One Piece s05e22 Episode Script

Leftover Chivalry! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami

Travelling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
Walking the unpaved path in between the Sea and the Sky.
We are now steering our ship.
Out here in the dark sea, another adventure awaits.
I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Travelling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
The feelings that we had when this adventure just began I hope never to forget.
Now that I think about it, nothing seems scary to me.
With this pace, let us continue this trip.
The Rhythm of Adventure that Shy Hearted People feel.
Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Bringing dreams to an empty heart Spread your wings Take a deep breath and continue on! Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Translation: Aydashyera.
Editing: BOB Timing: Shanks Wealth Fame Power The man who once possessed everything.
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words that he spoke before his death, influenced people from all over the world to Go out to sea! My Treasure? If you want it, it is yours! Search for it.
I left everything I had in that place.
Men, in search of romance, entered the Grand Line.
The world is currently in the Grand Age of Pirates! I won't forgive those who lay their hands on a lady! What does this mean.
?! That dog-penis not our enemy.
?! That fighting stance just now No way Damn you! You have take this too far! This girl is our enemy.
What do you intend to do?! Bad people like you guys who lay your hands on a ladies Need some table manners pounded into you.
You damn Zombies! That dog-penguin.
There is no doubt about it! You're persistent! Gomu gomu no Gattling Gun! Nittoryu! This technique Zoro?! Oi Zoro! What are you doing?! That hurts you know?! A scar on the back, is a shame for a warrior! That hurts you bastard.
Let me out! What?! If you don't let me out I'll send you to hell.
Open it up dammit!! Aa coffin?! The voice just now?! What is he doing, Oi?! That idiot got himself caught?! Straw hat!!! I won't let you! Monkey Monkey Monkey! The Spider Monkey that everyone is spreading rumours about is me! A giant spider?! No, I'd say this goes past that.
This is a monster spider.
Let me out, you idiot! Let me out! Aww, another one! Shit! The coffin! Dammit you, What do you intend to do to him?! Relax.
You're guys will have a chance to experience the same thing now.
If anything you should worry about yourself.
Before you is me.
Behind you are cursed warriors.
With this your crew is going to be annihilated! The Last Knight! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami Oi! What are you planning on doing, newbie?! Our master's orders are absolute and cannot be opposed! This guy Why is he able to oppose it?! Furthermore He's as strong as a General! A power that can't be measured by logic.
A power that makes the impossible possible! It is capable of blowing everything away, and the name of this hurricane is LOVE.
That dog-penguin really talks so idiotically that he must be Sanji-kun.
That's true! Hey, dog-pen! Do you know about Sanji?! We are all friends of his You are freaking noisy! Scary! So, WE are still his enemies afterall?! What? Something is coming this way.
What is it this time?! Wait, Lola!! Female boar? Damn you! Wait, Lolaaaaa!!! Try and catch me if you can~ Stop messing around! Stop right there.
Who is it that you want to stop? I will stop and What?! Bridal Technique! Embrace of your Princess! What the heck is that?! What? Absama Take thisMy hot passion Wait Lola, stop it! What do I have to do for you to understand.
Me and that woman What was that? I can't hear you at all.
Don't lie! There is no way you couldn't here at this distance.
Geez, you're such a shy person.
Listen to what people say!! Maiden's Love! Luv yaLuv yaLuv ya Um are they comrades? I dunno You're persistent.
Don't joke around.
Then let's get married.
I don't understand! Chance kiss!! CUT IT OUT! What?! I found you.
You cat burglar! Nami!!! Damn it!!!! Huh?! Me? Wa-wait a minute.
I haven't stolen anything yet!! Talking is pointless!!! I won't hand over Ab-sama! Nami! Watch out! Don't you dare lay your hands on this lady! You Don't interrupt! Watch out! Dog-pen! DOG-PEN! Are you okay?!! Why didn't he attack?!! Ieven if I die I won't kick women! Splendid! Approving even her as a womanyou're sparkling man! What was that? Usopp! Chopper! I'll take my bride! Nami is flying~cool! Idiots, that isn't it! I'm being abducted! By whom? Oye! Wait! Now, let's have the ceremony immediately.
I've made the preparations.
Let me go! You're the invisible man in the bathroom right? No way.
They really exist? Nami! As I thought You're the one from that time! I've examined you.
And you are appropriate to be my bride.
My name is Absalom! It's the name of your future husband, so remember it! To look carefully at my naked body freely, I don't keep my body in shape for some perverted peeping animal to check out.
THUNDER CHARGE! Nami! That's good! Let's keep running at this pace.
We'll get out of this forest!! What?! He didn't fall?!! He's not normal! You can tell that just by looking.
What? What is this shock that I feel throughout my body?! It's as if I got struck by lightning or something.
Can it be? This is LOVE? I won't let you get away! Oi There isn't time to be spaced out.
It's our duty to catch the three of them! That's right! If we failed, Lady Perona's punishment awaits!! You're right!! You're right!! We gotta do something! Not good! That lady is being targeted! But.
Why am I trying to protect that girl? And my body wont even move! This body is too weak! Hurry up and catch those three! Wait Wild Zombies! Don't lay a hand on my woman! Shut up! You Ero-salom! We only take orders from our master, and thus we became Perona-sama's subordinates.
You are not our commander! Fall back! That's right!! Shut up, you're disturbing us! Didn't I say Wait! You guys even I know you are under Perona's command.
But Before that, you should understand that you shouldn't anger me.
Make sure that you cheekiness is kept in check! Understand?! What do you want, you bastard?! I won't let you go after that Lady.
! What did you say?! Hey, Newbie, stop it! Don't make Absalom mad! This is bad! It's coming! You were told not to make me mad! #AnimeSS@irc.
org Wait! Cat Burglar! Oi Nami! I think she's only going after you?! You're right! What's going on here? Damn it!! That's why I wanted to ask C-Can we split up and run? Making me bait, you heartless bastard! Wait right there, damn you! Boar women are scary! Who would get caught by you?! Na-Nami! Wait! Don't leave me behind! Wait! Here she comes! I can't go further It's the end Goodbye, everyone Please spread my ashes in the Ocean of the East Blue.
You're unforgivable! What does this mean? We're saved? Anyone but Nami doesn't matter? Phew We're saved.
Crap, Nami! Let's stop her, Chopper! Yes! Give back Absalom! What the hell do you want? Nami! You! Let go! Run away, Nami! Wait you! Damn! She's unstoppable! Don't tell me they all Hey idiots, let me out! LET ME OUT!!! Just like Straw Hat they were all captured and hidden behind that wall? Monkey Monkey Yes, that's correct.
And you guys will follow suit in a second.
Both behind you and ahead of you are immortal zombies.
Now, give up! I dunno whether you are a dumbass spider or a dumbass monkey, but that huge spider web that trapped Sunny Go, is your work isn't it? You were after us from the beginning and have had us under watch, right? Yes, don't underestimate our information network.
All of your actions and so on, were revealed by Lady Perona's ghost network! Those large ears of yours must contribute to that information network as well, right? They appear like they would hear quite well.
what? What did you just say? Are you pretending now?! Franky! Ahh I understand.
This is the worst situation.
We are blocked in every direction.
If I were to come up with a last minute plan Just leave it to me.
Do as you like.
I won't interfere.
Isn't this promising? What? Then! Let's go.
Wait! What are you trying to do?! COUP DE! VENT! What?! You broke the bridge!! Well, there you have it.
What a violent person CIEN FLEUR! WING!! What?! You You can fly? Yes, only for 5 seconds.
TOO SHORT! But that's enough.
STRONG RIGHT! All right! I grasped it! We should be able to follow Straw Hat after getting there.
I'm sorry I can't hold it Arm return! We can make it.
What?! They all fell into the courtyard.
This won't be the end of it, but we're safe now.
You did well.
Damn you! How dare you use me as a stepping stone to jump up there! What the hell was that? Looks like they won't come back.
Hey you! Don't pretend that you can't hear me! Don't ignore me, Oi! What? TsshPretty sturdy fellas we got here.
Damn you both! Unforgivable! I'm a spider! I can get up there in a second.
Be prepared! What? Looks like something is falling.
No! Somebody's falling! That would be? Only Bones Though!!! Oi Oi! What is with that guy falling from the sky? That hairstyle So its him! Next time on One Piece! Falling from the sky Playing the tune of that guy.
I'll be the Pirate King!