Once Upon a Time s07e14 Episode Script

The Girl in the Tower

Previously on "Once Upon A Time" Papa! Tilly, put the scalpel down.
I told you something bad would happen today! And neither of you listened.
And now you're both too late.
Good evening, Trees.
And you, Stars! My, you're rather chatty tonight, aren't you? Do you know what the stars say today is, Mr.
Hatter? Well, the Second Star to the Right is blinking to the north.
Which can only mean one thing Today is my birthday! [DEEP VOICE] A very happy birthday to you! [CHUCKLES] [NORMAL VOICE] Who wants some cake? [BLOWS] [BLOWS] [SIGHS] Well maybe next year.
They think I killed that poor woman But I didn't.
I couldn't.
You know I don't have that kind of malice in me.
No nuh-unh.
You didn't believe me before.
And now someone is dead.
I know.
I should have listened to you and I'm sorry.
But I believe you now.
I didn't kill anyone really, I didn't.
I swear.
Tilly, you can trust me.
I just want to help you.
Just please, get in the bloody car.
[ENGINE STARTS] [BIRDS CHIRPING] You look happy, Papa.
[TWIG SNAPS] Don't move, spy.
Aah! Wha Who are you? Who sent you? Nobody sent me.
I just I wanted to see my Papa.
Then why are you lurking? Because his heart is poisoned.
If I got any closer he'd die.
You're Alice.
Nook's kid.
Nook? "N-New Hook" it's a thing that my mom and ya know what? Doesn't matter.
So you're The Girl in the Tower.
I got out of that tower years ago.
So I heard.
I thought Henry and Ella left you in Wonderland looking for a cure for your father.
Well, they did.
But I failed.
I'm sorry.
I know he misses you.
How do you know my papa? I'm a part of the team.
You know, my mom and aunt, your dad a bunch of other people I don't really know.
Kind of new here.
Name's Robin.
"New Robin.
" So Nobin.
- Yeah, don't call me that.
- But if Papa's "Nook," it only follows that you should be "Nobin," right? It's just different.
- How? - It's just not cool, okay? Cool? Why would you want to be "cool"? You haven't gotten out much since the tower, have you? I've been loads of places.
And this cage? My least favorite in all the realms.
So mind letting me out of here Nobin? Only if you stop calling me that.
Thank you.
[ROARING] That's him that's the monster.
I've been tracking him for days.
Wait, wait, wait.
I know that sound.
That's no monster.
That's a friend.
Yeah, well, your friend's been tormenting villages.
And I have an arrow with his name on it.
See ya around, Tower Girl.
Wait! No, you cannot shoot him! Stop! What are those? [CHUCKLES] Come on, really? You can't have an operation without walkie-talkies.
Where's your investigative spirit? [WALKIE-TALKIE SCREECHES] - Ooh.
Ooh, ooh.
- Ugh.
[CELLPHONE DINGS] Okay, smarty, we'll do it your way.
So where do we start? Okay, first, we need to find out everything we can about my friend Mr.
You're friends with Dr.
Facilier? That's genius.
He's a voodoo doctor of course he'll know a way to cure my dad.
He he might.
But first, we need to find out what he's really doing in Hyperion Heights.
This has to stay between us.
Kelly can't know.
Kelly can't know what? Uh, nothing.
I was just thinking of adding a kids' menu.
In a bar? You see, and that attitude is exactly why I didn't want to tell you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna walk Lucy home.
Lock up, will you? - [SMOOCHES] - Bye.
- Hot cocoa.
- Mm-hmm.
Ana used to make it for me when I was feeling blue.
I really messed up.
I just hope there's still time to fix things with her.
Well, you forgave your mother.
Mother had to die for that to happen.
And I would rather not.
There are other ways to tell people how you feel about them.
Like, um, I don't know, apologizing? I take it back, I'd rather die.
I know it's tough but nothing beats a genuine "I'm sorry.
" Yeah, you're right.
I-I need to go find Ana.
How about I come with you? I mean, it's not like I had any other plans.
Henry, you should be with someone you're meant to be with.
Like Jacinda.
Well, I guess the only thing I'm meant for is a life of wallowing.
It's cool though, good for the writing.
Okay, stop that.
Cynicism is not your style.
I know that things seem pretty grim right now, but they're gonna get better.
And when they do, I hope you'll be able to forgive me.
Because if I'm going to start apologizing Henry, you're at the top of my list.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ivy, what are you What are you talking about? Why are you sorry? I just wish I had met you before I became me.
Maybe I would have made better choices and things could have been different.
For all of us.
[EXHALES] Goodbye, Henry.
[DOOR CLOSES] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Ivy, what was that Rogers? Henry, you here alone? Yeah, yeah.
Why? W-What's going on? Hey, come here.
Police are after us.
We need a place to hide for a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
You are the police.
Not right now, I'm not.
Just let us in and I'll explain.
Yeah, of course.
Come in.
Seriously? How are you still with me? I ran track for three years.
I once outran a Bandersnatch.
You're not hurting my friend.
He really is a sweetheart.
The gentlest of giants.
Well I have to find him first.
I think he's close.
Well, maybe someone in there has met him.
Then you'll see.
CLAYTON: If you've come seeking shelter, you'll find none here.
A monster destroyed our homes.
He's not a monster why does everyone keep saying that? Because non-monsters don't flatten villages.
Smart girl.
I see you have a weapon.
You can stay here and protect the women and children.
[SCOFFS] Like hell, I will.
I'm going after him, same as you - All right, everyone stop.
- Alice, be quiet.
Okay, that troll that one you keep calling a monster He's the only reason I'm free.
He's my friend.
And he'd never hurt anyone unlike you.
You're a crazy girl.
How 'bout we put you back where you belong? Lock her up.
Wha - And her friend too.
- Whoa, whoa.
Friend's a strong word I just met the girl.
HENRY: It just doesn't add up.
Tilly wanted for murder? I mean, come on, she couldn't hurt a fly.
Except for that time she shot Weaver.
- Wait what? - That's why I need an alibi.
Somebody who can place her somewhere else at the time of the murders I don't know, like a like a friend.
TILLY: A friend? No.
Don't really have too many of those.
Hey, you're awake.
How you feeling? Splendid, thank you.
Your couch is marvelously comfy.
Tilly, I need your help.
The M.
places the time of death at 3:20 p.
Now, Weaver and I only found you in the hospital after 4:00.
If you were somewhere else, somebody might have seen you.
Well, why didn't you say that? I might be short on friends, but I see loads of people all day.
Well, where were you yesterday between 3:00 and 4:00? Now that's a bit more of a puzzle.
I don't really remember exactly.
You don't remember yesterday at all? Well, once I saw that awful Eloise Gardner, my mind just Well, something happened.
It's like my mind is two jigsaw puzzles in one box.
Well look, it's a challenge, but one we can work with.
Maybe we can track your moves.
Like a chess match? Well, more like a, uh, scavenger hunt.
Powdered sugar.
Did you did you happen to swing by the Rollin' Bayou yesterday for beignets? I did! [GASPS] Brilliant, Detective! - Shall we? - No, no, no.
We shall, but you won't.
Stay put.
We'll be back in an hour.
[DOOR CLOSES] Well this isn't a very fun scavenger hunt, is it? Regina.
I didn't expect to see you back here so soon.
[CHUCKLES] Please.
Come in.
Actually, I'm in the mood for something different today.
How 'bout lunch? Maybe a stroll down the waterfront? Are you free? - No.
- Hm.
But for you, I'm willing to cancel everything.
Let's see what treasures you have buried here, Henry Mills.
Hello? Maybe you can keep me company while we wait Hm.
Of course! I know where I was now.
Lewis! I'm glad to find you here.
Um, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I think you've got a piece of the puzzle.
See, I was here yesterday.
And I need you to say I was.
See? Who are you? [BLADE SHARPENING] Hello, Mr.
Charles? Ah, sorry, kid.
Didn't see you there.
Kid? It's me Tilly.
Tilly? The girl with the marmalade sandwiches? I get them from you every day.
Look, lots of people come in here.
I'm sorry but I don't know you.
[GRUNTING] I've got to get out of here! Well, you should've thought about that before you went all hippie Troll-hugger on that Frankenstein mob.
I had to try and stop them.
He didn't mean it.
The troll's just scared, and confused and he's all alone.
It must be hard for you Being locked up again.
The day I got out of that tower was a bloody dream come true At least at first.
Why? What happened? I thought I'd find a way for me and Papa to be together again.
'Cause what's the point of being free if you're all alone? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Back where I'm from I was never alone.
That's when I felt the most trapped.
At least you had people.
I talked to a hat.
[CHUCKLES] Seriously, Storybrooke was insufferably quaint.
Everybody knew your name and all your business.
And one night I just had enough.
What'd you do? I hot-wired the Sheriff's Yellow Bug.
I stole it.
I would have hit New York by morning if she hadn't caught me.
But for eight glorious minutes it was just me and that Bug and the wide-open road.
You rode a bug? No, no, no.
A Bug is a type of car.
Let me show you.
See? What is this thing? It's magic.
- [CLICKING] - [LAUGHS] No, it's not magic.
It's called a smartphone.
It held my entire life back home.
A whole life trapped in this tiny little box? I thought I was in a prison [LAUGHS] You have a funny way of looking at the world, don't you, Tower Girl? My papa used to say all the best people are mad.
He'd say "Starfish, you meet loads of people in this world.
But the best ones they'll challenge you.
Make you see the world through a whole new looking glass.
" You're lucky.
I never knew mine.
He died when I was a baby.
No cute nicknames.
No fatherly advice.
All I have is his name and his legacy to uphold.
Which is why [CLICKING] I can't stay here.
How'd you do that?! First lesson of escape and thievery sleight of hand.
Amazing! Do me next! I'm sorry, Tower Girl.
But hitting that Troll is my one shot at honoring my father's legacy.
And I'm not gonna let you stop me.
RONI: You know, I usually go for the pizza at Bella Notte, but that chowder was incredible.
- It was made for days like this.
- Mm.
I'm glad we did this, Regina.
There's something I want to tell you.
KELLY: Aha! I knew it.
You lied to me.
He just called you Regina.
He is awake.
And this isn't "business.
" This is a date! With him.
Nice to see you again, Kelly.
Oh, shut up with your "Kellys.
" You know who I am Facilier.
Why would you lie to me, Regina? Because I'm a full-grown woman who doesn't have to tell her sister everything.
Why don't I give the two of you some space to figure this out? Oh, no, no, no, no.
She was just leaving.
No, I wasn't.
Call me later, Regina.
Zelena, always a pleasure.
This wasn't a date it was a distraction.
Lucy's in his apartment right now doing recon.
[SIGHS] We have to get her out of there before he gets home.
Tilly, come here, come here.
I told you to stay put.
Somebody could've seen you.
No one sees me.
I'm invisible.
What are you talking about? I was here yesterday.
I thought someone might have seen me, but nobody did.
I know everyone in the Heights but nobody knows me.
[VOICE BREAKING] What if what if I don't exist at all? You exist, luv.
Or else I'm the mad one, talking to no one.
I'm not mad.
If you say you were here, you were here.
Just backtrack your moves.
Like in chess, remember? - Okay.
- Yeah? Um Well, uh, after I finished the beignets, I grabbed an apple from the bodega, tossed the core in the rubbish bin by the newspaper stand, uh, grabbed a marmalade sandwich, and then I-I ducked into this alleyway to eat it.
Unless you ran into Oscar the Grouch, you're not gonna find an alibi back here.
[GASPS] My backpack.
I thought I lost this.
Now I know I can at least trust myself.
It proves I was here.
And, well, maybe there's something in here that proves I didn't kill that woman.
Maybe be we can't we can't do it here.
You're too exposed.
Come on.
Come on.
CLAYTON: The Troll is in there.
I say we charge in, torches blazing! [ALL SHOUTING] [ARROW WHISTLES] [SHOUTING STOPS] How the hell did you get out? Basic pin-tumbler lock? Child's play.
So do you want my help, or do you just want to charge in there like a bunch of losers? You're just a little girl that couldn't even hit me from 10 feet away.
I wasn't trying to hit you.
And I wouldn't underestimate "little girls.
" I'm Robin Hood.
[LAUGHTER] You're the legendary Robin Hood? I thought he was a little taller.
He was my father.
It's my mantle now.
And I'll prove it to you.
I'd like to see this.
All right, Girl Robin Hood.
You've got one shot.
[LOUD STOMPING] [TROLL GROWLING] Seriously, Tower Girl? Turns out I have more than one hairpin.
CLAYTON: You Troll-loving lunatic.
I warned you to stay out of our way.
[MEN MUTTERING] This girl's troubled.
And I don't like trouble.
Hey, back off, jerk wad! We'll find the Troll again, okay? No.
She needs to be taken care of.
Did you not hear me? I said leave her alone.
I thought you wanted to join our campaign.
Are you a Troll-Lover now, too? I would rather be a Troll-Lover than fight beside a bully like you.
[GASPS] [MEN MUTTERING] ROBIN: We need to get out of here we need an escape.
Escape [HORN HONKING] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [HORN HONKING] Is that The Yellow Bug but that's impossible.
Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Get in! [MEN MUTTERING] C'mon, Lucy pick up, pick up [GRUNTS] You should have used walkie-talkies.
They squawk.
This is all your fault.
Excuse me? How is it my fault you sent your grand-kiddie into a genuine snake pit? He is not a snake.
Oh, my God.
You like him.
You know what I'd like To get Lucy the hell out of there.
LUCY: The Death Card.
I got to show Grandma this.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [DOOR OPENS] Yesterday yesterday It's like I was a different person yesterday.
ROGERS: Tilly, we need something with a timestamp on it to show when and where you were.
Like a, uh like a receipt, maybe.
Well, that's curious.
What are these? The, um the killer took hair clippings from all of his victims.
Wha But if I have them, that means that I Let's Let's just try and stay calm.
Oh! I've gone mad, haven't I? If I can't remember not doing it How do I know I didn't do it? I-I don't know.
This makes things more complicated, but we don't we don't know the full story.
And I have a feeling in my gut that you're not a killer.
You just met me, Detective.
You don't know me.
No one knows me.
Tilly, wait! [DOOR CLOSES] [BRAKES SQUEAL] I think we lost the mob.
Why did you help me out back there? I don't know.
You know, back in Storybrooke, I was kind of a mean girl.
All I cared about was being popular.
I saw.
You got loads of friends.
I wouldn't really call them friends.
But their approval was addicting.
I hated it.
So I came here to start over and then I started seeking my father's legacy for all the same, dumb reasons.
But back there, I think I remembered what being Robin Hood is really about Protecting those who need it.
Thank you.
For being on my side.
[GROWLING] That's the Troll.
We need to find him before the villagers do.
For the first 6,205 days of my life, this was Home Sweet Tower.
I hate this place.
I hate its stupid stones and its stupid turret and its dumb mossy base.
And I hate I hate that all I've wanted to do since I left is come back.
At least when I was trapped, I could have hope that when I got free, everything would be okay.
But then I did.
[SOBBING] And it wasn't.
Hey, hey.
It's okay No, no, it's not okay.
Who in their right mind wants to be a prisoner?! I've escaped these walls but I'm still bloody trapped.
I'll never be free of it, will I? [GROWLING] Alice you need to stop the Troll.
How am I supposed to do that?! Just say "Hey! Troll! Stop!" [GROWLING STOPS] Yes.
If anybody can do it, you can do it.
[GROWLS] Look, you may be mad, but you have magic.
I can sense it.
Alice the Troll came home because you wanted to come home.
And back there when we needed an escape? - The Bug appeared.
- What are you saying? What if all those years ago when you wanted to escape the Tower you created the Troll? I wished for him on my birthday or at least, to be free.
Why has he come back? Because because today is my birthday.
[VOICE BREAKING] And I didn't want to be alone.
You're not alone.
I'm here.
Don't you see? It was you all along.
You saved yourself.
[GROWLING] Hello, old friend.
It's me, Alice.
I'm all grown up, aren't I? And I've been so many places since we saw each other last.
It's curiouser and madder and sadder and so much more wonderful out here than I ever imagined it could be.
So thank you.
You don't have to worry about me anymore.
'Cause I'm okay.
I promise.
I think, after all this time I'm finally Gosh, it's such a big, beautiful world, isn't it? Free.
[SNIFFLES] [SOBBING] Do you know how the evidence got here? You know me better than anyone.
I can't have done it, could I? Or I could've done it, can't I? [HORN HONKING IN DISTANCE] I really am all alone.
I have to leave this place.
Before I hurt anyone else.
[HORN BLARES] He didn't see me.
Well, you're kind of hard to miss.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
Were you just talking to the Troll? Yeah.
I know what you're thinking Crazy Tilly, totally bonkers, absolutely mad.
Yeah, kinda.
But all the best people are.
I just got back from Tibet.
Everybody there talks to statues.
[CHUCKLES] So what were you telling the Troll? I was I was saying goodbye.
You're running away.
I tried that.
You know what I found out? Sometimes you just have to look up and face your problems.
Well it was nice to meet you, Crazy Tilly.
Good luck.
Uh, hey What's that you're reading? "Alice in Wonderland.
" It's my favorite.
We're out of time.
I have to take you in.
I will find you an alibi.
I promise.
I think I've already found someone.
A security camera? He saw me.
He's always seen me.
And now it seems he can talk.
I'm so sorry about my sister earlier.
She only has one speed tornado.
You don't have to apologize for her.
I just came to say I'm sorry our date got cut short.
And to return this.
Your granddaughter left it in my apartment.
You caught me.
I had Lucy break in to your apartment.
But that doesn't change what she found.
These? Yes.
I saw the Death Card.
Who are you after? You know, Regina you could've just asked.
I'm here for the Dark One Dagger.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Despite our twisted history, Rumple is my oldest friend.
Do you really think I'm just gonna stand by and watch you kill him? No.
But I want to be cards up with you, Regina.
You know what kind of man I am.
You always have.
You You've always been more difficult to read.
[CARDS SHUFFLING] This is your past.
Your present.
This is your future.
There could be a great love in your cards.
But only you can choose your path.
And what choice do I have? Other than to stop you? Take a page from your old teacher's book, find a way to have it all.
[KEY CLACKING] This places you at the Troll at the time of the blind beggar's death.
How did I not see it before? It was like he was winking right at me.
Well, I checked and the city only recently installed it because of a graffiti problem.
Guess she had a friend after all.
But if I didn't do it, that means the real killer's still out there somewhere.
And whoever it is tried to frame you.
Well, that's for me to worry about, isn't it? All that matters is that you're free to go, Tilly.
Detective? Yeah? What is it? Nothing.
Just thank you.
ROBIN: Make a wish just not for another Troll.
[BLOWS] So what did you wish for? You know that's not how works.
[GIGGLES] But I've got a good feeling about this one.
Why don't we take this for the road and get the hell out of this place? Goodbye, Tower Girl.
[SIGHS] I made you an apology.
[GLASS THUDS] Go on, then.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry I hid Facilier from you.
Look, we may never approve of each other's questionable life decisions, but I promise to be cards up with you from now on.
I promise.
Facilier wants Rumple's dagger.
What? Yeah, I know.
And you were right.
I have feelings for him.
Even after finding that out.
No judgment.
[DOOR OPENS] Mom? Margot you're back! Well, I only got your 37 missed messages.
I guess there really is no place like home, huh? Yeah.
Sorry I've been so out of touch.
It's okay.
I'm just so glad you're here.
Come on.
Wow, I haven't seen the two of you share a drink in I don't know how long.
Yeah, well, a lot's changed since you left, Ro Margot.
Why don't I wash the airport out of my hair? And then we can talk about this over hot toddies.
Sounds perfect.
I didn't realize how hard it would be.
To look her in the eye and lie about who we really are.
Welcome to the club, sis.
What are you doing here? Oh.
You left his.
You really should keep a closer eye on it.
Look, Tilly, this, uh this place isn't isn't safe for you.
Not with the not with the murderer at large.
I don't got nowhere else to go.
How 'bout you come stay with me for a while? I've got a spare room, central heating, a better lock on the door than this.
I'd like that very much.
All right, then.
Well come on.
Let's go home.