On the Ropes (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

In Fighting

1 - Call it! Just get him out! - Now, Jess! Now! - No! What are you doing?! - Protect your boxer! - What do you want?! - Are you out of your fucking mind?! You'll lose your licence! There's no way around a suspension till there's a tribunal.
You can get me Hayder.
But Jess Connor goes on the same card.
You'll return home once your friend is recovered.
You will.
You turn your back on your family.
You turn my boys against me.
Did you think I wouldn't find out? There'll be no fight.
Lachy 'the supremely talented wanker' O'Leary.
Hey, you can't be here! - You didn't say anything about a women's gym.
- OK, you need to wait outside.
I'm trying to get Jess a fight - and he's the ticket.
- What are you gonna do, shove us in the corner late at night like at your dad's? No, HE goes in the corner behind the curtain.
Amirah, the gym only works if I'm there to train fighters.
Without my licence, it will fail.
Why should I defend you? You're putting me back on that card.
I'm not leaving until you do.
I got you an equal fight.
Lachy O'Leary agreed to do the Pacific Prince fight.
- I can do the fight.
- You'll never be recovered in time.
You'll need to find another trainer.
- GIRL: Alright! - (GIRLS GIGGLE, CHATTER) Alright.
Your left is weak.
You need it to be faster to beat the Prince.
So, what chance do you really give yourself? I mean, switching codes never really works, does it? - One, two, slip.
- Carmichael Hunt.
Israel Folau.
Michael Jordan.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gloria.
(GIRLS CHATTER QUIETLY) (GIRLS GIGGLE) Hey, how about a little twerk for Caro? (GIRLS WHOOP, CHEER) SONG: No more feeling bad for myself - No more feeling blue - Dig it I've been tired and grumpy Fed up being scared of the truth Speak my mind, throw me a line - No, I don't need nothing from you - OK! I got here on my own IGGY: (WHISPERS) minus two, minus Okay.
Leaves us with $600.
So, what's the profit on it, then? Uh$47.
- No - The profit, not the cost.
OK, can you just go and talk to her? - You're driving us insane.
- No, I'm not.
Yeah, Mum.
You are.
I'm going for a run.
The Prince is a pressure fighter, so he's gonna try and keep you on your toes.
You jab, jab, jab.
Body, head.
Keep him guessing.
When's Jess coming back? When she decides to stop sulking in that bed she made.
Well now that I'm your number one boxer, when can I get a fight? There's an amateur fight this week, but you'll need your parents' permission.
Forge their signatures and I'll know.
You've just got to be smart about it.
Get Mama on side first and then work on Baba.
Hello? Hello, habibti.
Interesting place.
It's got a long way to go.
First, your bridesmaid's dress.
Bet Amal's driving everyone crazy.
And your blazer.
So you look smart at your father's tribunal.
It's important we make a good impression.
Give me a tour of your empire.
- (LAUGHS) - OK.
Um Well, that's my bedroom.
And, uh and this is the weights area.
This is the cardio section.
And this is the high-tech ring.
- Inventive! - (LAUGHS) Hey, don't you worry.
I'm ready to go 12 rounds as a warm-up.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Mum, this is Lachy.
- He's my fighter.
- Hey.
- This is delicious.
- Mmm.
(SIGHS) Amirah has a fighter.
A male fighter.
Lachy O'Leary.
I swear to God, she's training him She's not thinking of you.
- She's not thinking at all.
- I can't rock the boat with her.
She might take it out on me at the tribunal.
She wouldn't.
But I think you destroyed that boat already.
What do you want me to say? Every time we talk, it's a fight! Who knows what she'll do next, huh? She wouldn't do anything unprofessional.
She has to support me.
Do you hear me, Layla? She has to! I mean with the fighter.
(MUTTERS) No, she won't do anything with that donkey.
Ee-aw! (WHISPERS) Sami! Come on.
Hey, is your dad coming to the fight? No.
He can't because of the ban.
- I don't want him there anyway.
- Oh.
One, two, three.
- What's that left? - What, you can't work it out with him? - Oh, you want to chat, do you? - Yeah, about you, yeah.
You still want to chat? Three.
Huh-huh! Whaaa! What the hell is that sloppy left, huh? This left? Huh.
- Yeah, THAT left, smart-arse.
- This left, yeah.
- That left.
- This left? This one right here? (LAUGHS) Oh-ho! Oh, she's flirting now with me.
Oh, yeah? Don't let me interrupt.
What's this, then? Judo? Krav Maga? (SIGHS) Um - I think I'll call it a night.
- Yeah, cool.
(SIGHS) I was wrong.
You were right.
I shouldn't have taken the fight.
If you come back, it's my way all the way.
Are we done now? Not yet.
Get your gloves.
And by the way there's nothing going on there.
Whatever you say.
So, is your 'nothing going on' ready for his big fight? Yeah, damn straight he is.
(BELL RINGS) Gloves up, Lachy.
Defence, Lachy! Jab! Jab! - Tackle him! - REF: Don't hold! Let him go! - Off the ropes! - Don't hold! Off the ropes, Lachy! Gloves up! Good.
COMMENTATOR: And O'Leary is bleeding profusely.
COMMENTATOR: He's got a nasty cut over the left eye, that's for sure.
Nice uppercut! Lachy, gloves up.
Gloves up! Get up, Lachy.
Dig deep.
- Dig deep.
You've got this.
- Two! - Get up, Lachy.
- Three! - (GRUNTS) - Four! He's gonna have to reach deep into his soul to beat this count.
And he's beaten it.
He's up on his feet, is O'Leary.
He will continue.
Tough stuff.
- Box! - Good boy.
Let him wear himself out.
Make him do the work! TARIQ: Dad? - What? - Dinner's ready.
I'll be out soon.
Don't fall for it, Lachy.
Don't Get out of there! O'Leary reacts, throws a weak right-hander LAYLA: Are you OK? What are you doing in there? Leave me in peace! Attack the body.
Throw him out.
Throw him off.
Throw him off! Let him wear himself out.
- (BELL RINGS) - Stop! - You said in two rounds I'd have him.
- Keep breathing.
Yeah, I'm breathing.
That's the plan now? Keep breathing? No.
The plan is you're gonna take him out this round.
Oh, that's a great fucking plan.
Take him down? KO's the only way you're gonna win this 'cause you're losing on points.
Tell me how I'm gonna take him down! - He only knows to fight in one direction, right? - Yeah, towards me.
So this time, you're gonna let him.
- What? - Yeah.
You sit at the edge of his range.
You invite him in.
Then when he comes at you, you're gonna dance like you've never fucking danced before.
- (SIGHS) - You drop your guard.
You set the trap.
Then when he throws the right, you weave, hit the liver with the left, then right hook to the head, KO.
- Mm-hm.
- Alright.
- Weave, left to the body, right to the head.
- Right to the head.
You've got this.
Yep? Go.
- Seconds out.
- (CHEERING) Stools.
Grab the stools! - (BELL RINGS) - Box! Get out of there! AUDIENCE: Ooh! Move! Good.
Dance, Lachy, dance.
Draw him in.
Now! Get to your corner! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! He's out! Yes! Amirah Al-Amir, a spectacular training performance Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
(COMMENTARY FADES) - Hey, mate, sweet.
- (LAUGHS) Hey.
Good on you.
- Ripper fight, buddy! - Thanks, mate.
(LAUGHS) I might have something else for your boy.
What about for my girl? Come by the office.
Stretch out your fingers for me.
Any pain there? - Nup.
No, it feels OK.
- OK.
How about there? Nah, it feels pretty OK.
We did good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna wait outside.
(GROANS) Oh, your guy's shit.
Doesn't know how to stand, how to punch, how to do anything.
Yeah, you wait till I'm finished with him.
- Where's the champ?! Ohh! - He's getting changed.
- Hey! - You right, mate? Mate, your sister is a deadset bloody legend! You think Dad saw? I don't know.
He can't know I was here.
I got you.
Good work.
- Thanks, bro.
- See you.
(GIGGLES) Mir, Mir, um come with us.
- I'm OK.
- Come on, celebrate with us.
Amirah! - Have a good night.
- Oh, come on! (LAUGHS) Amirah! (CROWD CHEERS ON TV) - HAYDER: Hey.
- Hey.
- Ah, you and Harry the Bull.
- Yeah.
Madison Square Garden.
I love this fight.
Yeah, I have a feeling this handsome young man is about to win the world championship.
(LAUGHS) COMMENTATOR: After surviving Saddam Hussein's regime and defecting to Australia So, Amirah did alright tonight, so I heard.
Well, she wasn't up against much.
- Mmm.
- The Prince is not the fighter he used to be.
So I'm told.
O'Leary's good.
- Meh.
- But when he gets tired, he falls back into his MMA habits and he wants to kick, so Exactly.
Well - I heard that too.
- Yeah.
Is that the rematch or the first fight? - (LAUGHS) - What? He only fought the Bull once.
What's wrong with you, man? Baba, could I have a minute? Some of these accounts need to be paid.
Like the wedding venue.
Ah, they're sending these last notices just to scare you.
It can wait.
Yeah, it would make us feel better if we just paid them.
You know, otherwise he might get whipped by his missus.
At least I've got a missus.
I've got plenty.
I just like to share myself around, you know? Yeah, because you're a piece of shit.
Here, habibi.
- Thanks, Baba.
- No problem.
Are you ready, ready, ready? - Here it is.
And - It's coming.
Here it is.
Left to the body! Right to the head! Lights out! - (CHEERING) - World champ right here.
- You like it, huh? - I love it.
- Yalla, get up.
Show me how it's done, please.
- No, no, no, no.
No way.
- Come on, Baba.
Come on, one more time.
- No, forget it.
No way.
I kissed Lachy.
- (LAUGHS) You idiot.
- Yeah, I know.
So, what are you gonna do now? That's what I'm trying to work out.
You don't have sex before marriage.
Or do you? Piss off.
He's my fighter.
Probably best to just keep it simple, then.
Hey, Amirah.
Hey, Ranya.
Simple is best.
Mmm, like doofing the imam's daughter? Simple like that? Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) - Just like that.
- You got me a fight? - Mmm.
- With who? - Jinx.
Strick reckons it'll pull a crowd.
"Rematch of the fight former world champ Sami Al-Amir tried to stop.
" - That sort of thing.
- Yeah.
Yeah, except this time he'll be nowhere near it, - because of the suspension.
- OK.
"Jeez, thanks, Amirah, for getting me a fight.
" - (CHUCKLES) - Lunch is in the fridge.
And there's courgette dolma if you want morning tea.
What is this orange juice? I don't know.
I'm organising you a colonoscopy.
What do I need a colonoscopy for? Because you're of that age.
And you were so long on the toilet last night.
There's nothing wrong with my bowels! This orange juice is different! Yeah, of course.
Made of concentrate.
You feed me with this and you worry about me having bowel cancer? With everything that's happening, we can't afford the good orange juice.
I've already taken on extra shifts.
Do you want me to take more? No, I'll take care of it.
Have a good day.
And you.
(SIGHS) Don't drink that.
It's poison.
What have you been eating? Huh? Put it down.
Hm? You're gonna win the tribunal.
You'll come back.
(SIGHS) Valencias are smaller than navels, but they give better juice.
Strick put any offers on the table yet? Nah.
He's outside taking a call.
- OK.
Let me do the talking.
- You're the boss.
How are you feeling? Like I fell into a threshing machine.
(CHUCKLES) How was your night? Well, it started off good, we kissed.
But then, uh, you disappeared.
I was kind of hoping we could've celebrated together.
We can't.
Why? - Why? - Yeah.
I think you're great.
And as I recall, it was you that kissed me, so it's just a guess, but you might feel the same way.
(SIGHS) Is it 'cause I'm not Muslim? It wouldn't be like anything you're used to.
Yeah? I'm waiting.
For when I'm married.
STRICK: Boys and girls.
(SIGHS) Champagne to celebrate? Not for me.
That's right.
You don't drink, do you? - Cheap date.
- Well, I'll take one.
- (CLEARS THROAT) - Two glasses of the Australian bubbly for the gentlemen and I, and Nothing for me, thanks.
Oysters au naturel.
What do you reckon? (INHALES SHARPLY) Not for me.
I will.
Is there is there anything on the menu that you can have? Um um, appetisers? A side dish? - Anything? - Nothing.
- Oh.
- Mm.
You're not a vegan, are you? No, she's a she's on an exclusion diet.
I don't know.
I can have squared off against Mad Dog Krantz in three weeks' time.
- Um - That too soon? Well, Amirah wants to wait.
- Oh.
- It's not a good match.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, you put your statement in to the tribunal.
They want me to go in in person.
Why? To clarify my statement.
I don't know what could possibly need clarifying.
How's your old man feel about this? You'd have to ask him yourself.
(SIGHS) Ready? OK.
(SIGHS) Sami! Yeah, coming.
Um, Amirah Al-Amir.
Wait over there, please.
- Baba.
- Amirah.
Have a seat.
Tony Mundine called me this morning.
"Good luck, Sami", he said.
Tony Mundine.
There are good people out there who are still behind me.
(SNIFFS) Our family, your aunt Sabeen, your cousin Hammad, what happens to them relies on what happens today.
Everything is connected.
You understand that, don't you? - She understands.
- Mm.
What could she have written that needs clarification? I don't understand.
Maybe our stories don't match up.
I told them the truth.
I don't know what else they want to hear.
Yeah, well, I told them the truth as well.
You were very lucky I was in your corner for that fight.
She was way out of her depth.
Did you tell them you were in my corner? Because you're incompetent and had no right to be there from the start! Did you tell them that as well? - Hm.
- (SNORTS) I think I'll wait outside.
Why did you do that? (SIGHS) Hi.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
- Uh, would you like a water, Ms Al-Amir? - No, thank you.
In your statement, it's unclear as to whether you invited Mr Al-Amir to help in the corner during the fight.
Ms Al-Amir? In your statement, it's unclear as to whether you invited Mr Al-Amir to help in your corner during the fight.
No, I hadn't.
I didn't want him anywhere near it.
She's in a filthy mood.
Why aren't you in your training gear? (TEARFULLY) I've come to say goodbye.
I did what you said.
Asked my parents.
They went off their heads.
Aside from me lying about what I've been doing, apparently I'm too violent already.
I'm not allowed to box.
I'm not allowed to come here anymore.
You can still come.
You just have to come in secret.
I can't come! They know about it now.
I'm in so much trouble.
- Do you want me to talk to them? - No! - I wish I never said anything.
- (SNIFFLES) I've gotta go, before I get in more trouble.
Hey! - What? - It's not always gonna be like this.
One day, you're gonna be old enough to make your own decisions.
How's that working out for you? (SNIFFLES) (SOBS SOFTLY) (SIGHS) LACHY: Oi! (PANTS) What's going on? Come on.
What? Mina.
She can't box anymore.
Yeah, that's fucked.
I know.
But what can we do? (PANTS) (ROPE WHOOSHES) Do you have a shirt with a collar? Why? You asking me out on a date? Let's go with that.
- (SPEAKS ARABIC) - Shukran.
He works for me.
I wanted to apologise for my involvement in Mina's deception.
She should have asked for your permission.
We thought you were behaving now.
You stopped getting into fist fights at school.
Your grades were picking up.
You were doing so well! Now this.
And when did her behaviour improve? A few months ago.
Well, that's when she started boxing with me.
You have been lying to us for over three months?! Oh, Mina Well, actually, boxing is about discipline and strength.
Should Mina ever find herself being attacked by racists, she can defend herself.
Go ahead.
(LACHY CLEARS THROAT) Hm! (GRUNTS) Agh! (GRUNTS) Agh! - Are you OK? - He's fine.
Thank you, Lachlan.
Mina is a fine boxer.
Potential Olympic contender.
A university scholarship, at least.
Now, Mina, I expect a written apology.
- We will take up no more of your time.
- No.
You must stay for tea.
I'm genuinely scared of Mina now.
- Yeah, me too.
(LAUGHS) - Hey.
Say something in Iraqi to me.
- It's Arabic, idiot.
- Arabic, then.
What'd you say? - That I like your shirt.
- (LAUGHS) That's not what you said.
Is it? You'll never know.
I've been thinking.
I can live without the other stuff.
(CHUCKLES) I can barely believe I'm saying it, but there you go.
If it means I can be with you then - (CLEARS THROAT) - For real? Shit.
I'm gonna kiss you now, before you say something stupid.
Brain freeze! Slow down, then.
(CHUCKLES) - What's yours like? - Want a taste? Sure.
It's good.
- What some of mine? - Mm-mm.
I'm good.
Thank you.
So you and Mum won't ever get married.
What makes you say that? I asked Mum.
She said you're not out.
I mean, we don't have to get married.
It doesn't change anything between us.
Are you worried about being seen with me? Not at all! Just Mum? Four.
One Apology accepted.
You were fierce! You're gonna need this for your first fight.
- Thank you.
- Boom! (CHUCKLES) Alright, it's gonna make you sweat, so get downstairs, jump in the ring with Luli.
(JESS PANTS, GRUNTS) Jinx has got a helluva right hook on her.
I've gotta be ready.
- You're forgetting to breathe, babe.
- I'm serious! She was all over me before your dad pulled us out of the ring.
(GRUNTS) - Yeah, that was the plan, remember? - Yeah.
You were following the plan, and she was wearing herself out on you.
If you think you were losing, then you're wrong.
- What are you scared of? - I'm not.
- The crowd? - Nah.
- Are you scared of getting hurt? - Nah, fuck that.
This self-doubt is 'cause you took on that stupid fight against Bennett.
You know why you lost that fight? She was two weight classes and a storey bigger than you.
You were never gonna win that fight.
And now it's got you in the mindset of a loser.
(GRUNTS) (PIGEONS COO) (PANTS) I want to know you're OK.
He said some hurtful things.
But you rose above it for everybody's wellbeing.
That took strength.
Mama, I didn't defend him.
I told them he wasn't working in my corner and that I didn't want him there.
But they let him keep his licence.
But I saw him crying outside.
That was relief.
Your father thinks you stood up for him.
Of course they let him keep his licence.
He's Sami Al-Amir, and it's a boys' club.
They fined him $25,000! We don't have that sort of money! What about my sister? What about Hammad? They've been struggling for 19 years! Your father can never know.
It would break his heart.
He would never forgive you.
Selfish girl! (ENGINE STARTS) OK, champ, you're up.
- Did you leave any hot water? - Nuh.
Ohh! What? Nothing.
(CHUCKLES) - Are you jealous of my awesome PJs? - Yeah, I am, actually.
I like seeing you in my kitchen.
You should stay every night.
- I adore Iggy.
- Yeah, he's alright.
I'm just worried he's gonna get hurt in all of this.
In all what? - Well, I can't keep up the lie forever.
- Not this shit again.
Well, it's not just gonna go away.
There's Iggy to think about.
Don't use him as an excuse.
You knew I had a son when we started dating.
You don't understand.
Do you think you're the only person to ever come out, Ranya? - It's complicated.
- It's not, actually.
You either have the guts to live in your truth, or you don't.
(SIGHS) (PHONE RINGS) (SIGHS) (MUMBLES INDISTINCTLY) (SIGHS) (SIGHS) Sleeping here again? I'll make it up to you.
Dinner out tonight, just you and me? Bring Amirah home.
Lachy, you're back on your heels again.
Where are those jabs? It's called sparring, O'Leary! You have to hit me back! OK! OK.
Alright, what's Jinx got on you? - Reach.
- OK.
Lachy has 7cm on her.
Go again.
- (GRUNTS) - (GRUNTS) (PUNCHES LAND) - (GRUNTS) Agh! - (GRUNTS) What's this? What's this? It's from Baba.
He wants you to have it.
- It's more than you deserve.
- Hey, come on.
Shut up.
You humiliate the family with this, Amirah.
- Amal's family, everybody.
- Mm.
What does Baba want? He must want something.
You gotta come to lunch on Saturday.
- (CHUCKLES) - It's not a request.
Baba said.
Look, you and Baba gotta work your shit out, 'cause you're driving us all crazy.
I don't want it.
Take it back.
So, you steal from us, but you can't take a gift? (GASPS FACETIOUSLY) A gift? - This is a bribe! - Right.
Well, it's yours now, so you can get rid of it.
I'll put it out on the street.
Baba can't bribe me, and you can tell him that.
Just keep it and don't go to lunch.
Fuck him.
His bad.
- Come on, what's this with all the fucks?! - Oh, for fuck's sake.
(SIGHS) The ring looks pretty good.
This is just his way of trying to control me.
I won't let you give this ring back.
That is a fuckin' health hazard.
Just go.
Maybe you'll sort something out with your dad.
- What's there to lose? - (SIGHS) Look, do you want me to go with you? They think you're just my fighter.
If I take you home? (LAUGHS) What? Come on.
(SIGHS) - OK, please take it to the table.
- OK.
Don't touch.
I'm gonna eat it anyway.
Get out.
She's come.
Amirah's here.
This is my friend Lachy.
You're very welcome in our home.
Sit, sit.
This lamb is delicious, Mrs Al-Amir.
Call me Layla.
- I'm glad you like it.
- Mm.
It's called quzi.
- Quzi? - Mm.
It's her favourite dish.
Eat, eat.
Your mother went to a lot of trouble to make it for you.
Thank you, Mum.
It's not as good as her lasagne.
My mum makes a great lemon chicken.
You'll love it.
I can't wait.
So, what what do you do for a living? - He's an MMA fighter.
- Oh, my God, brutal.
Thanks, Amal.
He's a boxer now, Baba.
He just beat the Pacific Prince.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
I thought the Prince retired, didn't he? - (CHUCKLES) - (CHUCKLES) - He's 35, Dad.
- Oh.
I mean, part of me wished he had, Mr Al-Amir, - 'cause, um, he beat the shit out of me.
- (LAUGHS) But, uh but Amirah had him worked out.
Couldn't have done it without her.
(CHOKES, COUGHS) Well, um, must have thought he'd have an easy win, the poor man.
He was a good fighter in his day, but they always stay too long, don't they? Can you pass me the salad, please? Anyone else? I can, can I? Good to eat salad.
- AMAL: There you are.
- LAYLA: Thank you.
- Oi! - I think they really like me.
Oi! Drop it.
And come with me.
Obviously, he's her boyfriend.
Can you get the yoghurt from the fridge? I mean to bring him here? Right? And then he, like, holds her hand under the table.
- Did you see that? - If you have an issue with Amirah, take it up with her instead of this sniping behind her back.
I'm sick of it! (TAP RUNS) Take me home.
- What? - Just take me home, now! - Amal! - (SNIFFS, SIGHS) Amal! (DOOR CLOSES) (SNIFFS) (CAR DOORS CLOSE, ENGINE STARTS) Slainte.
(COUGHS) Oh! I'm a fire-breathing fuckin' dragon! Whoa! - So, you know how come your footwork's so fucked? - (SIGHS) Yeah, it's 'cause I want to kick.
Gotta get out of that habit.
Yeah, I reckon.
MMA's a big cuddle, if you ask me.
It's a bunch of dudes trying to wrap their legs around each other.
Mm-hm? Well, boxers love a little clinchy cuddle too, don't they? - Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What, like this, huh? Fuckin' What are you? Are you trying to kiss me now? Huh? What happened? Huh? What did you say to Amal? - Nothing! - Amirah! She didn't say anything.
I did.
I put her in her place.
Disparaging our family in our home? No.
Why did you bring this whitey here? Enough! Why can't you have a civil conversation? Layla.
Layla! Now your mother is upset.
Why can't you think about someone other than yourself for once? - Oh Me? - Yes.
Get along.
Stop making everything about you! - Oh, you're one to talk.
- You do not raise your voice to me! What's your problem, Baba? Huh? Hayder can do what he wants.
Same as Tariq.
But not me, huh? I'm good at what I do, and I don't need you, or anyone, to tell me.
I am only trying to protect you.
It's hard enough as a man! Trust me, I know how hard it is.
It's not good for you.
It's not good! You're only as good as your fighters, huh? Lachy versus Hayder.
Huh? Your boy against mine.
- Yeah, what, a fight? - Yeah.
Why not? - (LAUGHS) 'Cause Hayder would kill him.
- No, he wouldn't.
What, is this serious? It'd be a crowd puller.
You could sell tickets to a fight like that.
- (UP-BEAT MUSIC PLAYS) - (LIVELY SHOUTING) And listen, I'm trying to help by setting up a blockbuster fight here.
It's not going to happen.
They're that keen to see us smash each other, huh? Just stop.
You see an opening, attack.
- It's basics! - It's fuckin' torture! But doing all this shit just to piss off your dad isn't helping anyone! - This has nothing to do with my dad! - And it's not gonna make you feel any better.
- They spread news faster than Al Jazeera.
- Fuck 'em.
You should speak with her.
You don't want to take this into the ring.
- (CROWD SHOUTS) - Give it everything.
I can't tell if your scheming scares me or turns me on.
Why can't it be both?