Old School (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Tiny Dancer

1 If we wanna solve this case, we're gonna have to learn how to work together.
Shannon, Vince is bad news.
He's an arsehole.
You should listen to Lennie.
Get off me! Ow! Get out of here.
Just so we're clear - I really can't have any problems.
You won't get any problems from me.
No, no, no.
Mum gave this to me for my fifth birthday.
It's the only thing that I've got left.
I can't believe this.
Mum used to talk about this - on the run, shifting houses.
Maybe it wasn't just drugs that killed her.
My granddaughter hates me.
I've pissed all over the memory of my only child.
Your daughter dies of an overdose, and here you are, trying to sell drugs.
You're the lowest of the low, Cahill.
You know something ridiculous? Right now, Rhonda, you might be the best friend that I've got.
Well, you're right, Lennie.
That is ridiculous.
False alarm.
Here's our culprit.
See ya, fellas.
Here, puss.
Look who's left holding the bag.
Been there myself.
Except the shit's usually of your own making.
Hey, Jazzy boy.
Come on.
Hey, how are ya? What are you doing here, Lennie? Well, you said this was where you walked the dog.
I figured I might throw him a bone.
Who knows? Maybe you'll throw me one.
Why is it you seem to be under the impression that I find you charming? What can I say, Rhonda? Except that I've always had the ability to read people.
You two seem to be getting on pretty good.
He's good company.
We could all do with a bit of that.
You know, they do say the most common place for people to meet is work.
We're not work colleagues.
I'm your parole officer.
We're not even meant to be seen together.
Rhonda, have a look around.
This is off the leash.
You can hold the bag.
Come on, we'll have a cuppa.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
And whatever happened to That game we used to play Made for two And whatever happened to That old dance we Used to do Well, there was something in the air that night It was you, alright You in disguise I could've danced, danced All night.
Seriously, you call this a modem? No.
In fact, we call it the blinky light thing.
I'm never getting married.
Zac is trying to get our savings back, Ted.
You should at least try to connect with him.
Look at this tired old thing.
I think our smalls have seen better days.
Look alright to me.
Hi, Auntie Meg.
Hey, Cath.
Hi, Cath.
Hey, Ted.
Er, this a clothesline or a time machine? So, what's up? I got a bust in Vaucluse.
Tank job.
Old safe, oxy torch.
I figure no-one knows breakers like you.
What about our robbery? What are the fraudies doing about our stolen super? Oh.
The investigation's ongoing, Marg.
Ed scratches your back.
What about ours? Yeah.
I'll put a few calls in, I promise.
Bit hard to answer the phone when they're sitting on their hands.
So, er, why are you buttering me up about tank jobs? Oh, if you prefer to stand here handing out the pegs, I'll leave you to it.
So, what's the alarm set-up? Motion sensors, glass break detectors, perimeter alarms.
Professional job.
Did a dummy run on security and local GDs.
They figured the cat tripped it.
The owners have a cat? Uh-uh.
You might want to bag that tin out the front.
Removed the backup battery on the alarm and cut the line to go back in.
What did they make off with? $200,000 in cash and jewellery, according to the owners.
Yeah, understood.
This is Edward McCabe, former colleague.
He's an expert on safe-cutters.
Andy Cavendish.
My wife, Diane.
We found a receipt for the sapphires and I can get you a copy of this.
Yeah, a photo would help, Mrs Cavendish.
It was an anniversary gift.
It's of great sentimental value.
Not to mention $80,000 of actual value.
And the safe? Upstairs.
The study.
Just like my place.
You'll never guess where we found the piece they cut out.
Kitchen sink? Ah.
There we go.
Baking tray gets placed under the safe to catch the cut-out, prevent fire in the carpet.
That way, if he does get pinged, he doesn't get done for arson as well.
So you've seen this MO before.
You know who we're looking at? It's too soon to tell.
Hey, Lennie.
What are we doing for Shannon's birthday? Birthday? Nobody told me.
Oh, shit.
What were you up to last night? The usual.
A quiet night.
Can Shannon vouch for your alibi? Alibi for what? Someone cut a tank in Vaucluse last night.
It had your signature all over it.
Yeah, well, it wasn't me.
It was your MO.
It wasn't me! $200,000 would come in handy, wouldn't it? That'll make up for Sterling Nickle.
That'll make up for the LSD book that you tried to sell.
Of course, you'd have to split it with the cockatoo outside, your accomplice, while you did the cut inside.
Listen, if I have to put you back inside, I will certainly do that.
It wasn't me.
Shannon? Don't tell me that's my little girl.
What are you doing here? Oh! You're not in any trouble, are you? No.
I dropped by the faculty office and they said you had a job interview.
Look at you in your little power suit.
I've got a meeting with a top silk.
You don't want to be seen with me.
No, I - It's alright.
I'll get out of your hair.
I just wondered if I could stay at my favourite granddaughter's place, celebrate your 21st.
I've got Lennie staying.
Is that gonna be a problem? It will be for Lennie.
Oh, it's settled, then.
Oh, Mr Finch.
Thank you for meeting with me.
You said you're in third year at UNSW? Yes.
One of my units is Criminal Justice and Procedure.
I was gonna get round to that.
Yeah, heard that before.
What's with the champagne? Our little girl got a job.
Well, it's only an internship, but it's with one of the best barristers in the State.
Out of your league.
Gran's got a new business - selling jewellery.
That right? Yeah.
Look, she got me this for my birthday.
Imitation sapphire.
You can hardly tell.
Gran, why don't you tell Lennie about your big job on the Gold Coast? Ha! It was a boob job.
Oh, and, darling, call me Barb.
God, every time I hear 'Gran', I wanna throw up.
I don't see or hear from you in 12 years, and you turn up, you do a tank job in Vaucluse with my MO, and I'm on strict parole.
I was careful.
No prints.
They can't pin it on me.
Not you I'm worried about.
What's that? Redirected mail.
'Christmas could come early this year.
' Yeah, you got that right.
The original postmark was over a month ago.
It got redirected to my Sydney PO box.
Who's Leon from the council? Some guy on the council being friendly, that's all.
Leon was in on Sterling Nickle, wasn't he? Dressed up as a council worker? What's he doing sending you coded Christmas cards? I want a cut, Len.
Of what? Sterling Nickle.
I haven't seen a cent.
Well, that card says different.
That card says Christmas in July.
You think I'd still be here, hey? I'd be sunbaking on a beach in Bali.
Christmas is a family time, Lennie.
It's a time of giving.
You better do the right thing.
Or what? Well, like you said, it's your MO all over Vaucluse.
You wouldn't want another job going down.
I've put clean sheets on the bed, so you're all set.
She's staying here? I don't get a say? I don't recall your name being on the lease.
Where am I sleeping? Lennie, you got any gift ideas for Shannon's birthday? Yeah.
Not lingerie.
No! Like, something special.
Any further thoughts on Vaucluse? Ah.
No, no.
In fact, I was just trawling through a few old files.
Meaning you know who did it? Is that for me? You know, I've actually been running some old files myself.
Do you remember this one? 'June 1979, Sydney Grammar.
$13,000 in school fete revenues stolen from the safe.
Extensive fire damage to the admin building.
Convicted Leonard Cahill - burglary, arson.
Served 3.
' Hence, the subsequent MO with the baking tray.
You made the arrest, Ted.
Look, Cath, if you've already made your mind up, why pull me in on this in the first place? To confirm it was Cahill.
Only thing is, it was a rough cut.
I've seen a few Lennie Cahill jobs in my time, and he never made a rough cut.
So he's out of practice, or he's putting us off the scent.
Or it could be an old partner in crime.
This was Lennie.
But if you wanna protect a new mate instead of helping an old one He's not my mate.
So, you got your ponies, your sevens, your middies, your schmiddies, your schooners and, of course, your pints.
Don't worry.
I've had them all before.
Not while you're working for me.
Now get the trays stacked.
I owe you one, Gus.
Taking up the durries again, Len? First anniversary gift from the missus.
Encouraging me to keep smoking.
Trying to kill me, probably.
Yeah, those were the days.
I can honestly say I never met a cigarette I didn't like.
Hey, Lennie.
Wondering if we might have a word.
What about 'goodbye'? That's a word.
I was thinking maybe we could step outside, offer you a ride home? This ride home wouldn't be via the station, would it? I just drank my bus fare, anyway.
What do they call this colour - duck egg blue, eh? Monday night, Lennie.
Anyone vouch for your whereabouts? You trying to pin the Vaucluse job on me? Who told you? These things come up in passing.
Oh, yeah.
Who? Little bird.
Now, Lennie, if Vaucluse wasn't you, then it was your accomplice.
Well, for starters, I was always wrongfully accused, but if I was, I never did two-man jobs on tanks.
It must've been an admirer.
Lennie, a man with your record and established MO could go down very easily on this one, unless he has a foolproof alibi.
I need a favour.
Close the door.
You trying to get me fired? Before I tell you what it is, I want you to know I know what this is about.
I just got off the phone from Detective Sergeant Khoury.
Did you happen to tell her I was with you last night? You took advantage of me, Lennie.
What? You think I was trying to set you up as an alibi? Oh, yeah, because you just happen to show up at a dog park the same night that a break-in is going on in Vaucluse.
That's right.
Read the report.
I can't be in two places at the one time.
I mean, for once in my life, I'm actually innocent.
The only currency in this job is respect.
It is about the law, boundaries, lines that cannot be crossed.
I should never have accepted a gift from you.
Well, can't you just say that, like, we bumped into each other accidentally in a dog park? What, with the dog that you gave me? How is that gonna look? I mean, the cops are trying to fit me up.
You're the only one that can vouch for me.
You mention my name, I'll deny it.
You're on your own, Lennie.
We both are.
I had a good time, chatting last night.
Is there something inherently amusing about my Y-fronts? They're comfortable.
They're practical.
What am I supposed to wear - leopard-skin thong or something? Hmm.
Might spice things up for a special occasion.
I bet Lennie Cahill I bet he wears leopard-skin jocks.
There's no way that he could pull off a pair of Y-fronts the way that you do.
Nothing like really knowing someone, eh? Knowing all their special moves.
What'd you say? Oh.
There's nothing like really knowing someone, you know.
Hello, Barb.
'I am onto you and your better half.
' Found it in a drawer.
Shannon's eighth birthday.
Ballet recital.
She was a cute kid.
I promised Alice I'd be there.
Where was I? In the joint.
She still looked good then, Alice, didn't she? Oh! You'd never have seen it coming.
You have to leave, Barb.
Write Shannon a note.
They're onto ya.
They're onto you.
Ted McCabe figured out you used my cut.
His mates are gonna knock on that door any minute, and you don't want to be here when they do.
Well, I can't, because it's Shannon's birthday.
This is what you do every time, isn't it? You roll up out of the blue, shower her with gifts - most of 'em stolen - get her hopes up, and then she doesn't see you for dust.
Well, it's better than doing time.
Shannon is a little girl.
She may act tough, but she's a little girl without a mum.
Oh, don't you dare put that on me! Alice is on us.
Alice is on us.
We didn't look after her.
This is definitely the last time.
You said that last time.
We did make a beautiful girl, Len.
So did she.
God, I miss these hands.
I bet these hands would know how to seduce a Custodian CR-6000.
Disarm that auto glass relocker.
You're not seriously gonna do another job.
I've got expenses - the surgery, for a start.
Oh, yeah, and I've seen how the new boyfriend loves the surgery.
Marcel's got taste.
Marcel? A frog.
He's a prince, actually.
He was the spiv who was at Vaucluse with you, wasn't he? That's none of your business.
It is when the finger's pointed at me.
Lennie, if you don't want me to do the job, then why not come clean with me about that money? Morning.
Is it? Did Gran tell you? What? She booked Paloma's for my 21st.
What's that - a fancy restaurant? Mm-hm.
And she's taking me shopping for a new outfit.
Don't get too attached, Shan.
Crippled by commitment, your gran.
She married you.
I'm just looking out for ya.
Sticking around is not Barb's style.
Says the man who went away for 12 years.
You gonna get that? Seizing the day, are we? Hi.
Rhonda Betts, Corrective Services.
You must be Shannon.
Uh Just a routine spot check.
So, it's just the two of you residing here? Oh, actually, I've got - That's right.
Random routine spot check, eh, Rhonda? Well, I was in the neighbourhood.
And unlike the cops, you don't need a warrant.
You know the drill, Lennie.
Admit it, Rhonda.
You're here because the cops want you to be here.
I have to do my job.
I know you're innocent.
I feel terrible.
And I will help you any way I can, because, well, I had a good time the other night too, you know.
Hanging out with you and the dog.
Belongs to my wife.
She's my wife in name only.
She's Shannon's grandmother.
She just showed up.
There is nothing going on.
The intimate details of your private life are not my concern.
Excuse me? What Bellevue Hill? Do you think that's a little bit out of your price range? Forgive the intrusion, Shannon.
I will show myself out.
Trust me, you don't want to know.
Trust you? Shannon.
Is he here? What's he done? Why is his parole officer poking around? Where was he on Monday night? I gotta check that.
I've got a lift to uni.
I hear your gran is back in town.
How is Barb? She's good.
She's visiting for my birthday.
Runs a jewellery business now.
Is that right? It's legit.
She gave me this sapphire necklace, which is fake, so it's obviously not stolen.
Erm, I've gotta get to uni, so Oh, right.
see you.
See you later.
The safe is right through here.
It's in the den.
Of iniquity.
It's actually just behind here.
- Can I just get some details? - Of course.
Well Lovely property, but then I usually only buy Georgians.
Where'd you get the cashmere? Wall cupboard.
Not sure it matches with the shoes.
Marcel, this is Lennie, the ex.
Not yet.
Lennie Cahill.
Bit of a legend, I hear.
The Phar Lap of break-and-enters.
Of course, Phar Lap's stuffed into a glass box now.
What's your story? Mummy issues? Didn't get breastfed as a baby? Don't you have a funeral to go to? Yeah, I do.
Yours, dipshit! Oh! Marcel.
Oh, don't.
Ah, shit.
Promise me you won't do another job with that meathead.
I told you, I've got expenses.
Yeah, what's next on his list? - Botox and a tummy tuck? - It's not for surgery.
Darl, no.
It's for the wedding.
Haven't you given him the divorce papers yet? Oh.
Barb, if you had half a brain between you, you wouldn't push your luck after Vaucluse.
Are you saying I've got half a brain? I'm saying you could do a three-point turn in a bus in Marcel's head, and half of your brain's in a toy-boy sex fog.
Barb, you gotta lay low.
I mean, this is out of your league.
It's got cameras, it's got laser sensors, a four-wheel lock on the tank, and it's got my DNA on the carpet.
If you don't want me to do the job, you should share your money around.
What is this, blackmail? I'm telling you, there is no Ster Are you listening to me? Is that Teddy McCabe? G'day, Barb.
You haven't changed a bit.
I've had a boob job, actually.
Least you could do is notice.
Barb's looking good.
Very tidy.
New fiance seems to think so.
Is he the one that did this? Mm-hm.
You need to wake up to yourself.
I know Barb gave the stolen necklace to Shannon.
She's gonna go down.
Till I sign divorce papers to say otherwise, she's still my wife and I can't be made to testify against her.
That's the law.
So, you know that law, do you? Mm-hm.
Know any others, like aiding and abetting? Accessory? Cath Khoury is all over you like a cheap suit, and you're letting Barb roll the dice on another job? Funny how your cop mate and my parole officer know so much.
Oh, come on.
Need a ride? I'm gonna catch a bus.
Got any coins? It's not enough.
Pensioner fare.
Hi, Cath.
That's the insurance claim on Vaucluse.
Thanks, Cath.
It seems you were right about the partner-in-crime angle.
I ran the dogs on Lennie's old lady.
We are supposed to be working together on this.
You have to trust me, Cath.
Yeah, well, that cuts both ways, Ted.
Are you gonna tell me why you want that? Look, something stinks on this Vaucluse job.
If I can prove it, you get the evidence for arrest and I get the insurance reward.
That everything? Yeah.
I'm not the work-experience girl, you know.
This is my case, Ted.
This is my arse on the line.
Barb Cahill is scoping out a new place Bellevue Hill, I know.
I saw you there.
She's going down.
The only question is who goes down with her? I-I don't get it.
A career criminal and a straight-arrow cop like you? Harassing my staff again? Oh, Mr Dwyer, please.
I I imagine you're back from another micromanagement conference, eh? Swing by my office when you've, er, finished here, Cath.
We've got a homicide in the sand hills at Kurnell.
Good to see you, Ted.
Watch out for asteroids.
Asteroids? Wiped out the dinosaurs.
Hello? Who is it? Mrs Cavendish, it's Ed McCabe.
Come in.
Thank you.
So, you're selling the house? How is the real estate market? Well, we wouldn't be moving if I had it my way.
My husband's talking over the bridge, and I don't mean Kirribilli.
The other bridge - west.
Might as well move to the moon.
So, you'll be downsizing? Apparently.
My husband's in construction, and the whole industry has gone bust.
A big tender's fallen through.
I blame China.
Mrs Cavendish, about this necklace, did it come with a certificate of authenticity? We kept it in the safe.
Got stolen, along with the rest of it.
Is there a problem? No, no.
It's just paperwork.
You know how it is.
Give me a hand, mate.
Did you move my necklace? Nuh.
You didn't flog it off, did you? No.
I didn't touch it.
Oh! Do you think that woman, your parole officer, would've taken it? Or Ted? Ted was here? I just It's my birthday present.
Yeah, I know.
I can count the keepsakes from this family on one hand, you know.
At least Gran tries.
Knowing your gran, she won't even know you lost it.
What does that mean? Well, Barb's a flight risk, always has been.
I mean, whether it's birthdays or Christmases or ballet recitals, she's missed them all.
Mum never missed a ballet recital.
It didn't matter how bad they were.
They weren't bad.
No, they were.
Lennie, why is Gran really here? Is she in some sort of trouble? No.
Of course not.
You stole my granddaughter's necklace.
It's not actually hers.
You're accusing me of stealing.
This is a fake.
My guess is Cavendish probably sold the stones, but he's claiming $80,000 of insurance on it.
The whole job was a scam.
He's up to his eyeballs in debt, this maggot.
The whole thing was an insurance scam? What's Barb getting out of it? Well, you tell me.
Best guess - the safe was empty, except for that necklace.
That's why she's planning another job, because the first one was a lemon.
And to screw me over.
In the meantime, the Cavendishes of Vaucluse have taken delivery of a new safe.
I saw it arrive yesterday, so they must have something valuable to put in it.
Ted, have you got any cash? Oh.
Zac says we need a new router.
Hi, Margaret.
Very nice.
People say that dressing gowns, you know, double as a contraceptive device, but not with you.
Some men use their personalities as a contraceptive.
It's all I got left.
Nice jewellery.
Sapphire? For my granddaughter.
Lucky lady.
Batting above your average there.
Was it an arranged marriage? It's our 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow.
She thinks I've forgotten.
She's been dropping hints like that for weeks.
Be 41 for Barb and me this year.
Not many under the one roof.
Did you want to talk about it? Shit, no.
Oh, good, good.
Just so you know, I'm sorry I thought the worst of you about Vaucluse.
Not that you could blame me.
I Hey, mate.
Quit while you're ahead, eh? You know, insurance companies - they pay a 10% reward on false claims.
How much is his claim? $188,000.
10% of that - $18,800.
Splits nicely in two.
First of all, we have to prove that this Cavendish did fake it.
How are you gonna do that? Felix.
Ted! How's business? Husbands still cheating on their wives, still buying jewellery.
Guilt - it's a growth industry, Teddy.
You recognise the handiwork here? Hmm.
It's not mine.
Not yours? Mmm.
Oh, sure, it's paste.
Decent job - good indices of refraction, strong dispersion.
Not mine.
12 years inside, Felix.
Not even a postcard, after all the business I sent ya.
Help me out here, Teddy.
Oh, two old friends catching up.
Wouldn't want to be a third wheel.
Er yeah, yeah.
The necklace is mine, but you can understand that I can't just be giving away clients.
This is a trust business.
And if we can't trust fake jewellery, what's the world coming to, eh? Arrggh! Now, who removed the stones from the necklace? Or you'll be needing fakes to replace the family jewels.
Was it Andrew Cavendish? He He was a young bloke.
Looked like you 20 years ago, Len.
I can't remember his name.
A French name.
Henri, Pierre, Francois.
Marcel, Marcel.
Yeah, that's it.
Oh, Felix, while I'm here, what have you got in the way of rubies? So, that meathead Marcel is involved in the insurance scam with Cavendish.
Lennie, I'm absolutely sure of it.
What about Barb? Do you think she knows about it? Why would she ask me about cutting a Custodian CR-6000 when there isn't one at Bellevue Hill? You know that's the safe that I saw delivered to Cavendish? Bugger me.
It's not Bellevue Hill.
It's a doublecross.
Marcel's screwing over Cavendish.
The next job is back in Vaucluse.
It's just a few more steps.
We're nearly there.
Oh, here she comes.
Oh! Here we are! You can take it off, baby! - Happy birthday! - Happy birthday! Oh, darling.
Aww! Happy birthday, Shan.
Don't you look beautiful? Just gorgeous.
Don't worry.
I'm not staying.
I just came to bring you a present.
Happy birthday.
How did you know? Well, my cousin owns this place.
Are you gonna open it? Is it stolen? Do you want a receipt? Darling, go on.
Open it.
I know about the other job.
You'll break her heart.
Oh! That must've cost a fortune.
I guess you didn't get her the same thing.
God, you're an arrogant prick.
Watch it.
Putting your hands on me once was a big mistake.
Might as well make it twice, then.
Huh? What are you doing? Jase, what the hell are you doing? Have a good night, Shannon.
I bought you that.
I'd like to say a few words, if I may, as the guest of honour's grandmother.
You know, when you get to my age, 39 you come to see that life's about doing the simple things well, because they're the hardest of all.
In the end, it's about being there.
And there's nowhere else I'd rather be tonight than here.
- To Shannon.
- Shannon.
Thanks, Gran.
Oh, darling.
Thanks for coming, everyone.
Whoo! Ready.
You know, Marcel, you remind me of me when I was your age, only I was tougher, smarter, and better-looking.
And when I told my wife I loved her, I meant it! Marcel, look at you.
Just how the cops like it - trapped rat and the cheese.
You better make that phone call, Ted.
Keep in the good books.
Say goodbye to Barb for me, will you? Thanks for this.
Yeah, it's me.
You on stake-out? Yep.
What is it, Ted? Bellevue Hill? No, you're being played.
It's back at Vaucluse.
Oh, crap.
You know, that's the only time I've seen you near a baking tray.
You better make yourself scarce.
You'll be looking at a big slab.
You're coming with me.
This won't take long.
Yes, it will.
It needs a thermal lens or a plasma cutter.
The sun will be up before the oxy gets through that.
Yeah, and this time, the money's in there and the real stones.
This was my retirement fund, Lennie.
Let it go, Barb.
Cops are on their way.
You called them? McCabe did.
What about Marcel? The first job was an insurance fraud.
That's why the tank was empty.
That lying little prick.
I'm guessing Marcel didn't cut you in.
Nobody cuts me in.
I'm getting old, Lennie.
I don't want to end up poor and alone.
I want you to know, Barb, if there was Sterling Nickle money, I'd be keeping it to myself.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, back door.
OK, Jase, floor it.
I'm not flooring it.
I'm on 11 demerit points.
Evening, all.
You've done it again, you know? What's that? Turned up when I was almost over ya.
Sweetheart, you'll never be over me.
Barb you never did give me those divorce papers.
Maybe next time.
Just admit it, you've forgotten our anniversary tomorrow.
It's OK.
I know that you've been under real strain.
We both have.
I'll buy you a real one when we get our savings back.
Fancy trying it on? You were right.
Gran's gone.
Everybody goes.
I'm not going anywhere.
This is for you.
Happy birthday, Shannon.
Guess what? So, we're good for the insurance reward, but it could take months.
Won't hold my breath.
I got a Christmas card from Leon Farmer the other day.
What, from beyond the grave? Well, I guess he's not dead.
I just got a call from Cath.
They found Leon Farmer's body buried in the sand hills in Kurnell.
You are jokin'.
This was only sent a month ago, redirected to Barb from my old address.
Well, I guess Leon was getting close to the cash before he got knocked.
But why would he send a Christmas card in July? Don't know.
Some sort of message, some cryptic shit.
'A gift from God.
Gabriel O'Dea, AKA God, is a homeless artist.
' Wait a minute.
It's not God at all.
Those are his initials.
I've seen that signature before, that tag.
Where? On the back of his neck.
I always thought it was something religious.
We just found the Florist.
One thing we do know - the real Florist is still alive.
You are not the only member of the Sterling Nickle gang left.
Who's this? I'm sorry, Tess.
Lennie Cahill.
He's an associate.
- there's a blast from the past! He fell off the face of the Earth.
There's something you might want to see, Mr McCabe.
Vince, I don't think us getting involved is a good idea.
I'm a lover, not a fighter, unlike your little mate.
Ed, is that you? What if I led trouble straight to him? Somebody knew we were onto them.