Old School (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Sky the Towel

1 - I just want my 300k.
- The money's gone.
When the shooting started, we separated, and I went to the divvy-up.
Someone had already taken out the Florist.
Both barrels in the face! And the cash was gone.
Whoever shot the Florist knew what he was doing.
There was no dental records - nothing.
We could never ID him.
- Who was he? - Don't know.
I really like you, Shannon.
He'll break her heart.
Get out of here.
Putting your hands on me once was a big mistake.
Zach has traced our cyber thief to an address in Bankstown.
Your computer's been turned into a drone.
Someone has remotely commandeered it and is using it to hack into other computers.
What's that? Redirected mail.
'Christmas could come early this year.
' I got a Christmas card.
'A gift from God, Gabriel O'Dea, AKA GOD.
He is a homeless artist.
' Wait a minute, it's not 'God' at all.
Those are his initials.
I've seen that signature before, that tag.
We just found the Florist.
Straight, straight! Get out of it! Get out of it, you mongrel! I used to raid these joints all the time.
Pretend you're not with me, then.
Always do.
Give it to him! Stitch! Teddy.
How are you? Have you seen Mickey around? Yeah.
How's retirement treating you? I didn't bloody retire! Know how you feel.
Christ, get into him! Mickey! Mickey! Hey, Teddy! Mickey! How are you, mate? Go, Sami! Oi! Come on! That's Dave Granger, the promoter! Oh, yeah? He puts the card together! Hey! Well, that was a waste of bloody Vaseline! Yeah.
Hey, listen, Mickey, is there any chance, when you were back on the streets, that you knew a Gabriel O'Dea? GOD! There's a blast from the past.
He fell off the face of the Earth! Yeah, that's 'cause he was driving a florist's van 12 years ago in an armed rob, got himself shot.
O'Dea? Yeah.
Driving? Nah, he was off with the pixies.
You're kidding.
Any chance you might have a photo of this O'Dea? Possible.
Look, swing by tomorrow and I'll see what I can dig up.
Yeah, alright, mate.
Good fight.
My old man would've finished this bloke! And who the hell are you? Jason 'Da Bomb' Dhurkay! 'Da Bomb'? Get out of here, kid.
What are you doing? I was trying to get a fight.
Vince! You got a nice fighter there.
Yeah, he's a good fighter.
Oooh, wouldn't be illegal if Vince Pelagatti wasn't here.
Yeah, well, let me call you.
All hail the Emperor! Hey! Hey, mate! Hey! Oh! And whatever happened to The game we used to play made for two? And whatever happened to That old dance we used to do? Well, there was something in the air that night They want you alright You in disguise I've gotta dance, dance All night.
We're out of milk.
I wonder why(!) I like my cereal soggy.
You should get a two-litre bottle.
There was barely enough.
There was plenty for me.
Good morning.
Is it? Rude.
I don't know why it has to be so early.
I'm not an early morning person.
Early bird gets the worm.
Well, it can keep it! I hate worms.
I like to sleep in.
Mickey reckons he might have a photo of this GOD, AKA the Florist, and you're the only one that can ID him.
So, you trained this Mickey bloke to fight? I taught him everything I know.
Can't imagine that took too long.
Oh, Ted! Tess! Is Mickey home? He's expecting us.
Uh, come in.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Um, Ted, Mickey didn't come home last night.
Is that unusual? Maybe he tied one on.
Who's this? Sorry, Tess Lenny Cahill.
He's an associate.
Ted, the truth is that Mickey goes out on benders on fight nights.
I know he gave up the grog when he went to the mission, but he just keeps falling off the wagon.
Which mission? Oh, I don't know.
There was that many.
Look, Tess, Mickey said that maybe we could have a squiz at some of his old photos.
Oh, yeah, sure! Knock yourself out! Oh, look, let's see if those are any good to you.
I'm not worried about Mickey, I'm just concerned.
I want to find him.
So Mickey's a pisshead.
People do drink, Ted.
It's been going on for a while.
Shh! There's his phone.
Must be sleeping it off out the back.
Mickey? What a mess! Something's happened to Mickey.
G'day, this is Mickey.
Leave a message.
Hey, Ted.
We're still waiting on the doc for the blood stain estimates.
A whole lot of blood.
You know, he was he was 15 when he first walked into the PCYC, Mickey.
In and out of juvie, broken home.
I gave him a pair of gloves and a locker and a chance to turn his life around.
These underground fights, Ted.
They're dodgy as.
Unregistered, unofficial.
They turn over 50, 100 grand a night, some of them.
There's motive right there.
Oh! What's he doing here? He's come to tear you a new one, by the looks.
Dwyer! Didn't recognise you without the desk.
On the wrong side of the tape, aren't you, McCabe? We got a trail leading out to the laneway, boss.
Looks like they took the body away, cover their tracks.
Left the weapon by the door.
Let the people with the badges do our jobs, eh? Cath, show him out.
I scouted around.
There's no sign of his car.
Maybe contact the RTA.
Yeah, got someone on it.
So, what - you get any feeling from Mickey being in some sort of trouble - money, drugs, bit of fluff on the side? No, nothing I know of.
Would Mickey tell you if he was? He was like a son to me, this boy, Cath.
So, that'd be a no, then.
Hey, you watch your back with Dwyer, Ted.
He's got eyes on you.
And the fight looks solid, right? Yeah.
What are you up to there, Gaz? Authentic historical crim memorabilia - online shopping.
All you have to do, you pop it in a glass case, huge mark-up.
Like taking candy from a baby.
Baby shouldn't be eating candy anyway.
What do you know about this bloke the kids talking to? Dave Granger.
They call him 'Grave Danger'.
Runs the book on the undergrounds.
Hey, Len, what do you reckon the bullet that killed Ned Kelly would be worth? Not much, considering he died from hanging.
Yeah, well, it's one of the ones that shot him.
Hey, and tell Jason he's on the clock.
I don't pay him to take meetings.
Gonna introduce us to your friends? Good fight last night, mate.
This is, uh, Lenny Cahill.
Do I call you Dave or Grave? Oh, too soon to tell.
Dave's offering me a fight.
Yeah, there's a slot in tonight's card that's opened up.
How much? A grand in the hand.
Well, my boy doesn't get in the ring for under two.
Your boy doesn't get in the ring, full stop.
He's never even had a fight.
Makes him undefeated.
Not for long.
Is this who he's up against? Make it three.
Nah, just forget it.
Alright, I'll double it if you're the last man standing.
No ref, no points, no judges.
You fight until you drop, and I want you to keep this mouse.
I don't want the coppers to get wind of it.
Hey, Dave, that your beast out there, the red one? Yeah, just bought it.
Housewife's car, eh? Good for shopping and stuff.
Yeah, but you couldn't buy a car like that.
What about a cut man? Must have heard about Mickey having disappeared.
I hadn't heard that.
Oh, yeah.
His wife, Tess, she's really worried.
Do you know her? Nice lass.
I'll make sure that there's someone for you ringside.
Hey, Sami? Really enjoyed our chat, mate.
And people say the art of good conversation's dead! Come on.
What are you doing to me? I just got your purse price up 500 bucks! I'm gonna need to spend it on medical bills if you keep pissing off Sami.
This kickboxing caper, you any good at it? I'll, er, catch you up in chambers.
I guess this is like a second home for you.
You said you liked it.
It's beautiful.
A little over-the-top, maybe.
Look, Vince, we had one date and it didn't exactly go that well.
Doesn't mean you go and hock the birthday gift I gave you.
How did you even find it? My cousin owns the pawn shop.
What are the odds? Pretty good, actually.
Got a lot of cousins.
Look, I bought it for you twice now.
I don't want you to think I'm ungrateful How much did you get for it? $50.
Well, I had to buy a new legal book for uni! Well, that's really romantic.
That's just it.
Like, expensive jewellery isn't going to make me fall into bed with you.
What - and legal books will? Vince, I don't think us getting involved is a good idea.
'Cause of Jason? No, because of your career choice! I'm an intern with one of the top barristers in the State.
Now, I really have to go.
Shannon, I don't want to argue.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Unlike your little mate.
You heard? Just think about it.
I talked to Mickey about Gabriel that day, and the next thing you know, Mickey's been stabbed.
It's some coincidence.
What about this one? Is that the Florist? Nope.
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack - if there is a needle.
Look, if we can establish some connection with O'Dea, maybe we can find who killed Mickey.
Hey, good one, champ! That's it, Jase! How about that? Is that him? Nope.
Whoa, hang on! Did you always have this haircut? Try and focus.
This is a murder investigation.
Did you always have a cop haircut, eh? Well, who does your hair? I cut it myself.
I rest my case.
Oh, nice one, champ.
You got a kick like a mule! Hey, where we at with my hoodie? Oh, wheels in motion.
You gave them the correct spelling on 'Da Bomb', right? It's the wrong spelling! Yeah, it's 'the', not 'da'.
Want your 15%, it's 'da'.
Wait a minute, look at this, look at this.
Look at that mural there.
It's the same artwork as on the Christmas card.
Where is that? So, Zac .
this black hat's IP address is in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but he's using multiple hot points and an orb? Margaret, don't talk IT.
It's like listening to old people talk about sex.
You expect me to track the computer hacker who's stolen our super without discussing computer hacking.
Or sex.
It's better for everyone this way.
His last connection to your PC was three days ago.
I'm seeing if he'll respond to a little phishing expedition.
You mean, like, a booby trap? I've dangled a dummy document in your hard drive.
If he takes the bait, we'll be able to compromise him, gain webcam access.
What - as in actually see who this black hat is? - Cath Khoury.
- Cath, it's me.
Any news on the car? Yeah, we got Mickey's car on the Eastern Distributor, Lane Cove Tunnel, M2, and the M7.
It's the arse end of nowhere out there.
Probably been tortured on a back lot on We'll keep looking.
Send me a copy? Well, it's not exactly kosher.
Good on you, Cath.
I owe you one.
'Sacre coeur.
' Anything from the RTA? Yeah, we got him driving the westbound tollway.
Looks like he got on at Wentworth Avenue and probably off at the Great Western Highway, but we're still waiting on some CCTV.
Any sign of Mickey Rowe in the car? No.
Pissing into the wind, looks like, Cath.
Might be one for the backburner, this.
You sure? Bigger fish.
This your idea, is it? That's me! I'm sure your parole officer would get a real kick out of it.
This is Jason's idea.
I'm just supporting the kid's dream.
And taking your 10%? 15%.
What if he gets hurt? I've seen him train.
He's not half-bad.
Well, that's a ringing endorsement.
Wanna see the robe? Impressive! Not grammatically.
He'll like it.
Coming? Ready, champ? You coming? I might wait here.
I'm not good with blood sports.
Thought you wanted to come 'cause you were worried about him getting hurt.
I am, I'd just rather not watch.
Good luck, Jase! Hey, Jason, good luck out there, eh? Let's go! You can do it, yeah! Come on, Da Bomb! Come on, mate! You can do it! Yeah, come on, Da Bomb! Yeah! Go, Da Bomb! Bev, did you know Mickey Rowe? Yeah, that was Christmas lunch, oh, 10, 15 years ago.
Yeah, my wife and I used to have Mickey over for Christmas, and we sort of lost touch for a while, you know? This was taken right here.
Mickey and Gabriel O'Dea, did they know each other? Oh, Gabriel used to flog these down at Central.
Long time ago now.
He and Mickey came through at the same time.
Couple of lost souls fallen through the cracks, trying to get back on their feet, then Gabriel just stopped showing up.
There's something you might want to see, Mr McCabe.
Something GOD left behind.
He wasn't ready! Go, get into it, Jason! Get into it! Come on, mate! Come on, mate, get up! Come on, Jase! Come on! Come on, mate, you can do it! I kept hoping he'd come back for it.
Gabriel had a gift.
Arggh! Not too fast, Sami! Come on, Da Bomb! Oh, no! Come on, mate, get in there! Yeah! How about that?! - Get in there, mate! - Come on! Oh! Glad to get the old job back, Stitch, eh, now Mickey's gone? Any idea what happened to him? Maybe he rubbed somebody up the wrong way.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Shannon! I won! Did you see me? Great roundhouse kick, kid.
I'll take that.
Sami gonna be alright, Dave? Oh, yeah, sent him down to Vinnie's.
Couple of scans, see if he's got a brain.
Right, next fight - the Cobra.
Big money.
How big? $2,550 for you, 450 for me.
That's your rent.
Doesn't matter if you spell 'phishing' with an 'F' or 'P-H', it's still boring.
He'll bite.
Don't tell Chuckles, but I'm getting a refill.
Youse call my husband Chuckles? Still can't believe I put Slammin' Sami in hospital.
You must be so proud(!) You getting in? What's with you, cat that got the cream? What can I say? When you're right, you're right.
You know gloating is a very unattractive quality? So's losing.
And just, exactly, what have you won? Everything - the fight, finding Mickey's killer.
What do you know? The kid won on a KO! Oof, oof, arggh! And who do you think was training him? Yours truly.
What do you know about Mickey? Ah, well, that is Biblical.
Old as Moses.
Yesterday I saw a red girly car with fluffy dice skulking out of Mickey's garage.
Belongs to Dave Granger.
What's his car doing in Mickey's garage? And what's Mickey's wife doing in Dave's car last night? So, you think they Oh, yeah.
The old how's-your-father.
So, you think Tess or Dave knocked off Mickey? Or both.
They could have been in it together.
Takes a big man to admit he's wrong.
I'm not admitting I'm wrong.
You saying you're a small man? I'm just saying that on this occasion, you may be more right than I'm right.
That's a very good start.
What's that? Gabriel O'Dea's sketchbook.
A volunteer had been looking after this all those years.
She confirmed that O'Dea and Mickey knew each other, they had a history, so maybe Mickey was some kind of a loose end.
It's a domestic! Let's just go and see Dave Granger and grill him! You know I'm right! Do I? Look what I found.
GOD's self portrait.
That's him, isn't it? That's not the Florist.
Take a closer look.
It's been 12 years.
I'm telling you, that's not him.
The Florist hand-picked this guy, Lenny.
O'Dea was off the grid - no family, no record.
So, he changed clothes with him, shot him in the face, switched bodies in the warehouse at the divvy-up.
That's why we can never ID him.
The man had no face.
Shannon! Easy, tiger.
Keep your top on.
What? It's hot in here.
Come to see Da Bomb go off, have we? You're gonna go off alright.
Have you seen your next opponent? Well, obviously he can fight.
Still, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
And the harder they punch.
Get off him! I said, 'Enough!' Jase, you've got your whole life ahead of you.
Get off him! Not necessarily.
You don't have to do this.
You're worried about me.
Are you watching? He could kill you! Hey, don't forget I put Slammin' Sami's lights out.
I checked the hospitals.
Sami Farha was never admitted.
I just saw him at the law courts without a mark on him.
One thing we do know - the real Florist is still alive.
You are not the only member of the Sterling Nickle gang left, and maybe he can lead us to Mickey.
Yeah, well, the thing we know about Mickey is that Granger's car shouldn't have been in his garage.
Granger's up to his bloody golden-brown tonsils in it somehow.
I don't like saying it.
I think you're gonna find that Mickey is in a shallow grave somewhere, mate.
Did you lock your car? Sami, little creep! Sleeping on the job.
Well, look who it is - the Teflon kid.
Crawled out from under your rock, did you? Get a few vanity rays? Not me, Lenny.
Those things are deathbeds, mate.
Little powwow with Dave Granger, was it? You boys should go easy.
Can't afford any more wrinkles, can you? Hey, Dave.
Hello, Dave.
Did you put your muscle onto Mickey Rowe? You blokes senile? Why would I do a thing like that? 'Cause you're banging his missus.
You mind? I'm getting a chill.
Where did Sami dump Mickey's body? You owe his wife that! What's that tart been saying, eh? Hey! You know what, Dave? I'm gonna lock this lid and I'm gonna grill you till you're crispy.
Turn it up high, Lenny.
Mickey is an alcoholic homeless bum who wouldn't even know if I was porking his missus! Hey! Mickey Rowe's no bum! He's a former welterweight State champ, OK? OK?! Why would I knock Mickey off when I'm getting what I want? It's getting very hot in here! Ow! How do you know Gabriel O'Dea? I got no idea who you're talking about.
You wanna get that mole checked, Dave.
Where's that little turd? Hey! Keys! Give me the keys! Stay back! You back off! Back off, Sami! He was middleweight champion, weren't you, Ted? Shut up, Lenny! Mate, I don't want to have to hurt you.
Just stay back, OK? Alright? Arggh! Floor it and pop the boot - in that order.
Well, I showed him.
You what? Oh! Da Bomb.
Hello? What do you mean the fight was fixed? Come on, Jase! Oh, yeah! Yeah! Knew it was too good to be true.
How does Jason know his fight was fixed? Found out the hospital story was all bullshit.
That's a big call, fixing a fight in a joint like this.
Mmm, Dave Granger must be answering to some pretty heavy hitter further up the food chain.
Vince Pelagatti, maybe.
Why don't you have a talk to Jase, eh? You trained Mickey, you know what to say to him.
I saw the video of the Cobra.
He leaves himself open inside.
His power hand's the right, so you feign right, step left, he's open for the hook.
And that'll beat him? Nah, you'll be in the ambulance by now.
He's gonna kill me, isn't he? My first fight was with Bill Geddes.
I kissed the canvas three times.
Stitch Kekovich was my corner man.
He nearly skied the towel every time.
Then, in the ninth round, I got him with an upper cut.
Just like your bloke - all right hand.
So, come on, give us your best Cobra.
I'm scared, Ted.
You and every fighter in human history, Jason.
There's no shame in that, mate - Hey, Ted! - What? This is him! Who? The one from the Sterling Nickle job! Drove the van, left me holding the bag! The prick with my money! This is the Florist! What time is it? It's late.
How was your day? Chuckles make any progress? You know that's what he calls you? Any word on Mickey? I thought I saved him, Marg.
I took him under my wing as a pimply kid, put him on the straight and narrow.
Instead I think I think I got him killed.
Ed, no.
What if I led trouble straight to him? Somebody at the fights saw me talking to Mickey.
The bloke in the suit, the real Florist.
Somebody knew we were onto them.
Might as well have put a bulls-eye on his back.
Well, if they know that you're onto them, why aren't they coming after you? Bit morbid, Ted! No, there's nothing like a good boneyard to make you feel good about still being alive! What are we doing here? The identity of the body at the Sterling Nickle job.
His name was Gabriel O'Dea.
The Florist knew him.
There's also a sketch in there of the real Florist.
Almost as good as an identikit.
There was a body switch? Well, he was homeless, a street artist - dispensable, poor bugger, but who's gonna notice a missing homeless person? This is not exactly a fair trade, Ted.
This is the mother lode.
Yeah, well, I figure I owe you a few favours.
Here's your RTA shots.
Still no sign of Mickey's car.
No, square one.
There's no car, no body.
Dwyer's shut down the case.
Bloody Dwyer, the handicapper.
Anyway, get the Department to buy a proper headstone for Gabriel O'Dea.
That's the least he deserves.
I'll see you.
Yeah, see you.
See, this is the trouble.
You know, you cops have an unfair advantage.
CCTV, traffic light cameras, tollways.
How are we expected to compete with that? You're not.
It's not supposed to be a level playing field.
It's crime! You're supposed to lose.
Yeah, but it is amazing we achieve what we do achieve, isn't it? Credit where credit's due.
Oh, that's it.
What a lousy ender! The Rooty Hill off-ramp.
I give that 1.
5 stars.
I know someone at Rooty Hill.
Stitch Kekovich.
Oh, here we go.
Here you are.
Brewed it myself.
Tastes like cat's piss.
How would you know? Drink a lot of cat's piss, do you? Ted tells me that Stitch Kekovich is the best cut man in boxing.
Well, you gotta know how to push the blood back up in the corner, you see? Close up the capillaries.
Oh, they gave me a lot of practice, Ted and Mickey.
So, my boy's in good hands tonight? Oh, yeah, I'm all stocked up.
He's gonna need it.
Stitch, you can't have been too happy about Dave Granger overlooking you as cut man for these underground fights.
Proud man like yourself.
With Mickey being gone, you got your old job back.
I always looked after that boy.
I taught him what I know.
Even gave him my old bag of tricks.
Any idea what could have happened to him? Now, that sounds like a cop question.
You want to accuse me of something? Where have you dumped Mickey? In the shed.
I thought you were dead.
I'm sorry, Teddy.
How many stitches? 20 or so.
It's a bit agricultural, but it does the job.
Well, he's a cut man, not a doctor.
I trust Stitch with my life.
Always have.
Why hide out? You could've come to me.
Always figured it was best to go to ground.
Don't want to give them the chance to finish the job.
Ted, you been looking in on Tess? Yeah, yeah.
So has Grave Danger, apparently.
Meaning? Oh! Was he the one that stabbed you - Dave? Nah.
I seen his face before, though.
Long time ago.
Ted, I been racking my brain, but I just can't place him.
There's something I want you to see.
There you go.
That him? Well, his beard's a bit different now, but yeah, that's him.
Well, we need to get you to hospital, Mickey, and the cops are gonna want to talk to you too.
I'm not talking to the cops unless you take me to the fight.
Zac What is it? We have a nibble.
Thailand? Negative.
He's on the move.
Can he fake his real IP location? Doesn't matter.
He's compromised.
I've got access to the time zone on his laptop.
Well, where is he? Sydney.
The enemy is at the gates.
Eh? I'm at the fight! No, I'm not getting on a flight, I Yeah, the little prick's going down big-time! No, later! Alright, yep, thanks.
How does that feel, son? Jase, listen to me! You're being set up 'cause you hit Vince.
This is payback.
Don't do this.
Hey, Cath? Cath, it's Ted.
I've got Mickey! Yeah, Mickey! He's right here beside Step right up, boys, step right up.
Give us your money tonight.
That's the way to go.
Give us your 50, mate.
That's it, 50.
Come on, 50.
Righto, mate, what do you want? I got my money, come on! Yeah! Get off me! Touch her again and I'll kill you! Any time, Granger! You're a dead man! Come and place your bets, boy! Come and place your bets! Get out of my face! Come on! Come on! Come on, yeah! Come on! Ed, is that you? Zac? Oh! Megabyte Cafe, Matraville.
You don't have to do this, Jase.
How's it gonna look if I back down now? You want to impress Shannon, just stay alive - that'll impress her.
Don't stop this fight, Lennie.
Come on, boy! Get off me, you bastard! - Go on, Jason! - Watch him! - Keep dancing, mate! - Watch him! Come on, Jase! Oh, shit! Hook, hook! Ed, we've got a fix on black hat - an Internet cafe in Matraville.
Call me when you get this.
We can't let them get away.
Come on, Jase! Oh, good man, good man! Come on, Jase! Oh! OK, OK, that's it, that's enough! Get off him, you mug, get off him! Oh, come on! Mate, you did great! You did great! Come on! Up you get! Come on, you did great! Yeah! Yeah! You did great, mate, eh? You did great.
You fought well, mate.
Good one, son.
I know, Vince.
You set the whole thing up for Jason to get hurt.
What - so you could humiliate him in front of me? You didn't even have the guts to get in the ring.
Jason did.
You OK, Jase? Margaret? Ted, I'm outside Megabyte Cafe.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything stupid, I just want to see what he looks like.
We need to get you to hospital.
Pretty stupid, aren't they? Moths.
They're drawn to the bright lights and then it kills them.
They think it's the moon.
They can't reach the moon, but they can reach the artificial light.
Shannon, do you think you're too smart for me? Absolutely.
And you thought the Cobra was gonna kill you.
So, Jason, better get you and Mickey to the hospital Hey, Marg.
Zac! What is it? We found the hacker and Marg's gone after him alone.
What?! To an Internet cafe in Matraville.
Give me the address! Lennie, come on! Cath, I need you at 272 Bunnerong Road, the Matraville Mall.
There's a car park out the back.
Margaret is in danger, and, Cath, do not tell Dwyer! Hello.
I'm looking for my son.
He was here.
He's in this IP station.
It's the first terminal there.
Just missed him.
Hubby on his way, is he? Huh? Thanks for coming, Ted! No! No! Don't do this! Shit, it's the Florist! Police! Drop your weapon! Drop it now! Cath's hit! OK, Ted, get out of the car or I will shoot her now.
Step out of the car right now or I'll shoot her! Step away! Hands up.
Stand away from the car very, very slowly.
I'll shoot her! Now stop! - Right.
- No, no! God, I wouldn't want to be you when they find you, you What can you tell me about this Florist? Is there something you're not telling me? It's been a long time.
I got fond memories of Sterling Nickle.
Wish I could say the same, but some prick robbed me of 300k.
That gift just keeps on giving, Lennie.
You know how you wanted me to keep tabs on Lennie Cahill's phone just in case anything popped up from Sterling Nickle? I think you're gonna be happy.
He's a cop for sure! This is not a courtesy call.
This is a parole breach.
He's running out of lives, Shannon.
Does that mean he has one more? He must have been getting close to catching you, that's why you've gone to all this trouble.
Know something? You talk too much.