Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You 2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Part 2

1 Singing isn't a career, it's an interlude before you do - something important.
- I'll make it important.
The whole of America honestly loves you.
You sound beautiful, Nashville.
- Are you serious? - Don't you dare start laughing again.
You have no experience with management.
Let's conquer the States together.
That's five whole discs on the trot, 5 million in retail sales in the US alone.
I'm glad we're still doing this together.
Oh, Pat, me too.
You know I'm producing the movie adaptation of Grease? You're the one that I want to play Sandy Dumbrowski.
I've already cast John Travolta as Danny.
Nancy Chuda, meet John Travolta.
That's not what this is about! It's about us.
Having your lover manage you, it doesn't work.
We both know we should end it cleanly.
Well, it's official.
Grease is a showbiz phenomenon.
- Oh, sorry! - No, no.
- Got to get to rehearsals.
- Yeah, me too.
Oh, crap! Oh! I'm OK.
I'm OK.
Quiet, please! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your first day in Xanadu! And let's give a big welcome to our leading lady, the immensely beautiful and talented Olivia Newton-John.
I'm just sorry we haven't found you a leading man.
Oh, who needs one? Anyway, you'll need someone to rehearse with, so why don't you choose a stand-in out of this sorry bunch? OK.
Your lucky day, pal.
What's your name? Matt.
Matt Lattanzi.
Hi, Matt.
Pleased to meet you.
You have to believe we are magic, Nothin' can stand in our way.
You have to believe we are magic, Don't let your aim ever stray.
And if all your hopes survive, Destiny will arrive.
(GRUNTS) Are you OK? When you asked me to come hiking, that's all it is, right? A friendly hike? Yeah, very friendly.
- Absolutely.
- Mmm.
I brought food.
I hope you like chicken.
Didn't you know I'm a vegetarian? - No.
- Well, I should be.
I love animals.
Come on.
- Crap! - I was joking! Come on! Here's to us.
It's so beautiful.
You want to hear something embarrassing? I don't know, do I? I used to have your picture up on my bedroom wall.
I think I ripped it out of Billboard magazine or something.
This was back when I was a teenager.
Oh, way back, then.
Olivia Newton-John.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Oh, no.
Can't help it if everyone loves you.
I'm not very good at this.
At what, kissing? - No, I'm older than you.
- Does it matter? - Matt, those people had a camera.
- So? You want to be plastered on the front cover of every woman's magazine around the world as Olivia's toyboy? Has kind of nice ring to it.
I could go from girl-next-door to cradle-snatcher within I'm OK with that.
Nancy! Oh, for me? - You shouldn't have.
- Yeah.
They're all - piled up at your gate.
- I know.
My fans are amazing.
Are you really comfortable having them all know where you live? On your own? On my own, after Lee, is good.
On my own is peace on earth.
(DOGS BARKING) What's with them? Probably just a coyote.
There are people you can talk to about security.
With these guys to protect me? (DOG BARKING) (HOWLING) I've got my people checking the perimeter.
I'm sure it's nothing.
I just had a sense of being watched and the animals have been on edge.
Who deals with your fan mail? My ex-partner used to.
I want all incoming routed to me.
And we'll step up security.
I'll assign an agent to the ranch full-time.
I've never had a problem before.
Well, you've been lucky.
And now, you're living alone.
Rub it in.
A place where nobody dared to go.
The love that we came to know.
They call it Xanadu.
A million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star.
An everlasting world and you're here with me, eternally.
Now we are here.
In Xanadu.
Now that I'm here, now that you're near in Xanadu.
Now that I'm here, now that you're near in Xanadu.
In Xanadu.
'Xanadu is the worst film ever made.
Mushy, limp and just plain weird'.
'Stupendously bad, Newton-John plays a roller-skating light bulb.
In a word, Xana-don't'.
You gotta admit, that's funny.
So, the movie got stinker reviews.
'Magic' went to number one.
'Xanadu' is right up there.
You're charting number one in the UK and the album is - going double platinum.
- That's only thanks to you, John.
People will be listening to those songs long after they've forgotten the dumb movie ever existed.
Remind me never again to do a movie that has aliens from outer space or goddesses from beyond the stars.
Then you wouldn't have met me.
Tina Turner turned it down.
As soon as I heard it, I thought of you.
So, now I'm getting Tina Turner cast-offs? Rod Stewart's, actually.
That's who the guys wrote it for.
One of them is an Aussie.
Steve Kipner.
Let's Get Physical.
Really? I know it doesn't exactly play subtle, but we can embrace that.
- A change in direction, musically.
- Have a listen.
Can I really sing 'Let's get animal'? Sure, you can.
It's a different side of you.
Well, only the side only your closest and dearest get to see.
Like me.
Are you trying to tell me I should lose my inhibitions? I didn't realise you had any.
It's as blunt as a brick.
I may as well just say, shut up and - Works for me.
- Why doesn't that surprise me? Come on, babe, let me hear your body talk! Want to hear it? OK, so the lyrics are racy, too racy.
My audience are mums and dads and the kids.
I'm not about to give them heart failure.
What about naughty Sandy.
Let's break her out again? Roger, I am going to record the song.
But I want to talk to the video director.
Because, trust me on this, we need to let 'em see your sexy side.
Yes, OK! I want it to be sexy.
- Fantastic.
- But I want to let them in on the joke.
I want them laughing with me, not at me.
I don't know what that means.
Do you know what that means? I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like, Making good conversation.
I gotta handle you just right.
You know what I mean? I took you to an intimate restaurant, Then to a suggestive movie.
There's nothing left to talk about, unless it's horizontally.
Let's get physical, physical, I want to get physical.
Let's get into physical.
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk.
And cut! Very sexy.
Look, there's this new channel, MTV.
Nothing but music videos.
I want them to play the hell out of this, OK? It's great, really good.
Look, having you end up with a chubster takes the joke far enough but do we have to have the hot body-builder types turn out to be gay, as well? Yes! That's the pay-off, Rodge.
Let me hear your body talk.
Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical.
Let get physical.
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk.
Let me hear your body talk.
Let's get animal, animal, I want to get animal.
Let's get so animal.
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk.
Let me hear your body talk.
Wow! Wow, you're That was amazing! For god's sake, marry me, please! - What, now? - Yeah, now.
This is Vegas! It's what people do.
I'm serious.
It's been two years.
Let's get married.
You know my family is not any good at marriage.
I don't know if I'd be - any good, either.
- Come on.
We're happy the way we are.
Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! (CROWD CHEERING) So, you don't want to marry Matt because .
because we're at a different stages of our lives.
Which doesn't even matter! - You reckon? One day it will.
- Liv - Seriously.
He's a sweetheart.
- And more than that, he's normal.
You've always wanted normal.
- That's amazing! - My Tutor.
Shooting in Chicago and LA.
- You're a leading man already! - What is this? It's a possible vehicle for John Travolta and me.
Oh, there's angels in it.
And God has a speaking role.
You told me to remind you to never do another film with aliens or goddesses in it.
You're not jealous, are you? Why would it bother me that every movie producer in this town is talking about the chemistry between you and John Travolta? Ooh Should I be jealous of your leading lady in My Tutor? Maybe.
- That's not nice.
- Who said I was nice? Livvy, Livvy, this spread is amazing, as usual, but what I wouldn't give for a good old meat pie and sauce.
You know what I'd kill for? A proper Aussie milk shake and a Cherry Ripe.
A what? Mate, you don't know what you're missing out on.
And an iced VoVo.
Someone should open up a genuine Aussie milk bar in LA.
It would go through the roof.
Don't laugh, I have seriously considered importing a Hills Hoist.
- That is a brilliant idea.
- I don't know what that is.
What's it a Hill's what? - I love that.
- Go into business? You and me? There's never going to be a better time.
An 'everything Australian' store in LA.
Food, clothes.
- Things you can only get at home.
- The demand would probably be there.
It's not just about making money, though that would be nice.
But we can use my image to open the US market to other Australians, artists and manufacturers.
I'd love to do that.
I just don't know that I have those skills, though.
Bugger that! Pat and Olivia? We're a class act.
Well, let's not forget, I did let you in on my London contract.
Well, yeah Maybe.
There have been lines around the block today as singer Olivia Newton-John opens her new Aussie-flavoured store, Koala Blue, with close friend and fellow Aussie, Pat Farrar.
Let's go inside.
Open up.
Pack essentials.
I need to get you two out of here.
We have a situation.
We got a call from the police.
We've been intercepting fan mail from Michael Owen Perry for a while.
He turned up here in April, trying to get in.
- He was here? At the house? - Security handled it.
He has some deranged obsession with Olivia.
What do you mean by deranged? Well, we - We didn't think he'd act.
- So, what's changed? Gavin, tell me.
Cops say he had a thing about his mother looking at him.
He thought he could see his mother in your face, staring at him in a movie.
He went on a shooting spree in his home in Louisiana.
Killed his parents, his cousins, his two-year-old nephew.
- Oh! - He shot their eyes out.
They found a list of three targets at the scene and you're one of them.
Now that Perry's gone missing, I need to get you somewhere I can guarantee your safety.
For how long? Until this guy's locked up.
I want to go home.
Oh, Livkin.
Come in.
Come in.
The photographer missed my good side.
He wasn't a professional.
Come, help me and Gregg in the garden if you are looking for something to do.
And Gregg's my friend, too, by the way.
You can't just have him all to yourself.
Well, obviously there will always be fans who take things too far.
It's been two weeks.
What if they don't catch him? - I can't hide here forever.
- Over there! Put it in the compost.
- Yeah.
- Maybe this is a chance for you to put things in perspective.
Fame is all very well, but what's it going to mean when you're old, like me? Don't worry, I ask myself that every day at the moment.
You know, eventually, everybody realises the same thing.
It's my children that give my life meaning.
Mum, I'm planning to have kids one day.
You have found a good man.
If you're not careful, 'one day' will be behind you.
But you and Dad, it was so hard It wasn't all bad.
'cause you fell in love with Dad's voice before - you'd even seen his face.
- Oh, yeah, that was my - first mistake! - I need to head off.
Do you need anything from the supermarket? No, thank you, Gregg.
I have enough slaves today.
Thank you.
It's so great knowing that you're here looking after Mum when Rona - and I are in LA.
Thank you.
- No need to thank me.
She's more my mum than my mum.
Bye, Gregg.
Livvy? Your father's not well.
He's having tests, but he doesn't want a fuss.
OK? (PHONE RINGING) Thank you.
Who was it? The stalker.
They've got him.
He's in custody.
Thank god.
He was arrested for shoplifting.
It's OK.
We're safe.
Let's get married.
Wake up to a dream.
Summer grass, velvet green.
Walk out and drink the light.
Blow a kiss to the dandelions.
Love birds singing, love bells ringing.
We're alive and kicking, Summer's come and we're chasing the sun.
Shout about feeling, shout with your believing, they say that we're dreamers, Summer's come and we're chasing the sun.
Everything's alright.
Now the birds are singing, now the bells are ringing.
We're alive and kicking.
Summer's come and we're chasing the sun.
Look, Chloe, your playmate's in there.
She's an angel.
- Who wants it? - Me! Me! It's up in the air! Right, now to Mummy.
Oh, thank you, baby.
Alright, gotta go, folks.
I'm sorry, baby.
Can't you stay, Mummy? Sweetheart, I have to go to work.
Lucky you can stay here and play with Colette.
Ah, who wants a dolphin ride? Yeah.
Does it get easier? Photo shoots? Saying bye to Chloe.
Kills me every time.
Oh, she'll be alright.
It was the same with the boys when John went away to work.
"Don't go, Daddy, don't go!" Ten minutes later, it's like he's never existed.
That's not quite how I want Chloe to remember me.
Alright ladies, having fun! One, two, three.
But that's a distribution problem.
- That's not nothing to do with - Kelly, what's the problem? - Are we on top of everything? - Koala Blue expanded extremely rapidly.
Maybe too quickly.
I'm not sure all the franchisees have a head for business.
Maybe they thought they were on a fast track to Hollywood.
Well, now they're finding out it's not the case - and they want someone to blame.
- I agree.
Olivia has more than fulfilled her obligations.
But she attended the opening of your franchise and she's always made herself available to you.
And in business news, Koala Blue is in Koala Red.
After going global with more than 60 stores worldwide, the fashion retail brand started by actress-singer Olivia Newton-John is filing for bankruptcy.
OK, but can you just Koala Blue is set to close up shop for the final time.
Koala Blue's rapid spread across the globe looks to be over.
Will this spell the end for the Aussie global franchise? How bad was it? Awful.
Apparently, we expanded too fast and now, with the recession - How was your day? - I've had to call out to my agent for two days.
He hasn't called back.
- Something will come up.
- I could abandon all semblance of dignity and camp outside his house till he remembers who I am.
We're fine.
We have everything we need.
That's not the point.
I want to work.
It's been too long.
Still Wouldn't have been good for Chloe if both of us were constantly working, I guess.
Once we're through this, I promise there'll be more time for you.
OK? We're protected, aren't we? Financially? I can't say until I've seen the original contracts.
Well, the first thing that each of you should do is get yourselves a good defence lawyer.
- Each? - Yeah.
This is business.
You'll have to fight separately because they will be pitting you - against each other.
- Oh We don't want that.
It's my strong recommendation that you seek separate counsel.
It's in.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, dear Chloe.
- Happy Birthday to you.
- Hip-hip! - Hooray! - Hip-hip! Hooray! I swear it only feels like the other day they were six weeks old.
Nancy? It's a rare cancer.
Nobody can tell us why Colette has it or whether it's hereditary.
What can they do? We don't know.
They want us to see other specialists, get other opinions.
We'll get the best care there is.
I'm here for you.
We're all here for you.
There's a lot at stake here, OK, particularly when it comes to money.
You So, you haven't found your own counsel? Definitely not.
You will represent both of us.
Our business may be going under, and we may lose every cent to our names, but we've been best friends since our teens and nothing's ever going to split us up.
Hey? How did it go? Our lawyer's confident it'll be thrown out eventually.
Well, that's good.
That's good.
How is she? The chemo's not working.
So, they've told us we have to say our goodbyes.
Oh, Nancy.
I'm so sorry.
Mummy, why is Cassidy so fat? 'Cause she's going to have puppies.
They're all tucked up inside her tummy, waiting to be born.
Can I keep one? Yes, sweetheart, you can.
'Cause I can't play with Colette anymore? No, because you're good.
- And you're helpful.
- Do only children get cancer? No, grown-ups get it sometimes.
I love you, Mummy.
I love you more.
I miss Colette, Mummy.
Will you and Daddy get cancer? Of course not.
- Promise? - I promise.
Warm and tender is my prayer for your world, That I surrender to my girl.
All my life I've waited for the angel you are.
You're the dream that I knew you'd be.
And I love you completely, my Chloe.
What are you doing? I'm getting rid of what's toxic.
Listen to this.
'Much is unknown about the effects of household products used on a daily basis.
Current research has hardly touched on environmental carcinogens ' People need to hear this.
I mean, if we can stop even one child like Colette from getting sick As some of you may know, this cause is very close to my heart.
One year ago, a precious little girl left us too early.
Now, her incredible parents are turning their overwhelming loss into a passion to help others avoid a similar tragedy.
I'm proud to be able to launch this fund to support research into the risks to children from environmental toxins.
- Thank you.
- Lovely.
No worries at all.
Liv, hi.
I think I may have found a taker - for one of Cassidy's pups.
- Oh? - John Easterling.
- Hi.
Well, if you're in the market for an Irish Setter, you better hurry up cause there's only six left.
Well, maybe.
I have to travel for work.
What do you do? I'm just back from Peru.
I harvest Amazonian herbs.
That sounds exotic.
I suspect the rainforest may hold the answer to any number of health concerns.
Prevention and cure.
- Even cancer? - Even cancer.
Nice to meet you.
Couldn't resist, huh? It'd take a stronger man than me.
That's Sherlock.
He's a character.
So Chloe told me.
I got a full rundown on the names and personalities of the entire litter.
- Nice little spread you have here.
- Yeah, I adore it.
Success isn't all bad, then? To be honest, I don't feel like much of a success at the moment.
I guess you don't have CNN or Entertainment Tonight in the Amazon basin.
My business went belly up.
And I've been well away from the music scene for quite a while.
So, now you're thinking it's time to get back in the saddle.
I don't usually make a habit of outlining the next two years of my career to a guy who's here to pick up a puppy.
Oh, it's maybe not my place to say this, but the world isn't going to miss one less business tycoon.
But to the best of my knowledge, there's only one Olivia Newton-John.
I'm still alive! I'm still recording.
I have a new album coming out any minute.
It's called Back to Basics, The Essential Collection, 1971 to 1992.
So please, go out and buy it because I have a lifestyle and a pushy manager to support.
Do you think anyone's actually going be interested? Don't worry, Mummy, I'll buy your record for you.
That's very kind of you, Chloe, but there's no need.
You see, Mummy has sold out all ten nights at Caesars Palace.
- Really? - And they want you to extend.
Bloody hell, Rodge.
We'd better make it good, then.
Alright, guys, let's pack it up.
All clear.
Nothing to worry about.
You wanted bad news? No.
Of course not.
I don't know But it's a lump.
Women get benign cysts all the time and you have nothing to worry about.
But Dad's sick.
And they do say cancer's genetic.
Your dad's liver cancer doesn't predispose you to breast cancer.
Do you believe in female intuition? If we do a biopsy just to ease your mind, will you promise me you'll go home and quit worrying? - Promise.
- Good girl.
What are you Aussies on about? You can't get out on the first ball.
- Backyard rules.
- Backyard rules.
That's definitely out.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for organising this long weekend.
I needed it.
Tell me if you're uncomfortable with me going back on the road.
It's great.
Why would I have a problem with it? You know what it's like.
It will start with Vegas and then the floodgates open, then all the craziness kicks into gear for the next two or three years.
If you feel you have to pull away from all this, one day, to find your own path, I mean Matt, I wouldn't want that but I'd understand.
- (PHONE RINGING) - I am not here! Hello.
Yeah, of course.
I'll let her know.
Who was it? Mummy! Matt? Mummy? Chloe, come and show me your sand castle.
I'm sorry.
It's your dad.
It's OK.
Did Grandpa have cancer? - Yes, sweetheart.
- Like Colette? No.
He was old and sick.
Will he go in a box in the ground? That's right.
In the Australian ground.
The funeral's in Newcastle on Thursday.
It will be easier if I go alone.
Dr Levinson Your intuition was right.
So, what happens now? A modified radical mastectomy, breast reconstruction, then a course of chemotherapy.
I'll have the surgery when I get back from Australia.
I don't want to alarm you but, now we know your condition, it would be unwise to delay treatment.
Are you saying I don't have time to attend my father's funeral? That would be my advice.
You need to concentrate on your own health.
I'm afraid every day counts.
How do we tell her? Even though we've expected it, I'm shocked with how sad I feel.
Oh, Mum, that's normal.
Of course you feel sad.
When are you going to come, darling? It'll be better when you're here.
Your sister wants some of the photos from the old days.
Mum, I'm not coming back for the funeral.
You're not? No.
I've had some bad news.
Are you OK? Where were you? I was out riding.
I'm going to beat this.
Let's go tell Chloe we're making pancakes.
Anything you need, you just say.
I need to keep my spirits up.
And stay positive.
What are you going to say to Chloe? We're not going to tell her it's best she doesn't know.
But what about the chemo? Surely she'll notice? After the surgery I'm going to fight it naturally.
There won't be any chemo.
It's been ringing all afternoon.
They have shots of us coming out of the medical centre.
- What did you tell them? - I denied everything but it's going to be all across the tabloids soon.
What if Chloe finds out? You know, maybe we just have to manage how this story gets released.
In shock news today, entertainer Olivia Newton-John has confirmed reports that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
A spokesperson for Ms Newton-John announced today that she will be beginning immediate treatment and apologised to her fans for cancelling her upcoming appearances at Caesars Palace.
Hi, I'm Julie.
I'll be going with you down to theatre.
How are you feeling? Like I'm about to go on stage.
It's a real honour.
I've been a huge fan my entire life.
Now I feel terrified and old! Oh, my god, I didn't mean No, no, no, I'm teasing.
Hey, beautiful.
The surgeon said everything went great.
Any more of these and we'll have to open another wing.
Can't you give them to someone who never gets any? That's very kind but I couldn't accept.
- Mummy! - Hey.
Be careful with Mummy now.
She's just tired from the plane.
You know, we can all have a big hug tomorrow, yeah? Darling, come here.
- I've really missed you.
- I really missed you, too.
- OK.
- Hey, Chloe? Let's you and me take Mummy's bags up to her room, yeah? Oh, really? Mummy would love that.
Thank you.
You OK, hon? I have to do it for Chloe.
I have to have the chemo.
What is it? It's an ice cap.
I read about it and asked them if I could give it a try.
It's only a new idea but it's proving promising.
You'll get a nasty cold headache but after 15 minutes your head will go numb.
Is it worth it? If it saves my hair and Chloe doesn't notice.
We have blankets if you get cold.
Call out if you need any pain - relief, OK? - I will.
Thank you.
You're doing the right thing.
I'm so scared.
- No matter what, we're here.
- OK.
Has anyone dropped dead on the spot from this? Not on my watch.
- You ready? - To have toxins pumped into my body? I tell everyone to imagine a stream of gold running through your veins.
Ahh, OK.
Poor Matt.
Before all this we'd started to talk about the future his plans.
Now he's stuck with me, whether he wants it or not.
Oh, he wants it.
Of course he wants it.
He's too young to have a sick wife.
He's got his own life.
I've seen how scared he is to lose you.
Maybe it's brought you closer together.
For now.
(PHONE RINGING) - Hello? - Hi, Liv.
Hi, Rodge.
How are you? - I'm fine.
- Just checking in.
Don't want to pressure you.
They're asking about Las Vegas.
Caesars Palace? I don't know, it's hard to say.
They'd like it to happen this year.
(VOMITING) Liv, are you alright? What would you say if I didn't go back to work for a while? I'd say, great! Take as much time as you need.
The trouble is, the machine doesn't stop just because I'm busy dying.
I didn't want to say anything too soon but - I've been offered a role.
- What is it? It's a beach series.
They're saying it's the next 'Baywatch'.
I mean, it's a lead.
Matt, that's amazing.
And it's shooting in Australia.
- Australia? - Yeah.
It means you could go home to Oz once you've finished your chemo.
You know, we can just get away from all of this.
Get a farm or some place.
Just the three of us.
I'll commute to the studios on the Gold Coast, and Chloe can go to the local school.
You can relax, get your strength back.
I mean, it could mean a fresh start for us.
That sounds perfect.
Where did I put the call sheet? - Do I really have to wear this? - What time's your car? You do, and you look adorable.
Hey, hey, you have to have a vegemite sandwich in there.
I've put a peanut butter and jelly, just in case.
Make sure you say, 'G'day, mate!' - Or 'G'day, vegemate'.
Here goes.
- Break a leg.
You sure you guys are going to be OK? - We'll be fine.
- Alright.
Have a great time at school, kitten.
Look after Mummy for me.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What? - Don't forget that.
- Oh, that thing.
Come on.
Bye, Daddy.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See you later.
- See you later.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Hi, I'm Olivia.
- I'm Chloe's mum.
- Oh, hi.
Are you going to talk to Mum about it, Chloe? How was your day? Chloe got into a little bit of a scrap today A scrap? .
with a boy in the playground.
Mrs Hamilton had to intervene.
What? Chloe, why? She won't say.
And I'm afraid she's refused to say sorry.
Chloe Rose Lattanzi? You come with me, please.
Did this boy do something? Was he teasing you? You know it's not OK to hit people.
He was telling lies.
What kind of lies? He said his mum told him you had cancer.
Chloe, I have been sick.
But not cancer.
Darling, it is But I'm going to be alright.
Why didn't you tell me you were sick? I would have taken care of you.
I know.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) (HUMMING) I need to tell the truth, I can't lie anymore.
I need to speak my mind, I need to do what's right.
I know that's what my life is for, I can't be quiet anymore, About what I'm supposed to do.
I need to tell the truth, And do what's right by you.
Roast pumpkin and cheese pie .
with homemade pastry rolled by none other than, drum roll, please (TAPPING) Miss Chloe Lattanzi! Wow, you guys have been so busy.
We planted carrots and peas and built a fence around our garden to keep the kangaroos out.
Thanks for the food we eat, the air we breathe and the people we love.
I'm thinking I'd like to make an album while we're here in Byron.
Yeah, you should.
I wrote a song the other night.
It's amazing what a place like this can do for your creativity.
Some yoga, relaxation, healthy foods.
It really is a place of healing.
I wonder if anyone would get sick at all if they actually knew how to live and eat properly? Then they wouldn't get cancer like Mummy.
One of the kids at school's mum saw it in an old magazine.
I've explained to Chloe that I'm better now.
You must be beat.
Poor Daddy.
Is Daddy going to be a big star, too? Daddy is a big star.
Can't you take a rest tonight? Nah, I've got to learn next week's lines.
I forgot to tell you.
I got a call about a Christmas movie that's shooting early next year.
Sounds really sweet.
Chloe's the right age to play the daughter.
I know she'd love to do that.
What's wrong? I was going to read lines with you.
Matt, what is it? It's nothing.
What is it? You wouldn't understand.
You more than anybody wouldn't understand.
The show, it's a dog! It's a dog.
It's been dropped in the States.
It's a flop in the UK.
- Rewrites every day.
- Come on, you're tired.
It can't be that bad.
I think the best thing to do is probably just switch off this weekend.
We can go for a hike tomorrow, a bike ride I just thought I could do something for this family! Be the breadwinner, for once.
- Christ, just be useful, even.
- You can and you are! But I will never achieve anything like half the stuff you've done.
It doesn't matter.
I mean, no, of course it matters.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've tried to hold it all together through your cancer and to be your rock.
To be strong for you but You're getting stronger and stronger and I'm just I'm so I mean, look at you, you even do cancer better than everyone else.
(SOBBING) No matter what you do, I'll send you love.
No matter what you say.
No matter what you do, I'll send you love, starting today.
Ooh! I'm not lost, I'm not scared, I'm not frightened at all.
- I'm just sad that you're feeling this way.
- Daddy's home.
But no matter what you do, I'll send you love anyway.
We love you more than anything in the whole entire world, that's never gonna change.
Daddy's just going to be living in another house.
Don't you love each other anymore? Of course we do.
We're still going to see each other all the time, Chloe.
It's going to be fine, you'll see.
I promise you.
Peter, I was just telling Olivia about your very generous donation.
I'm very pleased to meet you and we're very grateful.
Thank you.
- Such a wonderful cause.
- Oh, thank you so much.
Ms Newton-John, we sent you a letter about a cancer centre we're hoping to build in Melbourne.
Hello, I'm Brendan Murphy.
Hi, Brendan.
You're from Melbourne, are you? Yes.
We're building this centre from the ground up, so, instead of all the experts working separately, we bring the four stages all in the same building.
There'll be a fully-functioning laboratory for researching cancer.
Development, a pre-clinical phase for developing treatments.
We then use those developed treatments on trials with human patients.
We believe having all of this under the same roof will lead to real breakthroughs in treating and in curing the disease.
Wow, that sounds incredible! We're looking to raise 50 million.
And we'd like to put your name to it.
- Well, I'm honoured.
- Liv, I'm so sorry to interrupt but there's someone I need to introduce.
No, no, no.
I'm coming.
Listen, stay and we'll talk about this later.
- Thanks, Brendan.
- Great.
Sorry, Olivia, I'll just fix this one up for you.
Is Liv ready? The link is hot.
The link is hot.
Sorry, Patrick.
Just do what you can with the face.
Ahh, don't need to.
You look great.
We're on the air in 3, 2 And we're back with our own Aussie superstar, Olivia Newton-John, who's joining us from Hollywood to talk about her amazing work raising awareness for breast cancer.
Hi, Australia! Thanks, Patrick.
You made that very easy for me.
Well, if you're ever in the market for pizza sometime Pizza? I'm not a fine dining kinda guy.
Why not? OK.
Ms Newton-John? Yep.
Thank you.
Thought you might be thirsty by now.
Are you crazy? Oh.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
My son, Chance, just turned four.
He lives with his mom.
I see him whenever I can.
Divorce is hard on them.
So is being the child of a famous person.
What? Does this feel real easy to you? Yeah, it does.
Hey, we're from different sides of the tracks, you know? Different worlds.
Like Danny and Sandy.
But I'm not John Travolta and you are Olivia Newton-John.
Love's unpredictable, it makes no sense at all, No telling where it might land.
I guess it's meant to be one of life's mysteries, Only that I'd understand.
But it felt so right, And baby, I fell into grace when I saw your face, - There in your eyes.
- Sorry, my phone rang.
Chloe wants to stay at her friend's house, so we're alone.
I took a look around, but I ran out of breadcrumbs.
You know, I don't care about all this, and I'll never be able to match it, so if you need a man who can, then I don't.
I just need someone who can deal with all the madness.
It's not easy being with me, believe me.
I believe you.
I mean, it is out of my control, so I just have to embrace it.
That's all the more reason we should keep things separate.
I mean, I never want to be part of your entourage.
Perfect! Fantastic.
A single dad who has his own life and wants to keep it fun and light.
I'll drink to that! (CHEERING) Thank you, Texas.
Goodnight! Mum Mum.
So, you've come to say 'tschuss' to your old Mutti? No, we're planning a big 90th for you.
Having a big party.
People from all around the world.
So, what's my famous daughter's news? I want all the details.
I don't want to talk about me.
Darling, I want What is it? Darling, I want to tell you how proud I am.
How so very proud I am of you.
(WAVES CRASHING) Couldn't think of a more beautiful place for Mum to be.
I know.
I've been thinking of moving up here.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a special place here, like a retreat, where all our friends could come and just to get away and recharge.
Why are you stopping? Didn't you see that property for sale sign? No.
Maybe it's an omen.
I had a dream about that place we saw yesterday.
No way! I did.
I dreamt that we built a place there and we called it 'Gaia'.
That is spooky, because I dreamt about it, too.
- Wow, did you really? - Yeah, only I called it 'Buena Vista'.
I mean, that amazing view.
But Gaia, Greek goddess of the earth, nature and harmony.
Nah, people will get it wrong.
And Buena Vista sounds like a block of flats on the Gold Coast, Gregg.
Actually, I don't care what we call it as long as we buy it and make it so beautiful it'll bring people here from all over the world.
I'm in.
Patrick? Wasn't sure when you'd be back.
I'm real sorry about your mom.
What are you doing? Well, you always wanted a winding path.
It's going to lead somewhere you can sit and watch the sunset.
- Olivia! - Olivia, autograph! (CLAMOURING) Thank you all so much.
Have a great night.
Thank you.
Those assholes have nothing to talk about but whose dress you're wearing.
You're sick of it after four years, try 40.
It's your life, though, isn't it? It's not mine.
I just need some space.
You've got your own place.
It's not like we're living in each other's pockets.
How much more space do you need? More.
What do you think? Does this say, 'buy my gold compilation album'? Yeah, I think it's good.
Oh, is Patrick still coming to the dinner next week? It'll just be me.
I thought everything was hunky, dory again? OK.
So, is this a real break or a fake break? It's real.
I don't see us getting back together this time.
Well, don't hold me to this, but I think I've heard that before.
I love him.
I miss him being around but friends is better.
So This shot it is? - Yeah.
- Definitely.
Before she died, Mum told me I should say 'yes' to this cancer centre in Melbourne.
But if I do, I'm worried I won't be able to give 100% to Colette's foundation.
Don't be worried, that is.
Realistically, it will take years.
Yeah, and I'm happy to do whatever I can to help.
Nance Thank you.
- Do you know that person? - That's Patrick's ex-wife.
I know you and Patrick aren't together anymore, but he hasn't shown up to see Chance.
Has he been in touch with you? Patrick McDermott was reported missing by his ex-wife and mother to his 13-year-old son after he failed to make an access visit last month.
Do you believe he had any reason to falsify his own death? - Falsify? - Fake it.
Change his identity? Disappear? I'm certain Patrick would never He loved Chance.
Chance was his everything.
What was his state of mind last time you saw him? Was he depressed, agitated? I don't know I don't remember.
McDermott's long-time partner, singer Olivia Newton-John, has yet to comment on his disappearance, June 30, from an overnight fishing trip off the Californian coast.
(CAMERAS CLICKING, CLAMOURING) Just leave her alone.
Olivia, is Patrick dead? Ms Newton-John is in a state of great distress over current events.
She has asked me to release the following statement on her behalf.
I am hopeful that my treasured friend is safe and well and I am grateful to the officials who are working so hard to find Patrick, whom I love very much.
I ask anybody with information that could help to please come forward.
Thank you very much.
That's all I have to say.
Hey, it's Olivia.
Leave a message after the tone.
(BEEP) Yes, hello, it's the Austin Hospital in Melbourne calling, as per your request last month, to inform you about the details of our upcoming board meeting.
If yourself or your office could call us asap.
It's Brendan, by the way.
(LOUD KNOCKING) I have been calling you all morning.
Is there nobody here? Chloe's at Matt's.
No, I'm not.
Hey, hi.
Your fans are really sweet, Mum.
I've been cancelling appearances.
People have been writing and calling I'm letting everyone down.
I just keep thinking, what if I'd been there for Patrick, would this have even happened? You're not responsible.
You need to stop spiralling and get back to work, OK? He'd want you to get on with your life, you know that.
What if we never find out what happened? They're worse than bloodhounds.
I'm meant to be flying to Australia for this board meeting at the Austin Hospital.
It's going to be a circus.
I can't let them stop me from doing what I've got to do.
What's the point of all this media attention if I can't turn it to some advantage? I have to go.
I'll come with you.
Do you mind if I sit? Please I'm just resting.
You've been through it.
You understand.
I hope you're not back for more treatment? No, no, I've been lucky.
Thank goodness for that.
We wouldn't want to lose you.
We don't want to lose anyone.
They're building a new oncology wing here.
I'm hoping to help.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Are you doing any shows while you're here? Not this time.
So, how are you going? Oh, you know Good days and bad days.
I just wish sometimes everything wasn't about being sick.
There's no relief from that.
I remember feeling the same way.
Hey, I'll come back and do some shows, as long as you promise you'll be there.
Hey, so sorry to keep you waiting.
- Hi, Tammy.
- OK, thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Do you want to herd in the rest of the board members? The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, sounds impressive, but I'll only put my name to it if we can include the word 'wellness'.
Cutting edge treatments, yes, but also yoga and meditation, massage That kind of facility would cost considerably more.
Then let's see what we can do to achieve that.
Cancer really touched my life and is continuing to touch it.
When I received my diagnosis, a Buddhist friend said something to me at the time that I thought sounded odd but now I totally understand.
He said 'congratulations, now you will grow'.
And, with the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre, I'm hoping to use my experience to make a difference to other people on the journey.
$200 million.
Can you believe that? Yeah, I can.
Because people want to support you.
Ooh! Hello, Sherlock! Hello.
Oh, hello.
Nancy told me I might find a certain cancer 'thriver' here.
That would be me.
Do you think the interlude's over? - What? - Mum.
The interlude before I do something important.
Job done, I'd say.
But, for the record, without the singing career, your charity wouldn't exist.
So, a necessary interlude.
Thanks, Mum.
Ten seconds, folks.
God, I still love it in the wings.
- Do you remember Bournemouth? - Yes.
The Shadows? Oh, god, I think I'm going to be sick.
Close your eyes.
Take a breath.
Maybe I've hung around here, a little more than I should.
We both know I got somewhere else to go.
But I got something to tell you, that I never thought I would.
But I believe you really ought to know.
I love you, I honestly love you.
You don't have to answer, I see it in your eyes.
Maybe it was better left unsaid.
But this is pure and simple, and you must realise, That it's coming from my heart and not my head.
I love you, I honestly love you.
I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, I'm not trying to make you anything at all.
But this feeling doesn't come along every day.
And you shouldn't blow the chance, when you've got the chance to say, I love you, I love you, I honestly love you.
If we both were born, in another place and time, This moment might be ending in a kiss.
But there you are with yours and here I am with mine.
So, I guess we'll just be leaving it at this.
I love you, I honestly love you.
I honestly love you.
I honestly love you.
I love you, Australia!