Ololade (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Full Circle

I think I need some salt.
Yes, I need some salt.
Where is the salt? Abosede!
Where did this girl put the salt?
- Abosede!
- Ma!
- I'm here.
- Where is the salt?
This soup needs more salt.
- Salt.
- Yes.
We keep it here.
I already checked there. It's not there.
Help me look for it.
I need a little salt.
Here it is.
What is it?
What is the matter?
This girl is not serious. Are you foolish?
- Who got you pregnant?
- Mummy, I'm sorry.
It's your son's pregnancy
that's disturbing me.
Whose pregnancy is disturbing you?
Before I Get out!
Sorry, Mummy.
- Thank you, my dear.
- Yes, ma.
- Dayo, please come.
- Ma?
Sit down.
Do you know who got Abosede pregnant?
I don't know who got her pregnant.
I don't know.
- You don't know who got her pregnant?
- No, ma.
This girl is an unserious child.
Do you know that your brother told me that
since she got into this house
he has never slept with her.
He said he doesn't know if her
thighs are fair or dark.
Who got her pregnant?
Because pregnancy is not contagious.
Mummy, I don't know how she
I don't even understand.
I don't know if she has a boyfriend.
I don't know where she got the pregnancy.
When she leaves the house in the morning
- and comes back late at night.
- Really?
Mummy, I can't lie to you.
I don't understand where she goes.
I don't know how she got pregnant.
The same Abosede?
- Look
- She goes out?
When I asked her why
she was acting like that
she told me to keep quiet.
So I stopped bringing it up.
The same Abosede?
- She told you to keep quiet?
- Mummy.
Am I that lenient?
If that's how she wants to play it.
To catch a monkey, one must act like one.
I'll let her know that I'm older than her.
- Yes, ma.
- So she is now wayward?
That's how she now behaves.
I just don't understand.
You know what?
You have to do something for me.
What is that?
You will help me monitor the crazy girl.
Whenever she goes out,
you will monitor her.
- Let me know her whereabouts.
- Okay, ma.
It's possible we find out
who got her pregnant.
I will not allow
a bastard child in this house.
- Yes.
- Even though I would like to have
a baby to play with.
Then you will help me monitor her
whenever she's on the phone.
Listen to everything she says.
Pick up her phone
immediately she drops it.
- Alright.
- We will be able to read her messages
and check her call history.
Then we can figure out
who got her pregnant.
If we're not careful,
she will get us in trouble.
She will bring
a bastard child into this house.
We don't want that.
There is no problem.
I'll start immediately.
- This girl is a pig.
- Alright, ma.
When you bring them from
the village to the city
they will always behave like villagers.
Good, let's calm down.
Felix Ajunwa!
I'm the one!
I'm the one!
- I won this one.
- You're the one.
- That's our winner.
- I'm so surprised!
- I've lost again.
- Alright, let's go.
Come between the two of us.
- I'm the winner. I can't believe it.
- Alright
Listen, guys.
All I know is that,
A whole lot of money.
Money that puts an end to poverty.
What do you want?
Risi, you are not picking my calls.
- As you can see, I am busy.
- You're not busy.
You were at home all through yesterday.
- You didn't pick my calls.
- What exactly do you want?
Risi, I need to ask you.
Are you taking a short break or
you're done?
- Risi, come on.
- I said you should get out.
- I'm sorry.
- Get out!
What's going on?
- I heard someone shouting.
- Risi.
- What is the matter?
- I'm sorry, ma.
He provoked me.
I'm sorry, ma. It won't happen again.
Is that true, Lateef? How are you?
What happened?
It's not a big deal.
- We only had a small issue.
- A small issue?
- We had a big fight.
- Okay.
It's normal for two lovers to fight.
But you must find a way to settle it.
You must remember the bond that you share.
Risi is angry at the moment.
Lateef. Come to my office, let us talk.
No, that's not necessary, ma. Don't worry.
Don't you want me to help you settle it?
Thank you, ma.
Promiscuous idiot. Don't Please.
- Risi.
- Is it by force? Leave!
- Lateef!
- I'm coming.
Bose, look
Here is 50,000. Take it.
If you knew how I worked for this money
you wouldn't just throw it
on the bed like that.
- Listen. Hold on.
- You wouldn't just throw it like that.
Are you listening?
- I am.
- Calm down and listen to me.
This money is not my problem.
What then is the problem?
You see the witch in this house?
Since she heard that I got pregnant,
she has been following me around.
As soon as I head out, she goes out.
She'll soon go back
to where she came from.
Don't worry, she'll soon go back.
- I should not worry?
- Don't worry.
- I should not worry?
- Bose.
Don't you understand
what I'm trying to say?
Tell her the truth.
You've been saying
you'll tell her for a week now
but you haven't.
Bose, it's not as easy as you think.
It's not easy. I would have told her but
- it's not easy.
- Abosede.
- Bose.
- Abosede.
How many times did I call you?
Three times.
Abosede, you messed up.
Bose, don't speak like that.
I completely failed myself, if not
I wouldn't have believed you
when you said you loved me.
- Bose.
- Now I understand.
Bose, do you know that Bose, listen.
I will sort everything out.
I will take care of you.
- You'll sort everything out?
- I will sort it out.
- You will?
- I will sort everything out.
- You see that witch?
- Leave Mummy to me.
- If she gets to know about us.
- She won't.
- There will be trouble.
- Bose.
- She will kill us.
- Nothing will happen.
Just calm down. Okay?
- So I shouldn't worry?
- Relax.
- That's how you always tickle me.
- You hear?
Let me help you mix this.
You know that my baby needs sugar.
- The baby needs sugar?
- Yes he does.
Don't worry.
If you say so.
Just make sure you tell her.
- Please tell her.
- I will.
- Really?
- I will tell her, just calm down.
I understand. No problem.
- Should I drink it now?
- Drink it.
- Tastes good? Okay.
- Okay.
My womb shifter.
Stop it. Please beg Risi for me.
Don't you know that Risi
does not appreciate you
as much as I do?
How will I ever say
I'm no longer interested in you?
After all you've done on my body?
That's impossible.
Stop it.
Stop it, Iyabo. Please, for goodness sake.
What I want from you now
is to beg Risi for me.
You know I also helped you
during Laide's incident.
Even when I was arrested,
I didn't mention your name.
Forget about Risi. Who is Risi?
That dirty girl out there?
Listen. I know all
that you did and I appreciate it.
- Now, I want to show you
- Stop it.
Are you okay?! Are you crazy?!
You are the crazy person!
Do you know that you are a foolish person?
You want me to beg your girlfriend?
What do you take me for?! An errand girl?
- Something is wrong with you.
- What's going on?
- Lateef, what did you do to my boss?
- Your boss?
Do you want to ruin my reputation?
Please, leave. Leave!
- I'm sorry, ma.
- This boy is an ingrate.
I made you who you are today.
- Iyabo!
- I'm sorry, ma.
I know you were only trying to help me.
Help who?
- What are you saying?
- Hey!
Risi, at this point,
I will confess to you.
Calm down and listen to me.
It is true that I slept with Laide.
Yes. That's not all.
This animal standing here
that you're calling your boss.
- I slept with her too.
- Yes!
- Why are you shouting?
- Am I lying?
- You are an unfortunate being.
- So are you!
- Lateef!
- It will never be well with you!
It will not be well
with you, you stupid animal!
You lazy animal! What did I see in you?!
- What did I see in you, fool?!
- Don't lay your hands on me!
- What? It will not be well with you!
- Don't touch me!
- If you touch me
- Come on! Lateef!
- You can't do anything! Classless idiot!
- Are you hitting me with your shoe?
- Are you hitting me with your shoe?
- Yes! It will not be well with you.
- I will confess.
- Confess to what?
- You can't do anything.
- Okay, no problem.
You can't do anything.
What did I see in you?
- Risi, I'm sorry.
- Leave me alone.
You can do nothing!
Leave me alone!
- Believe me.
- You're coming for your ancestors.
- Bloody idiot.
- Risi.
This is the beginning of madness.
I love Risi so much.
I can't believe it's all over.
Don't kill yourself because of a woman.
Move on.
Is it that easy? It's not your fault.
I wish to have a woman
in my home taking care of me.
You know that my wife left.
Sade left? She will be back.
Both of you understand each other.
I'm sure she'll be back.
Sometimes we cause problems for ourselves.
- Okay.
- I don't understand.
Right now Ajoke misses her mother.
I am also missing Sade.
- Really?
- I'm serious.
- But Amaka is there.
- Amaka?
That one
She's only good as a side chic.
She's not a wife.
- Wow.
- Don't think about it.
Are you serious?
That's why I've been taking
a lot of alcohol lately.
It's because things have been tough.
I cannot kill myself because of any woman.
- At least we are making money.
- Yes.
We are making money.
I have a business idea.
I think
we should recruit more people
to help us move money.
That way we will generate more
and improve our profit margins.
Don't you think so?
Take it easy.
If our margin suddenly goes high,
we will attract the EFCC.
I don't want us in the spotlight.
It's true. I didn't think about that.
- How are you guys?
- We are alright.
We are fine.
Oh Lord, take the glory
- Mummy, what's going on?
- Nothing.
Our Lord
Take all the glory
I'm watching something on Instagram.
- Oh my God.
- I got a little scared by your laughter.
- My child.
- Ma?
I want us to have a conversation.
- Really?
- Yes.
That's great.
- Okay, ma.
- Well done.
- Yes ma.
- Okay.
How long have you been dating Shina?
I mean Shinaayo, my son.
It's been like over two years. Yes.
- Over two years?
- Plus. Yes.
You're happy that it has
been over two years.
Yes ma.
- We've been together for a long time.
- Yes. You have.
And you never got pregnant
for him all these while?
You never got pregnant
in those two years, right?
- What did you say, ma?
- What I'm trying to say is that
you only got pregnant
after Shina became rich.
You laugh like a shameless person.
You didn't get pregnant
when he was struggling.
Yet now you're here
claiming to be pregnant.
Madam, Shina can never marry you.
You can choose not to believe
if another person tells you that.
But because it is coming from me,
you better know that you cannot marry him.
It's a pity you're not a Yoruba girl
so you can't understand.
It is said that there is always
something greater than what we know.
We sometimes put the greater thing aside
and we focus on the false things.
You see, everything that's
going on in your life right now,
- we call it cunning in Yoruba.
- I don't even
I cannot understand
what you're talking about.
Did Shina not tell you
that I, Amaka, am the reason he is rich?
He loves me. I love him.
We will get married
and other things will follow that.
- Hello.
- Amaka.
- It cannot work.
- It will work.
Mummy, take a good look at me.
I'm an Igbo girl.
I may speak Yoruba well
but I'm an Igbo girl.
Wherever I work,
I will eat. In this house?
- You'll leave. I'm in my husband's house.
- In this house?
- In this house?
- Yes.
- I'm going to deal with you.
- Nothing is going to happen.
In this house?
- Shina loves me.
- I'm not leaving this house.
You will experience
a different kind of love from me.
- I will beat you.
- I dare you to.
- I will beat you.
- I dare you to.
I said so.
Bose, what is the matter?
What's the matter?
- What's the matter?
- My stomach.
What's the matter?
Ah, who
What is it?
- What's the matter?
- Help me.
- Stand up.
- What's happening?
- Let us carry her.
- Bose.
- Carry her.
- Bose.
- Bose, what's wrong with you?
- Bose!
- Let's take her to the hospital.
- My stomach!
- Don't behave like that.
- My stomach!
- Broda?
- Lateef!
- Open the door.
- Who
She's the only one that knows this place
because she got it for me.
I thought it would be safe
that's why I asked us to come here.
- Come on, man.
- I'm busy.
You useless boy, open the door!
- How did you get in?
- It's because you're a fool.
Have you forgotten?
You've forgotten that
I rented this office for you.
Lateef. You!
You were brave enough
to embarrass me in front of my staff.
I will deal with you today.
Wow! Oh my God.
This is a lot of money.
Where did you get this money?
How is it your business?
How is it's not my business?
Who did you steal from?
Where did you get this money?
That's true.
Who is this? Who is this tiny brat?
Is this your side chic?
- Where did you get this money?
- Hey, Big Mummy.
Don't worry.
I will personally bring some to you.
Shina, where did you get
such a huge amount of money?
I will collect
all my entitlements from you today.
- Iyabo.
- How did you do
- Big Mummy.
- Iyabo.
- Ihotu.
- Ihotu.
Ihotu, stop. Iyabo.
Ihotu. Iyabo.
- You you killed her.
- Why did you do this?
Thank you. Yes.
You should give thanks.
The person that killed
your daughter is dead.
The gods have taken their life.
That's the end.
I didn't have to use charms on the person.
- You should be thankful. Rejoice.
- Thank you, sir.
- Rejoice.
- Thank you.
- May you never suffer.
- Thank you.
Please take away her body from my money
before she contaminates it.
I'm thankful.
- Is that true, Bose?
- Ma?
You tried to terminate your pregnancy?
- You!
- No, ma.
I didn't try to terminate
my pregnancy at all.
A corpse cannot hide from
the people that will bury it.
Tell the doctor everything that happened.
I didn't try to terminate
my pregnancy mummy.
Why would I try to do that?
It's my son's child. My Oluwashinaayo.
He is the father of the baby. Why?
Is that true, Bose?
Who gave you something to drink?
Did anyone give you a concoction?
Or did you mix the concoction
by yourself to kill the baby?
No. I didn't drink anything.
No one gave me anything.
Shina didn't give you anything to drink?
He didn't give me anything.
May the Lord come to my rescue.
Hold on, please.
- Mummy.
- Yes.
There is something I'd like to tell you.
- We are listening.
- No.
I want to speak to you privately.
- Mummy. Listen.
- Yes.
The thing is It's about this pregnancy.
I'm listening.
Shina my lover
- Oluwashinaayomi?
- Yes.
He is not responsible for my pregnancy.
Are you under a spell?
Shina is not the one
responsible for your pregnancy?
He is not the one
but the person is in the family.
Where did you get this unfortunate child?
- Calm down.
- Who is the person in the family?
It's Dayo.
- Which Dayo?
- He is our family member.
- Dayo.
- Same Dayo?
- You are dead. You are stupid.
- Mummy.
You will abort this baby
and eat it yourself.
If I hit you,
you will lose your pregnancy.
- Please
- Please what?
You see, if I deal with you
I will slap you.
An unfortunate bastard!
Today, you will go
to heaven and come back.
Am I beating you?
Why are you shouting?
Are you the one I'm beating?
Don't be angry, ma. It was a mistake.
- What type of mistake is that?
- I'm sorry, ma.
How do you tell people
that you had sex with your brother's wife?
- Abosede!
- I'm sorry, ma.
Did we not talk about this well enough?
I will kill both of you today.
Stop begging me.
Do you want me to curse you?
Why are you begging me?
You are a wicked person.
After getting your brother's wife pregnant
you still wanted to ruin the pregnancy.
- An innocent child coming to the world!
- Mummy, please.
What's the matter?
Nothing is the matter.
- Bose.
- Ma?
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
What exactly is the matter?
Why are you asking what you already know?
What is it?
Go inside your room to rest.
I just want to know what is going on.
For what? If we wanted you to know
we would have told you when you came in.
- Go inside your room.
- Alright.
- Sorry.
- Nosy woman.
- I pray it gets settled.
- Nosy woman.
- And if it doesn't get settled
- Nosy woman.
I don't know how this is your business.
Nosy woman.
She started doing
stupid things from a young age.
Listen to me.
If you do not want to die,
I must not hear that you got her pregnant.
Or else you'll die.
What about Shina my lover?
Are you an unfortunate soul?
I'm dead.
Repeat what you just said.
I didn't say anything.
If Shina hears about it
you will die on that day.
Look at me. Listen to me!
- I can hear you.
- I said,
no other person must hear
that you got her pregnant.
When she gives birth and it's a boy,
we'll give the baby to Shina.
The reason she is in this house
is to give birth to a son.
Can you hear me?
The reason she's in this house
is to give birth to a son.
Once we give the baby to Shina,
we will keep quiet about it.
I don't want people to think that
my son cannot have a son.
Do you understand?
Do you have money to cater for the child?
- Can you send a child to school?
- No, ma.
- Can you take care of her?
- No, ma.
- Can you afford to rent an apartment?
- I can't, ma.
Can you affrord to take care of her?
No, ma.
If someone else hears it,
you will not only die,
you will get more than death.
I won't tell anyone.
- If I ever hear you say "Shina my lover"
- Mummy
Useless child.
I will kill both of you.
We will meet your nemesis.
Unfortunate children.
You never lock the door.
- Sit down.
- I don't want to sit down.
Have you seen Aunty Iyabo?
She left the office to come and see you
and since then, we've not seen her.
She came to my office but I didn't see her
because I was in a meeting.
Anyway, she hasn't been picking my calls
So take the keys to her office.
I know she will come
for it tonight. Randy idiots.
- Risi, I'm sorry.
- Take it!
Tell her I left her money on her table
before she thinks I stole it.
Both of you can die for all I care.
- Risi.
- Leave me alone.
Risi, come.
Shina. What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Ngozi told me you came to see me.
Shina. How is my child?
How is my child? How is my Ajoke?
I know I don't have the right to beg you
to come back home but please
Please, I want you back.
I know I have wronged you.
Sade, please forgive me.
You want me to come back?
Come back where?
Shina, you've changed
since you became rich.
You changed totally.
Please, I will change.
Please Sade. I will change.
You will change?
After you brought two
other women into your house?
It's my mother's fault.
Did your mother ask you to date Amaka?
You brought her
into your house by yourself.
You brought her in. Not your mother.
Please, Sade. I will do whatever you want.
If you ask me to send them away, I will.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
Shina, don't waste your time.
Both of them are pregnant for you.
They are pregnant for you
so there's nothing you can do about that.
I want to us back
together as one happy family.
Sade, please.
A lot has changed.
Sade, please. We can change them back.
Please what do you want me to do?
Anything please, Sade.
Please, for goodness' sake.
- Good day, ma.
- Hope you're fine?
- Yes, ma.
- Shinaayomi. What's going on?
Nothing. My wife is back home.
- That's it.
- What of Abosede?
I am not Bose's husband.
She should go to
the person that got her pregnant.
What are you saying?
Didn't you get her pregnant?
I was there that night
when the both of you
- No, Mummy.
- I was the one that brought her to you.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I am not her husband. I cannot marry her.
What about me and my unborn child?
It's a male child.
Amaka, when you give birth,
I will take care of the child.
I cannot marry you please.
If you dare mention my name again..
- Don't call me.
- Shina.
This was not our agreement.
Don't put me to shame.
Ndidiamaka, Mummy.
If you dare call "Mummy" once more
I'm sorry please. I'm very sorry.
Shina, if you get me angry,
I will take my things and leave.
What are you saying?
I will take my things and leave.
Go and pack your things and leave.
If you call me, I will insult your mother.
Shina, I will take my things and leave.
Calm down.
This is serious. Hold on. Before you
Come let me talk to you.
It's good that the Igbo girl
has gone to pack her things to leave
That's minus one.
That's good. I like it.
You cannot tell Abosede
to leave like that.
She has to stay
because the child in her womb is a boy.
After she gives birth
to her son, she can leave.
You don't have to worry about
nursing the baby. I will do that,
- but let her give birth first.
- Mommy.
What you're saying is impossible.
A son or not, she should leave.
Let her leave and go to the man
that got her pregnant.
- Shinaayomi.
- Go meet the man you got your pregnant.
Why are you shivering?
We are still on it. It is not yet settled.
We are working on it.
So what if they went
in together? Is it their first time?
Sit down.
Shina is really surprising.
So he just sent you out like that?
I'm not angry.
I'm not angry that he just
sent me out like that.
That's because I had some things
bothering me before that.
I have been thinking of ways
to maintain my pregnancy monthly
as my pregnancy grows.
Do you know that I'm not really pregnant?
So I'm not mad that he sent me out.
That's true.
Since he believes you are pregnant
you should have just travelled
then you come back with a child.
Pastor. Where will I get a child?
Where did you plan to get a child?
I thought he was going to marry me.
And then I would tell him
that I had a miscarriage.
- This is even better. This is better.
- Really?
We will get a baby.
- Don't worry. I will get a baby.
- Are you sure?
Pastor, I don't know how to thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
- I am very grateful.
- I should be thanking you.
Amaka. I should be thanking you.
Shina is a good person.
He has been good to me.
And I know that he'll be good to you.
Calm down. We will get a baby.
Sade, how are you?
And you?
I'm alright.
How is it going?
Have you heard anything from Big Mummy?
No one has seen her and she hasn't called.
Don't worry. We'll find her soon.
How is my child?
Don't you think it's time
for her to know her father?
You know what?
I will call you tomorrow morning.
Thanks so much.
That was Big Daddy.
What did he want?
He was talking about Big Mummy.
He said he still has not seen her.
I pray we find her.
- I pray so too.
- We'll find her.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki
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