One Piece s05e16 Episode Script

Nami in Big Trouble! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man

Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
AnimeSoftSubs Brings you, Walking the unpaved path.
in between the Sea and the Sky.
We are now steering our ship.
Out here in the dark sea, another adventure awaits.
I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
The feelings that we had when this adventure just began I hope never to forget.
Now that I think about it, nothing seems scary to me.
With this pace, let us continue this trip.
The Rhythm of Adventure that Shy Hearted People feel.
Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and live it all up! Bringing dreams to those with none.
Spreading our wings Take a deep breath and continue on! Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and live it all up! Translations: aydashyera Timing: Shanks Edits: Nami Wealth Fame Power The man who once possessed everything.
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words that he spoke before his death, influenced people from all over the world to Go out to sea! My Treasure? If you want it, it is yours! Search for it.
I left everything I had in that place.
Men, in search of romance, entered the Grand Line.
The world is currently in the Grand Age of Pirates! Its true that when people hear about zombies they're scared.
But if we reword it to mean "the revived dead" isn't that the eternal dream of a man? There must be a person or two that every man wishes to revive.
But Meddling with "god's creation" is a medical science considered heresy.
And that's why I secretly vanished from society to study on this strange island.
So thats why! But If the research is a success there will be a lot of happy people in the world! I'll support you Dr.
Hogback! Thanks for your flexibility, Dr.
Chopper! Eeeeh!!!! Even if you call me doctor I won't feel happy! Why you! Can I have your autograph? Yeah, sure! To Dr.
Chopper-kun Could you show me the research lab next? Don't you ever dare take a peek at the research lab!! Nami's big trouble! Zombie mansion and Invisible man! Nami you can get through this alone,right? Thats right! I want to hear more from Dr.
Just shut up and follow me.
Eehh! I wanna take a peek Ehhh?!!You.
?! I have no interest in a human's naked body but I wanna take a peek at Dr.
Hogback's reseach lab.
I don't wanna see it, its too scary.
In the first place Nami why must we accompany you to take a bath? If you're afraid, just don't take a bath! You guys seem okay with being touched by those zombies.
You're dirty too.
We'll just get dirty again.
Naaa!! When it's night time, we'll get out of here.
Ehhh?!!!! You why are you such an idio--- We finally found a place in which we can relax.
Do you understand what will happen to us when we're outside? We For now we won't make a move.
Luffy and everyone will surely come and save us.
I agree!! I don't wanna go outside! The forestthe graveyardno way! Inside or outside, its the same.
Have you looked around the mansion? Nono way.
If my hunch is correct, there are a lot of abnormal presences inside.
This mansion is full of zombies.
Ehhh!!! Whe-where are they?!!!! And the most suspicious one is Dr.
Hogback himself.
He's telling a lie.
If he and the zombies are not related at all, how come he can live in this mansion with an island full of zombies? Wha-what should we do, Chopper? If this is true, then No way.
There is no way that Doctor Hogback would do that.
Anyways, now while they are still off-guard we will take the chance and run as soon as night falls.
You are quite a smart woman What? Usopp, Chopper! Did you say something? Eh, we didn't say anything.
Ah, I farted.
Usopp! It stinks! It's because I'm Usopp~ What is this??!!! But there's no one even here?! This is even better than that woman on the ship because, I love the weak.
Who's saying this? Usopp, Cho- You Become my bride! Oi Nami, did something happen? Did Usopp's reeking fart, reach in here too? Thank you so much!! You thanked her?! Hindrance Idiot Help me! Usopp! Chopper! Save me! There's someone in here! Yes, there's a smell! Ehh, still?! Sorry!! Not your fart! It's the smell of a person! Hurry! He's escaping through the window! Why is the window by opening by itself?! What the heck is escaping?! Hisatsu Kayaku Boshi! Don't tell me that bastard? Again?!! Wha-what should I do? Should I shoot it once again? Don't.
Its no longer there.
The smell vanished.
So he escaped? Nami! are you okay?! Our entire conversation was overheard.
Oi Nami What was that all about? I don't get it.
at all.
He was here the whole time.
An invisible human.
This is no good.
We can't do anything because of this giant spider web.
I don't like it.
We have no other choice but to stay still.
Anyways, looking for Nami-san comes first.
Lets go.
Oi! Zoro! Zoro, get your ass down here.
Even if everything from meeting that skeleton and getting caught in this web was a coincidence, the fact that Mini Merry Go also got caught here so easily makes me think that this was all planned out in order for us to go through the main entrance.
Jeez, Its look like the ghosts are beckoning us.
What are you babbling about Zoro?!!! Now, you get over here too! So are you stupid enough to fall for such a stupid trap that such stupid people set up? That's alright.
We have a lot of free time anyways.
Now, lets go!!! That way there will be more lunchboxes going.
Darn it! Wellmight as well go along with these idiots? Yosh, lets go! You're late, you damn moss head.
Shut up.
Why are there suddenly stairs here? It said "entrance" so there is no need to think about it.
It's filled with skeletons.
Eh, it's a Cereberus It looks like we are on the path to hell afterall.
Aww, it looks cute.
Those guys wanna fight? Pretty cheeky.
I wonder how they taste? Oi Oi Oi! Suddenly they get pumped up.
Maybe they are just backed into a corner? Seems so.
So let me- Wait.
Let me try to tame it.
Ah? Idiot, you want to tam? They don't look like dogs.
No, dogs are dogs.
Good boys Hand.
We told him in the beginning.
Yosh, yosh good dog.
Yosh yosh, thats it.
Slowly release me, slowly.
What a good dog.
Damn you! Down.
No, no Regardless, that is one nasty wound.
It's a wonder that they're still alive.
Above that, I wonder who screwed up, and made one head a fox.
Right when we entered this place this guy showed up, I'm looking forward to this island.
You seem a bit down, Cereberos-san.
Now, don't pity them It hurts their pride.
Nami-saaaan!!! Oooi!!! Where are you Nami-swaaan?!! After the forest is a maze? This is almost like a maze.
Ooooi Nami-saaaaaaan!!! Nami-saaaan!!! This sure is a weird place.
Because of the fog, I can't judge distance at all.
There is also the chance that we are going in circles.
Nami-swaaaan!!! It would have probably been luckier if the "moss head" hadn't come.
How is it my fault, jackass? That geezer-treeand the unicorn are having a drink!! Help me! Wait! Wait wait, you!! Gomu Gomu Bug Catcher! -Strong Right -Caught ya!! -Caught ya!! Please let me go! Oi Luffy! What are you gonna do with those guys? Can't be You two How about joining my pirate crew! Stop joking around!!! PhewThat was close.
Hey, Absalom!! You're there, right? Whats with the commotion just now? Did you enter the shower again, you bastard? I'm looking for a bride, Hogback.
That womanI like her.
I'll make her mine.
With a bounty on her head, I won't hand her to you.
What are you saying?! This time there are six of them with bounties placed on their heads.
Among them, one has a bounty over 100 million.
The captain's worth 300 million.
you don't seem to be panicking, Perona? With a bounty of 300 million, he isn't going to be easy.
If you understand that, then you will have to go all out on this one, Absalom.
It seems like there is work for us tonight.
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net There's no way that invisible men exist! There are.
I am sure of it.
When I say there are none, there are none! It was probably just an illusion.
You probably felt some discomfort as a result of this strange atmosphere.
What are you saying, Usopp! When my body was held up, you saw it, didn't you?! Well, that- I didn't see it! You saw it! AHHH!! That's a tricky question! You want me to say that I saw you naked, so you can make me pay for it.
Is that what you think of me? I am going to make you pay but You really are? Either way, I don't believe anything that I have seen on this island.
Even you being nude The invisible man was your imagination.
Ghosts are weird birds! Zombies are people from an underground tribe! What is that?! Sure, we ran into a skeleton who died and was revived by a devil fruit, but he's the exception.
An exception There are no two devil fruits in the world, that work the same, so there is no way other dead people could come back to life! Right, Chopper? Ah? You think so too, don't you? For a creature to exist, there must be a natural explanation.
As you said, from a medical point of view there should be some kind of natural explanation, But.
since Dr.
Hogback threw away his glorious life for the sake of this research, maybe there are miracles here on this island.
what is with that? You, don't you trust that guy too much? Dr.
Hogback is really an amazing man! I admire him! You are the one who is being disrespectful! How can you prove that the doctor is friends with the zombies? Even if I didn't say that, the situation makes it obvious.
Your doctor is the Zombie King! Stop it, you guys!!! I'm getting scared! Either way, let's discuss this with the doctor.
You're fine with that, right Nami? When will Luffy come here and save us? I know it is just my intuition But stillhe's still suspicious.
What is it, Nami? This is the same room from before, right? Wh-why is it pitch black in here? What? Ci-Cindry-chan.
Doctor, where are you? We have finished using the bathroom.
U-Umm Doctor!!! Both of them have gone to bed.
Darn you, how dare you ditch us in the graveyard? I'm ashamed.
I was just a bit off with the horses.
Thats full of lies! You are in cahoots with the rest of the zombies on this island, right? To say such a terrible thing This way, please.
I'll guide you to the guest room.
Without any remorse, you want to "guide us" again? Maybe to the real gates of hell this time? Just to let you know, we plan to leave this place right now! Wait a minute.
Please let me talk to the doctor one more time! Hahaha looks like you've been rejected, Hildon.
Who-who is that? Nobody is here.
Please leave me alone.
I'll guide them to their rooms.
Isn't it fine as is? These kids has noticed many things.
Before letting them escape Wh-why! The portrait is t-ta-talk Oh, you're shaking.
How cute.
You are so cute that I ain't letting you kids go home! Chopper! A zombie came out of that picture! Chopper! That's right, go for it Nami! You too, help! You can do it Nami! The Zombie Captain in this room is me, the great OinkChuck-sama.
Don't even think of setting foot outside of this room.
The taxidermy on the wall.
talked! Nami do you see that? The taxidermy on the wall is talking! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.
Who is the one who stabbed me in the back with that sword? It is just as Nami said This mansion is full of zombies! Usopp! You! Eat this you rug bear! This is bad! It's a candle! Hot, damn it! Oh no, it's a fire! Extinguish it! That guy on the candelier is the cause.
Someone, beat him down! I know what your weak point is! All of you, eat this!! Chopper, Nami, the door! Lets get out of this mansion!!! Lets get out! I had enough! Hurry up and open it! This is too much! What are you doing Nami?! Don't tell me I dunno! We're trapped inside! How dare you do this to me?! I won't let you get away! NOOOOO!!!! Nice to meet you, I am Minamoto.
This is the first time that I had such an experience throughout my long life.
I am worried about whether it will turn out ok.
One Piece: The Winterland and the Miraculous Sakura! We hope you will join us for the movie.
Usopp, the one who is probably riding in the substitute is Wait a second.
This is gonna turn the tables Next time on One Piece: The Zombie Puzzle! The devilish laboratory of Dr.
I will be Pirate King!