On the Ropes (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Truth

1 In your statement it's unclear as to whether you invited Mr Al-Amir to help in the corner during the fight.
I didn't want him anywhere near it.
So, to clarify, he was not there on your invitation? - That's right.
- LAYLA: They fined him $25,000.
What about my sister? What about Hamed? Jinx has got a hell of a right hook on her.
I've gotta be ready.
She was all over me before your dad pulled us out of the ring.
- Yeah, that was the plan, remember? - Yeah.
You don't understand.
Do you think you're the only person to ever come out, Ranya? It's complicated.
You either have the guts to live in your truth or you don't.
Amirah's here.
(SPEAKS ARABIC) This is my friend Lachy.
You're only as good as your fighters, huh? Lachy versus Hayder.
Your boy against mine.
- Yeah, what? A fight? - Yeah.
We just need to appeal to his ego and his wallet.
And if that doesn't work, then my mother.
Hm! I'll go the ego and the wallet any day.
I got Mum.
Holy shit.
That's the goldest gold I've ever seen.
It's Amal's bounty.
Her aunties are sizing it up as we speak.
Amirah, say hello to Khalah Sabeen.
Hi! Hey Did I tell you how beautiful you look? Maybe.
Can't remember.
You're killing me.
Is she happy? Your happy day's coming soon, huh? Thank you.
And you must be very, very proud.
Of course.
Your brother is the best son-in-law we could wish for.
Give him time.
And who's this? - This is my fighter Lachlan.
- Salaam alaikum.
Baba, you remember Lachlan.
Well, have a lovely evening.
And you.
Thank you.
You know, generally I think it's customary to let your guests know when you're using them as live bait.
Really? I never heard that.
Excuse me.
What? How come he gets kibbeh? 'Cause it could be my last meal.
'Cause we don't know when his fight is, and yours is in three days.
That's just cruel.
I don't want to have to beg Jinx again to fight you because you're too fat.
Ladies and gentlemen, are we having a good night or what? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) And I must say, how beautiful is the bride? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Now, gentlemen gentlemen, we're going to be leaving the ladies to it now.
If you can follow me next door to the VIP room.
Uh, leaving? Didn't I tell you? Men and women separate after dinner.
You'll be fine.
(GROWLS MOCKINGLY) SONG: If you wanna roll with me Roll, you know I wanna roll, you know I wanna roll Switch up your lingo Roll, you know I gotta roll, you know I gotta roll If you wanna roll with me Roll, you know I wanna roll, you know I wanna roll Switch up your lingo Roll, you know I gotta roll, you know I gotta roll If you wanna roll with me Roll with me, don't fade on me, love Roll with me, don't wait on me now Oh, baby, don't play with me now Slow down, let me talk to you Roll down to the rendezvous Oh, baby, don't play with me now If you wanna roll with me You wanna show, just sign me up Just sign me up Tryin' to love ya, gonna make me broke How will you pay for the visa fee and the boxing fine? It can't be cheap, right? And why did we get the fine in the first place? Because Baba hit someone.
And someone testified against him.
Listen, I'm trying to help by setting up a blockbuster fight here.
It's not going to happen.
Now, tell me, what's going on with that boy? He's my fighter, Mum.
He's a slap in the face and you know it.
Stop playing games.
I'm going to dance.
Roll, you know I wanna roll, you know I wanna roll (ALL CHATTER INDISTINCTLY) There's a lot of buzz about your comeback.
I reckon if we capitalise on it now we could about double the take.
Smoke's no good up my arse, mate.
Alright, 5% increase on his last purse.
I'm sure the cash would come in handy given recent events, mate.
Well, as handy as a fight would be for you, given you promoted those events.
The offer's there now.
It won't be for long.
Hey, Lachy, you want a real drink? (BOTH LAUGH) Well, they're keen to see us smash each other, huh? - What a joke.
- Oh, you reckon? I'm not dissing you, mate, - but I'm 17 and 1, and you're 1 and 0.
- (GRUMBLES) It's just maths.
Look, they're just using us so they can have this shit out and make a bit of cash.
I've had a couple of goes round the park, mate.
Just a different-shaped park.
- Fighting half the distance.
- Yeah, but twice as many limbs.
Keep it.
I'll see you in there.
So, I was thinking about what you said the other night.
And maybe we could look for a place.
A place? Yeah, like, a rental, share house, housemate kind of place.
You, Iggy and I.
- How'd you go in there? - 12 rounds.
- Knockout? - Let's say points.
Split decision.
You know, I can't tell if your scheming scares me or turns me on.
Why can't it be both? Hm.
If you and your old man fight as hard as you bargain, this should be a belter, darling.
(BOTH LAUGH) Maybe they won't say anything.
Are you kidding? They spread news faster than Al Jazeera.
Fuck 'em.
Deny it.
I mean, hiding's one thing.
I can't keep lying to my father.
This might be your opportunity to tell him.
(SIGHS) Strick raised the purse.
And you want to take it.
That would be enough to cover the visa, plus another 5.
The offer's there.
But it won't be for long.
How can you and our daughter not be speaking but still sound exactly the same? - Hm.
- (LAUGHS) It would get everything back to where it should be.
By fighting your own daughter? What other option is there, my love? (SIGHS) Make him weave! Make him move! One, two, three.
One, two.
One, two, three.
They have half the focus, half the stamina.
Yeah, you're the Superman now.
Don't let him punch, Jess.
Break through.
Volume and power! Volume and power! The body.
The body! Yes! (ULULATES) - Jinx is pretty good.
- You can take her.
But I don't know about the pink dress.
It's a bit much.
- Yeah, a bit extra.
- Yeah, really.
- Are you alright, Mum? - Fine.
What does that mean? (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) Jinx v Connor.
The Smackdown in Blacktown.
Round two.
One more sleep.
Are you ready? What's up? Ranya called it off.
What? (SNIFFLES) She said she needed space or whatever.
(SIGHS) I said, "No worries, then.
Have all the space you need.
" (SIGHS) It's all good.
Maybe you should speak with her, though.
You don't want to take this into the ring.
Just gotta take it out on Jinx, eh? Ladies and gentlemen, introducing her opponent from the red corner, yet to record a win, Jess 'Lightning' Connor.
Whole lot of motor, whole lot of gas Whole lot of stinky, whole lot of fast Just in case you feel the need to throw anything.
Jess, wake up! Use your combination.
Punch! - Push her off! - (BELL RINGS) What's going on? You're a standing target.
Hey, hey.
Look at me.
Now focus.
(BELL RINGS) Yalla, push in.
Come on, Jess! - Come on, Connor! - Out of the corner! Out of the corner! Uh, she can't see a thing with that defence.
(BELL RINGS) Alright, her jab rate's higher and she's landing more.
Oi, are you listening? You're being outhustled.
I know.
OK, you need to take a deep breath and remember how hard we've worked to get to this fight.
- Now focus.
- I am focused! Fuck! - What's she doing? - She thinks she's Teddy Atlas.
If you don't want to fight anymore you just tell me.
Do you want to continue? You just say the word and I'll have him end this fight right fucking now and save us all the embarrassment.
I'm fine.
You want to go home and tell Iggy how you lost again to this fucking drainpipe? I fucked it up.
What you're feeling now if you can't get past it, then you've gotta grab on to it and use it, 'cause she will otherwise.
She's had you for points every round.
We cannot let this go the distance.
Her hits don't hurt.
They're just fast.
OK, this is where we control the fight.
Not here.
This is where we win.
(BELL RINGS) Yes, habibti! Fuck, yeah! three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine - Ten.
All over.
- (CROWD CHEERS) Yeah! Yeah! (BOTH CRY) SAMI: Yeah, from my play book.
(SNIFFLES) Hamed has joined the army.
And she won't leave without her boy.
So, there's no need for this fight.
OK? Done.
- No more fighting.
- Shh.
No more fighting.
I'll tell Amirah it's off.
(SOBS) LACHY: I loved that.
(LAUGHS) And the winner in a knockout, the heaviest featherweight there ever was, the brawler from Kaikoura - Jess 'Lightning' Connor.
- Whoo! - (HOWLS) - To Team Amirah.
- ALL: Yes! - To Team Amirah.
- Hey! (LAUGHS) Lady, you were all Lomachenko on those ropes.
Bang, bang! After that I am never coming after you for rent again.
- No way.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Are you alright, Mum? - Yeah, of course.
So, you're worried that you showed Sami all your cards? Was he there? Alright, time for a toast.
To Team Amirah, yeah? Again? To, um to Team to Team - Jess? - To Team - Jess? - Mum? - Jess, are you OK? - To, uh - Mum? - Jess? - To, uh - Jess, look at me.
- To - Jess? Jess, look at me.
To - Oh, Jess! Jess! - Mum! - Oh, my God.
Call an ambulance.
- Mum! Mum, wake up! - Jess?, Jess - Mum! - Call an ambulance.
- Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum.
- Can you call an ambulance, please! - It's alright, Iggy.
Is she breathing? Would you call? Can someone call - Are you OK, Jess? - Mum? Every hit causes bruising from the brain crashing into the skull.
She's experienced some delayed swelling on the brain, so we've put her into a sleep.
- What does that mean? - It's a precaution.
That's right.
The swelling might go down by itself.
And what are the chances of that happening? It's hard to say.
Brains weren't designed to be knocked out.
But she wasn't knocked out, she won.
It could have been from a previous fight.
Come on.
- Let's get you home.
- No, I'm staying.
Hey, Iggy needs a bed and you need sleep.
There's nothing else you can do here tonight.
(RANYA SNIFFLES) I called one of those Islamic astral helplines last night.
For a 'wafiza' to bring back lost love.
And they told me I had to recite Darood Sharif 11 times and then Ayat Kareema 900 times, and then Darood Sharif again, and then pray to Allah, all at $3.
99 a minute.
And I did it.
900 times.
Every single one.
You know, Dad told me I couldn't see her anymore.
And I just did what he said.
Like I was eight years old again.
Yeah, they have that effect, huh? You know, I was always reciting the Prophet.
Forgive him who wrongs you, join him who cuts you off.
Do good to him who does evil to you.
And speak the truth although it be against yourself.
You cornered well.
You responded.
You were patient.
You were even Teddy Atlas when you had to be.
Thank you.
Let's call this fight off.
Hmm? We don't need this money anymore.
Come back to the gym.
You can have three nights a week to teach your classes, finish your studies.
What do you say? Do you think I'm not good enough? - That's not the point, habibti.
- It is to me.
You just don't have to.
You don't have to be in this dirty world at all.
I want to be.
But I didn't go all this way, did all of this, just for you to become, what, a trainer? What you did doesn't matter, Dad.
- This is what I want.
It's my life.
- It doesn't matter? - That's not what I meant.
- Everything I've done is for you, - and it doesn't matter? - You don't listen! I don't listen?! Your whole life you don't listen! I'm your father.
The boxing world is no place for a girl! The boxing world IS my world! It's my world where you raised me! Where I've spent my entire life! And it is not yours to take away! Why are you arguing with me? Why why, why? And now I have my licence back, we can all go back to normal.
You're killing you're killing me.
I didn't defend you, Baba.
At the tribunal I didn't defend you.
I testified against you.
(SOBS) (DOOR CLOSES) How did it go? She testified against me.
My own daughter.
And you knew, didn't you? The fight is on.
Watch your feet and keep off your line.
Go again.
(SIGHS) I said keep off your line, not off fucking balance.
- Oi.
- What? It could have happened to anyone.
How about we just focus on defence, huh? Why don't you go get some rest, huh? You think Sami and Hayder are resting? If you think this is gonna be a fight for points you're in for a rude shock.
'Cause with footwork as sloppy as yours, he's gonna push and switch and knock you so fucking hard on your arse you're not gonna be able to get up, you understand that, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, shit on me if you want! Shit on me if you want! But doing all this shit just to piss off your dad isn't helping anyone! - This has nothing to do with my dad! - And it's not gonna make you feel any better.
You know what will make me feel better? Is if you shut the fuck up and you box! 'Cause that's why I'm here, right? Just another way to piss off your old man? SAMI: And Why did you stop? Why did you stop? You see an opening, attack.
- OK.
- OK.
What's the problem with you? It's basics.
It's fucking torture! Excuse me? What did you say? What did you say? You're punishing the rest of us just so you can get back at Amirah.
And you think you know what torture is? - He didn't mean that, Baba.
- Huh? Huh? When I lost in a split decision at the Asian Games, do you know what the minister did to me when I got back home? His men dragged me straight from the airport to his office.
They held my arms four of them.
He pulled my trousers off and You don't know anything.
(PRAYS SOFTLY) Ranya, come.
(MEN CHAT) Excuse me.
Where are you going? To see my girlfriend.
MAN: Amirah? Hey, sorry, I should have seen it coming.
And that defence I don't know.
Hey, fuck that.
I'm a big girl.
What are you doing here anyway? Aren't you still training that clown? What if Baba's right? What if I'm not cut out for this? You're really asking me this? After everything we've been through.
This is who you are.
Unless you wanna be an accountant.
No, fuck that.
Fuck that.
Find a new trainer yet? Nah, no-one else offers Arabic fusion hip-hop in their methods.
- That's weird.
- Yeah.
You were right, I did take on this fight to piss off Dad.
Well, at least you're honest.
But no matter how much I want to beat him or need you to pay the rent you're a great fucking boxer and I believe we can win this.
I don't doubt it.
Record books.
What's it been like as a woman training male fighters? Yeah, look, at first I was sceptical, but then I realised that men could box too.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I don't care what's between their legs, I care about what's here and here.
What's it like fighting your own daughter? Well, just another fight.
We're focused on our game plan.
We've got history behind us.
We've got a lifetime of training.
Yeah, so do I.
They just didn't see me watching.
OK, you see when he circles, he crosses his back foot.
That's when he's off balance.
That's when you get him, right? Yeah, OK.
- I'll get him in the fifth.
- No, the fourth.
Right, you wanna watch it once more? - OK.
- Alright.
(ALL PRAY SOFTLY) He's gonna ease his way in, so you niggle at him, annoy him.
Fill his vision, yeah? Hello, Mr Al-Amir.
Ready to rock'n'roll? I'll check your bandages there, go through some instructions with you.
So, listen, when I say stop, stop.
If I say break, that means break.
Step back, don't punch on the break.
The other one.
That's about it.
All looks good to me.
SAMI: That's it.
Feel him out.
Get your space and be patient.
- Medical record book.
- Yes, sir.
Hang on.
It's always here.
It's the law.
You can't fight without one.
Mama? Hey.
What are you doing? Argh! Leave it.
Leave it.
Mum Ma What are you doing? (SIGHS) We used to pick these, Sabeen and I.
Mama and Baba would pick them and boil them for the oil.
Any perfume worth anything has oil from a damask rose.
You know that? Ma I'm not giving you that book.
Ma you know what I realised the other day? Everyone has to figure it out for themselves, Mama.
Of all this fucking everything after everything, - betrayal after betrayal - This is bullshit.
- What? - I get it, alright? The world used to be against you.
Not now, no-one is.
No-one is? My wife tried to sabotage me.
Your sister testified against me.
Why do I deserve this? - Because they love you, Baba! - They love me? Yes! Mum risked everything to be with you.
Hayder's a boxer because of you! I mean, shit, Amirah wants to BE you! I look up to you so much.
I tried my whole life just to make you happy.
You still really think we're against you? And his opponent, fighting out of the blue corner, a popular mixed martial arts fighter now trained by Amirah Al-Amir.
- Coming by way of knockout as a - OK? Ladies and gentlemen, taking the boxing world by storm, introducing Lachy 'The Fighting Irish' O'Leary! (FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS) What the fuck is that? - Now my fighter's getting agitated.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Stop it.
- It's not my business, I'm sorry.
We'll see who's still dancing by round seven.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
Don't worry about it.
Let him dance.
OK, gentlemen, this is a 10-round fight.
Obey the rules and we'll have a good, clean fight.
Touch gloves.
Go back to your corners and wait for the bell.
- (BELL RINGS) - Box.
- Hands up.
- Easy.
- Keep at him.
- Keep your head.
Keep your head.
- Feel him out.
Feel him out! - Yes.
Good, Lachy! One, two.
One, two.
That's nice.
- Keep at him.
- Don't bite, Hayder.
Don't bite, don't bite! That's it! Good, good, good, good.
Go for it.
That's it.
Go for it! Nice.
Keep on.
Keep on.
Keep on, keep on, keep on working.
Ah, beautiful.
- (BELL RINGS) - That's it.
That's my boy.
You lead to the body, right hook to the head.
Keep your elbows tight and defend your liver.
(BELL RINGS) OK, when he's open high, you counter right.
That's it! He opens up on the cross, you slip an uppercut.
- Here we go! - Turn him! Turn him! Uppercut.
His chin's wide open when he leans on you.
Look out for his uppercut and try and counter.
Remember, foot dominance on the pivot.
And press.
Press! Then right cross.
Don't let him counter.
Don't get caught by his tricks.
When he's trying to be fancy, punch him to the chest.
It's working, he's getting annoyed.
I want you to use your jabs to close the distance.
Listen to me.
He can't last the distance.
- He's going to fall into old habits.
- Pressure him using your tricks.
When you've cornered him, use the Ali shuffle to set up your combo.
- Fight, fight, fight! Force him back! - Throw it up, Lachy! Watch your distance! Watch your distance! - No rolls! Let him go! - Keep your distance! Guard up! Chin down! Good! - Yeah! - (BELL RINGS) Don't get cocky.
You need to keep moving.
If he wants to dance, you're gonna lead.
Watch that back foot.
When he crosses it, then force him with a Dempsey roll.
One to the body, one over the top.
- This fight is yours.
- (BELL RINGS) Body shot! - That's it! That's it, my boy.
- Chin down! Get him! (YELLS INDISTINCTLY) REFEREE: Neutral corner! - Get up.
- two, three Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
five six - Get up.
Get up.
- seven eight Finish him.
Finish him now! - Kill him! Kill him! - Move, Lachy.
Move! Move! Move, Lachy! (BELL RINGS) MAN: And, fight fans, we come to the end of another fantastic round.
Of course we enter now into the ninth and penultimate round.
We fought the shit out of this fight and if we need to throw in the towel there's no shame.
- We've come this far.
- Then this is what we do.
Push him back to the ropes and use your body shots.
He wants to throw you to the ropes, let him.
Go there! Go there! Go there! That's it! More, more, more, more! Get him! Get him! He's gone.
He doesn't have anything left.
You've got him where you want him.
Trust the process.
Dance back to the centre.
Own the ring.
That's where you're strongest.
Keep on! Keep working! Use your jab to force him back.
His hands are tired.
Feint and cross hard.
Pressure him.
Keep him on the ropes.
Feint high, then go low.
Put all your power into your right hook and smash him to the solar plexus.
- Careful, careful.
- Good! Dig deep, habibi.
Huh? I'm proud of you.
Three more minutes, that's all I ask.
They think you don't deserve to be here.
They think you're not worth what they are.
They don't respect what you do or who you are.
Use every fucking second.
Go! (BELL RINGS) Good! Good! SAMI: This world is hard.
Hard work and endless disappointment.
Most of it will be journeymen fighting halfway down the card for below minimum wage.
It's fear it's pain, it's injury and and tragedy.
It's over before you know it.
- OK? - Mm-hm.
MAN: And now, fight fans, after an exciting 10 rounds of boxing in a bloody and brutal affair, we go to the judges' scorecard.
And the winner by split decision