On Becoming a God in Central Florida (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Stinker Thinker

Obie Garbeau II presents Garbeau System's training tape, volume 2,063.
"Dream a Big Dream.
" Side one.
There is a place, a mighty and transcendent place, where progress is inevitable, a place where the pursuit of happiness is a priority and the right to dream is a guarantee.
That place is called America.
And God Almighty made this great nation so that you and your business could prosper.
A future not just for you, but for the people you love.
For your family.
Success is in your blood, fella.
It's up to you to find it.
As you walk the path ahead of you, you're going to learn exactly what you are made of.
And one of these days, you are going to be living the A-list, six-star This is Travis Stubbs.
CODY: Who's reaping the benefits of your work right now? It's, uh, it's only a few more days.
Are you ready to take control of your life? Yes, sir.
What what are you doing? [CODY CHUCKLES.]
Whatever I want.
Uh, Cody? - Hel - [LINE BEEPING.]
Wow! "Whatever I want.
OBIE: You might think some people are born lucky.
Well, let me disabuse you of that particular notion.
Luck isn't something that happens to you.
Luck is something that you make happen.
Wow! Tell me what you're thinking.
All the "stinker-thinkers" who tried to tell me that this whole thing was a scam Yep.
I'm thinking of their faces when they see me in this tux [SNIFFS.]
and they realize uh-uh.
Uh-uh, that was not a scam.
When they see the limo Well, they're about to see what a winner looks like.
Oh, Krystal, this color.
Oh, my.
When your husband tells you you're the face of the business, this is not what he means.
Yeah, I know.
Sex sells.
But there's sexy and then there's trashy.
You're a team.
Don't let your choices ruin his opportunity.
Now, Dolly Parton can get away with it, because nobody's looking at her face.
Dolly Parton owns a roller coaster park.
- Go-getters go get! - Bye, Carol! [CAROL EXHALES.]
Uh uh, where did you park? I took the bus.
That's a thing, Carol.
We've been following the system for two years now, and Travis works his butt off around the clock.
I mean not sleeping's bad for you.
No, actually, that's a myth.
Either way, we're struggling.
Well, that's your first problem.
They're not struggles.
They're challenges.
Take a look at this house.
Kind of makes Travis's and mine look like crap.
Oh, that's so sweet of you to say.
No, this is the house of a Silver Washington distributor.
You're-you're lucky.
Travis is a charming recruiter.
One of the best I've ever seen.
And he works hard.
But success takes commitment.
Now, he needs to leave his J-O-B.
Now, look, I know you're facing challenges.
But they're not the challenges of a FAM couple.
They're the challenges of an insurance salesman and, uh Oh, what is it you do again? I work at Rebel Rapids.
I don't want to take it anymore I'll just stay here Locked behind the door Just no time To stop and get away 'Cause I work so hard to make it every day Whoo, ooh Whoo, ooh There's no money falling from the sky ERNIE: Krystal? Krystal? Look, I know you want to get out of here, but nacho tank two's gone completely haywire.
The towel boys are smoking wacky tobacky behind Mister Twister.
I need you to stick around a little longer.
I'd owe you big-time.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Going to junior prom? [FAKE LAUGH.]
Go to hell.
Concessions has two pizzas left.
Y'all want 'em? Yeah.
Well, clean up the nacho spill, and they're yours.
- I'm keeping this.
KISSINGER: You guys having a good time out there? CROWD: Yeah! I'm gonna need you.
Help me fire it up.
Can we fire it up? Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! OBIE: God Almighty made this great nation so that you and your business could prosper.
So walk without fear in your heart, forge on without doubt.
If you don't believe me now, believe it when the negative people are roadkill in your rearview mirror.
You don't mean to run them over.
- It just happens.
You're late.
- Well, the bus was late.
Jesus, Travis.
You're sweating through your jacket.
- Come here.
Here, give me this.
- Come on, take it off.
- Why'd you bring Destinee? 'Cause the $300 we spent on this rally is $300 we can't spend on a sitter.
KISSINGER: Here he is, folks - Cody Bonar! - [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.]
All right! Whoo! Who's fired up?! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE IN DISTANCE.]
- Arms.
- I feel a little lightheaded.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Just breathe.
Okay, let me look at you.
Let me look at you.
You're gonna be great.
- Just breathe.
Now, I know this couple pretty darn well, and let me tell you, the sky is the limit for these lovebirds.
Give it up for the Stubbs! [CHEERING, WHISTLING, APPLAUSE.]
CODY: Travis here - [MUSIC STOPS.]
- is the hardest-working man I have ever met.
Every day, Travis wakes up and clocks in at his J-O [RETCHES.]
B at CAI.
But this Friday [BOOING STOPS.]
This Friday Travis Stubbs kisses that good-bye! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.]
Limo, tux, the works! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE.]
What are you doing to celebrate tonight, Travis? I-I have a pitch in Tallahassee? Excuse me? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I got a pitch in Tallahassee.
You hear that? He is a machine! - [CHEERING.]
- He's a machine! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING.]
Every night! Every night! Every night! Every night! - Every night! - [FIREWORKS SQUEALING.]
Every night! Every night! Every night! Every night! Promise me you'll pull over if you get tired.
TRAVIS: All right, darlin'.
Come on.
- It's okay.
Come on.
It's okay.
Some people make VCRs or plastic bags or lasers.
That's all fine and dandy.
But what you're really making is somebody else rich.
So what do I make? I make millionaires, folks.
I make 'em by the fistful [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
I told him, "Ron, if this president thing doesn't work out, you can fall back on all your natural talent" up close at the last four Miss Venezuelas, like I have Let these tapes inspire you.
You listen to them until you know every single word, and then listen to them again, and some more, and then [MOOSE BELLOWS.]
Whoa, whoa! Whoa.
OBIE: I don't wonder how I got so lucky Oh Every night.
Every night.
Every night.
Every night.
KRYSTAL: Morning, Ernie.
Brenda said you needed me in here? Oh, Krystal, it's horrible.
I think somebody got sick.
No, Ernie, teenagers do stuff like this sometimes.
They're monsters.
On purpose? Yes, Ernie.
On purpose.
You still coming to dinner tonight? Ernie? You coming to dinner? Hon, is this gonna turn into another business meeting? Look, Travis thinks if you help out, he can quit selling insurance.
Krystal, you know I'd do anything for you, but I can't stock FAM at Rebel Rapids.
I need this, Ernie.
I'll make you your favorite.
All right.
I'll see you tonight.
You already know We got to stock this water park with FAM because, - when we do, I'll go Washington.
- Yeah.
Just in time for Mr.
Garbeau's Paradise Cay retreat.
I could use a vacation.
It's not a vacation.
It's business.
It's-it's business, honey.
- Did she get a ThighMaster? - [DOORBELL RINGS.]
- All right.
- Rebel Rapids, here we come! - Here we come! [SMOOTH POP PLAYING QUIETLY.]
Hello! [LAUGHS.]
Hey, neighbor.
- Good to see you.
- Hi! - Hey, how you doing? - Hey.
How are you? - How's it going? - Okay, now, I know y'all want - to talk business - Nice to see you.
But I-I'm here for the casserole.
- Please.
Don't mind him.
- How are you doing? Mmm.
Boy, Krystal, you've really outdone yourself - this time.
- You sure have.
- Thank you.
- Really.
Oh, my goodness.
- BETS: They're so good.
- Seriously.
Can you imagine getting a cut of the whole water park's spending? Just pouring money in your pocket every time they buy, - I don't know, coffee.
- Yeah.
How much do you spend on coffee? Oh, geez, don't even talk to me till I've had - my morning coffee.
Listen, I'm a regular coffaholic.
All right, I am.
Uh, I need a cup of coffee to wake me up enough to make a cup of coffee.
Ooh! CODY: See? - You're a fun and-and popular guy.
And not to get ahead of ourselves here, but a guy like you could move a lot of product through Rebel Rapids.
- Well, you know - [DESTINEE CRIES.]
- Do you get what I'm offering here? [LAUGHS.]
Well, I sure wish you'd offer me some more casserole.
I'm talking about getting rich.
Can I interest you fellas in a dip? Not bad, huh? It's a luxury soaking tub for successful businessmen.
- Enjoy.
- Yes.
- Anyway, she's such a good baby.
- She really is.
- Yeah? So, uh how's Travis taking to fatherhood? - Good.
- Yeah? - Oh, good.
- Yeah.
FAM seems to have him pretty focused, seems like.
Oh, you know what? I got to show you what I've been working on.
Krystal Stubbs, you give me that.
- Look, Neenee.
- I love it.
- She loves it, too.
Love the sparkle.
- Neenee, look at this.
I can't wait till you start - sparkling her up.
- You love the sparkle? January 20, 1987.
I'm filling up my tank at the Sunoco.
There is this guy smoking a Cuban while his driver fills up the most expensive car I've ever seen.
CODY: So he says to me, "What are you doing?" I didn't do jack, so that's what I told him.
"I don't do jack.
" You know what he said? "Me, neither.
" - [LAUGHS.]
- You want to know who it was? Bob Newhart.
Obie Garbeau II.
- You've told this story a bunch of times.
It gives me goose bumps every time.
Okay, so you're telling me if I work for Founders, right? Oh, no, Ernie.
You don't work for Founders.
You work for yourself.
The Garbeau System, it just shows you how.
- Ernie, it's about you.
- TRAVIS: Mm-hmm.
Oh, Ernie, it's about your life.
- Right.
- And when this business is life, life is good.
Ooh, yeah.
- Guys, my life is good.
- Your life is okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Your life can be magnificent.
BETS: Okay, soggy britches, let's get you home and dry you off.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you guys again.
Oh, well, when you're at your J-O-B tomorrow, think about who profits from your time and sacrifice.
- Hmm? - And then take a listen to this.
Mentorship from the man who invented the system.
I buy 'em at cost.
Thank you, Trav.
Oh, no, I-I buy 'em.
- Oh.
Yeah, you buy 'em.
All right.
Ernie is one tough cookie.
Maybe he just doesn't want what you're selling.
Ha! Well, who doesn't want to get rich? Take a look at this.
Now, these are all real honest-to-goodness millionaires.
Each and every one of them.
"Judd Waltrip went Washington in March of 1989.
"You're most likely to find him fishing on his yacht, the S.
Free Enterprise.
" Mm-hmm.
And one day soon, we will own a yacht.
We don't need a yacht.
What we need is to stock FAM brand at Rebel Rapids.
Would you sleep better? Yeah.
We don't need Ernie to get FAM stuff into Rebel Rapids.
Well, as Cody always says Mr.
Garbeau always says, "Go-getters go get.
" ERNIE: You can't do stuff like this, Krystal.
FAM brand stuff is better.
There is no room for your discretion! [SIGHS.]
Oh, my God, I am so sorry for blowing up at you like that.
I know you were just trying to help, hon.
It's just S-Stan already blew up at me.
So tell him we're doing him a favor.
He wants me to have this conversation with you about chain of command.
I know, it's stupid.
KRYSTAL: Come on, Stan.
We have contracts with our vendors.
- No, we don't.
- Well, we have relationships.
Well, it's all the same stuff.
You've been stocking from six different companies.
If we go all FAM, - it saves hundreds on shipping.
- No way, no how.
Look, I've read all about that scam, and I'm not - gonna be suckered into it, okay? - I'm not some sucker.
- Excuse me! - I'm not! Excuse me! Sorry, I I couldn't concentrate.
Yeah, well, now I can't concentrate.
Soap is soap.
It saves you money.
It gets my husband FP to grow his business.
It's a win-win.
Listen, I don't know what FP is, but I know what TP is, and this ain't it.
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh, and I'm not running some sort of day care here, by the way.
- Heck of a day.
Got a big day tomorrow.
You can't retire tomorrow.
- Krystal, I know what I'm doing.
- Not yet.
We got to return this FAM stuff.
Rebel Rapids wasn't having it.
What? But that Rebel Rapids deal gets us enough FP - to go Silver Jefferson.
- Jesus, Joseph and Mary, there is no Rebel Rapids deal.
Would've been great, but Stan said no.
So you're not going Silver Jefferson.
You can't leave CAI.
You can't even buy fucking diapers with FP.
Oh, real nice.
Here come the Fs! Travis, we can't afford to do this.
We can't afford not to do this.
Oh, Travis, you're sleeping, what, ten hours a week? You're delirious.
Sit down.
Listen to me.
Sit down.
Forget the business.
- I'm your wife.
- I know.
I love you.
Well, I I love you, too.
And Founders is an expression of that love.
Founders is a fantasy.
A a fantasy? Do you realize how embarrassing it is to be married to a stinker-thinker? You're my wife.
You're supposed to support and respect the work I do.
Because when I climb that mountain, you get the view.
If you only trust me, I will make your dream come true.
And I will make Destinee's dream come true.
Our hearts will be free and open.
And we will own a helicopter.
And one day, you will wake up in [SINGSONGY.]
And you will feel my strong hands caress your [LAUGHS.]
Oh, okay.
Here we go.
"You can't get hard, Travis! You're barely a man, Travis!" Dr.
Mackensie made it perfectly clear that the only reason I can't get hard is because I'm not sleeping, and why am I not sleeping? Well, because I'm out there working every night for you.
So you you should be thanking me every time I can't get hard.
You should be begging me not to get hard.
I don't beg.
Something's breaking Wearing white As you're walking Down the street of my soul You take my self You take my self-control [KNOCKING.]
I can't do this right now, Travis.
CODY: Krystal? It's me.
It's Cody.
Cody Bonar.
Oh, my God.
Returning the FAM stuff, that that would be bad business for you, which is bad business for me, which is bad business for you.
This is about Travis.
CODY: Yes, Travis has demons, and the business is a very healthy outlet.
Why can't he take up fucking Rollerblading like everyone else? See? What did I tell you? Okay, your language is unattractive.
I have 1,000 fucking dollars' worth of FAM fucking shit that I need to fucking return.
Krystal, trust your husband.
Trust the Garbeau System.
- Once Travis retires from his J-O-B - Stop saying that! I won't.
"Just over Broke.
" Or "Jerks on Board.
" You take your pick.
Jester of Boss.
Thank you, Travis.
See it's not about the money.
It is about the money.
We can't afford to throw away 40 grand and benefits for something that hasn't netted us a dime.
The business has made us thousands! And it's cost us twice as much! - Okay.
- It's an investment in ourselves.
Krystal, listen.
Oh, God.
CODY: This kind of negativity affects your marriage.
Cody gets it, honey.
The most beautiful thing about your business is that you share it together.
Travis is doing his part.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
He is a warrior.
- I'm a warrior.
- He's a gladiator.
I'm a gladiator.
He's a millionaire-in-waiting! Jesus, I don't need my husband to be a millionaire.
I have a child.
I need health insurance.
I need the mortgage paid on time.
Listen to all those I's! How about some we's? Travis is a Founders man.
He needs his Founders woman, and being a Founders woman It means being supportive and it means being available.
Carol should have covered this.
I'd like to speak to Travis alone.
- I'll be in the next room.
- Get out! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Is that really what you want? Founders woman? You want me to wait up all night for you to get home? Like Carol? Well, that-that's not what Because I'll do it.
I'll be your cheerleader.
I'll support your dream.
I'll try.
Well, that's all I ever wanted.
But here's the deal.
Tomorrow you will go to CAI and you will work a full day.
And you will come home.
And we'll do it all over again the next day.
Because you have a family to support.
I know this is inconceivable to you, but this [SCOFFS.]
is more than I ever expected.
If you leave CAI, I will leave you.
But what if we? I won't be poor again.
I won't.
Side two.
It's lovely to have nice things.
There are people in this world, negative people, who resent us because of our nice things.
I have homes.
Homes, not houses.
I have homes.
Very plural.
I could drive a different car every day of the month if I so pleased, but I don't, and do you know why? Because that would put my driver, Emilio, out of a job.
I am a job creator.
KRYSTAL: You've reached the Stubbs.
Leave one.
Hi, babe.
Um I'm just calling to say I love you.
Go time.
It's showtime! Harry.
- Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh Oh, oh, oh TRAVIS: Are you gonna stay in your J-O-B?! Or are you gonna embrace your destiny? Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh Come on! OBIE: [VOICE-OVER.]
You see, people treat a man differently when they know - he's worth millions.
- Jungle life They realize they're in the presence of a man.
- A man.
- On my own Like Tarzan boy - [WHOOPS.]
- Andrew Jackson.
Now, that's a man.
Ronald Reagan.
Now, that's a man, and a friend of mine, by the way.
Jungle life I'm living in the open OBIE: John Wayne, Jesus the Nazarene.
These were Founders men before Founders existed.
A fire blows the signal to the sky - [CHEERING.]
- Fly! Does the message get to you? You're free! Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Yes! Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh Who's calling? A winner.
The moment that you are living right now may very well be the moment for which you are remembered until it all turns to dust.
So count your blessings, young man.
You're not a boy anymore.
You're a Founders man.
A Founders man enjoys respect.
Boys beg for the approval of others.
A Founders man enjoys luxury.
Boys subsist off the bare necessities.
A Founders man enjoys security.
Boys scrape by and barely survive.
A Founders man enjoys his life.
Let me tell you something.
I don't worry about jack diddly squat.
Travis! [WHIMPERS.]
Travis! Travis! Travis! [GASPING.]
Hey, Cody, I really didn't think - I would make it out of there, - [CRYING AND LAUGHING.]
but I was able to squeeze [SCREAMS.]
I am a Founders man.
What kind of man are you? I'm committed to this park.
To you, to the team.
I'm a team player.
Slamming the door was undignified.
I regret that.
I hope that only goes to show how deeply I care.
Uh, and I sorted out all my home stuff from-from now on, it won't come up again.
- Destinee stays outside of the park.
MAN: Miss Stubbs? Could we have a moment? I don't have friends, I-I have, I have business partners.
But he was my best business partner.
Which I mean, he was my best friend.
He was.
Thank you.
I am so, so sorry.
Why are you wearing this? Listen, I tried to talk him out of it.
Okay? I did, I No, you didn't.
DETECTIVE: I think I found the head.
CODY: Hey.
It was a freak accident.
- I mean, nobody could - Drive.
Have known that He didn't suffer.
I mean, it was instant.
I can fix this! Krystal! [ANSWERING MACHINE BEEPS.]
This is a friendly reminder from Brand Card Services that your balance is past due.
Please call at your earliest convenience to settle your account.
Hi, babe.
Just calling to say I love you.
And, um I-I made a choice today.
Now, you might get mad, but go-getters go get.
Right, babe? I-I know you say you don't need the things we dream about, and that's fine, um but some day people are gonna look at us, the both of us, and they're gonna say, "Now, that's some family.
Why can't we be more like them?" You deserve that.
Every mile I drive, every hour I work is for you.
Every choice I make is for you.
ERNIE: Krystal, I'm-I'm so sorry, but it's happened again, in the women's locker room this time.
KRYSTAL: Oh, no, what I'm saying is that my husband was on the job when it happened.
Ma'am, your husband was not an employee of Founders American Merchandise.
Yes, he wa he was.
He was an independent business owner.
I can say with some confidence that Founders assumes no liability and pays no benefits.
You gotta be kidding me.
We need to be strong for Krystal, you know.
I know.
Can you do that? I can do that.
I know you can.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Mm.
Is all these FAM folks? I guess so.
I don't really recognize any of them, though.
CODY: Krystal.
He's here.
Yes! Yes! Oh, my God.
Yes! Give a little bit of heart and soul Give a little bit of love to grow Give a little bit of heart and soul And don't you make me beg for love Give a sign, I need to know - A little bit, little bit - [LAUGHS.]
Give a little bit of heart and soul OBIE: Hey.
Good to see you.
How are you? Good to see you.
All right.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
All right.
Sometimes in our grief, Krystal, we forget that God is-is guiding us with His hands.
- CODY: Krystal.
- MINISTER: We have Are you family? Are you family? You must be Krystal.
Obie Garbeau II.
I know who you are.
I need you to make this right.
I just flew in, at a moment's notice, at my own expense to speak to your husband's legacy.
Travis lied to me.
He had stopped paying his life insurance premiums.
It all went to Garbeau System's tapes and rallies.
I have nothing.
I see.
Those people out there, they worked for your husband, and now they work for you.
I am here to motivate them to work harder for you.
The system works.
Let it.
Your system killed my husband.
I understand that you are emotional, but my system did not kill your husband.
An alligator did.
Look at where you are.
Think about where you want to be.
The Good Lord has plans for us to prosper, folks.
God put us in this country, this incredible country, - at this incredible time.
- WOMAN: Hallelujah.
Let's follow His plan like Travis followed it.
- Let's prosper like Travis prospered.
- MAN: Yeah.
- Let's let the work - [DESTINEE CRYING.]
of our hands build godly businesses and build them so big that Travis can see them from Heaven! [DESTINEE FUSSING.]
Can I get an amen? CROWD: Amen! Can I get an amen so Travis can hear you?! - Amen! - Amen! - Amen! - [DESTINEE CRYING.]
- Amen! - Amen! - Amen! Amen! - Amen! Amen! [CHANTING.]
Amen! Amen! Amen! - Amen, buddy! Amen! - Amen! Amen! Travis, he, um he was my workhorse.
I mean, I-I can't lose his downline.
Well, keep the wife.
She can be very negative, sir.
I've noticed.
What level are you? I went Gold Jefferson last month.
And without the FP from the deceased's downline? I'll drop to Franklin.
You be your own workhorse.
What if I can't? I reserve one-on-one coaching for Washington-level entrepreneurs.
Can never get enough of you Run to me, I'll take you where you want to go Am I - Just livin' in a mystery? - [DESTINEE FUSSING.]
Kind of got the best of me Now you tell to me most anything I want to know Make me whole And I will love you my whole life [SIGHING.]
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Make me whole We are guided by the love light All right [DESTINEE FUSSING.]
Fucking paper towels.
Come on.
You're not fucking paper towels.
Where the fuck are you?! Shit.
All this fucking shit.
What is this shit? [GLASS SHATTERING.]
- BETS: Hello? Hey, Bets.
Do you mind babysitting for a little bit? - And could I borrow your car? - [DESTINEE COOING.]
You are making the future.
A future not just for you, but for the people you love.
For your family.
And good for you.
You've busted your tail for this.
And one of these days, you're going to be living the A-list, six-star, jet set lifestyle that everyone wants.
So what's it gonna be? Are you the man whose life controls him? Or are you the man who takes control? [DUCKS QUACKING.]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh [SCREAMS.]
Oh, oh, oh