Ololade (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


- Shina, my lover.
- What's going on?
What is the matter?
- Nothing.
- Is the house on fire?
There is no fire.
So why are you trying
to disturb my peaceful sleep?
What is the matter?
- Take it easy.
- What is it?
I want us to get
to know each other. Don't get upset.
That's not a problem.
Introductions can be done in the morning.
- I need to sleep, please let me sleep.
- Why are you acting like this?
You are not a child.
You and I, I want us
to have sex the way married couples do.
It is late. We can get to
all of that in the morning.
That's not a problem.
Let me give you a baby boy.
Don't you want a son?
Shina, Shina.
Thank you, my husband.
- Look
- Shina, Shina.
What's all this nonsense?
Can you imagine?
Pastor, see.
I'm fed up.
I have prayed.
I have fasted.
I have given alms to
all the needy people I come across.
Pastor, what else is left
to do that I haven't done?
Amaka. Be patient.
You see, the work of the Lord
the Lord's ways are not our ways.
He is the master planner.
Are you questioning the King?
No, I'm not questioning
the King. I'm only asking,
why will Shina want to embarrass me?
Why will I be available and whole,
yet Shina brought
another wife into his house.
Is that okay?
Amaka. You are already
questioning the Lord.
I am not questioning the Lord but
what I want is that
I wish that everything, you understand,
that everything is ruined, destroyed.
I want Shina to go back
to how he used to be.
- Yes. Yes.
- Amaka.
- You want everything destroyed?
- Look
Maybe not all at once.
- I want it to happen in stages
- Oh no!
for him to realize
how he has wronged me. I'm burning!
This man has made me suffer.
So you want the Lord to take away
the glory that has just been restored?
You just have to be patient with him.
Amaka, the Lord
is merciful. He's merciful.
You just have to be patient with Shina.
Pastor, I have been patient enough.
I'm fed up. I'm tired.
Shina is not different from
all the other men out there
that make promises and fail.
Promises they make
to us to believe them. He's not different!
Shina wants to kill me.
In fact, Shina has killed me already.
I am a like a zombie.
Alright, wait a minute.
But you love Shina.
Why are you asking when you already know?
Shina himself knows it.
Isn't that why he is misbehaving?
He knows that I love him.
If you truly love him,
love is patient.
Then everything will work
together for your good.
- What?!
- Yes!
- My good?
- Yes.
- Pastor, I have not told you yet.
- Yes?
Shina no longer has sex with me.
He doesn't have sex
He doesn't even undress me.
All that is left is for him to say
he is no longer interested in me.
That's the only thing he hasn't done.
The ways of the Lord
is different from the ways of man.
I said, just give him some time.
For how long will I be patient?
Amaka, you have to be patient.
You already know
you are one
of the reasons for his success.
He will fulfil his promises.
He dares not fail to do so.
He must fulfill his promise
or else he will be ruined.
- Isn't that so?
- But why?
Why won't he marry me?
Why won't he marry me?
Why won't Shina marry me?
I knew it.
I knew you would become
promiscuous when you got rich.
Me? I was just
She came into my room
and I was telling her to leave, get off.
- And that was when you came in.
- Oh?
You told her to get off?
Did you really intend to send her out
in that position I met both of you?
She was all over you
and you were happy about it.
Is this because of this nonsense
you came to the guest room?
I don't understand.
Didn't you send me away saying
you can't sleep on the same bed with me?
Did I say you should go
and sleep with this homewrecker?
Excuse me, I am not a homewrecker.
No one should call me a homewrecker.
You're not a homewrecker?
Did you come here to fix my marriage?
Were you sent by the pastor
to help me make my marriage work?
That's what you were doing
with my husband, right?
This is how to make my marriage work?
This is what it needs, right?
You must have noticed that
I've been calm since you arrived.
I've not said anything.
Despite your drama with my mother-in-law,
I didn't say anything.
But let me tell you something
you are fortunate that it's already late.
If not, I would have told you
to leave this house.
But I am giving you
till tomorrow morning You hear me?
to pack your things and
go back to where you came from.
You see, Shina is my husband.
And he can't marry you.
In fact, he cannot marry two wives.
Do you hear me?
So don't deceive yourself.
Tomorrow morning,
take your bags and leave this house.
Shina, my lover.
Did you hear me?
Leave my house tomorrow morning.
Which house?
- Who should leave the house?
- Hello, Mummy.
You want to send her packing?
Folashade, you're brave.
You want to send someone out
of her matrimonial home?
Away from her husband?
You can't evict
a landlord from her own home?
Mummy, this is my house.
I am not saying it is not your house.
We married you into this family.
- Shina.
- Yes?
- Won't you say something about all this?!
- What do you want him to say?
What do you want him to say,
for goodness sake? Let's leave here.
Do you understand me?
And then you can go back
to your spirit husband.
- Yes.
- Excuse me, ma?
- Spirit husband. I don't understand.
- Yes.
The one you open your legs for at night.
I see everything.
Excuse me, Mummy, I don't know
what you mean by spirit husband.
I don't have another husband.
You don't have a spirit husband?
I know you have one.
You cannot trouble my son
with your spirit husband.
Leave them alone. You, carry on
Why do you still have a bra on?
You don't need underwear
in your husband's bed.
I was told Lagos men like
to take off underwear themselves.
- Shina, my lover.
- Touch him.
Take off your bra yourself.
Do you want to keep staring at her?
What's all this? What is all this problem?
Why is everyone acting like this?
Let's all understand ourselves.
Understanding is very important.
Do you want the neighbours to think
that some mad people live here?
We just moved in.
- Let me have some peace.
- Shina, my lover.
- Shina, hold on. Shina.
- I'm trying to save you.
- Where are you going?
- Shina
Let him go. This is perfect.
Take off your clothes
and wait naked in bed.
I will bring him back to you.
- Get in bed.
- Thank you, Mummy.
It's going down tonight.
I am a terrible mother.
I am a disgrace to my fellow women.
Mummy, please don't say that.
You don't understand.
I pushed her away.
All because I wanted her
to be independent.
I wanted her to learn.
Mummy, please don't say that.
We were living together.
That's the reason
I allowed her to live alone.
She was living with me, ma. Mummy.
Without parental supervision.
I was supposed
to look after her as her mother.
Mummy, please don't talk like this.
We all miss Laide. We all miss her.
Yes. We will find her.
- Any news from the police?
- Nothing yet.
They keep saying they are searching.
But I know they are tired.
I don't even know where to begin.
My Laide. My little baby girl.
This is terrible.
The police will find her.
Laide cannot just disappear.
We will find her.
We will find her.
Every time I hear a knock on the door,
I think my Laide has come home.
But Laide doesn't come.
Some people said they saw her somewhere.
But when we got there,
she was not the one.
Mommy, don't cry.
I just want my Laide to come home.
Mummy, don't cry. Please.
I just want Laide to come home.
Mummy, please don't cry.
Be patient. Pastor said we will find her.
- She can't stay missing.
- When?
For how long will I live like this?
Mummy, we will find her.
- I don't know where my child is.
- Don't cry.
I don't know what she is doing.
Is she alive?
Is she well?
- Mummy, don't cry.
- My only child!
Don't cry, Mummy.
Don't cry, Mummy. Lateef!
- Lateef!
- Pass that water.
Sorry, ma. Hurry.
What is wrong with you?
- Mummy, take it easy.
- That's enough.
- Thank you.
- Have some water.
Sorry, ma. Sorry.
- Take it easy.
- Laide!
- We will find Laide, please, Mummy.
- Laide.
Laide, my love.
Everything makes cooking easier.
- Is life about
- Yo!
- Who is that?
- It is me.
- Stop that.
- Bose. What's happening?
I'm making some food. But
- We are suffering in the village.
- What do you mean?
See how this makes cooking so much easier?
What is this called?
- Gas cooker.
- This gas.
- It's gas.
- Gas. Thank you.
If I was back in the village,
I would be covered in smoke and sweat.
You know, if I were in the village,
I would have had to go looking
for dry firewood this morning.
That's serious.
- Bose, Bose.
- Yes? This is it.
I want to stir it.
- You are a good cook so
- Of course I am.
What are you doing?
Help me, I'm sure you're not blind.
Excuse me. Wait.
I just asked you a question
I said what are you doing?
Please, I hope you are not planning
to give this poison to my husband?
- What is your problem, this woman?
- I'm in trouble.
Is it the poison I'm making this morning
that your husband requested I prepare?
Or the poison
he ate yesterday and didn't die?
- Please.
- Hey!
That's enough.
I have told you
to mind your business in this house.
Don't touch anything that belongs to me.
Didn't I tell you not
to touch those pots again?
Didn't I tell you, don't you ever
Don't ever Whatever you do
in this house, don't touch my pots.
Excuse me, please. I am not your aunty.
Did you hear me?
Why would you say
I shouldn't touch the pot?
If I leave the kitchen now,
where should I make my food?
- Abosede!
- Ma!
- Are you done making our breakfast?
- That's what I am doing.
I am working on it.
You don't want my food
tasting better than yours.
And you wont succeed.
May the Lord deal with you.
Now I have to put in extra effort
to ensure there are no lumps in it.
- Witch!
- Don't mind her.
Lateef, I am busy.
What I am doing
is also important. I am very busy.
Lateef, I will talk to you later.
Okay. I will talk to you later.
Hello. How are you?
- Good afternoon, ma.
- Good afternoon.
- Risi, right?
- Yes, ma. Good afternoon.
I am not sure I know you, ma.
We met at Shina's house-warming.
- Lateef and Shina's Big Mummy.
- Exactly. How are you doing?
- Fine, ma.
- What are you doing here?
I just closed from work. I'm heading home.
- Oh, okay. Are you taking a bus?
- Yes, ma.
Don't worry. Come in, let me drop you off.
No, don't bother, ma.
I don't want to stress you.
You are stressing me now
by saying I shouldn't bother.
- Alright ma.
- Come in.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know where you are?
You're in trouble. Do you know who I am?
- This is the person. Come on, move it!
- I am Mr. Adeshina.
- You've got the wrong person.
- Come on.
Guy, move it. Who do you think you are?
I swear, if you're not careful, I will
I'll arrest you. Leave me!
Sit down.
How much do you want?
Where is my money?
The confession of a calabash
leads to it's death,
the confession
of a ram leads to it's death,
the continuous hitting of a
Hurry up and come quickly to join me
Everything that is about
to happen, may be read and understand it.
Look, let me tell you.
If this calabash falls
from your hands and breaks,
your entire life
will shatter. Yes, I tell you.
Once it drops, your life is ruined.
Did you receive 50 million naira
in your account, or not?
Whose money did you think it was?
Yes. I thought my glory had been released.
Aunty, please I don't even know your name.
- Ihotu.
- Aunty Ihotu
What kind of trouble
have I gotten myself into?
Where is my money?!
And how much is left?
It's about
You are an unfortunate man.
- Your life is ruined.
- Please.
You are a very unfortunate man.
You spent all the money?!
It is over for you.
You got money in your account
50 million that is not yours
and you just spent it?
I like you very much.
In fact, I can forgive you.
But the owners of the money,
The Black Lions,
Who are the Black Lions?
Oh. You thought it was manna from heaven?
Hold on.
Quickly come over and multiply.
Look, Pastor, I do not know what to do.
Your Creator will tell you what to do.
Am I wrong?
You haven't told me
the exact thing you did.
You just keep saying
you helped your friend.
And you're almost
in trouble. And can't sleep.
One of my friends killed
her neighbor's goat mistakenly.
So, I helped her bury the goat. Secretly.
But now, seeing her neighbour distraught
searching for the goat
makes me feel bad for her
knowing that her goat is dead.
So since then,
my conscience has caused me unrest.
It is not that hard.
Buy her another goat. Or two goats.
That's all.
You don't understand.
She took that goat
as her child. She loved that goat.
- She does not want another goat.
- Really?
And you are having nightmares
because of this goat?
This is a serious issue.
There is more to it.
I don't understand.
I will make you understand.
The only thing I can tell you is that
- the truth will set you free.
- No.
In this case, I think the truth will
put me and my friend in prison.
- Prison?
- Yes.
- Because of a goat?
- Yes.
Okay. Don't worry.
I will pray for you.
I need a vision to see what's
really happening.
What if this woman has
held your destiny because of her goat?
Pastor, no.
I don't want you to see a vision.
So, what exactly do you want?
I don't even know.
I was thinking of letting
the woman know her goat is dead.
Maybe that would help her move on.
That's also true.
They say a dead child
is better than a missing child.
A dead child
is better than a missing child.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate.
Lateef is very dear to me.
Thank you, ma.
- Take care.
- Yes, ma.
So, tell me, how did you meet Lateef?
We met at my friend's birthday, Laide.
- Same Laide?
- Yes. Do you know her?
No. I don't know her.
I think I know her because
her name sounds familiar.
I think I once saw her
with Lateef a long time ago.
Yeah but the reason I remember
is that her hairdo at that time
was very striking because
her hair was coloured.
It was a gold-coloured hair.
She died her hair gold not too long ago.
- Really?
- Yes, ma. Maybe three months ago.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, ma.
- Oh okay, ma.
- I don't know that Laide.
so you met him at the party and then what?
He was disturbing my friend
for my number but I didn't give him so
And then I finally agreed for him
to take me out and
Lateef is a good person.
And he will make you happy.
He makes me happy and I am proud of him.
That's true, ma.
Not many men are like Lateef.
He is honest and humble.
You said you are
a secretary in your company?
- Yes, ma.
- How much do they pay you?
You know what?
Come and work with me in my company.
Don't you know
that you are coming into our family?
You will be my wife.
You don't know how dear Lateef is to me.
As he is,
He's special to me and makes me happy.
So I will be ungrateful
if I do not reciprocate.
- So, it's fine.
- Thank you, ma.
Now, I understand
why they call you Big Mummy.
Don't mind them.
- But its fine.
- Thank you, ma.
Well done, dear.
- Thanks for caring for him for me.
- Yes, ma.
Who is that?
Pastor, it is Shina.
A human?
At what time? I am coming.
- Pastor.
- Shina.
Pastor, look
There is trouble.
Who is shouting over there?
Pastor, I don't understand
what's going on. There is trouble.
Shina. What happened to you?
You told me it was a miracle.
You said the fifty million
was my glory released.
- Yes.
- So why are they trying
to kill me and my family
because of the fifty million
if I don't return the money in three days?
Who said so?
There's no one that can say
you should return the money.
Nobody can take God's blessings from you.
- Who said so?
- They said I should return the money!
They call themselves
Black Lions or something like that.
I don't even understand their name.
They've asked me to return
the money within three days.
- What's my
- Shina, what's their name?
They are threatening
to kill my family and I
If I don't return the money.
That's not what I am asking you.
Who are those threatening you
and asking that you return the money?
- Black Lions.
- Black Lions?!
- Shina.
- Yes?
How did you end up
crossing paths with the Black Lions?
How would I have known it was their money?
You told me it's miracle money.
- Is it that
- Keep quiet.
Did they follow you here?
- Answer me!
- No one followed me here, Pastor.
Shina, how could you be so foolish
to take money from the Black Lions?
- How did that happen?
- Did I know it was their money?
You told me it's my
miracle money. Fifty Million.
Who are they anyway?
Who are the Black Lions?
They are the godfathers.
The gods of the night.
What did you Hold on.
They said you should return
the money in three days?
That's what they said.
I beg you in the name
of the Lord, return it in two days.
- It is dangerous
- How will I return it in two days?
Fifty million in two days.
How would I do that?
I don't know. I am just a pastor.
I only do the work God sends me.
I don't know how you will go about it.
I am begging you in the name of the Lord.
I am begging you fervently, Shina.
If they come for you,
don't mention my name.
You and I have no ties. I don't know you.
- I am begging you in the name of the Lord.
- Okay.
- Please you should leave.
- Pastor, please.
What about the money I gave you?
I will be really glad,
if I can get some of it back.
- Shina, you are rude.
- Yes?
You want to take back money from God?
I have to pay these people
back 50 Million in three days.
I need to gather some money. Please.
The Lord will help you.
He will set you free.
Please leave. Please take your leave.
- Pastor, where will I find the money?
- Just go.
- Where do I get it?
- Get out!
Listen to yourself.
You want to take back money from God.
The money that has been used
based on instructions from the Almighty,
development tasks here and there.
Yet you want to take it back.
I am leaving here now.
Tell him. Tell him
with your own mouth what you did.
- Don't do this.
- Don't do what?
- What's the matter anyway?
- Hey! Come here.
Sade, please this is not a good time.
You do not have time?
You should at least ask what's happening.
He has done something wrong
and you say you don't have time?
And you aren't bothered
to know what it is.
Let him tell you what he did
and you will tell me whether
it is a good time or not.
Now, tell him. Tell him what you did.
Stop shouting. Calm down.
What's so special about what I did?
Why are you pulling my ear
and fighting me? What is the matter?
- Can you imagine?
- What is the matter?
You want me to say what you did.
Are you are talking to me like that?
Sade, deal with it yourself.
I should deal with him?
I should deal with somome
that is watching porn
in a house with a young child,
for crying out loud,
on a big screen!
What if Ajoke walked
into the room by mistake?
- But she didn't walk in.
- Will you keep quiet.
I will slap you.
This is the uncultured way
you were raised.
You were watching porn in the house.
That other idiot dresses
scantily and prances around
even with a child in the house.
What examples
are you setting for my child?
What example?
- Shina, won't you say something?
- Sade.
He is just a young boy.
He will watch porn.
Deal with this please.
This is what you have to say?
I should deal with this, right?
Dayo pack your bags and leave my house.
What? Which things?
You want me to pack my things
and leave my brother's house?
You don't have a say here.
What are you telling me?
Look, let me be.
Let me free. I was watching porn, so what?
I'm going back to watch porn.
But you can hear everything
- we are saying?
- What is it? Sade, what is it?
Can't I have peace in my own house?
What is the problem?
As for you,
if I ever hear you watching
anything close to porn!
I will deal with you so much
that you will run back
to the village yourself.
It's just X videos.
It's not even real porn.
Risi said you gave her a job.
Yes, so do you want
to thank me on her behalf?
Because what she is
being paid is not good enough.
I went to see Laide's parents yesterday.
I met them in a very bad state.
they are in a lot of pain.
It's not good. I feel very sorry for them.
Why did you go and see them?
She is Risi's friend. I had to
She is Risi's bestfriend.
I had to go with her.
You didn't have to go.
So why are we talking about this?
A dead child is better
than a missing child.
Don't you know?
Lateef! Are you joking?
I don't understand what you are saying.
I am not happy.
Do you want to put both of us in trouble?
I am not reporting anyone.
I believe that if they know
their child is not coming back,
it will be easier
for them to move on. I mean.
How will you let them know
their daughter is dead
without reporting us?
Maybe we should exhume the body.
You must be joking.
I see what you are trying to do.
You want to set me up, right?
It will not end well for you.
After everything
I have done for you, Lateef?
- Iyabo
- It won't end well for you.
I'm sorry, Laide.
I didn't mean to hurt you and your family.
At least if I exhume your body,
maybe your family will find peace.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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