Once Upon a Time s07e13 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Once Upon a Time" Whoever killed our doctor tried to kill our baker, too.
Someone's killing witches.
HOOK: So, you're just gonna abandon this baby here? The only way I can escape this prison is by leaving someone in my bloodline to take my place.
Look familiar? It's part of the Curse of the Poisoned Heart.
It appears when you're touched by the one you can't be with.
Tonight is the night you're finally gonna give my mom true love's kiss.
LUCY: "If true love's kiss should ever break the curse, Henry Mills would surely die.
" [GASPS] Mom! [PANTING] That painting is gorgeous, Alice.
The calm before the storm.
I don't think I like it.
How is that possible? It might be your best one yet.
It's I mean, it's beautiful.
It's just it makes me want to see the real ocean.
I'm done painting for a while.
I'm sorry you're trapped in here, Starfish.
I know it's not fair.
But you know what? I might have something that'll make you smile.
I was saving it for your birthday, but today is better.
Is it sand? Well, I figured if I couldn't take you to the sea, then I'd bring a piece of the sea to you.
Thank you, Papa.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[GASPS] - [CHOKING] - Papa! What's wrong? Papa! What's happening to you?! Papa! GOTHEL: I am.
Don't worry.
It was just a bad dream.
I saw the witch again.
She's coming for me.
It was just a nightmare.
It's not! It's real! You have to believe me.
You do see the world in a special way, Alice.
If you say the dream means something, then I believe you.
What are you doing? Making sure the dream doesn't come true.
I'm getting you out of this tower, once and for all.
But how? You've tried everything.
Almost everything.
The truth is there is one more thing I can try.
It's a dark path that I always feared to take, but I don't have any other choice.
Keep this close by.
To remember me.
I'm scared, Papa.
What if something happens to you? What, happens to me? Come on.
I'll be fine.
And I swear I will return as soon as I can.
Then take this to remember me.
My little rook.
You are the bravest girl I know.
Look, soon all of this will be over, and all the chess pieces will be together again.
Morning, Detective! I'm glad you're here.
I could really use a good match right now.
Look, I'm working.
I don't have time to play games.
We can all make time for games.
They can help us out on our bad days.
And I have a feeling it's gonna be one of those.
What are you talking about? Well, just a feeling something awful's gonna happen.
My head feels a bit off, but it's nothing a good game won't clear up! I'm sure that it would, but I have to focus on my case right now.
People are in danger.
It's important.
- And I'm not? - I'm not saying that.
I'm not.
I'm just [SIGHS] right now, I really need you to go home.
Yeah? Right.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, Tilly.
What's the matter with her? I'm not sure.
It's just Tilly being Tilly.
So, what's the word on our Blind Baker? Enjoying the finest medical care in Hyperion Heights.
I posted a patrol outside her room.
My suspicion is, this killer goes for easy prey, so I've just made things a little bit more difficult.
With a bit of luck, it'll help flush them out.
So, everyone in that cult is in danger, but we don't have a bloody clue who they are.
Well, we don't.
But Eloise Gardener does.
She may have decided to vanish in the wake of Victoria's death.
But that doesn't mean to say we won't find her.
We will.
She's the key that's gonna open all the locks.
Then, by all means, let's open them.
I think it's time we all had a little talk.
How's it going? - What are you doing out here? - [SIGHS] Finishing up a really long night shift.
Given the company's called Swyft, you'd think it'd go fast, but nope.
What are you doing out here? 'Cause you are definitely not a morning person.
I, uh, actually had a meeting with one of my suppliers.
At 6:00 a.
? In that? [SIGHS] Okay, fine.
There wasn't a meeting.
Now stop giving me that look.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] I was catching up with an old boyfriend, okay? At least one of us had a good night.
Henry, if something's wrong, you can tell me.
I went to Jacinda's last night.
I'm sorry.
I just didn't realize that you two were back on.
Well, not anymore.
'Cause all of a sudden, Lucy broke it up.
And then And then she got super weird.
It was, like, suddenly, I wasn't good enough for her mom or something.
Well kids can be complicated, huh? Yeah.
Hey, why don't you come inside? And I'll fix you some eggs and a shoulder to cry on.
I could probably use both.
You have a chance to save some lives here, all right? All we need is a list of the members of the cult, and then we can get to them before the killer does.
ELOISE: We're not a cult.
We're a group of women with shared ideals.
Why do people like you always have to put a label on that? Like cult or coven or I don't know witches? Is that label so far astray? Where were you the night of Victoria Belfrey's death? I'm sorry.
Am I a suspect now? And since when was this about me, Detective Weaver? I came here to help you find a killer.
Of course you did.
I apologize for my partner.
I don't want an apology.
I want him gone.
You and I always have such nice conversations, Detective Rogers.
So, if I can't talk to you alone, I don't talk at all.
You do not want to go in there yourself.
That woman's life's work is manipulation.
Yeah, she manipulates lonely, lost girls.
And I'm none of those things.
I'll be fine.
It's not like she's actually a witch.
Yeah, well, whatever she is, I assure you, she's not going to give up her answers easily.
Why? 'Cause she won't talk to you? I spent years looking for her.
Yeah, she turned out different than I expected, but I know her.
She likes to be in control.
Yeah, you got that part right.
Yeah, so I'll let her think she's in control.
Then I'll rope her in, break open the case.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm trying to help you here.
I want to solve this case just as badly as you do.
So, go in there, get your answers, but whatever happens do not let that woman inside your head.
[RUMPLESTILTSKIN GIGGLING] Come out where I can see you.
RUMPLESTILTSKIN: [GIGGLING] Ooh, it's Captain Hook! Oh, what a lovely treat! Oh, come closer.
[GIGGLES] You know, it's been so long since I talked to anyone except rats and leeches.
Oh, I didn't come for the conversation.
Of course you didn't, dearie! And so, what brings Captain Hook home? Finally ready to seize his revenge? Finally ready to kill me? Or try? I'm not that man anymore.
I finally learned what it meant to live.
I'm willing to set aside my revenge to ask Hmm? To ask you for your help.
[CACKLES] [SNIFFING] Yes! I thought I smelled desperation.
My speciality.
So, tell me, what's the problem, eh? Is it a plague? A woman? A curse? A daughter.
A witch has locked her in a tower, and I-I need magic to set her free.
Oh, well, that's doubly tragic.
For you have come to the wrong place.
No magic here.
I know this place drains your power.
Drains me.
But if you help me If you help me free my daughter from her prison I'll finally free you from yours.
Uh, a d-deal? - Yes, a deal.
- Indeed! Oh! [GIGGLES] Oh, I remember! I used to love those! There is something.
A magic weapon with the power to shatter any prison.
But it's terribly difficult to obtain.
Terribly, terribly, terribly difficult.
Just tell me where it is.
It's not a question of where, dearie but who.
This magic is in the hands of another famous captain.
And you and I both know pirates don't give up what's theirs without a fight.
[GIGGLES] All right.
You win.
Detective Weaver's gone out for a coffee.
It's just us now.
Oh, I doubt he went anywhere.
But as long as I can look at your face and not his, I'm a happy girl.
Glad to hear that.
Have you ever thought about taking a razor to that face of yours, Detective? I bet you look nice clean-shaven.
Tell me, why did you come in today? Because I want the same thing that you do.
I want to prevent women like me from being killed.
Well, tell me who they are, and I'll protect them.
And you really think you're capable of that? It's not that easy.
First you have to know who you really are.
And right now, you have no idea.
And you think you do? I think the answer's closer than you ever imagined.
A picture really is worth a thousand words, isn't it? I wonder what this one means, deep down.
It's just a doodle.
It's an old habit.
Maybe older than you know.
There are so many patterns around you you can't see yet.
Patterns that govern your actions.
And mine.
And the killer's.
What kind of patterns? If you want to learn the truth about the killer, first, you need to learn the truth about yourself.
All right, well, you seem to know everything.
Why don't you just tell me? Oh, I can't see all the patterns.
I can't.
But I do know how to search for them.
And if you're ready to uncover yours, you just need to do one small thing for me.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey, Luce.
You hungry? No, not really.
I made mac and cheese.
It's your favorite, with those little farm animals.
They're so cute! Mom, I'm not 6 anymore.
- I'll just put it here.
- [SIGHS] Whatever you want.
I gotta finish my homework.
We haven't had a chance to talk about last night.
What about last night? You tell me.
First you wanted me and Henry to be alone.
And then, all of a sudden, you didn't.
It's just I've been really overwhelmed after the hospital.
And Grandma dying.
I need you around, Mom.
And I don't want you spending time with some guy.
"Some guy"? You loved him.
And isn't he still your favorite writer? [SIGHS] He used to be, because I thought his fairy tales were real.
But then bad things happen, and you grow up.
So, maybe I don't believe in fairy tales anymore.
And I don't want you to see him again.
Where the hell are you going? To give Eloise what she wants.
Well, how is that gonna help? She asked for your favorite painting? The woman's out of her mind.
Worse dangerous.
And very perceptive.
How does she even know that I can paint? Excellent question.
Perhaps her insight should give you pause.
Well, it doesn't.
Right, if she knows something, I'm willing to play along.
I thought you wanted to find the killer.
If she has the answers, - then a painting is a small price to pay.
- [SCOFFS] If you think that, you don't understand the price.
Well, whatever the price is, believe me, I'm willing to pay it.
Is it really you? Mr.
It's been too long.
Hey, how's the Jolly Roger? Shipshape and ready to set sail.
If you want her back, just say the word.
Well, as much as I miss her, I'm here for another treasure.
I've been told that the captain who holds it is here.
A man named Ahab.
AHAB: If it's Captain Ahab you seek then your search is over.
Though your trouble, alas, has just begun.
It's dangerous to seek me out, old man.
Well, it's a dangerous thing to call me "old man.
" Ah.
- The legendary Captain Hook.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
And, you know, people, they they always tell me that that that I am what you used to be, huh? No, I'm what I used to be, mate.
[LAUGHS] Care to prove it, hmm? Well, look, I'm not interested in fighting.
I'm here looking for a magical weapon.
Maui's Fishhook.
Now, I've been told that you've taken possession of it.
[CHUCKLES] I have.
But no washed-up former pirate is gonna take it from me.
Careful with those threats, lad.
If you really know who I am, then you know how this will end.
Anyway, I'm not interested in bloodshed.
I see you have a taste for the dice.
Now, how about we place a wager, right? Your magical fish barb for, let's say, the, um the Jolly Roger herself? [CHUCKLES] SMEE: Three dice.
One roll.
And may the best captain win.
That's quite a toss.
It's gonna be hard to beat that.
But Lady Luck has been on my side before.
[LAUGHTER] Well, come on, then.
Sorry, mate.
I hope you have better luck with that white fish of yours.
You may be lucky, but you're no pirate anymore.
I see right through you.
I'm sorry? You see, that white whale keeps me sharp.
But you I heard that you gave up your crocodile.
Don't believe everything you hear.
People are talking saying that Hook went soft.
Lost your edge.
You want to know what this is for? I'm gonna use it to kill the Dark One.
Believe me, I never lose sight of what matters most.
- IVY: Hey.
I came as soon as I got your message.
Uh, how you doing? Well, my mother's been dead for a week, I'm completely alone, so I'm doing great.
Oh, well, hey, if you If you don't want me here, I can go.
No, no.
Turns out the only thing harder than cleaning up your dead mother's things is doing it by yourself.
So, all this is hers, huh? Yep.
How many gold pens does one person need? [LAUGHS] She certainly didn't do anything by half measures.
But now I don't know what to keep or what to sell or what to do with my life.
So we're talking about more than office supplies here.
Mother was the whole reason I'm even in this town.
I spent my whole life hating her, and then, at the end, it turns out she loved me all along.
Wasn't that a good thing? I don't know.
I just feel kind of lost.
I feel like you're the only person I can talk to about this.
You understand me.
I'm trying to.
We both lost people that we care about.
We're both wounded birds.
Right? I mean, maybe maybe we can fix each other.
Uh, hey.
That This This is not what you need right now.
Believe me, it is.
No, wait, wait.
Just stop.
Listen, I get it, okay? When my family died, I I tried all sorts of stupid things to make me feel better.
- Oh.
So now I'm stupid? - [SIGHS] No.
No, you're not stupid.
You're grieving.
You're You're trying to grab onto something.
It's just I'm the wrong thing.
Well, then I'm screwed, Because guess what.
- You're all I've got.
- Oh, come on.
That's not true.
Look, when I lost my family, I had nobody left.
Okay, I was completely alone.
But you're not.
You still have a sister.
And a niece.
Who hates me.
They both hate me.
They don't hate you.
If you're trying to figure out who Ivy is now, make her best person she can be.
You can't change things with the family you lost, so maybe, uh you should try it with the family you still have.
Something's bad, something's broken, something's wrong.
It's all gonna go wrong.
I'm not mad, I'm not mad.
Tilly, Tilly.
You can't be back here.
Oh, hey, there, Weaver.
Um, I'm glad to see your face.
[CHUCKLES] I came by earlier, but Rogers, he didn't want to play the game with me.
I tried to warn him.
I did.
But there's bad things in the air.
Tilly, Tilly, calm down.
- Everything's fine.
- No, everything's not fine.
You brought a monster in here, and I can see her for what she really is! You know what? You're right.
She is a monster.
I believe you.
Oh, you do? - Well, I know you better than most.
- [SIGHS] You see things others don't.
And that's what makes you special.
Uh, what's what's that? It's a painting of mine.
I thought I told you to go home.
No, no, no.
You can't show this to the monster.
She'll use it, and then she'll try and hurt you, and I don't want you to be hurt! Get out of my way, or I'll have to have you escorted out.
[SIGHS] You told me you believed me.
And I promise Nothing bad's gonna happen, but right now you have to go home.
You both want me to leave? I'm sorry, but this is more important.
That's Dark One.
Oh! Hook.
Yes! It's Captain Hook.
I brought what you asked for.
Ohh! Oh, yes! [LAUGHING] Yes! Oh, the magic! Closer.
Bring the magic closer.
Come on.
Break the bars.
Break the bars.
Be a good boy.
You and me! You and me.
Look at us.
The Captain and the Crocodile working together.
Who ever would have thunk it? Don't push your luck.
Now let's break Alice out of that tower.
Tell me how this thing works.
So the rumors are true, hmm? Captain Hook has gone soft.
What are you doing here? I'm catching you on your lie, Captain.
I mean, not only are you not killing the Dark One, but you're helping him.
You You have given up your great white whale.
[SINGSONGY VOICE] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Now there's a fly in the ointment! [NORMAL VOICE] Don't listen to his buzzing.
Listen to my voice.
Think of the tower.
Think of your daughter.
Don't listen to that idiot.
Don't let him in your head.
Oh, I'm already in his head.
Look at you.
Look at you, letting the Dark One do your dirty work because you can't.
[CHUCKLES] Hell, you can't even save your own daughter without him.
Tell me What's her name? Alice? Don't you mention her name.
Don't you ever mention her name! [CHUCKLES] Tell me, does she know the truth about her papa? You want to see the real me? Then I'm happy to oblige.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Oh, no, no, no, no.
[CHUCKLES] Not here.
I want people to see me defeat you.
By that, I mean a duel, in public in the light of day.
You see, I think it's time that everyone sees the Hook that I see.
No! Enough! Let me out! I'll r-r-rip his face off, take his other leg, give you his hand Whatever you want.
No one need know it's me.
And then your legend will live on forever.
Otherwise, you are gonna lose everything.
I think he means that he's gonna lose everything.
Ignore the imp.
Yeah, but the imp wants what you want.
Freedom calls.
I can help you if you let me.
If you let me out! No! No.
No, this is my fight, Rumplestiltskin.
It's a duel you want Hmm.
Oh, it's a duel you'll get.
Pistols at dawn.
ROGERS: My first painting.
Happy now? It's beautiful.
The calm before the storm.
Tell me about the killer.
You don't get answers until you give some.
Now, come here, look at the painting, and tell me what it really means to you.
[CHAIR SCRAPES] [SIGHS] As a child, I loved the ocean.
I always wanted to visit.
Then I grew up, forgot about it, and it's a distant memory.
That's all.
It must have been quite a day when you finally got out there.
You must have felt like a real sea captain.
Actually, I've still never been.
But the ocean's so close.
I mean, why why not grab your special someone and go touch the sea? Because I don't have anyone! Is that what you want to hear?! Yes.
They say all great art starts with pain.
And now I know yours.
The killer is also grappling with pain An unfillable void, if you will.
And just like you, they're looking for a way to express that pain, to externalize it in a way that only makes sense to them.
Both the doctor and the baker were given a gift before they were attacked A heart-shaped candy box filled with chocolate marzipan truffles.
That's quite specific.
Everyone has their obsessions.
So, if you want to find the killer, all you have to do is follow your heart.
What are you doing here? I'll tell you what I'm not doing.
Carrying that any further.
Mom saved some of your old stuff.
If you want it, you can take it.
It's nice to see you, too.
Oh, calm down.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - I just carried a box full of your stuff to your doorstep.
Didn't even get a thank you.
Why are you really here, Ivy? To talk about Mom? Do you even care? You know, it's been a week now.
Okay, tap your brakes, Jacinda.
I am still processing.
Not everyone has the kind of mom and daughter relationship that you have with Lucy.
Yeah, well, everybody has problems everybody.
Even me and Lucy.
Since when are you two not besties? Since this morning.
I don't know.
There's something off with her, and for the first time ever, I don't have Victoria to blame.
I only have me.
Look, there are so many things that you do that annoy me, wallowing in self-pity being an example.
You're a great mother.
That's a fact.
You love your daughter.
And unlike Victoria, you make sure she knows it.
Well, I try to.
[CLEARS THROAT] So you did come here to talk.
Next time, just say so.
You know what? Actually, I have something for you.
IVY: Hey.
[CHUCKLES] - [CHUCKLES] - It's Beatrice.
I never thought I'd see her again.
Our childhood seems like so long ago.
Almost like a Like another world, right? Mm.
You have no idea.
And you know what? Now I know what I have to do.
To make it good with Mother.
What do you mean? How? I have to finish what she started.
Then turn.
Then shoot.
Ten! HOOK: I should call you something.
ALICE: Promise me you'll be okay.
[GUNSHOT] HOOK: I will return as soon as I can.
- I love you.
- Alice.
[BOTH GROAN] - [GRUNTS] - You're fine, sir.
Just nicked which is more than I can say for Ahab.
He may survive the day, but your aim was true as the North Star.
What's the matter, sir? You did it, Captain! You won.
I haven't won anything that mattered.
[GROANS] I think I think I've made a dreadful mistake.
I have to leave.
ROGERS: The candy store said this was the last place they delivered the chocolates to.
You'd think a member of the occult would work somewhere less cheery.
I think it's about to get a lot less cheery.
Marzipan truffles.
The woman who runs this place is the next target.
Hello, there.
How can I help you? Hyperion PD.
We'd like to speak to the woman who received this package, A Luanne Hoffs-Drawler.
Is she here? No.
Luanne was my wife.
She passed away years ago.
What's this all about? Thank you for your time.
[SIGHS] This whole thing was a setup.
I warned you of Eloise.
Either she's distracting us, or the killer is using her to distract us.
From what? It's not as if we have any leads or even know who the next target is.
We know the last one The Baker in the hospital.
What are you doing here? I-I don't know.
I, uh I had to be here, but, ugh, I don't want to be.
I-I want to be somewhere else.
Somewhere nice.
Tilly, put the scalpel down.
No, really, you're too late.
I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen.
You didn't pay attention to the thing that matters most, and that's when people get hurt! I'm sorry, Tilly.
I should have paid more attention.
Just Just tell me what happened.
We can help you.
You're too late.
Don't you understand? I told you something bad would happen today! And neither of you listened.
- [SCALPEL CLATTERS] - And now you're both too late.
- Tilly! - Don't Tilly! Papa! I was starting to worry.
There's no need to worry, Starfish.
I'm here now.
I have something in here that can smash this tower to pieces.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Papa? Aah! [WHOOSH] [WHIMPERS] Ohh! What's happening? [STRAINED] I-I don't know.
But I do.
What did you do to me? No less than you deserve.
You're poisoned now, and it will corrupt your heart every time Alice draws near.
You've both been marked.
Please don't do this.
He's my father.
He's a good man.
Not good enough.
Your father went on a little detour because there's more important things to him than his daughter.
He fought a duel for his precious honor.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] You didn't come right back.
You promised me.
I only stopped for a moment.
I swear.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] How did you do this to me? I simply made sure the bullet was poisoned.
Your pride did the rest.
[WHOOSH] Papa! [SIGHS] Papa.
[GROANS] [GRUNTS] You can't keep me from her.
I will get her out.
You will fail her again and again.
You might as well go back to the tavern and have another drink.
ALICE: Papa, where are you?! Save me! [GRUNTS] Such a heartbreaking cry for help.
Papa, please help! I couldn't let you free her.
And now you never will.
Please, Papa, save me! Help me, Papa! Please! Help me! Tilly? You here? [SWITCH CLICKS] No, no, I know how this looks, but there's no way that Tilly killed those women.
This has to be her upside-down thinking gone awry.
I think it's a bit more than that, actually.
Tilly had, uh, experience with this cult some years before.
You know, they took the one person that mattered most to her.
The one person who spent time with her and who could really understand her.
Her father.
In the eyes of the law, that's motive.
Yeah, but she's not a killer.
You don't think she did this, do you? No, of course I don't.
Well, then we're on the same page.
So, how do we make this right? I'll head back to the station and buy us the time we need.
But they're gonna want one of us accountable, should anything else happen.
So, while I stay there I'll find Tilly.
I'll prove her innocence.
Mochi from Lucky Cat? I, uh I do like mochi.
This is just a thank you for some good advice.
Well, thank you.
You want to come in? So, what did I do to deserve the city's best mochi? Well, you were right about Jacinda.
There aren't that many people who really know me, and I forgot that she does.
Henry, apples don't fall too far from the family tree.
And, like my mother, I have done some horrible things.
And, like her, I need to fix them.
I want you to help me to find my other sister, to find Anastasia.
Wait, wait.
You have another sister? Like I said, it's complicated, and there's a lot you don't know about me.
But Anastasia has more reason to hate me than Jacinda ever did.
And how exactly can I help? By being who you are deep down.
You might not realize it, but I think you could be the hero I need.
Well, then, let's drink to heroes.
You know we don't serve shots of strawberry milk here, right? You better have a good reason for putting my liquor license at risk.
It's Henry.
I need your help.
This page, it suddenly appeared.
It says Henry is going to die if he kisses my mom.
So that's why you stopped them from kissing last night? It's all my fault.
I-I found Henry and and tricked him into coming here.
And now now I'm going to lose him.
I know you didn't believe me when I told you that you were the Evil Queen, but Yeah, well, a lot's happened since then, Lucy.
And you know what? I believe you now.
You do? You've read the book? Read it? I lived it.
And I am not going to let my granddaughter face this alone.
So you're awake? I-I knew you were.
You are Regina.
So that makes me That makes you a Mills, Lucy.
And so am I.
Just don't call me grandma.
The Mills family does what heroes do best We save people.
- Like my dad? - Yes.
And we're gonna start exactly like your father did With a set of walkie-talkies and an operation name.
Any suggestions? "Operation Hyacinth.
" The first thing my dad gave my mom.
[CHUCKLES] Operation Hyacinth it is.
And what's our next move? Well, what do you think? We're gonna give your mother and father the happy ending they deserve.