One Piece s05e18 Episode Script

His Name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate

Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
Walking the unpaved path in between the Sea and the Sky.
We are now steering our ship.
Out here in the dark sea, another adventure awaits.
I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
The feelings that we had when this adventure just began I hope never to forget.
Now that I think about it, nothing seems scary to me.
With this pace, let us continue this trip.
The Rhythm of Adventure that Shy Hearted People feel.
Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Bringing dreams to an empty heart Spread your wings Take a deep breath and continue on! Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Translation and Edition: Nami Timing: Shanks (Aragami) Wealth Fame Power The man who once possessed everything.
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words that he spoke before his death, influenced people from all over the world to Go out to sea! My Treasure? If you want it, it is yours! Search for it.
I left everything I had in that place.
Men, in search of romance, entered the Grand Line.
The world is currently in the Grand Age of Pirates! That is Hogback's laugh.
What is with this room? It is the lab!!! Just a bit more, and it will be complete.
This amazing marrionnete Look Cindry-chan.
This is almost like art, the work of a genius.
That corpse is going to be revived as a zombie.
All the zombies on this island were brought to life by Hogback.
At this point, there is no other valid explanation.
Good evening.
If you are so interested about what is going on inside, why not enter? Y-Yoho? B-Brook? An elderly man with numerous injuries! That is a zombie no matter how you look at it! How dare you look down on zombies!?! Don't look down on us! Are zombies supposed to be this lively? We will teach you how dangerous zombies can be.
So that is how it is? You wanna go at it? Since we are talking about danger, we can teach you a thing or two as well.
His Name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate So what were you guys doing here? Ummbeing 'born' as zombies and rotting Yea, yea, we were rotting.
Yup, same here.
Are you messing with me? No, not at all! That is not what we intended at all! I am sorry.
Really! Is that so? Then, I would like to ask Did a long nosed dude, an orange haired chick, and a raccoon that looked like a reindeer pass through here? Eh? Ummyes, yes, yes.
We saw thembut we didn't see them But we can't really tell We are unable to divulge any such information.
It is against the rules! That's right.
That's right! Eh? Follow the rules! Follow the rules! Follow the rules! So you won't tell no matter what, eh? The three of them passed by here.
You are going to give it up that easily? Fast Those guys would be my comrades.
You wouldn't have by any chance attacked them, right? Eh? They were your comrades? We didn't touch them.
Right? Ialso didn't touch them.
Didn't touch them! Didn't touch them! Didn't touch them! Didn't touch them! Be truthful.
This guy did.
Eh?, don't sell out your friends.
I mean, you must have as well, right? We all did.
Idiot, don't say that.
It looks like Nami and the rest of them went to that mansion.
I am glad that they are safe.
Not sure about Brook though.
It is fine if he isn't there, right? Well, yeah.
But, those zombies really had 'no bones'.
Note: 'Easy to defeat' Yeah, that wasn't even a warm up for me.
But, letting your guard down is a big no-no.
You never know what is lurking around the next corner.
Oye, Oye! Getting scared after that little encounter? 'Squid' swordsman Shut up you 'cuttlefish' cook! Don't group me with the likes of you.
What was that you little "Directionally challenged Mosshead"! You're so stupid you "Goopy headed blonde"! P- ¡Please, wait a moment! Eh? I was watching you guys.
You are all unusually strong, right? Would you mind listening to what I have to say for a bit? An elderly man with many injuries! Like we said, It is a FREAKIN' zombie! No I am an injured old man.
Big Difference! Zombie works too, right!?! Then What did you want to talk about? There is a man that I want defeated.
I am sure you guys can do it.
There have been many victims, but if he is defeated, we will all be saved.
If my shadow is returned, I will be infinitely grateful.
Shadow? What is this? Could you have possibly had yours stolen too? Shadow It's true! This old man doesn't have one either.
Just like Brook.
That's right Exactly who is doing this? What kind of people are on this island? M-Mo-ria It is a man named Moria.
He is incredibly frightening.
Moria? Could it be Gecko Moria we are talking about here? AhhThat is right.
It is that Moria.
Robin, you know him? I know his name, that is for sure.
If you compare his previous bounty to yours he surpasses even you Luffy! By 'previous' you mean to say That is right.
Gecko Moria is one of the Shichibukai! Shichibukai?! Is that true, Robin? Yes.
Gecko Moria is a man who is riddled with mysteries.
But What is a guy like him doing in this place? Well, I don't know but I along with many others who have had their shadows stolen, wander aimlessly in this forest.
There are more? Yes.
You guys should also assume that you are being watched since you were lured here.
Lured here? So that is what this is all about.
Living in this dark world with the constant fear of zombie attacks and the fear we have of going out to sea, as a result of our weakness to the sun has resulted in an inability for us to continue living in our current bodies.
Before I die, I would like to Just once would be fine I want to walk around freely among the rays of the sun.
Is that so? You! That must be so tough! Yosh! I will help, so don't worry.
Idiot! Idiot! I ain't cryin'! You are getting too mushy.
Don't be so freaking easily moved.
Damn straight! Oye, you geezer! Crying only looks good on ladies! It has no appeal on you at all! That is Well, either way we were looking for someone who is in a similar situation as you.
If we have to beat this guy for his sake, won't you be saved as well? I am eternally grateful! I don't care why you are doing it, but as long as you do, I am content.
I am counting on you.
Good luck! Beat the crap out of Moria! What's the deal? You were listening in on us? And you call yourselves 'victims'? I am sorry for not being appealing, you "goopie headed blonde"! Shut up! Leave me be! Who is that?!? Why are you guys here? What's the deal? "Yohoho"wasn't that Brook? But that wasn't a skeleton.
He has skin and flesh! Also, he was wearing sandals and was wielding a Katana.
That is true.
Now that I think about it, they were quite different.
Meaning You bastards! We have been found!!! What did you see? I told you never to peek inside the lab! W-We didn't see anything.
I also saw nothing.
Me too, I didn't see anything.
Really? I-It's really true! We didn't see you making a zombie for sure! Shut up! Well, it is fine.
Regardless of what you have discovered, it is too late now.
In just a few moments, the late night attack will begin.
Night attack? With their guards down the remaining visitors to the island will be finished off.
Thus, the Night Attack! Chat with us at AnimeSS@irc.
org The Night Attack is about to begin, and here you are fooling around.
The itching, burning, and pain you feel is just your imagination.
You are all dead, remember? Oh.
Now awake! Soldier zombies! Regardless of how many times you are beaten, you will get up again.
This it the true fear that is invoked by a zombie! That was annoying.
Gah! Oye, you are being too lazy here.
Cut it out you damn zombies.
Now, tell me who I am.
You are the leader.
Our leader Absalom! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Leader! Who loves to peep! Pervy leader! Pervsalom! Pervsalom! Perv! Perv! Shut up! Welcome home, Pelona-sama! Stop talking, you stuffed bear! Why is your voice so quiet? And what is with the look? It is annoying! I'm sorry.
If you aren't cute you have no right to be by my side.
Hurry! Hurry! It is starting! It is starting! It is time for the night attack! It is time to awake~ Master! Moria-sama! It is time for you to get up! Nin, hit it! Yosh, here it goes.
Master! I saw a bad dream.
Master truly is the best, isn't he? It has been 4 days since the last attack and you have been asleep the whole time, so we prepared four days worth of food.
The prey this time around is quite tough.
They were the ones who took out Enies Lobby, the Strawhat crew! They will definitely be of use to Moria-sama.
Rain? It is starting to pour.
Yosh! Let's run to the mansion, shall we? Wait a second.
I can see something huge on the back of the mansion.
It looks like some kind of mark.
Mark? Maybe it is a distortion of the fog? What the is that a flag? No, isn't it a sail? Sail? That is correct.
You are still here? By sail you mean? Just as that man said, it is a sail.
It is a bit large and thus, understanding the whole thing at once is tough.
Thriller Bark has a village in the center and is actually The World's Largest Pirate Ship!!! A Pirate ship with a Village in the center? The World's biggest Amazing! I understand.
It is true that the word 'Bark' is related to anti-war protection, but to put the entire village inside a ship is In the center of the mansion, the main mast stands.
Gecko Moria lives there.
Now! Soldier Zombie Unit! The defeat of those pirates will be at our hands.
No matter how many times you are defeated, continue to stand.
Let them feel the fear of invincibility, and defeat them.
Now then, the bell has rung.
We will go at it with full force as well.
Don't think you will be able to escape from us you foolish Pirates! The preparations are complete right, Zombies? This is The Village of the Dead Thriller Bark! Having bad dreams here is a good thing! Now, shall we go into the Haunted House? Don't wander around and get lost.
Have a nice long Night Attack and come back! What? Next time on One Piece: Feast of the Zombie Song! The Bell of the Night Rain is a Sound of Darkness.
I will be Pirate King!