One Piece s05e15 Episode Script

The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears!

Sekaijuu no umi wo mata ni kakete yuku Let's travel all through the worldwide seas Otakebi agete Raising our battle cry Kokoro ga haretara shuppatsu no aizu wo If you've made up your mind, let the signal for Hibikase yukou Ring out Translation from Japanese: Timing: Editing: Sadamerareta michi wo nukete We were able to escape from the set course Sora to umi no sakaime ni Along the boundary between sky and sea Ima bokura, kogidashite yuku no sa Now we're rowing our way Kurai umi no soko ni, iki hisomeru ADVENTURE To a hidden adventure at the dark bottom of the Souzou suru dake de tanoshiku naranai ka? Doesn't it sound fun just thinking about it? Sekaijuu no umi wo mata ni kakete yuku Let's travel all through the worldwide seas Otakebi agete Raising our battle cry Kokoro ga haretara shuppatsu no aizu wo If you've made up your mind, let the signal for Hibikase yukou Ring out Funade no toki no "ano kimochi" That feeling we had when we set sail Zutto wasurezu ni itai Is something I'll never forget Sou sureba Because of that Nani mo kowakunai kara Nothing will be able to scare me Ima takanaru kodou, osaezu ni TRIP shiyou Now, as the TRIP approaches, our racing SHY na HEART tachi ga kizamu bouken no RHYTHM Engrave a rhythm of adventure in our shy hearts Sokorajuu no takara wo kassarainagara Get all the treasures Takawarai shite While laughing out loud Bakasawagi no utage de tobashite yuke Give them all out at a big party Shibuki agete Making a splash Karappo no mune ni yume wo tsumekonde Fill your empty heart with dreams Tsubasa hirogete Spread your wings Fukinukeru kaze ni kokoro wo someta nara If you color your heart with the blowing wind Iza susumou You will move on Sokorajuu no takara wo kassarainagara Get all the treasures Takawarai shite While laughing out loud Bakasawagi no utage de tobashite yuke Give them all out at a big party Shibuki agete Making a splash Wealth.
The man who once owned everything, The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words he said before his death, Sent all the people of the world Out to the seas.
My treasure? If you want it, I'll give it to you! Find it! I left everything in that place.
Men, searching for romance, Pushed forward towards the Grand Line.
The world is now In the Grand Age of Pirates! It will be night soon, after all.
This forest will become incredibly dangerous to those like yourselves who are unfamiliar with it.
So if you wish, I can take you to our mansion.
Mansion? Yes Doctor Hogback-sama's mansion.
What is it? What's wrong, Chopper? Hogback? The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears! Hey I couldn't see the horses very well through the fog, but Is there something wrong with them? Oh, it's only your imagination.
That's alright then Anyway, you saved us.
Thanks, we were in trouble.
Oh, no, it's my pleasure.
Would you like a drink? This forest is full of odd animals, so walking through it is dangerous.
Yeah, I was pretty surprised.
I thought Cerberus was just a made-up creature.
It looked like a mutant or something.
I was wondering if we'd ever be able to get down from that tree.
If you're waiting for others, the mansion is ideal.
It's very visible, and very safe.
And also, We'll be able to meet Doctor Hogback.
Is he really that famous? Every doctor's heard of him.
He's a surgical genius! With his miraculous operations, he's saved countless numbers of people! He has all the status and honor a doctor can get, And he's respected by doctors everywhere! But one day, He suddenly disappeared.
There were rumors that he had been abducted, And the doctors of the world were all in an uproar.
But after years went by without a trace, Hogback's name is now simply a legend That Doctor Hogback?! Yes, even now the Doctor is researching new things.
I hope I can get an autograph! No way There's even lions in this forest? What was that for?! Don't scare me like that! What's wrong? W-well, just now, there was a l-lion Like this.
Yeah, right! Then, you look! See? Food, food! Something's there! Something's definitely there! Wait up a sec! Please stop the cart, Hildon-san! Why ever are you so upset? Perhaps you were just seeing things? No, she wasn't! There's something out there! This forest is too weird! Yes, it is a strange forest.
And, due to the thick fog and people's paranoia, Many people believe they see things out here.
So, it wasn't real? That's good No, wait An illusion? No, it was way too clear! I'm sorry, but could you just bring us to the coast? I know it's dangerous, but we can handle it.
But, then, I can't meet Doctor Hogback! I wanna meet him! No, no, I know how you feel.
But this time we gotta rely on our special ability, the "something's fishy here” sensor! Would you die to meet that doctor Would you survive and not meet him so you can leave the island Which do you pick? Well, I don't wanna die.
I'm too scared.
Oh, is that so? If that is what you wish Everyone, please wait here.
Stop the cart! Sorry for taking away your chance, Chopper It's okay, I'm just no good at running off and doing my own thing like Luffy does *silence* Is he planning on making us wait forever? He isn't coming back, is he.
That's weird, all he was doing was turning it There's nobody there! The horses are gone too! We're all alone in the middle of a graveyard! What?! He abandoned us? M-maybe he just went to the bathroom! Hildon! Oi, where'd you go? But why a graveyard, of all places? Stop talking about it, I'm too scared Just don't even mention where we are.
What's gonna happen to us? Chopper Beep beep No! Zo ZOMBIES! Stop it! Ow, ow! Usopp! Let me go! Usopp! They're gonna tip the cart! These guys're really strong! He bit me! Dammit, he bit me! Usopp! Now I'm gonna turn into a zombie! I'll save you! No, don't! Stop! Save me! Let Usopp go! Bastard! I'm sorry! Hey, you dropped this.
Save me! They're gonna bite me! Nami! Let go Stay back! A zombie's weakness is Hissatsu! Kaen Boshi! Hissatsu Kaen Boshi: Sure-Kill Flame Star Careful, you'll burn up! It worked a lot better than I'd thought How dare you do that to us, bastard! What would you've done if you'd hit us, idiot?! You rotten person! But now the zombies are really mad! Let's go, Nami! Let’s get away now! Now that we're this far, it's closest to just run to the mansion! Yeah, let's do that! That was scary It's alright! Once we get out of the graveyard, we'll be fine if we run as fast as we can! All zombies can do is groan and walk really slowly! Slowly, slowly Slowly, slowly! They're fast! I'm tired They have no stamina! Come on, Usopp! The ship's tilting! What are you doing, Hogeh?! Stop calling me that! I can't turn it at all If we use the sails, we might be able to do something, but Well, we were already going to the island, So this is fine with me.
Bastard, did you forget about Nami-san? That's? A spider web out here? We're going to get stuck in that web.
Oi, raise the sails! No, we're too late.
Shit The ship's unharmed, but we can't go anywhere! And anyway Why is this spider web so damn big? I think we lost them What is wrong with this island? It's just covered with things that shouldn't be alive Hey, guys If I turn into a zombie, then you can just- What are you talking about? I read it in Sunny's library, there was a book on zombies there.
For being scared of these things, you sure read a lot about them.
Well, here we are.
I just need a glass of water I can finally meet him! That on an island like this You can't find a single honest person living on it.
Hello? Is this Mr.
Doctor Hogback's mansion? We're traveling pira- I mean, sailors! We were traveling and lost our way! Please let us in! Is anyone home? That's weird, the inside looks like a tunnel.
I can see a courtyard on the other side.
Excuse me! You think he's out? That wouldn't be good.
If we go back the zombies'll get us.
Look, a light just went on! Actually, it's more of a spotlight.
It's shining on this well Welcome.
One, two, three.
W-what? Four, five.
O-ow She's attacking us with plates! Six, seven.
Ow, are you only aiming at me?! Yes, that's right.
You aren't allowed in the mansion.
You two over there can come in.
Eh? Why? You aren't going anywhere! Stop, that's enough! What? Nothing else scary, please! Someone else is there? Can't you make just one exception, Cindry-chan? I'm sorry for scaring you like that.
Long ago, in order to test the love of her rich fiancée, This woman broke all of his expensive china plates, And was chased off and led a horrible life.
My plate-hating servant, Cindry-chan.
Uh, okay? And I still haven't introduced myself I am the world-renowned Doctor Hogback! And I'm a genius.
Ten! Usopp! W-wait, Cindry-chan! I told you to stop that! You're supposed to listen to what I have to say! I wish plates would disappear from this world.
I understand! I really do understand, but right now I'm trying to talk! Chopper That's the guy you wanted to D-Doctor Hogback, it's really him! He looks kinda idiotic.
Stop it, Nami! Well, we can continue this inside.
We can make an exception and allow all three of you in.
So, welcome.
O-oh yeah, come in.
I don't understand why I couldn't go in But anyway, let's go.
Yeah, it's at least better than the zombies.
Hey, I'm still! I'm still here I'd like to welcome you to my mansion! You guys are so dirty! Why are you here? Well, a lot of reasons First I wanna talk to you later! We were attacked by zombies in the graveyard, and we ran here! Zombies? We've seen loads of other unbelievable creatures here, too! What's up with this place? You live here, you should know! Oh, you were attacked? I'm glad you made it here safely.
That's great.
As for your question, here's my answer: I live here because I don't know what those things are.
So, you're here to research the zombies, Doctor?! Of course! Humans have a horrible fear of zombies.
But if we look at it as people coming back from the dead instead Then isn't it the immortality all humans strive for? Everyone has one or two deceased people close to them that they wish to see again With medical science, we are capable of controlling whether people live or die, fearless of the gods! And so, it was for that reason that I disappeared from the world and began my research on this mysterious island.
R-really? But if you succeed, there'll be tons of people that'll be happy! I'll cheer you on, Doctor Hogback! Oh, thank you, Doctor Chopper.
E-even if you call me a doctor, I'm not happy, asshole! Can I have your autograph? Oh, sure.
To Doctor Chopper-kun, And later, can I see your lab? Don't you EVER even look at my lab Oh, Cindry-chan, can't you at least put the pudding on a plate? Or is it hopeless to ask?! I wish for all plates to be gone.
Well, don't worry, we keep the tablecloth clean just for occasions like this! Then, let's eat! You could at least use a spoon! Oh! It's really sweet and good! I have prepared the bath.
You're all dirty, so you can use it.
Oh yeah, ossan! This is all fine, but You didn't happen to see a weird skeleton pass by, did you? A skeleton? Yeah.
He's got an afro, he's real tall He's really light Well, I guess he's also weird just 'cuz he's a walking, talking skeleton.
Do you know anything about it? N-no, I don't.
Really? Oh well.
Do they mean that guy? No it can't be Hold on a sec, Nami, This mansion's filled with zombies? Oi, Nami! What's wrong?! Next time on One Piece: Nami in a Pinch! Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man I'm gonna be the pirate king!