One Piece s05e14 Episode Script

One Phenomenon After Another! Disembarking at Thriller Bark

Sekaijuu no umi wo mata ni kakete yuku Let's travel all through the worldwide seas Otakebi agete Raising our battle cry Kokoro ga haretara shuppatsu no aizu wo If you've made up your mind, let the signal for departure Hibikase yukou Ring out Translation from Japanese: Timing: Editing: Sadamerareta michi wo nukete We were able to escape from the set course Sora to umi no sakaime ni Along the boundary between sky and sea Ima bokura, kogidashite yuku no sa Now we're rowing our way Kurai umi no soko ni, iki hisomeru ADVENTURE To a hidden adventure at the dark bottom of the sea Souzou suru dake de tanoshiku naranai ka? Doesn't it sound fun just thinking about it? Sekaijuu no umi wo mata ni kakete yuku Let's travel all through the worldwide seas Otakebi agete Raising our battle cry Kokoro ga haretara shuppatsu no aizu wo If you've made up your mind, let the signal for departure Hibikase yukou Ring out Funade no toki no "ano kimochi" That feeling we had when we set sail Zutto wasurezu ni itai Is something I'll never forget Sou sureba Because of that Nani mo kowakunai kara Nothing will be able to scare me Ima takanaru kodou, osaezu ni TRIP shiyou Now, as the TRIP approaches, our racing heartbeats SHY na HEART tachi ga kizamu bouken no RHYTHM Engrave a rhythm of adventure in our shy hearts Sokorajuu no takara wo kassarainagara Get all the treasures Takawarai shite While laughing out loud Bakasawagi no utage de tobashite yuke Give them all out at a big party Shibuki agete Making a splash Karappo no mune ni yume wo tsumekonde Fill your empty heart with dreams Tsubasa hirogete Spread your wings Fukinukeru kaze ni kokoro wo someta nara If you color your heart with the blowing wind Iza susumou You will move on Sokorajuu no takara wo kassarainagara Get all the treasures Takawarai shite While laughing out loud Bakasawagi no utage de tobashite yuke Give them all out at a big party Shibuki agete Making a splash Wealth.
The man who once owned everything, The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words he said before his death, Sent all the people of the world Out to the seas.
My treasure? If you want it, I'll give it to you! Find it! I left everything in that place.
Men, searching for romance, Pushed forward towards the Grand Line.
The world is now In the Grand Age of Pirates! How do you do? What the hell?! What is this guy?! How harsh! Oh, what a beautiful woman! Would you allow me to see your panties? Stop it, you perverted skeleton! Oi, Luffy! What's with this guy? Isn't he funny? He's part of our crew now.
I don't care, I won't let him be! It's nothing to get so worked up about.
Let's go inside now.
We can have dinner! You can't decide that! He's so funny! Yomi-yomi no mi? yomi-yomi no mi: revive-revive fruit or underworld-underworld fruit The yomi-yomi no mi… Grants the ability to resurrect, so as a "resurrection human"… You have the promise of a second life.
It's quite a mysterious ability.
Resurrection human! You don't have a shadow either! He's right! What are you really?! I'll tell you this.
I've been traveling this sea for so many years Oi, what? What's wrong? G-g- Ghost! There's something there! I'm scared, there's a ghost! Cool! It ran away! What's with this tremor?! What a thing to happen! What is it? Why is there an island there? That is the wandering ghost island Thriller Bark.
Thriller Bark.
Mystery After Mystery! Landing on Thriller Bark Hold on The log pose isn't reacting at all! That's correct.
It is because this island traveled here from the distant West Blue.
West Blue? Yes.
Oi, where are you going? Oh, but today is such a lucky day.
Not only did I see people once more, but my deepest wish has come true as well! He's so light! Since I'm "just dead bones", I have to be light! Now please, find a way to go through that gate behind you and leave this place.
Do not drop anchor here.
I was so happy to meet you.
I will never forget your delicious food! Farewell! If fate will have it, let us meet again! Oi, wait, Brook! Didn't he eat a devil fruit?! What are you doing?! He's running on the water! Woah, cool! A-anyway, Luffy Let's do what he said! We don't know what's going on here, but we do know that it's dangerous! Did you say something? He's going! What's a ghost island, anyway? Hey Hey, where'd that ghost from earlier go? Is it still onboard? No, it floated towards that island.
It probably lives there.
Earlier there was a lot of shaking Perhaps it was the sound from that mouth-like gate closing? I think we were "eaten" by that mouth.
Eaten? It's difficult to tell with all this fog, But it looks as if there's a fence that extends from the gate all the way around the island.
Which means that right now, we are trapped inside that fence.
Oh yeah! That must be why that skeleton told us to hurry and get outta here! That would mean that somebody made this into a wandering island! But why? Whatever the reason, what matters is that we're in the middle of the ocean.
We can't drop anchor here.
Oi oi, why are you talking about stopping?! We need to leave now, before we're cursed! Listen, everyone I think I have "I can't go on that island" disease.
Me too! Yosh! Then you guys can stay here! You have "all ready for adventure" disease?! Reconsider it! Luffy, take a good look! That creepy building over there That's a real haunted house! You're underestimating Evil spirits.
What're you talking about? I'm gonna be as careful as I can! I'll catch that ghost from before and keep it as a pet! WAY underestimating! But anyway, we've gotta get back our precious nakama.
Sanji, pirate-bentou! bentou: Japanese-style boxed lunch Nakama? I'm against that! If you let that skeleton come with us, I'll be too scared to sleep at night! I have the bentou.
Luffy, Franky.
You two take good care of Robin-chan.
Going to explore an unknown island just gives me the chills.
You're kidding me! Robin's going too?! I love thrills.
Yosh! Alright you guys, we're gonna have to take a boat out to the island.
But you guys still haven't seen my present.
Soldier Dock System Channel 2.
This system has five channels.
There are two 0s, and then, Each one has its own specialized use.
Hold on.
We've already seen 0's paddles, along with Docks 1 and 3.
But you said 2 and 4 were empty! I told you that 'cuz it's a present! The guys who aren't going to the island can test it out first.
Soldier Dock System Channel 2! What is it, what is it? What's gonna come out? The steam-powered Paddleship! The shopping boat- It's Merry! Merry came back to us! He's kinda small, but now we can ride Merry again! Let's go a little faster! W-w-wait, l-l-look out! It's okay, just leave it to me! I can't believe he had such a great present Thank you, Franky! If that's our shopping boat, I'd go shopping any time! It's my turn! Hurry up, it's my turn! That's really great.
Just hold on Strawhat, We'll ride it here soon.
Let them have fun with it for now.
Is that all of them, Franky? Combined with 1 and 3, which you saw earlier, this is all of 'em! Channel 0 - Support Paddle! Channel 1, a waver which can hold one person - Shiro-Mokuba #1! shiro-mokuba: white rocking horse Channel 3, a scouting submarine that can hold three people - Shark Submerge #3! Channel 2, a shopping boat that can hold four people - Mini Merry #2! Right now, that's the whole Soldier Dock System.
Just think of them as soldiers helping out Thousand Sunny.
I really like the way you think, Franky! You! You! You! Yeah, I'm just really great this week too SUPER! Nami-san! Nami-san! What's wrong? Did something happen? What're they up to? I can't see anything with this fog.
It came from the direction of the island.
Hurry and let me ride on Mini Merry too! Bastard, you need to worry about Nami-san's safety! And you need to worry about the other two's safety too.
Perhaps she screamed as she was cursed by a ghost? Stop that, it's not funny.
What? Nobody was touching the anchor It's still brand new, so the gears shouldn't be that worn out yet Hurry and bring it up, the ship's gonna overbalance! What? Did someone do that? No, Nobody's close enough.
Luffy! What are you doing? Stop screwing around at a time like this! (No, that's not it!) (I'm not doing anything!) Look out, Strawhat! Oi, bastard! What the hell was that for?! Sorry, my sword just did that This is weird With the exception of us on this deck There's something else.
Maybe a ghost did it? Or a devil fruit user, or somethin' like that? Yeah, it felt like someone was grabbing me.
I heard the growl of a wild beast.
A beast? Anyway, I'm worried about Nami-san! You guys take care of the ship! I'm gonna go save those guys! So uncool! Woah, Sanji's floating! How's that possible?! You made this noise like "hogeh".
Shut up, you! We can't even leave the ship? What are they trying to do? If they wanted us dead, they could've done that by now What's wrong, Robin-chan? Something'sgrabbing me How dare you do something like that! Oi! There really is an animal! What now? Look! A wave! It's gotta be some sort of artificial one, to be inside this fence! The ship's gonna capsize! Robin-chan, is it gone? I'm fine, I think it left.
Oi, Hogeh, raise the anchor, or we're gonna sink! Who the hell is "Hogeh"?! Usopp! Chopper! Can you hear us? Damn, we're gonna be seperated from Nami-san.
Oi Franky! Do something with the secret weapon! Yosh, I've got the "Flying Surprise Pool" we can use! That sounds fun~ You idiot! Of course you're hurt.
We must've fallen down here.
Where are we? We're on the ghost island.
G-ghost Oh, stop that! You don't need to be scared! But just what happened to us? We were having so much fun on Mini Merry that we accidentally hit the bank.
We were distracted, and couldn't see in the fog All three of us were sent flying And in the blink of an eye, we were here.
It's 100% my fault, but You'll forgive me since I'm cute, right? I'll get you for this! I'm very sorry.
But anyway, it's weird that just after getting to this island there's a huge ditch! It's probably to catch their enemies.
We're just lucky it wasn't filled with spikes.
We're safe 'cuz we landed on these skeletons.
I told you to stop! But this must be the entrance.
If we just wait here, Luffy'll find us.
But we're lower than sea level, that's kinda scary.
Yeah, it's dangerous, and they might not be able to see us here.
So should we wait on the bank above? The bank? But I don't know which way What's that? A dog? That's not a dog Then then what is it? That it can't be Cece Cerberus! It's Cerberus! W-what is Cerberus? It's the guard dog of hell! It really exists?! It must, it's right behind us! So this is hell?! We're in hell! Just keep running! If it catches us, it'll eat us! What is it, Chopper? Chopper, what do you see? "Kon"? Oi, look at it carefully! Isn't one of them a fox?! It stopped.
I don't think it liked that.
Now it's saying "gon"! It really didn't like it! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Look, stairs! We can leave that way! Thank God! It's still coming! It definitely didn't like that! Kemuri Boshi! kemuri boshi: smoke star Does it have a bad sense of smell, even though it's a dog? It left What now? We ended up in a forest If that thing's walking around, then if we're anywhere not hidden we're in danger You are correct, sir.
Who are you?! I am known as Hildon.
I saw that you all were being chased by the guard dog, So I followed you in secret, in case you had trouble.
In secret?! It will be night soon, after all.
This forest will become incredibly dangerous to those like yourselves who are unfamiliar with it.
So if you wish, I can take you to our mansion.
Mansion? Yes Doctor Hogback-sama's mansion.
What is it? What's wrong, Chopper? Hogback? Who? Movie Announcement Appreciation Ticket Present You're not alone.
We're nakama! Specify Address - Full Name - Age - Telephone Number Mail - 119-0188 Fuji TV Movie [One Piece] Pair Ticket Present Postmark availability February 15 Theme Song : [Good-bye] DREAMS COME TRUE The touching tale finally becomes a movie.
We've got an appreciation ticket present for you.
Limited to Fuji TV.
One Piece Roadshow on March 1.
Awesome, I can really meet him! For such a legendary doctor to be here Next time on One Piece: The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears! I'm gonna be the pirate king!