Ololade (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Partners in Crime

You don't want to talk, right?
Do you know Laide?
Which Laide?
I don't know any Laide.
The Laide you buried.
Bury a person?! I didn't bury anybody.
Honestly. I didn't bury anybody.
But you know her, right?
She is my girlfriend's friend.
- Is that all?
- That's all.
I cannot lie to you. That's all.
She is my girlfriend's friend.
But you had sex with her, right?
- No.
- Do you do you think we are here to joke?
He is asking you a question.
He said did you sleep with her or not?
Answer me. I do not have much time.
- You are a man.
- And?
- I am also a man so I can open up to you.
- Yes?
We had sex only once.
- Once?
- Yes.
That's not what
Perpetual's mother told us.
- Perpetual's mother?
- Yes.
That woman does not like me.
She's always against me.
She doesn't like me.
She said she saw Laide at your place
before she went missing.
She's lying.
She just likes
to insert herself everywhere.
- It's all lies.
- Will you repeat this,
- if I bring the woman here?
- I'll confront her.
- Are you sure?
- I'll confront that woman.
I will not She's lying.
You killed Laide.
Stop lying to us. You killed Laide.
Why would I kill her?
Why would I kill
someone I was having sex with?
I couldn't have killed her.
I don't kill people. I'm not a murderer.
Now I understand.
She wanted you to leave your girlfriend
so that you'll be her boyfriend.
You said no.
She threatened to tell your girlfriend
then you thought you had
no option but to kill her.
Laide and I never had a fight.
There's nothing like that.
- You don't want to confess, right?
- I can't lie to you.
You will be dealt with.
Officer, I can't lie to you.
I'm being honest.
This man thinks we are joking, right?
- It's not a joke.
- By the time we deal with you
I'm not lying to you. Honestly.
I have never seen a gun in my life.
I could have died just like that.
Let's be thankful that no one got hurt.
They placed a gun on my neck.
What would I have told my mother?
Let's just be thankful.
Shina, let's go and report to the police.
Shina. Why are you not talking?
Look I suggest that
We've been here since midnight.
We should all probably go
and take a shower and try to sleep.
You know we've been here for a while.
That's what I suggest.
This feels like an inside job.
You read my mind.
I'm sure it's Sade.
Sade is the only one
that could do something like this.
- Sade is evil. She did it. I am sure.
- Sade?
It's Sade's doing.
I'm so sad. Bose, I'm so sad.
If only I was not asleep.
I was a security guard
back in the village.
- Really?
- Honestly. I'm very tough.
If I hadn't moved here
I would have risen to the top of my unit.
Sade is an evil being.
- It shall not be well with her.
- Amen.
Shina, no one will take your glory
by the grace of the Almighty.
- Amen.
- We'll see the pastor tomorrow morning.
We must see the pastor. Sade!
You shall not to know peace.
You will be robbed
physically and spiritually.
- Look
- Hello?
- Arrested how?
- Who got arrested? What's going on?
- Where?
- What's going on?
- Okay. I'm on my way.
- Hold on, don't go.
Hold on, what is gong on?
Who got arrested?
Shina my lover, where
are you going this late?
Who is that now?
- Mr. Security Guard, open the door!
- Hold on.
Don't go.
Shina my lover, don't go.
- Don't go.
- Really?
We are going to regret this.
I'm not for this.
Who is that?
Who is this one?
What's going on?
- Who is this?
- Let's go to my office.
Who is this?
I'm sorry, is she one of your girlfriends?
Could you could you just
excuse both of us for a little bit?
Excuse us!
Shina my lover, calm down.
Excuse me
I said you should excuse us!
Where do you expect us to go?
She looks just like a snake.
This doesn't look good.
I'm scared.
Why are you still here?
What is going on?
Don't worry.
I'll leave here soon
by the grace of the Almighty.
They are just trying
to implicate me with this case.
- Implicate you?
- Yes.
Didn't you tell them she only
came to visit you that night?
That's not important now.
She's the owner of the earring
I saw the other day, right?
Perpetual's mother was not lying.
Lateef. Why did you lie?
I hope you don't think I killed Laide?
Risi. She's your friend and my friend too.
I know. I know you didn't kill her.
Why would I kill Laide?
But you're hiding things from me.
We'll soon be married.
We can't keep things
from each other like this.
There is nothing I kept away from you.
- I didn't kill Laide.
- I know.
But, did she visit you that night?
Were you having an affair with Laide?
She said she was going
to her boyfriend's place.
Did you have sex with Laide?
Risi, what's up with you?
Why are you acting like this?
This is when I need you
the most in my life.
Yet you are saying this?
Come on! Do you want me to die here?
Never! I want you
to tell me the truth, Lateef.
I accept that my life
is completely ruined.
I have no one on my side.
The policemen here do not believe me.
You, my girlfriend Scratch that.
You are my wife-to-be Come on.
Yet it's taking me
this long to convince you.
Do I have anyone on my side?
- Lateef.
- Can you see that I'm alone?
- Leave me to die.
- Lateef.
- You can go. Leave me to die here.
- Lateef.
- You don't believe me.
- What was she doing at your place?
How did her earring get there?
Madam. That's enough. Your time is up.
- It's time to take your leave.
- Okay, sir.
I've called Shina.
And he said he's coming.
I thought he would have been here already.
Madam. Please leave.
Look at these people.
Are you expecting anyone?
- Are you a fool? Go and get the door.
- Bose!
Go and open the door.
Bose, I know you are in there.
Open the door.
- Excuse me!
- For what?!
Where do you think you're going?
- What are you still doing here?
- Who?
What are you still doing in this house?
You want to die.
- Yes.
- You want to die.
You. You, Sade.
You left with
all your belongings yesterday
then you sent people
to disturb us at midnight.
Thieves came at midnight
and they wanted to kill us.
Yet you came here to tell us nonsense.
- Exactly.
- Nobody can harm it
Nobody can hold it back
Anyone who is afraid to recognize this
Should go and self-destruct
Because the Lord is with us
- Yes!
- Thank goodness we are safe.
Both of you are mad.
I sent people to this house?
Why would I send thieves
to a house I know my daughter lives in?
- I don't have time for this rubbish.
- Of course!
You must have told them
to leave Ajoke alone.
- Who doesn't know that trick?
- Amaka, you're right.
You call us mad people.
Who is mad exactly?
I think I have been a little
too nice to both of you.
- Be careful.
- Yes.
I'm warning you.
I didn't come here to make trouble.
- I came to see Ajoke, my child.
- Here?
Because I heard about the robbery,
and that is why I am here
to see my daughter.
- Please help me
- Mother indeed.
- Ajoke!
- Where?
- Get back!
- Where do you think you're going?
You have moved out.
What are you looking for?
You can't come in here.
Are you both normal?
You cannot go inside.
Are you both normal? Can't I see my
Hold on, what did I do to you?
You took my husband,
and you don't want me to see my child.
Were you sent to destroy me?
- Hold on.
- Please I don't want trouble.
Especially you. I don't want trouble.
If we fight and you lose
your pregnancy, I'll be accused.
I don't want trouble.
- This one has come to stay.
- Yes.
We know of all
your bad intentions towards us.
You don't have a husband here.
I was there when you left.
You left on your own free will.
Get out and let's lock the door.
- You sent thieves to rob us.
- Get out!
- You think that I came
- Lord, thank you that we were not harmed.
- Get out!
- She came to see if we're dead.
- How? Where? Get out!
- Please let me see my child.
We don't want
to ever see you again. Get out!
You sent thieves to our home
but the Lord scattered your plans.
I am so happy.
We have finally sent her away.
The unfortunate being has left.
We will never see her again.
You're next. You're the next to leave.
I will be the queen of this house.
- Are you mad?
- Your ancestors are mad.
Get out of my way.
- You really think we are friends?
- Are you running mad, Amaka?
- This is serious.
- For real.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
I thought I would die in there.
I can't let that happen to you.
- Thank you, my friend.
- You're welcome. No problem.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
What is she doing here?
We have a lot to talk about.
- It's not easy.
- Honestly.
Guy, hold on.
You're very brave.
So you've been sleeping with Big Mummy.
I didn't even suspect.
That's the most painful part.
It's painful that you didn't suspect.
You would have warned me.
I didn't know she was that crazy.
I've never been in a police cell.
I'm surprised that
you've never been in a police cell
with the way you behave.
I can't believe that
you've never been arrested.
What is the meaning of that?
I am mischevious but am I a bad person?
I always warned you,
the way you're living your life
a woman will be
the end of you. You love women.
A hypocrite. Look at you!
Are you not enjoying?
You're not the right person to scold me.
- Me?
- Yes. Your wife left the house.
You brought in a village girl
and an Igbo girl that got pregnant for you
and you are all sleeping with each other.
Are you not bad?
Forget about that.
What is happening with Ihotu?
- Iho who?
- Ihotu.
You want to sleep with her too?
Come on. What do you mean by that?
I'm talking about the money laundering.
I think it's dangerous.
What are we going to do?
- I'm fed up.
- What should we do?
You're brave.
You suddenly saw fifty million naira
in your account
and you started spending it?
You're very brave.
I know if you were the one
you'd have called the authorities to say,
"Please, I want to ask for permission
- to spend the money in my account."
- Me?
I would have spent a little.
A little, right? I've heard.
What are we going to do now?
What are we going to do?
We can go to jail for money laundering
Ihotu is wicked.
I have suffered.
I have been to the cell
and I don't want to suffer anymore.
Look I am with you.
Don't be afraid. We will sort it out.
Honestly. Believe that.
A man can only die once. Don't worry.
We'll sort it out.
- Perpetual's mother!
- Huh?
- Who is that barking like a dog?
- Perpetual's mother!
It is your family that barks like dogs.
You are here.
You didn't stop
until I went to prison, right?
- What are you saying?
- What am I saying?
Look at me very well.
Tell me what you told the police.
What did the police say I told them?
What is my business with you?
Keep quiet! Don't answer
my questions with questions.
I am the one asking
the questions. Answer me.
Why did you tell the police? Or else?
I will be accused
of someone else's murder.
Somebody, help me.
What did I tell the police
that has led to all of this noise?
You are pretending, right?
What did you tell the police about Laide?
- Laide? Nothing!
- Nothing?
The police told me
everything you told them.
You want to implicate me, right?
If you are not guilty,
why were the police looking for you?
You're playing with fire.
You're playing with me. Look
if you try that again, Perpetual's mother,
I will deal with you.
- Rest assured.
- Somebody, help me.
He wants to kill me
the same way he killed Laide.
You know that I killed Laide, right?
If you do not desist, I will kill you too.
Rest assured. Mind your business.
When I'm done with you
you will not try this anymore.
What are you saying? What will you do?
You want to know what I can do?
When I'm done with you
you and your goat will be homeless.
You want to deal with me?
- What is the matter?
- Yes, I said so.
I will deal with you. Rest assured.
- I cannot laugh. What will you do?
- What will I do?
It's easy. I will buy this house
then I'll send you out. I assure you.
- You? You want to buy this house?
- Yes.
Where will you get the money?
What money will you use?
That's easy. Since I killed Laide,
I will buy this house with
the blood money I got for killng her.
And I will kill you too
if you're not careful.
I assure you.
Mouthy old woman.
Always in peoples' business.
- Wait and see.
- Lateef. You hit me like that?
This is unusual.
Finally, there is peace
in this house today.
Where is everybody?
You are sleeping here.
Amaka, why did you hit me like that?
I will hit you harder.
What have I done to you?
I only touched you.
What's going on? What are you saying?
- What is the matter?
- Are you alright?
If I was alright, I wouldn't have hit you.
You should know
that I'm not okay. I can get crazy.
Why do you act like this?
Why do men act like mad people?
You're even pretending.
See the way he's looking at me.
Do you mean you don't know
that Bose is pregnant?
She's vomiting all round like an idiot.
- Bose is pregnant?
- Shina.
- Who impregnated her?
- My father impregnated her.
Men are not trustworthy at all.
And you promised me.
You said you will not have
sex with Bose, Shina.
And you did it till she got pregnant.
- Me?
- You're wicked.
- Bose!
- Bose.
Liar. Old fool.
You want to lie to me.
That's how you behave.
My friend. You're still brooding.
All this time?
You know I have always told you.
You can't be like this because of a man.
Men are useless.
Sorry. I don't like how you're acting.
Let me tell you this.
A man that treats
a woman like you this way
does not deserve you.
He does not know a good thing.
I'm not crying because of Shina.
It's because of my child.
She is too young for this
to be happening to her.
You will not believe that
I went to my house today
and the sluts that Shina put in the house
didn't let me see my child.
They didn't let me see Ajoke.
My friend, remember I told you about this.
Is it not happening now?
I told you not to leave
your husband's house.
I told you to hold him tight.
These girls out there are terrible.
They look for accomplished men.
I told you to hold your husband.
Can you see the end result?
What do you expect?
Do you expect me
to stay there and receive insults?
Do you expect me to stay there?
Can you imagine, they also accused me
of sending armed robbers to the house.
If they accused you of sending
armed robbers to the house that is fine.
I hope you took your share of the loot.
What do you mean
took my share of the loot?
Do you also believe it was me?
You are joking. Are you joking?
The reason I am asking is
because it's something I can do.
Sade, don't tell me that
The Sade that I know.
You are smarter than that.
There is a child in that house.
Why will I do that?
Please what have I achieved?
Despite all I've been through
with my husband.
See what I'm suffering from these women.
At the end of the day,
I have achieved nothing.
I have lost everything.
No husband, no child. Nothing.
What did I achieve?
You didn't lose everything.
You see that unfortunate Amaka?
I don't trust that girl.
She looks like a thief.
She is wayward.
Don't think about it.
Big Daddy, leave me alone.
I don't know why he has been calling me.
Why don't you want to pick his call?
I'm just tired.
I don't like the way you're acting.
I don't like it when you cry.
When did you start acting
like this my friend?
You know what?
Will you listen to my advice?
If you don't see yourself,
I see you.
You know the Sade that I know doesn't cry.
Now let me tell you the truth.
You have to pick yourself up.
Now you'll go and bring back the old Sade
that I know and trust
I know she's hidden somewhere in there.
You will go back
to the way you used to be.
Sade, why are you talking like this?
It shall not be well with men.
- It's you.
- Yes.
Why are you sneaking like a thief?
Is that why you want
to wake everyone in the house?
Why do you behave like this?
What do you want?
I heard about what happened in the house.
You've heard.
Have you found a solution?
I'm trying to come up with one.
Bose. Honestly
You have to terminate the pregnancy.
- Keep quiet.
- Get out of here.
- Do you want to wake them?
- Never ever say that to me again.
- Bose.
- You want me to abort my pregnancy.
I cannot terminate my pregnancy.
If you do not terminate the pregancy
do you want Shina to find out about it?
- Do you want him to know?
- What is my business with that?
Dayo, I beg you
in the name of the Almighty
never ever ask me to do such.
- What's the meaning of this?
- Bose.
Do you want
Do you want to put me in trouble?
- Do you want to ruin me?
- Really?
Who was there with you
when you were enjoying it?
You kept enjoyed so much,
turning it like a steering wheel.
You enjoyed it with
your whole being so much that
only the Lord knows whether
you were about to come or not.
It seems you're stupid.
I think you're mad.
- Didn't we both enjoy it?
- Really?
We both enjoyed it.
I never said I didn't enjoy it.
I enjoyed the sex.
But now, the result is here.
Now that it's here,
we have to find a way out.
And stop behaving like a stupid boy.
I'm wise. I know what I'm doing.
Really? In what way?
All of this will show
if you are wise or not.
- How?
- Dayo.
I beg you in the name of the Almighty.
Don't make me talk much.
Will I think for you?
I don't know how you'll go about it.
Do I look like a wise person?
I'm clueless myself.
Don't disturb me.
May you not be disturbed.
Bose, you know what?
Tomorrow morning, I'll tell Shina
that I'm responsible for your pregnancy.
Don't worry about it.
Now, you're making sense.
Why didn't you say that earlier?
Now, you're making sense.
Is that all? You can go.
Is that all you have to say?
Wasn't I sleeping when you got here?
- Please leave.
- No problem.
Keep behaving like a
- Keep sneaking around.
- Shut up.
Get out!
Get out.
Risi. Risi, what is the matter?
Risi. What is the matter?
- Where are you going?
- I am done!
You're a chronic liar.
Hold on. For goodness' sake.
Ask me anything
and I promise to say the truth.
- You want the truth, right?
- You're a chronic liar.
I cannot marry a man
I do not know. Lateef.
- Risi
- You are hiding things from me.
I know, I can feel it.
- Risi, don't do this.
- Don't deny it.
Risi, don't do this.
We are going to get married.
Are you listening to me?
You lie too much, I can't marry you.
Okay, I promise to stop lying.
You want the truth, right?
I promise not to lie to you.
Ask me anything.
Trust me, ask me.
I will tell you the truth.
Please, don't leave me,
for goodness' sake. Please.
Did you have sex with Laide or not?
After all I've done for you.
Laide was my best friend.
It was a mistake. The devil was at work.
I beg you in the name of the Almighty.
Please don't leave me. I beg you.
Don't leave me.
It's the devil's work. I can't
- Lateef.
- Yes?
- Please. I'm sorry.
- When did it start?
- Risi, don't go there.
- Lateef, answer me.
- How long?
- Please.
- How long?
- I don't know.
I can't explain how it happened.
The Almighty is my witness.
I can't explain how it happened.
How long? Tell me. Answer me, Lateef.
It has been for a while.
Please, for goodness' sake.
You asked for the truth.
Please, don't leave me because of this.
It will never happen again. Please.
Please. It was the devil's work.
Laide's matter
is the devil's work. Please.
Leave me alone, I'm done!
- Please, for goodness' sake.
- I'm done!
It's the devil's work. Hit me!
- Risi, hit me.
- Leave me alone.
- Hit me. Risi hit me, hit me.
- I'm done. Leave me alone!
- Don't leave me.
- I'm done.
- Lateef
- I cannot let you leave.
- Leave me alone.
- Hit me. I deserve it.
Risi, please.
Leave me alone. I'm done, Lateef.
You promised not to leave me
if I told you the truth. You promised.
Risi, please.
- Hit me. I deserve to be beaten.
- Leave me alone.
- I don't know how it happened.
- Let go of my clothes.
Risi, please.
- Please.
- I never want to see you again.
Don't do that to me.
Risi, I beg you in the name
of the Almighty. Risi.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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