One Piece s05e17 Episode Script

Mystery of the Zombies! Hogback's Nightmarish Research Laboratory

Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
Walking the unpaved path in between the Sea and the Sky.
We are now steering our ship.
Out here in the dark sea, another adventure awaits.
I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
The feelings that we had when this adventure just began I hope never to forget.
Now that I think about it, nothing seems scary to me.
With this pace, let us continue this trip.
The Rhythm of Adventure that Shy Hearted People feel.
Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Bringing dreams to an empty heart Spread your wings Take a deep breath and continue on! Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Translation: KillerBee Timing: Shanks \ Mr HaZaRd Wealth Fame Power The man who once possessed everything.
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words that he spoke before his death, influenced people from all over the world to Go out to sea! My Treasure? If you want it, it is yours! Search for it.
I left everything I had in that place.
Men, in search of romance, entered the Grand Line.
The world is currently in the Grand Age of Pirates! We shouldn't go anywhere and wait here.
Luffy and the others will come to rescue us.
I agree! I refuse to get out of this place.
I'm scared of the ghosts and the forest! You! Someone's here.
Hey Nami! Is there something wrong?! Don't bother I got him! I got him! Please let me go! You guys! Wanna join my pirate cre Stop screwing around!!! Hey, Absalom! I was looking for a bride.
I like that girl.
I'll make her mine! You guys are shaking cute.
Such cute children.
I won't let you brats leave! Chopper, Nami, Let's get the hell out of this mansion!! What are you doing Nami! Nooo! Impossible The door won't open! We're trapped! How dare you! We won't let you escape! You damn pirates! Mystery of the Zombies! Dr.
Hogback's Research Laboratory! That was close! We need to get to another room! We won't let you! Stop!! This is the fireplace! There's no place to run anymore! Noooooooooooo! Where is this? What! They've disappeared! They vanished inside of the fireplace! Shit! They must've found the secret passageway! It leads to Hogback-sama's research lab! Chase them!! It won't work, the door is blocked from the other side! Hey, Usopp, give me some space will ya?! It won't matter where they run in the mansion, they will just run into our Suprise Zombies! This corridor is bad! Any place with pictures are bad! Is there a room somewhere?! Over to that room! WAH! More pictur Jus.
Just photographs Phew, no zombies Isn't this, that girl? The Plate-Hating Cindry-chan.
What's with this room? With another look, she's very pretty That servant Cindry-chan Would she decorate her own room with photographs of herself? But she did have a lot of scars on her face and body! Right, and these photos don't have any But it can't be a different person, so it must be old pictures This is Victoria Cindry Apparently a very famous stage actress.
Take a look.
These are all about her.
A stage actress? Does anything mention about her being a servant or somethin? When you see this, you wouldn't think of such a career It's more like she was from a noble family And was very popular since childhood.
What is it? Disappeared from stage Ten years ago She died in an accident! What are you saying? Wasn't she alive? She can't be dead! Then if that article is true She came back from the dead! Those on this island are real zombies! What we saw were all revived from the dead! What is this mean? I don't like this That means I'd rather not know about!! What?! Wait, that's a Hey, Usopp, Isn't that a treasure chest?! Adapting quickly! Hurry Usopp! Open it, I want to see inside Tough luck! The treasure isn't stored here! A JACK IN THE BOX!! You finally came out! The picture zombies!! "The treasure isn't stored here" No doubt the Jack Zombie said that! Oh! The guardian.
Looks like there are lost ones inside the mansion Oh, it's you No worry! I'll get them.
Once again don't go making random things your nakama! With a tanuki and a robot we're random enough already! Hey I'm not a robot, I'm a cyborg.
You moron! You're not human thats for sure! I'am human! You're a pervert! Well, if you say it that way No, it wasn't a compliment! What might come out next~~ It's so much fun~~ You know that treeman and unicorn earlier What about it? What all of the strange creatures have in common are.
Bandages, stitches, and numbers engraved on their bodies.
Numbers You're right You think somebody is controlling them? Yes, something like that Huh, I can hear something Negative Negative Negative Negative THERE IT IS!!! THE GHOST!!! Negative Negative Negative Negative THERE IT IS!!! THE GHOST!!! Negative Negative Negative Negative When he dances he clones himself!! So cool!! I've got a bad feeling about that chant I'm gonna catch him and keep it! It's nothing but a soul Well then!! FRESH FIRE!!!! Useless, it didn't work! Totally useless this week I'm really useless.
Whatever I do I'm useless I've got no confidence in living anymore I wanna die Why are you getting so emo?! Alright! You bastard if I get reborn, I wanna be a clam This sucks I wanna die Now what are you two doing?! Stop being emo! Maybe when you're touched by these ghost, your spirit gets really down? That's retarded! You guys are pitiful! You never pull yourselves together You let some ghost break your spirit.
I'm sorry that I was born ENOUGH ALREADY!! Geezzz Looks like you're right Robin-chan.
They're difficult enemies hey have no real body, but when you gettouched your spirit gets shot down.
Indeed A strange island Damn you ghosts! Next time you show up, I won't forgive you! They must have weak spot! I'm gonna wipe them out!! I saw something funny! Shut up!!!! Oops, I'm sorry! "I'm sorry that I was born" You Although one can make generalizations about those numerous patchwork.
Those ghost were entirely different.
One of them were on the ship.
Appearing time to time, observing us.
Is somebody behind all this? Whoa! An enormous graveyard! That's some atmosphere! Hey! Let's eat our Bento here.
Idiot! The food will taste bad here! No! Let's eat here, food never tastes bad! That's only for you! Let's get going.
Eh? Yosh Like I'd go back!! You idiot!! An old man with a big wound?! Can't you see it's a zombie?! Don't underestimate zombies!! Are zombies suppose to be this energetic? We'll show you the danger of zombies!! Oh? You wanna brawl? If its danger, we'll show you some too! That's Hogback's laugh! What's this room? The research lab! It's almost finished! The perfect Mario! Look at this, Cindry-chan! This is true art! The work of a genius! It would be great if it died once it woke up! What are you saying, Cindry-chan?! Your words are getting awfully harsh! Dinner is prepared.
Oh! What are we having tonight? Soup spaghetti.
LOOK! The soup is spilling off the table, Cindry-chan! It would be great if there were no plates Yes, i know but why don't you consider a better menu then? There are other foods like friend buckwheat noodles and such Cindry-chan is there too If she really did die in an accident, then that girl is I can't believe it Then I'll pass on the soup! And the soup spaghetti? I'll eat it! What is that thing? Probably a human body Looking at the severe wounds, he shouldn't be alive He looks exactly like the zombies from the graveyard, and he has a number on him! He said he was almost finished That decides it then This is how to construct a zombie! All of the zombies on this island were revived by Hogback! There's no other explanation.
But medical acts were meant only to keep people from dying! No matter how hard you try you can't revive a dead body! Thinking and understanding are two seperate things.
We need to watch him to learn about this mystery.
Good day to you! If you have looked inside you should enter! Eh Brook?! Luffy on this island there's a dangerous man! Next time on One Piece: His name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow Stealing Pirate! I'm gonna be the Pirate King!