On My Block (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Chapter Eleven

1 ["GLITTER" PLAYING] Sebastian - - If this lasts longer than the song Or the nightclub, I don't know It wasn't made for you to swim Or you to want to get deep You're only shallow Very careless I have been This sweater ninety-six Ask before my tour Before I even exist Before I even exist Before I even existed, yeah Before I even existed Did I want to get rich? Did I want to live? Did I want to bring What I got to the block, to the block Like this, like this, like this? And the people that I met Make it bigger And I can't leave you much Just this glitter Just this glitter All around your body This glitter All around your body All the sudden this, all day That's twenty-four hours Outside of the gym It's been 19 tears to 19 years And now is that you wanna question How, when, where, and who I have been This time I don't be losin' my head Truth is I don't wanna lie again Truth is I wanna find myself again Tell me, my friend, my friend When I did lose it? My friend Tell me, my friend My friend, my friend When did I lose it, lose it again? I've been drinkin' lots to forget About the news I know when I sober up I'll have to pay my dues My friend, my dearest friend When did I lose it? Aah! Did I want to get rich? Did I want to live? Did I want to bring What I got to the block, to the block Like this, like this, like this? Did I even exist? Did I want to live? Did I want to bring What I got to the block, to the block Like this, this, this? And the people that I met Make it bigger And I can promise you I'm doin' better And I can't leave you much Just this glitter And I can't leave you much Just this glitter Just this glitter All over your body This glitter All around your body This glitter All around your body This glitter All around your body This glitter All around your body All around your body All around your body All around your body All around your body Around your body All around your body My friend-end-end-end, end-end-end End, end-end-end Friend-end-end-end, friend-end-end Friend, end-end-end Friend-end-end-end, friend-end-end Friend, end-end-end Friend-end-end-end, friend-end-end Friend, end-end-end, end [MONTY] Look at you! How did my baby get so grown up and beautiful? Milk.
It's not even funny.
You're so easy.
- That's what the ladies say.
- Ew, no.
So where are those ladies tonight? Oh, baby, you are the only girl in my life.
Come on, there's got to be someone to ring in the new year with.
- Nope.
- I hate that you're alone.
Don't be.
Triple time is the only way we're gonna make a move out of Freeridge.
You got to stop overreacting, Dad.
We don't need to move.
There's a truce.
Which doesn't mean shit! When the banging gets bed enough there's always a truce.
I've seen dozens.
Anything can break it, and anything will.
That kid who shot your friends is still out there.
It's been a month, and so far no sign of Latrelle.
He's stupid, but not stupid enough to come back.
Babe, you don't know that.
Bad news.
I burned the cookies.
Who's that? Monse? [DISCONNECTS] - [CELL PHONE RINGING] - Shit! Shit.
[SIGHS] - I can explain.
- What is he doing in my house? - He has nowhere to go.
- He can't be there.
- But, Dad - Don't "but Dad" me! It's too dangerous.
You know that.
Caesar has to go.
Promise me he's leaving.
- Please.
- Promise.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Mi hijo? They didn't have your favorite mole, so I got the poblano.
Sounds good.
I really wanted your first meal out of the hospital to be extra special, but I'm just thinking how crazy it is that someone's whole life can fit inside a box.
I never got to give it to her.
It feels pointless to send it to her parents now, right? Should I just keep it? Open it? Do what feels best.
I wish I'd been to her memorial.
Aah! Mi hijo, it was beautiful! You would've loved it As much as you can love something that's really really sad.
Look on the bright side.
You finally got your own room.
Too soon? I'm sorry.
I'm no good with this.
I never know what to say.
I told her I was gonna be the love of her life.
And you were.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] How are the preparations coming for tonight? - Can I help? - Let me get your pills.
Ah! They aren't working.
My elbow still kills.
Sometimes you got to lean on a higher power.
Hold it, hold it.
Now, be honest with me.
What's going on? You haven't cried.
It worries me.
Normally, you are such a crybaby! [COUGHS] - No, I'm not.
- Mi hijo in this family, everyone has their thing.
Mario is smart.
Your father's reliable, your mother's crazy.
The twins are gross, I'm sexy, and you are the crier.
Now, tell me.
Why no tears? Because I still got use of my good hand.
[JAMAL] It's too soon.
Too soon.
People are still in mourning.
It's just not the right time to tell anyone about the cash, and maybe it'll never be the right time.
Girl, why you on their side? Don't you want to get off the pole? No.
I will not do that to make it up to you.
Oh, come on.
Please don't make me do it.
Settle down, mama.
Got to get these stacks packed.
What? I told you, to throw off a scent, you got to create one.
Especially one that won't entice someone to open the bag, you feel me? [ZIPS] All right.
Plain sight is the smarter move.
No one's gonna think anyone would leave money out like this.
And, plus, I've got eyes everywhere.
Four cameras, baby.
The laundry basket in my closet? Are you kidding me? That's so obvi.
Not happening.
No doing.
Laundry basket is basic.
Jamal out.
Just don't.
The pie was a good call.
Ruby loves pie.
Don't know why I didn't think to get a pie in the first place.
I can't go.
You're going.
Ruby didn't invite me.
I There's no invite.
We always spend New Year's Eve together.
It's not that simple and you know it.
Ruby and I haven't seen each other or spoken since I know, I know, but the longer you wait, the worse it's going to get.
He might not want to see me.
Ruby wanted to make tonight a party.
Do you really think he'd want to party if he was in a bad place? Okay, stop worrying about Ruby.
Instead, worry about where you're gonna be sleeping tonight.
I'll be home.
What? - I'm gonna go see my brother.
- Are you kidding? Oscar knows this truce isn't forever.
He wouldn't want me unprotected.
- He's protected me my whole life.
- Protected? Oscar had you DP'd.
He had to.
- He could've killed you.
- But he didn't.
You're not dead, but you might as well be.
- You've been put off.
- No, I've done my time.
I know my brother.
He wouldn't want me sleeping on the streets.
We're family.
You can't go back.
It's not safe.
Listen, you have to stay with me until my dad gets back.
- He'll never know.
- No.
You promised.
Take the pie to Ruby.
And I'll meet you after I work it out.
I don't get what the big deal is.
I feel exactly the same.
Do you ever miss your little adobe hut? - ¿Qué? - You know.
The little one you used to live in in Mexico.
You think all that mud has something to do with why your skin still looks so soft? - You're good.
- [WOMAN SCREAMS, LAUGHS] My baby! Aren't you supposed to be with your friends up north? There was, uh, a change of plans.
I have a surprise for you.
Tell us.
[EXHALES] It's, uh it's it's a really big one.
Okay, we're ready! It's like big -big.
Like like life-changing.
[ABUELA IN SPANISH] Mario! Ooh! Who's here? Ai, Mario.
Stop with the theatrics! What's the surprise? Happy New Year! Did you all know there's a pregnant white girl on your porch? [CHUCKLES] Uh surprise.
[SLURPING] I'm so sorry about your recent loss.
My heart goes out to all of you.
And as a beneficiary of white privilege, these kinds of tragedies are, like, foreign to me.
So on behalf of my people, I am sorry for keeping your people down.
Is she for real? I hope so.
Okay, um, thank you, Amber.
- We we appreciate that.
- Mama, this all looks amazing.
- [ALL GASP] - [MARIA CLEARS THROAT] Jamal, can you pass the bread? What bread? I don't have any bread.
I know you don't, but can you pass it? - Why are you so jumpy? - I'm not hiding anything.
- I didn't say that you were.
- Good.
Because I'm not.
I'm not hiding anything hidden or found or finding anything found or hidden.
I'm living my best life, out in the open.
- I have no secrets.
- [AMBER] I do.
And I feel like I should clear my conscience since we're about to come into the new year, and, uh, I'm about to be the mother to a "whitina.
" A what? A white Latina.
- [GAGS] - [AMBER] Okay, so there were not a lot of POC in my high school, which is really such a shame, because there's a lot to learn when you just break down those cultural barriers.
Anyway, I can't believe this is part of my personal history, but Babe, right now is probably not the best time Continue.
So, I had this friend and he was Latino.
Or Hispanic? Which one is he? Whatever.
It doesn't matter.
It's all the same, right, babe? Anyway, we called him Ockie and I thought it was just short for octopus, because he had an extra finger, but it wasn't about the finger.
It was because every time a teacher took roll, he'd go, "Aquí!" [ALL GASP] The finger was just a coincidence.
Is that effed-up? - Mario? - Hmm? Can you help me in the kitchen, please? [CESAR] Please, don't do this.
Oscar! Just [RAP MUSIC PLAYING NEARBY] Come on! I can make it up to you and I will.
Just let me come home! Okay.
Okay, fine.
You want me to beg? I am begging you, please! I'll do anything you want me to.
Just say the word, and I swear to God I will do it.
You need to go.
- [BREATHES SHAKILY] - There's nothing I can do for you.
Well, you've the choice to help me.
- You messed up.
- And I'll make it right.
I don't hear nothing.
You guys hear anything? - No! - Nothing.
I'm your little brother.
I don't know you.
But I'm your blood.
You're not a Santo! Do you really want me sleeping on the streets? As long as they're not ours.
[DOG BARKING] [ALL BOOING AND BARKING] [GENY] What you gonna do? [STAMMERS] I don't know, but don't worry.
I'm not dropping out of school.
I'm just taking a short sabbatical until we get on our feet which leads me to my next question.
- Can we stay here? - Oh, hell, no! No one's living in sin under Geny's roof! What she said! So we should get married? - No! - No! That bitch can't be my in-law! Mom, can't you just look at the good in this? There was a death in this house, and I'll be bringing in a life.
Oh, right.
It's like that old saying, "When God closes one door, he opens the legs of a white girl.
" - Everything okay? - Yes! [SIGHS] Jasmine, this is a family matter.
- So, please.
- You say that like I don't know.
Jasmine, can you close your ears, honey? - Ever hear of a condom? - [RUBY] Yes.
It's a thin rubber sheath worn over the penis during intercourse.
Mario didn't wear one.
I need water for my cotton mouth.
Mom, we have nowhere to go.
Amber's parents kicked her out.
You got my room.
I'll bunk with the twins.
- No! - Why? Because Because there's scientific evidence that Ruben's brain needs a room.
A room to grow and heal.
And because I say so! [RUBY] Bunk.
Does that sound weird? - Mama, can I help you with anyth - [DOOR BELL RINGS] I'll get that.
I will get that.
[CLEARS THROAT] Miss Martinez Mrs.
Martinez, I'm sorry, um I It's been a while, and I, uh [SNIFFLES] I'm really sorry about what happened.
I don't I don't really know what to say.
Been really confused.
I'm really scared lately.
And that's not an excuse or anything.
It's the truth.
[SNIFFLES] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You don't have to apologize, Cesar.
You just have to go.
[GIGGLING] Ah! So tell me, what does it feel like? Like you have an alien in your belly? [BOTH GUFFAW] Actually, I don't care how it feels.
I've been working this family a long time.
So don't think your little baby trap is going to get you in tighter than me.
Listen, puta.
Don't come at me.
I got a brick in my bag.
Damn, bitch.
That's my line.
Game recognize game.
- Is that how you say it? - Next time, don't undercut yourself.
- If you don't know it, don't show it.
- Noted.
Okay, I can work with what you got.
So, tell me.
If you squeeze them titties hard enough, does milk come out? [AMBER] I don't know.
[JASMINE] You're a gringa, so it's like soy or almond - or some good shit like that.
- Good point.
[JASMINE] Are you gonna eat the placenta? I heard about this girl [MAN] Hold up.
- Ruby? - Hmm? We can see through your brave front.
It's okay if you're not okay.
We're here for you.
Just tell us what you need.
Do you need anything? Some whipped cream.
I got you, bro.
- I'm gonna get that whip-whip.
- Hmm.
- Nice kicks! - They were cheap! Knock-offs.
And you know, it was just Christmas.
So I did real good this year.
- Well, you look like a million bucks.
- Not a million.
Definitely less.
- I'm going in the other room now.
- Okay.
[LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] - Heating up our New Year's luck? - Hmm.
This bullshit.
Every year, we eat discolored greens and black-eyed peas, and nothing.
These don't bring dollars and sense.
Just heartbreak and heartburn.
Don't say that.
Look at me.
Do I look like someone's great grandmother? - Yes? - Exactly! That's because I can't afford a good skin cream.
This tradition is crap! Abuelita, that's all going to change.
You just need to trust me and believe.
I don't believe.
Believing is bullshit.
We are who we are, and it's never gonna change.
We're not special.
Come here! [INHALES DEEPLY, EXHALES] We are special.
[SOFTLY] And I can prove it.
- Is this - Yes.
- Yes? - Yes! Jamal! You have to keep it safe! Girl, who you talking to? I got eyes on it 24/7.
Everyone! It's almost midnight.
[ALL GASP, CHEERING] - Let's go! - Yeah! Yes, yes, yes! I wanna say something real quick before the new year rings in.
You have 30 seconds.
I know you're worried that I'm just fronting and putting on a good face, but I'm not.
No, I'm not a victim.
- I'm a survivor.
- [JASMINE] Yeah! And I don't want to live the rest of my life in fear or with regret, because it's a choice.
And every day we can choose to focus on our gifts instead of our misfortunes.
We can choose to to turn our worst tragedies into our greatest blessings and we can choose to love instead of hate.
By the way, shout-out to whoever brought that pie.
- Yes! - Tonight, I want to look to my future and not my past.
Tonight, I want to make every second count because tonight I'm alive and okay.
[ALL CHEERING] Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! - Happy New Year! - [SHOTS] [YELLING, SCREAMING] Ruby! [HEARING GUNSHOTS IN HIS HEAD] My Ruby! My baby! [FEMALE VOICE] Ruby! Ruby! [DOG BARKING] [PANTING] [FIRECRACKERS BURSTING NEARBY] [SOBBING] I'm not okay.
It should've never been you.
[CESAR] It should've been me.
I'm so sorry, Ruby.
I don't blame you.
- You did the right thing.
- No, I didn't.
I got nothing but love for you.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't your fault.
Olivia I'll never forget your kindness.
Your encouragement and support.
Your beautiful heart.
And your unconditional friendship.
You're the first and only girlfriend I've ever had.
And until I met you, I never knew what I was missing.
[SNIFFLES] You should unwrap it.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
What? What's so funny? Oh, my gosh, Ruby.
What? That is a terrible birthday gift.
Why? What's so terrible about trying to better someone's skill set? I'm with Ruby.
The girl was many things, definitely not a linguist.
- Yeah, she once called horchata - Hurache.
It wasn't just once.
I miss her.
Guys, I've been hiding something.
[CESAR] Me too.
I've got nowhere to go.
- You said that your brother was - No, I lied.
I'm dead to him.
But not to me.
I'll figure it out.
I promise.
Oh, right.
This happened.
We've been hiding this too.
We don't care.
We kissed you first.
Anyway, as I was saying, before you interrupted me Hell, I've been high all night.
Are you kidding me! Are you kidding me? I'm literally trying to tell you guys something! Something important! Something monumental! Something that could probably No, scratch that.
Positively will Positively change your lives! And you all keep interrupting me like some dumb comedy run! What is wrong with you people? Okay! Tell us.
I'm done.
We'll shut up.
You don't deserve to know.
I found the RollerWorld money.
You know what? I don't know why I'm being so quick on the draw.
I think an apology is in order.
- For what? - For what? For all of my mistreatment.
I'm tired of being an afterthought.
For once, I'd like to be a "before-thought.
" Or just a thought.
Not one of you has ever said you're sorry for the shit you said to me.
We're sorry.
Can we see the money now? - Seriously? That's all you got? - What do you want us to say? How about Jamal was right? No, you can't just move your mouths.
You got to say it.
"Jamal was right.
" Jamal is not the biggest, fakest liar ever.
"Jamal is not the biggest, fakest liar ever.
" Jamal is the real glue of our crew.
"Jamal is the real glue of our crew.
" Jamal's big mouth is not as big as Jamal's big I'm not gonna say that.
Big intuition.
Look, we get it.
You're the man.
Thank you.
We can proceed.
So now, lady and gentlemen without further ado, I present you with [SCREAMS] The money is gone! - ["THINK ABOUT IT" PLAYING] - Lately I've been on a fast track I'm doin' numbers like the NASDAQ It got me askin' where the cash at You got the weed, my ni Pass that, pass that Lately I've been on a fast track I'm doin' numbers like the NASDAQ You hate to know me Stand back You got the weed, my ni Pass that Pass that, I need to think about it Just for 30 seconds Sony gave me seventeen Kill these lil Like I'm Cadnice Everdeen They call me the Lord€ the flyest That you have ever seen At the Chud Mountain puffin On the evergreen In that black Mercedes Whippin' wit the heavy lean Double cup promethazine With the Ketamine Life is gettin' better But that's what the cheddar brings Got the juice You can't ever say I'm never clean In the fast lane I ain't even hit the blinker Sippin' Diva vodka But I usually ain't a drinker SDH created by Salonee Kadam