One More Time (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Chris Gets Hired

As we all know, a certain someone
achieved a significant
milestone recently.
Keeran finally shaved that unsettling
peach fuzz off his upper lip!
- Oh!
- Wow.
As you can see, it's all gone!
- CYNTHIA: That's so much better.
- Big day!
- Huge day!
- Thank you, thank you.
What I was gonna say is
our very own Jen Hauser
has qualified for the upcoming Olympics!
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh!
Feels like it got a little overshadowed,
but, uh, thank you!
DJ: In honour of your javelin journey,
and to show our support here at OMT,
we pooled our money together, and we
JEN: Oh, man, this is great.
You have no idea how
expensive it's been
DJ: ordered this life-sized
cardboard cut-out of you!
- Wow.
- Wow!
Really could have used the cash.
DJ: This will serve as a
reminder to our customers
that our employees aren't just
riff-raff off the street
Our employees are Olympians.
you're what dreams are made of.
we are all so proud of you.
DJ: Now let's put this mama
jama in a place of glory
where everyone can see, huh?
- Oh!
- Oh my God.
- Oh.
No big deal.
Gonna take more than
a bump on the noggin
to keep this champion down.
- Ha!
- Oh!
- Wow.
To Jen!

Is that a shot at us?
I wouldn't read too much into it.
Okay, that felt personal.
Appreciate the captions, though.
That was a nice touch.
No, DJ, that was a slap in our faces!
We can't let him get away with this!
CYNTHIA: We could make an
advertisement of our own.
I have gone over the
financial implications and
No, I say
we Taylor Swift his sorry ass
shoot a scathing revenge ad!
JEN: I'm with Wayne. Carlito wants beef?
We take him to the slaughter.
- Boom.
- Okay, relax, alright?
We're not gonna shoot a revenge ad.
I'll just go talk to Carlito
and ask him to take the ad down.
He'll understand.
Carlito understand?
He hates you!
I know.
The man holds a grudge like
Alex Honnold holds a rock.
Still, I gotta at least try.

Thank you for coming to Sports Dynasty.
Excuse me!
No, no, no, no, I have direct orders
to never let you step foot in here!
It's really no big deal, man.
I just gotta talk to
Carlito for like one minute.
Look, man. I don't like this either!
I'm a pacifist at heart.
But you already know,
Carlito has a strict
"No DJ policy." Yeah, I know.
And I already lost my
bathroom privileges
after that dunk tank fiasco.
Man, this work environment
sounds terrible.
Why do you do it?
I got rent, I got bills.
Plus my son's starting hockey soon.
That ain't cheap.
At least you get an employee discount.
You'd think so, but Carlito says
that security doesn't count,
so no discounts.
And no birthday acknowledgements.
But birthdays are what makes us human.
That's what I said!
25% off anything at OMT.
Come by sometime with your son.
Whoa. Thank you.
forget to tell your friends
about Sports Dynasty.
Well, well, well!
If it isn't the gap-toothed gringo.
I just came by to say I
saw the new commercial,
and I'm sure it was an accident,
but it seemed like you were
subliminally dissing OMT.
Nothing subliminal about it, son.
Shots fired!
Okay, we're doing this.
You wanna step in here, or?
- I'd rather not.
- Smart man, Jerome.
It's actually Chris.
Looks like it's just you and me, payaso!
Ha ha ha!
Can't we just let sleeping dogs lie?
I would never forgive a dog
who did me dirty from behind!
I didn't ask to be made manager
over you, okay?
I've apologized like a hundred times.
Plus, you're doing great
here at Sports Dynasty.
Don't try to disarm my anger
with facts and logic, bro!
Maybe do a re-shoot.
Something less personal.
But it is personal.
And personally ruining
you would make my ano.
Take a walk!
Vamanos, Tyrone.

JEN: Whoa. What is this?
Some sort of abstract
display for the store?
'Cause those are typically done,
you know, on the floor.
This, Jen,
is a recording booth for my podcast,
"Formidable Failures."
Yeah, your booth looks
like a formidable failure.
That's very cute.
So, wait, why are you doing this here?
Because my basement studio flooded.
Oh, you mean
your basement studio apartment?
Yes, I do. And luckily, goalie pads
provide adequate noise cancellation.
I have a huge guest coming in tomorrow,
and this is the best I could whip up.
Hopefully no one comes in
looking for goalie pads
in the meantime.
Yeah, and once you go to the Olympics,
- I could have you on as a guest.
- Oh, that's
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Eh, that's good.
The retaliation video's on.
You heard me.
Carlito thinks he can muscle me?
I played puck for 13 years.
I got in 14 fights.
I broke a guy's collarbone once!
Damn, DJ!
It was an accident.
I was hugging my coach after a win.
I didn't know he had osteoporosis;
I still feel terrible about it.
The point is, I'm capable.
This is gonna be the "Hit
'em up" of commercials.
I don't know what that means.
I'll show you at lunch. It's vicious.
Who's got a camera?
I got a phone.
Oh, terrific.
That's why I [BLEEP] your [BLEEP]!
Here at One More Time sports,
we're nothing like
those big box [BLEEP],
those corporate greedy vultures [BLEEP]
who don't care about you.
All they care about is
When in reality,
they don't even celebrate birthdays!
What am I doing? This isn't me.
Yeah, I don't like this, DJ.
We can't stoop to their level.
When Sports Dynasty goes low,
we go high.
Michelle Obama.
- Hey, Chris!
- Hi.
You came!
25% off?
I'd be a fool not to.
Take five, buddy.
Hey, little man. I hear you play hockey.
Oh, we do accept
baseball and cricket bats
- Mm-hm?
- But, um
What is this?
Jen, could you take
Keeran's Tuesday shift
so he can watch the girls'
volleyball practice?
Blue Bird?
The Hawk?
The what?
I thought I would never see you again!
Well, I busted outta the clink.
So, still kickin', huh?
After all these years,
that is all you have to say to me?
Well, what do you want me to say?
That you look even more
irresistible than I imagined?
Are you saying you imagined me?
- Every goddamn day.
You're gonna have
to stub that stick, fella.
- You want a pull?
- No.
No, I haven't had a smoke
since the Lorenzo job.
You remember that one, don't you?
When we made love in the bank vault?
The only thing louder than our
beating hearts were the sirens.
I am so sorry that I never
visited you, Hawk.
I just couldn't bear
to see you behind bars.
Writing that goodbye letter
was the most excruciating thing
that I have ever done!
Did you get the polaroid
that I sent with it?
- I beat my meat to it every day.
- Hm!
I pulled enough rope
to climb El Capitan.
So, do you want cash for these, or
you doin' a trade-in?
- Trade-in.
I ain't ready to leave this angel yet.
Something on your mind, Patrick?
If you're not a fan of the CCMs,
we got some Bauers, too.
What's the matter, Patty Cake?
It's just
I don't know.
I don't really want hockey skates.
Well, you need skates to play hockey.
I want figure skates, papa!
I've always wanted figure skates
but I was too afraid to ask.
Hey, never be afraid
to ask me anything, son.
I love you,
and I love any skates you choose.
Come here.
- I'm comin' in!
- Oof!
DJ: I hope nobody has osteoporosis!

What's goin' on in here?
CYNTHIA: We're famous now, DJ.
I think it's 'cause I posted the footage
from yesterday.
You wha?
That wasn't supposed to go out!
I said some terrible things
I've been trying to forget.
You mean like [LONG BLEEP]?
- Boy, you are a sponge.
- Don't worry.
I didn't post your rant.
I posted you with Chris and Patty Cake.
You caught that?
Whoa, people are loving it.
KEERAN: 2.7 million views!
DJ: Nice!
I hope Chris is okay with this.
What's up? No more pad pod?
My guest just cancelled.
There's no way I can replace
that calibre of failure
on such short notice.
What was so great about the guy?
He was the opposite of great.
Failed out of high school at 16.
Went back in his 70s, failed again,
and the stress of that
caused his marriage to
fail. He was perfect!
This must be very painful for you.
And I'd be getting all the details
if his stupid heart hadn't failed, too.
I need hockey tape now!
What happened to you?
Some, like, dipshit brakes on a yellow,
so obviously I, like,
ram into the back of him
and I spill my pho everywhere.
This totally soaks my phone.
I have to go to the store to buy rice
so that I can try to save my phone.
While I'm in there, some asshole
rams into the back bumper.
So now I've got both bumpers of the car,
like, dangling like
friggin' dingleberries!
I love berries!
Anyways, I have to fix it
soon because chauffeurs have
this, like, totally draconian
rule that you have to have
"both bumpers attached to your car."
It's, like, so stupid.
- I got this!
- Uh, so we can
WAYNE: Pardon me.
How would you like to be
a guest on my podcast,
"Formidable Failures"?
We do fails and bails on an epic scale.
Ew, no. Hard pass.
- Give you 20 bucks.
- Oh, yeah, sure, done.
DJ: Hey, hey!
- Hey!
- There's my viral co-star.
- What?
- Oh, you didn't see?
Yeah, we posted a video of
you and Patrick buying skates
and it's blowing up.
I just wanted to make sure
you're okay with that.
That's cool.
Explains why Patty was
Mr. Popular at drop-off.
[BACKGROUND] You bring 'em back to me.
See ya later, little guy. Muah!
I see the bargain
basement buffoon is back!
You better get out of my face, Carlito.
Don't tinkle in your trousers, bro.
My beef isn't with you today.
I thought you were
loyal to Sports Dynasty,
but you're nothing but
a two-timing turncoat!
Hey, calm down, Carlito.
Chris didn't do anything wrong.
Calm down?
CHRIS: See, I'm loyal. I'm very loyal.
Oh, you think you're funny? Funny guy?
No. I mean, I do enjoy comedy
Here's a joke!
You're fired!
How 'bout that?
DJ: Just to clarify, is that a joke?
"Is that a joke?"
Oh, you're a funny guy too, huh?
No, I'm genuinely unclear.
Well, check this out.
Knock knock!
- Who's there?
- He's fired!
I'm starting to think you
don't know what a joke is.
How 'bout this one?
A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar
and he's fired!
Oh-ho, I'm so funny! Oh, snap!
I'm sorry, man.
Okay, so what kind of failure
are we gonna be talking about today?
Uh, failure of democracy,
failure of free-market capitalism,
failure to launch,
the hit rom-com starring
Matthew McConaughey
Yeah, who else was in that?
Uh, I think it was Sarah Jessica Parker?
That's right, you put
some goddamn respect on her name.
But no, it's actually far
more personal than that.
So, have you ever
shat your pants in public?
Oh my God, ew, no.
What kind of question is that?
- That's the ice-breaker.
- That's not an ice-breaker.
And no,
I've never shat my pants in public.
[QUIETLY] I have.
But DJ has.
Oh? Do tell!
JEN: Whoa!
- THE HAWK: Blue Bird!
You came back!
I knew you wanted me to.
But I can't linger.
Run away with me!
Let's hightail it outta
this whistle stop!
Where would we go?
Wherever the wind blows us, baby.
Maybe Mexico.
Probably Winnipeg.
But I'm not that person anymore.
I I have a job and a loving family.
You see, that sounds like a
whole lot of commitment, sugar.
Now, imagine
burning it all to the ground!
Doesn't that make your spine tingle?
Oh, it makes something tingle.
- But, I-I can't.
- Hmm?
- I found God.
Good for you.
The only thing I found
was a shiv in my kidney.
- Oh!
Oh blue bird! You kept it!
How could I not?
Please don't hate me, but
Oh, you lengthened the wings
and shortened the beak.
I couldn't handle the sight of a hawk
so I made it a falcon.
I'll be back at 3.
If you ever loved me,
you'll be ready to go.
But my shift ends at 4!
I wanna avoid rush hour.

No one else is getting this, huh?
I can't thank you enough for this job.
My aversion to conflict ends today.
I will be the best damn
security guard OMT has ever had.
Well, you'll be the only one
we've ever had.
For real?
I'm kind of against security
guards on a philosophical level,
but, uh, if I'm gonna
renounce my core belief,
I'm happy it's for a great guy like you.
[QUIETLY] We got this.
I believe in you.
You're the nice man from the video.
CHRIS: That's right,
and if this sticky-fingered
sonofabitch don't show me
his receipt right now,
nice guy from the video
'bout to snap his neck off!
Chris, you don't really
have to do that
I got you, man.
NAT: This other time,
he's trying to impress a girl,
- so he's popping a wheelie on his bike.
- Uh-huh?
Falls off. Immediate skull fracture.
- Ah!
This other time,
he got locked in a bathroom stall
for 24 hours and he had to
drink toilet water to survive.
I mean, you could live
without water for three days.
- I know, he didn't need to!
It's actually hurting! Oof.
But let's get down to his
biggest failure of all,
going from playing pro hockey
to managing a used sporting goods store
in his hometown of Korverton, Ontario.
That's pretty pathetic. [LAUGHS]
What do we think happened there?
I'm sorry,
what did you just say about my brother?
I, uh what?
Who the hell do you think you are?
[QUIETLY] I'm Wayne.
You must be as dumb as you
look if you seriously think
that I'm gonna let some
part-time OMT lifer
diss my big bro like that.
[QUIETLY] I'm actually full-time.
I mean, what is missing from
your pathetic, lonely life
that you reap so much pleasure
from other people's pain?
This week's sponsor is Email Rat.
Uh, give an email to a rat.
You stealin' hand pumps?
That's my puffer!
Then next time declare
it before you enter
to avoid confusion!
I This is why we conduct interviews.
And, oh, I don't know, check references!
Come on, it's not that bad.
CHRIS: Now who's just browsing?!
the forcible confinement's a bit much.
There's no easy way to say this,
but this security guard thing
isn't quite working out.
What? How so?
Well, for one, people don't
want to shop in a police state.
And also,
that tape you used to tie that guy up
could have ripped the
hair right out of his arm.
I couldn't have done this
much longer, anyway.
That level of aggression
is spiritually draining.
I bet.
FYI, that tape
wouldn't have done any damage.
Clarke brand hockey tape
doesn't adhere to human skin.
It's one of their selling features.
Huh, good to know.
I'll bounce back!
Like Mario Lemieux when he was
out with Hodgkin's lymphoma,
then returned and still
won the scoring title!
What an inspiration.
So long.
I'm taking these.
Just put 'em on my tab.
WAYNE: Hey, Nat. May I have a word?
[SIGHS] Sure.
Yeah, I just want to thank you.
You know, you really got me thinking
about my own shortcomings,
and how the glee I take
in other people's pain
is really just stemming from
unexamined childhood trauma
Yeah, obviously.
So from now on, I vow to turn the lens
away from strangers
and onto myself instead.
Well, that's very mature of you.
- Well, all the best.
- CUSTOMER: I didn't get it?
But being a fine dining
waiter is my calling!
CUSTOMER: Don't hang up!
Geez, gosh, I hope he's not hurt.
Those sticks sure are a hazard.
CUSTOMER: Are you still there? Hello?
Okay, yeah, you know what?
Just, you do you, dude.
- Go, go.
- Oh-ho!
We've got a Wayne on the street segment
with "Formidable Failures"
with a daily dose of schadenfreude.
Scale of 1 to 10,
how is your shame right now?
- Huh?
- Oh, and he's a wordsmith too!
My goodness!
Still won the scoring title!
Doesn't adhere to human skin
[ECHOING VOICE] A priest and a rabbi
walk into a bar
DJ: Chris, wait!
You take that shirt off.
And put this on.
- What?
- You are not a security guard.
That much we know.
But your positive attitude
and your sports knowledge
make you a natural sales associate.
- Welcome to the OMT squad.
- Huh!
- This has been a roller coaster of a day.
- Yeah.
Oh, hey, Cynth. I re-hired Chris.
I know I should have run it
by you first, but
Great, whatever!
JEN: Oh, come on!
What's it gonna be, Blue Bird?
It is a resounding
SWAT 1: On your knees, The Hawk!
THE HAWK: Gah, impossible!
How did you find me?
SWAT 1: Our cyber team spotted you
in the deep background of a viral video.
I can't believe you recognized me!
I never forget the juicy booty of an ex.
Is someone shooting a movie here?
Shut up, this is the best part!
Little Sparrow! My Medellin mistress!
How could you have betrayed me?
I was desperately in love with you.
- Oh!
THE HAWK: I had to keep my options open,
Blue Bird.
- Are you Blue Bird?
- I thought you were Blue Bird!
I would have done
anything for you, Hawk
until I found out you'd
been cheating on me
with my twin sister!
How could this be?
That was a twist!
- Cuff him.
Run away with me!
I pleasure myself to you every day,
both of you!
All of you!
[IN DISTANCE] Por favor
What the hell was that all about?
What was what about?
NARRATOR: [VIDEO] The majestic
hawk soars through the air,
revelling in its freedom as it
- Crazy day, huh?
- Yeah!
It's not every day the SWA
team busts a handsome whack job
going on about insects.
- I think it was birds.
- Oh, was it?
I I don't know. Hmm!
- You okay?
- Yeah!
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good!
Do you ever wonder if
you made the safe choice
as opposed to the right choice?
I assure you, Cynthia,
you made the right choice.
NARRATOR: [VIDEO] and potential.
NARRATOR: But even the hawk
is not without its predators.
NARRATOR: In one arresting swoop,
the eagle descends upon the hawk,
tearing its heart out of its chest.
NARRATOR: As always,
mother nature be wilin'.

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