Ololade (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Bank Alert

- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- How was work today?
- I'm thankful. And yours?
- How are you?
- Hello, baby. How are you?
Look, I am honestly tired
of this job, let me not lie to you.
I'm even tired of these children.
- You just have to keep tolerating them.
- Look
Sorry. What is this on your head?
It's probably the dust
from the chalk in class.
Will I get to see you later today?
- I want to go and see the pastor.
- No.
You will only go one round.
You won't stay for long.
Naughty girl.
How are you? Are you done at school?
- Mummy, look at what I've done.
- Oh, beautiful.
Sweetie, please I want you
to help me withdraw
cash from the bank.
No. I have a lot of work to do.
What are we going to do?
If you do not help me withdraw the money
there will be nothing
for us to eat tonight.
- Okay. I've heard you.
- Afternoon! How are you?
There are a lot of customers here.
Please, my husband.
- I will go. I have heard you.
- Afternoon! How are you?
You will not stay for long.
You will only go one round.
Let me quickly go to see the pastor.
Alright. When you're done with the pastor,
- let me know how it went.
- Alright.
- What is taking you so long to finish?
- Boss.
This thing is very difficult
to fix but I'm almost done.
Is that why it is taking so long?
Hey, you! Where is Lateef?
We don't know where he went, sir.
You know he is always restless.
He's just proud because
he's a graduate, mechanical engineer.
Alright look, leave it alone.
- I'm almost done, sir.
- I said, leave it alone.
- But I can do it, I'm almost done.
- When Lateef returns, he will finish it.
Don't damage my customer's car.
Who is that?
It may be the landlord. Ignore it.
- Who is that? What is the matter?
- Lateef, open this door!
- Who is that?
- Jesus.
I said, who is that?
It will most likely be my mother.
- Your mother?
- Yes. My mother.
I thought, you said your mother is dead.
- Lateef, open this door, come on!
- Calm down.
She's not my biological mother,
I call her that because we're close.
She is like a mother to me.
That's what I was saying.
Stand up! Don't implicate me.
I am looking for my key.
Open this door, my friend!
I don't know where my keys are.
I am still looking for my key.
Iyabo. I thought you were travelling.
- Where is she?
- Who? What's that?
There is no one here, Iyabo.
There is no one here.
There's nobody here.
There's nobody here.
The door to that toilet is faulty.
Lateef, open this door.
The door is faulty.
- I have even called a carpenter.
- Open this door, my friend!
I said the door is faulty
and the carpenter said
he won't be here
till later in the evening.
Okay, don't worry. No problem.
- Wait until I break
- Iyabo, hold on.
- I have a surprise for you.
- Leave me alone.
- Ouch.
- What is wrong with you?
Lateef, I want to use
the toilet. Open this door.
I said this door is faulty.
You cannot use it. You can't enter.
We should probably
go to a restaurant. It is faulty.
I said I want to use the toilet.
My creator is my witness. It is faulty.
The door is totally damaged.
Open this door, Lateef.
- Lateef.
- Iyabo.
I'm sorry, I can explain.
Honestly, I can explain.
Pastor. My life is stagnant.
There is no promotion at work.
Even at home, my wife does as she pleases.
Just because she is richer than me.
I am fed up.
Did you bring that 50,000 naira?
It's right here.
It will not be well with you.
So this is the rubbish you come
to do with other people's husbands?
I didn't do anything.
Then why did you hide in the toilet?
I wasn't hiding.
Your parents must think you are in school,
but here you are frolicking with men,
chasing men all over the place.
What exactly is the matter?
- What is it? Let me talk.
- Laide.
You've been insulting me
since you got here.
What is the matter? Is he your husband?
Isn't he just sleeping with both of us?
Lateef. Lateef!
Can you see how
your prostitute is talking to me?
I am not a prostitute.
Please give me my shoes.
Let me have my shoes.
Is she really talking to me like that?
Come back here.
Why are you walking out on me?
I'm still talking to you.
Lateef. So this is the rubbish
you've been doing, right?
I'm so sorry.
I beg you in the name
of the Almighty. I can explain.
Do you understand? I'm sorry.
It will not be well
with you and your apology.
Why are you begging her?
- Laide, what is your problem?
- What?
What is your problem? Please keep quiet.
I don't want her to get more upset.
I don't care what she does.
So this is the rubbish you've been doing
in this house that I paid for?
I'm sorry.
Did you pay for it with your money
or your husband's money?
Aren't you spending your husband's money?
- You think we don't know?
- What is the meaning of all this?
I don't like it.
I don't want you to start a fight.
I don't care if she's upset!
Stop yelling at me!
Stop yelling at me! What is it?
- Hold on.
- I am going nowhere!
What is that on your wrist?
It's none of your business. What is it?
Is that not my bracelet?
Lateef bought it for me.
What is the matter?
Will you shut up?!
So you are not only
a prostitute but also a thief?
Take it off. I'll buy you another one.
What is it? I am not taking it off.
Take it off. I'll buy you another one.
Give it to me.
Take it off.
I'll buy you another one. Stop it.
- You're hurting me.
- Iyabo, please stop, for goodness' sake.
Stop, you're hurting me
- Thief! Slut!
- Iyabo, take it easy.
You're talking to me
like we are age mates. Slut!
Laide, please leave now.
I'll talk to you later.
- Iyabo, I'm sorry.
- Tell her to get up and leave this house!
I said, tell her to get up
and get out of this house.
- What is it?
- She is not breathing.
What do you mean?
- I said, she is no longer breathing.
- Are you alright?
- Tell her to get up!
- Laide is dead, you've killed her!
- Father, listen to your child.
- Amen!
- Give him his glory. Return it.
- Amen!
Give him his glory.
- We plead with you.
- Amen!
- In the name of the Father.
- Amen!
- Amen!
- Amen!
The battle has been won.
- The bond has been broken.
- Halleluyah!
The battle has been won.
The bond has been broken.
You can now stand up.
The bond has been broken.
- Thank you, Pastor. Thank you.
- The bond has been broken.
- The Father has won the battle.
- Thank you.
Listen you will get
good news within seven days.
- Seven days?
- Seven days.
But once you get the good news,
you should return
here quickly, to pay your tithe.
- It is very important.
- I understand. Thank you.
- Well done.
- Thank you, Pastor. Can I leave now?
- Shina!
- Yes!
Give this to me.
We have prayed over it
so you cannot leave with it.
- Thank you, Pastor.
- I give thanks.
I mean
- She can't die just like that.
- She is dead!
- She is not breathing.
- I am in trouble.
Iyabo, she is not breathing.
This is a disaster.
This is a big disaster.
Iyabo, let's go and report to the police.
- No.
- What is it? What?
If we report to the police,
I will get arrested.
And you know I'm not tough.
I will explain to them
that it was just a mistake.
What are you going to tell them?
Are you going to tell them I came
to my boyfriend's house
and I caught him with a prostitute
while they were having sex?
My husband will kill me.
We will not tell them
that I am your boyfriend.
We'll tell them that
I don't even know what to say.
I am in trouble.
My enemies have finally gotten to me.
But she couldn't have died so easily.
Please check properly.
I don't know how to examine a corpse.
You can also come and check her.
I said she is dead so why
are you still asking me to examine her?
- Do you know what we will do?
- What do we do?
What we'll do is
We will get rid of the body.
- What?!
- Yes.
What's going on?
I am not trying to run away.
When it gets dark, we will do it.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
I'm in trouble.
Is everything alright?
You scared me.
Is everything alright?
Yes, everything is okay.
Why would you feel everything isn't okay?
You look like you've seen a ghost.
A ghost? What do you mean?
Iyabo, are you sure you are okay?
Yes. As a matter of fact, I am very okay.
Yes, I am alright.
You caught them, right?
Yes, I caught them. Thank you.
Is she still here or she has left?
She has left. No.
Perpetual's mother I have to leave now.
Why are you behaving
like I'm bothering you?
Did I not call to let you know
- that she was around?
- Yes.
You did, but I need to go back inside.
- Can I use your pen?
- Sorry, I'm
- I'm almost done.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I like your perfume.
- I like it too.
- What is it called?
Do you want to buy for your wife?
- Your side-chic?
- No.
- I don't have a side-chic.
- Come on.
Every man has a side-chic.
That's what every lady wants to believe.
Maybe I want to buy it for my mom.
Or maybe you want to buy it for me.
- Sir, please move forward.
- Well
Lateef. Thank you.
But I don't want us
to ever talk about this again.
Do you understand?
- I agree.
- Okay.
I also want us to break up.
I can't sleep in a house
where someone died.
I will give you some money
to get another place. Okay?
People will ask me questions.
- We should have gone to the police.
- Oh, Lateef!
Lateef, we did the right thing.
Look, no one must know
about this. Is that clear?
And like I said
We will stop seeing each other,
and we will stop talking about this.
Do you understand me?
I will also give you some money.
Fifteen million naira.
Fifteen million naira?
It won't be enough.
I have so much to do
to make this right So much.
Okay. I will add five million to it.
I will give you twenty million naira.
I will send it to your account. Okay?
But remember, this is our secret.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
By the grace of the Almighty.
Pastor, it worked.
- Shina.
- It worked.
It has been restored.
My glory has been restored.
Fifty million naira.
- Shina.
- Sir.
What do you mean by fifty million?
I received a credit alert
from nowhere. Fifty million naira.
It has been restored.
- Thank you, my Father.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Shina, I told you.
I told you we should pray.
I told you even though they are after you,
- we will pursue them till they die. Yes.
- Thank you.
Our sacrificial offering
has been accepted by the Father.
Thank you, Pastor.
Thank you. I am grateful.
- Shina. Congratulations.
- Thank you, Pastor.
There's only one more thing
for you to do now.
Because the father
has answered your prayers.
You will also do
something good for the father.
Pastor, I will do
anything the Father wants.
Shina. You are grateful.
- Thank you.
- You are grateful.
- I am grateful.
- Okay so
So bring your tithe.
Our Father needs nothing more.
Bring ten percent
of what you received to our Creator.
- That's all.
- Just ten percent?
Just ten percent.
That's what our Father wants.
- Pastor.
- Yes?
How do you want it?
Should I do a transfer
or do you want it in a bag?
Father, you love a cheerful giver.
- Pastor.
- Shina!
- Pastor!
- You are grateful.
You are grateful.
It is not a small matter.
Don't they have some good
nkwobi or pepper soup here?
Where is that girl?
What is her name, anyway?
- This is serious.
- Abisola.
Come over here.
It's really serious.
Oh drink, oh drink
- Do you have nkwobi?
- Yes.
How many plates do you want?
- I could eat three plates.
- See those people over there.
Hello, everyone.
Order whatever you want to drink on me.
Give them whatever they want.
I don't understand. What's going on?
- Did you win the lottery?
- Everything is fine.
We should celebrate every time
we wake up to a new day.
- We are alive today.
- Are you spending your boss's money?
Whose money?
I have money in abundance, full like this.
That's what's happening.
Really? Let me enjoy some of your money.
I'm ready. Order whatever you want.
- I also have some good news.
- Tell me about it.
My glory has been restored.
Was your glory ever missing?
Look at you.
- Okay.
- Was your glory ever missing?
Where is Bisola? Bisola.
Oh drink, oh drink
What did you order for everyone?
Two bottles each for everyone.
Okay, make it three.
Serve everyone three bottles.
- It's not a problem.
- Stop clapping for him.
He hasn't done anything new.
I will make it four for each person.
You are bragging. What is wrong with you?
I have a lot of money.
I would have made it five but
I don't want people to get drunk.
Instead of that,
serve everyone a plate of peppersoup.
Do you hear? You!
- Are you competing with me?
- You are spending your boss's money.
After the pepper soup,
add a plate of nkwobi for each person.
Did I win today?
Your numbers did not win.
Honestly. Your numbers did not win.
I didn't win anything?
You did not. I told you, to be patient.
The numbers did not win.
A hundred thousand naira
wasted just like that?
It's gone like that.
But I have some lucky numbers.
You just have
to place a lot of money on the bet.
I assure you that you will win.
- Are you sure?
- Though this one didn't work,
you will eventually win.
- Is it very certain?
- You will win.
- I will win. Now you're talking.
- Yes you will.
- I'll buy another ticket.
- I will show you the numbers tomorrow.
- Well done.
- My brother.
- Thank you, Kasali.
- You will eventually win.
- I will definitely win.
- You'll will.
No problem. I will see you later.
I have been calling your phone.
Why have you been avoiding my calls?
- Is that why you slapped my head?
- If i
Since morning,
you went out with a customer's car.
And you are here buying drinks for people.
Just tell me you want me to buy you beer.
- Where is my car?
- What
- I will beat you mercilessly.
- Where is my car?
- Your car is over there.
- Please be patient.
- Give me my car keys!
- Please don't be angry.
I will no longer bring
my car to you for repairs.
Lateef is a very useless person.
I don't work like this.
Please don't be angry.
Please. Please sir, don't be angry.
See what you've caused?
I'm trying to save you
but you're so stubborn.
I will deal with you
at the workshop tomorrow. You'll see.
I am no longer coming to your workshop.
I am no longer a mechanic.
I'm no longer interested.
I won't allow you to threaten me anymore.
Will I get money by seeing you?
Okay. We shall see.
Look, my friend.
I will be a bit late to the salon.
I want to stop by
at Ajoke's school to sort something.
No problem at all.
Did you hear what Lateef did yesterday?
That's my husband.
Has he bought a new car?
That's what I'm wondering. Maybe
- Mummy. Come in.
- Thanks, dear.
- Welcome, ma.
- I hope you're fine?
Welcome, ma.
Shina didn't tell me that you were coming.
Welcome, sir.
Shina, why didn't you tell me
that Mummy was coming?
I forgot.
- Really?
- I totally forgot.
Welcome, Mummy.
- I hope I met you all well?
- We are thankful.
I am thankful.
Shina, I heard the sound of a car outside.
- Who is the owner?
- I bought it.
- You just bought a car?
- Yes.
Can somebody please
say something about this?
Mummy, please say something.
Shina, where did you get the money?
Where did you get this sudden wealth?
I don't understand.
If you have done
money rituals, please tell me.
For goodness' sake.
Mummy, I don't understand.
Shina has been spending
a lot of money lately.
I don't know where he got the money.
This is rather unfortunate.
For goodness' sake.
Is this who you married?
Is this what you married?
I pray the Almighty helps men
in choosing proper wives.
You made a mistake with this one honestly.
You have ended up with the wrong woman.
A real wife does not behave like this.
Because she shouldn't be asking you
stupid questions because you got rich.
Is it unusual for a man
to become successful?
Your husband bought a car,
you should congratulate him,
and be happy for him
and generally excited.
But you're only interested
in asking stupid questions.
Mummy, I am happy but
I am surprised because
this is happening too quickly.
The Almighty has said his time has come.
Go back to those who helped you
to capture his glory,
tell them that
his glory has been restored.
Wherever you buried his glory,
it's been released.
Okay? The Almighty has made a way for him.
- That's a fact.
- Let's go inside, Mum.
You have a bad attitude.
You were not raised properly.
My Friend.
What's wrong with you?
Don't let her get to you.
Forget about it.
No. I should be able to ask questions
when I'm not comfortable
with what's going on.
My husband has suddenly
become something else.
And I don't understand at all.
He suddenly
started spending money lavishly.
If you go to my kitchen,
it's packed with groceries.
There is a lot of food in the house.
He suddenly asked me
to change Ajoke's school to a bigger one
where the fees are significantly higher.
As you can see he also just bought a car.
He suddenly arrived in it.
Don't I have a right to ask
where he got all the money
he's been spending from?
I hope my husband
has not done money rituals.
Come on! What do you mean, money rituals?
- Money rituals?
- Yeah.
Let me tell you something.
When I saw your husband
and Lateef yesterday,
they were spending money lavishly.
They were buying drinks
for everyone at the bar.
- Really?
- Yes!
I was also wondering.
What exactly is happening,
for goodness' sake?
Shina has also quit his job.
- He quit his job?
- Yes, he quit his job.
He doesn't have a job at the moment.
You don't need to worry about this.
It means your husband has made it.
He probably got a huge contract
that earned him a lot of money.
Is that what is bugging you?
Stop stressing yourself,
worrying about rituals.
I'm leaving. We'll meet up later.
We will talk later.
- Alright. No problem.
- Don't worry about this matter.
- Take care of yourself.
- Later.
That's why I'm saying,
you have to come home with me.
- Really?
- Yes.
I won't let you have your way tonight.
I don't plan to do anything.
You just think I'm permanently randy.
That does not need to happen every time.
That's not what I mean.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
This food is so good.
- Risi.
- Yes?
- Risi.
- Yes?
- Please, I need to take this call.
- Okay.
- Hello, Risi.
- Hello, ma. Good evening, ma.
Good evening, my dear.
Is Laide there with you?
No, ma.
I have been trying to call her
but her number is not reachable.
I will tell her to call you, ma.
Really? Okay.
Alright, ma. Goodbye, ma.
Thank you, my child. Thank you.
That was Laide's mother.
I hope there is no problem.
I'm worried about Laide.
She has not been picking my calls.
I initially thought
she had gone home but she's not there.
Don't worry. She'll be fine.
But this is not Laide's character.
Although we had a little fight but
something doesn't feel right.
Risi, come on!
Maybe Laide just needs some space.
Is that why she switched off her phone?
Don't mind her.
Maybe she went to see her boyfriend.
She told me she has
a boyfriend but I've not met him.
That is why it's not good to keep secrets.
You're right.
Laide is secretive, you know.
Don't worry.
I will marry you.
You don't have a choice.
- Baby.
- I knew you would say yes.
So beautiful.
Yes, baby. Hold on.
Hold on. One minute.
- My dear husband.
- My baby.
What are you hiding?
- What's that?
- Kiss me and I'll tell you.
Don't I kiss you everyday?
What is it with the kiss?
I don't want a peck. I want a french kiss.
Stop it please. What do you have?
- Check it out. Check it.
- What is this?
- What is in it?
- Check it.
Open it and take a look.
- Oh my! A phone?!
- Yeah.
- Aww, thank you.
- You're welcome.
But you know I have a phone.
- Check it out, baby.
- I've seen it.
Look, It's an iphone 13.
- You deserve the very best.
- I know. I've seen it.
I just want what you promised me.
I don't want things like this.
Very soon.
Shina. "Very soon."
That's all you keep saying.
And you always smile while saying it.
Your excuse then was that you were broke.
What more excuse do you have?
Why can't you fufill
a little promise you gave me, Shina?
Don't worry.
I'm working on some things
so that when they come in,
we won't have any problem at all.
You're working on something?
What are you working on?
Shina, I am in front of you.
You should work on me.
Your concentration should be on me.
- Don't you like what you see?
- Look at you.
Look at you. Come over here.
Don't you like what you're seeing?
So you're ready to spend
the rest of your life with me?
Yes baby.
- Lateef.
- Good evening, Perpetual's mother.
- How are you?
- Well done.
How is Iyabo?
- She is fine.
- Who is Iyabo?
- Big Mummy.
- Big Mummy?
- Yes. Big Mummy.
- Okay.
Thank Big Mummy on our behalf.
She helped me with my daughter
Perpetual's school fees the other day.
- Okay.
- By the way, Lateef
What of that girl that came
to visit you the other day?
The one with the gold hair,
I didn't see her leave.
I wanted to tell her
- that I like her gold hair a lot.
- Oh please.
Don't mind her. What's your problem?
What are you saying?
- Lateef.
- Yes?
- Did Laide come here?
- No.
But that lady talked
about a lady with gold coloured hair.
Don't mind Perpetual's mother.
Are you sure
she's not talking about Laide?
- She always says nonsense.
- Baby.
- Don't let her get to you.
- Baby.
You're happy, right?
Wait. Hold on.
Is this not Laide's earring?
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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