One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Being Here is Hard

[Announcer 1] 87 to 71.
[Announcer 2] Great game, though. Great
game, the Reapers are a special team.
[Jahki] This shit annoying as shit, bro.
I don't give a fuck
who the fuck is watching, bro,
did they not watch the bullshit and there
are still lottery picks doing that shit?
They selfish as shit to be a
fucking team, bro. That win was ass!
[Coach Tory] Jahki doesn't get the ball
in the corner, he blows up.
They ready to fight each other, I'm like,
I don't I just don't understand.
[Jahki] Bro, he cusses everybody out
when he does not touch the ball, bro.
-[Ausar] He don't cuss anybody out.
-[Jahki] Yes he bro.
Bro, let's be honest,
the team says it, bro!
[Eli] We won the game,
but it felt like we lost,
so it didn't really make sense to me,
as a competitor and winner,
because his complaining
kind of hurt our team a little bit.
You all came late to weights,
you all played.
Bro, I come late to anything,
I don't fucking play.
- [Ausar] You wanna know why?
- That shit's unfair as shit, bro.
- [Ausar] 'Cause it stacks up.
- [Jahki] Bro, shut, no.
Fuck this shit, bro.
[Jahki] I didn't touch the
not one fucking time.
[Leitao] I'm ready, I'm ready,
I'm ready, I'm ready.
Hey, first thing we'll do is just go
for a simple 2-on-2, drag screen, okay?
[indistinct yelling]
[Leitao] Get it, get it, get it,
get it, get it, get.
- 2-3 zone, what'd I just say?
- [Frazier] You all not listening, man.
[Leitao] "Oh, shit"?
"Oh, shit" gets us beat!
When you bring 32 of some
of the best players
at their grade or their age,
it's a challenge of how do I fit in?
How do I go from shooting 20 shots
every time I stepped on the court,
to coming off the bench.
[Ausar] That's a thing a lot of people
at OTE have to learn,
you're coming from a place where everybody
was the best player at their high school.
Oi, the ball.
[Ausar] You're not gonna be
the best player your whole life.
[Jahki groans] My bad.
[Ausar] You might go from best player
to sixth man, seventh man, eighth man.
[Jahki] Fuck, bro.
[Jahki] The role of me being a star player
to being a role player is difficult.
I went from averaging 30,
being the leading scorer
and now not really playing as much
and me not touching the ball as much
and me not shooting as much.
We gotta get some shots up, Coach.
[Leitao] It's not easy to play
with Amen and Ausar.
When they do things with
and for each other,
and not the other nine guys on the team,
that is a hard pill to swallow,
"I came to Overtime Elite to get better,
I wanna shine, and those two guys
are not letting me do that."
That is a hard pill to swallow
that our guys are going through.
[Jahki] Man, we in the corner too, man.
Bro, I been open ten times
and I haven't got one shot.
This shit is blowing me, bro.
We need to shoot the ball.
They packing the paint.
[Ausar] Let's pay attention right now.
[Jahki] It's the same shit
in the game, bro.
I'm telling you I'm wide open, Mom,
like wide open every trip.
The coaches is saying they see it,
they're not saying nothing to them.
I can't keep doing that bro,
like, that's selfish as hell.
[Jahki] I gotta call you back.
- [Joseph] Hey, Trey, what's up?
- [Trey] How you doing?
- [Joseph] How are you?
- [Trey] Good.
[Christy] T! Boy! The dynamic duo baby!
Batman and Robin. Hey, baby. Good morning.
- How you doing this morning?
- [Trey] Doing good.
- Good?
- Mhm.
All right, sir, what we doing today?
- What we starting with, whatcha feeling?
- [Trey] Feeling college math.
All right.
[Tim] Trey Parker's one of these young men
that's been gifted athletically
from a very young age.
He's also one of these young men that
has been a victim of virtual learning.
So Trey, he's in a home with no internet,
and so how does this kid
get his work done? Doesn't.
All right, let's get started.
We initially saw the transcript,
it was three years that we had to make up,
and one year
to get his high school diploma.
So this test will present you
with 10 questions.
Your goal is to answer at least
eight questions correctly.
So we need at least eight correct.
[Maisha] Making up
three years in one year,
even with the best support isn't easy.
So it took us sitting with him and saying,
"This is gonna be harder than anything
you've ever done in the past three years,
but we're here to support you."
Never could have made it
Without you ♪
[Trey] I ain't never had a teacher
like Ms. Christy.
She really just make sure
I'm getting up every day,
make sure I'm eating,
make sure I'm good on the weekends.
You know it.
She had chemo last year,
so it really just made me sit down
and think about other things
other than just basketball.
The way she's fighting right now
is giving me that momentum to keep going.
- She's a strong fighter.
- Aw, bud, you're sweet. [laughs]
Between doctor and therapies,
and just trying to prepare for classes,
there are days that
I have to remind myself
this is the reason why you don't give up.
Making sure that Trey gets
everything he needs to be successful.
So what does this video mean to you guys?
It's really important to my grandma
and my mom for me to go to college
because, like, they got their degree,
so they wanted me to get mine
and follow in the footsteps.
What pushed me through
adversity is my family,
[group hums]
living to see another day,
and me just having my Grandma in my heart.
[Leitao] OTE is about competition
because everybody here is good
so I wanna test myself against
the best every single day.
I'm gonna teach the guys that are new
how we compete on an everyday basis.
So when you see, Eli, you know,
he's not the tallest guy here
so his stature doesn't blow you away.
You know, most guys that look like him
stature-wise, small, not athletic,
they're on the JV teams.
Here, you're playing against,
and with lottery picks
or pros and future pros or established
guys that have been here for a year,
so you have to try to figure out
where he's gonna succeed at,
and how he's gonna succeed.
[Eli] I don't even know what I'm doing.
Oh, I gotta lock in.
[Leitao] He's gonna have to prove himself,
not only to himself,
but to the guys on our team, and the
rest of the people here at Overtime.
- This ain't high school no more.
- No.
- [Eli] For me personally
- That shit over with.
- Don't do it.
- [Frazier] Everybody was like,
all right, this is this little dude,
he'll be here,
he's gonna do the little shows
and TikTok and all that.
- [Player] Come on, Eli!
- [Eli] I got you!
[Coach] Eli! Come on! Eli!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- [buzzer buzzes]
[Leitao] For a lot of the guys here,
there's a natural process
where you're gonna go backwards
before you can go forward,
because I think you have to establish
where you're at and what you can't do
before you understand
and look at what you can do.
- [Coach] Feel how you waited?
- Yeah.
That's the way you gotta every time.
Being 16 years old, that is daunting.
That is daunting.
[Eli] My family moved their whole lives
down here, they put all their time,
money, everything into it
for me to succeed,
so succeeding is really
everything right now.
Are we on defense or offense?
We're on offense?
What the?
- Get on offense!
- [Eli] Okay, okay.
[Frazier] People think
that this is that easy,
but, hell, you have to learn to ride
a bike over a period of time.
You're going to fall,
you're going to fall,
you're going to fall,
you're going to fall.
So you either go and stand up
and fight back.
Damn, that's a foul and a half.
[Frazier] Or they're gonna
take advantage of you
and with Eli, the challenge is gonna be,
are you going to step up
and do this every day?
[Player] Hard work on three,
hard work on three, one, two, three
[all] Hard work!
Activate it, activate it, activate it.
[Isaac] It's a lot different
coming to Georgia
because like, we've lived
in North Carolina our whole life.
I kinda was just thrown out there
by myself a little bit,
all new people, all new system,
new everything, really,
it's like nothing I've ever
experienced, new school.
- Especially moving here you suck.
- How did he see me?
It's always been me, my brothers
and my mom and dad together, you know.
It's really my family and basketball.
My dad has been my coach for my whole life
so it's difficult, him not being there.
You know, being at Moravian,
I was kind a like the big fish in like,
a somewhat small pond,
but now moving to OTE,
where I'm definitely probably
the smaller fish in a big pond,
so it's definitely been a difficult
transition. The talent there is unreal.
People don't think I could play,
and my dad was like,
"Well, look, you're going
to have to change that image."
[Jahki] I knew it was gonna
be hard from the jump,
like, just knowing people here
already before even,
you know, fully committing to OTE,
and like, from what I heard,
it was gonna be hard,
but it was, like, you just gotta
be able to fight through it.
But then like, now being here, it's
really kind of hard. Really difficult.
All right, here we go! [blows whistle]
[Jahki] I missed practice because,
you know, I came a minute late.
Leitao told me I wasn't playing today
because of me making a mistake
and waking up late, but still getting
there, it's kind of crazy.
[Leitao] If there's negativity in here,
guess what happens,
I look at my checkmarks and say, "Hey,
Corey, don't put that guy in right now,"
because I don't want him in,
because he's gonna lower our energy.
"Well, no, I'm not Coach
I'm ready to play."
Well, if you weren't ready to play on
Thursday, or Wednesday, or Tuesday,
how you gonna be ready to play on Friday?
If you cursing dudes out on Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday,
how you gonna not
curse them out on Friday?
Life don't work like that.
You are what you repeatedly do.
[Jahki] I wish I could, you know,
do some things better, on the court
and also off the court, but I'm just not
there yet and I'm still trying to learn.
The challenge is really just my mental.
Gotta love being here,
gotta love being here.
But it's kind of difficult
not knowing, like
how it's fair that certain
people get certain,
like get their way and other people don't,
but that's just life, so you know,
it's something I just gotta adjust to.
[Trey] My grandma passed at the age of 69.
Regina Parker.
Everybody called her "Sweet,"
because she's so sweet,
everywhere she went.
She was always known for sweetness.
[Trey] She really just raised me up to be
a better man, on and off the court.
At the end of the day, she always wanted
me to make the family proud.
So, I wanted to honor her,
and wear number 69.
- [Teresa] Sure is hungry.
- [Trey] Turn it on.
Yeah, yeah.
I need two more cans
of canned milk and some cheese.
All of them, they'll pitch in
and do a little something.
They make sure they here on Sunday
for that macaroni and cheese.
[Jarod] That mac and cheese.
Make you wanna smack your momma.
Every Sunday. Every Sunday.
Cornbread. Hey, let me eat your cornbread.
[Teresa] I'm gonna eat my cornbread.
- Yeah, my cornbread.
- That's what!
[Trey] I ain't gonna lie I haven't
been to church in like, a little minute.
- That's why we gotta get back on it.
- Did it feel like a burden was lifted?
- Yeah.
- Like some weight off your shoulders?
I really think she touched me,
that's why I cried.
[Jyleel] I know she proud, man.
- That what she likes, stay focus, man.
- Church.
[Jyleel] They family we got man, family
is really the most important thing to us.
She really the missing piece
to the puzzle, man, we miss her.
[Trey] Losing my grandma was a lot.
I rely on my mom a lot
because she's the new queen of the house.
It's still hard for her
to get through the day.
Treymayne, you gotta get ready now.
You know what you promised
your grandma, right?
So what you gotta do to keep that promise?
[Trey] I just have to like make her proud
and make my grandma proud.
Go to college, go to the NBA.
It's really just all holding
the family together, really.
[Gomes] Let's have a great practice today.
You all know what we got coming up.
It ain't about just the twins
and what they 5-0,
it's a personnel game,
knowing when you going to close out,
who you going to close out to
and what they do best.
Focus on your work today,
let's get better.
Don't settle, don't settle,
there we go, watch your back.
Take your time, Trey,
take your time, Trey.
Get back, get back. get back.
Dark blue push it.
Coming at you right now, who got ball?
Go to work! Three, yes, sir! Box! Box!
Come with physicality. We play as hard as
we can, we give ourselves a chance,
because the places we all talked about
last week, where we tryna go.
I'm running everyday, 'cause like I said
if I wanna get to that next level,
I gotta be conditioned,
I gotta be available.
- Here we go.
- [Naas] Bring our hard hats tomorrow.
[Gomes] Yeah, that's it, let them know.
Let them know, Naas.
- One, two, three
- Hard work!
- [Naas] four, five, six
- Cold Hearts!
[Christy] It's game day! This our locker
room. They look good, they play good.
- We look good, they play better.
- [Roxanne] There you go.
Going to the OTE games is heart-wrenching
I don't want anyone to lose.
I tell them, if you played your best
based on the goals you set for yourself,
that is a win. There are no losers.
Okay. All right.
- You look cute!
- You look cute too!
- Oh, my gosh, thank you!
- [both laugh]
- Oh my God.
- Let's go, bestie.
But I refuse to say if I have any favorite
players. I do. I have a favorite player.
[Announcer 1] And we're live here
in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia,
at the beautiful OTE arena.
We have some exciting
OTE basketball here for you today.
It's the 5-0 City Reapers going up
against the 2-3 Cold Hearts.
The City Reapers have been undefeated,
and it feels like unstoppable,
but does their streak end today?
[Jahki] Going into the game, it, you know,
it feels bad knowing
that I might not play that much,
that I'm not feeling
what the coach is feeling,
and he got his favorites and stuff.
No one's really seeing my point of view.
[Announcer 2]
And on the other side of the ball,
the Cold Hearts also have
a lot of talent as well,
Trey Parker in the line-up for
Cold Hearts and much needed.
[Announcer 3] The Cold Hearts got all
the pieces, but the question is AJ,
can they come together
to take down the City Reapers?
We're here with Trey Parker.
Now you're facing off
with the City Reapers, they're undefeated,
what do you guys have to do tonight
to pull off the upset?
We gotta compete, play as a team.
If you could dunk
on one City Reaper tonight,
you catch one body, who we catching in on?
[Announcer 1] I know the City Reapers have
a ton of momentum heading into this game,
but it's gonna be an interesting one.
[Announcer 3]
The Cold Hearts not just gonna lay down,
- they definitely gonna put up a fight.
- Oh, my God, I'm nervous.
It's gonna be a great game,
it's gonna be a great game.
[Announcer 1] All three of us picking
the City Reapers on our pick-ups.
- [Announcer 2] Let's do it!
- [MC] It's that time of week
[Announcer 1]
Here we go man we got tip-off!
Amen thought about it.
- [Coach] Dunk it, dunk it, it's open!
- [Announcer 1] Wide open, Johned buckets!
[Announcer 3] Hey, there you go.
You can see it.
- [Announcer 2] Yep.
- [Announcer 3] Oh, man.
[Announcer 1] That's some
communication there. Twin to twin!
City Reapers up to a hot start!
Johned with a steal! Pass it up!
Amen! With the windmill!
[Announcer 2] Taxton gets blocked,
Ausar kicks it to Amen, up to Johned!
[Announcer 3] God, this is
Hey, Colt, I think call time out.
[Announcer 2]
Hey, yeah, time-out, time out.
[Gomes] Identify who got the ball.
Remember who the shooters are,
Eli, Johned can make one,
Malik is gonna make one in the zone
and watch the flashes,
if he goes middle we gotta communicate.
Get some. Come on. Come on, Trey.
[Announcer 1] We need somebody to provide
any type of spark for the Cold Hearts.
[Announcers] Deep three
- [Announcer 1] What an answer!
- [Announcer 3] That's a good shot there.
[Announcer 3] Hey, in the
beginning of the game I said,
this game is really gonna
come down to if Trey Parker
can hit his three
consistently for his team.
- [Announcer 1] Trey Parker, buckets! Wow!
- [Announcer 2] Wow!
Yay! We got a game now,
we got a game.
[Announcer 1] Trey Parker
a deep three, connects!
Hey, just kick it to Trey Parker.
[Announcer 3] Trey Parker.
And listen the game is not over.
Hey, man, it's going take a lot,
just because the Reapers,
they so good right now.
[Leitao] There's no lead that's big
enough for us to be comfortable
until the game is over.
The three's that we've given up,
not because we haven't had ball pressure
but we had ball pressure
without a stick hand up, all right?
Not a stick hand,
so we've given Trey four,
he's four for six on three's
and we fouled him on another one,
so, essentially,
he's made five three's on us.
We got two quarters left,
we gotta turn up the heat, be who we are.
Let's choke off their offense
by great defense.
- [Somto] Finish on three, one, two, three.
- [Reapers] Finish!
[Announcer 1]
We got second half OTE action.
Off to Tyler Smith, mid range.
Oh, no, you can't
You just can't let him in
[Announcer 3]
Oh, man.
[Announcer 1] Oh, my goodness. Oh, my
goodness. Effortless fake into a floater.
Pass to the corner
Get stolen, Ausar
[crowd cheering] Amen!
[Announcer 1]
Amen with a beautiful cross! What a take!
[Announcer 2] The Cold Hearts,
they're a very good team,
but the City Reapers seem to have
all the answers so far here today.
[Gomes] There's people out here
evaluating each one of you all.
You make it to the league,
sometimes you're gonna get
in the game when you're down 25.
Are you still gonna play? Are you still
gonna compete? We want a job or not?
Compete until the horn sound and then
some shit could happen outta this.
[Announcer 1] Nice to see Jahki
on the court man,
get some highlights, potentially.
Here we go. Maybe we can get some
Oh, my goodness.
Rejection from Somto, Johned on the break.
- All the way! Hey!
- [Announcer 3] Oh, man.
- [Christy] Why he be so angry?
- He's strong.
- And what? And just hang on.
- Hang on.
- [Jahki] I'm not doing shit for them.
- [Amen] What you You doing everything.
You're locking up really hard.
[Jahki] I'm not touching them,
I'm wide open.
You come out, and you want,
and you throw it up, maybe they miss
or throw it up off the back, but
I know, but there's a guy
standing right there
so it's not as open as you think it is.
[Announcer 1] Cold Hearts have options,
they just haven't hitting them today.
[Announcer 2]
Oh, both of them thought about it.
[Leitao] Get back!
[Announcer 3]
There's a little miscommunication.
[Announcer 1] Eli trapped, backfires.
- [Announcer 1 laughs]
- [Announcer 3] I like that play, here.
[Announcer 1] And 1! Cold Hearts
picking up some momentum.
[Announcer 3] Tough. That's tough, man.
[Announcer 2]
They kind of got out there, huh?
[Announcer 1] Yeah, they went both ways,
so double technical for facing off.
[Leitao] I don't have to play you!
I don't have to! And I won't!
If you refuse to play hard
or you refuse to play smart.
[indistinct chatters]
- [Jahki] Fuck! Fuck!
- Hey, hold on,
hey, listen to me,
let me tell you something right now,
- get your fucking head up! Get up!
- [Jahki] Fuck this shit, bro!
Hey, you don't have to play,
you don't wanna play?
We don't have to play.
We put somebody in for him.
You know what, when you quit
on something, you know what you are?
- You're just a quitter.
- Yeah.
Right? I can't promise a life
without no adversity.
[Announcer 1] Hell of a performance.
110 to 93 is the final.
I don't even know like, I guess the credit
goes everywhere, dude, they all
Plenty of people on the City Reapers
had great performances.
[Leitao] I'm a competitor like anybody,
so I can get pissed off, all right?
I respect Ryan because when he comes out,
he gets pissed off, all right?
And everyone of you guys, you don't like
to come out, you're pissed off, yep.
How long should it last?
A minute, 30 seconds then we recover.
And recover. All right?
But you can't be up here
with your emotions one second,
there with your emotions one second
and expect the game
is gonna treat you the way you do it,
it's not gonna happen that way.
Until the next episode. Here we go.
[team clapping]
[Damien] Today we're gonna talk
about some roster moves.
Try to put guys in positions
where they can get more opportunities.
My first meeting is with our coaches,
just to give them the rundowns
of all the changes that's been made.
Players don't know yet, and they'll be
informed after the coaching meeting.
You know there's a lot of factors
that play into it.
Our roster moves have a lot to do
with just balancing out our competition
and to make our games
a lot more competitive
and we wanted to create storylines,
we want to be as much
of a real league as possible,
and we want to do real things, right,
like, that they might see down the road.
There's a lot of uncertainty
in professional basketball.
There's a part of it that isn't fair
and there's another component that is,
what they call the business of basketball.
[Kevin Ollie]
I think to that point, Damien,
we have to be over-communicating
with these guys. To that point.
Because these guys are 16, 17, 18,
they haven't been to college,
they haven't had three years in the pros.
We want all teams to be
as competitive as they possibly can,
so when things aren't going well,
we've got to make the proper adjustments
because you're working with a group
to create on-court chemistry.
Team chemistry is the ultimate separator
between winning and losing.
- What's good?
- [Damien] Them pajamas?
[Trey] Yeah.
As you know already,
or probably heard about,
we've been making some roster moves.
I look at your team, the Cold Hearts,
and I don't know
if we've done you the proper service
and put you in a position
to really thrive on that team.
So, what we did with you is we moved you
to City Reapers with Amen and Ausar.
You're not gonna face
a defender this year,
that's better than Amen and Ausar,
at their positions.
So, if those the guys that's
guarding you every day in practice
and helping you get better
and improve on your offense,
then once you get in the game,
it should be easy,
because now you're playing
alongside with those guys.
- We good?
- Yeah.
All right.
Jahki, I think part of his frustration
is just wanting more of an opportunity
and when you're playing with two dominant
ball guys like Amen and Ausar,
your opportunities to handle
and create for yourself are limited.
- [Damien] How are you?
- [Jahki] Good.
- How was the break?
- [Jahki] Good.
We felt it was better for him
to make a move
and be on another roster
that didn't have the show time guy.
Just wanted to I guess bring you in today
just for like our roster updates.
We did some roster moves,
and wanted to see if we can help you
get in a situation
where you can help better yourself
dealing with the emotional side
of everything better.
So that's why I moved you to the Dreamerz
and I think it's gonna be
good for you in that regard.
All right.
- How you feel about that?
- It is what it is.
- Different team, different mindset.
- I'm rocking with you, I got your back.
- All right?
- All right.
[Damien] All right my guy,
I'm excited for you, bro. Welcome back.
I wasn't ready for it, but I felt
that I was just ready to, you know,
be able to finally have a smile on my face
when I played basketball again.
Let me read the text message
Eli just sent, man.
'Kay, Trey for Johned,
and Jahki is going to the Dreamerz.
- That was me crying.
- [laughter]
[Producer] Whose the first person
you're going to dunk on?
Ausar. Yeah, Ausar for sure.
I'm not gonna lie,
when Jahki's ever fucking there,
he is getting fucked up.
- Oh, shit, I just thought about that.
- I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be bad.
I just know we gotta beat the
Reapers now, though. [giggles]
I can't lose to the Reapers.
That one's gonna hit different.
[Damien] You know, Jahki,
he obviously wants to beat them,
every possession is gonna be a dog fight.
Making that move just added a whole lot
of ingredients to the competitive level.
I think the talent
is dispersed a lot better.
And who knows, there may be more.
We have an addition to our roster.
We signed him today,
he'll be here in market tomorrow.
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