On the Ropes (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

No Returns

1 - Go, Jimmy! - Strick, come on! Shit! - We got it.
- What? A fight.
I'm on the undercard.
It's my first pro fight.
- You'll be awesome, Mum.
- And it'll help raise my profile.
So, my sister saw you train that lesbian this morning.
Her name is Jess Connor.
Amirah, pro is not a game.
OK, I will.
Hayder, you're late! Get in the ring.
Amal's whole family are here.
They think she's marrying into a respectable family.
Are you selling boxing tickets at my engagement party? I saw you drinking beer last night.
You fight in two days.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Hammer has made weight.
She thinks all MMA fighters are wankers, mate.
Oh, supremely talented wanker, thank you very much.
You'll be a joke if she gets in that ring.
You put her here, you have to protect her now.
- Yeah, I will.
- (DING!) MAN: Box.
- Hold, Jess.
- Call it.
Call it! She's getting hurt! Call it! - No! What are you doing?! - Protect your boxer! What do you want? Are you out of your fucking mind? You'll lose your licence! I'm fighting tonight.
Oh, not with this mad bastard in your corner, you won't.
- The inspector will close you down.
- What the fuck, Amirah! You'll work at reception until you finish your studies.
There will be no more secret training sessions.
No self-defence classes.
You just don't have what it takes.
You're wrong, and I don't need you.
- Five more, Luli.
- This is a really shit gym.
- 20 more.
- We're gonna need some mats.
- Yeah, a bag would be good too.
- And mitts.
- A ring.
- OK, OK.
- Here comes Amirah's future hubby again.
- Hey! You! And you! All right, let's go.
Can you keep away from me?! Go! Go away! We're going! We're going! I will call the ranger! Grab your shit.
Let's go.
- Yalla, yalla, yalla! Go! - This sucks, Amirah! Getting fit? Hitting people.
Oh, sorry.
That's been declined.
(PHONE RINGS) What's going on? Wow.
That's a civil way to start a conversation.
My money hasn't gone in.
You resigned, remember? - That money's not a wage.
- It is now.
I've had an allowance since I was 18 years old.
We all have.
You get paid, same as me, same as Hayder.
Not anymore.
Payment's calculated by hours worked now.
Does Mama know what you're doing? I'm managing things now.
Listen, if you want money from the gym, come home and work for it like everyone else.
We don't know if she's all right.
Or where she is sleeping.
- You should have talked to me first.
- Why? So you can protect her from consequences? Hmm? Because of her, I can't work.
Which means I can't earn money.
We have to pay for the wedding, for the visas.
I need to find a new head trainer for the gym.
She'll come home when she's out of money.
Or not.
She's stubborn, like you.
(LAUGHS) Know that I mean it when I'm yellin' Tell me what you see See, see no evil, hear none either I dance like Ali! It's a fight to be equal We all just want to be free They want me to assimilate! Assimilate! They want me to assimilate - I'm not - I'm not a man to intimidate You're looking dusty, time for you to ventilate Oh, fuck.
Radiators tend to work better when you put water in them.
Yeah, sure.
Keep it topped up.
Don't take it to a mechanic.
They'll rip you off.
- Got any water? - Yep.
You're homeless, aren't you? No, you're not.
HAYDER: Yeah, who steals boxing gloves? TARIQ: Yeah, there's like five grand worth of shit missing, at least.
Oh, shit.
I've called the police.
What else is gone? Some shields, pads, dumbbells.
It's your sister.
You called the cops on your sister.
- We still need to for the insurance.
- Call them off.
- Baba, you put me in charge! - Call them off.
The landlord.
That's right.
I do dinner Thursday nights.
Can I help you with something, Gloria? Think it's the other way around.
How long are you staying? No idea.
Do you have a plan? It's a very small house.
I just love Jess.
And that gorgeous boy.
Yeah, he's good in the pocket.
Yeah, they all are.
Hayder! Win! Robert, you have to train all of them.
I can pay you a weekly rate or we split the winnings 50-50.
I can train them how I like? They'll be your fighters.
How long for? - Oh, that depends.
- On what? On whether they ban me for life or not.
And how are you going to go with me training your son? I can't train him.
Until the tribunal, I have no choice.
We all know you're not going to let go of him, Sami.
Sorry, my friend.
It's OK.
Thanks for coming.
Don't worry.
I'll find you a trainer.
At least open a window.
What is it? Because of the change in your father's work status, they've put Sabine and Hamid's application in review.
We've still got the gym.
We can still support them.
Not according to the department.
So she just does that hook around the whole time? - Yeah, it works for her.
- Yeah, but it's boring to watch.
When's my next fight? I'm not getting any younger.
I'm working on it.
But I have to find a male fighter to package you with.
Ranya, would you like some more? Oh, no, thanks, Glor.
It's delicious but I should get going.
Maybe another night.
Walk me out? What are you doing tomorrow morning? - Nothing.
- Good.
I've got something I want to show you.
You're not bringing me here to kill me, are you? Maybe.
There's toilet facilities.
Showers out the back.
It's been empty for months, apart from the squatters.
What what is this? Bad investment my dead husband Frank tried to leave to his mistress.
The last tenant had a pool shop.
You'd pay rent, of course.
I'm not a charity.
So what do you reckon? For my gym? Now you have a gym, you can get Jess a fight.
Thanks, Glor! (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) - So you can get me Hayder? - Mm-hm.
How's it going patching things up with your old man? It's a work in progress.
I heard Sami's road-testing new trainers.
He's never going to hand his fighters over to an outsider.
He's going to have to.
There's no way around the suspension until there's a tribunal.
All you need to know is you'll get him with a new trainer and a phone call from Sami thinking it was his idea.
But Jess Connor goes on the same card.
You are just like your dad.
Always trying to upsize me.
What's with all this secrecy shit? It feels like a weird drug deal.
The Pacific Prince.
Six weeks.
I don't beat up old men.
He's at the top of his game, bro.
Tell me you're not itching for it.
Well, there's just one little problem.
I don't have a trainer.
And Baba's been shopping around everywhere and no one's good enough and it can't be you.
Baba would eat his own testicles before he lets you near me.
Not me.
Well, then who? Baba can't find out I had anything to do with this, otherwise it's never going to happen, you understand? You've got your certificate and you've been watching Baba your whole life.
There's no way he thinks I'm good enough.
Maybe now's your time to prove him wrong.
- And? - Well you can't train him, but there's nothing stopping you from training me to train him.
- And you want this? - Well, I want to fight.
Why the Prince? The purse will be solid.
The trouble's getting Strick on board.
He might not come near us again.
He will if I talk to him.
You are my eldest.
Your future is my future.
Bathrooms are through there.
I was thinking we put the ring out the back and maybe like a weights area over there.
(PHONE RINGS) It's Strick.
It's going to be hard.
Hey, Strick.
(WOMEN TALK INDISTINCTLY) It smells like piss in here.
- Start clearing this place up.
- Yeah.
We got ourselves a fight.
(LAUGHS) All right! Dump your shit! Let's go! All right, someone help me.
Wrap it around.
Hold on.
I'll take a walk now Through the strangest dreams Through the oceans and the valleys Through the rivers and the streams Through the cities and the castles The jungles all around As the eyes of a stranger Slowly pass you by Hi, Mama.
Hi! I'm fine.
I'm your mother.
I get to look at you like that.
Where's my Beyonce T-shirt? You abandoned it, so I'm keeping it for myself.
I'm not coming home.
Did I ask you to? That's what this is about, isn't it? - You stole.
- I borrowed.
Baba cut off my allowance.
I needed to make money.
I didn't come here to fight.
You and your father have that covered.
You're staying with a sick friend until she recovers from her illness.
And what sort of illness does she have? I don't know.
Well, we need to agree on one.
You'll return home once your friend is recovered.
You will.
It's not a negotiation.
Take it.
So I can sleep at night.
- I could help you.
- Sweet.
That's a good idea.
She was really good at school.
Man, how good's cheat day? - Food's good, eh? - Yeah, it's good.
- Is that Lachy O'Leary? - Who? The guy Amirah was stalking on Instagram the other night.
So it is.
I kept watching after you showed us.
He's awesome.
I can't believe you got my son into MMA.
You want his autograph? Lachy 'the supremely talented wanker' O'Leary.
Pleased to see I left an impression.
She's got the search history to prove it.
Hey, can I, um can I get your autograph? I'm a huge fan.
All right.
And, um who do I make it out to? Iggy.
Oh, well, that's a nice name.
There you go.
My pleasure.
And that's how it's done.
- You're welcome.
- (LAUGHS) - Vomit.
- What? Hey, you want a real autograph this time? - - Yeah! My mum's a boxer.
She's her trainer.
Oh, I'm guessing her name's not Iggy? No.
It's Amirah.
Amirah Al-Amir.
She was watching your videos for hours the other night.
Oh, really? - You're blushing.
- Shut up.
And that's how it's done.
I've been googling wedding packages, and in the Premier package, they film the entire walima.
Three cameras, two drones, the whole thing! They even edit.
They do the music.
Baby, you know I want you to have everything you want, yeah? Just right now my family haven't budgeted for it.
It's Amirah, isn't it? It's OK, baby.
I understand.
- We're gonna win this one.
- You need to ask your boss for time off.
Already done.
Boss isn't happy, but as of tomorrow, you've got me right up until the fight.
Hey, this third tub free deal does this extend to the vanilla? No, just the banana.
How banana-y is the banana? Tastes like banana.
Not too banana-y.
I hate banana.
Uh, it'll be 200 cash and then the rest on card.
Keep the feet moving.
Walad! Walad He's not moving his head around.
Get him to move his head.
The head move it.
Yeah, yeah, much better.
Much better.
Hey, Jimmy.
Come here.
- Got you a trainer.
- Yeah? - Tariq's taking over.
- Get inside and weave! - Weave.
- No weaving! Footwork! - Baba, you gotta stop interrupting.
- OK.
Sorry, sorry.
So, business as usual, OK? Great.
Keep that head moving.
- What are we doing here, anyway? - I don't know.
- (SIGHS) - Mm.
You hold it.
- (RINGS DOORBELL) - And smile.
He loves this girl.
- Hello! - MAN: Welcome! Welcome.
I still can't believe it.
Mr Sami Al-Amir, visiting my home.
Sami's fine, Basam.
Uh, we would just like to, uh Cyrine and I, say how delighted we are that Tariq is to become our son.
And Amal it's very rare to find a young woman who knows exactly what she wants.
Well, we raised her to believe she deserves the best.
Yes, and and Tariq will, uh, provide her with it, inshallah.
And and as you say, Amal, - she knows what she wants.
- (LAUGHS) Especially regarding the wedding.
(LAUGHS) - Yes.
(LAUGHS) - Yes.
(LAUGHS) Uh we we heard that you are currently supporting your sister and nephew in coming over here.
And we we know that there are other, uh, pressures in your life, and how difficult, expensive that can be.
And, uh, we thought that, uh Well, Allah has blessed us.
We are in a very strong position financially, as is our family.
- So we thought - Uh We simply want to share in the joy providing for our children.
- Yes.
- Ah, no, no, no.
We can afford the wedding.
Like they said it would give them joy.
Yeah, sure.
Sit in their fucking suburban Taj Mahal, laughing at us.
We should have said yes.
We're not really in a position to say no.
We're not taking a handout, Layla.
Hey! Jimmy! - Hey, Sami.
- Hey.
Is is everything OK? Well, come in, come in.
No, that's OK.
Are you sure? Uh, can you give us a minute, Layla? - OK.
- Thanks.
Now, what is it, boy? It's this whole Tariq situation.
I can't have him training me.
No offence.
And you can't.
I just wanted to tell you face to face out of respect, you know? Yeah, I got it, Jimmy.
It's OK.
Yeah, well, if you need any advice on trainers or That's all right.
I've already got one.
I've decided to go with Dogger.
Dogger, huh? So, Dogger's training you now? Well, he's already got me a fight, actually.
Same night as Prince and Hayder, and Amirah and her girl.
Amirah, huh? What do you mean? You mean Jess Connor? Guess she didn't learn her lesson the first time round, eh.
OK, so - Catch you later, Sami.
- Yeah.
Be good.
You wouldn't use my family against me? Huh? As I recall, you called me.
I'm not using anybody against anybody.
The only reason that girl is on the card is because of Hayder.
- OK? - Sure.
But this was Amirah's doing.
And frankly, it wasn't hard to say yes to.
- Mate, your career is finished and - Strick.
Pull Jess's fight or my boy is out.
Think about your boy.
What does he need? What else are you gonna do? TARIQ: Ooh! What is that bitch punch? Come on, man.
Do it again.
- Step down.
- But you're not allowed to train.
Step down.
Elbows in.
Elbows in.
One, two, three.
One more.
Think I'm stupid, huh? - Hmm? - What? You go behind my back to your rich in-laws? Tell them to offer us pity money? Hmm? Hmm? And then you trick me into letting you corner.
Huh? Now come at me.
Come at me.
- (GRUNTS) - And one more.
Come at me.
Come at me! - (GRUNTS) - Baba, what the fuck?! How you gonna train your brother if you can't even throw a punch? See? You're no trainer.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - Come in! I lied about the wedding.
Do you like my eyebrows? Oh, my God.
What happened to your face? It's fine.
- Babe, sit.
- Honestly, it's It's a sparring accident.
It's nothing.
Did you ask your parents to pay for the wedding? Look, they love you, babe, and they wanna help.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
I just don't understand why we have to suffer because your sister can't control herself.
You can't go behind my back like that.
I'm sorry.
(WHISPERS) I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
(WHISPERS) I'm sorry.
Look, soon we're gonna have our own life.
Our own family.
We should stop.
- Are you sure you want to stop? - Mmm (CHUCKLES) It's my eyebrows, isn't it? - They're too sexy for you.
You steal from me.
You turn your back on your family, you turn my boys against me.
Did you think I wouldn't find out? There'll be no fight.
Why? Hayder still wants it.
- You'd be in control.
- I've told Strick.
It's over.
I'll call Strick and I'll find a replacement.
What's the fucking point?! It's not happening.
I need a refund on these.
None of them have been opened.
I've got a receipt too.
Here you go.
I can give you a store credit on these.
But the protein powder, sorry, we don't do returns on sale items.
I was just in here this morning, come on.
- (SIGHS) - It was for this fight I was gonna do but it's not happening now.
Through no fault of my own.
And I really need the money.
Yeah, well, we don't do money back on anything.
And I can't help you out at all with the powder, so it's either store credit or you keep it.
Can you make an exception? I need the money.
It's our policy.
Can I speak to your manager, then? I am the manager.
So when you say "we", you mean you.
It's your policy.
Well, our policy on refunds is fairly well signed.
Well, can you make an exception to your policy? - Can you lower your tone? - My tone is low.
I've got a kid, on my own.
I've gotta feed him.
Has it gotta be fucking banana protein drink for the next six months? You can leave now, please.
Fuckin' arsehole! Women fighting doesn't make me any money.
If I can slide you in with a good male fighter, I will.
I need to fight, Strick.
No Hayder, no you.
That was the deal.
I'm sorry.
If you invested in us a bit, then people would take us seriously.
But you treat us like a fucking sideshow.
Last time you had a fight, it turned into a sideshow.
Look, I've taken five weeks off work for this fight and now I've got nothing.
I get that you need to make your money back, but so do I.
You're putting me back on that card and I'm not leaving here until you do.
(LAUGHS) So you're gonna fight your way out of your shitty life? (LAUGHS) Is that the plan? It's a bad plan.
AMIRAH: Yeah, I'll be training out of my place.
And listen, the fight's in like under If you just let me Yeah, I don't need you to tell me I'm a woman, thanks.
- (GROWLS) - Oi! A fighter pulled out yesterday.
Strick said I can have the slot.
- Against who? - Chloe Bennett.
- Bennett's a monster.
- She's only two weight divisions up.
Which means I don't have to worry about making weight.
She's huge, she's more experienced than you and she hits like a semitrailer.
And you've never fought a slugger before.
She's got a glass jaw.
I can take her.
I'm not scared of getting hit.
Yeah, that's the problem.
This is a bad match.
And Strick's only doing this so he doesn't have to pull the fight.
I can't believe this.
What have I got to do? Huh?! What? - I pick your fights, OK? - You're the reason I lost my fight.
I need a male fighter to get you on the card.
- You coach me? - It's not like Sami can.
Listen, I could have you in the ring in a month's time - against the Prince.
Solid gold promise.
- Huh! Listen, habibi.
I know how you fight.
You're a great slugger.
But if you let me help you, I could make you the greatest middleweight out-boxer in the state.
Just like you and Jess with your dancing? - What have you got to lose, mate? - My dignity.
Come on, Amirah.
I can't be trained by a woman.
MAN: That's it! That's it! - Strick.
- Hey.
- Hope you're sitting down.
- Uh-huh.
- You know Lachy O'Leary? - Yeah.
What about him? Hey, Iggy.
You're a boxer.
You box.
- Sort of.
- Sort of? - Yeah.
- Mm.
This is you.
You don't use your feet for anything.
You've got brains and actual talent, but it's completely buried beneath bullshit, which this place only encourages.
You're one of those, um, "boxing's the sweet science, - all hail boxing" types, aren't you? - Yeah, pretty much.
And you should be boxing.
- Do you know who the Pacific Prince is? - Yeah.
He's not a prince.
One month's time I could have you fight and beat him.
What? Like Mayweather-McGregor? Are you trying to not hit me? (GRUNTS) - OK.
- I'm so sorry.
Like I said, you don't move your feet.
(SIGHS) Look, McGregor lost to Mayweather.
Yeah, but you won't if you let me train you.
Yeah, thanks for the offer, but I'm good.
What's the worst that could happen? You come out a better fighter? (LAUGHS) I'm good.
But thanks.
Then get your footwork down.
You'll be great.
Have you come here to block it out? I can't even make a comment on the sunshine? Two fights you've already cost me.
And you're surprised I'm angry? What do you want? I want you to come home.
So does your mother.
It's no good, you living here.
Anyway, I'm not gonna hold what you stole against you.
I'm gonna pay for it when I make my money.
- You don't have to.
- Yes, I do! Of all of you, you're the most like me.
Yeah, Mama always says that.
Well, your mama knows everything.
It's a lesson I have to learn over and over again.
Yeah, me too.
If you don't have a class now, maybe you'd like to have a cup of tea.
With me and Mama at home.
I could do that.
This came for you.
They want me to make a statement.
You must be wondering what I'll tell them.
You're unbelievable.
Amirah, the gym only works if I'm there to train fighters.
Without my licence it will fail.
We won't be able to support your aunt and cousin or pay for the wedding, we'll lose everything.
Yeah, of course you didn't come here unless you wanted something, huh? Why should I defend you? If I do, it puts my trainer's licence at risk.
'Cause I'm your father! And blood is not water.
I don't wanna need anything anymore.
It's all for you.
It's all for And knee to the groin! Knee to the groin! - (ALL GROWL) - Good, Gloria! And no! - ALL: No! - Good.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, shit.
- Hey, you can't be here! - You gotta go.
Can't you read, mate? Women only.
You didn't say anything about a women's gym.
OK, you need to wait outside.
(WHISPERS) What the fuck is this shit? Are you training him? - Maybe.
- Are you or aren't you? Yeah, possibly.
I'm trying to get Jess a fight and he's the ticket.
I've got to take him on.
- This is our space.
- It's still your space.
It's not our space if there's a dick in it! What are you gonna do? Shove us in the corner late at night like at your dad's? No.
He goes in the corner behind the curtain.
- Him, not us? - Yeah.
Can you live with that? So, I'm here to get your girl a fight.
And make me money.
But I'll make you a world champ while I do it.
Well, let's see if I've got what it takes, then.
I'm ready when you are.
Maybe paint a 'mostly' in front of that.
- I can do that.
- (STARTS ENGINE) (PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - Ig, is your mum home? We've got the fight back on.
- She is fighting.
- What? - When? - Now.
Shit! Bennett's got a lot of weight a thumping right hook and about four inches on your reach.
You think I'm gonna lose? No.
Just keep the gloves up.
Fuck it! Fuck! Fuck! - (BELL RINGS) - Box.
- (BELL RINGS) - Time.
Gotta hand it to her.
She went the whole six rounds.
Didn't give an inch.
Well done.
Are you a tomato can now? Losing fights so other boxers can help with their rankings, huh? No.
She wanted it.
- You paid her to lose.
- I got her a fight.
Yeah, so did I.
(SIGHS) - Lachy O'Leary agreed to do the Pacific Prince fight.
- What do you mean? - Shit.
- Yeah.
What are you talking about? I got you an equal fight, Jess.
Why? Why?! I can still do it.
I can do the fight.
You'll never be recovered in time.
Not after the fucking bashing you just copped.
I don't train journeymen.
You'll need to find another trainer.
Get her some ice.
(WOMEN CHEER) Mum, this is Lachy.
WOMAN: When's Jess coming back? When she decides to stop sulking in that bed she made.
And by the way, there's nothing going on there.
So, is your "nothing going on" ready for his big fight? So, you've put your statement into the tribunal? Yeah.
They want me to go in in person.
- She has to support me.
- She wouldn't do anything unprofessional.
What does Baba want? He must want something.
Miss Al-Amir?