On My Block (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Chapter Twelve

1 [JAMAL] It was here.
It was just here.
Why is it not here? No! No! No! No! Oh! Shit.
It was here.
I swear to God.
Yeah, here we go again.
Another RollerWorld delusion.
No, no, no.
I can prove it.
- Look.
We'll find the perp.
- [CESAR GRUNTS] Holy shit! Where did you find it? - Wait, the green's real? - RollerWorld's real.
What was that? - Yeah, what are you doing? - Nothing.
Not important.
Okay, okay, we got something.
My parents, who are completely disrespecting my privacy And about to get it in on your bed.
No, they're not about to get it in.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
Don't do that.
No, no, no, no, no, no! [SCREAMS] Here, take it.
I can't - can't do this.
- Ugh! - [MONSE] Hmm.
- Ugh, okay.
[GAGS] It's over.
I'll never be able to look at them again.
[JAMAL] Wait.
Why is she in my closet? Mom! [DWAYNE] Oh, my doll.
[SCREAMS] Oh, my God! - [FRAN] Oh, my God! - Aren't you guys tired already? [DWAYNE] What? You were supposed to lock the door! [INDISTINCT MURMURING] [CLATTERING] - [FRAN] Wipe it off.
Come on.
- [DWAYNE] We got it.
You okay? Seriously, this whole situation is potentially scarring.
[STAMMERS] But I don't have time to get into that.
Where's my gym bag? With my football gear.
It was in my closet.
[GASPS] Oh, the stinky one.
It's gone.
It's not like you're playing football anymore.
I needed to get in my year-end tax deductions, so I donated it.
You donated it?! [JAMAL] Why is that down there? - Better safe than sorry.
- Understandable.
Okay, so I've cracked the case.
The money's at the Goodwill.
Let's roll.
- What? We can't go now.
- Yeah, Jamal, think about it.
You're right.
It's a full moon, but don't worry, Monse.
- Werewolves don't like dark me.
- It's not the moon.
It's New Years in Freeridge.
Drunk drivers and drunk people with guns.
No one's hitting up the Goodwill at this hour.
Good night.
You all suck and I hate you.
See you tomorrow morning? 0800 hours, don't be late! [MONSE] You don't need to do this.
It's not safe for you to be walking home alone.
But it's safe for a 15-year-old Santo who's been put off to be sleeping on the streets? I don't understand why you couldn't just ask Ruby or Jamal to crash with them.
Ruby's mom shut me out when I came to the party.
So why would it be any different at Jamal's? - No one needs the risk.
Just let it be.
- [SCOFFS] Let it be? Seriously? Who do you think you're talking to? Just come inside.
My dad's never gonna know.
But I know.
And you promised.
I have a workaround.
My dad said you couldn't stay inside our home, but he never said anything about his car.
Monse, house, car, it's all the same thing.
He doesn't want me around and I get it.
If I were him, I'd feel the same way.
I'll figure something out.
Good night.
Don't just "good night" me.
Good night.
[IN SPANISH] I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm leaving it unlocked.
You sure you want to yell that? Ruby! Mass is in 20 minutes.
I'm not going.
Are you sick? - No.
- You're in pain.
- Oh, you're constipated again? - Mom, no! - I just don't feel like going.
- Oh, you're going.
Why? She's not.
I'm an atheist.
And not part of our family.
Not yet.
Besides, the number one problem in the world is religion.
That's why Mario and I aren't gonna baptize the baby.
[GASPS] Get dressed and get in the car.
Everyone's waiting.
Why do I have to swear allegiance to something that comes out of a fake country in Italy? - What happened to you? - I almost died! And Olivia did and I just don't believe if there's a God, He would let something like that happen.
Okay, okay.
You don't have to come.
But I'll see you after for menudo.
Probably not.
I got to help Jamal out.
Oh, no, you don't.
If you can't hang with Jesus, you can't hang with Jamal.
Enjoy your day inside.
[SIGHS] [IN SPANISH] I can't believe she's gonna have my grandchild.
I really like your mom.
If you got money on the table And you really wanna bet it You talk about making moves So forget it, come on [MONSE] Where did you sleep last night? [CESAR] Doesn't matter.
I'm here.
- [MONSE] Don't be a dick.
- Stop tussling and start hustling.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] You've got to be kidding me.
Ruby is bailing after he made us wait until morning?! He didn't make us wait.
We just didn't wanna die.
Potato, potahto.
Of course you'd take his side.
I'm finding my Luton.
My mom said it's in the blue bin.
Here we are.
Bingo, bitches.
There it is.
Which one? [AMBER] Seriously.
- Have you talked to someone? - About? Everything.
That's a lot to hold on to.
And I know sometimes it's hard to open up to your family, but you can always open up to me.
I took a semester of psych.
I'm going to take a nap.
[DOOR OPENS] [CRUNCHING] You know, sleeping is a sign of depression.
You need to fight the depression and express your feelings.
So, how about we draw? What? Well, you said there's nothing we can do.
I disagree.
What if MLK or Cesar Chavez had that bad attitude? We need to make our voices heard.
So draw your feelings.
What you got? That's amazing.
How is that possibly amazing? Because you're angry, which means you're past denial.
Denial, stage one of grief.
Anger, stage two.
You're making progress.
It takes a big boy to work through his trauma, - but you can't do it alone.
- Yes, I can.
I do a lot of things alone.
Some of my favorite things I do alone.
You know you're the first person I know who's been shot? And I hope you're the last.
Ruby change starts with us.
#stoptheviolence, #guncontrol, and my personal fave, #myfuturebrotherinlawalmostdied sostopshootingourbabies.
Am I the baby in this scenario? 'Cause I thought I was the big boy.
Honey we're all the babies.
Or rather we are all los bebes.
- Where did you get that? - Somebody just left it on the sidewalk.
[SIGHS] But your mom said not to leave.
My mom also told Mario to use a condom.
[DOOR OPENS] [GRUNTS] Ugh! It smells like my grandpa's belly button in here.
[MONSE] How do you know what that smells like? He used to pay me a quarter to clean it.
Damn it.
No bag.
Retreat stat! [JAMAL GRUNTS] - What if it's not here? - Relax.
We still have four more to go.
Relax? You're not the one spelunking in that stanky funk.
And let me ask you something, Mr.
Where are my sneaks? Exactly.
You're on sneaker duty.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Ruby's on his way.
Okay, boost me up double-stat.
And this time, interlock your fingers, because I'm not feeling the dedication.
My wrist cost a quarter key My wrist cost a quarter key Yeah, yeah I keep the gang with me 'Cause they gonna bang with me [JULIO] Hey.
You'd do the same shit If you came from nothing Hey, I'm talking to you! Say I got lucky I'm doing my thing Only God can judge me My teachers done fucked me But now they wanna fuck me I'm stunting I keep me bands in the duffle When I was trapping I didn't touch nothing My little servin' for me On the huff What? These hoes wanna puff me Just wanted to check up on you.
- You good? - No, I'm not good! - Yo, chill out.
- Chill out? That's all you got as you sit there on your damn throne? I got shot! And my friend, the most amazing person I ever known, died because of you and for what? Nothing! Nothing but some bullshit thief that means nothing! And that night won't stop playing on auto repeat in my head, and every time I move my arm, which is often because I'm a gesticulator, it kills, further reminding me of that night, thanks to you, so don't tell me to chill out! Imma just sip my lil tea You must be in the anger stage.
And hold.
Mm-hmm, I saw that.
- Hmm? Saw what? - You yawned.
[JAMAL] Monse, you're watching my sneaks, right? - I didn't yawn.
I'm wide awake.
- You haven't slept, have you? [JAMAL] They're limited edition.
- Guys, are you holding tight? - [BOTH] Yes! I feel like I'm slipping.
Interlock your fingers.
So you came to lock my dad's car, but not stay over? [JAMAL] A few more inches.
I think I I see it! I see it! Okay, one more inch, and keep a comfortable grip.
Well, you look like shit.
And you don't smell great either.
And yet I feel spectacular.
[JAMAL] I got my Jetta [JAMAL SCREAMS] My pants! What the hell! Shit.
Someone's coming.
We got to hide.
- Jamal, we'll be right back.
- [JAMAL] No! No, no, don't leave me! ["A MIMIC'S IGNORANCE" PLAYING ON CAR STEREO] [JAMAL YELLING INDISTINCTLY] [JAMAL] What? [JAMAL] Guys! [GASPS] [GASPS] [JAMAL] I don't think I like cramped spaces.
Cesar! Monse! Okay.
[EXHALES] [INHALES DEEPLY] Smell the flowers.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Blow out the candles.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Smell the flowers.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Blow out the candles [INHALES DEEPLY] - [EXHALES DEEPLY] - [CHITTERING] - [SCREECHING] - What was that? [JAMAL SCREAMS] [MONSE] How did you get out so fast? A magician doesn't reveal his secrets, especially to traitors! [CESAR] We're sorry.
Yeah, clearly not sorry enough.
And clearly, you haven't learned about abandonment, because you didn't watch my back or my sneaks.
You had one job! Technically, two.
Okay, I'm looking for results, not excuses.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's see it.
You don't get to see my money! - You mean, our money? - I'm the one who found it.
And then you lost it.
And we helped you find it again.
It's not your money.
Give it back! Fine.
Then give me back my hoodie.
- Hmm.
Too bad.
I want to see it.
- No! [GRUNTS] Give it! Let go! [JAMAL] Give it.
Give it back! - [CESAR] Geez, he's so strong.
- [JAMAL] Ah! Ow! - Ow! - [CESAR] Let go! - [CESAR AND JAMAL GRUNTING] - [SIREN WAILS] [RUBY] How many times can I say I'm sorry? I know I stepped out of line, but I really don't have time to be your valet.
We need to grab a few nopales.
We need a cart.
This is getting heavy.
- Do you ever not complain? - Well, no one told you to bring me.
So, what else don't you like about me? Nope.
I'm not falling for that.
It's not a debate.
What else don't you like? Is this like queen-for-a-day sitch? It's a legal expression whereby someone can say anything they want and their words can't be used against them.
Speak, queen.
Well you guys call yourself "the Santos," the Saints, and yet you hurt people.
- So what's the point of you, really? - You coming at me? - But I didn't start this one.
- Yeah, said the complicit one.
- You like history? - World or American? Freeridge.
Doesn't get more American than that.
Back in the day the pinches prophets terrorized Freeridge.
Didn't matter who you were.
Paletero trying to make a living.
Viejita coming home from church.
You were a target.
They went to the cops.
But you know how that goes.
Until finally, Lil' Ricky said, "No más.
" This neighborhood is his familia, and you don't mess with family.
He started the Santos to protect the hood.
So then you had two groups terrorizing the neighborhood.
Terrorizing? You mean, protecting.
It's complicated.
The Santos are a family.
Families are complicated.
What do you know about family? You threw your brother out.
I said it's complicated! Cuchillos made that call.
- And no one questions Cuchillos.
- Cuchillos can suck a dick! [WOMAN GASPS] [INDISTINCT MURMURING] Look, all I'm saying is if you're a saint, then save people.
Don't kill them.
- Hey.
Where are you? - I'm on my way.
- Don't come.
- [MAN] Cesar.
- [SIGHS] I'll fill you in later.
So before I get into this bag, I'm going to give you the opportunity to tell me what's in it.
- I plead the Fifth.
- Really? Ma'am? - What's your name? - Monse.
Oh, Monse! Do you know the kid with no pants? I plead the Fifth.
What are you doing? CYA, cover your ass, which is something Jamal should've been doing - without my hoodie.
- So you do know him.
Jamal, get over here.
I plead the Fifth, the Eighth, and the Black.
- The Black? - Yeah.
Everybody knows you guys have a quota.
And I'm I'm more than a number, a stat, a notch on your belt! Make sure you're getting all this, okay? You know, snitches don't get riches.
- You should've shown us the money.
- [WOMAN CLEARS THROAT] My, my, my! What do we have here? What are you doing here? Girl, stop playing.
Like you don't know.
The Explorer program.
I'm third gen.
Law enforcement is in my blood, along with glitter and dreams.
So let me guess, y'all want a recommendation to join, right? - Yeah, you got us.
- Mmm.
Am I detective material or what? - Can I ask you a question? - Evidence.
Apply to work in Evidence.
Good shit goes missing all the time.
So is Officer Hamill a good cop or a bad cop? He's a sad cop.
With a temper.
A sad cop? I can't get into it.
I don't wanna betray the shield.
Off the record, homeboy was stepping out on his girl Ellen, in Evidence, with Miss "He-put-a-ring-on-it" Ilene.
So he's cheating on his wife? No, he was cheating on his new ex-girlfriend with his old ex-wife.
Jamal, you got to keep up if you want to be an Explorer.
Anyways, it's all good, because Ellen is maguro, and the last thing she needs is more drama from Señor Mad Moustache [DOOR OPENS] which is exactly why being an Explorer should not be taken lightly! Because every time I wear this badge, I represent a legacy of fine men and women, like Officer Hamill here.
They're all yours.
My patience is wearing thin.
So I need to know right now what's in the goddamn bag? Okay, okay, okay.
I'll tell you.
Is $200,000.
It's the RollerWorld loot.
I found it.
No one thought I could, but I did.
Now I'm here, wish I wasn't.
Kid if you keep BSing me, I will make that quota.
[SOFTLY] I'm trying to do you a favor.
Now, what's in the bag? Officer, what's with all the hostility? You look like you're about to pop a vein.
I do? Shit! Give me a minute.
I'm working through some issues.
- Hell, this is getting good.
You have a hard job to do.
But, honestly, you don't need to give yourself a heart attack.
For the sake of your family, please, don't take that anger home.
That's what Ellen says when she's not riding me about something.
I know the feeling.
[SIGHS] Maybe she's riding you because she cares about you.
And maybe you should appreciate her concern.
I do.
I do appreciate it.
- I just feel - Smothered? Totally.
She wants me to move in, but I'm not ready.
And that's why I snapped at her.
- I don't know.
- [ZIPPING AND UNZIPPING] All I'm trying to do is figure my shit out.
Maybe if you let her in a bit more, she'd let you do that.
That's what my ex-wife said.
- Ellen.
- No.
Still, there's something that's holding me back.
What? What is it? Money.
Are you going to keep it? I wish, but it's California and she gets half.
- My divorce cost me a fortune - [ALL SIGH] which is why I'm scared to totally commit.
I don't want it to happen again.
How could I miss what was right in front of me? Just, uh Hey, listen.
Um, remember last year when you helped me out with my shit? Let me help you out this time.
You need to go to her.
- Now? - If not now, when? If not you, who? Don't walk, run! Show her you're the man she knows you can be! Learn how to cut a lime.
You cut like a serial killer.
You're excused.
I'm excused? Yup.
I listened, you listened.
We're good.
You can go.
Uh Okay.
Or you could stay.
Taste it.
Expand your palate, homie.
Get off me already.
It's my mom.
She was on me about going to church, on me about hanging out with my friends.
Now she's blowing me up wondering where I am.
Now can I just be left alone already? Pressures of the privileged.
Privileged? [SCOFFS] I live in a house with bars on the window.
With two parents inside and a college future waiting outside.
Don't whine to me about your mom.
No one took care of me and Cesar when my mom was out there.
- I didn't mean to - Be ungrateful? I get that you got shot.
But why do you think no one came to finish the job? Because of me! And think about how fast that truce happened.
Me, again.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
There's a lot of things you don't know.
Like what it's like to walk into a job interview with a record.
You think Walmart's gonna hire someone with two strikes? See, I wouldn't work there.
- They have poor employee satisfaction.
- Are you joking? This shit's real! That's the kind of stuff that makes a man snap! But being mad at the world won't help you.
It'll only hurt you.
[JAMAL] Okay.
I've had adequate time to calm down, done some reflecting, meditated my BP down to 110 / 77.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [EXHALES] So you can see it now.
Your money? Our money.
Look, who am I kidding? This is a whole lot of money and a whole lot of responsibility.
I need to figure out what to do with it, and I need your help.
So what do you say? Can we see it? [UNZIPS] [JAMAL CHUCKLES] Oh, my God.
All right.
I'm going to be late for dinner.
- Catch you guys later? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Good night.
Wait, that's it? Sleep well.
Whoa! Aren't you worried about where I'm going to sleep? If you're not worried, then I'm not worried.
[CESAR] Ah! Dough, dollars, cheese, bread Coach.
- You're here to recruit me? - No.
Jamal, take a seat.
There's some footage we need to talk about.
How do you know? That's why I'm here.
Because you teach sex ed? No.
It's because I love your dad and your mom.
We've been a team since high school.
Okay, please tell me you guys aren't coming out as a throuple.
I don't know what that is, but what I do know is when I saw the holes - There's more than one? - Oh, don't act like you don't know.
And I thought about the embarrassment your parents would feel.
The pain your mom must be going through.
Are you still in pain? Yes, it hurts deep inside.
Okay, can we just drop this? We'll drop it as soon as you take a look at these pictures.
No! [PANTING] Oh! Oh! The football field.
[SIGHS] Wait.
Oh, shit.
Boy! What the hell on Earth were you digging up? [AMBER] Oh, that's really bad! You shouldn't use a sponge.
It's a bacteria playground.
Or not.
I'm sorry I left the house today.
I'm sorry I told you that you couldn't.
You're entitled to believe whatever you wanna believe.
I'm just not feeling God these days, Mom.
That's okay.
When I was your age, I wasn't feeling Him much, either.
I used to fake migraines and stomach aches and even a scorpion bite just to get out of going to church.
- Did it work? - All the time! So what changed? I had kids.
I don't know how else to explain it.
Children are nothing short of a miracle.
And when you see them take their first breath or potentially their last Well, you don't question if there's a god.
You know there is.
Do your mama a favor.
Let me hold you? [SNIFFLES] [SNIFFLES] Baby I don't care what you think about God.
But you better believe this: no matter how much we argue or disagree I will love you till the day that I die.
Me too.
Just don't do it before me, okay? I just want you to be happy.
I'm working on it.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] If children are such miracles, you might wanna be less transparent with Amber.
If you could fake a scorpion bite, you could fake a smile.
[AMBER HUMMING] On this road of life [BOTH CHUCKLE] [RUBY CHUCKLES] ["WAITING ON THE WARMTH" PLAYING] Seems like summer nights every night This one time the same tune Might get you by all right Lights fade, as the youth face Has never left your side You know You're just calling To let it all aside You came to play I can't today I'm, I'm on my way home You come my ways I can't delay I'm not the one to wait on I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth Every time it comes I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth Every time it comes I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth Every time it comes I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth Every time it comes I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth Every time it comes I'll be waiting on the warmth Each time it comes I've been waiting on the warmth I've been waiting on