On My Block (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Chapter Thirteen

1 ["SUPERFLY" PLAYING] Walking in the sunshine Running for the one time But that was only one time Okay it wasn't one time, uh You ain't showing up lately When you got a court date Suit and tie I'm super Fly Woke up in a good mood Telly for the cartoons Kitchen for the noodles 'Cause all we got is noodles Tenner in my pocket Nothing in my wallet You don't want no problems, no - [CELL PHONE BEEPS] Waiting for the one train Surfing on the subway I don't surf on no waves, no way Take me Somewhere where no one can break me Somewhere where I can be happy For now I'm stuck in the matrix - It's a new year.
- And a new day.
Finally we can get back to normal.
Sunshine Running for the one time [RON] Turner! Hauling and landfill costs: $996.
Turf resurfacing: $1,356.
Labor: $980.
Oh, and pain and suffering: $22.
Pain and suffering? That's the cost of a case of beer for dealing with all of this shit.
Which brings the total football field repair cost to $4,616.
So let me bottom-line this for you, son, since I know a kid like you doesn't have that kind of cash lying around.
That's right.
[CLEARS THROAT] Until you work off every dollar of that amount I own you.
[JAMAL] Not cool.
So not cool.
What? Ugh! Gotta be Tyrone.
Hello? Hello? Tyrone? Tyrone? It's okay.
Nothing to worry about.
It's daylight and and and nothing ever happens in the locker rooms, so it's all right.
- [WATER RUNNING] - You're good.
[WHIMPERS] Tyrone! [SCREAMS] Guys, I got eyes on me.
Me too.
The post-shooting lookie-loos are out in full force.
- Oh, Ruby! - [JAMAL GASPS] - [SHUTTER CLICKS] - Thank you.
I don't know how much longer I can be Bullet Boy.
I just wanna get back to normal.
- Normal? - [JAMAL GASPS] Baby, you ain't never been normal! You got that special sauce flowing through your veins.
And probably all over that juicy Nalga! [LAUGHS] Ruby said I could sit with y'all, so [RUBY] Shoot! I forgot dessert.
Oh, you sit.
I got you.
Sugar-free sweets for my super-sweet treat, coming right up! I'm sorry! But ever since my brush with death, I made a bargain with the big man.
Or woman? Let's say the universe will be gender-neutral.
But part of that deal was to work on my karmic energy, be a better person, so shit wouldn't go sideways again.
Part of that deal is to do charity, and Jasmine is my charity.
Couldn't you have saved a rain forest instead? See? I knew this would be an issue.
Speaking of commitment, we need to make one.
What are we gonna do with the cheddar? We need a plan of action ASAP.
First thing after school, all-hands meeting.
This kind of gouda can get ripe real quick.
I'm not sure we can handle it if people start sniffing around.
- Cheesy.
But I like it.
- Yes! [MONSE] Right now, the money as is makes us targets.
We need to move quickly to wash the cash so we can use it and help Cesar survive.
So where are we meeting? My dad is coming home this afternoon.
Okay, so we can't do it at Monse's, my house is pretty tense post-dig debacle, and Cesar never hosts.
So, Ruby, it's you.
Your mom doesn't want me around.
Oh, my mom's got a job all week, so we're good.
My house after school.
- [MONSE] All right.
- [CESAR] Cool.
[CESAR SIGHS DEEPLY] Sorry I didn't tell you Dad was coming, but I didn't wanna stress you out.
And I know it's even more stressful to find out the last minute.
But you never wanna talk about it 'cause then you worry.
So instead of having you worry about it, I worry about it and solve the problem.
I appreciate that you're trying to help, but I could have figured it out myself.
But you don't need to.
You have me, and I figured it out for you.
And what I figured out was a hostel! - [SCOFFS] - I have enough money to pay for 3 nights.
I don't wanna take your money.
You know.
[SIGHS] But we can't spend the RollerWorld money until it's clean.
So you have to take money from someone, and it might as well be me.
You just don't quit, do you? Why would I? Wait a minute.
 Remember my mom/non-mom? The woman who I thought was my mom? She asked me to babysit a few times last week when I wasn't available, but she texted me about another job, a bigger job.
You mean she texted Laura.
She needs a teenager to consult for the book she's writing.
So I guess none of what I just said about me trying to figure out the situation on my own resonated.
You're gonna text her now, aren't you? [MONSE CHUCKLING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [JAMAL] We have to move the money.
I can't be the keeper alone.
It's not safe.
Abuelita, I reserved the table for a two-hour block.
Didn't you see my note on the fridge? It's fine.
She knows about the money.
Well, since we found the money, I've done copious research.
This is why we're best friends.
- You're best friends? - Yeah.
You guys get to make out, we get to be best friends.
It's a trade-off.
Bestie, present.
- [LAUGHTER] - Ew! And no! Okay, team! We have 37-year-old cash that we can't spend without raising eyebrows.
And we've all seen Breaking Bad.
We need a cash business.
[ABUELITA IN SPANISH] Twenty, 40, 60 Abuelita, please! We're trying to think how to clean the money.
Jamal, your dad literally owns a business.
No way.
My dad's super particular about the books.
It would never work.
But what if we started our own business? How's Ruben's Fancy Festivities coming along? At least three years away from launch, pending a Silicon Beach cash infusion.
[IN SPANISH] Four hundred and sixty plus 260 Seven-twenty.
- [JASMINE] Hi! I'm shopping, was thinking about getting you a button-up.
- Cool.
Gotta go.
- Wait! Wait! What size is your neck? - I don't know! Average? - Average? Wait! Wait! Wait! Jamal, measure my neck.
Okay, no.
You need to give me your phone.
This is not a joke.
We're trying to move the money, and you're here playing twiddly-thumbs with Jazmaspaz.
- Just don't text her back.
- As if it were that easy! I have a moral obligation to reply.
Or what? The universe is going to strike you down? Maybe! You know what? I'm calling it for today.
I think we're hitting a wall.
Let's reconvene tomorrow after a good night's sleep.
Take your damn The thing about getting a good night's sleep is you actually need to sleep.
[JAMAL] Don't you understand what's at stake? I do and I want to do everything I can to help, but we've been on the phone for hours.
We're not getting anywhere.
I mean, 200k in this neighborhood, who wouldn't be paranoid? No one knows about the money.
Give it a rest.
- And get away from the window.
- I'm not at the window.
- I'm hanging up now.
Get out of my bed! [SOBBING] [GASPS] Just relax.
It's just a manifestation of your anxiety.
When you open your eyes, it will be gone.
[EXHALES] [SCREAMS] Dude, we need to relocate the green fast.
Like crazy fast, 'cause I'm going crazy.
I feel you.
I didn't sleep more than a couple hours last night.
A couple hours? Then you don't get to complain.
'Cause I'm talking total sleep deprivation.
Like no sleep.
You know, maybe Ruby was onto something with this whole karma thing.
Maybe I need to make amends for digging up school property.
- Isn't that what you're doing? - Yes, but it goes deeper than that.
Maybe I screwed someone over in the process of getting the money.
- Who? - No one.
I'm just playing around with a "what if?" Oh.
No, I get it.
Like what if I wash my clothes with those towels? No biggie, but it's not the cleanest machine.
I really have no other option 'cause You're cheap.
I know.
[EXHALES] - What? - You have muscles.
I can use those! Meet me at my house after school.
I need protection.
Protection from what? Doesn't matter.
I need you to be my bagman.
My bodyguard.
A bagman isn't a bodyguard.
- Whatever, it's the same thing.
- No, it's really not.
A man carries a bag he's a bagman.
[MONSE] It's in the bag! I got the job! Now I'll have enough money to loan you until, you know, something's washed.
After that, we won't have to worry.
You can stay at the hostel indefinitely.
Indefinitely? Or not.
What's wrong with the hostel? You hate it? Are there random pubes on your pillows? [SIGHS] That might have been mentioned in the Yelp review.
No, it's fine.
More than fine.
Might as well be The Queen Mary.
- Isn't that a ship? - And a hotel.
It's supposed to be haunted.
Speaking of paranormal, I think Jasmine might be the Candyman.
I'm starting to feel really paranoid.
It's like every time I say her name a few times, she just appears.
[ALL GASP] Sorry.
Did I scare you? There's a lot of that going around lately.
It's like one second you're minding your own business and then bam! Beady eyes and rosy cheeks staring right at you.
I know what you mean.
Although I wouldn't really say Jasmine has beady eyes.
Jasmine? Who's talking about Jasmine? I am! 'Cause every time I say her name a few times, she just appears.
It's like, "Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine!" - [SINGSONGY] Boo! - [ALL GASP] I found you! You did.
What's wrong? You look pale.
 Are you okay? No! I'm not okay! [RUBY SIGHS] Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes.
Hey, we'll catch you guys.
I'm not okay because I need something.
Uh, flaming hot Cheetos with chili, chamoy, and extra lime from Raul's pink truck.
Well, that's too bad, 'cause Raul is Awesome! Hey, you know what? Ask, Papi, and you shall receive.
Thank you.
That would be amazing.
[INHALES] [RUBY SIGHS DEEPLY] You know, that would be amazing.
Because Raul is retired.
Which means, maybe I won't be seeing some of her for quite some time.
I mean I'm gonna miss her and think nice thoughts about her while she's gone.
[BELL DINGS] [BELL DINGS] Laura, I'm so sorry I'm late.
No worries.
But I can't stay as long as I'd hoped.
The bus takes two hours.
Two hours? No, no, no.
I'll get you a lift.
I insist.
- You want something to drink? - I'm good.
[SIGHS] Let's get to it.
No, I'm not cool with this.
Why can't the money stay with you? Because it's your turn.
I'm just the bagman.
- Where's Monse? - She's not coming.
If she's not here to vote, how are we supposed to make any decisions? [PLAYING MONSE] I designate Ruby as my proxy.
[SUCKS TEETH] I'll allow it.
So let's get started.
Anybody got any ideas? Right here.
I think we draw up a fake business plan for an Owl Cafe.
Owl Pacino's Cappuccinos.
Get investors to front us the startup money, then using that money, make our business look even more legitimate and attract even more investors [MONSE] Jamal, it's a bad idea.
How do I debate with her if she's not even here? There's no debate.
It's a bad idea.
And a Ponzi scheme.
We know.
Actually, it sounds like you don't.
What you need is a cash business so you can take your old bills, which you can't use, and turn them into new bills, which you can.
Well, everyone in favor of using Abuelita's cash business to turn our old bills into new bills say "Aye.
" No.
I mean Yes, it could work.
But it's going to take some time.
And I get a little something on top of my 20% share of the money, right? What? How can you even make this about money? We're family! And you should never do business with family, which is why I shouldn't even be thinking about helping you.
Well, 20% is out of the question.
We're already splitting the money four ways.
Four ways? Insult upon insult.
You want to cut me out.
And you! These pendejos didn't even believe in you.
They called you pathetic.
- I never said that.
- But he thought it.
And that's worse.
- [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Get that.
I Don't look at me.
I didn't say anything.
- Hey! - What? Flamin' Hot Cheetos with chili, extra lime from Raul's truck.
Raul's retired.
I know, it took three hours, round-trip! Well, it's not long enough! You just don't get it, do you? Well, see if you get this.
You forgot the chamoy.
I I didn't want it to get soggy.
What? Okay, you know all that work you're doing to get right with the universe? - Well, that just ended.
- No.
That was just one misstep.
That's not how karma works.
Actually, I think that's exactly how karma works.
No! One good deed undoes one bad one.
One for one.
No, no, no.
If that were true, you could literally go out and murder a baby seal, and then as long as you recycled your compost, you'd be good.
Judging from what I just saw, you're like three dead baby seals in the red.
- [IN SPANISH] More like five.
- [CESAR] You gotta apologize.
Listen to the bagman.
[RUBY SIGHS DEEPLY] So, I was in band for, like, two hours.
I have no musical inclination.
Me too.
My mom forced me to play clarinet for years.
Hated it! But band was way better than Pop Warner cheer.
- Oh, God.
Cheer! What's the point? - [BOTH CHUCKLE] You have any specific questions for me? I feel like I'm rambling.
Not at all.
You're helping a ton.
But you're not writing anything down.
I'm just so enjoying hearing everything about your life.
Freeridge sounds like it hasn't changed much.
I thought you didn't know Freeridge.
I mean, from how I imagined it to be.
My story is set in a similar world.
Are you sure you wanna set it in a place like Freeridge? It's not exactly a beach read.
I mean the only girlfriend I've ever had was gunned down at her own quince.
And my boyfriend is homeless.
Oh, Laura.
I'm so sorry.
Me too.
How are you coping with that? I guess somewhere along the way I got a little numb to loss.
My mom left me when I was three.
Mind if I take this? Take it.
I'm gonna use the ladies' room.
Hey, Dad.
Dinner? I don't know.
Whatever you want.
Short and sweet Just the kind of girl you wanna meet Always happy, never sad I love to hang with Dad! Short and sweet You're the hero that I wanna meet What up, Peeper? You weren't answering your door.
Because I'm in the middle of a show.
Flores, hi.
I'm your neighbor Ruby Martinez.
[WHISPERING] Is he mad at me? Or high? [WHISPERING] Why are you whispering? - Because he's right there.
- Not really.
Hey, Papi, you're looking a little red.
Get his arms.
What? You just gonna stand there and watch a man burn? What? Something happen to him? Afghanistan.
Hey, get the tops of his feet.
Last time I forgot, he didn't talk to me for a week.
- Oh.
- [CHUCKLES] Listen, I came over here to apologize.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have blown up at you like that.
Oh, boo, it's fine.
I know I can be a little much.
Some people even find me annoying.
Okay, most people.
But when you've had enough doors slammed in your face, you kinda get used to it.
I mean, some people may not like me, but that just means I got to love myself that much more.
I can be a little much too.
Oh, I know.
But who cares? You gotta be you.
Why live for other people? Why are you letting me off so easy? 'Cause I know you got a lot on your plate.
I mean, shit, Ruby, you just got shot.
Olivia's dead.
- That's all I think about.
- Yo, I get it.
When my dad first came home, all I did was bargain with the universe for things to go back to the way they were.
But they never did, so I realized if I wanted things to change, I'd have to focus on the things that I can actually control.
And the only thing I could actually control was me.
So I decided to be happy.
'Cause why screw yourself if the universe is just gonna screw you anyway? Right, Papi? - [JAMAL] Abuelita! - [SCREAMS] Get out! - [CESAR EXHALES] - Abuelita! Listen to me.
I'm begging you.
We can't do this without you.
We need you! - Like tacos need Tuesday.
- Like Batman needs Robin.
Does Batman really need Robin? All I'm hearing is how much you need me.
The real question is why do I need you? You want 20%, you got it.
That offer expired.
- You need to go.
- Wait! - Jamal's told me many of your stories.
- [SCOFFS] You really lived it up back in the day, didn't you? Is he going somewhere with this? My point is, when was the last time you felt like you really lived? Felt that rush of adrenaline from doing something you knew you weren't supposed to do? This isn't just easy money.
This is an opportunity for adventure.
I don't need to break the law to blow my boobs back.
I could go skydiving or get a motorcycle.
With what money? Think about it! Don't you want to travel? Picture yourself at an all-inclusive resort like Sandals.
You're right on a beach, you've got a drink in your hand.
- Okay! - And you just dipped your toe in the pool.
Pool? I thought I was on a beach.
[CESAR] Ahem! With 25%, you could have both.
Well, I like the sound of that.
- I'm - 35%! [CESAR] Please, Abuelita! Pretty please! I'm in! Shake on it.
Jasmine? I, uh I got to apologize.
- I thought you already did.
- Yeah, but I wasn't saying sorry 'cause I was sorry.
I was saying sorry 'cause I felt obligated.
Obligated to who? The universe.
I know it doesn't make any sense, but I felt like if I was nice to you, then maybe the universe would stop making me feel so sad about Olivia.
What if I told you that you were the universe? [CRYING] I know you said I have more control than I think but it doesn't feel that way.
I just wanna go back to before all this happened.
I keep replaying everything in my head.
She wanted to cancel the quince.
What if I hadn't forced her to have it? You did nothing wrong.
What if I hadn't pulled her on the dance floor? Or what if I hadn't swung her around when I saw Latrelle? Maybe the bullet would have only gone through her and just killed me.
You did nothing wrong! I should've dropped to the floor, or ducked down! But you did nothing wrong! You're just saying that.
But Stop punishing yourself.
There is nothing that you could have or you should have done.
And you know why? Aye, Ruby, 'cause for all the reasons that you're trying to make right with the universe the universe is just gonna be what it is.
- [RUBY SNIFFLING] - It's fate, baby.
And you can't do anything to change that.
Bad things happen to good people all the time.
For no reason.
Thank you.
We're gonna be really good friends.
We already are.
You blew me away back there.
I shouldn't have underestimated you.
It's the muscles.
Throws people off.
Hey, we make a pretty good team.
We do, don't we? [CHUCKLES] Hey, do you believe in karma? Like do you think I'm paying for what I did? - But you didn't do anything.
- But that's the thing.
Maybe I should've.
Dude, are you crazy? You think you have bad karma because you didn't kill someone? Dude, you didn't kill someone! You're not in a gang anymore.
You can sleep at night.
Actually, I can't.
I haven't in a long time, since I've had no home.
Well, why don't you stay with me? You never asked.
Well, I'm asking.
In fact, I could really use the backup, 'cause I got some heat on me.
- Heat from who? - You mean from what? [DOOR OPENS] You're weird.
- And you're pretty.
- [DOOR SHUTS] [CESAR CLEARS THROAT] - How'd it go? - Uh Jasmine's eating lunch with us every day.
She really worked you.
I like Jasmine.
If your dad is on the road most of the time, who stays with you? I had a babysitter, but now I'm old enough to stay by myself.
That's a lot of responsibility.
I know you said your mom wasn't in the picture, but do you have a stepmom, or does your father have a girlfriend? Nope, no lady friends.
Is that hard for you? In what way? To be without a mother? Does your dad ever talk to you about yours? [CHUCKLES] You don't have to answer that.
It's a tough subject, I can imagine.
I don't mind.
We don't really talk a lot about my mom.
Not because of me, but because I think it's too tough on my dad.
I didn't really know her when she left, so losing her, in a strange way, wasn't as hard on me as it was on him.
Is that weird? So you're not mad at your mom? Nope.
I realized at an early age that we all have choices about things.
I could be mad at my mom or choose to believe that there's a good reason why she left.
A reason that had nothing to do with me and that choice feels like the right one to make.
Selena leaving had nothing to do with her daughter.
Selena? Is that your character's name? That's my mom's name.
My dad's name is Monty and my mom's name is Selena.
- That's why - That's why we named you Monse.
["MESSAGES FROM HER" PLAYING] Look how you found me A broken part enough for two For me and you Just reminiscence Of the best parts of my youth I wish I was her for good A piece of me ain't there 'Cause nothing can compare To life when I was young That girl inside me stays If I'm not here for me She will be there Dadadadadada