Old School (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Dead Man Walking

1 One thing we do know - you are not the only member of the Sterling Nickle gang left.
Whoever shot The Florist knew what he was doing - No dental records, nothing.
We can never ID him.
This is him.
Prick with my money.
This is The Florist.
Ted, this is the motherload.
You're aware of the conditions of your parole.
Lennie, you screw up again, and it's serious.
Stay down! (Grunts) Known associates - Vince bloody Pelagatti.
Mate, your timing is shithouse.
It's all gone.
Everything we've saved for, for the trip? He's found out how the hackers have accessed our account.
Where is he? Sydney.
Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid.
I just want to see what he looks like.
Margaret is in danger, and Cath, do not tell Dwyer.
Just missed him.
Hubby on his way, is he? (Gasps) (Stammers) (Tyres screech) Thanks for coming, Ted! No, no, don't, don't! BOTH: Oh, shit! Police! Drop your weapon! Drop it now! Get out of the car, or I will shoot her now.
Step away! Step away.
Stand away from the car! Very, very slowly.
Now stop! Stay right there.
Stay there, mate.
You are gonna be Roger Watts.
Not, Roger, mate, can't I be something else other than a Roger? Mate, you wanna be Mustafa Kahili? (Chuckles) Great.
Roger it is.
Just remember, mate, what I said, it has to be done by tomorrow morning.
I've told you, mate, it's not gonna happen.
I need it tomorrow! I'm on a plane in 24 hours! Thousand bucks.
You gonna deliver for that? Just give me your details.
What about the gun? What's that? Mate, that's what you asked for.
That's an antique! My God.
(Laughs incredulously) Don't be ridiculous, that's a great gun.
(Sighs) Look at this thing, mate.
That's not even straight.
Nothin' wrong with that, it's a good shooter.
I want to see what else you got.
That's it.
That's it? Listen, the cops took down our shipment last week.
That's all I've got left.
Take it or leave it.
(Chuckles) (Dramatic music builds) (Gun clicks) Shit! Wha? Bloody thing! (Groans) Shit.
You'll be OK.
Don't shoot, Lennie! I got a shot.
Lennie! Don't shoot! Christ.
(Marg groans) Shit.
Alright, come here.
Alright, stay down.
Stay down! Both of ya! Stay down! (Whimpers) Don't you move.
(Pants, groans) C'mere.
Don't you move.
Don't you move! Right, get in with me, slowly.
Stay there, let me get in.
Close the door.
Close the door! (Marg cries) I am at the mall at Matraville.
There is a police officer down, I repeat, a police officer down.
Please, help me, please.
Please, help me.
The offender is driving a dark blue Mercedes, registration A-H-H, that is all I have (Pants, groans) You'll be alright, you'll be OK.
(Screams) .
turning south on Bunnerong Rd, towards Botany.
Kid, you'll be alright.
This is urgent, I repeat, urgent.
He has taken my wife hostage.
Theme music And whatever happened to That game we used to play made for two And whatever happened to That old dance We used to do When there was something in the air that night It was you, alright You in dark skies I could've danced Danced all night.
Gimme your phone.
Gimme your phone now! (Whimpers) You just shot a cop.
She's a Detective Sergeant.
Shut up.
They are so gonna come after you with everything they've got, you - Hey, I'm warning you, shut up or I will put you in the boot.
God, I wouldn't want to be you when they find you, you (Stammers) Sir, Ted's waiting inside and we're setting up call-tracing equipment.
Hi, Sir.
Can I just get the cables out the front, please? How's Cath? Just heard word she's gone into surgery.
(Sighs) What happened there, Ted? You have to let me in on this.
Mal, look at this.
This is the shooter.
What you don't know is that this is The Florist from Sterling Nickle.
It's the same guy.
It's a good likeness, you'll get a good response from that.
How do you know all this? I've been tracking him.
Hacked into our savings account from Thailand.
They took all our money.
Why would he do that? Must've known I was getting close and wanted to shut me down any way he could.
Margaret found out where he was.
I told her not to go but she's stubborn.
Jack, this is our suspect.
Get him in the system.
Check with customs and immigration for any recent arrivals from Bangkok.
You want me to inform the media? No, not yet, don't want to force his hand.
Wait, wait, wait.
This guy has kidnapped my wife, he's shot a cop, he's armed and dangerous.
You need to get this out now - someone'll have seen this guy.
My call, Ted.
Why would you block this now? I'm not gonna argue about it.
Don't worry, we'll find her.
(Eerie music) You ready to shut up now? Huh? Come on, out you get.
Come on.
(Elevator bell dings) Get in.
(Door lock beeps) PA: Dr Barrett to the ICU (Machines beeping) Can I help you? Oh, the policewoman who got shot.
How is she? And you are? I was there when it happened, tied the tourniquet round her arm.
Oh, right.
Well, she's stable now.
The bullet nicked an artery.
That tourniquet probably saved her life.
Great, I'll just go and wash my hands.
I've been told no visitors.
Go and get me a coffee, white, two sugars.
Yes, sir.
Cath? (Moans faintly) It's Mal.
Mal Dwyer.
How're you feeling? Mm.
What can you tell me about this Florist? Why did McCabe call you? Oh, one sec.
Is there something you're not telling me? Excuse me, I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
It's OK, I'm police.
The doctor says strictly no visitors.
(Sighs) OK.
It's OK.
We'll get him.
RADIO: We have early reports of a police officer being shot in the car park of the Matraville Mall.
Police haven't yet revealed details but it is known that several shots were fired, including one that hit a female officer in the shoulder, and that she is in a critical but stable condition in hospital.
A sketch, reportedly of the gunman, has been sent by an anonymous source, to news outlets.
We are told this is a good likeness and that anyone who has seen this man (Phone rings) Ted.
Any news on Margaret? No.
Not yet.
So, how's Cath? Nurse says she's gonna be alright.
Oh, good, good, that's a relief.
So, what do you know? I was just on the news, savin' a cop.
My reputation is shot.
That was good the cops put the sketch of The Florist out there.
Oh, that was me.
Bloody Dwyer tried to block it for some unknown reason.
Dwyer? He was just here, puttin' the heavies on Cath for info.
Something not right about that bloke.
I agree with you, Lennie, something not right at all.
Right, so, you saw the news.
Well, what do you think, mate? I'm not goin' anywhere.
She's right here.
In the bloody hotel room with me.
Mate, mate.
I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the fact that you're so piss weak.
No, you know what? You just relax, mate, OK? I'll take care of it, alright? No, I'll take care of it! (Sighs) Aren't you gonna ring my husband and demand some sort of ransom? What, what what are you? Shh! Be quiet.
(Zipping sound) You just, um, try and get some sleep.
(Sighs profoundly) (Phone rings) Here we go.
Hello, my name is Pravati from ReguTelo.
Good news - I'm calling to inform you that This isn't a good time.
(Continues talking) Listen, I don't want to be rude, but I need this line to be clear because my wife has been kidnapped.
I am very sorry to hear that, sir.
When will be a good time to call back? (Beeps) Look, I'm not waiting 'round anymore for a ransom call that's clearly not coming.
Ted, this isn't negotiable.
It's been hours, Mal, what would you do? I'd let the police do their job.
He'll call.
Running off half-cocked already put Cath in ICU.
You want to do the same to Margaret? We just gotta be patient.
I need some fresh air.
Don't go far.
These beds are terrible.
Airport hotels, best thing you can say about them is that they're close to the airport.
Were you part of that robbery? Sterling Nickle? Is that why you want to kill my husband? You need to shut up.
He must've been getting close to catching you, that's why you've gone to all this trouble.
(Sighs) You know something? You talk too much.
You and Ted agree on one thing, then.
You know, you've blown your chance to kill Ted.
You walk out of here now and someone's gonna recognise you.
You may as well let me go, I mean .
holed up in the hotel room wasn't part of the plan, was it? Ted's not exactly gonna go and commit suicide to keep you happy.
Hey, Zac.
You look terrible, Lennie, even by your standards, which are low.
Who are the coffees for? Some of the cops.
(Phone rings) Hello.
Lennie Cahill? Who's this? It's been a long time.
I've got fond memories of Sterling Nickle.
Wish I could say the same but some prick robbed me of 300K.
That gift just keeps on giving, Lennie.
What do you want? I want you to get a hold of Ted McCabe.
And what do I do when I find him? Go to the Duke Hotel and wait for my call.
(Phone rings) What? You know how you wanted me to keep tabs on Lennie Cahill's phone in case anything popped up from Sterling Nickle? Righto, what is it? I think you're gonna be happy.
Something big's going down.
So what exactly did he say? You and me have to go to the Duke.
Why the Duke? How would I know? Used to be a crim pub.
So we go to the Duke, then what happens? Wait for his call.
Gonna bring the cops in on this? No, no cops.
Ooh, hallelujah, that's a real breakthrough.
Never thought I'd live to hear that.
Shut up.
Proud of you, Ted.
Do you reckon you can find out anything else about The Florist? I mean, on on the internet? I didn't think you meant on the grapevine.
I've got a beam on him now through his last IP address.
I'll see what I can come up with.
Meet us at the Duke.
What do we do for wheels? Shannon, Rhonda Betts.
I'm, er Lennie's parole officer.
I remember.
Is he home? Why? He missed another appointment yesterday.
He's in violation.
I can't keep turning a blind eye.
Can you wake him up, please? Well, he's, er .
not here but I can let him know that you came by.
This is not a courtesy call, this is a parole breach.
Can't he just reschedule his appointment? He's running out of lives, Shannon.
Does that mean he has one more? What if I make sure that he comes into your office by today? I got a window at 1:15.
You won't regret this.
That's what Lennie always says.
Jase, I have to find Lennie.
Can you help? Put the tracker on McCabe's car.
He's on the move.
Let's go.
Any cops? No, don't think so.
That was easy.
What are you doin'? Why are we stopping? Ha.
What the hell's he doing? Stopping and starting, like he's going from house to house.
We got him, we got him, next right.
Next right.
He's just up ahead.
(Tracker bleeps) Ohhh.
What's he doing? (Bleeping speeds up) (Tracker bleeps rapidly) They've put it on the bloody street-sweeper.
Get a description out, of his car, to all units.
I put a call out to all units What've they done this time? (Phone rings) It's Shannon.
Keep the line clear, in case he calls.
(Continues ringing) You need to relax.
How can I possibly relax? My wife has been abducted.
How can I relax? You know, at your age, you'll get stress-related disease.
Where's the stress coming from, would you say, at a guess? Where would you say I'm getting stressed from? From probably nearly killing us in the car.
You're not watchin'! Watch the Shut up! 'Scuse me.
OK, thanks.
(Sighs) He's not there.
And they're not telling me anything.
(Sighs) Think he's watching us? Maybe.
Early for you, Len.
Just here to see a man about a horse, Gaz.
(Phone rings) This is McCabe.
G'day, Ted.
I want to talk to my wife.
Yeah, when I say so.
What've you done to her? She's fine, for now.
Even as we speak she's lookin' down the barrel of my gun.
Only question you need to ask is, 'How do I get Margaret back alive?' I can't hear anything, Ted! OK, get on with it.
You are going to go to Circular Quay where you will stand in front of a webcam and shoot Lennie Cahill through the head, for the camera, in full public view.
What's he saying? I need proof of life.
Let me speak to her.
Go ahead, don't say anything stupid.
Ted, I'm OK.
Ted Ted, listen to me, don't do this, please Shut up! Marg, can you hear me? What you need to do is get a gun.
A gun.
Got it? Shouldn't be too hard at the Duke, get a g- (Phone beeps) What happened? Did he hand up? Where'd he go? I don't know.
Ted? Ted! What the -? Did you charge your phone? Well, I guess not.
I can't believe you wouldn't charge your phone.
I'm still getting used to phones not being attached to walls, can't we just charge it now? What was he sayin'? Who? The Florist! Who do you think I mean? Well, I might be able to tell you if you hadn't let your phone die! Calm down, mate.
Wanna beer? Come on.
Come on.
Looks like we're goin' to the Duke.
PHONE: Message received today at 9:12am.
Lennie, it's Shannon, you're in seriously deep shit.
Call me as soon as you get this.
Here you go.
Oh, shit.
What are What are you tryin' to do? Kill me? No.
Why would you say that? Why would you say that? OK, calm down, OK, I mean, you're all over the shop.
That's not gonna be any use to Margaret.
I know my husband, he'll never do it.
Well I hope you're wrong.
For your sake.
(Gasps) Good.
(Plugs in device) (Typing) Lennie.
Bit of an accident there, mate? Having some control issues? Piss off, you smartarse, that was beer, that was my fault.
What do you want? Looking to offload a cut lunch.
What's your game? I ended up with this piece, want to get rid of it quick, thought you might be interested.
Just hang on.
(Sighs) What do you think? We could be walking into a shitstorm.
Huh? Might come in handy.
No, Lennie, no guns.
No No guns.
We might need some protection.
We don't know what this guy's gonna pull.
How much? A gorilla.
Oh, yeah, and where am I gonna get a gorilla from? Alright, you owe me.
I know you're good for it.
Kind of steep for a basic sandwich, not even gourmet.
That's Sydney.
See ya, boys.
Talk about being hit with a lucky stick.
Lennie, listen, there's something I gotta tell ya'.
(Phone alert) Ah, mate.
Listen, don't worry, we'll get her back.
We will.
Here, you look after that.
I'll top these up.
We're gonna get her back.
You know what, very curious to see if Ted McCabe's really gonna shoot Lennie in the head.
Very curious.
Why? You're an idiot, you know that? It's an opportunity.
We follow him, see what happens.
I can smell cash.
Sterling Nickle cash.
(Skype dial tone) Sawadee.
How are you, honey? You OK? Don't forget my duty free now, you promised.
Big bottle.
I'm not gonna forget the duty free, OK? Don't worry.
We miss you.
Why haven't you called? I'm sorry, honey, I've just been really busy.
Is Aran there? Aran (Speaks Thai) I'm playing with my Lego.
(Continues speaking Thai) He don't go to school yesterday.
What? Why? Hey, mister, what's going on? Why didn't you go to school yesterday? Huh? Sorry.
What's goin' on with him? He need you back here.
(Sighs) Who there? Someone in your room? No, no, no, it's just a maid.
It's - don't worry about it.
Look, I'm just calling to tell you I love you.
Alright? I'm gonna be home soon, just got a couple of things I gotta tie up, I'll be home soon, OK? Don't forget my duty free, now.
I won't forget.
Bye, bye.
Love you.
(Sighs) You were dreading this job, weren't you? You were a different man 12 years ago.
Same as Ted, he was a different man before all this.
You know, are you like this at home? Tell you what, if you are, I'm startin' to feel a lot of sympathy for Ted.
You can keep our money, I just want to be home safe with my family, just like you.
But if you make Ted kill Lennie then I'm gonna lose him.
And that's not fair.
Phone's charged.
Good, good.
Here's Zac.
I know his name.
The Florist.
Can you get into government sites? They think they're secure but it's like putting a deadlock on the flaps of a tent.
Kurt Meeks.
Arrived on a Qantas flight from Bangkok four days ago.
Found this too - Sterling Nickle annual report in 2000.
Meeks worked for them in IT.
So why's Meeks come out of hiding now? Flew in just to kill us.
That means he's gonna fly out again.
There's no return booking in that name.
He probably has a fake passport and will fly out in a different name.
So why'd he kidnap Margaret? Because he shot a cop and he's making this up on the run.
He's got a flight to catch.
Clock's ticking.
We gotta get to Circular Quay.
Hold on, what? Circular Quay? What do you mean? Yeah.
I forgot to tell you, we've gotta get there, and he's gonna call us again.
What are you doing? I'll be here.
Well, stay on the phone.
(Sighs) SHANNON: He'd better bloody be here.
Well, if he's not at the Duke, I don't know where he is.
So, he said, meet at Circular Quay.
Nothin' else? What are you thinking? I mean, what's the plan? Look.
I don't know.
I don't bloody know, OK? Calm down, Ted.
We'll get her back safe, mate.
(Phone rings) Shannon.
She can wait.
(Groans) It's not picking up.
Let's just try inside.
When you say, 'Mate,' what do you mean by that? What? I mean, do you think of me as a friend? Well, geez, I don't know.
I'd never thought about it.
Are you feelin' alright? Look, it's a serious bloody question.
Could you just answer it? Well .
probably don't hate each other like we used to but I'm not sure I'm gonna get you to do the eulogy at my funeral.
Does that answer your question? Kurt Meeks has told me to shoot ya'.
What? If I don't shoot you through the head, he's gonna kill Margaret.
What are you talkin' about? I have to shoot you in front of a webcam in Circular Quay.
OK? Lennie! Lennie, you're in big trouble.
It's OK, I've already told him.
When were you gonna tell me this? Right now.
I just did.
Yeah, only because Shannon was gonna tell me first.
Nothing to do with Shannon.
I told you before she even turned up! Anyway, how do you know about this? Did Kurt Meeks call you? No, his parole officer came around this morning and told me herself.
How does a parole officer know about this? You were thinking about doing it, weren't you? Doing what? Listen, you were the one who was waving a gun in front of my face, like you had a death wish or something.
I was trying to think of how to avoid this.
Avoiding it? Don't put yourself out.
You Judas bastard.
Listen, that's my wife! What would you do? I'm really confused.
What are you two talking about? He is thinking about shooting me in the head.
That is not true.
Wait a second.
I came here to tell you about your parole meeting today, the one that you have to attend or you're breached.
What's all this about guns and shooting people? Ted's wife's been kidnapped.
The only way to get her back is to shoot me in the head in front of a webcam at Circular Quay.
What? Are you serious? So, a parole breach is the least of my worries.
Lennie, seriously.
Would you kill me in cold blood to save someone you love? Would you do that? I don't bloody know.
Well, I rest my case.
So, let me get this straight - you need to make it look like he gets shot in the head in front of a webcam? COMPUTER: Hi, today we're gonna show you how to do a realistic bullet exit wound Looks good.
I did it once for a Halloween party.
(Continues instructing) I was thinking more like a bulletproof vest.
What, on your head? 'Sposed to be an entry wound, for a start.
No-one's gonna know the difference.
Jase, can you find the bit where she takes out the button? This is gonna be awesome.
Wait till you see it.
This isn't some kind of dress-up prank, Margaret's life is at stake here.
And mine.
R-right, sorry.
This is ridiculous.
Stop complaining.
OK, now, look at me.
Keep still.
Now, that's a hole in the head.
No, there's no way he's gonna fall for that.
Well, he'll believe it if they believe it.
Now I just need to fill in the hole with some blood.
No, we don't have time for that, we'll have to do it on the way.
OK, Jase, can you get me the tomato sauce from the fridge? OK, we're gonna have to take Jason's car because the cops'll be looking for mine.
It's itchy.
Bloody stupid.
Maybe it'd be simpler to just shoot him for real.
Come on, let's go.
Let's see.
Yeah, looks good.
Go! I told you, my husband is no murderer.
We'll see.
WOMAN: Housekeeping! No, no, no, no! No housekeeping! Sorry, I thought you check out! No, get out, I organised a late check-out with reception.
Bye, bye.
Thank you.
I think you made a very big mistake, Margaret.
He won't do it.
Let's see, eh? (Mobile phone rings) Yep? G'day, Ted! I can see ya! Look up.
I want Margaret released at the same time.
No, mate, you don't get to negotiate, you're not holding any cards.
First, you shoot Lennie in the head, then I'll tell you where you can find Margaret alive, and in the meantime, I'll have sent the footage off to the cops, got it? So I'm s supposed to just trust you? If I do this, what guarantee do I have that .
you won't hurt her? I'll tell you what I will guarantee, if you don't do it, I will shoot her.
How's that? He won't do it.
Hey, Lennie.
Yeah? (Gunshot) (Gasps) Oh, shit.
(Onlookers exclaim, scream) (Sobs) Jesus Christ! (Sobs) SHANNON: Stay back! Someone call an ambulance! (Continues sobbing) He's gone.
(Weeps) Shit.
Yeah, they've shut the cameras off.
Let's go.
I feel much better.
SHANNON: Just a prank.
TV show.
Just joking.
(Margaret cries) Boss, customs sent through an ID photo of The Florist.
His name's Kurt Meeks.
What's this? Holy shit.
(Phone rings) Dwyer.
Mal, it's Ted.
I'm glad you could call.
Trace this call.
I know who the kidnapper is.
His name is Kurt Meeks.
I know about Meeks.
We're on it.
He's gonna try and leave the country.
You're gonna have to get his picture to customs.
But he won't be using his own name, he'll be trying to fly under a false passport.
You need to turn yourself in, Ted.
Well, if it isn't Lazarus.
Who taught you to shoot? I think I'm deaf in this bloody ear.
Hey, Lennie.
How was the other side? True you see a white light? Want to find out for yourself, Vince? What are you fellas up to? We could ask the same of you.
You didn't just turn up at the Duke with a gun in a paper bag just by chance, did you? You guys are about to land your Sterling Nickle payment.
Is that right? That's why you're sniffin' 'round? Well, where there's smoke, there's fire, Lennie.
I'll tell you what, Vince, when we nab the culprits of Sterling Nickle, we'll cut you in for half of anything we find.
(Laughs) Eh! That's my bloody money.
What do I have to do to deserve that monumental kindness? We need information.
Who's doing fake passports? The best? The bikies.
Skulls Of Satan, Lakemba chapter.
I'll take you there right now.
I don't think so.
I just bloody gave you gold.
We'll get back to ya.
(Toy rattles) What have you got? Closing in on McCabe's phone.
Where? Somewhere in the south-west.
Still triangulating to get his exact location.
Call it through to the local boys down there.
See you in the car.
So, we need to get the name on Meeks's fake passport.
So I'll - I'll go over there and see if I can- You're kiddin'.
What? They'll peg you as a cop with a wire, within a few seconds.
You'll be on the ground, pants around your ankles and a boot on your head.
Leave it to me, I know these kind of people.
I understand 'em.
In five minutes, I want you to pop off a few shots there in front of the house, OK? Hey, mate.
Who are you? Vince Pelagatti sent me, are you Moses? What do you want? A mate of mine came here a few days ago to get a passport and it'd really help me if you guys could tell me He's a cop for sure.
Strip him, see if he's wearing a wire.
I just want a passport, fellas.
Don't hurt him, he's an old man.
Not that old.
What are you doin' here, cop? You think I'm a cop? I've been inside for 12 years.
What is this world coming to? (Bikies chatter) RADIO: Shots being fired outside Skulls of Satan clubhouse.
Lakemba - go! Here we go.
Settle down, fellas.
Who are you? Vince Pelagatti.
My cousin's your Sergeant-at-Arms.
(Suspenseful music) (Door closes) Eh, where's that old bloke? Where did that prick go? You're dead meat, grandpa! You wanna answer to Marco? (Police siren, tyres screech) Drop your weapons.
Put your guns down! Yeah, yeah, it's not mine, alright? It's his.
(Policemen scream) Right, OK.
Get the guns down, turn around! It's down.
Put your hands on the car.
Hands on the car! Spread your legs.
Spread your legs? Likes that.
(Grunts) Got it, look at that.
You're a ballsy bastard, I'll give you that.
Right, now, give Zac a call and get him to search hotel bookings under the name on that passport.
(Screams) No, don't do this! Don't do this! You've got a wife and a son, you don't need to do this.
Oh, be quiet, will ya? I'm just gonna tie you up.
Now, sit down! Sit down! Ow! Shoosh! You know, I really wish I could say I was going to miss you, Margaret.
But I'm not.
You're a punish.
You don't think Lennie's gonna hurt my car, though? I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question.
Shannon? Rhonda.
I am so sorry, if you'll just let me explain - It's too late for that, where is he? Are you there, Lennie? There's a Roger Watts on the guest register at Mascot Hotel.
Room 479.
I'm going in with ya.
I want you to stay in the foyer and guard the lift.
I'll take the stairs.
We don't want Meeks giving us the slip.
COMPUTER: Poor guy.
Feel much better.
It was a prank! Was a prank! TV show.
God! Shit.
(Sighs) Where's my bloody phone.
(Phone rings) It's him.
OK, give it to me.
I know what you did, Ted.
Listen, Kurt No, you listen to me, Ted.
You just killed your wife.
He knows.
Tea while you wait? Yeah, I'm expecting a very important delivery for room 479.
The delivery has arrived, sir.
Right, it's already arrived? Has it? Have you sent him up, or what? (Knock at door) Don't worry about it.
You're cuttin' it a bit fine, aren't ya'? Moses said to check it.
Well, it seems like it's all pretty Where's my wife, Kurt? (Text message alert) (Ding!) You're alive.
So are you.
Where's Ted? Where is she? If you hurt her - God, I didn't touch her, mate.
Where is she!? She was right here! She she was! I tied her up! I tied her up right there.
I don't know where she is.
I swear to God, mate, I tied her up right there.
Five minutes ago.
I didn't do anythin', mate, I promise.
What have you done to her, you sick bastard.
Nothin', mate, I didn't touch her, mate.
I promise you, I didn't touch her! What've you done to my wife?! I didn't touch her! No, Ted, don't! There she is! Look, I told ya'! Ted, no! Don't.
Ted, watch out! When you first sat opposite me, you gave me that usual schtick about going straight.
But you know what, Lennie, I think you can actually do it.
There'd be at least 200,000 in that safe.
I'm on parole.
No offence, Len, but where does that get ya? Don't think it's really my colour.
You walked into Kurt Meeks's hotel carrying an unlicensed 9mm semi-automatic hand gun.
If you weren't intending to kill Meeks, what were you planning to do with the gun? Dwyer's sharpening a spike, he wants your head on it.
Why has Mal Dwyer been trying so hard to close me down? What are you hiding from, Mal? Holy