One More Time (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Rocket Richard's Skates

DJ: Hey, there he is!
Got some big news for you, buddy.
I'm getting a promotion?!
Ha! No, no.
Absolutely not.
But you are getting more responsibility.
It's time for you to take
the training wheels off.
We're gonna let you
start handling trade-ins
- like a big boy.
- Really?
Determining the value of
the equipment we take in
is a sacred duty.
Used sports goods are the
lifeblood of this store.
Oh-ho, sounds like
someone's been studying
the employee handbook,
which only reinforces my
belief that you're ready.
Now, I know you know this
is a huge responsibility.
Make sure you have some fun
with it too, okay?
You never forget your first trade-in
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
That was amazing.
Tell it again.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
That was even better the second time.
CUSTOMER: Hey, I, uh,
I'm looking to trade in some stuff.
You got this, champ.
Just make sure everything's
in working order
and pay him what you think it's worth.
Okay, okay.
Wait, you're leaving?!
This is something you must face alone.
Also, I got killer gas and you
know we don't fart on the floor.

This is all garbage!
He bought torn badminton birdies,
these skates from the mesozoic era,
and eww!
A used mouthguard!
Who is gonna buy a used mouthguard?
[MUFFLED] Don't worry, they still work!
Ugh, spit that out! Spit it!
I hate to interrupt you
mid-admonishment, Cynth,
but look at this signature.
What does that say?
- Rocket Richard?
- Rocket Richard!
- Maurice "the Rocket" Richard?
- Who is that?
He's a Montreal Habs legend!
He's the Babe Ruth of hockey!
Some might even say Babe Ruth
is the Rocket Richard of baseball.
I've never heard anyone say that,
but someone might.
Do you think that this
is the genuine article?
- Guess we'll never know.
- We could call an appraiser!
I guess we'll know soon enough.
Hey, Jen.
Snack time!
For the love of
What in God's good grace is this?
You ever heard of Christine Lavigne?
Is is this her?
What? No!
She's the world's
greatest javelin thrower
and she eats nothing but raw spleen
to get her body into shape.
Ugh! Seems unappetizing.
I'll tell you what's unappetizing,
failing Olympic qualifications
by 1.3 centimetres.
CYNTHIA: Aw, Jen! You didn't qualify?
Placed 33rd worldwide and 32 get in.
Ooh, tough break.
So you're saying
that you're gonna eat
nothing but raw spleen for four years?
Is your coach suggesting this?
No, he's fiercely opposed to it.
Yet you still think it's wise.
I don't know, Cynthia, why don't you ask
Christine "the Spleen Queen" Lavigne?
Come on, you think spleen did that?
Oh, I mean, she trains, too,
but spleen is definitely the X factor.
I am gonna pray for you.
Oh. Okay.

JOSH: Nice setup, bro!
Never occurred to me to
bring lawn chairs out here.
Yeah, well,
it never occurred to the Egyptians
to build the pyramids until it did.
Huh. I never thought of it like that.
Need a light?
- I don't smoke.
- Oh.
You see, smokers on average
take 38% more breaks
than non-smokers, without repercussions.
Wow, you really know how to
make the most out of a break.
That's just the tip of the iceberg,
my friend.
When it comes to taking breaks,
it's all about quality and quantity.
Teach me?
You know, I usually break alone.
But what would be an ascended master
- without his disciple?
I can get used to this.
You will.
Alright, Hauser, you got this.
Just like steak tartare
without the seasoning
to make it palatable.
Oof so gruesome.
This is how champions are born!
[SNIFFS LOUDLY] Smells like 1954!
It's '55.
The signature's just inside there.
APPRAISER: Oh, yeah.
We've got Radcliffe, Redman, Romijn,
Romijn-Stamos That's too far.
Ah, yes, Rocket Richard.
Okay, so
- See the curve on the R there?
- Mm-hm.
Okay, see the pressure
on the tail of the D?
- Yeah.
- That is his authentic signature.
These skates are worth
approximately $50,000!
$50,000? Are you kidding?
No, sir,
and that is a conservative estimate.
It is my professional opinion
that these are the exact skates
the Rocket wore the night
he punched a linesman,
and as a result was suspended
for the rest of the season
and playoffs,
causing the famed Richard riot.
Oh! Simpler times.
Oh, imagine what
we could do with $50,000!
That money's not ours.
We gotta find the guy who
brought these skates in.
Ugh, I knew you would say that.
- Hmm.
Oh, there is no record of the
transaction in the system.
Keeran, did you even punch this in?
I thought I did. Maybe I didn't.
I don't I don't know!
It was my first trade-in.
You know, if we had security cameras,
we at least could have taken
a good look at the guy.
You know how I feel about
security cameras, Cynthia.
- They breed distrust in
- Distrust in the community, I got it.
Listen, there is no way we're gonna find
the rightful owner of these skates.
So maybe we should just
keep 'em for ourselves.
Have I ever told you about the time
I almost lost my faith in humanity?
I was on a plane flying from
Binghamton to Bakersfield.
I wanted to sleep,
so I took my hearing aids out,
which renders me dead to the world.
It requires a tremendous amount of trust
in my fellow passengers.
But when I awoke,
that trust had been shattered
my cellphone and blueberry
muffin were gone.
What year was this?
Uh, 2019.
A $7 muffin.
Oh my God!
I stood up; I asked my fellow passengers
if anyone had seen anything.
I pleaded, but no one so much
as looked me in the eye.
In fact, someone outright
told me to shut the fuck up.
- Whoa.
- Ugh!
I thought I'd never trust again.
But when I got off the plane,
there was an elderly woman on the jetway
with my muffin in her hand,
waiting to return it to me.
I've never eaten a muffin
that tasted so good.
So the old lady stole your muffin?
You're missing the point, Cynth,
which is she returned it.
And from that day forward,
I vowed to live my life
with the same integrity as that
sweet old lady on the jetway.
Which is why we have to track down
the rightful owner of these skates.
Your sense of justice is
refreshing in this day and age.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Let me get the door.
- This one?
Tempered glass,
anodized frame; I peg it at $2,500.
KEERAN: Okay, he might have had hair,
but definitely presented as bald.
He had a moustache, maybe a goatee
No, it was a fu manchu.
Uh he had big teeth.
He was missing a few,
but he still came off as toothy,
you know?
- Mm-hm.
- Why is his description so hazy?
It was his first trade-in.
He was jacked up on adrenaline.
We are never gonna find this guy, DJ.
Why don't we just keep the skates?
No, no, the rightful owner
is out there somewhere
and this sketch is
gonna help us find him.
That's the guy! That is the guy!
That's Howie Mandel.
I thought you were a sketch artist.
No, ma'am, I'm a caricaturist.
- Ahh!
- Ohh!
Well, we obviously
can't use this, but
Do me?
Hey, what you making, beet smoothie?
Close! Spleen smoothie!
Are you gonna cut it
with mango or something?
Does the reigning champ cut
it with mango or something?
No, she does not.
Are you saying that if I drank spleen,
I could look like this?
Christine says getting
into peak physical shape
is 50% training, 50% diet.
So I could get halfway to this?
- 100%.
- Holy shit.
Even Shane Corkery's
biceps aren't that big
and he's the captain
of the wrestling team!
I wouldn't be girlfriendless
if I had a body like that
Keeran, welcome
to the mean spleen dream team.
- Mmm.
SAMUEL: Please, please,
have a seat here, have a seat.
Hey, Samuel.
Thanks so much for having me on.
Please, uh, Samuel was my father's name.
Call me, uh, Silky Samuel.
Silky Samuel, anyone ever tell you
that your off-air persona
is nothing like your on-air?
to be with you here
on Silky Samuel in the late afternoon.
We've got a sultry guest
with us here today:
DJ, the steamy manager
of One More Time sports.
Now, I understand that you're
looking for a special man.
I sure am.
He's about 5'9 " to 6'3",
bald but confident with it, uh,
and facial hair,
quite possibly even a soul patch.
Ooh, a soul patch!
Sounds stimulating.
And, uh, what is it that
you want to say to this man?
You came by One More
Time sports this morning
and you traded in your
old hockey skates.
Those skates are worth a lot of money.
I'm talking $50,000.
So, come by One More Time
and claim what's rightfully yours.
Whoa-ho-ho, 50 k!
That's right, you shmexy snacks,
you heard it here first.
There's gotta be someone in this
town that fits that description.
Does that look like the guy?
- Yeah.
- What about him?
- Oh, yeah.
- And him?
Without a doubt.
Yeah, this isn't working.
I got it! Let's make them try it on,

Juice me.
Man, you know, I didn't think we'd
break better than yesterday,
but you've really opened my eyes.
I'm not teaching you how
to open your eyes, kiddo.
I'm teaching you how to close 'em.
Whoa, so wise.
Hey, what is goin' on down here?
You guys breakin'?
Bet your sweet ass we are.
- Can I join?
- Absolutely not.
Come on, man! You have so much to offer.
Well, I suppose the sun
cannot withhold its light
from those upon whom it shines.
JOHNNY: So is that a yes, or?
JOSH: Yeah, yeah,
he's saying you can join.
Check out how these guys are breakin'!
I hope you know what you're doing.
Who the hell is Joe?
Hey, Jen.
Look at this.
Any closer to Baywatch Zac Efron?
He's on my swole vision board.
Who else is on your board?
Okay, I just have a poster of Zac Efron.
Ah, give it time, sport!
This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Honestly, I don't know how
much more time I can give it.
I'm not feeling too hot.
Really? I'm feeling tip-top.
[QUIETLY] My pee is brown.
That's just your gut's biome
acclimating to the nutrients.
Organ meat, eh!
Uh, actually,
you're kind of a weird colour.
Like, I wanna say greyish.
Greyish? No!
I can literally feel the spleen
powering me up from the inside.
I'm stronger, faster,
faster than a javelin.
I am the javelin and no one
will bring me dow own
Oh, your pee is brown, too!
Fits like a glove!
fits me like a glove!
As soon you two fellas finish,
it's gonna fit me like a glove, too.
Silky Samuel?
DJ, what are we proving by
having them try on the skates?
We don't even know if that
guy ever wore the skates,
and even if he did,
there's a lot of people
with size 10 feet.
My God, you're right.
Cinderella was full of plot holes!
Give me those.
- My fellow Korvertonians,
these skates mean something to someone.
Search inside your hearts
and imagine someone claiming
something precious of yours.
I implore you, speak truthfully:
Is anyone here the actual
owner of these skates?
DJ: Shame on you!
Shame on all of you!
Look at yourselves.
Look what you've be come!
Oh, I should not have shaved my head.
This is almost as bad
as the muffin incident.
I hate to see you this stressed.
How about I hang onto
these skates for a while?
Et tu, Cynthia?
I can't trust anyone.
The skates stay with me.
KEERAN: Cynthia, Cynthia!
Okay, Jen blacked out,
but I put her head in ice.

Hey, man, I've been waiting
on a pomegranate-cherry
for five minutes!
I said it's coming right up.

Hey! Can you watch
where you hacky, please?
I don't smoke!

Would you look at these clowns?
I never thought I'd say this,
but I need a break from the break.
What? No, no, we can't quit.
We worked too hard for this.
Hey, we don't use that word out here.
What, quit?
No, work.
Look, you're just bartending for free.
I'm sitting over there
in a pool with precum.
It's over, Josh.
We broke too close to the sun.
- I'm sorry, man.
- No, don't be.
I got no regrets.
It was good there for a minute,
wasn't it?
It was great.
You know what we gotta do, right?


JOSH: Move it! Get outta here!
Hey, let's go back to work, huh?
DJ: And now I don't know who to trust.
What's so special about them?
Oh, they belonged to Maurice Richard.
Legendary NHLer.
Yeah, they're worth a lot of money.
You wanna give 'em a whiff?
They smell like greatness!
Word to the wise, though:
Greatness smells a lot
like athlete's foot.
Yeah, uh, tempting. Tempting
but I can't smell
anything with my anosmia.
- Your a-what-mia?
- Anosmia.
Can't smell a damn thing.
- Anosmia, eh?
- Mm-hm.
I can't believe I didn't
know this about you.
It's not something I
talk about very often.
It's one of the least respected
disabilities on the planet,
in a tight race with ADD.
MAN: Waiter?
I gotta go.
Smell you later.
- I hear what you did there!
Guess you never found the guy.
Hey, take a hike!
Nope, just a community
of phonies and fraudsters.
You know, I meant what I said earlier.
It is refreshing to see someone
care about their fellow man.
You would be surprised
how much greed and deceit
- is in my line of work.
- Never expected to find it in mine.
Great timepiece, BT-Dubs.
What is that, 2004 Seiko?
That's like 300 bucks right there.
$40 at the thrift store.
But you have an uncanny gift.
You could make a killing
on The Price is Right.
Legally, I'm not allowed on that show.
I'd love to appraise your bedroom.
Oh, it's really nothing impressive.
I've got a bed, a dresser, a gong
That's not what I meant.
- Oh!
- Yeah?
Let's do some appraising!
Wanna take this inside?
I'm just right there.
I can't.
I thought you wanted to
appraise my bedroom?
Oh, I do, but I forgot
that I have an audition
for the Antiques
Roadshow in the morning.
I would not want my alarm to wake you.
Oh, I take my hearing aids out to sleep.
Unless your alarm is a jet engine,
I'll be fine.
Oh, I wish I could!
I can't.
Rain check?
You got it.
Ooh, 2022 Honda Civic sports edition.
This could go anywhere
from 31.5 to 36 k.
Individual temperature knobs?
You're a fancy boy!
Damn, she's good.
- We're gonna run some tests
to rule out any permanent organ damage.
In a hilariously ironic twist,
your spleen will be fine.
Huh! That is hilarious.
Rest up.
There's some reading
material on your side table.
Thank you, doctor.
Nothing but spleen?
My God.
Wait Spleen Queen disqualified?
Pee screen unclean?
Lavigne seen fleeing from team?
If she's out, then
Mm-hm, this is she.
Yes. Yes, I understand.
Yes, thank you.
I'm in.
I'm going to the Olympics.
I'm going to the Olympics!
Hey, you're up!
Guess what?
A girl in the waiting
room said I looked sick.
I think this stuff's working, you know?
No, don't!
I'm gonna be an Olympian.
I'm going to be
a tiger!

Gah! [IN A WHISPER] Hey.
Alright, well
Galvanized steel?
That's a quality fire escape!
Nailed it.
Hey, Keeran!
- Yeah, boss?
- Feeling better, champ?
Oh, much better since the stomach pump.
Oh, terrific.
- Uh, where are the skates?
- Oh, great news.
- I found the guy.
- Oh, you did?
- Yeah.
- What did he look like?
Oh, just like you said:
Bald, facial hair
- Toothy, right?
- So toothy, yeah!
Even with the missing teeth.
Hey, we never could have found
the guy without your keen eye,
so you really came through
for the store, champ.
Thanks, boss.
I saw you with the appraiser last night.
Did ya? Nice, nice woman. Talented.
Mind if I take a stab
at what really happened?
Be my guest.
You took her home,
bedded her, fell asleep,
and then she stole the skates
and vanished into the night.
I didn't bed her.

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