Ololade (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Police and Thief

This is a result of "blood money."
- My friend.
- Yes?
Do you know
our community is no longer safe?
Did you hear about the dead body
of the young girl they found this morning?
I did.
I swear, it's baffling.
May the Lord have mercy on us all.
I think I know her.
She once came here to do her hair.
- Very sweet girl.
- Really?
That's sad.
I wonder what happened.
I don't understand anymore.
What do you not understand?
All of this is most likely the work
of some ritualists in our neighbourhood.
- There's been a lot of that lately.
- No.
Don't say that.
It was not done by ritualists.
I heard it was a head injury.
- Our dear wife.
- Uncle Lateef.
- How are you doing?
- Very well.
I can see you're looking good.
I am thankful. We're getting by.
- Good morning.
- That's great.
Have you seen Kasali today?
Yes, he was here earlier.
He just stepped out.
- He is around.
- This man.
Like I said, ritualists have
nothing to do with this.
I heard it was a head injury.
Perpetual's mother! Hope you are well?
I'm good, Lateef. How are you doing?
- Have you heard about it?
- About?
Laide's body was found this morning.
Where? She is dead?
Laide is dead.
I think you should inform her family
that the girl is dead
- since you were her close friend.
- No.
I've seen her with you. Were you friends?
She was not my friend.
Am I wrong?
She was Risi's friend
so I saw her a few times. That's all.
Lateef. Risi's friend?
- Okay. You saw her a few times?
- Excuse me, please.
- Perpetual's mother, do we have a problem?
- Ah, my friend!
Kasali, how are you?
- My friend! Fine girl, how are you?
- Kasali.
Good morning, all!
Here's today's collection.
- Well done.
- Calm down.
It's all complete.
There are people waiting at the shop.
- I just wanted to drop this with you.
- Well done.
- Bye, everyone!
- Take care.
- Shade.
- Yes?
- I will see you later.
- Alright, Uncle Lateef.
- Do have a lovely day.
- Alright.
- Lateef, you are leaving?
- Of course I am.
You never mind your business.
Some of us have things to do.
Lateef, what have I said to warrant this?
- I said someone died.
- That's enough!
- This is serious.
- This is serious.
May the Lord watch over us.
So Laide just died like an insect?
Mr. Shina. I have spoken to the manager
and we will be able to give you
a loan of eighteen million.
- You said?
- Eighteen million.
How is it eighteen million, Mr. Bankole?
I am using my house,
car and business as collateral.
Eighteen million only?
That is what it was valued at.
This house alone
cost me thirty million naira.
- That is what it was valued at.
- Mr. Bankole.
My car is a fairly used vehicle
but it's barely a few years old.
I can only do what my managers approved.
In fact, because you are
desperate for the money
I had to take a short cut
to make sure I got the approval.
Mr. Bankole, is there
something you can do to help me?
Help me add a little.
I'm sorry. I can't do anything.
You can't help me a little?
- I don't have that authority.
- I am begging.
My life depends on this. Please.
Mr. Bankole, look at me, please.
Let me sign it. I will sign it.
You should sign here.
Look, I need the money
today if possible, please.
I will process it
immediately I get to the office.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much. I appreciate.
- Good morning, sir.
- How are you?
What are you still doing here?
I am printing some fliers
to be used at work.
What are you
still waiting for? You can go.
Sir, I want to discuss
something important with you.
I was just thinking
that in this business of ours,
I've been doing a good job, to be honest.
And the job has been crazy.
So I was hoping you could give me a raise.
Dayo, when you woke up
this morning did you notice whether
you were feeling dizzy
when you got up from the bed?
- Were you dizzy at all?
- No.
Okay. And your temperature isn't high?
- I am okay.
- You are sure you are well?
You are not okay! If you were okay
You live in my house for free.
You eat and you sleep on my bed free.
Yet I still pay you.
You haven't worked up to 3 days but,
"I want an increase."
I could knock your head right now!
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Get out of my sight.
Get out of here and get to work!
I am cranky! Fool.
That's enough.
This is not possible.
Laide cannot die.
- We had plans.
- It's okay.
We had plans to go to IITA this Easter.
Who is going to be my chief bridesmaid?
Risi. God knows best.
This world is unfair.
- People are so wicked.
- Yes.
Maybe it was an accident. Let us
leave it to God.
How can they murder someone
and we call it an accident?
- She was my best friend.
- I know.
Lateef, what am I
going to tell her parents?
- Do they know yet?
- I don't know.
But even if they know,
I have to go and see them.
She was their only child.
- Laide.
- Do you
Do you think it's necessary to do that?
I wouldn't want them
to find out from a random person.
- It's okay.
- Laide.
I think now that they know that she's dead
maybe it will bring them peace.
Lateef. What peace?
Laide was all they had.
She was all they had.
But wait. How will they survive this?
- That's what I was
- She was the only one.
I understand you but what I think is,
you know, when they're searching
up and down for her but can't find her
knowing whether she's dead or not
Her body was already decomposing.
She was barely recognizable.
Whoever had a hand
in Laide's death, hell awaits them.
Evil shall befall them always.
They will never know peace.
- Don't lay curses.
- Why shouldn't I?
You don't want
to sound like an unbeliever.
Lateef, what are you saying?
- It's the Lord's
- A girl is dead!
My best friend is dead.
It's the Lord's doing.
No one is happy about it.
Do you understand?
If anyone wants to experience this
- let them kill their best friend.
- Lateef, stop talking.
- Just stop talking.
- I am just trying to calm you down.
Whoever killed Laide will meet a fate
a thousand times worse than hers.
It won't be well
with them. Laide, my friend.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Can you please go
with me to talk to her parents?
Do you think that is necessary?
It won't be nice
if they found out from a stranger.
I am terrible when it comes
to consoling people after a death.
It's alright.
Good afternoon.
Well done.
Good afternoon.
Please, I would like to weave my hair.
What are you doing here?
I am here to make my hair.
You want to do your hair? In my shop?
We are not taking
customers today. Please leave.
A liar's mouth never bleeds.
You're not taking customers today?
But I met this shop open.
What is your problem?
You are in my shop right now.
So mind how you talk to me.
We are not open today. Leave.
I don't have a problem.
It is probably you
and your family that have a problem?
Please don't involve our family.
We are members of the same family now.
Don't lay curses on our family.
You and I are not family.
Hold on. Let me
explain this to you properly.
You see, you can't marry my husband.
It is not possible.
You can't marry my Shina.
Do you understand?
You had better pack your things
and go back to where you came from.
No problem. I am here to weave my hair.
"Sade Adu" is the style
I would like to make.
I think you should just go
to another salon.
Go to another salon.
People of the world are wicked.
Can't you see how empty your shop is?
From the look of things,
I'm doing you a favour here.
- Doing me a favour?
- Yes.
You want to do me a favour?
You who was brought from the village
to live under my roof in Lagos,
you are the one doing me a favour?
Do you know what you are saying?
Me? Staying under your roof?
You are now telling lies.
I am not under your roof.
Shina owns the house.
I am not under your roof.
I don't live with you.
I live with Shina.
You really have some guts
to be calling my husband's name anyhow.
You're calling my husband
by his first name, "Shina, Shina."
I don't want problems. Do you hear me?
Bose, I don't want any problem.
I don't want any trouble.
- Is there more to this?
- What is going on?
- My friend.
- What is going on?
- Good day, ma.
- Please help me get her out of here
This girl walked in and started shouting
saying that she wants to do her hair.
And I told her she can't do it here.
I asked her to go elsewhere.
Was I shouting here?
You know what?
Please tell her to leave.
Okay. Bose.
- Ma?
- Please leave.
Yoruba people can be wicked.
A person that judges
after hearing a one-sided story
is also very wicked.
Do you know what's going
to happen? I am not leaving.
I'm not leaving.
I am making my hair here today.
"Sade Adu" is the hair style.
It seems you want
to see the devil today, right?
I said I'm not making your hair.
Get out of my shop!
Is there more to this?
Don't worry. I have money.
And I know you need it. I have money.
What? What am I even doing?
Look, my friend. Please don't mind her.
Let Azizat!
- Let Azizat do her hair.
- No.
Nobody is doing her hair.
Anybody that does her hair
will lose her job.
- That's all. Just tell her to get out.
- Okay.
- Bose, you too please
- I'm not leaving here.
This is the only place
you can exert your power.
No one should oppress me.
This is the only place
you can exert your power.
Why are you shouting? What's the problem?
Despite everything,
you only gave birth to a daughter.
Take a look at me. I have sons in my DNA.
Did you give birth to any son?
I will leave.
Are you crazy?
- Get out!
- You've shown your hand.
- Tell her to get out! Get out!
- You've started trouble.
- Get out of this Get out!
- It's you against me now.
- Get out!
- Look, I'll pursue you away from there!
Please. Calm down.
- Did you hear what she said?
- Calm down.
- Did you hear what she said?!
- I heard her.
She wants to take my husband.
You want to take the words
of that foolish girl to heart?
Is it because of that girl
that you're acting all crazy?
Whoever killed my daughter
shall know no peace.
- Mummy, please.
- I'm in trouble.
They will get a thousandfold
reward for what they did.
Mummy, please don't cry again.
Please, you are going to hurt yourself.
Risi, let me hurt myself!
My only child is gone.
What do I still need my body for?
Don't say that. Mummy, please.
I'm devastated!
Lateef, say something.
Mummy, let's accept it as the Lord's will.
I'm sorry. May the Lord be with you.
Let's just accept that the Lord took her.
The Lord?
The Lord didn't kill my child.
The Lord does not kill people.
It's a wicked person
that killed my child. Why?
Why, exactly? Why did they kill my child?
Why did they kill her?
What exactly is
the reason why she was killed?
I do not know.
She was just an innocent girl.
They killed her and they buried her.
The world is so evil nowadays.
What kind of heartless person does that?
I am devastated.
Oh, Laide.
My Laide.
She was a peaceful girl.
Never made any trouble.
Mummy, please.
- Stop crying.
- Mummy please. Let's accept it as fate.
Maybe they dug it up
so we could find her so that
So we could find her,
to help with closure.
What are you saying?
- I don't want
- Mummy, don't mind him.
I don't want to accept that this is fate.
- Mummy don't cry.
- I can't accept it.
I don't want
to say goodbye to my child now.
I don't want to say goodbye to Laide.
I'd rather believe that she just ran away.
- Mummy, please.
- That maybe she was just being a brat.
That maybe maybe
she is happier wherever she is.
Olanrewaju, maybe she's happy there.
And maybe that's why she ran away.
I don't want to accept that it is fate.
- I can't say goodbye to Laide.
- Mummy, stop crying, please.
I am in deep pain!
This is difficult for me.
I will go to the police station
and handle everything.
What can the police do about it?
- The police cannot do anything about this.
- Keep quiet, please.
Oh, Laide!
- The Lord has
- Shut up!
I'm in trouble.
What are you trying to do?
Can I call you back? I'm driving.
Start giving me answers now.
I'm with Risi and we just came
back from her friend's place.
That's not my business. Listen to me.
I don't know what games
you are playing but
if this comes back to affect me,
you are going down with me.
My dear husband!
Shina my lover, welcome home.
I greet you. How are you?
How was work today? Welcome.
My dear husband.
I can no longer
tolerate all these insults.
Everything that you and your family
are putting me through in this house,
Can you imagine? This nuisance
came to my shop to insult me?
This woman is telling lies
against me even while I am here.
Me? Please.
I just went to her salon to do my hair.
That's all.
Is that all you said?
Tell him what you said.
What did I say?
Shina my lover, what did I say?
I went there and told her
I want to make my hair.
I wanted to patronize her
since we belong to one family.
You wanted to patronize the family?
Did I ask you for it?
- Did I beg you for money?
- Can you hear her?
Did I Was that what
Now, you are pretending
because Shina is here, right?
You can't repeat
the ridiculous things you said.
You stupid illiterate. What did you say?
I won't accept that.
No one should insult me.
I may be an illiterate
but at least I am smart.
I can cook and clean.
As you can see, look at this.
I have male children in me.
Yes. I will give birth to Shina's son.
- Meaning?
- Yes.
I have told you never to say that again.
I have told you and it seems
you want me to get mad at you.
- You dare not!
- Look, I don't get usully get angry
- You dare not!
- but when I get angry, you won't like me.
I said you never
to say that rubbish again.
- I said you never to say it again.
- Do you want to beat me now?
- What do you mean, you have male children?
- Do you want to beat me?
- Stop! Stop this rubbish!
- What do you mean by that?!
- She wants to beat me.
- What is it?
You can't have peace of mind.
As long as you have two wives at home,
you can never have peace of mind.
- Talking so much nonsense.
- None of us at all.
None of us will have peace of mind.
He cannot have peace of mind.
- Amaka.
- Madam?
- What is this? What's happening?
- Nothing.
Madam Amaka, hope there is no problem?
Madam, there is no problem.
Are you doing okay?
Shina. I know
you are not a teacher anymore
but surely you can still read.
- Here.
- I don't understand.
- Yes.
- I don't understand. What is this?
I am pregnant.
- What?!
- I am pregnant with your baby.
What is wrong? Why are you shocked?
- What is going on here?
- Are you deep in thought?
For a while, I have been very patient.
I decided to come myself
so that you can take up
your responsibility as a father
to my unborn child.
In fact, it is a male child.
Mummy, I've checked the sex already.
- It's a male child.
- Baby, let me explain.
Don't beat him.
- Shina, my lover.
- Take it easy.
- Take it easy.
- Shina.
- Take it easy. Shina, sorry.
- Shina.
- My love. Sorry, baby.
- Shina.
- My love. Sorry.
- Ba
Sade, my love. Please open the door.
Look, I am not your love.
Those prostitutes, those crazy
women out there are your love,
so go and meet them.
But you can't just leave like that, Sade.
I can't leave you?
You have married other women.
And they are both carrying
your child, so what's left?
God has helped you.
Please, Sade.
Why don't you try and remember all
we've been through as a family.
- Please.
- Oh, really?
Did you remember that
when you were sleeping with them?
When you were sleeping with them,
did you remember
what you and I went through together?
did you remember
what you and I went through?
And now you're telling me
to remember all
we've been through together.
I didn't sleep with Bose.
- I did not touch her.
- Okay!
Bose and the mother
of Jesus must be friends.
You did not touch Bose,
but she is pregnant.
She is the mother of Jesus, right?
She and Mary, mother
of Jesus are similar, right?
You didn't touch her yet she got pregnant.
- Look, Shina
- Sade, this is the devil at work.
Shina. If only
My Creator will judge you
for what you have done.
My creator will punish you!
My creator will punish you
for what you have done.
My creator will punish you too.
What is it?
Do you know what
I went through with you and Ajoke?
My creator will punish you too.
Amaka. What exactly is your plan?
Shina. You know my plan.
And my plan should be your plan.
For us to get married.
You should have told me
about it before coming here.
Shina, what is there to discuss?
You had sex with me. I got pregnant.
And I will give birth to a blessed child.
God forbid that I have
a child out of wedlock.
No. It's not an honourable thing
as an igbo girl.
And you are about to marry another woman.
And you don't want to marry me,
despite your promises.
What are you saying?
I am not marrying Bose.
Shina! She is living in your house.
What do you mean?
What is the matter?
Work has been stressful.
- Please.
- My dear husband.
If this job is
very stressful, leave the job.
You should come back
to teaching in the school.
Yes. That was not stressful at all.
You already know that.
Look, my dear,
where's my bedroom?
My legs are aching
as I've been standing for long.
The child is resting
on one part of my stomach.
- Yes?
- Sade.
What's happening?
Where are you taking my daughter?
Well, I am leaving your house.
And I am taking my daughter with me.
Or do you expect me
to leave her with your concubine
and that useless village illiterate?
Go wherever you like
- Oh!
- Let her leave.
- Yes.
- So I should let her stay
so that they can poison her, right?
Nobody is going to poison my daughter.
Nobody is going to poison your daughter?
You want me to leave her
with these people, right?
Well, I don't trust anyone.
Did you hear me?
And under any circumstance
a child should be with her mother.
Same thing.
And the wife should be with her husband.
Especially a husband
that went on his knees to beg
even though he didn't do anything wrong.
You didn't do anything wrong?
Shina, are you really saying that?
You did nothing wrong
yet you brought two women
into our matrimonial home?
And you're saying you did nothing wrong?
that's your problem.
My daughter is going nowhere.
Give me my daughter!
- Give me my child, Shina!
- Leave her alone!
- Leave her!
- Shina, give me my child.
Madam, please get out of the way.
Get out of the way.
Woman. My condolences.
Plenty of tears won't raise your daughter.
What is done is done.
Thank you, Elder.
You see, ever since our child went missing
and even now that
we've discovered that she's dead,
that's how she has been crying.
She has refused to eat or sleep.
- Oh.
- And it's beginning to affect her health.
This is so unfortunate.
People can be so wicked.
So, what do you want me to do for you?
Thank you, wise one.
You elders always say a proverb,
"Whoever gives glory to someone,
that is the one who destroys it."
Elder, I want my revenge.
I want revenge.
Young man, revenge is not
as easy as you think.
Look, Elder, everyone I know
has told me that once I reach you,
you're the only one who can help us.
You're the only one help us seek revenge.
I want my daughter's murderers to suffer.
Elder, I want them dead.
Revenge. That's a tough one.
I want the person dead by all means.
Our mother! You're the understanding one,
the one who snatches death away from kids.
You who visits like thunder.
You who can be called upon.
You who said once
we call upon you, you'd answer.
You've heard our request.
What's the problem?
I should be the one asking you that.
Then ask.
Where is all the money in the account?
Shina, answer me.
What happened to the money in the account?
- It is impossible.
- What do you mean impossible?
You are the accountant.
You alone can explain
the transactions in the account.
So what happened to all the money?
What nonsense are you saying?
Don't try me! Where is the money?
Don't ever tell met to stop.
Are you my boss?
Are you the one to tell me what to do?
I still haven't forgotten our
unsettled business.
I am coming back to that.
- Man, take it easy.
- Please leave him.
What's the problem?
Hold on. What partnership? What business?
This one or another one?
Launder?! Shina!
Ihotu. Ihotu!
Calm down. Ihotu, what?
- You are doing money laundering?!
- Ihotu!
- Ihotu!
- Shina!
Shina, what is going on?
Yes ma. Just like that.
So is there anyone you
or the police have suspected?
Nobody yet.
I initially thought
maybe her ex-lover killed her
but Laide never introduced me to anyone.
And everyone confirmed
she didn't have a boyfriend.
A young girl like that.
She was wasted just like that.
Well, it's the truth, you know.
Lovers are usually
prime suspects in cases like this.
Yes, ma.
So the police have no clues
about any suspects who could have done it?
They are not suspecting
anybody. No one, ma.
- It's alright. It is well, alright?
- Thank you, ma.
- Thank you, ma.
- Aww.
- I know. Sorry. Stop crying.
- Thank you, ma.
Look, all you can do is
to remember her for the good things.
Remember her for those things.
- Laide, my best friend.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry, you hear?
- Yes, ma.
- Okay?
How are your wedding preparations?
It's going well. Actually
- I have a request, ma.
- Really?
- Yes, ma.
- Anything, darling.
Would you mind being
the chairperson at my wedding?
- Me?
- Yes, ma.
Chairperson? At your wedding?
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes, ma.
I've thought about it
and there's nobody I can think of.
I would love
to have a marriage like yours.
You're also Lateef's Big Mummy.
Have you discussed this with your fiancé?
- I mean, does he buy the idea?
- Yes, ma.
- He won't mind.
- Anything for you.
- You are very dear to me.
- Thank you, ma.
What has happened has happened.
- Thank you, ma.
- Sorry, you hear. Sorry. It's fine.
Thank you, ma.
What sort of problem is this?
Shina, you should have told me
before agreeing to such a deal!
Lateef, I didn't know.
That girl has been threatening
to kill my family.
If only you know how much
I've suffered these past few days,
you will pity me.
Black Lions? Who are they?
I don't know them.
But the pastor said
they are really dangerous.
So, if you don't take
this money, what will happen?
Those people are wicked.
They have a herbalist man.
And the man looked like
he knew what he was doing.
- A herbalist?
- Yes.
No. I don't want that.
What sort of trouble is this?
What are we going to do now?
I only wanted
to get married and live in peace.
Now I have to start watching my back
because of that crazy woman.
Lateef. I would be lying
if I told you I knew what to do.
You have to know.
You got us into this mess
so you must get us out.
How much is the money?
We have to count it.
I am not counting it with you.
Count it alone.
You better look
for a way to return her money.
Return her money.
It is too late to go to the bank.
Or I'd have said we should go to the bank.
Or Should I keep it in the office?
Why are you asking me?
Look, I don't know.
I just don't want any problem.
you don't mix
black magic money with our money.
I don't want that.
I will leave it in the office.
You'll leave it in the office.
And if there's a break-in
and the money gets stolen,
I still won't care.
Return her money.
I don't want trouble with the Black Lions.
I don't want trouble
with the Black Lions, for goodness' sake.
Sort out your issues!
I have to go.
They may just break the door.
- Anything can happen.
- No.
Please let me open the door
for them or they'll break the door.
Don't go, Shina!
- Please leave me. They may open it.
- Don't go.
Open this door!
I'm not going. You can go.
If I count to five
and you don't open this door,
I will kill the security guard
and everyone inside.
- I'll open the door, let go of my hand.
- Shina, I beg.
- Come.
- I'm not going.
- I am dead.
- Down!
- My mother.
- Quiet!
Mr. Shina.
Where is the money you brought home?
Which money? There's no money here.
I do not have any money here.
Mr. Shina, where is
the money you brought home?
I do not have any money here.
I will blow her brains out!
- Bring it!
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
- Please.
- Shina, my lover. Shina.
- What?!
They have gone.
Don't shout. Keep quiet.
- Listen
- Sweetie
Don't shout.
- Stay calm.
- They took
Don't shout.
Stay calm.
Don't die.
Shina. What is all this?! Stay calm.
- Stay calm.
- Shh.
Risi, hurry up.
Why are we still staying in a hotel?
You know that we are getting married soon.
We can't be wasting money this way.
You're right.
We need to get our own place.
Why can't we just go back to your house?
I don't understand.
No, I don't want to go back there.
I have a lot of enemies there.
What kind of enemies?
- Are you owing someone money?
- No. What do you mean?
I just feel comfortable here.
This place just gives me peace of mind.
And we need to change our environment.
Okay. To where?
I'm considering Ibadan.
We are leaving Lagos?
- Yes.
- My whole life is in Lagos.
Okay. When were you going to tell me?
I was going to tell you soon actually.
You know that thing you said
about not doing business with Shina.
You can be on your own in Lagos.
Don't worry, you will like it.
- Trust me, you will like it.
- I don't think so.
I told you not to worry.
You will like it.
- Ibadan?
- You know, all the people
in the betting industry
in Lagos are way too many.
If I go to Ibadan, I will be the don.
Who is that?
- At this time?
- I don't know.
It's the police.
- What do they want?
- I don't know.
Open the door.
We have nothing to hide.
- Yeah.
- Go.
I am Sergeant Pedro
from Unity police station.
Alright. What can we do for you?
Are you Mr. Lateef Onigbinde?
You're wanted at our station.
Sir. Officer. Please. What's his offence?
I'm not at liberty to say
until we get to the station.
- You need to come with us now.
- Move along.
Sir, you must come with us now.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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