On My Block (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eighteen

1 - I make her splash, okay - Big drip - Fill up the stash, okay - Big drip - I'm in my bag, okay - Lil' bit' - Don't make me mad, okay - Don't do that - She got attached, okay - Attached [POLICE SIREN BLARES] [OFFICER] Hey.
Where's Cesar? Not sure.
He's been ghosting me.
When's the last time you saw him? A few weeks ago.
The kid who shot your friend has been spotted in town.
Latrelle? Can you tell him? I haven't seen him.
Well, when you don't see him again, tell him I said, "Be safe.
" - I got a sack, okay - A check - I can't relax, okay - Can't relax - I'm paranoid, okay - I'm paranoid I'm schizophrenic, okay [INDISTINCT CHATTER] How are you holding up? - I know it's a little cramped.
- It's all good, Father.
I've slept better here in the last two weeks than I have all year.
Good to hear.
Oh, and your friend's mom dropped this off for you.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
- [IN SPANISH] Do you want some? - Yes.
Thank you.
[PRAYING IN SPANISH] Is he your son? Salvador.
I haven't seen him for 47 days.
They say he's somewhere in Texas.
I'm sorry.
- It must be hard to be apart.
- Yes, it is.
But at least we're safe here.
In Guatemala, we could never leave the house because of the gangs.
Here, we have a chance at a better life.
What about you? American, right? Why are you here? [CLEARS THROAT] I've lost my family.
And I don't have a home.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Hey! I got you toothpaste, deodorant, vitamins, and fiber bars.
But, uh, nutrition is the least of my problems.
What? What's wrong? I'm sorry.
I'll eat the fiber bar.
I ran into Officer Hammel.
He said Latrelle is back in town.
Okay? What do you mean, "okay"? Latrelle is not gonna roll up in the church.
I'm safe.
But you can't stay here forever.
Father Carlos said I can stay as long as I need, which won't be forever, but long enough to you know, plan my next move without being hasty.
I'm gonna be fine.
But you won't be if you're late for class.
Get out of here.
[JAMAL] You're not in this class.
Officer Hammel said Latrelle is back to finish the job.
Or for a hood day.
It's the Prophets hood day this week.
Latrelle's not back for some glorified block party.
It's too risky.
He's been put off.
So if he has a body on his belt, the body that he missed, he will redeem himself.
We have to give Cesar cash so he can dip.
- We can't! - Not until it's clean! - No one will know.
- Monse? [WHISTLE BLOWS] You are stuck on repeat, okay? We can't spend the money until it's cleaned.
The money is over 30 years old and some of the bills look different.
It's like it might as well be marked! - As usual, you're being hyperbolic.
- No! Not if the bills create unwanted attention.
Cesar holding out in the church isn't the worst thing for him.
The worst thing is if he ends up in juvie - or foster care.
- Or dead! So we need a real plan.
We need it now.
We can't just sit on the cash.
We have to make it work to get Cesar out of town.
So chew on some new ideas and we'll chop it up at lunch.
Do you want some gum? Have I done anything? This is supposed to be a safe place.
God's house.
But you're the devil.
- I'm the devil? - Are you in a gang? I was.
Not anymore.
- I didn't have a choice.
- What do you know about choices? Huh? It's easy to follow the herd.
Like a sheep.
But you don't know what it means to sacrifice your entire life to protect all those you love.
Don't talk about not having choices.
We all have them.
You just don't have the balls to make difficult decisions.
- Look, I - All of you, listen, please! I've been informed that ICE has raided a number of churches in the area.
Please, get ready to leave at a moment's notice.
Please, just take only what you need.
Come on, girl, hurry up.
Quick! Let's go this way.
Come on.
Come on.
[FATHER] Hurry up! Hurry up! be raiding the church.
Cesar is gonna have to vacate or he might end up in the system.
- Shit! - What's the local news saying? Ugh.
I hate this ad.
This song is so annoying.
This shit's my jam! What are you doing? Chopping it up and chowing it down with my crew.
Is it my pits? I just switched to natural deodorant.
[SNIFFS] - I knew that shit didn't work.
- We need a rain check.
Nothing personal, but it's personal.
What's on the agenda? Cleaning some green? How do you know? What? I'm a visual thinker! Don't get your chonies in a twist.
Ain't nobody worried about a few dollars.
It's not a few dollars? Are you involved with the Freeridge Savings heist? Don't tell me.
I don't wanna know.
But what you should know is you don't wanna get involved in that shit.
It's marked money.
Thanks for the useless info dump, but we need to get back to our crisis now.
How are we gonna clean the money? Money Bunny, Money Bunny! [MAKING BEATS ON THE TABLE] Gotta hop to it fast And get your money! Money Bunny is a shitty company that takes advantage of people who have no other way to get money from one place to another.
It's a racket and Ah! [JASMINE] Money Bunny A great idea! Yes! Out goin' dirty dinero, in coming clean clams! Minus their three percent fee? Scrub-a-dub, bitches! - I'm not following.
- Okay, uh Say Jamal wants to help a certain fashion-challenged friend buy a new fit.
Oh! Monse! Money Bunny takes his hundie and they give Jamal a code.
Then Jamal gives the code to mono-boob Monse, who takes it to the store and bam! She's got a hundred bucks to ditch a sports bra and buy some lace.
Underwire's your friend, girl.
But wire fraud.
That's a felony.
The count's at least five years.
- I'm in.
- Me too.
Do you want this nightmare to stop? Then we go big, or Cesar never goes home.
I'm in.
Damn! You guys are a ride or die! But you still got to be 18 to send and receive the dough.
So, you guys got some fake IDs? No, no, no.
Don't tell me.
I'm law enforcement.
But you just taught us how to commit wire fraud.
Because sometimes I like to get dirty and straddle things, like the line.
I'm a complicated woman.
Which means you probably know where to get a fake ID.
[SCOFFS] No! No way.
I don't.
But Mona Mardukas has a guy.
[SCREAMS] No! - You want two IDs? - I texted you.
We need three.
I only see two people.
Oh! Don't act like you don't see me standing here, Chivo! - I'm ghosting you.
- Chivo? As in Chivo, Chivo? - Um-hm.
- No.
Chivo as in Chivo Ramirez.
- He's gonna play us.
- Bye, bye.
W W Wait Put the bad blood aside and think of all the referrals I've given you.
First cousins alone, that got to be over 100 people.
Wait, no, no, no.
Please, help us.
Under one condition.
[SNICKERING] [LAUGHING] "Lou Sassole?" You're crazy.
You are.
Not talking to you.
[CAMERA CLICKS] - What? I wasn't ready! - No do-overs.
[GROWLS] What is this place, anyway? I thought you lived in the Winnebago by the nursery.
I do.
This is my safehouse.
My house that is safe.
[MONSE] Okay.
Here are all the Money Bunny locations.
And these four are in close proximity, so we'll be in and out quickly.
- [CHIVO] Who's next? - Me.
Monse? Outside.
- What do you want? - Look around.
[MONSE] Yeah? [JAMAL] What do you see? - [MONSE] Houses.
- [JAMAL] What kind of houses? - Boring houses? - Exactly! - You know who lives in boring houses? - Boring people.
Yes, woman, yes! Which makes this place safe! Smell what's cooking? Applebee's? What? We drove by at least five on the way here.
Good observation.
But not the point.
The point is Cesar! He can be safe here.
And, if he stays, it'll buy us more time to "pasteurize the brie.
" Oh, my God! Yes, this is perfect.
But how are we going to get Chivo to agree? The money isn't clean yet.
We don't need money.
I got something he wants even more.
Cesar stays here for five weeks and you get Juanita every other week.
One week for your homie.
Juanita stays forever.
You're killing me, Chivo.
We've been walking around in circles, and getting nowhere.
I need my steps.
How about this? Cesar stays here for one month and you get weekly unsupervised visits with Juanita.
How about this? Your homie gets one week.
Juanita stays forever.
[EXCLAIMS] Walk in place.
He's not budging.
- I need you to close.
- Why don't you just give him the doll? She's not a doll.
She's a porcelain collectible with thoughts and feelings.
Way more human than the sock you're in a relationship with.
I'm going in.
[SIGHS] Chivo.
Let's talk.
Walk and talk.
I need 823 more steps.
Listen, I get your frustrations.
And what Jamal did by seducing Juanita was an unspeakable atrocity.
Don't let his transgressions blind you to a simple fact.
Cesar is a Santo.
Part of the legacy that your cousin began.
By turning your back on him, you'd be turning your back on everything he stood for.
Santos are a family.
So Cesar is also part of your family.
So do the prudent thing and reconsider our offer.
Final offer.
One week for your homie.
Juanita stays forever.
Oh Yeah Don't know why Come on.
But I love you I do Girl, yeah - Chivo, Cesar.
Cesar, Chivo.
- Where is she? She She can't breathe! [SIGHS] Oh, girl Oh Not yet! I need a moment.
Kiss from me Fills me from my head to feet Hey.
Listen, I don't want you to take this personally.
But, baby, this is not goodbye forever.
Okay? It's just goodbye for now.
'Cause I like the way you love me Love me, thrill me Chill me, love me [ABUELITA] Make way! [CAR DOOR CLOSES] Mother Nature is on the line.
I need a bathroom now.
Number one or number two? Number three.
You okay? I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you.
But you gotta stay positive, focus on your blessings.
You have a safe place to stay for a week.
We have a plan to clean the cash through Money Bunny.
And we're doing a test run tomorrow.
And if it works, we'll get you out of town into a new place.
Thank you.
Thank you for for never giving up on me.
[CESAR SIGHS] Here's your Money Bunny wire code and thank you for shopping with us.
And cut! Monse, you need to unclench, girl.
Top and bottom.
I can hear your chocha getting cramps.
And try smiling once in a while.
It goes a long way.
Both in wire fraud and in life.
Next customer! - Hi, I'd like to - Gimme a sec.
Machine's down.
- Why you so sweaty? - Who? Me? No, the bozo behind you.
Yeah, you.
You're doing something suspicious? No.
Machine's up.
- I'd like to send some money.
- Mm-hmm.
I bet you would.
- Name? - Christopher Sanchez.
- Birth date? - June 19, 1999.
- Mother's maiden name? - They can ask that? We are not dealing with amateurs, people.
These are highly-trained part-time sales associates.
You'll need to be on your A-game.
And, Ruby, work the face more.
That's an asset.
So use it.
Next! Hey, yo, what's up, Ma? I'm trying to Money Bunny $450 to my baby, Ma.
You see, I had a baby out of wedlock.
And now I'm financially responsible for my son, Maximilian.
- Milian, for short - Okay, love, love, love the commitment, but way too many details.
Details are a tell.
And that tell will lead them straight to checking your ID.
You don't have time for deets.
'Cause you're 18 and you got places to be.
Or I'm a warm and friendly person who likes to make friends.
Or it's clear that you're 14 and have way too much "me" time on your hands.
- Uh! - You know what? We don't need to over-rehearse this.
I think three hours is plenty of time.
I think we're ready for a test run.
Dough, holler, cheese, bread Ooh This is a great Hot Pocket.
I got 70 more in the freezer.
Good to know.
Do you float? In what context? Turn around.
- Nine, nine, nine, nine.
- [SAFE BEEPS] Uh Let's take a dip.
[RUBY] Just chill.
- Chill.
- Chill? I can't chill.
I'm like a goddamn sweat lodge under here.
What's with no air conditioning? Are they trying to torture us? - Okay, quiz me.
- What's your birth date? - August 12, 2004.
- Dude.
- That's your real one.
- God damn it! Why did I agree with this? This is too much pressure.
I can't do it.
- Relax.
- Sorry.
I'm fine.
It's just that Sir! I can hear you breathing! Can you take one step back? One more! One more! You, too! I need personal space and food.
Even if it's off the floor.
I just need a snack.
I need snacks! - Next customer? - Right there.
Right there.
I'd like to Money Bunny some money to my honey.
My baby mama, the mother of my child.
- How much? - A hundred bucks, minus the chips.
ID? Mm Mm Security! Is this your real last name? Yes.
What's he reaching for? - I'm a Sassole, too! - [CASHIER CHUCKLES] Crazy, right? [BOTH LAUGHING] You're all set.
Make sure you give the recipient the confirmation number.
Sir! Hey, thank you for letting me stay here.
What did you do? You don't get a green light for nothing.
It's what I didn't do.
I didn't kill someone.
Lil' Ricky didn't believe in violence either.
- Get out of here.
- I can't.
I'm floating.
The founder of the Santos didn't believe in violence? - I find that hard to buy.
- It's not for sale.
It's a fact.
You see, Santos didn't start off bad.
Lil' Ricky liked protecting people.
When he died, the wrong element took over.
Hector, no! We're at maximum occupancy.
He always pees in the pool.
Hey, I got to ask.
And I don't mean any disrespect.
What's up with the gnomes? They're my friends, repping the original Santos.
Rest in peace.
Benito and Frankie got got in prison.
Little Half Dead Well, now he's full dead.
Got stabbed.
Pistola, the sugars.
Trigger, Joker, Gary.
They were found the easy way.
- A drive by? - No.
Their old ladies' cribs.
Quickest way to a man is through his hyna.
So which one's Lil' Ricky? He lives in all of them.
He would've liked you.
Wish I knew him.
[WATCH DINGS] Gotta go.
Lyft is here.
Book club.
This is no longer a fire drill, but a full-on three-alarm blaze.
But, if you remember what we practiced, nobody gets burned.
It's all about confidence, which I know is gonna be hard for you, because, you know, all of that.
But you are no longer Monse, the slouchy 14 year old with ashy knees and shitty split ends.
You are Paloma Vincent, a fiery 19 year old from Stockton.
Okay, girl.
You're up.
Go get 'em.
Can I help you? - Yeah - Girl, let me tell you about her man.
He ain't shit! He had the nerve to get her knocked up.
Then left her high and dry as soon as baby little Maximilian was born.
And then he thinks that if he sends her money every once in a while, that's gonna make everything all right.
But, girl, please! Paloma here is a G! The last thing she needs is a man like that.
She may not be much to look at I have a confirmation number.
Run wild I'm on a mission now And I won't stop No destination But it's worth a shot Holy shit! We did it! [RUBY] Yes! Yes! - [RETCHING] - Guess she's not straddling anymore.
Welcome to the dark side.
[COUGHING] Cesar is gonna be so happy.
Where's Jasmine? Jas! Hurry up! I'm okay, I think But I'm pretty sure I number three'd myself.
- Uh-uh.
- Mm-mm.
- I gotta go.
- I'm not doing it.
- What is number three? - I don't even know.
- Pee-pee, poo-poo.
- [RUBY] Gross.
[MAN] Hey, Monse! Where that bitch-ass boyfriend of yours at? Hey, we already know he ain't at your pop's spot no more, so where he at, then? And we already know what's up with you, Ruby.
- Bang! - [ALL GASP] Santo killer though.
[LAUGHS] [RATTLING] [KNOCK AT DOOR] - [DOORBELL RINGS] - [KNOCKING CONTINUES] [RUBY] Cesar! Open the door! [DOORBELL RINGS] [KNOCKING CONTINUES] Cesar! Cesar! Hey, what's going on? We got rolled up on.
The Prophets.
They were looking for you.
And they knew you didn't work at Dwayne's anymore.
They knew my name! - Where's Monse? Is she okay? - She's fine.
She went home.
Everyone went home, except for me.
No one knows I'm here.
- Shit.
Shit! - Breathe! Okay? This is never going to end.
Latrelle won't go away.
We're gonna be looking over our shoulder all our lives.
We have to go to the police.
Yeah, we could go to the police.
The police? What are they gonna do? They already know Latrelle's back in town and they are not doing shit! [CESAR PANTING] Then, we're dead.
They're gonna kill us all.
Compa! Listen to me.
I'd die before I let anything happen to you.
You know that, right? Right? [PANTING] Go into the bathroom.
Splash some water on your face and breathe.
God damn it! 'Memba, 'memba We was broke remember Lord forgive me Let nobody test me I can't hold my temper I been cold as shoulders Frozen over No my soul December Open up that window I been smoking, gas pedal To that fucking metal [SAFE BEEPS] - [MONSE] Cesar? We're in trouble.
- Ruby told me.
He's still at Chivo's.
Are you okay? A little spooked, but I'm fine.
What do you mean he's still at Chivo's? Are you not there? Where are you? Hello? Cesar? I love you, Monse.
[GUN CLICKS] Look at the ice Look at it, yikes Look at the big and his might Look at the sugar, look at the spice We can do everything nice Ain't no showing us That we pull to much What's that in my cup? These might do too much Think I'm going up I might do too much Think I'm going up I might do too much Think I'm going up Think I'm going up Think I'm going up I might do too much