One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to F*ing Hollywood!

[crowd cheering]
[Jahki] The stress part about basketball
is so big,
you're gonna get so stressed out.
You never know
when it could be your last game.
You might not have the opportunity
to help your mom or your family,
so just taking every opportunity you get
to be on the court, show what you can do.
That means everything.
These guys have to be successful.
If they don't perform at that level,
that's when things get scary.
You took a path that nobody else
has taken, and that's a lot of pressure.
You're not fucking open!
Pass the fucking ball, bro!
[Damien] Oftentimes, people fear
what they don't understand.
People don't understand taking
16- year-olds and paying them
what we have paid them.
Fuck! Fuck!
United States is the only country
where a basketball player
has to wait a year
after finishing high school
before turning pro.
Well, now a sports media company plans
to change that.
[Reporter 1]
No one is watching a brand-new league.
[Reporter 2] We're gonna take your kids
and make some money off their highlights
and that's gonna help them
get to the NBA.
[Reporter 3]
This thing just seems like it's doomed.
[Dan] Between 2019 and 2020,
you had so many seismic shifts.
LaMelo Ball deciding
that he didn't need to go to college.
You had COVID kind of decimating
youth participation in sports.
The younger audience
wasn't being served by the SportsCenters,
by the ESPNs anymore.
We've created this whole content thing,
and I thought,
you can film other people's
basketball games,
but what if you start to have
your own league?
And in 2019 and 2020,
that was our opportunity.
[Tim] April 5th, 2021.
I had to recruit 30 guys.
To a prospect, he goes, "What are you
guys doing? What are you doing to that?"
I said the building's being built.
He's like, "Being built?
And it's gonna be ready by October?
Man, Fuller, you full of it."
And my mind said, "Dang, is this thing
really gonna come together?"
[Tim] The entire Overtime Elite arena
was built in four months,
and for us to have a league,
we have to have dynamic players.
[Israel] It's gonna be the top destination
choice for a lot of the elite talent.
All these players who come here
have something to prove.
[Frazier] You got something to play for.
All you all got families.
You know what you promised
your grandma, right?
So what you gotta do to keep that promise?
[Frazier] This is grown man business.
[Eli] I wanna prove that
I'm more than just a TikToker.
[man] Eli! Buckets!
[Frazier] Everybody gotta score.
- [Israel] If they struggle
- [man 1] Alley-oop!
they could fall in the draft.
- [Leitao] Hey! Hey!
- [Frazier] At OTE, you cannot hide.
- [Leitao] I don't have to play you!
- [Ausar] Oh, my fucking gosh.
[Frazier] This is your audition.
We in fucking Hollywood right now.
We want to see if we can help you, dealing
with the emotional side of everything.
- Goddamn!
- [man] Where you going?
[Jahki] Hate this shit. Hate this shit.
[hip hop music playing]
[Israel] The first time that
I can remember hearing about this league
for players to go from high school
to turn pro
honestly, it just seemed like
an afterthought initially,
it wasn't really something
that I dove into,
it wasn't really something
that I would think would work.
I think when people think of,
you know, money for students
or student athletes of this age,
they just, they just think the worst.
And then I got approached to do a story
on the Thompson Twins.
[Ausar] Check- up.
[Israel] You know I thought,
these two very thoughtful,
ambitious players are gonna go
to this place that's very unique,
and I wanted to know why.
[Israel] That's when I started learning
about it a little bit more.
You're outside and it's just this
white barn- looking building
it's like, what is this white gem
in the middle of Atlanta?
What goes on in there?
When you walk in,
it's just the right lighting, great music.
It's just a mini NBA playoff
game at all times.
Professional- level weight rooms,
professional- level recovery rooms,
practice facility, four students
to one teacher class ratio,
everything in terms of food options
there's really nothing else you need.
[Damien] Today's schedule,
breakfast at OTE,
practice starts at nine,
academics in the afternoon.
About to go start knocking on doors, just
remind them what the day's schedule is.
My name is Damien Wilkins,
and I am the general manager
and head of basketball here at OTE.
[Damien] You gotta knock like
the police with Nate and Alex.
Izan! Testing at seven! Tyler!
[Damien] I stepped into this role
not knowing what to expect,
and it's been a challenge every day.
[Damien] There go my guy,
look at the pride of Norcross!
Just kind of manage our basketball
operations, our player movement,
being a mentor to the guys, being someone
who holds them accountable.
[Damien] Welcome to Georgia!
[Israel] There's three teams in Atlanta,
so it's the City Reapers,
it's the Cold Hearts,
and then you've got the YNG Dreamerz.
And then there are three teams that they
just contract to play in the season.
The Holy Rams, OSL, and Hillcrest.
So it's six teams total,
and they play in the season,
and they have a full playoffs
and a champion.
[Damien] Last year, we were strictly
a professional league,
all of our guys had signed
professional contracts,
they had given up their
college eligibility.
This year, OTE began offering athletes
a scholarship option instead of a salary.
What that means is, yes, we have guys here
who are still on a professional contract,
but then we have a brand new crop of guys
who are on scholarship
that didn't have to give up
their college eligibility.
To me, it makes us the most
attractive destination
for any elite high school
basketball player.
[indistinct chatter]
[Ausar] Doing good?
[Tim] The Thompson twins.
I'll be very honest,
I can't even tell them apart.
They look just alike.
They keep their hair the same.
And they're always coming
one after the other.
When they walk,
shoulders move the same way.
Their calves, everything about them.
When they drink water,
their elbows lift at the same rate.
- Don't be touching me.
- My fault, little bro.
[Tim] When they look out the side
of their eyes, they do the same cut.
Only time I tell them apart
is when they on the basketball court.
Fuck! I think my free throw struggle
is the difference in time
I take to shoot my free throws.
I say, "Think this shit every time,"
then I get to the line third time,
and I fucking forget what I'm doing.
When I'm calm and I shoot my free throws,
I don't think I miss.
[buzzer rings]
Oh, my God.
How would I describe Ausar?
I would start off with "li'l bro,"
because, you know,
by default he is the little bro.
I'm the big brother,
that's what I say, 'cause I weigh more.
So I'm the big brother.
I think Ausar
has a little bit more goofiness to him.
Oh, my god, I can't do this.
Hey, yo, Amen, you let out
some nasty shit over here?
[Damien] Amen is just like tunnel vision
with everything.
You can tell he's constantly searching
for ways to "How can I get an edge?"
You would think that
someone did something to Amen.
He just looks determined,
maybe he's faking it, who knows.
I'm too cool to be understood.
Next question.
He's not that cool.
[Tim] First time I saw Amen
and Ausar Thompson,
I see, out of the corner of my eye,
these long go- go-gadget arms, just going,
flex the rim. I'm like, "Oh, man."
Just grab my chair, turn around.
And then as I'm turning around
to see the whole thing,
I see the exact same thing again.
Okay, wait a minute.
Is there a glitch in the Matrix, I just
saw this happen, like what's going on?
[Steph Curry] You see them on highlights,
you see them do their thing
on the circuits and all that,
but you watch them in person
it's a different animal.
The sky's the limit.
[Kevin Durant] I'm excited to watch them,
it's been fun watching their growth
the last couple of years,
and we'll see them up here
in the league soon.
[Penny Hardaway]
Athleticism, off the charts,
we're looking at the future right now man.
[Damien] Amen and Ausar,
they signed the pro contract
and you know, bet on themselves.
[Amen] My first impression,
it was "I'm not going to OTE,"
because I didn't understand it,
and I think it never
had been done before, so
That was just my first honest reaction.
There was only four people
who had signed at the time.
[Amen] What got me over the hump
was seeing the coaches, the trainers
and like having the trust that
they would get me better for the draft
and for my career later on.
[Ausar] When we walked in
and the arena was here,
I was excited that we
about all the resources we had,
because we had so many resources that
other high schools at the time don't have.
I was like,
"Yeah, this is the right call."
[Damien] I don't think that
they came here on anyone's draft board,
and now both being projected top picks.
It's gonna be scary.
[Israel] There's definitely a lot to lose
for the Thompson Twins this season.
The more eyes
that are going to be on them,
the more things that
are going to be picked apart,
and so they could fall in the draft.
[Tim] The only thing
that's holding them back
would be the ability
to consistently make shots.
- [Pat] Yes, good.
- [Ausar] My bad.
[Pat] You're just getting warmed up.
[Damien] As a basketball player,
when you're not making shots,
and the offense and our success
relies on you making shots,
it gets tough, you start to over think.
[Ausar] You got Yeah.
[Pat] When you get in your own head,
you'll tell yourself,
"I can't do this, I can't do that."
This guy's killing me.
[Amen] Fucking god, I told you
I can't make fucking left- hand layups.
[Damien] It's a huge weight
on their shoulder,
and it's a huge pressure
that they have to carry.
[Amen] Oh, my fucking god.
We don't really have weakness,
you know, just stuff we can improve on.
- Despite what the bums say.
- Facts.
[Pat] I'll see you after practice.
[Tim] It's been what, a hundred
and about 50 days in 2022 so far?
I think I've been on the road,
probably like, 78 of them by now?
[Tim] In the basketball world,
it really comes down to relationships.
My role here at Overtime Elite
is to be that first line of interaction.
This is the bonding phase.
Got a big meeting coming up
with Treymane Parker's family.
So, Trey Parker.
[hip hop music playing]
[crowd cheers]
One of the first things
that comes out is his explosiveness
and his athleticism and creativity
with that athleticism.
He truly makes it a spectacle
every time he takes flight.
He's show time in the air.
The key to winning over these players
is going through the family.
Like if the family not on board,
kid not coming.
We are looking for that person
that can believe in our cause,
that's in the circle.
We call it finding the champion.
For Trey Parker, his grandma
is everything. Grandma, the matriarch.
Y'all come on in, come on in.
[Tim] I know without her blessing
it ain't gonna happen.
So, how you been doing?
I know you went to the
had the heart stuff,
everything coming back around for you?
- [Grandma] Yeah.
- Okay, okay.
Yeah, everything comes back around.
That's a blessing.
We highly interested in Treymayne
being a part of things.
The way that she lit up
when you mention her grandson's name,
you could see
that she was his guardian angel.
So what you think
about Treymayne in basketball
and academics and everything?
He's been doing pretty good so far.
I talked to her about the education,
because Trey has some challenges
to fight in the classroom.
He's just digging himself out of
an academic hole, that's the challenge.
And his grandma hopes
that he will go to college.
What we offer and what we bring
to the table, as men that look like him,
that's gonna pour into him
and work with him on a daily basis,
that we can help him take himself
to the next level.
- Okay.
- [Tim] All right, it's a pleasure.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Pleasure meeting you all too.
- [Tim] I'll be back around, okay?
- [Trey] You take care of yourself.
- [Tim] Leaving the grandma's house,
I felt like we were like, the best option
for him, and that she understood that,
and that she would eventually get him
to understand that as well.
[Trey] I'm coming here
to make my mama proud
and to get my family in a better place,
because growing up,
we didn't really have nothing,
and we were just playing day by day.
I just got to get bigger, get stronger,
have a mindset,
same as college players do.
We put together a list of players
that we wanted to target,
and you know came away with somebody
that we feel really, really good about,
we really feel that Eli Ellis is,
is a homerun for OTE.
What's happening? Morning.
Feeling good man. Ready to get it done.
Eli Ellis, as dedicated and mature
as any 16- year-old.
Eli possesses something a lot of
guys do not have,
which is a skill level to shoot
that ball from three.
For one of the youngest kids here,
Eli Ellis is probably one of the most
mature kids.
Most importantly, he leads by example,
and he's gonna work his ass off.
[Damien] Eli fits in well
with the City Reapers team,
someone who can space the floor for them,
I think he's a great complement
to the Thompson Twins.
[Leitao] He's funny.
He's got a great personality,
not just as an athlete, you know.
He can TikTok his way
through how many likes I enjoy it.
Now you know.
[Eli] Everywhere I go, I try to make
some TikToks and make content.
I grind on social, posting all the time.
You know, it paid off.
Now, I have 180K TikTok followers
and 90K Instagram followers.
I didn't know anything about him,
I knew he was a pesky kid
when I was coaching against him.
But every part of me was like, they can't
be serious right now. This guy's like
he's just a TikTok dancer,
or a social media star.
[Eli] I like being a role model
to other kids, like,
you know, you don't have
to be the tallest, biggest, strongest,
fastest to be able to play
at a high level.
This is your financial aid agreement,
this is you giving your word
that you're gonna attend OTE.
It's a three- year agreement,
so, you're gonna finish up
high school here. All right?
I never left North Carolina,
so having to move a complete state,
and move my family up here and stuff,
it means everything, it's my whole life.
- [Lou] Two, three
- [Ellis family] OTE!
You know, it was a little bit
of a hard decision,
you know, just leaving where I'm from,
where I grew up, basically.
But I wanted to get out,
I wanted to have some freedom,
but so I came to OTE,
to play against pro- level players.
Coming in to this, there's a lot
of stuff that I need to prove.
I'm a 5'11, short,
White kid that can't dunk.
I wanted to prove that
I'm more than just a TikToker,
that I can play on a high level
against high- level pros.
I didn't know what his role was gonna be
at OTE. Pudgy, no neck, tiny.
Why is Eli so short?
I don't I can't even tell you.
[Frazier] At OTE, you cannot hide.
You out on the court,
you gonna have to be physical,
or they're going to take advantage of you,
and with Eli, the challenge is going to
be, are you going to step up,
or he ain't gonna make it through this.
Hey, [laughs] that one's Jahki,
how many Jahki got on
What they put you in the mind of?
Theme park for little kids, what is that?
Like, a slip- n-slide or something.
I love Jahki, I do.
I thought Amen and Ausar were athletic.
Like, this, this kid gets off the floor,
man, like he jumps so high.
He jumps so high.
Like people don't understand.
He literally floats in the air.
You can't teach that type of athleticism.
[Damien] Jahki is, he's a junior.
He's signed a scholarship option,
so he's on
he's still leaving his option
to go to college open for now.
You know, if he does all the things
that he's supposed to do,
we'll be talking about him like we talk
about the Thompsons in a year or two.
You know, he's a very smiley person
at times
but like when he gets mad,
it's just like, be flipping over so fast.
[Jahki] Fuck, bro.
They be blowing my shit, bro.
[Damien] Off the court,
he's one of the nicest guys we have here,
but he has some things
that he's battling internally
in terms of emotional stability.
You know, he's had a rough go at it.
Ausar coming up, good, tight, tight,
come back to it, 'Ki, let's go.
Let's go.
[Jahki] Hate this shit. Hate this shit.
[Frazier] I see the body language,
I see the moping, the head down,
you already know
this is gonna be a long- ass day.
Jahki. Listen for a second.
[Leitao] The biggest challenge for Jahki
is just learning himself more,
to deal with the positives,
but especially to deal
with the negative things that happen.
[Frazier] Get your head up.
Get your head up.
Listen, listen,
get your head up. Listen
[Somto] Hey, dude, come on.
[Frazier] Where you going? We right here.
We looking over,
and we got guys on the sideline
like all up against a pole.
Like, come on, man.
[Leitao] It's my responsibility not just
to help them develop their skills,
but the mind controls the body,
and if you have full control of your mind,
then your body will follow.
Your emotion is way more important
than your skill.
This guy doesn't jump as high,
this guy jumps to the moon, all right?
This guy doesn't attack,
this guy is an attacker.
You've been down and up, I've been down
and up, we've all been down and up.
We're gonna help guys be up.
We're gonna help guys be up.
You know, coming from the other places
that he's been,
he's probably gonna not understand
where we're coming from,
he may not be as receptive to the help.
Our job is to not let you fail.
Our job is to make sure
we see you through this process.
'Ki has a very interesting family dynamic.
[Jahki] It's kind of hard, you know,
I went to Donda last year in LA,
my mom lived out here,
so it was a little struggle,
you know, me missing
my little brothers and stuff,
you know, they was very young
at the time, so,
it was like a little milestone that was
set back because I wasn't here for them.
[Damien] You know, he has two brothers
that's dependent upon him.
- [Jahki] What's up?
- 'Sup?
He's kind of the man of his house,
whether or not he's had time
to be a kid himself.
You know, as a player, if you walk
into OTE, you're gonna fall in love
just off of seeing how much gym access
you've got, lift 24/7,
you just, you have so much,
it's straight development.
And that's, like,
the biggest thing about me.
The dream that I'm facing,
would be get free college,
be able to retire my mom,
not have her do anything,
you know, just be able to put her
in a big house.
It'll feel good to know that I can be
able to take care of my family.
I hope OTE can help me get
where I'm going.
[Damien] There's some things
that he feels the weight of.
I just think he has to learn to manage
his emotions better.
But, quite frankly,
I hope he figures it out soon.
[Frazier] So where do we start?
[Leitao] It's clear to anybody that the
two biggest stars are Amen and Ausar,
for a number of reasons.
So, we're gonna have to build this team,
personality- wise, around identical twins.
You know, the success of our team
and trying to win a championship
this year,
what I think is gonna be a real key
is our chemistry and our emotional makeup.
Trying to get them to trust,
it's easier said than done, so
Jahki Howard is one
of my biggest concerns.
Kind of really trying to figure him out,
as well, and figure out where he fits.
[Leitao] Eli is, he's a bit
of an enigma right now.
Obviously, twisting his ankle
hasn't helped his progress,
but he's got something.
We've gotta convince Amen and Ausar
that the YNG Dreamerz guards can be had,
if they play 94 feet,
you know, use their length
as you mentioned, speed, athleticism,
and really disrupt the fact
that they like to run,
and wanna run some pretty good offense.
We've definitely got our work cut out.
[Agent] We're live in the heart
of Atlanta, Georgia, at the OTE arena.
We got a brilliant one here
for you today,
the YNG Dreamerz
versus the City Reapers.
[Davis] Trae Young actually
just entered the building.
[Agent] Yeah.
[Damien] We average about
13 to 17 NBA scouts here every night.
Like NBA personnel, scouts, GMs.
Our guys know that basketball itself, as
a career, isn't promised to any of them.
They have to prove themselves each
and every night on the court.
[indistinct chatter]
[Leitao] Just a few things real quick.
J- man, can you get out of here
for a minute, man?
[JGort] My bad, I was just coming back
for something real quick, man,
I didn't want to interrupt
I'm gonna put a banana in your tailpipe,
in that red piece of thing
you're driving, man.
- [player] What the fuck
- Excuse me.
Yo! Shut the fuck up!
[Leitao] I know one thing, I'm itchy
for a heavyweight battle, you all?
You all itchy for a battle?
Make sure two things happen,
we play hard all the time,
and we play together all the time.
They got size, good,
God bless 'em for that.
But I know one thing,
a puncher never likes to get punched.
A puncher never likes to get punched.
All right, here we go, here we go,
here we go.
[Jahki] City Reapers on three!
One, two, three!
[players] City Reapers!
[Leitao] Going upstairs, going upstairs,
going upstairs.
[Ausar] Heading into the Dreamerz game,
I'm just excited to play.
It's important to learn from each game.
[Amen] Just, prove that I'm one
of the best players in this class,
and I can compete with anybody,
you know, if I get the chance.
It's opening night at the OTE arena,
excitement levels are through the roof.
City Reapers seem to be favorites
to win it all this season.
It's a great match-up
between two heavyweights.
[Jahki] Going into the game is, you know,
all I know is I need the ball in my hand
to prove myself to NBA scouts.
- Family on three. One, two, three.
- [players] Family!
Both teams are undefeated,
one of them is taking a loss here today,
ladies and gentlemen, we've got tip- off.
[Coach Leitao] Here we go,
here we go, here we go!
[Agent] City Reapers win tip.
[Davis] The Dreamerz have their work
cut out for them, I'm a be honest,
but I mean between Bryson Warren,
JGort, man,
they're known for their offensive output,
they might have what it takes
to get a move on.
[Davis] Beautiful drive,
reverse lay up, no rebound.
Ethon gets his team on the board
good put back.
Help, help
[Agent] Oh, my God what a pass,
twin telepathy! Boom!
Go, go, go!
They just move so effortlessly.
Back, back, back, back!
[Agent] John Ned, inside, whoa!
Hey, the twin chemistry
between Amen and Ausar.
[Isaiah] Yeah, wow.
No, they're really putting in their work.
[Fanning] Roll, roll, Izan!
Dreamerz trying to get some offense going.
- Ball gets tipped!
- [Fanning] In front, come on, TJ!
The Reapers are firing on all cylinders.
- [announcer 1 laughs]
- [announcer 2] Whoa!
Game 2
You got Jahki Howard in the game,
he might be able to jump the best
out of anybody on the court.
[Agent] To John Ned, good spin
That's his floater.
That's a tough one right there.
- Nope, Jahki!
- Fuck!
[Agent] Jakhi just checked in,
and he's already contributing.
Reaper showing a lot fire power tonight.
- [Agent] Oh, he lost it
- [Davis] He slips.
They trying to run away with it.
- [Agent] Alley-oop, into Ausar!
- Come on.
He got the intensity, the toughness,
and he takes grit
to a whole another level.
And he plays on both sides of the ball.
Get that shit outta here, bro.
[Leitao] Hey, whenever they have the ball,
and you got a chance,
don't side style them, but we can keep
the ball on this side of the floor,
then all they're gonna do
is run random shit.
[Isaiah] As we head into
the second quarter, I ain't gonna lie,
Dreamerz, they going need
to find the spark,
and they probably hoping that JGort
gonna be the one to do it for them.
[Davis] Yeah, he's ready.
[Leitao] Keep being aggressive, guys,
they ain't going nowhere.
All you need is a spark, it's JGort.
Step back. What? God!
- Oh, my goodness.
- [Isaiah] Oh, wow.
- [Davis] No double dribble call.
- [announcer 3 laughs]
- Amen
- [Agent] Oh, my goodness gracious!
[Agent] That's a tied ball game.
Here we got Big Nate!
[Isaiah] Oh, my goodness,
look at that rebound.
[announcer 2 laughs]
Big John!
[Leitao] Hey, hey! Let's regain our poise!
Lotta shit's gonna happen,
not all of it's gonna be good!
[Leitao] Let's play through it,
play through it!
Right here!
[Davis] Coach Leitao's blessed man,
it's nice that he can always have at least
one Thompson twin on the floor.
[Jahki] Wide open!
[Isaiah] Wait a minute! Wait a
Wait, what's going on?
I like this.
- [laughter]
- [Agent] John Ned, it's on
To Ausar Thompson!
[Isaiah] I.T. said he might come
out the
[Jahki] Fuck, bro, mad selfish.
Ausar is gonna push it up to a man Euro!
[Jahki] This shit's so unfair,
they're playing so selfish, bro.
They wouldn't even be playing
right now, bro. How that work?
[Agent] Amen, going in his bag
a little bit.
It's poked.
Ausar, 15 footer.
Malik was just wide-ass open.
[Coach Frazier] I see it.
[man yelling indistinctively]
[Jahki] He said, he said he see it too!
It's just a two-man show.
[Agent] Both Amen and Ausar
are starting to take over this one.
The Reapers are up to a comfortable lead.
Oh, we gotta cool it a little bit.
- [Agent] Ausar from Malik!
- [laughter]
[Agent] He makes it look so easy!
- [Davis] Last possession.
- [Agent] Five on the clock.
He has his mismatch.
Gets the shot off.
Oh, Ausar right at the buzzer!
The Reapers lead at half.
[Davis] Wow! Oh, man.
And we're joined by Ausar now.
Ausar, how you doing, man?
[Ausar] I'm doing good how are you?
I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking.
You and your brother,
great performance so far,
19 points in the first half is big,
what was your mindset
coming into this one?
My mindset was just coming to win,
you know?
[Agent] The Thompsons twins
are doing exactly what I think
a lot of people expected them to do.
[Davis] They're very talented.
[Coach Leitao]
Basketball is a microcosm of life.
[Coach Tory]
He's upset about every fucking thing.
Jahki doesn't get the ball in the corner,
he blows up. So immature.
I can't correct all the things that go on,
in the game, and on the bench.
There's a certain amount of things
that go your way,
but there's equal, if not more things
that don't go your way.
[Eli] You know you had people
that were just complaining,
and mad that the twins
are passing to themselves.
The momentum of winning can get
knocked off by one person's problems.
[Leitao] Put a lot of points on the board,
they didn't get as many points, okay?
You know like I know,
they ain't going nowhere.
They ain't going nowhere,
they ain't going nowhere,
they made one comeback,
they probably gonna try to make another,
but it's only dependent upon
if we let them.
Hey, Reapers on three, one, two, three
[players] Reapers!
[Leitao] Hey, we gotta he played well,
but he gotta get his head in the funk,
because he can't play well like that.
[Frazier mumbles]
[Leitao] But look at him, how you
playing well when you mope like that?
[Frazier] Can't.
[Jahki] My biggest fear is like,
you know, not being able to do,
what I wanted to do, or like not being
able to get the shots that I need.
You know, just being able to show myself
and prove myself.
[Agent] The Reapers built
a commanding lead in the second quarter.
Dreamerz have an uphill battle.
[Isaiah] Atmosphere is absolutely
incredible in the OTE arena, man.
- [Davis] Ausar
- [mascot] Let's go, Reapers!
- to Amen, all the way!
- [laughter]
[Leitao] I don't see that everyday.
[Jahki] Oh, my, yo
[Agent] John Ned on the drive,
kicks it back!
That's Ausar, thought about it,
step back!
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
[Agent] Oh, my God!
When you got your stars playing like this.
Man, I don't know how you lose.
[Davis] Alley-oop!
[Isaiah] Oh, my goodness gracious,
the Thompson twins! Amen Thompson now!
[Davis] This is actually kind of
what we expected coming into the season.
[Agent] Ausar on a fast break.
Man, he's balling at every single level.
- That's such a tough play, man. Goodness!
- [Agent] Oh, my God!
Amen Thompson!
Bro, pass that shit, bro.
[Agent] I mean, I don't even know
what happened there,
but the City Reapers
just took full control.
[Agent] Now, I think they're trying
to see if Amen and Ausar
are still outscoring the whole Dreamerz
by themselves!
[Agent] Timeout called by the floor.
Hey, we can go horns two,
which is great, or we could go drag,
or we can just keep moving the ball
side to side.
Don't get loose, don't get loose!
Don't get loose!
Stay tight, stay tight! Stay tight!
Finish on three, one, two, three
[players] Finish!
City Reapers trying to close out strong.
[Davis] Wow.
[Agent] Jahki's wide open,
in the corner right now
but they don't see him.
Ausar over to Amen on the drive
- here's the thing he loves to do.
- [Jahki] Bro, what the fuck?
Yo. Yo!
- I'm open.
- No, you're not, bro!
You're not fucking open!
Pass the fucking ball, bro!
You selfish ass fuck
[Agent] You can kind of hear
everyone deflate a little bit.
[Isaiah] Over.
[Agent] Alexar wide open.
Oh, man, there is no way.
[Agent] 87 to 71.
The City Reapers do it.
[Davis] Great game, though.
Great game, the Reapers
are a special team.
[Jahki] This shit annoying as shit, bro,
I don't give a fuck
who the fuck is watching, bro,
do they not watch the bullshit, and
they still lottery picks doing that shit?
They selfish as shit
to their fucking team, bro.
That win was ass!
[Ausar] Bro, he cusses everybody out
when he does not touch the ball, bro.
[Jahki] Yes, he bro.
Bro, let's be honest,
the team says it, bro!
You all came late to weights,
you all played.
Bro, I come late to anything,
I don't fucking play.
- [Ausar] You wanna know why?
- That shit's unfair as shit, bro.
- [Ausar] Because it stacks up.
- [Jahki] Bro, shut no.
Fuck this shit, man.
[Jahki] I didn't touch the
one fucking time.
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