Ololade (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


- Is this not Laide's earring?
- No.
This is Laide's earring. I recognize it.
That's not possible.
How will her earrings get here?
If it's not hers, then whose is it?
- I don't know.
- No, but
This is Laide's earring.
If it's Laide's earring,
then it has to be that
she forgot it here
the last time you both came here.
- Look
- What do you
- Drop the earring and don't let
- But this has to be her earring.
Please. Please, baby, come on.
I don't want to let anything
ruin this for me.
Muniru, take this. Look
make sure you give me a sure bet.
Stop calling me Muniru, I am Kasali.
My bets always win.
Come on,
- Muniru and Kasali are the same.
- Don't keep saying
Don't worry.
This will yield something huge.
- Fantastic, I trust you!
- I swear, it'll be huge.
- Fantastic!
- Don't worry.
Babes, come.
How are you?
Let's go in and have a good time.
- You and who?
- What do you mean by that?
You know what I mean. When you hear,
"You're going to get it tonight
I will deal with you tonight"
I want to have sex with you.
Isn't that what we're referring to?
It takes a lot of money
to have sex with me.
And I don't think
you have that type of money.
- Where's the gem are you referring to?
- This one, of course.
I'm impressed.
So am I a joker to you?
Joker, indeed. Okay.
I want you to know
that this body of yours
I will buy it.
I'll stare at it. I'll undress it.
I'll shape it up.
I'll sit by it. I'll breathe on it.
I will lick it, drink it, eat it,
do everything I want with it!
I have money in abundance.
I have a lot of money.
Abundant like rice, believe that!
Take that! Follow me.
You have spoken my language.
- Let's go home.
- Money is the only thing
a woman knows. You're in for it.
Yeah, Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
What's wrong?
There's no problem.
We can't go in right now.
- Do you understand?
- So, you are only a big talker?
It's not like that.
There are people here doing
some repair work in the compound.
Do you understand?
We will come back later. Let's go.
After all, I am the one paying.
Thank you, my son.
You give me money all the time.
I don't like mixing
the old notes with the new ones.
So the new ones will bring me good luck.
- That's serious.
- Thank you, my son.
You and your obsession with new notes.
- You will eventually spend it.
- It doesn't matter.
It takes a while before
I finish spending the new notes though.
You will reap the rewards
of your labor over your children.
Anyone who says
I will not enjoy my son's wealth,
won't reap the fruit of their labor.
Because I labored over all my children.
Now that I am old, you will feed me.
Because I fed you a lot as well.
I suffered, I really suffered.
You all breastfed well.
Especially you.
It was as if you didn't want to leave
any milk for your younger ones.
Mummy, so shall it be.
It's time for you to reap
the rewards of your labor over me.
That's right.
- We thank the Lord for His Grace.
- Yes ma!
Well done.
Do you remember
Aunty Faramade from the village?
She had a very young and
stubborn son that played a lot.
- Right.
- Oh, Aunty Faramade
That was a very long time.
I don't think I remember her.
It's possible that you don't remember her
because you were quite young as well.
This is her son, Dayo.
- Say hello to your brother.
- How are you doing?
Good afternoon, sir.
- I'm fine sir.
- Day, he is a very good boy. So,
I told him to pack his luggage
and follow me to my son's house.
Because I want him
to live with you and your wife.
- Okay.
- He's a little educated.
You need to have
a young person living with you.
He will help you and your wife out here.
- Okay.
- That's why I brought him.
- You went to school, right?
- Yes ma, I did Junior WAEC.
Yes, he's educated.
- Junior WAEC.
- Yes, sir.
At least, take off your shades.
What's with the dark shades?
- He is shy.
- These young boys of today
- Dayo, Dayo.
- What level is that?
JSS 3 is what it's called, right?
Is Junior WAEC not junior high school?
You are in your
brother's house. Be relaxed.
- Well done.
- Yes, sir.
- Sweetie.
- Yes, honey.
Let me speak to you for a minute, please.
Okay. Just one second.
- Mummy, please I'll be right back.
- Please,
the food she is preparing for us,
please tell her to be fast about it
because we want to go back today.
- No problem. I will be back shortly.
- Let her hurry so we can leave.
Thank you, my son.
Thank you. May the Almighty be with you.
Will they welcome me?
Come on, put your mind at ease.
We are in my son's house.
I have told him I want you to live here
and he cannot argue with me.
God gave me my kids.
I want you to be at your best behaviour.
You did a great job.
I told you you'd really enjoy it.
My intention was to
give you immense pleasure
- But you also did well. Quite well.
- Really?
- Because for me
- Really?
- I am very good in bed.
- I can see that.
- Hey, babe.
- Where are you?
I've been waiting here
for the past two hours.
I'm so sorry, I
I had to rush to a meeting.
I came for a meeting in
- in Ajah.
- Ajah?
It was an impromptu meeting.
And it's important for our future.
I am so sorry, darling.
I will make it up to you.
You didn't tell me anything about that.
Alright, darling.
Thanks for your understanding.
Then I need you to pray for me
so that what I came here for
will be successful.
I need your prayers.
- Okay, later.
- Alright.
Love you, darling. Bye.
You are a liar.
Are you okay?
Mind your business.
Is that why you are here?
Stop being nosy. Mind your business.
Is that why you here?
Who is this again?
Is everything alright?
I just lost another bet.
I need you to leave! Get up and leave!
I don't understand what's going on
- Adeshina.
- Yes?
There are so many cases
of pedophiles these days.
I am scared.
I am not comfortable having this boy
you and your mum brought into this house.
For Ajoke's sake. My mind is not at ease.
I know you are her mother.
But I am also her father.
I won't do anything that will
jeopardise her health and safety.
Let's put our minds at ease.
There won't be a problem.
Says who?
- Your mother?
- Yes, of course.
Mum assured me he will behave well.
He is from a good home.
You know. So there's no problem.
And I've also prayed about it.
We can help set him straight
in life to become a great person.
There is nothing wrong
with helping him. Don't worry.
- Please, pity me though.
- Okay.
You know that I am in a battlefield
now, so I can't start another battle.
You know Ajoke is all I have.
I don't have any other child.
Just warn him not to touch my daughter.
I am begging, please.
Please, pity me.
- May the Almighty help us.
- Amen.
Hold on, where are you going?
I thought we were done.
- We're not done.
- Okay.
- What about the money I asked for?
- What money?
Shina. The salon money
I spoke to you about.
- How much is it?
- One million naira.
One million?
I have transferred 1.5 million to you.
- Check it.
- Excuse me.
You sent how much?
Check your phone.
I said I have sent you 1.5 million.
- 1.5 million?
- Yes.
- What else do you need?
- Just hold on.
- One million, five hundred thousand naira?
- Yes.
You sent that to me just like that?
- Shina.
- Is that all? Can I go?
- Shina.
- What is it?
What's the source of your wealth?
What kind of question is that?
The kind of question any wife
should ask her husband
if she is not at peace
with certain things.
Where are you getting the money
you have been spending lavishly?
Shade, you know I don't have
the strength for your trouble.
Adeshina, I am not making trouble.
I am asking you something very simple.
I am asking about
something I don't understand.
Don't I deserve an explanation?
I deserve an explanation.
Because the way
you've been spending recently,
I definitely find it quite surprising.
I don't understand you.
I don't know where this is coming from.
I asked you for a million naira,
and you sent
1.5 million naira to me instantly.
And It's not like you had kept
the money somewhere before now.
Just tell me.
Hold on.
I hope this isn't what I am thinking?
I hope you didn't do money rituals?
Shina, you did money rituals.
Adeshina. Shina!
Help me.
What did she say happened?
She said the police came
because of a stolen goat.
A stolen goat?
That's why the police came here?
These people are unfortunate.
I almost had hypertension.
She said it was
Alhaji who called the police
because someone stole his goat.
These people are idiots. Thank you.
Is that all? They called the police
just because of a missing goat?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you. Here, have this.
Buy biscuits with it.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you, sir.
Hold on. Be careful, a bike is passing.
Greet me, come on.
- How are you? You good?
- Oh, Uncle Shina.
- How's everything going?
- Fine, sir.
- How's Lateef?
- He is fine.
- Well done.
- Yes, sir.
Hope there is no problem?
You look troubled.
Shina It's about Laide.
We still haven't found her.
Her parents are worried.
We have prayed and fasted
but still we don't know
where she is. I am fed up.
I prayed and fasted,
and we have not found Laide.
This is serious.
- I am fed up.
- Thank God for our mothers.
Talking about prayers
If you don't mind praying more,
I know someone that
can help us pray and find Laide quickly.
- Really?
- Yes.
He is someone that God listens to.
He can help us get our prayers answered.
I rarely do referrals.
But this person I'm talking about
has made a significant impact in my life.
I believe that if he joins us in prayer,
- we can make a headway.
- Really?
This person is my spiritual father.
So, if you won't mind praying,
- prayers are actually never too much.
- That's right.
That's right. I'm ready when you are.
- I am ready.
- I hear you.
In fact, her parents
will be happy if I inform them.
I am ready, Uncle Shina.
Let me call Lateef.
- So we'll find Laide.
- Tell Lateef.
Are you sure
we will find Laide if we go there?
There is no prayer that God can't answer.
- We have to keep striving.
- Really?
I am certain
that God will answer our prayer.
I pray we find her.
Let me call Lateef.
- So?
- Friend
I searched everywhere and found nothing.
You just like stressing
yourself for nothing.
This man has hit it big.
Enjoy the money, please.
I don't have a problem with
the way he spends money.
I just want to know the source.
I need to know the source
of this sudden wealth.
You want to know the source?
Source? Are you sure you don't
also want to know the origin.
Stop being nosy.
Friend, you cannot understand.
Good afternoon, ma.
Good afternoon. You're welcome.
- Thank you. Hello.
- Hi. Please have your seat.
Madam. What are you doing here?
What exactly are you looking for here?
Why are you looking like that?
- Ngozi?
- Excuse you?
You heard me clearly!
I said why are you checking out
my friend's shop like that?
Like someone sent you here to do evil.
Ngozi. Why are you speaking
to my customer in that manner?
- I don't like it.
- Customer? Who is your customer?
I pity you. You are so naive.
I pity you. Keep deceiving
yourself. Customer indeed!
Madam, please forgive
my friend's attitude.
She's been going through a lot lately.
That's why she acted like that.
I apologise on her behalf.
That's fine. There is no problem.
She couldn't stand my beauty.
As soon as she saw me,
she became bitter and angry.
You're right.
- Yeah.
- You are so beautiful.
Thank you, madam.
Okay. So, what can we do for you?
I heard our husband got
a big government contract.
- Yes.
- Um
Meaning this shop is about
to become the biggest salon in this area.
I'm sorry, madam. Do you mean my husband?
The thing is,
we used to work
in the same school before he left.
Oh, I see.
We are thankful.
Thanks be to the Almighty.
Make sure you don't dine alone.
Let us enjoy the goodies too.
We cannot dine alone.
Feel free, my sister.
- The more the merrier.
- Alright. Okay.
So, what I want now is
- I am tired of this hair style.
- Okay.
Our husband doesn't like it anymore.
I want you to make
a style that our husband loves.
- Okay.
- Do you understand?
Okay. Is that what you want?
- That's what I want.
- Consider it done.
Alright. Thank you so much. Thank you.
I said you should pray!
Father, hear our prayers.
Father, hear our prayers.
Father! Father, open my eyes.
- Father, open my eyes.
- Amen.
- Let me see the unknown.
- Amen.
Father, hear our prayers.
- Hear our prayers.
- Amen.
The Lord has answered our prayers.
- Sorry.
- Yes, sir.
- Sister Risi
- Sir?
- We will find your friend.
- Thanks be to the Almighty.
- Rise to your feet! Stand up.
- Thank you.
The Lord has heard your prayer.
- He has done it.
- Spiritual Father
Thank you, Pastor.
- You said we will find Laide.
- That is a must.
The Lord has spoken
and it must come to past.
Will she be found alive?
- Young man.
- Sir?
- You are questioning the Almighty.
- I am just curious.
She will be found.
The Lord has revealed this to me.
He has not revealed
if she is dead or alive.
- But she will be alive.
- Thank you, Lord.
- Thank you, Father.
- Risi.
- Risi.
- Sir?
- There is something very important.
- What is that?
- There is something very important.
- What is that?
When you find her,
you have to return here for thanksgiving.
- Understood?
- That is very certain! Thank you, Lord.
- And your tithe is very important.
- Thank you, sir.
- He has done it, the Father has done it
- He has done it
- Jesus has done it, the Father has done it
- He has done it
- Thank you, father.
- Thank you, pastor.
The Lord has answered prayers.
That is certain. God's miracles
They will just marry a crazy wife
who does all sorts of strange things.
You will bring
another wife home when you are ready.
Mummy, what you're doing isn't necessary.
You and Sade
have to find a way to co-exist.
Any woman that
won't give you peace of mind,
I won't give her peace of mind either.
What is it? Does she want to kill you?
Mummy, I don't want
any fight in this house.
That's all I have to say.
Do you know what the problem is?
Any woman that has a spirit husband
will always behave like a lunatic.
Her spirit husband is causing her unrest.
They don't give
their husbands peace of mind at all.
Her stupid spirit husband
is the reason she is acting like that.
Leave her alone. I don't want
any fight in this house.
No. You must want it.
Because I will fight for my son.
If not, why did I birth him?
Any parent that can't fight
for their child is a useless parent.
Why did I bring you into the world then?
You have been uplifted.
You need to go to the next level.
And I'll be here to reap
the fruits of my labour.
What is the next level?
You need another wife,
who will give you
peace of mind and make you happy.
She will bear you
a son to carry the family name.
I don't mind
naming him Shinayo Junior. Yes.
If that's the case,
I have a secret to share.
I have another woman on the side.
That's great.
- I trust you, my son.
- I am sure you will like her.
you are just like your father.
I trust you. I was just thinking,
the son of a warrior
must not act like a weakling.
A man tackles a problem
when it becomes difficult.
You must let them know you are a man. Yes!
And that's why I am supporting you.
No one can push you over
- I just wanted to tell you.
- I don't care if she hears. Speak
- What's her name?
- Amaka. Amaka is her name.
- Is that not an Igbo name?
- She is Igbo.
They struggle with respect
and you know I'm not patient.
What if someday I wake up in my room
very early after
saying my prayers for my son,
then I run into her on my way to see you
and she greets me, "Good morning, ma!"
while standing without kneeling down.
Don't let me be responsible for
someone's death. I could kill her.
All of that does not matter.
We can teach her these things.
It's not that serious.
Shina, it is more serious than you think.
You are blinded by love. Love is nothing.
Love is an insane thing.
May the Almighty have mercy on us women.
Once we show you our good side,
that's all you'll see.
There are good girls in the village.
I'm telling you the truth.
Shina, my joy.
These girls are still naive.
You will be the one to enlighten her.
There is a lady called Bose.
- I have spoken to her about you.
- What do you mean, Bose?
- You will like this girl.
- What is You shouldn't do anything.
When you meet Bose,
you'll see that you can do
whatever you wish with her.
- You will be happy. You will like her.
- I'm not interested.
The way we brought him up
Is the way we met him. We saw him there
Oluwashinaayo. Thanks to the Almighty.
- Iyabo!
- You're hurting me.
- Iyabo, take it easy.
- Thief! Slut!
- Lateef!
- Laide.
Lateef. Lateef! Wake up.
What is it?
Why are you calling Laide in your sleep?
I'm saying Laide's name?
You are replying my question
with a question? Answer me!
What is the meaning of that?
Is it a normal thing to do?
Answer me.
Oh my goodness!
Do you know you are the cause of this?
- How am I the cause?
- You caused it.
It is because you have transferred
your worry over Laide to me.
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
Oh my goodness! Think about it.
It is because I am in love with you
so your worries become mine.
That's why I've been saying
you should not worry so much. Worry less!
But you don't listen.
Can you see that you've affected me?
Can you see
how it's affecting me? You see?
- That's the problem.
- Baby.
Because I am in love with you,
I will suffer for everything.
- I will suffer for all your worries.
- Baby.
It is unfair on my part. It is unfair.
Stop worrying. Worry less.
Can you see now, Risi?
I am shouting, "Laide, Laide."
Anyone who doesn't understand
feelings and love
will think there's more to it. Worry less.
- It's not good.
- I am sorry.
Thank you. For caring for me.
It is okay. Please,
I beg you not to worry.
- Okay?
- I pray we find Laide soon.
Amen. Can you see?
You have mentioned Laide's name again.
I will go back to sleep
and start calling her name,
- "Laide, Laide."
- I am sorry.
- Thank you, baby.
- It's alright, darling.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Peace be unto this home.
- Let somebody shout Hallelujah!
- Pastor.
Let somebody shout Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
- Thank you, Pastor.
Brother Shina, congratulations.
I was worried you would not
be able to make it.
I couldn't miss it.
- Thank you. I'm so grateful.
- Hallelujah!
Thank you. In fact, on my way
I could tell that
the spirit of the Lord is indeed here.
- Thank you, Pastor.
- Yes. Congratulations.
Please do us the honour
of blessing this house.
- Move.
- You came on time
- Where's the scissors?
- I need to cleanse this house.
Here it is.
I was chased this way
- That's right, Pastor.
- Thank you, sir. Here it is, sir.
- You should be chased here, sir.
- Yes!
- My dear.
- Yes, thank you.
At this moment, we will open this house.
Shina, stand right here.
- Shina's wife, come over here too.
- Okay, sir.
Now place your hands here.
- J-E-S-U
- J-E-S-U
Ah Mummy, what is wrong with you?
What is the matter?
- What exactly is this? What should I
- Hey!
- Kemi, come on. Take it easy.
- Hello!
- Why are you getting so upset I'm here?
- Hello, hello!
- Mother and wife, hello!
- I'll stand wherever I want to!
Stop your nonsense in the presence of God!
What is going on?
How do you expect me to know? Let's go.
Do you want to throw
your fists in the presence of our Lord,
- God and King?
- I'm sorry, Pastor.
These ill-mannered children will
make one offend the Almighty.
They were chased away
- Brother Shina.
- Sir?
The moment I got in,
the Holy Spirit told me
there is no unity in this household.
She is the cause.
- These kids have no home training.
- Mummy!
You have confirmed
what the Holy Spirit told me.
If you do not end this quarrel,
you cannot live in peace
and joy in this house.
Pastor, it can never ever be resolved.
The Lord said you should keep quiet.
In whose presence are you doing this?
Listen to me. This is your son's wife.
If you do not end
this quarrel, your son will die.
It doesn't end there. I was also told
to tell you that
if you do not end the quarrel
you will always quarrel.
There will be no joy in this house.
All your friends
will never stop quarrelling.
- Pastor, we will settle it immediately.
- We won't fight any longer.
- My daughter.
- My mother.
You are a blessed child.
Thank you for always being there.
- Congratulations to us.
- Thank you for everything.
- Are you done with the quarrel?
- There is no more quarrel.
- There is no more quarrel?
- No. It is all settled.
Right now, we shall spell
- J-E
- J-E
- S-U-S.
- S-U-S.
- Hallelujah.
- Let's go in.
- My friend Risi is a good girl.
- I know.
I honestly don't know what she sees in me.
- Might be your money?
- My money?
Risi isn't all about the money.
She just has a good heart towards me.
It's not about the money at all.
- Lateef.
- Yes.
What is the meaning of this?
Maybe Risi is in your life to
stop your bad habits like betting.
Forget about that.
I'm sure I will win this game.
My instinct tells me so.
- And my instinct never fails.
- What a pity.
- Imagine that
- I know that.
What is it called when one repeats
an action over and over again
getting the same result and not quitting?
- You tell me.
- It is madness.
What do you mean by madness?
My instinct never fails me.
And my instinct tells me
that I will win this game.
- "I will win this game."
- Believe it!
Why don't you put all this money
together and start a business?
I don't have money
for real estate like you.
- No, I don't have it.
- Look at you.
Who told you I have real estate money?
Then what is it?
If we put our money together,
we should be able to start a business.
I hear you.
Congratulations on your new house.
- Big Mummy.
- Congratulations.
- Greetings.
- Welcome.
I thought you couldn't make it.
My husband insisted
that I come since he couldn't make it.
- Thank you. I really appreciate it.
- Well done.
- Lateef, how are you doing?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- Well done.
- Long time.
- Welcome.
- Well done.
- What would you like to eat?
- Amala.
Amala. Okay.
Risi, a minute please.
Can you please help me sort out her food?
- Okay. Baby, do you need anything?
- Thank you.
No. I am okay, darling.
Is she your girlfriend?
Girlfriend? That's his fiancée.
Soon to be his wife.
Mister, you're not serious at all.
You should have
introduced them to each other.
- Interesting.
- Yeah.
- Welcome, ma.
- Well done.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
- She's beautiful.
- Thank you.
I need to use the restroom.
- Really?
- Okay.
Take it easy.
- Take care. Thank you.
- Well done. Money well spent. Nice place.
- A really nice place. Well done.
- Thank you, Big Mummy.
You abide with me, thank you
My wife's friends come spend my money
My wife, let us spend my money
Look at Adeshina's mother, Mrs. Adebisi
Alright, Mummy, you will live long
Mummy, you will eat the fruit
Of your labour on your child
Anyone who doesn't believe
That should be silent
He should be silent and go away
Adeshina, good luck upon you
Take care of Lateef, Brother Adeshina
Lateef is spraying money on me
Come and see Lateef spraying money on me
He's spraying Shade, Adeshina's wife
That means congratulations
Lateef, Adeshina's friend
Congratulations to you
- Lateef, I say, good luck be upon you
- Good luck
Risi's boyfriend. Shade, watch out
Adeshina's wife, particularly
Folashade, watch out
Congratulations. You just
Started receiving the Lord's wealth
Mummy, you haven't seen anything yet
Sweet woman.
Hold on. You will compensate me
for all the insults I got on your behalf.
What insult? I told you to come alone.
So that's not my fault.
- What does that mean?
- That's not my fault.
Did you say I should come alone?
I am sorry. I will pay extra.
The boss is coming!
Why are you avoiding me?
But we agreed not to see each other again.
I didn't come here because of you.
So why are you acting
like avoiding you is a big deal?
I've been having
nightmares since that night.
I've not been sleeping well.
- Really?
- Yes.
I've been having bad dreams too.
Hope you didn't tell our secret to anyone?
What secret?
Your fiancée is fine.
Thank you.
Have you been together for long?
I mean, were you dating her
while we were together?
It does not matter. We are over.
I just came in here to make sure
we were on the same page.
Let's avoid each other. Please.
Just like that?
Is it that easy for you to do?
Despite all the promises you made to me.
That was before everything changed.
And whose fault is that?
Whose fault? I did you a favour!
I know. I know you did me a favor.
And I am grateful but
You should know it is my love
for you that led me to it.
I'm not that type of person.
And now you are making me
jealous of you and your fiancée.
Iyabo, I have moved on with my life. Okay?
- You have?
- Yes, I have.
Just so easily?
Don't you miss me? Don't you miss
Look at me. Don't you miss my touch?
Don't you miss this?
- Iyabo.
- Don't you miss this?
- My friend
- Yes?
Thank you very much.
- It is very beautiful.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
This is beautiful.
Oh, my friend
Thank you.
And my friend,
about your mother-in-law,
my advice to you is that
you should focus
on your husband and child.
Don't let your mother-in-law
get to you all the time.
I don't know
what I have done to that woman.
The woman gets on my nerves unprovoked.
What did I do to her?
Greetings, ma.
- Risi.
- Yes, ma.
- Thank you so much.
- Yes, ma.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome, ma.
Please have you seen Lateef?
- Is he not outside?
- No.
- I saw him go into the guest room.
- Okay.
- Thank you, ma.
- Alright. Thank you.
Ah, my friend.
I was looking for you.
I went to use the toilet.
When are we leaving?
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Let me just say bye to Shina.
Lateef, how are you?
I need to speak to you quickly, come.
Now, how many times
do you place a bet in a week?
- Why?
- Is it up to five times?
- How much do you spend on betting?
- It's not a lot.
Why are you asking me all these questions?
Mister. Let's start a betting shop.
Everyone bets nowadays.
- That is not a bad idea.
- Lateef.
I thought you said
you are going to stop betting.
- He will stop.
- I will make sure he stops.
I have to go.
- Okay, ma.
- Alright. Thank you.
- Big Mummy, thanks a lot.
- Okay.
I really appreciate it.
Regards to Big Daddy.
- I will do. Congratulations once again.
- Thank you very much.
- Okay, Wife. Bye-bye.
- Bye, ma.
- Alright, Lateef. See you.
- Okay.
- Well done.
- Yeah. So
That is not a bad idea honestly because
- I heard they make a lot of money from it.
- You see?
- What will I do?
- I will stay calm.
I won't leave my husband because of her.
That's how they all behave.
Hers is extreme.
- Oh, Amaka!
- Hello!
Hello, madam. How are you?
- I'm fine.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Wow.
I hope you liked the hair
I made for you the other day?
Oh, madam, I love it.
I owe you one.
I will be back at your salon.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Lovely place.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you very much.
Shina. Your friend is here.
Okay, ma.
You're welcome, ma. Thank you, ma.
- Amaka.
- Hi, Shina.
- How are you?
- I'm good. Congratulations.
Thank you. What are you doing here?
Everyone in the school is happy for you.
That's why I came to celebrate with you.
Thank you so much.
Hopefully we all get what we desire.
Amen. I hope you receive it.
Amen, ma.
Let me get you something to eat.
Aww. So sweet of you. Thank you, ma.
Friend Let me come
with you to get the food.
Thank you, my sister. God bless you.
May you be blessed and honoured.
Amaka, what is wrong?
What are you doing here?
Why shouldn't I be here? I am not happy.
You didn't invite me
to your house warming party.
- Is it that bad?
- And yet you came.
I came.
Why are you behaving like this?
Have you forgotten what you promised me?
My dear, is this how
you will fulfil your promise?
- You are making me cry.
- Amaka, take it easy.
I can't possibly mention
marrying a new wife to my family just yet.
Calm down so that
I can make proper arrangements.
I can't be calmer than I am.
I do not want to stress you
and that's why I came here myself.
I'll take the mic from
the band and announce it myself.
- Please!
- Amaka, wait. I am pleading.
Why are you behaving like this?
I can raise my voice higher than this
so as your wife could hear us.
- Take it easy.
- Or should I call her my co-wife?
Please, take it easy.
- I am fed up.
- Give me time.
How long? I don't like it. How long?
I don't like what you're doing to me.
- I will raise my voice.
- Amaka, come on.
This house is big.
- Abosede!
- Mummy!
- How are you doing?
- Mummy.
Very well, thank you. Greetings, ma.
I have been expecting you all day.
I am sorry, ma.
We encountered some traffic.
Hope your journey was not too stressful?
There was no problem.
The journey was smooth.
We just kept going on, going down
we went smoothly on the way.
- How's your mum?
- She is fine.
- I hope everyone is well.
- They are all doing very well.
- Well done, ma.
- The Lord has done it.
- Thank you, ma.
- Do you know what?
Let me introduce you to my son,
then you can go in to freshen up.
- Thank you, Mummy.
- Come over here.
Once I play ten times more,
- I will stop betting.
- Don't do that, baby.
I promise.
Good evening, sir.
I have someone I want you to meet,
that I've wanted you to meet for a while.
This is Abosede,
- my friend's daughter from our village.
- Good evening, sir.
Okay, what is she doing here?
She is the new wife
I got for you. What is the problem?
The one who will give you
great kids and my grandsons.
Very soon this house will have
a lot of boys running around.
- And I will take care of them.
- Thanks Ma!
She is the wife to bear them all.
You can see she looks the part.
- Kneel to greet your husband.
- I'm sorry.
- Get closer to him. Embrace your husband.
- Greetings.
- Greetings. Well done, sir.
- Look
- Mummy.
- Greetings, sir.
I just want to greet you.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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