Once Upon a Time s07e15 Episode Script


Previously on "Once Upon a Time" "For if true love's kiss should ever break the curse, Henry Mills would surely die.
" Mom! Both the doctor and the baker were given a gift before they were attacked A heart-shaped candy box filled with chocolate marzipan truffles.
I want to find Anastasia.
You can't change things with the family you lost, so maybe, uh, you should try it with the family you still have.
Seven, eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come! Found you, Ana.
Anastasia?! Anastasia?! Where are you?! I knew that lantern would guide you to me.
I got so lost.
Don't worry, Drizella.
I promise, your big sister will never leave you.
We might have found each other, but now we're both lost.
Luckily, I know a way we can get back home.
Take my hands.
Now, close your eyes and concentrate.
As long as we're together, we'll always find a way back home.
You said you'd never leave me.
And for a while, I wished that was true.
Every year you've laid in this box, I suffered under your shadow.
I want Mother to feel the pain that I endured.
Only I'm not strong enough to cast this curse.
Perhaps the answer lies within you.
Well, isn't this familiar? Head full of steam.
A curse built on vengeance And a nosy witch thinking she can change my mind.
You know, you once trusted me to teach you about magic.
Give up on this curse, and I'll find a way to help you.
I don't need your help.
I don't need anyone.
What are you doing here? Testing your commitment.
And I must say, child, I'm impressed.
I don't care what you think.
You should.
The curse you seek requires more magic than you can conjure alone.
There's great power in family, but nothing left to glean from yours.
My circle of sisters has the most powerful magic in this realm.
Join us or suffer your failures alone.
The choice is yours.
I know what the problem is.
I hired you to fix it! Now find my sister! And to think I used to believe you were special.
And here you are lost again.
I see you're encouraging as ever.
I know we've had our differences, but I came to renew our deal.
To find Anastasia? You just want the power she has as the Guardian so you can get the Dark One's Dagger.
What you want will kill her, and I'll have no part of that.
Your desire to honor your mother's dying wish is noble.
But you don't know where she is any more than I do, and your plans to reunite have run out of time.
This was in the lobby when I arrived.
I've already siphoned some magic from Anastasia, and with you gone, I'll take the rest.
I didn't survive this long to be killed by a chocolatier with a penchant for theatrics.
I'll be fine.
What you'll be is exactly like the other two victims Dead.
You wanted to stand alone, Ivy.
Now you truly are.
Hey, Roni.
You got that to-go order? Uh, yes.
Remy's firing it up now.
No time to eat here? Oh, it's for Lucy and her sitter.
I got plans with Sabine tonight.
That's the sitter calling.
What's the cocoa for? Well, keeping up this ruse about Henry is hard on you.
I can tell.
But until I get my hands on some magic, there's no way to undo what Ivy's done.
Hey, keeping your mom and dad apart keeps him alive.
At least my mom has Sabine.
Henry has nobody to cheer him up.
You know, your dad might be kind of a loner here, but before the curse, he had some pretty great friends.
Like fairy-tale friends? His two best friends were Captain Hook and Jack.
Here, they're known as Detective Rogers and Nick.
You mean my dad and my cursed dad were friends? Yeah.
How does that help us here? I bet if we get your dad and his old friends together fate'll do the rest.
I'm on it.
Operation Bromance is a go.
I wouldn't have taken you for an antiques kind of guy.
Hey, do you want to order some food and maybe work the candy-killer case? You're not really calling it that, are you? Well, no, not me.
Not me.
The boys in the bullpen.
No, I think we need a break.
As my wife used to say, wandering another path often leads us where we need to go.
Hence the teacup.
Well, in that case, I guess my path is leading me to the market.
Since Tilly moved in, I've been going through a lot of jam.
Enjoy your time off.
Hey, Weaver.
Got a call about a 13-year-old girl wandering outside an abandoned restaurant.
Fits the description of the girl you're looking for.
What's the deal with her anyway? She's just a scared girl, but also a piece of a much larger puzzle.
Hello? Why don't you come out? I've got a fresh can of pepper spray we can try together.
Ohh, who locked this door? Please don't hurt me! No! Ohh! Aah! Ohh! Aah! Yeah, I was always more of a pinball man myself.
I held the high score for weeks on this game, and then JBH went and claimed it.
But I've got a stack of tokens and an evening committed to undoing this injustice.
Noble quest for sure.
But I've got to be honest, I thought be out wooing Jacinda.
Yeah, well, I've actually downgraded from wooing to giving her some space.
But aside from seeing me at geek DEFCON 1, what are you doing here? You tell me.
Lucy texted me saying you had a lead on my case.
She did? Cool.
" Uh, you guys see Lucy around? Let me guess.
She texted you to meet her here? Yeah.
How'd you know? Because the kid used to do this with me and her mom.
And now that she's done playing matchmaker, it would appear that she's decided to literally text me into the friend zone.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm sure you guys have better stuff to do than mash buttons and eat hot wings.
Actually, I think this is exactly where I need to be.
Excuse me.
All right.
Let's see what you got.
Uh, yeah, we got a strict no-whiskey-for-witches policy.
It's about the killer.
He came for me.
If not for the heel on my stiletto, I would be dead right now.
You want my help? Bring me a fix for whatever you poisoned Henry with.
I don't have one.
If I did, I swear, I would give it to you.
But Please.
I'm powerless here.
I need magic.
Have you found any way at all to glean some from this world? You set this curse up so I had none.
I'm so stupid.
I built a trap around myself.
And the irony is I was going to go find my sister, Anastasia, and make amends.
And then fate held a knife to my throat, literally held a knife to my throat.
Yeah, I wouldn't save me, either.
All right.
You did the right thing coming to me.
I'll call Weaver.
Thank you.
And you're safe here.
Trust me.
If anyone's gonna have the pleasure of killing you, it's gonna be me.
I see you've come to your senses.
I've come to join your little supernatural sewing circle.
It's not that simple.
You're not the only witch with interest.
Now the last recruit has arrived we can begin.
Each of you shows promise.
But only two of you will get the honor of joining The Coven of the Eight.
I've hidden two golden flowers in the woods beyond the river.
Whoever returns with these mystical plants will show themselves worthy.
You'll each work alone.
You'll have to be savvy and cutthroat.
Well, so much for sisterhood.
Sisterhood is a prize not easily won.
Happy hunting.
Gothel can be a bag of wind sometimes.
I liked seeing you put her in her place.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the show.
Hang on one second.
I knew you were the strong one.
What's your point? Alone out here, we're just gonna get lost.
But together, we can find these things.
We can both win this.
I'm glad I didn't run you through with that stick.
While I would love a drink, I'm not in the mood for company.
Your troubled mood is exactly why I'm here Drizella.
And who exactly are you? Hmm.
Facilier, at your service.
Oh, I can service myself, thanks.
I'd say your encounter at the garage has proven that to be most untrue.
The killer's going to keep coming.
And who's to say you aren't the killer? I'm a witch doctor.
I'm just as much a target as you.
I've come to make a deal.
Roni already has my back.
See, Roni only cares about fixing the son you poisoned.
And you've already told her you can't do that.
Your mother's gone.
Your sister hates you.
The coven's turned their back on you.
No one's going to help you.
Except me.
Only by escaping to another realm will you ever be safe.
Let me guess.
That magic bean comes with a cost? You'll pay for your life with the price of another.
Your sister.
Gothel will get to her anyway.
It's in the cards.
So, either you can let your sister die empowering that witch, or you can let her death pay for your safety.
Even if I wanted to, I've been looking for her for days.
That girl is nowhere to be found.
You don't need to find her when you can make her find you.
So that little girl's magic did all this.
You know, you'd think ignoring someone's phone calls would be a big enough hint that you didn't want to chat.
I wasn't inviting you over for tea.
Ivy was attacked by the killer.
And while I was filling your voicemail, my bar-back saw her leave with someone.
Uh, with Gothel? Or do you mean your, uh, clandestine boyfriend? Don't tell me you've forgotten it's my business to collect secrets.
And the question really is when were you gonna tell me about this desire for my dagger? I was hoping I could change his mind, like Belle did for you.
Well, he clearly hasn't changed his mind.
And if Facilier succeeds, I might never get back to Belle.
If he gets his hands on Anastasia I know what terrible things he can do with that magic.
It's why I've come to you.
So, what do we do now? Quite simply? We have to get to Anastasia before Ivy does.
Can we have a little less lollipops and a little more finding flowers? I have a brother like you.
Always a bit of a sour ball.
For a long time, it seemed like we raised each other.
Well, if you guys are so tight, why isn't he sharing lollipops with you? Where you start with your siblings isn't always where you end up.
And where did you end up? At a gingerbread house.
We got caught by a witch.
She tried to throw us in her oven.
Seems like you got out okay.
Not unscathed.
And from that day on, I was determined never to be weak to that sort of power again.
And your brother? Forever altered.
His arms, scarred from burns.
And his mind, well Last I heard, he was traveling around under a different name.
You might not get it, but losing a sibling eats a hole in you that's damn-near impossible to fill.
I get it more than you know.
What was his name? Hansel.
I'm Gretel.
Good to meet you, Gretel.
I'm Drizella.
Candy gumdrops.
Well, I guess you did learn something in that gingerbread house after all.
And if your abilities weren't as sharp as your tongue, we'd be flat as sugar cookies right now.
Come on.
Let's best these witches.
Ah! God.
Now, you've got two good hands, and I still did better than that.
Ohh, hey, thanks for sticking around.
I needed this.
Yeah, me, too.
Well, the real question is have you accomplished what you set out to do? Well, if we're talking high scores, then no, but if we're talking about forgetting an adorably frustrating, yet underdog, endearing single mom then still no.
I just I just can't tell if Jacinda and I are meant for each other anymore.
Someone smart once told me sometimes wandering a different path takes you to where you need to go.
What does that mean? It means there are plenty of women in this bar who would find your whole John Hughes outlook charming.
It's time to see what fate has in store for you.
And how do you gentlemen propose I do that? Simple.
You're gonna walk up and ask out the next woman who comes in the bar.
- Yep.
- Mm-hmm.
I All right.
You know what? You guys might see me crash and burn, but I'll do it.
Next woman who walks through that door is getting asked out by Henry Mills.
Getting through that trap gives us a pretty big lead.
The question is, which way do we go to keep it? Both.
We're a team, right? If I was gonna screw you over, I would have let the trap do my dirty work for me.
You're right.
We meet back here? With flowers in hand, and we win this thing.
What are you doing here? I've come to help you win.
These other witches, they're just further traps for you, obstacles to test your resolve.
You alone have proven yourself worthy to join the coven.
But you said there were two spots.
I lied.
And about the flowers, too.
There's none in these woods.
Your real test has yet to begin.
Prove you're one of us.
Kill Gretel.
I don't want to do that.
But you do want your curse.
And the only way you're going to get that is with my family by your side.
I warned you witches not to get too close.
Drizella? It's me, Ana.
I'm so glad you came.
- I-I lit a lantern like we used to.
- What do you want? I needed to see you, to talk to you.
I've done terrible things.
I think I did them because I was afraid.
I got so lost, Ana.
I was hoping you would help me get home.
But Gothel said that there was no way.
I found one.
A-A magic bean.
It opens a door to our realm.
It just needs your magic to enchant it.
I'm sorry that I didn't realize this before, but I need you.
All I ever wanted was for us to be home together.
Me, too, Ana.
Me, too.
So, let's go.
Where's the magic bean? Right here.
You lied.
I'm so sorry, Ana.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ana.
Know that Mother wanted us to be together, and I-I tried to do the right thing this time.
But I don't want to die.
And if it comes down to you or me I choose me.
Doesn't all this seem weird? I mean, come on, you can't deny how the universe keeps bringing us together.
Because my dinner with Sabine ended up right next door to you? Yes! Exactly! Well, you sound like Lucy.
What if Lucy could be right? About fairy tales? Okay, just for a moment, just pretend that you really are Cinderella.
I mean, come on, how great would that be? I don't know.
Glass slippers seem like a terrible idea.
Ah, but me being a handsome prince here to sweep you off your feet seems pretty good.
Well, then, what we need right now is a way to test fate.
- Okay.
- Wait here.
We, uh We really should have put some money down on this.
My mind's still on the case, obviously.
Candy killer thing? Hey, I understand if you can't talk about it.
No, it's not that.
It's just we don't have any real leads.
Well, now you're making me nervous.
Well, you don't need to be.
The victims all got a warning, unless you received anonymous chocolates.
I didn't.
I'm not really much of a sweets guy.
Although I will name my next band Anonymous Chocolates.
That's an impossible shot.
Nobody can make that.
Well, that's the whole point.
Me walking through those doors could be a coincidence, but you sinking in this token is truly a million to one.
All right, so, if it lands in the mug, then everything's real the fairy tales, destiny true love.
Good luck, my prince.
All right.
Did it Did he just? Did you Did you just see? Settled that once and for all.
Uh, you heading out? Uh, yeah, Sabine just texted.
Our table's ready.
Till we meet again.
Henry Mills.
Will she suffer? Does it really matter to you? The ash will absorb her magic.
And when it's all over, that bean will be imbued with enough to take you home.
Just one last thing to do.
Is this part of your ritual, too? No, this isn't my doing.
She's waking up.
How is this possible? Because I'm waking her up.
And I'd be worried about what she's going to do to you, Ivy, because you've been a very bad sister.
You beat me back here.
Does that mean you found something? No, I was just thinking.
About what? Gothel can't be trusted.
What happened to you and your family in the gingerbread house, it happened to my family, too, with Gothel.
I don't want to be in her coven anymore.
I know we haven't known each other for that long, but - We have a connection.
- Yes.
You and I are all the sisterhood we need.
Whatever it is you came here today to do, we can help each other do it.
I'm in.
And I know how we're gonna get what we want.
You may not have found a golden flower, but I did.
Come see for yourself.
I think I'll stay right here.
She came to you, too.
I wanted you to leave here with me.
That's not a candy cane in your hand.
Lower your weapon.
That's what I thought.
Ohh! I don't want to hurt you.
And I want a spot in that family.
I need it.
I'm sorry.
You did it.
I didn't want to.
But you did.
Now let's talk about your vengeance, sister.
Ana, please talk to me.
There's nothing left to say.
Aah! You know what you need to do.
Me? You said you'd help me.
These aren't my cards being turned over.
And another pillar you've clung to has crumbled.
It's time, Anastasia.
Time to show your sister how alone she really left you.
Don't listen to her, Ana! You don't care about me.
You never have! That's not true! I loved you more than anyone.
Gothel convinced me that you could be replaced, but she was wrong.
She tricked me.
And she tricked you.
I never drew you in with that lantern.
She's right.
I've done some horrible things because she pushed me to do them, all to force us to this very moment.
Why should I believe anything you have to say? Because you were always the one bright light that guided me home.
And Gothel realized to get your power, she had to break the bond between us.
If you kill me, you'll sully your pure heart And if I kill you, she gets the magic, too.
I don't want to see you lose your Guardianship, so do as you wish.
I won't let Gothel control my fate anymore.
What are you doing?! Do it.
Kill her now! Come on! Kill her! No.
I guess you underestimated the power of sisterhood.
What the hell happened here? Your good-hearted boyfriend.
You okay? Couldn't have just stayed at that table? I know.
I know.
You were right.
Well, I would have left, too.
I never should have left you at the tower all those years ago.
Yeah, well, I know a little something about being a difficult student.
All those lessons about family and love, I thought they would weaken my magic.
But I get it now.
That's where the strongest magic comes from.
Uh, it s it sounds like you're saying goodbye.
I know I'm leaving behind a big mess, and I cast the curse.
And you're probably angry with me.
Angry? You tried to kill my son.
Angry is quite the understatement.
But I also know that you didn't do this alone.
Gothel manipulated you.
And if Gothel's after your sister, the sooner she's safe and out of reach, the better it is for all of us.
So Go.
We're gonna be okay.
Trust me.
We've broken curses before.
We won't stop fighting until we break this one.
So, do you forgive me? Mm, let's just say I understand you.
My gift to you is what I always wanted Someone to believe I can change.
Thank you.
I don't even know what I'm going to say to Jacinda.
Well, don't worry.
When the time's right, we'll tell her everything.
Drizzy, were you honest before? Can that bean really bring us back? I was told yes, but I don't know how to do it.
I do.
Take my hands.
You were right, Ana.
When we're together, we'll always find a way home.
I'm surprised you let the Guardian go.
Well, it was the right thing to do.
So, you're giving up on getting to Belle? It might seem that way, but you know, every time I do good it just brings me closer to her.
Now I've got to believe that one day, another Guardian will appear.
But those two sisters going off together Well, that means today is a good day for everyone.
What are you doing here? Hmm? Gonna prey on some more of my customers? You think that's what happened tonight? I did what I needed to get what I wanted, just as I told you I would.
And you're still no closer to your precious Dark One dagger.
Well, it wasn't the dagger I was after tonight.
Just a little bit of this.
So, you stole magic and ran away? I left those girls so they could find each other, just as the cards told me they would.
You expect me to believe that? Weaver's got you thinking something awful about me.
Yeah, well, he's usually right.
Not about this.
Anastasia was never going to die.
I just needed to siphon some magic when she used her power.
And now that you have it, how do you plan on using it? As a gift.
As I always intended.
Go find a way to save your son.
Can I really trust this doesn't come with a price? The only price to pay is seeing that smile.
Thank you, guys, by the way.
We got to hang again.
Oh, you're just saying that because you reclaimed your "Galaga" score.
Is that your car? Well, it looks like my paperweight now.
You need some help? No.
You guys head home.
I can take care of it.
You're a good man, Henry.
It's time you responded to those signs, you know? Well, technically, I didn't sink the shot.
Then forget the signs, bro.
Good luck on that case.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
I'm betting the answer is right under your nose.
Are you lying in wait or just watching? It's my understanding that it's you who's been out for me.
You're looking quite tired, Dark One.
You feeling the weight of time? If you think you're getting my dagger, you are gonna suffer the same fate as all others who have tried.
Really? Because I know of your desire to join Belle in the afterlife.
And killing anyone might just keep you away from her forever.
You interfere with my family, rest assured, I will find a loophole, and I will put both your feet on the other side.