Old School (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Her Weight in Gold

1 When I was shot, my career was wrecked.
You just served 12 years and you don't have a cent.
Your only chance to get your money is right here.
If I get my dough, you'll let me keep it? We flushed the rat out.
What we need to do now is to watch him like a hawk and he could be our lead to cracking this case.
I dunno why Rick was killed, but it sure as hell had nothing to do with him owning the back half of a dog.
There's my boy.
You gotta keep him safe.
It's all gone.
But everything we've saved for the trip? Like, if someone's accounts had already been hacked at, could you work out how someone else did it? He's found out how the hackers accessed our account.
Can't hear you, mate.
Vince is bad news.
He's an arsehole.
Should've listened to Lennie.
The numbers are a code, he put them on the chip on the dog so that no-one else would find them.
What do you reckon's in there? You gotta be kidding.
So, Lennie, how's your week been? Feel like you're making progress? Yeah, been a great week.
Thanks for asking, Rhonda.
Yeah, I feel like I've you know, made very good progress.
Out there, enjoying life and in the sunshine, making new friends.
Taking time to stop and smell the daisies, you know.
You know what I mean? And what's really going on? Everything's shithouse.
Think we're being followed.
What? Black van, three cars back.
You're paranoid.
Why would anyone be following us? Every man and his dog wants a box of old books.
Could be worth something.
Why else would Rick have it locked up in storage? Whatever happened to .
the game we used to play made for two And whatever happened to .
that old dance We used to do When there was something in the air that night There was you alright You in disguise I could have danced Danced all night.
It's all in Chinese.
Does Rick speak Chinese? Not as far as I know.
Hey, where are you going? Out.
You look nice.
What are those books? Ah, these are evidence.
Evidence of what? Part of an investigation.
Why are they here? Oh, we can't keep them at Ted's, his missus isn't all that happy with me.
Hey, you - you studied Chinese in school, didn't you? No, I did Japanese.
Oh, yeah, right.
Can you have a look at this? You are aware it's a totally different language? Yeah.
I think that's the character for shoes.
Why don't you just get a Chinese person to translate them? Where are we gonna find a Chinese person? Chinatown? Oh, yeah.
Fair enough.
Maybe Rick had some offshore business dealings, put some bribery money into a shoe factory or something? Yep, or a foot fetish? Fellas.
What are you doing here? We're going to lunch.
With him? Uh-huh.
I'll just grab my stuff.
What's this? Hey, none of your business.
What are you guys up to? Put it back or you'll be shitting teeth.
No need to be nasty, Lennie.
I'm about to get in your granddaughter's pants.
We should be mates.
Ready? See you later.
Chinatown? You don't seriously drive a Porsche? Yeah, why? What is it they say? What? I don't know, men who drive Porsches have small -.
Get in the car.
Oh, I can't go in this.
What if somebody sees me? They'll think you're a cultured lady.
Comfy? It's OK.
I'll get you a Ferrari next time.
OK, I have to admit, this car is a lot of fun.
Told you, didn't I? So, listen, what's this about Lennie? And the books? I dunno.
Something dodgy, knowing him.
Where's he taking them? Down to Chinatown to get them translated.
Can we talk about something else? What do you wanna talk about? We can talk about you.
Me? Let's talk about me.
The thought of that little prick being with my granddaughter.
Oh, listen to you.
The caring, sharing Lennie Cahill.
Who knew? Hello, darling.
Zac's found something interesting.
Look, can't talk now, love, in the middle of something here.
With Lennie Cahill? What makes you think that? G'day, Marg.
How's it going? You're with him now? Ted, you - No, no, just - Zac thinks he might have found where our money might've gone.
Why don't you give me a call when you're prepared to show a little bit of interest.
Well - Women.
You bring that.
Why me? I've got a crook back.
I got shot.
You ought to do pilates.
We did it inside.
Good for the core.
Well, you must've had some sort of relationship with him.
No, growing up, I hardly even knew my grandad.
Mum always used to call him a scumbag loser who was better off in jail.
Oh, Lennie seems like such a sweet old guy.
He's what they call habitual.
He's actually a great case study.
As a law student, it's pretty interesting living with someone who has absolutely no respect for the law whatsoever.
I'm learning a lot about the criminal mind.
Which brings us to you.
What about me? Lennie says you're dodgy.
Thinks you're like a gangster or something.
You know what, Australians are so racist.
If you're Italian and successful in this country, everyone just automatically assumes you're in the mafia or something.
So you're a gangster? Wanna see my gun? Can I ask you something? I dunno, can you? Is the only reason you're chasing me is so you can piss off my grandad? Are you only letting me chase you just to piss off your grandad? I asked you first.
I really like you, Shannon.
A lot.
It's got nothing to do with Lennie, believe me.
He's the last thing on my mind when I think about you.
Is there an echo in here? You alright? Oh, I'm just - Just, ah - Think I better slow down on the champagne.
Maybe we should, ah, order some food.
Oh, my God, this glass.
What? So circular.
Come here.
Come here.
Have you taken something? Everything's just, ah, feeling a bit, um - What? A bit - What? What? Oh, my God.
My hands.
My hands.
What's that on your finger? That's from those books.
The Chinese book? I am feeling really strange.
You know what, stay here, alright? I'm just gonna go and get you something for your blood sugar.
Stay here.
Don't move.
Right? Huh? Come on.
Reece? Yeah, listen.
No, listen.
Shut up, alright? I need you to go to Chinatown and track down a blue Commodore with a dinged-up front end.
No - Alright, listen, call Sergio, alright? Get his car.
Yeah, it's built - Shannon! These are accounts for an export business in Shanghai.
What sort of export, Mr Zhua? Shoes.
Is that some sort of code? Do those, um, columns and figures, do they mean money coming and going? Pig leather in, insoles in, heels in.
Shipment of shoes out.
You sure that's all it says? Just accounts from a shoe factory.
So they're worthless? Yes.
How many do you have? Ah, ten.
I give you $50 for the lot.
Thought you said they were worthless? They come from a factory near where I grew up.
They have some small sentimental value.
No, I think we'll shop around.
Thanks for your help, Mr Zhua.
My final offer.
$100? $100.
We'll get back to you.
There's something valuable about them.
Well, I don't reckon Rick was running a racket in ladies shoes.
What do you think? Guns? Drugs? Yeah, maybe.
Either, both.
So how do the books fit into it? Is it a key to dates, names, places? Dunno.
Oi! Lie down.
Stay down! Come on! You come on! Shit.
How's your back? Rooted? Who's idea was it to leave the books in the boot? We got one.
Think I've done a hammy.
I'm not going with you, you drugged me, Lennie's right Shannon, get in the car.
you're not to be trusted.
Hey! Everything alright here? It's fine, she's just had too much to drink.
You sure that's all? She looks pretty spaced out to me.
Yeah, she just doesn't like this car too much.
Is that right, miss? Miss? You don't like the car? Yeah.
Stupid car.
Well, if you feel unsafe, you can come with me.
No, I'm good.
I just need to lie down and I'll be good.
Thanks a lot.
Seatbelts! Left, right, kick.
Here you go, one more.
Last one.
- Nice.
- Thanks.
Hey, look, do you want a cup of tea? Huh? Do you want a cup of tea or some water or something? Not from you.
Come on, Shannon.
I brought you home like you asked.
Hey? I'll get you a glass of water - No, no! It's alive, get it off me! Shannon! Get it off me, get it off me! Relax.
Shit! Get out of here.
You're dead.
Hey, you OK? Can you just stop going like - Woosh.
How can there be drugs in them? I'm telling you, I remember the drug squad boys telling me one of the ways they get the drugs into the country these days, they infuse with a solution, clothing and paper and so on, to get it past customs.
What sort of drugs are we talking? Could be anything.
Could be heroin, cocaine.
And I'm standing at the gates of eternity and space and time are the same thing.
And everything centres around this.
This thing here.
Do you know what I'm saying? LSD? LSD.
You know, Lennie, I remember Shannon licking her fingers when she turned the pages of the book.
Could be how she ingested it.
I'm in deep shit, Lennie.
I thought Vince was trying to hurt her and I think I broke his nose.
You did the right thing, mate.
Hello, Shannon.
How are you feeling? Do you think Vince put something in my drink? I think that's exactly what he did.
He seemed so nice.
Never trust a bloke who drives a Porsche.
Old people can be so beautiful.
Welcome to the '60s.
I reckon there could be $500,000 tied up in LSD in those books.
And someone knew that.
Yeah, that Mr Zhua, that bloke in Chinatown, he knew, I reckon.
Didn't have time to organise it.
It was two minutes walk to the car, max.
Besides, how would he know what my car looked like? What, you expect me to believe it's some sort of coincidence? Mate, you - The books.
Where are the books? What books? You have ten ledger books.
Ouch! Where are they? They were nicked from his car.
Oh, ouch! We don't have them anymore.
His fault, left them in the car.
Ow! When will we get them back? Huh? When we find out who took them.
Ow! It's his turn.
Whack him.
What? Ow.
Stop it.
We want those books back.
Otherwise we kill you.
Today! You've got till 5:00pm.
We know where you live.
Oh, that hurt.
Oh, man.
Senior Sergeant Andrew Muir.
Oh, no, it's the Feds.
Let's go.
Watch the back! Bloody tender.
OK, alright.
So what did the triads show to you? Oh, they asked us if we could help them form a church choir.
Shut up.
Or maybe it was a jazz combo, can't remember.
Are you arresting us? We've been watching Rick Duncan's lock-up for weeks.
Where are those books? Don't have them.
Wait, are you the ones that've been following us from the beginning? Ever since you took the box.
So where were you in Chinatown? Why? Why didn't you stop that prick taking the books out of my car? What are you talking about? Oh, I see what it was.
You were on the duck pancakes.
You know, in my squad, it was a sackable of fence to abandon a stake-out.
Yeah, well, you don't have a squad anymore, McCabe.
Who's got the books? We don't know! We just took a flogging for them.
We have video evidence of you breaking into the storage unit and taking those books.
Now, we want them back, or you two dumb pricks are gonna take the fall over it.
Understood? This day just gets better and better.
OK, wait a minute, let - Fair enough.
We will get the books to you this afternoon.
Hey? 5:00pm.
Where? At his joint.
OK, 5:00pm.
At my place? Yeah, that's a really good idea, let's all go to my place.
Hey, I want a lift, I'm not walking back.
Take a cab.
You want the books Give us a ride.
you give us a lift.
Thank you very much.
Take Shannon to the pictures for me, would you, Jase? I don't think she's up for a movie.
Well, take her to the pub, then.
I just don't want her here at 5:00opm.
Why? I've got visitors coming.
They're not her sort.
Now, you gotta trust me on this, what time do you make it? 1:45pm.
Oh, I've got a parole meeting in 15 minutes.
Just get her out of here, right? There was an iron cross tattoo, looked like a prison job.
Could we just look at parolees? If Dwyer catches me doing this Yeah, well, you just tell him I had you at gunpoint.
Yeah, you know I will.
No, let's just look at backs of necks.
Nup - Oh! Wait.
Let's see his face.
That's him.
Reece Llewellyn Spencer, standover, assault, GBH, drugs.
So a nasty piece of work.
Known associates? Vince bloody Pelagatti.
What's your interest with him? Well, let's just say we have some history.
You trained me and I owe you a lot but that doesn't give you license to treat me like a fool.
What's going on here? What are you doing at 5:00pm? Hey, Rhonda.
I'm here for my appointment.
You had an appointment.
You missed it.
What? I'm here.
Why can't we have the session now? Your appointment was half an hour ago.
Where does that leave me? Your lack of attendance will be noted in my report to the parole board.
Why can't we have a meeting now? I can walk next to you, count towards my parole obligations.
I'm on my lunch break.
How's the dog? Jazzy boy? You know, been a good boy? Look, I was going to talk to you about this in our next meeting.
It is not appropriate for you to give any kind of gifts to a parole officer.
Oh, I didn't realise.
Do you want me to take him back? Well - I mean, if it's inappropriate, I should take him back.
Look, hang on, the dog needs a good home.
I can find him a good home.
You are in no position to - Alright.
Against my better judgment, I am prepared to reschedule for same time tomorrow, but this is not the first time, Lennie.
You screw up again and it's serious.
How are you feeling? I've just got .
the driest mouth.
And I've got this really weird memory.
I saw you floating across the room and kicking Vince in the head.
I was, ah I was in a car and then at a restaurant.
It's all coming back to me.
Lunch with Vince, spinning out, a cop, and then and then we were talking about Vince.
Lennie warned me about Vince.
Bloody Vince.
Um do you think I could get a tea or something? Yeah, I'll just be a sec.
Ah, peppermint.
No-one home.
Lennie, how do we know if Vince has even got the books in there? I'll pop in and take a look.
Wait, wait! Here, take the spare.
I'll text you if anyone's coming.
I'll be in and out like a trout.
In and out like a trout.
I was able to trace the malware code through a darknet blog.
This guy's good but not quite good enough.
His fingerprints are everywhere.
So, I'm assuming not his actual fingerprints? What's that? That's where your money was hacked from.
The actual place? Yes.
A fruit shop? That name's misleading.
You're amazing.
What now? Well, we need to get hold of Ted and go over there.
Hey, Marg.
Fantastic news, Ted.
Zac traced our cyberthief to an address in Bankstown.
Well, that's good.
What sort of place is it? Well, it's a fruit shop, of all things.
Probably a front.
When I get home, we'll sit down and make a plan of attack.
I think it's probably time we got the fraudies back involved.
Fraudies? No, I think we've already established how terrific they are.
That's a bit unfair, Marg.
Very under-resourced.
Now that we've got an address - Shit! Gotta go, love.
No, don't hang up on me! Ohh.
He is so rude.
Why on Earth does he think he can hang up on me like that? I don't have an answer to that question.
You know what, Zac? No? What? You get your jacket.
We're gonna go for a drive out to Bankstown.
I'll just be a sec.
You put something in my drink, arsehole.
Whoa, whoa! Hang on.
You could do anything you liked while I was out of it? Just a second.
Right? Let's go inside and talk about this.
I'm not that stupid.
You're a lawyer.
Can I say something in my defence? You were drugged but I didn't do it.
Who did then? I wasn't gonna say, but it was Lennie.
You know those Chinese books he had? I realised later that all the pages had been dipped in LSD.
What are you talking about? I think Lennie is dealing drugs out of your flat, that's what I'm talking about.
Look, it's obvious Lennie doesn't like me very much, probably because I'm Italian, and I think he did this to ruin our lunch date.
He said that you spiked my drink.
What, and you believe him? What is it your mum called him? A scumbag liar.
She called him a scumbag loser.
Come on, come inside.
I'll pay for the cab.
Welcome to the palace.
Have a seat.
Virgin Mary.
Totally healthy.
Didn't think you'd be up to drinking vodka.
Yes, thank you.
Feeling OK? Mmm.
I've definitely calmed down a bit.
My God, what a crazy day.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
Hey, Vince, I'm sorry.
What for? I guess I misjudged you.
I'm probably as guilty of prejudice as everyone else.
You're a racist.
What? You alright? Ah - You OK? Is it this stupid thing on my nose? I just, ah - I think I I think I've started tripping again.
Do you wanna go upstairs and lie down? I'll give you a massage.
Yeah? Just stay here, alright? Yeah.
What the hell are you doing here? Those books were dipped in acid, they're part of the Sterling Nickle investigation, your boyfriend got one of his mates to steal them, He's a gangster, a drug dealer.
That's crap.
How many times do I have to tell you, Shannon, your boyfriend, Vince, is dodgy.
The only dodgy one around here is you.
Mate, your timing is shithouse.
You told me to come now.
Just give me the books and piss off.
What are those books? What are you doing? Um who was that? Just my accountant, dropping off some files.
Files? Yeah, boring books, tax stuff.
Let's go upstairs.
Um, I think I'll pass.
I just - Thought you wanted to have a lie down? I was gonna give you a massage.
My back's fine.
You OK? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm just I'm actually feeling a bit tired.
Maybe I'll head home.
Is it something I said? No, just - I don't know, it's been a crazy day.
Maybe you could give me a lift? Sure.
Let's go.
What took you so long? They're coming out.
Well, at least you got the books.
Where are they going? Shannon's.
To her place? Oh.
Bad idea.
That's a shit idea.
Just looks like a normal fruit shop.
Jack the Ripper probably looked pretty normal too.
Ted? Hello, Marg.
Finally found the time to call me back.
I'm sorry, Marg, it's been a hell of a day I just wanted to say are you not at home? That's why it's called a mobile.
Suppose you're with Lennie Cahill again? Look, I - Great.
What do you want? Look away.
I'm sorry for hanging up before, OK? Yes.
Where are you? Bankstown.
Zac and I are looking at the place that I told you about.
Must say, doesn't really look like the Evil Empire.
Marg, do not go inside there.
I forbid you to go in without me.
Could be highly dangerous.
Tell him to take a chill pill.
What was that? Oh, it's Zac, he's telling you to take a chill pill.
Gotta go.
Got a whole box of chill pills here if you want.
Shut up.
Can I help you with something? Are you the fruitologist? Yeah, mate, what are you after? Like to spend time on the computer? Ah, not sure what you're after.
Let's just say, I know what's going on here.
Don't mind him, it's just his manner.
We should go.
We know why you're here.
You want your money? Where is it? What have you done with it? We spent it on our family.
We've got kids to feed.
What?! That is no justification! Well, why should you have it? Yeah, you guys, you're just too greedy.
How dare you! You steal all our money and you tell us that we're greedy! We haven't taken anything.
We've just kept what's ours.
You have hacked into our account and you have stolen our life savings.
Hacked? What does that mean? You guys aren't actually hackers, are you? What are you talking about, mate? Did you or did you not steal money from this lady using a malware program called Dark Waiter? Are you from the tax office? The tax office?! So you're not here about that? OK, this is actually pretty funny.
It was so obvious.
A hotspot.
A what? Your computer's been turned into a drone.
Someone has remotely commandeered it and is using it to hack into other computers, like hers.
OK, I've shut down the malware program.
I'll install some protective software and also I've updated your accounting software.
Let's just say that if the tax office does come, they won't find anything here.
Where is it? What? The box.
What do you mean? Where the hell is the box of books? I dropped it off to you, that's the last time I saw it.
It's not at the house, so where is it? I don't know, Vince.
I haven't touched it, I swear to God.
What, you're trying to tell me that someone broke into my house - is that seriously what you're trying to tell me.
If the box isn't there, then I don't know, mate.
Did anyone follow you to the house? No! Did anyone see you lift the box from the car in Chinatown? No.
Not really.
Not really?! What do you mean, not really? Well, a couple of old guys kinda saw me, but I gave them the slip, no problems.
You are a special kind of moron, you know that? Why? What did I do? Shut up.
Meet me at Lennie's.
You can't be here.
I am here.
It's where I live.
Look, bad things are gonna happen.
I gotta get you outta here.
What bad things? Can we talk somewhere else? No, you tell me now.
Actually, it's too late.
Argh! Lennie, what's going on? Nothin'.
It'll be fine.
Whoa! Ahhh.
OK, we've got your books.
We're all square.
Just take them and leave.
There's one missing.
There's meant to be ten.
I want that book.
Huh? Where is it? Give me that book.
Or I kill her.
No, you won't.
I blow your head off! OK, calm down, I'll get your book.
Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon! Down on the floor! Hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy.
Drop the weapon! Now! Put it on the floor.
Get it on the floor.
Drop it! I'm gonna kill him! Put it on the floor now! Get it on the floor! Everyone, SHUT UP! Calm down! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! OK, OK.
Just Relax, mate.
No threat here, alright? What's going on? Holy shit! Alright I got no business here apart from I'm just gonna take these books.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Everyone! Get your hands in the air.
Hands in the air! Hands in the air.
Where's the books? Huh? Where's This is our bust.
You can piss off.
That's not gonna happen.
We've been tracking these for six months.
It's not your jurisdiction.
You come late.
We were here first.
Mate, it's not gonna happen.
Forget it, Dwyer.
You're out-gunned and out-muscled.
Oh, yeah.
You fairy cops in your fancy dress! OK, everyone.
Everyone here is gonna put their hands up What are you doing? Nick off, you clown! What are you doing? I feel like a daisy I feel like a daisy! Back off, mate.
I'll put a bullet through you! Hey! Hey! Drop the weapon now! Drop the weapon! Stay down! You are an arsehole! Stay down.
Get off me! Get off me! Don't worry.
We'll We'll get that door fixed.
Ow! Jeez! Wait up! Hey! Wait.
That's our evidence for our operation! Your operation nearly got everyone killed.
We're taking those bastards in and the evidence stays with us.
Well, my department will be speaking to your department.
That's a promise! Bring it on.
I'm over it.
Sick of being nearly killed for my share in a robbery from 12 years ago.
What? Yeah, I'm done with this crap.
What the point in chasing something that ends up wrecking your life? You know, Lennie, sometimes you amaze me.
See you round.
Whoo! Woooooo-oo-oo-oo! Get on the ground or you're gonna be tasered! Woo, woo, woo! Get down.
Go taser.
Taser! Taser! Taser! Marg? Oh, good, good.
You're OK, then.
Nice of you to check back in.
Sorry, Marg.
It's been a hell of a day.
So what happened in Bankstown? We're no closer to recovering our money, if that's what your asking.
Plenty of free vegetables, though.
Well, you're alright.
That's the main thing.
Oh I'm sorry, Marg.
You're always sorry, Ted.
Point is, what are you gonna do about it? You know how important this is to me, this investigation.
If I If I don't follow through with this what's the point? Yes.
You've said that before.
But what is the point in chasing something that's ruining your whole life in the process? I'm not getting any younger, Ted.
We're meant to be enjoying this time of our lives.
That's funny That reminds me of something Lennie Cahill just said.
What? He's lying, as usual.
That bloody tenth book.
Hold it right there.
Back off, Ted.
You're not selling that.
Mate, it's got nothing to do with you.
What do you think you're doing? Getting my money.
That's not your money.
It's drug money.
It's dirty money! He's offering me $50,000.
You'll never clap eyes on me again.
You scumbag.
I lost everything I worked for for 40 years, but I would NEVER stoop to anything as low as that.
NO! Uhhh! You of all people.
Your daughter dies of an overdose and here you are trying to sell drugs.
You're the lowest of the low, Cahill.
You make me sick! I've realised that all I've ever done is look after myself.
And what have I got to show for it? My granddaughter hates me.
I've pissed all over the memory of my only child.
I'm broke.
And I'm absolutely bloody miserable, if you must ask.
Well, it probably doesn't feel like it, Lennie, but that is actually progress.
Progress? It doesn't feel like progress.
Well, sometimes you just gotta go backwards.
Before you can go forwards.
Accept your mistakes.
Understand what you've done before you can even start to change.
Before you can actually really relate to the people that are important to you.
That right? Yep.
And I know that because I have been there myself.
I wouldn't have picked you for that.
What? You know something ridiculous? Right now, Rhonda, you might be the the best friend that I've got.
Well, you're right, Lennie.
That is ridiculous.
Someone cut a tank in Vaucluse last night.
Had your signature all over it.
Yeah, well, it wasn't me.
It was your MO.
It wasn't me! Don't tell me that's my little girl! What are you doing here? Just wondered if I could stay at my favourite granddaughter's place.
Haven't heard from you in 12 years.
I want a cut, Len.
How's business? Husbands still cheating on their wives? Still buying jewellery? Is it stolen? Guilt - it's a growth industry, Teddy.
Putting your hands on me once was a big mistake.
For once I'm actually innocent.
If I have to put you back inside I will certainly do that.
I'm not going anywhere.