie Coote's a bit of a stretch.
Here it is.
Perry Robertson, and that's his address there.
Thank you very much.
Much appreciated.
Thank you, Mr Coote.
Good one, mate.
If this is the bloke we're looking for, he must've put his millions into something else.
What if he's armed? I don't want me head blown off.
It's a matching set.
Come on, round the back.
Is that someone smoking dope? Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Whatever I've got, you can have.
You maggot.
I'm bleeding! You're gonna go down.
Murder, armed robbery.
You're gonna rot in jail.
Am I bleeding? Please I don't know who you are and I don't know who you think I am, but I think you got me mixed up with someone else.
Doesn't feel right.
Bloody honey! Shut up.
Is this you? Yes.
What are you doing here? I'm placing a bet.
You put two grand on a dog that should've come last.
That makes you the number one suspect.
I was just placing a bet.
It wasn't for me.
That's not illegal.
Who was it for? I don't have to talk to you.
You break in, you threaten me I should talk to the cops.
Oh, that's a good idea.
When they get here, why don't you explain to them what that might be? Who did you place the bet for? I don't know.
This feels like about three years inside to me.
It's true.
Look, I do it all by text.
I don't see anyone.
I talk to anyone.
It's all on my phone.
Look, it's on the table.
I'll show you.
Eh? See? That's a code for a job.
If I say 'OK', then I go to the track.
There's a system for the money.
This text is only an hour old.
You text them back, say you'll do the job.
We're gonna take this over.
Hang on.
Now, there was gonna be three grand in that job for me.
Stay where you are.
Now, take the phone, text them back and tell us how the system works.
OK! On the race day, I go to the track early, and when I get there, I go through to the food court.
I go to the coffee bar and I sit at the table second from the corner.
It's the one spot that you can't be seen by cameras.
And then there's a sugar bowl on the table, and inside it, there's a key.
It's the key to a locker.
Inside the locker I go to is the betting stakes.
After the race, I take my cut.
I put the rest of the winnings back in the locker and the key back in the bowl.
Good work, Jason.
Yeah, looks like about three grand.
Race 8, number 6, Trafalgar Prince.
We don't have to bet all that, do we? Can't we just put on a couple of bucks, split the rest? No, we've gotta play it by the book.
Don't want to scare them off.
Put it through the bookies, spread it around, don't just put it with one, OK? I'm going for a leak.
I'll see you over here.
Uh, $1,000 on Trafalgar.
Um, $1,000 on Hi.
Can I put $1,000 down on Trafalgar? Thanks.
Shit! Give us your car keys.
You're not driving my car.
You don't have a license.
You drive, then.
I've gotta duck home real quick, alright? It's a half-hour round trip.
You can keep the meter running.
Don't look at me like that.
$500 on Trafalgar Prince on the nose.
I've just had a young kid here throwing big money at the same shithouse dog.
What's up? I'm having a punt.
You're refusing my bet? Good.
Did you see the odds on Trafalgar? Where the hell have you been? Hey? Ooh! OK, here we go.
Trafalgar Prince is green.
I'll be surprised if Mr Bojangles doesn't lead.
Trafalgar Prince the last dog arriving at the boxes.
And it won't be long before we see them off and away in the next.
Bonza Blue will certainly get out quickly.
Any moment now.
Here they go.
Here they go.
Down towards the inside, Mr Bojangles and Bonza Blue were the first two into stride as they come down to the winning post for the first time and Mr Bojangles goes through Come on, Trafalgar Prince! as they go down the back stretch Come on! .
Trafalgar Prince, which got into a bit of trouble there.
It's dropped back sharply.
Newtown Rocket's got up on its inside.
Lightning Rihanna also got Come on, Trafalgar Prince! in company with Lady Zephyr as they move up Coming last.
Come on, come on! Bonza Blue's opened up a big lead.
But Mr Bojangles bounds through on the home turn and Mr Bojangles goes through to beat Bonza Blue.
Lady Zephyr the next, followed by Rocket Man No way.
Lightning Rihanna and Newtown Rocket, and the last there across the line, Trixie Belle, and Trafalgar Prince, which got into a lot of trouble You said it'd win.
You said it was a sure thing, no question.
Shoulda won.
Shoulda? Are you serious? Shoulda isn't good enough.
What's the matter with you? he's been basically winded in the home straight, and Mr Bojangles What's that about? that's because it is one, got up on the inside and came away to win comfortably in the end, Bonza Blue second and Lady Zephyr in the red coming through to finish in third position.
Wait a minute.
You idiot.
Are you cracked or something? Your bet buggered the odds on that dog.
Stewards would have seen it, no-one's gonna dope a dog that the stewards are watching! You just stuffed up the sting.
I just lost $500.
You had $500? Technically, it wasn't my money.
Am I gonna get paid? Not this week.
What?! I've already lost one job because of you.
God, you're a dick! He's got you pegged.
Do you know what's it like, eh? To be this close, this close to a sure thing and you know you shouldn't go for it but it's too tempting? I know what that's called.
It's called greed! Hey.
I was in the neighbourhood and thought you might be thirsty.
for like a test, she'll go up to the professor and she'll, like, just dispute it, like 100%.
What's her problem? Oh, my God.
I can't believe this.
W No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Give it, give it.
Drop it, let it go.
You OK? Shit.
Just that someone was after the dog Mum gave this to me for my fifth birthday.
It's the only thing I've got left.
Look at me! Just for a couple of days, so I thought be alright in my room.
I don't want to know! It's just too much! I was gonna talk to you about that.
I was just borrowing it.
How am I gonna pay for rent? I was on a sure thing, it was 18-1, I would've won nine grand.
Would've paid for the rent for months, we could've eaten at the Italian every night.
When they rang and asked me if you could stay here, I didn't say yes straightaway, I had to think about it.
Do you know why? 'Cause I really wasn't sure if I could trust you.
Now I know.
I can lend you some cash if you need it.
Don't need your help, Pelagatti.
I'll pay it back to you as soon as I can.
She won't, I will.
As if.
We're going for a drink.
When I get home, I want all this cleaned up.
Bad doggie.
Where's the dog? You want your dog back? You can have him.
The next time you dope him, I want in.
Come on Hey.
I got enough on you to get you banned from the track for life.
And how's doping gonna look on your shiny service record, eh? Still get your pension if you're convicted? Why don't you take a seat? Thanks, John.
Oh, it's a beautiful home.
Dogs have been good to you.
And they say it's a mug's game.
Hm? John, I got a tip that there was a doping planned at the course last night.
Trafalgar Prince.
Sure your information isn't a little off beam there? Trafalgar Prince placed last.
Well, whoever was gonna dope the dog pulled the plug at the last minute when the odds went south.
Excuse me.
You'd better come round, then.
Sorry about that, Ted.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention, but, supposing you are right, the doper would have to be in the starting box.
That was exactly the same conclusion that I came to.
Well, but you'd have no idea what the odds were doing from that vantage point.
Except for the giant TV screens all around the course, linked to the racing channel.
The TAB odds come up on them all the time.
And there's nothing wrong with your eyesight.
I know it was you.
How is that, Ted? Well, it went like clockwork the first time with Jazzy Boy, but then you decided that lightning really can strike twice.
And when people get greedy, they get sloppy.
You were the only person in the starting boxes for both races.
Oh, for God's sake! No, that's not funny! Not funny at all! What do you think you're getting out of this, you pricks? Where's my dog, Gerard? You mean your 50% dog.
He doesn't have Jazzy Boy anymore - I do.
And here's the deal.
I bring you Jazzy Boy, you put me on the payroll and I reckon oh, maybe 500 bucks would be a good down payment.
Better come inside, eh? I do admire your enterprise, but, uh, what, Gerard hasn't told you? Jazzy Boy's racing days are over.
We're gonna conduct some tests on the animal, see what effects the drug has had on its innards.
You mean biopsy? Yeah, more of an autopsy.
That's why you were hiding him.
Didn't want to see him sliced up, eh? I never agreed to that part.
I just needed the money.
You know who Sterling Nickle is? Not one of my dogs.
I may have to rethink my business offer.
Yeah, of course.
At your leisure.
I know this looks shithouse, but at least I learnt two things.
First of all, Stoyanov was the co-owner of the dog with Rick - he's the silent partner.
And second of all, he's got nothing to do with Sterling Nickle.
Yeah, that's a shame.
Still gonna kill us.
Yeah, it wasn't exactly how I pictured it.
Lennie, I've been thinking.
Jumbo, the name on the microchip, there's a chain of storage units called Jumbo.
It said Zetland, didn't it? Is there one in Zetland? Dunno.
We must look that up, if we ever get out of here.
Another one? Yeah, sure, mate, same again.
Hey! Agh! Go get John.
Don't even think about it! I mean it! Aghh! Yeah.
Look, mate, if you want to put 'em in a hole, that's your thing.
I just don't want any part of it.
Oh, you're a part of this, mate, whether you like it or not.
Was that Lady Zephyr? Hey, what's going? Oh.
It's for you.
MAN: (On phone) Police are being dispatched.
Five minutes.
Well what about Jazzy Boy? I'll be looking after Jazzy Boy.
Now get in the cage.
Oh, come on, Ted.
Sorry, mate.
Mate, no.
You know the rules.
Marg's I looked it up.
There is a Jumbo storage place in Zetland.
Ted, come here! Stay here.
He's found out how the hackers have accessed our account.
What? Glad I could help.
That's what friends are for.
Friends? Exaggeration, Marg.
Some moron made a document containing all your numbers.
Your passwords.
Left it right on the desktop.
In terms of security, that's pretty much like leaving your front door wide open.
Oh Oh Ted, I'm so sorry.
Marg, you are brilliant.
No, I don't think so.
The numbers.
The numbers are a code which he put in the microchip in the dog so no-one would ever find it.
A code for Storage unit in Zetland.
Yes! Won't be long.
305, 304, 303.
That's the first three digits.
Well, hopefully, the other numbers are the PIN code.
Is that a 6? No, that is an 8.
What do you reckon's in there? Give us your keys.
You've gotta be kidding.
Books? Just a pile of old books.
Well There's something valuable about them.
What do you think? Guns? Drugs? Yeah, maybe.
Either, both.
Lennie, you screw up again, and it's serious.
How's your back? Rooted? Chinese.
What are you guys up to? We should be mates.
Zac has traced our cyber thief to an address in Bankstown.
I know what's going on here.
Don't mind him, it's just his manner.
Oi! You don't seriously drive a Porsche? What is it they say? Men who drive Porsches have small Don't worry.
We'll We'll get that door fixed.