Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You 2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

1 Have you peed? I'm going to stitch you in.
Tell me about it, stud.
- Man! - Wow.
(whistling) Is it too much? Are you kidding me? 'Cause the power you're supplying It's electrifying! OK, let's go for a ride.
I got this.
Girls? You'd better shape up 'Cause I need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up You better understand To my heart I must be true.
Nothin' left for me to do.
You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey - The one that I want - Looking good, guys.
You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh The one I need Oh, yes, indeed.
Come on.
I'm here, live in LA, at the world premiere of 'Grease'.
Olivia, congratulations.
You're beautiful! Olivia! Can I get a picture? One more.
One more.
I can't believe it.
OK, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen.
There will be more opportunities later.
Thank you.
How did I get here? You're the only one who knows the answer to that.
(Bell ringing) I woke up bright and early this mornin' My little girl was not in sight I been lookin' everywhere Mornin', noon and daylight 'Cause she's so fine She's so fine Well, she's so fine Rats! Why do I always go the wrong way? - Liv.
Liv! - Oh, my gosh! What's the time? - Do you want to miss the show? - No, sorry.
- Good luck, Livvy! - We're all going to be watching! Sorry.
Come on.
Quick, quick.
Quick, run.
I should just leave school so I can sing full-time.
With nothing to fall back on when it stops? Don't imagine you can rely on a man to look after you.
I don't.
I'm never getting married anyway.
Look, just because things didn't work out between your father and I, doesn't mean that marriage is all bad.
- Pat! - Surprise! Are you coming to watch? Of course.
As if I'd miss it! Tonight's going to launch your big career.
Singing isn't a career.
It's an interlude before you do something important.
I'll make it important.
Competition tonight is on TV Australia-wide.
Oh, gosh, I'm so nervous.
You'll be great.
Why are you nervous? You're already singing on TV every week.
That's just a kids' show, Mum.
Tonight's about being given an opportunity and taking it.
If I win 'Sing, Sing, Sing', I get to record a single in Sydney.
Well, you have to win first.
Ian thinks I'm good enough.
I think this young Turpie wants you to grow up too soon.
Oh, Ian! Why do you have to come and watch? Why do you think? What if I'm terrible? You'll end up being disappointed in me.
You wouldn't know how to disappoint anybody.
(bell rings) - See ya.
- See ya.
I'm going to throw up on camera.
No, you're not.
And just remember, you're allowed to sing and move at the same time.
You should be doing it.
You're a better singer than me, in any case.
- Just sing from the heart.
For Ian.
- If I do that, my mum'll jump out of the audience and kill me on Australian television.
That'll certainly leave an impression on the judges.
Anyway, who cares if he's five years older than you? He's dreamy.
I'll have your baby, John Farrar.
Any time you care to say.
Our next contestant on 'Sing, Sing, Sing', ladies and gentlemen, a lovely girl.
You may have seen her on TV before, but tonight, she's going to be singing just for us.
Give her a big 'Sing, Sing, Sing' welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Olivia Newton-John, with 'Anyone Who Had a Heart.
' Olivia Newton-John! And here she is! Anyone who ever loved Could look at me And know that I love you Anyone who ever dreamed Could look at me And know I dream of you Knowing I love you so Anyone who had a heart Would take me in his arms and love me, too You couldn't really have a heart And hurt me like you hurt me and be so untrue Anyone who had a heart would love me, too, yeah And the winner is Drum roll, please.
The winner of this year's 'Sing, Sing, Sing' is Olivia Newton-John! Now, Olivia, you have won a deal to cut a single, and here's the big surprise.
It's with Decca Records, in London! I won't go.
Not unless you come with me.
Liv, I can't leave.
I can't walk out on my 'Go Show' contract.
It's six weeks on a boat both ways! This is how our business is.
You have to go to London.
This could be everything for you.
I'll leave you two to it.
Mrs Newton-John.
Did I hear right? I thought this was everything you ever wanted.
I do want it.
But I want Ian, too.
Olivia, darling, you know, sometimes change demands courage.
If you want to make the best from your life, you cannot turn your back on opportunity.
Talent is God-given.
You've always had it but you've been too young to make anything of it.
Perhaps now you're catching up with yourself.
Where's that favourite daughter of mine? Dear me.
Why are there tears? Liv's just a little sad about leaving Ian.
Are you bonkers, sis? It's London! You won.
You won! I don't care if the sky is pretty blue I-I don't care if the sun comes shining through It really doesn't matter, baby My heart keeps cryin' Oh, life means nothing - Till you say you'll be mine - Stop! Stop.
You're squeaking.
Am I? I'm sorry.
This is a Jackie DeShannon cover.
You have heard of Jackie DeShannon? - Yes.
She's amazing.
- Strewth, cobber.
It's good to know you get to listen to the wireless Down Under.
It's a great song.
But I thought I'd probably be recording an original, rather than a cover.
Let's do this again, shall we? But this time, - like you mean it.
- OK.
One, two, three.
I-I don't care if the sky is pretty blue Oh, my gosh, I'm so nervous.
What does it say? Darling, what do they say? They think I'm a joke.
They hated me, Mum.
Oh, Liebchen.
Sometimes, good singles sink without a trace.
No rhyme nor reason.
Well, maybe if you found her a better song.
I don't think getting into the 'maybes' is going to change anything here.
- This is a very brutal business.
- She can handle it.
You're up against the best female vocalists in the world over here.
I know I am.
We won't be signing you for a second single.
Why don't you take this time to go and think about whether the music business is really for you? What do these recording people know anyway? We don't give up at the first hurdle.
We're here and here we stay till you become a success.
I used to want to be a vet.
I could go home and do that.
Nothing worthwhile happens without persistence.
You know that.
Your grandfather won the Nobel Prize for physics.
Do you think that would've happened if he stopped when things got tough? He was a scientist, Mum.
Didn't matter whether people liked him or not.
It matters if you're a singer.
And they don't like me.
Well, I wasn't exactly liked as a German after the war, when I first met your father.
But I used my charm.
I stuck at it.
- Liv! - Pat! What are you doing here? I signed with some UK promoters.
You're looking at a support act! - Pat, darling.
- Mrs Newton-John.
- How are you, honey? - I'm good.
How are you? - I'm fine.
- I can't believe you're here.
Me neither.
Of course, you can stay, can't she, Mum? You'll have to share the fold-up couch.
This is fab.
Sure it is.
It's a home away from home.
It's so good you're here.
Jackie DeShannon's version was really great.
My track sounded like I'm in someone's bathroom.
Their loss.
You just got stuck with a dodgy arrangement.
"Of course, you're up against the best girl vocalists in the world.
Cilla, Lulu, Dusty, Sandie Shaw.
" Olivia Newton-John.
Pat Carroll! OK, so, how's that John Farrar? Well, he's incredible.
And how's Ian? We said if I wasn't back in three months, he could start seeing someone else.
So we're both in London.
Scream! Now, when are we gonna be famous? - I thought we already were.
- We might be up against the best solo acts in the world.
Doesn't mean we can't be the best duo.
What? Sing together? Pat and Olivia.
Two groovy chicks.
'Glamour and Song'.
Why not? It sets us apart.
Maybe I can talk to my promoters.
But the contract's only for you.
Two Aussie chicks for the price of one.
I mean, how can they say no? I've already got all my dates.
What would we call ourselves? Um Pat and Olivia? Today, there is something on my mind You say that I'm not really your kind So long It was good while it lasted Mmm Today, I can do without today Tomorrow may be better Today, there is something on my mind Go away, there is nothing to hold me I cried, but my tears didn't help now Today, I can do without today Tomorrow may be better.
Last night, I spent the whole night cryin' I don't think I'll ever sleep again Last night, I thought that I was dying I don't think I'll ever sleep again Today, I'm just left with the memories No chance that you come back and want me Because someone else is in my place Oh, thank God you're in one piece! - But still not famous.
- What are you saying? - They absolutely love us in Sweden! - Really? Pat.
Hi, darling.
They've been on our program once before.
It's great to welcome back The Shadows.
Oh, my god.
It's The Shadows.
Mum? Mum, quick.
It's The Shadows.
These are the guys we're going to be touring with.
They're Cliff Richard's backing group.
The 'UK Music Review' says they haven't had a hit in two years.
Wonderful band.
So sad.
That's great.
Bruce Welch.
This must be Olivia.
- Yes, hi.
And this is - And this is Pat.
It's really great to meet you.
No, we're just grateful you're willing to tour with us tired old bunch of has-beens.
Speak for yourself.
- No, thank you for having us.
- Thank you for the opportunity.
Well, they've been keeping you busy by all accounts.
Can't say I'm surprised.
We've been very lucky.
Yeah, and we'll go anywhere.
Well, a one-night stand in Cleethorpes shouldn't be a problem, then.
We're finished.
We'll let you guys do your sound check.
- Guys? This is Pat and Olivia.
- Hi.
This is Hank.
Brian Bennett.
And Rostill.
Watch out for this guy.
Rhythm guitarists, they're the worst.
- Don't listen to him.
- Oh, wait.
Before you go! My boyfriend is the biggest Shadows fan.
Do you think that I could get a photo with you guys? - Of course.
- Do you mind? - In case you sack us after tonight.
- It's not going to happen.
Three, two Thank you so much! What about Olivia? One for her boyfriend? She doesn't have a boyfriend.
Smile! Now, that is a smile that could light up the world.
- See you.
- Bye.
How many people do you think there are out there? I don't know.
800? I'm not going to be sick.
I will not be - Will not be sick.
- Liv, you will not be sick, OK? 'Warm-up act' doesn't do you girls justice.
You're going to set all those mums and dads on fire.
- Those are mums and dads? - Mm-hm.
How many mums and dads are there? - 2,000, roughly.
- Hello, Bournemouth! - Are you OK? - Nerves.
It's so stupid.
Close your eyes.
Take a breath in.
Australia! So let's give them a big Bournemouth welcome, to Pat and Olivia! - Breathe.
You're gonna be smashing.
- Come on.
He's so charming.
He's so married.
But the papers say they're breaking up.
(Loud music) (music continues) It would be nice if we could just get to talk someday.
I can't hear It would be nice if we could just get to talk someday.
Oh, my god, Bruce! Hi! Bruce wants me to meet Paul McCartney.
We're going to have dinner tomorrow night at Paul's house, with Jane Asher.
That's what he calls 'just talking'? It's a date.
A date? Is it? No, we're just good friends.
Eugh, Liv, you call it want you want.
It's a date.
Yes, but it's really far too soon for him to think about seeing anybody new.
He's a rock star.
So, are you excited about meeting Paul McCartney? No.
What do you reckon? I think he should be excited about meeting you.
I was excited about meeting The Shadows, too.
Mmm Mm-mm.
Cliff Richard and The Shadows.
You're major stars.
Well, Cliff will still be going when he's 80.
- But The Shadows, we're finished.
- You sold out every town we played.
Everything's changed now.
Everything's R&B.
The Who, even Lulu.
Things move on.
I'm into production now.
Unearthing new talent and recording them.
That's my bag.
It's all still ahead of you.
Feels like Pat and I are going to be a support act forever.
Oh, rubbish.
You'll get the next big break and then (whistles an ascending note) - I'll be Bruce who? - Don't say that.
It's a fact of life, Liv.
Nothing lasts forever.
- Bruce! - Bruce.
Bruce, over here, mate! Where's the wife tonight, Bruce? Bruce, can we get a picture? Having a bit on the side, Bruce? What are people going to think? "Ambitious young Australian singer Olivia Newton-John.
" - How can they say I'm ambitious? - There are worse things.
Is anybody accusing you of murder? I'm not ambitious! It's a horrible thing to say.
- 'Ambition' isn't a dirty word.
- It is when they make it sound like I'm trying to sleep my way to the top.
Look, it's it's awful.
It is.
But, you know, it's recognition.
This is all just part of the game.
If that's what it takes, then I don't want it.
Listen to me.
There is nothing wrong with making a name for yourself.
Nobody else is going to do it for you.
So, what did Bruce tell the sleaze-bag reporters? Told them to sod off.
What time do you think this is? A group of us went out.
A group? Without Pat? We don't do everything together.
What are you doing up, Mum? Um, the phone woke me.
Rona needs help with the children and with her new job.
But listen, if I'm going to leave you here by yourself, I want to know that you're safe.
Not that you're coming home at all hours, after having done who-knows-what with whom.
Mum, I'm 18 now.
I'm earning my own money.
Does this mean you won't need your mother, I suppose? I'll miss you like crazy.
You'll be fine.
You have Pat to look after you.
My visa's expired.
The Home Office said they're under no obligation to review my case.
Four weeks to leave the country.
What a bummer.
Why couldn't my dad have been British, too? I'm coming back with you.
We'll get lots of work.
What will you do? Every Australian TV show twice? Then what? Of course, you're staying here.
We were doing this together.
So just stay here and do it all for me.
You're beautiful, you've got a voice and the camera loves you.
So bloody stay here and make it happen.
It won't be the same without you.
You're stronger than you know.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Pat and Olivia onto the stage.
Close your eyes.
Take a breath.
One last time, then? I'm in love about my baby Come, take my hand, please understand I want you I'm in love about my baby I need you so much Want your tender touch, ooh I'm in love about my baby Come take my Jesus.
Truly awkward.
- It was one of the most - Put your shirt in.
- Olivia Newton-John, take five.
- Um, it's great, yeah.
I miss home, but the music scene is much bigger here and there's more opportunity.
We're even hoping I can record an album soon.
And we're planning our wedding.
I got you there.
Dad, this is my fiance, Bruce Welch.
- Mr Newton-John.
- Oh, do call me Brin.
Everybody does.
I had to be in Cambridge for the Convocation anyway, so I thought a brief detour was in order.
- This is Geordie and Murphy.
- Oh.
Bruce plays rhythm guitar in The Shadows.
Oh, sadly I'm more of a JSB man, myself.
Johann Sebastian Bach.
In any case, I'm leaving The Shads in December to devote myself more - fully to your daughter's career.
- Oh.
I'll link up with Peter Gormley's management agency.
Peter's another Aussie.
He manages Cliff Richard and The Shadows and now Liv, too.
Peter's going to be my manager but Bruce will oversee things.
I always thought Olivia's voice was a little reedy.
But, that's just me.
Perhaps we could go for a stroll? Yeah.
Bruce appears to have quite a firm grip on where he thinks your career ought to be heading.
Bruce has done everything.
He knows everybody.
He's opening so many doors for me.
It's just the start but I'm getting somewhere.
Well, as long as you're making your own decisions.
I am, Dad.
I've agreed to be in a movie.
It's with the people who make the James Bond films and the guys - who put The Monkees together.
- Ahh.
What was that film you did with that Turpie chap? 'Funny Things Happen Down Under'.
At the end, I was still waiting for the funny things to happen.
This is a proper movie, Dad.
Do I get a 'well done'? Ten out of ten.
Welcome, our star! - Am I? That's exciting.
- Val Guest.
Now, you and I must wag chins about our little movie.
Come on, come on.
Through here.
Let's show our star some images, shall we? Now, let's see.
Ahh, here, yes.
Yourself and the three young lads in your pop group are whisked off to outer-space by the aliens.
Do you see? - Mmm.
- Because the vibrations you create with your sound are the key to the alien race's survival.
Then, you're placed in a vacuum chamber where all your clothes are literally sucked from your body.
Can I read the script? Done some acting, have you? Little bit.
Would I have seen many of your films? Oh, everything, darl.
'The Camp on Blood Island'.
'Stop Me Before I Kill'.
Sweetness, our producers adore you.
They want to sign you to a three-picture deal.
We could all make rather a lot of money.
I'm not taking my clothes off.
Well, I thought these were the Swinging '60s.
I'm sorry if that means you have to replace me.
But I'm not going to do it.
- What is this? - Looks like we're up in space, man.
This can't be real.
This sort of thing doesn't happen.
- Maybe it's a dream.
- Well, if it is, then - we're all in it.
- What a disaster.
They've pulled 'Toomorrow' from the cinemas.
Some legal dispute.
Well, all I can say is thank goodness no-one will ever see it.
Look, Liv, you're not going to win a BAFTA this year, but neither did Cliff Richards for 'Summer Holiday'.
In fact, none of the films we did with Cliff were masterpieces.
This is one setback.
Trust me, it's for the best.
I'll look after everything, OK? In fact, I had a chat with Hank yesterday.
We're going to write some songs, get back in the studio.
Perhaps we could write something for you.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
We'd love that, wouldn't we, Geordie? Yes, we would.
We'd need a third guitar, though.
I might know someone.
Thanks so much for this, Bruce.
It's great to be here.
Look at you, Mrs John Farrar.
This is such a huge break.
I don't know how to thank you.
Marvin, Welch & Farrar.
It's got a ring to it.
Well, more of a ring than Pat and Olivia had.
Bruce is producing the whole thing.
He's got so many ideas for me.
You're happy? Three years and he still loves me so much.
He's everything I ever wanted.
Every day, he's asking me when we're getting married! If not for you Babe, I couldn't even find the door John, I mean, why this song? Shouldn't it be something more emotional? Like 'You're My World', 'Anyone Who Had a Heart'? Liv.
I don't know why you want me sounding like something out of Nashville.
Because Nashville's the perfect fit for your voice and you'll have the market here all to yourself.
When was the last time you heard Lulu or Cilla sing Dylan? Do I even get a say? John has worked up a fabulous arrangement.
I can get the best out of your voice but you need to trust me.
Rostill's written plenty of songs for you that will work down the track.
But a debut album needs a break-out hit.
And this this is the one.
Would you like a moment to discuss things with Geordie and Murphy? No.
One more take? Please? Yes? Good girl.
I'd be sad and blue if not for you Uh you're pushing too much in the lower register.
Relax back, OK? Babe, the night would see me wide awake The day would surely have to break It would not be new If not for you If not for you, my sky would fall Rain would gather, too Without your love, I'd be nowhere at all I'd be lost, if not for you Oh-oh If not for you The winter would hold no spring Gotcha.
Ta, Guv.
Well? We're number seven in the UK.
And we're number 14 in Australia.
And, drumroll please we're number 25 in America! - I can't believe it! - So did we know what we were doing? If Not For You, Bruce! Thank you! I think it was Geordie's contribution on percussion.
This is just the beginning.
- This is amazing! - Cheers.
Oh, here we go.
If they ask you for a kiss, say no.
Always, Liv.
Hi, there.
Olivia! - Hi.
- Can you sign my record? Why don't we do a song together? Just in honour of Donny and Marie Osmond because it just happens that I'm only just double Donny's age.
I hate to admit it but I'm almost twice Marie's age, too.
I bet that's got them worried.
What should we sing? - I'll leave it all up to you.
- Rightio, Grandma.
I'm leaving it all up to you You decide what you're going to do Now do you want my love Sorry I'm late.
- .
or are we through? - Really nice show, love.
That's the perfect number for you guys.
Should have worn something else, though.
That dress doesn't do much for your figure.
- You think? - Mmm.
And you weren't following Cliff's moves.
Did you notice how you were slightly off-beat? Not until you just pointed it out.
That's why I'm here.
Looking out for you.
Did you see 'I Am Woman' made number one in the States? I'm so pleased for Helen Reddy.
We'll get to number one in the States.
Leave it with me.
or are we through Now, do you want my love I should get changed.
- OK.
- .
or are we through? You've been with Bruce since you were 18.
You were just a baby.
Of course, things are going to change.
I wouldn't be anything without him.
You were well on your way before you left Australia.
He's taken me from nothing to having hit records.
You can thank Bruce for the hit records.
But you're allowed to be happy, too.
How can I not be happy? I'm engaged.
You're never going to marry him.
You've been engaged for three years.
If you'd wanted to marry him, you would have by now.
Maybe it's just run its course.
I can't hurt him.
I can't do it to him.
I can't.
Ladies and gentlemen, Sacha Distel and Olivia Newton-John.
Follow me, children! - It'll be so much fun.
Come on! - Amazing! Sorry, guys.
Have fun.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, Liv! - Oh, come on! - Sorry.
You didn't have to come and pick me up.
Me picking you up in the Rolls used to make you smile.
Did you have fun with Distel tonight? Can we please not fight? The audience is loving you two together.
Oh, you know, it's all part of the show.
There are too many duets.
You should demand another solo.
I'll ask about it.
I'll ask him.
No, you don't want to drop a duet with him or, no, you don't want me to ask him? - Neither.
- I'm handling your career, Liv.
- You need to listen to me.
- I want to break up.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
Do what? Why? What what have I done? You haven't done anything.
Is it Distel? - Are you having an affair? - What? No, of course not! It's got nothing to do with anyone else.
Then why? - Liv, what - I'm not a teenager anymore.
I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me.
I truly am.
And I always will be.
But I have to start making my own life.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I'm sorry.
Please? (phone rings) (chatter) Deck the halls with boughs of holly Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Tis the season to be jolly Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la This is for you, from me and Brett and Tottie.
It's just something silly.
For me? Thank you! Ahh! Oh, I love it.
It really suits you.
How did you get that? This is crazy, Liv.
What were you thinking? That I didn't want to break his heart like that.
I feel sorry for him, too, but people get ditched every day and they get over it.
You have to leave him.
What if I did and the worst happened? You don't owe him the rest of your life, sacrificing your feelings for his.
It's not your fault.
What have you got? Aunty Liv, come and see! Bruce is under the mistletoe! So he is.
On the lips! Come on, on the lips! Whoo! If it were up to me, we'd be forever.
But not like this.
Bruce, you gave me so much.
And now you've outgrown me.
I thought you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in my life.
Couldn't believe my luck.
It's a fact of life, Liv.
Nothing lasts forever.
We both know I got somewhere else to go But I've got something to tell you That I never thought I would But I believe you really ought to know - It's beautiful.
- love you.
- You like it? - I love it.
Peter Allen.
Aussie songwriter.
He wrote it with Jeff Barry.
An Aussie? I love it even more.
Where did you find it? I was just trawling through some old demos.
Thought I'd give it a listen.
John, I have to have this song.
Will you produce it? - Of course he will.
- Of course I will.
So, because she needs the work and she's here to sing herself her fantastic new single, 'I Honestly Love You', Olivia Newton-John.
Maybe I hang around here A little more than I should We both know I've got somewhere else to go But I got something to tell you That I never thought I would But I believe you really ought to know I love you I honestly love you If we both were born in another place and time This moment might be ending in a kiss But there you are with yours and here I am with mine So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this I love you I honestly love you.
You sound beautiful, Nashville! Bless you.
- Olivia Newton-John? Helen Reddy.
- Haven't you been in the headlines? Let me buy you a drink.
They're even objecting to me wearing a Stetson on stage.
Tammy Wynette started her own awards in protest at all the crossover artists.
- Only Dolly Parton stood up for me.
- Word of advice, friend.
The only things that matter over here are success and survival.
Now, you have the success.
Parlay that into long-term survival and they'll love you like one of their own.
And try not to get too jaded along the way.
Oh, I'm far too cheerful for that.
Don't let 'em knock that out of you.
It's not easy being on 24 hours a day, everybody wanting their pound of flesh.
Well, nothing that can't be fixed by a Bex and a good lie-down, right? Don't lie down too long, honey.
Here, Mademoiselle.
Liv? I'm OK.
I'm just wondering what's next.
London not calling you back? Don't you and John get homesick sometimes? Not yet.
But we've got each other.
Do you remember how we crashed after our big tour? Then you took off like a rocket and haven't looked back.
- Mm-hm.
- Whatever's coming next, it's going to be even better.
What about you? When are you and John starting a family? Ha, ha.
Give us a chance! We still like practicing.
What would your dream be, if you could click your fingers? Just the normal things.
A nice house.
Some dogs.
A horse.
Someone I love to share it all with.
Madame? Turned out nice again.
Oh, yes.
Very balmy.
So, you sing a bit, do you? (inaudible chatter) What are you doing for dinner, tomorrow night? I'm eating at home.
- In London.
- London? Yes.
I'm stealing this from you.
That is really nice.
I'm glad I got that one.
You didn't tell me you were flying out, too.
We have dinner plans, don't we? - Lucky I'm on your flight.
- Ahh, you mean the overbooked one? With no spare seats on it? - You don't have a ticket, do you? - I am about to get one.
I need a ticket and I'm willing to pay.
Anybody? You, Sir? Good man.
What time should I pick you up? No-one wanted to give Helen a break but I was relentless.
I wouldn't leave Artie Mogull alone.
Never take 'no' for an answer.
Trust me, he doesn't.
So, when are you making the move to the States? I know it's tough when you two are new but that's what the Concorde is for, right? You need to be available.
I'm with you.
But you'll need to take it up with Geordie and Murphy.
- My Irish setters.
- They don't have dogs in the States? Houses for people to live in? - They're family.
- Sweetheart, you're the biggest-selling crossover artist in the States right now.
- Maybe even the world.
- You did it first, Helen.
You did it bigger.
Whether those ol' country farts like it or not.
Well, they've settled right down now they've seen how Olivia - and John Denver grew their market.
- Then all the more reason to move.
I've had plenty of offers from LA managers, but I wouldn't know who to trust.
None of the assholes! Lucky my old man manages me.
Who's going to look out for you better than the guy you hit the sack with? Oh! That's true.
Manage me? - Are you serious? - Don't you dare start laughing again.
You have no experience with management.
Or entertainment.
Besides, we're only six weeks into a Sexy, delicious fling, right? Liv, business is business.
It's in my blood.
I knew bugger-all about cowboy boots.
Let's conquer the States together! Can't you just come over as my boyfriend? What? No! Kicking my heels on Rodeo Drive all day? I'd go spare.
Give the chap something to do.
I would love for us to move to the States together.
I would But what? - Talk to me.
- After Bruce, I Bruce who? I swore I'd never mix business and boyfriends together again.
This is my life.
I have to make my own decisions.
Yes, exactly! So make the right one.
Liv, I sell cowboy boots.
Uh, don't laugh! I don't craft them, I don't make them, I sell them.
And I market them, and I get the best possible bloody deal for them.
You see where I'm going with this? So, you're saying I'm an old boot, right? - Precisely.
- That's what you're saying? - Exactly.
- OK.
Olivia! Welcome to La-La Land.
Lee, this is Artie Mogull from MCA.
- Artie, this is Lee Kramer.
- Artie.
Hey, you sounded older on the phone.
Eh, you've got balls.
And god, you're going to need 'em in this town.
Hey, you want any advice, you give me a call.
Thanks, Artie.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
All of America honestly loves her.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Bye, Olivia! Bye! Let me take whatever's wrong and make it right Let me take you through that wonderland That only two can share All I ask you Is let me be there All I ask you Is let me be there.
- Hi.
That's lovely.
- Thank you.
I thank you for being with us tonight.
- Pleasure.
- Well, what a year you've had.
I don't want to embarrass you but, it's kind of remarkable.
In your rather short career, at least here in this country, you've had two Grammy Awards, Record of the Year, Best Female Vocal performance our American Music Awards, the Best Country Album, the Best Pop Album, the Best Single, the Best Pop Performance.
'Billboard Magazine', the Top Female Vocalist of the Year.
The 'People's Choice Show', you tied with Barbra Streisand as the Most Popular Female Singer of the Year.
To John Farrar and Peter Allen.
Yes, cheers to you, Mr Never Been Mellower.
How many hit singles are you planning to write? 'Have You Never Been Mellow' was a fluke.
We got lucky.
You're way too modest.
You should be blowing your trumpet all over the place.
So, thanks to the two best songwriters in the whole world.
Don't know why you're thanking me.
Are you kidding me? 'I Honestly Love You' changed everything.
Right back at you, Babe.
- To the Gum Leaf Mafia! - Taking over LA! That, I'll drink to.
Sorry about that.
It was MCA.
'Please Mr Please' has gone gold! That's five gold discs on the trot, $5 million in retail sales in the US alone.
Now you're just showing off! Cheers.
Oh, god, it seems like another lifetime ago.
I'm glad we're still doing this together.
Me, too.
(dog whines) How did your call go? They want you to do Johnny Carson and Dean Martin on the same night.
So my gut tells me to ditch Dean Martin, but I'll see what Artie thinks.
Now Oh, babe, you need to relax.
Why did you say no to me opening that animal shelter? Well, because it's in Arizona.
I'd like to fit it in somehow.
Liv, you do realise you can't please everybody, right? You're exhausting yourself.
If you keep trying to make everybody happy, then some day, something's going to give.
Promise me you'll think of that.
- Sure.
- OK.
After I've opened the animal shelter in Arizona.
- What's this? - Wait! Don't read that Some knob sent me a Randy Newman interview in 'Playboy'.
"Olivia Newton-John.
Good Christ, what is that all about?" It's off to an encouraging start.
Don't worry, Randy Newman's a tosser.
So You know what I got the other day? "If white bread could sing" ".
it would sound like Olivia Newton-John.
" - Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.
You are the hottest ticket in town and you are the loveliest person on the planet.
They're jealous.
Hmm? Come on.
Come here.
I'll deal with it.
Alright? - OK.
- OK.
(chatter, music playing) Olivia, so great you could make it! Oh, hi, Marty.
You know Lee.
These are my friends.
You've got to meet Jack Nicholson.
We lost her.
Get used to it.
Oh, my god, it's Grace Jones.
- What the hell? - Why don't you take it anyway? That's very kind of you but I already have a manager.
I can see why you want Lee in your bed, but do you really want him in your business? I hear he calls Artie Mogull three or four times a day for advice.
I guess if you're a shoe salesman, that's what a shoe salesman does, huh? Marv, are you making mischief again? Artie.
Yeah, well, you took his bloody card! I wasn't going to tear it up in front of his face.
I was going to wait until now to do it.
He's an LA shark.
He's trying to shaft me.
Of course he is! This is LA.
Don't take it all so personally! For God's sake, just play the game.
And, Lee, I want you to run everything past me from now on.
Are you still pissed about this whole animal shelter thing? Are you not happy with the deals that I'm cutting you? It doesn't get any better than the Vegas deal.
- For anybody.
- I know that.
I'm grateful! I consult you on everything that matters, but I can't have you second-guessing me.
You need to give me a mandate to negotiate with.
You're not my boss.
Actually, I am.
You ready? Yeah.
Do you think anybody else gets the urge to paint a moustache on me? You deserve this.
You worked your arse off.
There's still that little bit of me that's scared it could all end tomorrow.
Hey, hey, hey.
Not a chance.
If you stacked up all those awards of yours, they'd reach higher than the Hollywood sign.
Oh, no, not quite, Allan.
Being modest again.
Liv slayed them at the Met last week.
Well, according to the 'New York Times', I merely conveyed my niceness.
That's how that twat headlined his review, 'Olivia Newton-John Conveys Her Niceness'.
Nobody reads 'The Times' anymore, anyhow.
And besides, what's wrong - with conveying your niceness? - You're doing it now.
Am I? I'm trying not to.
That's the thing, you're adorable! What's next for you? Have you thought of movies? What about marriage? Oh, no! No wedding bells.
Hey, - no intention of getting married.
- Really? Hmm.
Lee, you don't even want to get married.
I know I don't! But it would be nice to be asked so that I can say that I don't.
Jeez, Lee, does every conversation we have, have to be an argument? It's exhausting.
Listen, why don't we shut the office next week and take off somewhere? Take the whole week off? We can reschedule the photo shoots.
I can make some calls.
There you are.
I thought you'd disappeared.
Now, you know I'm producing the movie adaptation of 'Grease'.
I have had a lightbulb moment.
You're the one that I want to play Sandy Dumbrowski.
I've already cast John Travolta as Danny.
He's just wrapped 'Saturday Night Fever'.
He is going to be huge.
Thank you, Allan.
I'm very flattered.
But I'd want to do a screen test for you first.
God, I'm not asking you to test! No, believe me, I know my limitations.
I was in a terrible movie that didn't last a week.
I'm quite capable of being lousy if it's the wrong part for me.
Olivia knows best what's going to work for her.
Well, OK.
John's in town next week, but he leaves Thursday.
Could you test with him Wednesday? We can come to you, keep it on the down-low.
We don't want to set tongues wagging yet! Next week might be a little tight but I'll check Liv's schedule and I'll call you in the morning.
It's OK, Allan.
Wednesday's good.
- Olivia Newton-John.
- Hi.
Meet John Travolta.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
Thrilled to meet you.
Big fan.
Stars of the all-time mega movie hit, 'Grease'.
World, the legend begins! - Lee? - Oh, Lee had to shoot over to London.
And there's the crew.
Keep talking, you two.
Well, thanks for coming over here to do the test.
Oh, I love the secret squirrel stuff.
And Allan says it's my job to convince you to play Sandy.
Good luck.
Wow! You have a pool.
- Yeah.
- Oh, this place is neat.
- Will we read the pages? - Just talk for a bit.
Shoot the breeze.
Oh, wow.
What 'wow' now? The way you're sitting right now with your arms folded.
One of your early albums, you had your arms folded just like that.
And you were wearing a blue shirt.
I would be so mesmerised by that album cover.
That was 'If You Love Me, Let Me Know'.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How's it go? - If you - .
love me, let me know If you don't then let me go I can't take another minute You and John are magic together.
Even before you pick up the script.
He made it easy for me.
It's a good distraction for the kid.
His girlfriend died three months ago.
I read about that.
It's so awful.
- So, are you in? - I don't know if I can be the girl next door forever.
I'll be nudging 30 by the time it comes out.
Extreme 20s.
And, honey, I promise you, you won't be the girl next door by the end of this movie! Not when Sandy becomes a sex kitten.
Then there's the American accent.
She's Australian.
Sandy Olsson.
Her parents work in the States.
So, you'll do it? I'd really love to, Allan, but let me talk it through with Lee.
- OK, I won't do 'Grease', then! - It's not about 'Grease'.
Of course you're doing 'Grease'.
I'm gonna cut a deal with Allan Carr that'll make his eyes bleed.
That's not what this is about! It's It's about us.
I don't know what I am anymore.
Am I your husband? Am I your lover? Your manager? Your hired-help? What am I? I said it right from the start.
Having your lover manage you, it doesn't work.
It's too close.
- Maybe someone else can manage me.
- Who? Who would you trust? Hmm? You're doing 'Grease', OK? If you had to choose, right now, between saving us or being my manager, which would you choose? - That question is bollocks.
- No, come on.
If someone held a gun to your head.
Day one! It's finally here! And how excited are we? - So excited.
- Olivia! What about these? They're the genuine thing, from the '50's.
I found them in a flea market.
I was thinking these with maybe a boob-tube top.
We'll tease your hair into an up-do.
Oh, gosh.
Can she transform - and still be more like me? - Of course.
- OK.
- Thank you.
Did you see the looks those people were giving me? 'Cause you're going to be kissing John Travolta.
When they were shooting 'Saturday Night Fever' in Brooklyn, so many girls turned up that the streets got gridlocked.
If I wasn't nervous enough.
Hey, what's happening? Gosh, nerves.
- John Travolta! - You really don't have to be nervous.
- You're going to be great.
- Trust me.
- OK.
- Come on.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Nancy Chuda, - meet John Travolta.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Olivia's been telling me all about you, Nancy.
Well, not half as much as I've been hearing about you.
Come on.
Let's sit down.
OK, now, you guys know I have to do my job and I have to ask you about the rumours.
- Hi.
- I have had my ear to the ground.
Everyone says you are doing an amazing job.
If I'm doing any good, it's because John Travolta is making it easy for me.
He's so lovely.
Just taking the pressure off me.
So sweet.
Really sweet.
- Don't give me that look.
- Oh, come on, you know the gossip's already started.
I heard two girls at the supermarket yesterday.
"I bet John and Olivia will fall in love.
" Well, that's just cruel.
He's still grieving his girlfriend.
And besides, I'm - still going through - Hi, Lee.
You're glowing! Try telling my queasy tummy that.
Should I make myself scarce? No.
No, stay.
Good news.
I've finally negotiated a solo number for you in the film.
A new song that's not in the stage version.
John's writing it as we speak.
Ahh, that's my boy.
Took some doing.
Thank you.
I'll have the contract addendum done for you to sign off.
Now I just feel sad.
We're a good team.
- But he made his choice.
- He's still in love with you.
Two ambitious people in a relationship does not work.
- Oh, hi.
- Wanna hear Sandy's solo? A little lurve song.
You finished it? - What's it called? - 'Hopelessly Devoted to You'.
What? What's wrong with that? Nothing.
Guess mine is not the first heart broken My eyes are not the first to cry There's just no getting over you I know I'm just a fool who's willing To sit around and wait for you But, baby, can't you see There's nothing else for me to do? I'm hopelessly devoted to you But now There's no way to hide Since you pushed my love aside I'm out of my head Hopelessly devoted to you Hopelessly devoted to you I can't believe it's over.
- Hopelessly devoted to you - So soon.
I'm really going to miss you guys.
We'll miss you.
No, I'll miss you more.
It's been so fun.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
Need Liv's signature.
- Last one.
- See you at the party, Liv.
- Here? - Mm-hm.
And there.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
You were amazing.
Can we talk for a minute? - Of course.
- Yeah.
Come on.
How is this going to work, Lee? - Long-term.
- We agreed I should keep managing you and that's what I'm doing.
We both know we should end it cleanly.
We just don't want to admit it.
You know, I've worked my arse off to get you the deal for this project.
Yeah, and you're amazing at what you do.
But it's not that easy to keep business and personal feelings separate.
One day, we're going to hate each other.
No, that's, um that's not possible.
You need to let someone else manage me.
I'll have someone let you know what MCA's lawyers come up with.
Ahh, just in time! It's not a wrap party until out stars arrive.
Every guy in America is going to be having naughty dreams about Sandy too.
Hell, I am already.
And I'm gay.
Oh, I'm so glad you guys are here.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Quick! Come.
Let's get you two some drinks.
Oh! Thanks.
What? Want to, uh, make it a night to remember? What are you doing? I got chills, they're multiplying And I'm losing control 'Cause the power you're supplying It's electrifying! You better shape up 'Cause I need a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up You better understand To my heart, I must be true.
Nothin' left Nothin left for me to do.
You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh The one I need Oh, yes, indeed You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey You're the one that I want You are the one I want Ooh, ooh, ooh The one I need Oh, yes, indeed You're the one that I want.
Come on.
Well, I'm here, live in LA, at the world premiere of 'Grease'.
- Olivia.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
- The movie hasn't even opened and you already have a huge hit on your hands.
I hope so.
But, we have to go.
Ooh! Olivia? Can I get a picture? One more.
One more.
OK, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen.
There'll be more opportunities later.
Thank you.
Well, it's official.
'Grease' is a showbiz phenomenon, taking $58 million at the box office in its first month, making it the highest-grossing movie musical of all time.
Olivia Newton-John, the name on everyone's lips lips lips