On My Block (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Chapter Nineteen

1 [DOOR OPENS] Baby.
I don't get on my knees for no Santo.
Do it! You think you're a man now? Show me.
You got that strap? Let's see your pussy-ass use it.
- [GRUNTS] Shoot me, bitch! [GUN CLICKS] [WHISTLES] [WHISTLING IN THE DISTANCE] You're one dead Santo.
- [GRUNTS] - Yo! What's up, homie? Come on, come on Hey.
[GRUNTS] Shit! Shit! - [MAN] Hey, yo, D! Go get him! - Get his ass.
- [PANTING] - [MAN] Hey, yo, D! [GRUNTS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Go around the back.
Go around the back way.
Hold up! [GUNSHOT] [MONSE] I talked to Officer Hammel.
He hasn't heard anything.
[RUBY] And no John Does at the morgue or the hospital since Cesar went missing.
So, that's a good thing.
You know, I feel it.
Like any moment now, there's gonna be a sign.
He's gonna be okay, and we're gonna be able to celebrate his birthday.
- His birthday is next week.
- What's your point? No point.
Just stating a fact.
I know he's fine.
Although, I've been leaving my dad's car unlocked for him to crash in, and every morning it's still unlocked.
Well, if you're leaving it unlocked and finding it unlocked, how do you know he hasn't been there? If he was there, he'd lock it.
- He'd never leave it unlocked.
- [JAMAL] Agreed.
Cesar was nothing if not responsible.
He took care of business.
And he was the best brother/romance/bag man I've ever had.
Why are you talking in past tense? We're just being realistic.
About what? That he's probably - dead.
- You don't know that.
[RUBY] Look, he went after Latrelle.
Chivo's car was found on 21st, that's Prophet$ territory, and he's been MIA.
You do the math.
He's probably hiding out.
Ruby's right.
If someone's missing for more than 48 hours, there's an 86% chance they're dead.
I mean, no one's watching a show called 72 Hours.
- Shut up, Jamal.
- [RUBY] We're just being real.
Prophet$ are ruthless as hell.
And gang shootings are up 31% this year.
Okay, stop.
Cesar is fine.
[MONTY] You okay? I have too many books.
Ruby and Jamal are assholes.
Why? They just are.
They keep saying things like Cesar's probably dead and stuff.
Cesar's a smart kid.
I'm sure he's fine.
That wasn't very convincing.
I'm sorry, but this is Freeridge.
- What does that mean? - Bad stuff happens here.
Bad stuff happens everywhere.
You think kids get rolled up on everywhere? They don't.
Have you been rolled up on? Baby, answer me.
I didn't want to stress you out.
It was random, so Random? Like your friend Olivia being shot? That was random.
Now she's dead.
This is exactly why I'm sending you away.
What? The moment I found out Olivia was murdered, I started looking into boarding schools.
With all my overtime and some financial aid, we can afford the best one, the Mayfield School.
It's all girls, in New Hampshire.
They have one of the best prep writing programs in the country.
The school's beautiful and safe.
- [SIGHS] No.
- You'd have a real community.
I already have a real community.
A failing community.
What about hope? And fighting back? And building something? This is gangland.
It's always been gangland.
Your dad was a Prophet.
You were raised by Prophet$.
What's the difference? The Prophet$ I grew up with are not like the ones who exist now.
When crack came in and the Prophet$ changed that S to a dollar sign, it was over.
Now Freeridge is somewhere you want to escape from.
Not for me.
I care about our community, and you should, too.
I'm not raising a community.
I'm raising my daughter.
You're going to that school.
I can't leave Cesar.
I just can't.
We don't even know if Cesar's alive.
And I never want to have to worry about that with you.
You're going.
So you don't give a shit about what I have to say? Not when you were feet away from a bullet.
- But - You're the kid! I'm the dad.
End of discussion! [RUBY] Well, this is jacked.
- Where's all my stuff? - Your room.
I just left my room.
It's all gone.
No, mijo, your room.
I moved everything back.
I'm fine staying with the twins.
You've wanted your own room forever.
Now you have it.
I have a better idea.
A home office.
You always said you wanted to work from home.
I never said that.
But you thought it.
Really? What am I thinking about now? No.
Do not think that.
Think about the poor twins and how much they'll miss me.
Actually, they want you out.
They asked me to talk to you.
Luisa says that you fart a lot.
And Luis says that all of his socks are missing.
No, I'm not moving on.
I mean, I'm not moving out.
Mijo, you need to move on.
I'll move on when I'm good and ready to move on, all right? Lose the tone and go to your room! [HUFFS] The other one! [GROANS] [DOOR SLAMS SHUT] [SIGHS] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Yeah.
I told your father about our little conversation and he wants to talk to you, man to man.
Go ahead, talk.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm worried.
More More concerned.
That you're using the twins' room as a crutch.
That's why you need to be in here.
See? Listen to your father.
[CLEARS THROAT] What you went through it - It's a - You need to get back on that horse and face your demons headfirst.
But I feel numb.
That's because you keep on using Luis' eczema lotion.
And that's medicated.
I mean emotionally numb.
And I feel guilty for not feeling anything.
It's like I'm disappearing as a person.
Numb? How? That's, uh You're too young to feel numb.
Big feelings, they're good.
That's the gift of youth.
Tell him, Ruben.
It's - It's true - You need to find the old Ruby.
We need the old Ruby.
I'm trying.
We know.
That's why moving back into your room is the first step Can I please talk to my son? Man to man.
Of course.
[DOOR CLOSES] What your mother said.
If it's okay If it's all right I'll be there Through the night I can feel it Coming on I think I wanna change the Whole world Can you see The phenomenon I know you're alive.
He's alive! It's a sign! Cesar's alive.
How do you know it's him? - Someone could've stolen the stuff.
- Good point.
Why would someone steal food and blankets, but leave a stereo? And he locked the door on the way out? Totally a Cesar move.
- She's right.
- He took everything because he's laying low.
We gotta jump on Operation Money Bunny fast, 'cause once he's out of hiding, he's gonna need to be on the move.
I'm one, or rather sixteen steps ahead of you! Oh.
And there's two new locations.
One here and one across Dooner Road.
What? Don't you have something to say? About what? About Cesar being alive.
You were wrong.
Right, wrong, doesn't matter.
We've got work to do.
[JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING] When I get my check Ladies and gentlemen I'm about to buy a real prehistoric Stegosaurus skeleton And put a ride in my living room As a centerpiece And ride over everyone My homeless home boys And celebrities Serve medical edibles Bottles of Moscato Octopus tentacles And American cheese About to open LB's Exotic Petting Zoo Betty Boop, water and tropical flowers In a kiddie suit Panthers and bengals Leopards and Pterodactyls A flock of neon peacocks My spirit animal Twenty pair of leather pants In every color imaginable Magic leather That's because I'm so fashionable Pay for my own presidential campaign Janet, James Brown Jimi Hendrix can play We'll go skinny dipping In a lake of champagne Anything can happen, baby When I get paid Around the world in 48 bars Money, money, money, money Money, money, money, money, money Whoo! Money, money, money, money, money Ahh! [LAUGHING] It's done! Cesar's finally going to be set.
Whoo! Who knew being a criminal mastermind would be this easy? Wait.
- What if they're listening? - They? Shit.
Uh I gotta go walk the dog.
You don't have a dog.
Didn't realize how upset you were with me.
I'm over it.
I'm fine.
We're fine.
Then don't sleep in the car again.
What? If you're mad at me, I'll give you your space.
But please don't sleep outside.
Anything can happen out there.
We've been in love, said it's over But now you doubt it It's not enough, but we had it And now it's gone [RUBY] Why weren't you at school today? You never miss school.
What's going on? I don't know If it's trust or madness It's going to be okay.
We'll find him.
He's dead.
Cesar's dead.
I need protection.
You came to the wrong place.
I found Latrelle.
I went to go finish the job.
And? The gun jammed.
You're O for two.
Ain't gonna be number three.
Where? I have nowhere to go! Not my problem.
Not your problem? There's nothing I can do for you.
It's not just about you anymore.
Everyone you care about s in jeopardy if you stay, so leave.
And don't come back.
[CESAR] You know what, Oscar? You should've handled this for me.
You're not just my big brother.
- You're my big homie.
- Shut the hell up.
You could've taken out Latrelle.
But instead, you sent me! You sent me to do it! Hey! Do you know what the hell you did? How badly you messed up? Hey.
You put me in an impossible situation with Cuchillos.
[SOBS] Oscar, please.
I don't know what to do.
I love you, mano.
But you're done.
Happy birthday.
[RUBY] What about your brother? Maybe he can help.
Spooky's done with me.
It's over.
So, what now? I disappear.
Leave for good.
That's the only way to keep Latrelle away and keep us all safe.
But what if you go to the cops? And tell them what? That I was going to kill Latrelle, but the gun jammed? - Good point.
- [SIGHS] But if you redact the kill and the gun parts, then maybe My only option is to get out of town.
Take the RollerWorld money.
All of it.
The only reason we went after the money was to get you out of the gang.
I love you guys.
But I'm only taking my share.
Do some good with the rest.
We'll wire you your share.
- You can't.
- What do you mean? I'm starting a new life.
New name.
- New everything.
- Then how do we find you? You can't.
That's the point.
No one can.
That's the only way all of us can stay safe.
Once I get somewhere, I'll email you to let you know I'm safe.
But But that's it.
Oh, and just one more thing.
[RUBY] Anything.
I can't be on the street with that kind of cash.
Bring my share to the bus station at seven.
So this is it? Our last night together? Yeah.
And our last group birthday.
Make a wish.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Since we don't know where Cesar's going, I've done some deep dive environmental charting and narrowed it down to three specially-curated eco-friendly go-bags.
Each contains turkey jerky, normal jerky, and Slim Jims, a Leatherman multi-tool, Handi Wipes, which are good for well other areas as well, dual-pane infrared goggles, water purification tablets Okay! This isn't show and tell.
Here are the differences.
The city go-bag is replete with hand sanitizer and duct tape to cover any and all motel peepholes.
The country bag has bug spray, a confederate flag, and a harmonica and Why? Have you been to the country? Touché.
And my desert go bag has sunscreen and Gold Bond.
I will defer you on to the right go bag.
Just make sure you save enough room for Cesar's cash.
I'm going with the City bag.
[SIGHS] She is beautiful.
Why is money a she? - A boat's a she.
- No, a boat's an object.
And you're objectifying women by gendering inanimate objects.
You know, with my cut, I'm finally going to build the Fortress of Jamalitude, guarded by professionally trained wolves.
Not that I couldn't train them myself.
And the fortress will be big.
But not gaudy, nouveau riche big.
Five bedrooms max.
I care about my carbon footprint.
My parents would have a room, soundproof probably is best as we've learned.
Your room would have plenty of room for you and your sock.
Monse's would get lots of sunlight to inspire her writing, and it would be on the other side of the house so we wouldn't have to deal with her nagging.
Cesar's room would have a big closet for all his black tanks.
Well, that's assuming we ever see Cesar again.
You really think we'll never see him again? What are we doing? What do you mean? We're handing over a bag of cash to a 15 year old who can't get an apartment or a real job.
There's no guarantee he'll be safe.
Spending cash makes him a target.
And hobos are way scarier than gangs.
Can you still say hobos? We have to do something.
What are you thinking? We save Cesar.
That's exactly what we're doing.
We're getting him out.
We buy him back in.
[MONSE] Dad.
What are you doing up so early? I just wanted to say goodbye.
We said goodbye last night.
I didn't want you to leave thinking I was still mad at you.
I get how you feel about Freeridge.
And you're right.
I was wrong.
This stuff is complicated.
It's hard enough just being a kid.
So let's just take out all the unnecessary complications.
Goodbye, Dad.
I love you.
I'll always love you.
If you're going to wake me up this early, you better have sprinkles.
Told ya.
We wanna buy Cesar back into the Santos.
[LAUGHS] That's not how it works.
Even if it did, you can't just buy someone back for a hundred bucks.
How about $150,000? Approximately.
Where are you little traviesos getting a hundred and fifty grand? Answer the question.
Is that enough to buy someone back in? Maybe.
- How clean's the cash? - Squeaky.
It's been washed.
I'm listening.
I found the RollerWorld money.
We're not asking for a favor.
This is a business transaction.
You get something out of it, but Cesar needs to be protected.
We don't want him gone forever.
You really care about him.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'll take the cash.
But not Cesar.
That's not how a business transaction works.
You can't keep the money without fulfilling your end of the bargain.
It's RollerWorld money? Then it's not yours to bargain with.
But thanks for bringing it back home.
Don't do this.
- You owe us.
- I don't owe you shit.
We took him in after you kicked him out.
Now get out.
You're a real piece of shit! No more sprinkles for you! [INDISTINCT BUS ANNOUNCEMENT] It's all in there.
Hey, she's definitely going to be here, right? She said she would.
- Unless something happened to her.
- Nothing happened to her.
You don't know that.
I went lurking on Latrelle's girl's house.
What if he got to her? - What if - Don't go there.
I love you, compa.
From day one in kindergarten when you cried your ass off.
Who's crying now? Love you, too.
I'd take another bullet for you.
And you.
[CHUCKLES] I'll never doubt you again.
It was an honor being your roommate.
And your brother.
[SOBS] Love you, J.
Love you, too.
[MAN] This is a boarding announcement for bus 210 to Spokane Washington with stops in Bakersfield, Oakland, Sacramento, Klamath Falls and Kennewick.
All passengers please proceed to bay four for boarding.
[MONSE] Cesar! I thought I wasn't going to be able to say goodbye.
You don't have to say goodbye.
I'm coming with you.
What? No.
You can't.
This is my situation.
I can't put this on you.
You guys, tell her.
Tell her she can't come with me.
It's not their decision.
It's mine.
What's the point of living my life if it's not with you? What about your dad? - Don't do this to him.
- He'll be fine.
He just wants me safe.
And I'll see him again.
One day.
Now let's go.
- Don't do this.
- I want to be with you.
It's not that simple.
I love you.
And you love me.
So, yeah, it's that simple.
What about your friends? Your dad? School? You can't just leave it all.
I'm not letting you go out there alone.
We're doing this together.
Come on.
I slept with someone.
Yeah, right.
You're just trying to get me off this bus.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
You're not lying.
I'm sorry.
Go to hell! Take care of her, please.
[SOBS] This is the final boarding announcement for West Coast 210 for Spokane, Washington.
All passengers should be on board at this time.
["ULTIMATE" PLAYING] I am the one, don't weigh a ton Don't need a gun To get respect up on the street Under the sun, the bastard son Will pop the Glock to feed himself And family By any means, your enemies, my enemies We wet them up like a canteen The yellow tape surrounds the fate Don't have a face so now you late Open the gates [WHISTLES] Eliminate like ElimiDate Hey, young boy had to penetrate Ultimate - Bitch, I'm - I am the one, don't weigh a ton Don't need a gun To get respect up on the street Under the sun, the bastard son Will pop the Glock to feed himself And family By any means, your enemies my enemies We wet them up like a canteen The yellow tape surrounds the fate Don't have a face so now you late Open the gates So you called.
Got some info for me? One twenty five, Hardy Way.
The Santos' stash house.
One of them, at least.
The main connect? Javier Osuna.
Goes by the name Trenzas.
The money's flowin' through El Cochino Club.
A whole lot of it.
[SCOFFS] But that's not why I'm here.
I came to buy my friends' safety.
Your friends? The ones you boys rolled up on.
Safety ain't cheap.
That's why I got this.
- Don't even think about it! - [GUNS CLICK] Easy.
It's fifty grand.
So, do we have a deal? Yeah, all right.
This should take care of your friends.
What about you? We gotta settle up.
What do you mean? ["RUN FOR COVER" PLAYING] Running in these streets You don't wanna trip It's getting hard to breathe Take another breath Murder on your screen Death is not a myth The world is at my knees Not my fingertips When it start jumping on these blocks Have you all pumping like Reeboks Rally round your fame With a hundred drummers You looking at a savage Run for cover You looking at a savage Run for cover Run for cover Run for cover Run for cover You looking at a savage Run for cover Stuck up in a prison Where there's no bars Chills around your body It's a cold war Dispatch overcomes over your back Click clack of a bomb over Baghdad