One Piece s05e23 Episode Script

Coming from the Sky! That Man is the

Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
Walking the unpaved path in between the Sea and the Sky.
We are now steering our ship.
Out here in the dark sea, another adventure awaits.
I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Traveling throughout the world, Let us call out in joy.
When my heart is rested, the signal to continue is rung.
The feelings that we had when this adventure just began I hope never to forget.
Now that I think about it, nothing seems scary to me.
With this pace, let us continue this trip.
The Rhythm of Adventure that Shy Hearted People feel.
Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Bringing dreams to an empty heart Spread your wings Take a deep breath and continue on! Find all the Treasure and laugh out in pride.
Use it all up during a great party and spray it out! Translation: Aydashyera Editing: KillerBee Timing: Shanks Wealth Fame Power The man who once possessed everything.
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The words that he spoke before his death, influenced people from all over the world to Go out to sea! My Treasure? If you want it, it is yours! Search for it.
I left everything I had in that place.
Men, in search of romance, entered the Grand Line.
The world is currently in the Grand Age of Pirates! He has a special type of body and is a General Zombie.
He came from "Wano Country" located in the New World.
? I thought he'd cut us Whatever! Lets take this chance and run through that door over there! You're right! ~Humming ten feet~ ARROW NOTCH STRIKE! That hurts, you dammit! Let me out! What?! Are you an idiot?!! Let me out,or I will send you to hell.
A-A coffin?! That voice just now What is he doing? Did that idiot get himself caught? Straw Hat! Now Lets get the ceremony started.
All the preparations have been made.
Let me go! You are the invisible man in the bathroom! My name is Absalom! Its the name of your future husband, so remember it! I keep my body in shape everyday.
but it isn't to show it to some pervert! Lets get out of this forest! I won't let you get away!! Monkey Monkey! Behind and in front of you are both immortal zombies! Now, give up! Oi! Wait, what are you doing? COUP DE VENT! You broke the bridge! CIEN FLEUR WING! They all fell into the courtyard.
This won't be then end of them but Whatis that? Only bones though! Falling from the sky Playing the tune of that guy! Oi! Stop! Stop it! Dont kill her, she is our comrade! You bastard! You bastard, stop it! Hurry up and run Nami! Wait! You cat burglar! Absalom will be MY groom! Get lost! Now .
brace yourself! WA! WAIT A MINUTE! I I'm I AM ACTUALLY A GUY! Eeeeeeehhhh?! Eeeeeeeehhhhh?!! Oi Oi That Is that so?! Ye-Yes it is! This is a kind of hobby.
No joke! And also .
you and that beast look so good together! I was thinking of supporting both of you! Really?! Really! No Joke! All this while I have never once been supported, .
this feeling.
To say such nice words .
You are the first one to do so.
I I Raise your head, my friend! This is what we called.
I am Namizo.
Call me Nami.
Friendship Nami! She bought her lies!? And then, and then I constantly barrage him with signs of love again and again but he never shows signs of liking me! Even if I try to do things delicately he quickly avoids me.
Well Laurathe way you do it is wrong.
You are way too soft.
Eh, Eh? What do you mean? You see, of course you can't do it when he's concious.
So thats why, when he's sleeping Attack him when he's sleeping?! Is that ok? I mean as a human Laura, you're a zombie, aren't you? But, in his eyes, that's a bad thing.
As long as he's sleeping and didn't notice, it's fine! Oi! Namizo.
For now, shall we run? By the way Laura I've dropped something in the treasure vault.
I wanna go back and pick it up, but which way is it? Can you tell me the way? How silly of you, but its okay! The fastest way is to go through Perona-sama's room.
Look there.
When she falls for something, she doesn't get up does she? So Nami really IS a guy.
No wonder she acted so manly.
Oi Nami! He caught up with us! Really?! Laura! This is an attack chance!! It'll be okay since I won't see him again! You can do it! The two of you are the best couple! I'll do my best! Thank you, Nami! You gave me courage! Absalom! Laura! You two! Now is our chance! In the end, you dealt with the female boar without fighting at all.
Nami, you're great! When you get to know her, she is just a good honest girl, you know? Those eyes of yours looks F***ing weird! Master! We've done it, Master! Stop kidding around! What the hell do you mean, "Master"? Let me out of here now! Let me ou Who are you guys? Woi, let me go! Stop that! You guys! You better be prepared.
I'm going to beat the crap out of you guys for sure.
Damn it! What do the idiots want? Is there really no treasure aboard this ship? There are a few boxes, but the insides are empty.
Also, there is a limited amount of money.
I'm sick of this.
To think that we hit nothing after checking this ship in its entirety.
Is this really the ship of the guy who took down Crocodile? Oh well.
Just take their rations back with us.
Aye! Perona-sama! Hildon? Moria-sama is calling for the mysterious three.
Master did that? What's the matter? It appears that Straw Hat Luffy has been caught.
It is going to be the debut of No.
900! No.
900?! For real?! What's your deal? You really are a big guy.
You fool, how dare you say that to our master?! So you are Straw Hat Luffy? It appears that you are quite energetic.
So its you the idiot known as Moria? That confidence of yours isn't half bad.
As expected of someone with a $300 million bounty.
You will soon become a heroic underling of mine.
Underling, you say? Screw that! Who do you think you are? Who do I think I am? You're asking me? I am the future Pirate King! Ab-sama! Ab-sama you bastard, come out and marry me! You dissapeared and ditched me again, didn't you?! Did we lose them? Probably.
I'm sure Laura He's here! He's moving this way! This way.
Hurry up, inside here! What is this?! I dunno, lets just hide inside first! This is weird.
There's no other place to run to.
Oi, Bearsy! Ero-sama Absalom-sama, this is bad.
Bad things have Wait, let me say something first.
Did you saw 3 pirates run past here? Well, that Absalom.
What are you doing here? This is MY room! Perona Welcome back, Perona-sama.
Don't speak, Bearsy! How many times do I have to tell you that?! But, an import Shut up, don't make another sound! As always, you are harsh towards Bearsy.
Be quiet.
He's my subordinate.
Besides, have you heard about it? Master is calling us.
Did something happened? I guess you could say that.
900 is debuting.
900?! Somehow we haven't been found.
This is a miracle.
In the first place, why did we hide here? It couldn't be helped.
That beast man caught up to us so fast! Besides I didn't think he was a zombie.
We'll get away when there's a chance! Absalom-sama.
So you were here? There is something I need to tell you.
What is it? It seems that another intruder has arrived in addition to the Pirates.
Intruder? Its the "humming" swordsman! What?! Someone fell from the sky? Oi! What just fell down there? Can it be?! Well.
I guess you could say the shape matches.
org That bastard.
Where the hell did he fall from? I guess there is no choice.
Lets go and save him.
Just because some weird thing showed up doesn't mean I will let you escape.
I can make as many webs as I want afterall.
Monkey Monkey! Lets do something about this guy, first.
You try to connect the pillars.
What for? Perfect.
There is an open section.
Wait, I'll go and make a weapon.
How dare you just ignore me! You're looking down on me, aren't you? Bastards! SPIDER NETTORI NET!! So the glands are in his hands! Seis FLEUR SLAP!! You slapped my eyeball! Damn it! The NETTORI NET got stuck to my eyes.
Yosh, Nico Robin, its all done! Move aside.
What is that? What? This is the steel nunchuck that I brought.
I just inserted the ends into these pillar sections.
A monster of this size needs to be taught a lesson using a big weapon! HEAVY NUNCHUCK! What is with this power? Isn't he a human? He's in big trouble.
Who are those guys? Anyways, lets go up there.
Stop Stop it you idiot!!! SPIDER NETTORI NET! Too bad your weapon is gone! Serves you right! WEAPONS LEFT! Nico Robin! What are those things? I'm sorry, I let my guard down! To think there were more spiders Damn it! You idiot! Monkey Monkey! Letting your guard down can be fatal.
Those are my subordinates, the spider mouses! There are about 500 of them on Thriller Bark! There has never been a time when they haven't gotten their prey.
We always caught them by surprise! From out of darkness or from a blind spot we capture our enemies.
Our threads were remodelled by Hogback-sama to be unbreakable! Your friends were silently picked up by us and taken to the ceiling of the mansion! No matter how much they struggle, their attempts to oppose fail.
Before they can understand what is going on, it is too late.
Now, you too will be sent to the same place as your friends.
Brace yourself! ~Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho~ What? ~Going to deliver Brink's Sake!~ ~Following the sea breeze!~ ~Riding on the waves!~ ~Far across the salty deeps!~ ~The merry evening sun!~ ~Painting circles in the sky!~ ~as the Birds Sing.
~ ~Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho~ W-Who's singing the song?! ~Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho~ ~Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho~ Yo-hohohohohoho Why everyone, so you did enter the island after all.
How did youfrom down there? I jumped.
Since I'm light.
Since I am here .
I guess there is no other choice.
I'll tell you everything about this island.
Oi, damn you, who are you?! Aren't you a zombie?!! So you are also the pirate's comrade?! Oi, skeleton! Don't worry.
Since I'm finishing this.
Humming ten feet .
ARROW NOTCH STRIKE!!! Straw Hat, the fighting skills of someone with 300 mil on their head are impressive.
Next time on One Piece: Luffy In A Bad Situation! The Greatest Soul Stolen! I'm going to be Pirate King!